by Dylan Charles
January 11, 2022
by WakingTimes Website

How many people do you personally know whom spend their creative efforts in life seeking ways in which to control or kill people?

They're out there...

In 2008 at a speech at the international affairs think tank Chatham House, the late, great swamp creature Zbigniev Brezynksi made the following comment (below video):

In early times, it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million.


Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million...




Brezynski would know, as he haunted to halls of the world's most powerful organizations and think tanks for decades.


He held a uniquely elitist perspective on the world, and in his classic globalist book The Grand Chessboard - American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives he shared an inside look at this mindset.


Those in power view the entire world as,

a play ground to be manipulated, controlled, conquered, and destroyed if necessary...

Our lives are the pawns of tyrants... as they see it.


This is the curse of government, which is nothing without force and violence, and Brezynski was a key player and architect of the current global tension we all endure.


I wonder, though, had he lived long enough to play a role in the pandemic power grab,

would he have been impressed by advances in the ability to control so many people without deploying troops, smart-bombs and sanctions?

My magic eight-ball says,

'you may rely on it'...

You see, one thing we've learned (whether you recognize it or not) is that it is now far easier to control people than ever before.


How so?

Simple. You sideline them by programming them to engage in self-sabotage and self-destructive behavior...

And how do you accomplish this?

Mind control...

Mind control comes in many forms, but in essence,

it is the ability to get people to believe, think, and act against their natural impulses and in accordance with an imposed agenda.

American psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford University, Phillip Zombardo, refers to mind control as,

"the process by which individual or collective freedom of choice and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception, motivation, affect, cognition or behavioral outcomes."

His ground breaking research project, The Stanford Prison Experiment, demonstrated that,

most people are highly susceptible to the influence of group behavior, and that many of us would go so far as to harm others just to be in compliance with the directives of someone in a perceived position of authority. 

In today's fustercluck world, the effects of mind control are evident everywhere, and under present conditions is even manifesting it its most dangerous form:

Mass Psychosis...!

People living in this dark cloud of disillusionment are easily influenced and will readily sacrifice their own health and well-being in deference to the advice and mandates of 'experts' and policy makers who pimp fear then offer a phony respite from it.


Consider how this plays out in our society:

  1. Dumb down the population with chemical sedatives including alcohol, pharmaceuticals and toxic food ingredients.

  2. Monopolize the media under corporate control. Present biased, toxic opinions as 'news' 24 hours a day, deliberately creating division and discord amongst the majority population.

  3. Censor any information and opinions which counter the propaganda of the corporate state, making it seem like minority authoritarian positions are of the majority.

  4. Entrain the masses to believe that censorship is necessary for their protection, and that to speak out in opposition to the corporate state amounts to a physical threat to their safety.

  5. Elevate a culture of celebrity worship, and promote degeneracy and stupidity as virtuous forms of pseudo-rebellion.

  6. Indoctrinate children from an early age to learn obedience over critical thinking, while teaching them that the state is infallible no matter how many atrocities it commits.

  7. Isolate people from each other. Disconnect them from the grounding and diverse influence of family and friends.

  8. Assault the senses of the population with an endless stream of trauma based mind control and fear propaganda.

  9. Entrain common people to believe that being broke and poor is virtuous, while encouraging a massive wealth gap between the elites and the rest of society.

  10. Destabilize traditional communal and familial structures by encouraging promiscuity, divorce and dysfunctional relationships.

  11. Gut the value of the only permissible currency so that typical gender roles are flipped and both members of a nuclear family must work in order to provide a basic life while children their must be sent to expensive daycares and government run schools.

  12. Confuse people over simple biological issues like gender, and create a cult of official science followers who are unwilling to acknowledge such basic scientific facts.

  13. Destroy the most powerful and capable members of society, the alpha-males, through media campaigns which demonize them.

  14. Focus the attention of the masses on an invisible, intangible, omni-present fear such as an unstoppable plague that is constantly changing forms.

  15. Require people to seek permission from the government for practically every productive endeavor possible.

  16. Corral the masses into a system of technological control which prohibits free association and free enterprise, and punishes those most likely to resist.

  17. Elevate the most criminally insane members of government, and give them open-ended, free access to 24 hour monopolized media.

  18. Eradicate natural and holistic forms of medicine, corralling everyone into a top-down, one-size fits all, for-profit, absurdly expensive, allopathic medical system.

  19. Disconnect people from genuine, personal spiritual connection, so that they live with an insatiable fear of death in constant inner turmoil.

  20. Over time, socially engineer a societal tribe of dysfunctional, unhealthy, confused, resentful, broke, state-worshippers who may wish to live a prosperous life, but cannot ever manage to overcome the urges of their subconscious mind's in order to act in their own best interests.

The end result of all this is an individual who has been so beaten down by circumstance and chronic stress that they require stimulants all day to function, and sedatives all night to cope with the madness of it all.


And conveniently, there just happens to be a coffee shop on every corner and a full service bar on every street.


Nearly all of us engage in self-sabotaging and self-destructive behavior, which is great for guys like Brezynski, because it makes controlling the masses easier than ever before.


The act of living 'normally' in this environment makes you a non-threat to those managing the chessboard.

You are controlled by virtue of your inability to stay on your own unique path of self-mastery...

Friends, this is social engineering at its most advanced, and while it's informative to understand what has happened to our society, your imperative now is to internalize this as a demand to eliminate such influences from your life.


You must seek to understand how these influences have derailed your potential, and then you must engage in the work needed to reconnect you with you inner wisdom and authority.

Self-sabotage is a gift to the elite.


It puts you on the sideline of life and has you constantly burning your energy in a permanent war against yourself.


It makes it nearly impossible for you to make positive changes in your life or have a positive impact on your community or this world.


It makes you aloof and dependent on the directives of skilled profiteers who utilize the science of the mind against you.

So, yeah, in today's world it is far easier to control billions of people than to murder them...


And unless you commit to taking back control of your life, you are fulfilling your directive as their pawn.