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Noviembre 01, 2009

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-   New World Rebels   -

Through The Eyes Of A Slave...
by NewWorldRebel
July 11, 2009

from YouTube Website

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The final video from the New World Rebels.

A general message of hope, and an appeal for our brilliant network to organize and become active. Please visit the Global Truth Alliance channel.


I would like to thank all the people who welcomed me to the Truth community, and supported the last video. It meant a lot.

  • FAIR USE NOTICE: All images used in this video are for educational purposes only. This is a non-profit project. Stay Safe. All of you...

  • PLEASE NOTE: It is stated in the video that they plan to reduce the population by 500 million. This is WRONG. They plan to reduce the population TO 500 million. Apologies.





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