by John Kamisnski

15 November 2011

from JohnKamisnski Website


Protests are always created by the objects of the protest and saturated with saboteurs to defeat the very purpose of the protest and get the general populace to then passively accept whatever injustice is being protested.

It took me a very long time - decades - to get it.


But then when I'd gotten it, I was very sad to learn that almost nobody else had. Most still don't.

When you see six or seven generational cycles pass and the same stories, the same scams, being run over and over again, you begin to figure things out. Right before you die, actually. Funny how things turn out.

Try to tell people that all life is a preparation for death and they turn away, change the channel, so to speak. That certain heat around the collar is simply too hot to handle.

That very aversion, that reluctance to discuss death openly, is exactly the root cause of the secrecy that plagues all our lives, that allows the herd to be controlled by a few men who know the secrets of manipulation, who have captured control of the essential commodities, and blackmail the rest of us into doing what they say.

That reluctance to discuss death openly, what it means and how it should be treated, is also exactly the cause of all these needless "collateral damage" deaths of mostly women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other places where those who know "protect the populace" by killing them in large numbers and then shooting their leaders in the streets.


All in the name of "national security", which, like "no fly zone," is a euphemism for killing everything in sight and then giving the rebuilding contracts to your friends.

Instead we keep all talk about death to a minimum, something to be avoided, a mostly unspoken secret, kept securely in the hands of a few men who know all the secrets, and they grant us our security by knowing the secrets of eternal life, which they graciously and for a substantial fee pass on to us if we just but agree with what they're saying.

Most importantly, they keep us occupied, distracted, and misdirected with soap operas they have invented for specifically that purpose, and staffed with people of their own choosing.


Wonder no longer why all these efforts by the public to try and affect the decisions of the powers that be always fail. They are always created by the objects of the protest and saturated with saboteurs to defeat the very purpose of the protest and get the general populace to then passively accept whatever injustice is being protested.

Which takes us directly now to all the Occupy Protests going on all over the world.

Why is there always one piece of the puzzle deliberately left missing, one piece of the discussion that is never mentioned? And why is it always the same piece that is left out of every analysis of every crisis or disaster that has taken place since we - you and me - knew we were living beings who at least thought we had an effect on the world.

What is this area of silence, this memory hole, that is never mentioned in public utterances, and, on those awkward occasions that it is, why is always spoken of in whispers, with furtive glances to see who's listening?

As I said, it took me decades to understand this, buried as I was (and we are!) in propaganda that created in my mind a certain outlook on the world. This country - the United States - worked! It was clear to all who lived here - work hard, try to be resourceful, and you'll get ahead. It was a proven fact. Or, used to be.


Now it's something else. The elevator's going down.

HOW it worked is something we seldom asked. Now we're seeing how it really works. We saw in Libya. Send in revolutionary troops to overthrow the government and steal the resources. We don't even have to pretend anymore.


The Jewish controlled United States is making war on the whole world, and taking us along for the ride, maybe. Maybe not.

But in all the protests, there is no mention of the heart of the matter.

No mention of the first cause that triggers all the other mayhem. That is still something we can't talk about openly. It could get you put in jail. It could get you killed. Both things happen regularly.

People still laboring under the delusion that America is a functional society turn away when I talk this way. They don't want to hear it. They say, there's nothing they can do about it, so they don't want to know what it is. They say, it's too dangerous to know that stuff, deliberately forgetting that, to the logical mind, it is proving much more dangerous NOT to know it.

I crossed over the line for good studying the 9/11 puzzle in which every single avenue of investigation led to the same source. Digging a little deeper, I found that all the wars of the 20th century were generated by the same source, and that source - international capital - always covertly funded BOTH sides in every conflict.

Digging still deeper, I tripped over the same control - and the same source - in every field of endeavor, especially, medicine, but also,

  • politics

  • religion

  • education

  • science

  • law enforcement

  • entertainment

  • journalism

  • transportation

  • manufacturing,

...but most especially finance.


The same problems, the same control, the same source.

Most people, caught up in the intensity of their own struggles for survival, didn't notice any of this; they just took what they were given, trusting in the authorities that led them. As we know now, big mistake.

People in control cannot be trusted if they're not regulated legitimately. The temptations are too great, the rewards for perfidy too gaudy; they're irresistible. U.S. presidents, or at least the ones who play ball, are worth hundreds of millions by the time they leave office. If they don't play ball, they get assassinated. This is the lesson we teach our children, to die for something they don't understand and isn't the truth to begin with.

But there's not a peep of this at the protests. Oh sure, there's Israel bashing, and banker bashing, and politician bashing, but no fundamental recognition that the American people are committing these horrendous crimes against the whole world, because they have lost control of their own government - or never had it.

The elected leaders of the United States are at the top of the world's pantheon of criminals today for choosing to follow an artificial reality script which they created in order to financially enslave everyone in the world. The elected leaders of the United States believe that they can survive as valuable members of the predator class, while the rest of the herd is culled to suit their masters.

And who are their masters, who are our masters who hide behind their unimaginable luxuries while the rest of us stock up on rice and beans for when they cut off the food supply? (This could be a blessing in disguise as the "food supply" is largely poisonous.)

Who are the same people who in every town control everything from behind the scenes?


They are judges, lawyers and doctors working together to conceal putrid practices aimed at injuring those they are duty bound to protect. They are teachers and social workers who don't realize the remedies they impose inevitably work to disempower free people, and addict them to a system that only makes them sicker.

Who are those spellbinding orators who make the decisions that affect billions of people? And more importantly, how were they chosen for the roles they now act out? Trace the histories of each one, my friend, and you will see that they all emanate from the same, single source, which is precisely the piece of the puzzle they always leave out.

Who are the handsome propagandists who refuse to mention poppy fields and debauched Russian girls in Israeli brothels but talk about the need to fight communism in Afghanistan?

Our current array of erstwhile presidential candidates says nothing,

None of them passes the human smell test, not even Ron Paul, who ultimately lines up with those believing the big 9/11 lie.

When the law has deviated from common sense and become an evil tool used for the robbery of others, do you obey it? Ask your Congressman, right before you arrest him for treason.

Mainstream media is the voice of the enemy of freedom everywhere in the world, because they support and promote an utterly corrupt status quo. Most of the Internet news sites are coopted, corrupted and often created by mainstream media.

There are no solutions to our dilemma being worked out. The most important question has yet to be even asked.

It is...

 Why is the most important piece of the puzzle always left out?

You know the answer, but are justifiably afraid to say it.

  • Will you maintain that terrified attitude when they are about to take your life?

  • Did I mention that process is well under way?