by The Nexus Seven


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The abductions, the military cooperations, and the secret conflicting agendas that drive some of the deeper incongruencies of the whole field media and the myriad associated covert activities surrounding it, Joe may never figure.


And that is well and good too, because the really scary stuff are the exact things that make the field so dismissible as mass psychotic phenomena.



The Role of 21st Century Humanity in Preventing War for Control of Souls through Ancient and Future Sacred Sciences of Psionic Dimensional Interface Technology:

Symbols, Ritual, Hypnosis, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Telekinetics/Psychokinetics, Psychometrics, Precognition, Remote Viewing, Radionics, Psychotronics, Hyper-Lumionics, Hyper-Physics, Holo-Symbolics, Non-Local Mechanics and Quantum Subspace Torsion, HyperTemporal Physics, Tachyonic Energy Bombardment, Psionic Bio-Cybernetics, HyperScalar Interferometry, HyperScalar Electromagnetic Apportation, Inter Dimensional Manifolds, Quantum Consciousness Resonance, Morphic System Signatures, Tetrahedral Cognition Systems, Trans-Dimensional Spiritronics, Soul and Dimensional Bodies, Soul Transfer Control Systems (afterlife), Zero Point Volitional Quantum Materialization, Universal Archetypal Cocreation Channels, and Mass-Quantum Evolutionary Bio-Physics.

(Sorry, technical details are omitted herein, since this document is really just an Introductory Section.)







  1. Fair Warning Rant

  2. The Alien Presence International Security Response Consortium

  3. Old Players, New Players, Changing of the Guard

  4. An Unintended Side Effect Risk of the Program

  5. Then and Now Systems for Alien Presence Suppression/Control

  6. Elite Power and the Control-By-Chaos Creed

  7. ET - Friend or Foe - Until We Know, Gotta Shut Up

  8. The Munitions of Belief and Consensus - A Tight Lid

  9. Covert Presence Prelude to Overt Invasion?

  10. Religious Shock and the Adaptation Conundrum

  11. Lock Down the Hatches Before The Breach

  12. When You Only See a Noise Floor - Ignorance is Bliss

  13. The Symbols of Nature and Evolution and ETs

  14. Secret Points of Agreement About the Evidence

  15. Secret Munitions of Hyper-Dimensional Symbols and Ritual

  16. Ancient Symbol Wars and the Control of Nature and Society

  17. History Belongs Not to the Symbols, but Those that Wield Them

  18. Thirteen Pagan Symbols Appropriated for Apotheoses of Organized Christianity

  19. Religions are Businesses, Countries are Businesses, People are Businesses - It’s all Business

  20. Where the Power and Control Hides

  21. Divine Man Trial Balloons That Can Be Popped

  22. Divine Blood, Lifeforce, Evolution and Power

  23. The Quest for Mental Emotional and Spiritual Interface

  24. Anatomy of a Cosmic Conundrum

  25. More Than Two Sides to Every Issue and Influence

  26. Anatomy of the ARC Echelons

  27. Spiritual Symbol Powers - Finding Balance Between Sun and Moon, Serpent and Feline

  28. The Barriers Between Worlds of Beingness and Power

  29. For Now, Pandora’s Box is Open and Managed with Malathion and Butterfly Nets

  30. Omega Game Secrets and the Ouroboros Breakout Choice

  31. The Sticky Icke Factor Cult Propaganda War Extended Report

  32. The Egyptian Gods, Lucifers and Messiahs, and the Future