by Susanne Posel
July 19, 2012
from OccupyCorporatism Website








A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), called “Point process modeling of the Afghan War Diary”, says that data supplied by WikiLeaks can accurately predict where terrorist (or insurgent) attacks will happen.

The researchers at Edinburgh University analyzed data uploaded onto WikiLeaks over 2 years ago where 77,000 military documents dated between 2004-2009 where more telling than originally assumed.

They used mathematical algorithms from statistical data, signal processes and ecology, as well as utilizing specific software that is designed to identify trends in massive amounts of information.

According to the software, in Baghlan, Afghanistan violence would rise from 100 in 2009 to 228 in 2010. The actual count was 222, which is strikingly close to the prediction.

These computer models appear to validate with statistical perspective that the Middle Easter region is froth with violent outbursts.

DARPA’s Integrated Crisis Early Warning System, which is hailed as a predictive allocated tool, actually does not live up to its claimed potential. Large, geopolitical events are not able to be foreseen by predictive software. The idea that data alone can tell future events is naïve and takes no account for global Elite’s consistent manipulation of violent outbursts and controlled moments of peace.

Recently, WikiLeaks released emails they “obtained” that were “damaging” to Assad called the Syrian Files.


They showed a relationship between,

“western corporations and the Syrian government.”

WikiLeaks spokesperson Sarah Harrison claimed she could not divulge where they got their information, however it was mentioned later on that Anonymous (who is a CIA covert operation) supplied those emails to WikiLeaks.

Of course, Harrison did not mention Julian Assange’s links to the CIA or his having been raised in the brain-washing cult known as the Family in Australia that usurps children at a young age and creates controlled “Manchurian candidates” that are strategically placed in positions to be influential in purveying disinformation.

As a psy-op, the manifestation of Assange and WikiLeaks has effectively used engineered operations of secret document exposure to give the appearance of forced political responsibility for intelligence and policy failures. This is detailed in the CIA document entitled, The Secret Team.

WikiLeaks has been integral in the destruction of sovereign nations such as the Tunisian government. Assange also leaked information that worked to further Zionist agendas, as with the placing of Muhammad Morsi into the presidency of the Egyptian government after a fake revolution funded by globalists like George Soros and controlled by the CIA with infiltrated operatives.

As with Syria, we are again witnessing the assistance of Assange in the disinformation campaign and psy-op campaign that supports the movements of Obama, Netanyahu and the UN toward attacking Syria in a prelude toward WW III.

The use of predictive tools against military reality is demeans the actuality of assaults on sovereign nations by intelligence operations and is quite obviously manipulated as a Hegelian Dialectic we can watch happen, if we are paying attention.

Michael Parenti, in his 2011 lecture , explains these psy-ops as:

“This global empire needs to be looked at a little more closely [as] a military dominion... The US power extends to more than just bases, there is a global network of military and security forces.


There are officer classes in many countries that are trained and advised and equipped by the US and on the US payroll. And they develop an international camaraderie and they work with each other...


Military security forces, paramilitary police and even death squads... All financed, equipped, trained and advised by the CIA or the US Pentagon and related agencies.”