by Dylan Charles
June 20, 2022
from WakingTimes Website

There's a quote floating around the internet, and while misattributed to Chinese philosopher Confucius it is an important statement about how your mind is corralled into bondage not by language but by imagery.

"Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws."

Confucius, really? Nah.

Given what we all here know about the occult and esoteric foundations of the political structures that govern the majority of the world, if you were to expand upon the above statement it might read something like this…

"Signs and symbols rule the world, not words or laws, and those who control you with words and laws know this fact and use it to their advantage to rule you."


But what does it mean to 'rule the world?' Or to 'rule you,' for that matter?

What is often meant by 'rule the world' is to have control over the human domain of this world, which is impossible because 'the world' is really just billions of autonomous humans doing whatever it is they are compelled to do by their traumatized and broken psyches.


Now, I know that guys Yuval Noah Harari have a very public transhumanistic wet dream of using 'science' to convert all autonomous beings into automatons, but that has yet to come to pass, so at present we're still free to focus on the here and now.

'Rule the mind' makes a lot more sense, because authoritarian control is only possible when individuals, consciously or unconsciously, obediently comply or fearfully acquiesce to whatever the rules they have in their minds.


And the freedom you experience in your life is the direct product of the rules you have in your mind, whether they were created by yourself or by someone outside of you.

But what's really important here is what they have in your mind.

And how it got there.


And what you can do about it, which is to replace it all with ideas that give you back a slice of power and authority in your own life.

But the mind has levels, and below the surface, below the parts you're consciously aware of, is where the signs and symbols have influence over you, which is what I want to discuss today.

"Just below the level of the conscious mind lies the mighty world of the subconscious, where the vast majority of our behaviours, thoughts, actions and personalities emerge from.


Like the base of an iceberg, the tip being the conscious mind, the subconscious is the 'driver' of the vehicle and is a place of shadows and darkness, buried experiences and embedded patterns, old beliefs and fears and all sorts of programming that has built up over the years, often at the hands of external influences like parents, peers, teachers, religious and political figures and cultural beliefs.

Where the conscious mind makes plans, the subconscious mind often derails those plans because of old patterns we don't even know are there.


So, it makes sense that most of who we believe ourselves to be is not even who we really are."

Marie Jones

Most people would like to believe that their behavior is organic, that they are living intentional lives, yet most people are locked in cycles of self-sabotage and self-defeating behavior, perfectly exemplifying the idea that something other than the conscious mind is driving their behavior.

And this is the crux, the lynch pin.


We're all under the direction of the subconscious mind, yet most of us have little to no awareness of the programs and patterns automatically running down there.


And this is also the big, open secret in our world, and it's well-known by advertisers, propagandists and social engineers.


They know they don't have to tell you outright what they want you to do, or not do, with your life, because they know that they can influence your subconscious mind with signs and symbols alone.


That is, they influence you with imagery rather than words and language.

Why? Because the subconscious mind doesn't communicate with words or language.


It understands feeling and emotion, which are invoked by imagery. How do you feel when you see a tree vs. when you see a giant asphalt parking lot.


Does this affect your sense of hope and possibility?

"A medium of communication is not merely a passive conduit for the transmission of information but rather an active force in creating new social patterns and new perceptual realities."

Leonard Shlain

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but there's more to that.


I say a picture is worth a single feeling, and a single feeling is worth a million thoughts. Your thoughts compose the stories of your life, determining what's possible for you. Words are meaningless against action, and action is what drives your life forward, or not.


And action is largely driven by what's below the conscious mind.

Looking even deeper, underneath the subconscious mind is what Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious, where a collection of imagery and shared knowledge is stored.


Things which all of us instinctually understand and incorporate into our behavior.


These parts of the mind are not linguistic, and does not understand language as the conscious mind does.


Instead, as researcher Michael Tsarion notes, the below conscious parts of the mind rely on signs and symbols because words have the shortcoming of introducing language barriers and interpretation barriers to communication.

When a sign or symbol invokes a feeling, you automatically take your place amongst its imposed hierarchy, and this is especially evident in corporate symbols, which dominate our culture, spanning generations.


Tsarion's timeless presentation, The Use of Sacred Symbolism in Modern Times, is an excellent and thorough primer on how signs and symbols serve as the language of the unconscious mind, are are used ubiquitously in modern society to manipulate, influence and project authority.




Let me ask you.

As a person operating in the modern world, do you ever get hungry when you see the Golden Arches as you're driving down the highway?


Do you find yourself suddenly craving a hot, steamy cup of coffee when you see that weird siren figurine in Starbuck's corporate logo?

Well, how do you feel when you drive through your neighborhood and see cheap yellow and blue Ukrainian flag replicas peppering lawns up and down the block?


Do you feel the call of duty to be heroic and join the collective outrage?

The symbols give you a feeling, and if you're unaware of how feeling shapes the contents of your mind, you'll absent-mindedly create stories for yourself based on the intended feeling embedded in the symbol.


And we see hundreds of symbols each and everyday.

As an example, an emergent symbol of late is the use of the colors yellow and blue.


This color combo has quickly become a symbol for how you can be a hero without actually doing anything heroic like actually resisting the assault on your God-given right to travel, work, freely associate, and make medical decisions for yourself. It's a very disempowering proposition.


Instead of doing something genuinely heroic, the symbolic yellow and blue gives you the feeling of being heroic.




Fly a Ukranian flag, you're a hero.


Wear a mask, you're a hero.


Stand six feet apart when you're told to, you're a hero.

Jason Christoff did an excellent presentation breaking down the significance of the colors yellow and blue suddenly adorning modern culture…



The Psychology of Freedom

Podcast #150 - Jason Christoff

The Ukraine Flag Mind Control Explained

And what about all those celebtards doing photoshoots with one-eye covered?


Do you feel uneasy?


Do you feel inferior?


Do you envy them, while they entrain you to worship a hidden authority?

Jon Rappoport talks about how celebrities themselves serve as symbols for some imaginary story and ideal of what you're supposed to measure your life against.


But it's up to you to fill in the meaning, and if you're not paying attention you'll give them way to much power and meaning.

"Now, we're talking about the trick involving symbols.


They're basically empty. You fill in the emptiness.

All this becomes more interesting when you realize there are PR people and propagandists working around the clock to make you impart particular meaning to symbols.


They're not satisfied to have you supply your own meaning. No."

Jon Rappoport

Celebrities and Symbols

Jay-Z who popularized

the all-seeing eye symbol

in the music industry Source

Robert Black adds more…

"Celebrity is another example of the simulacrum, the image or representation of someone or something. These individuals are made to seem real but are actually artificially molded by the media and publicity companies.


They are memes in the flesh and cannot be seen as real but as representing that what is behind them.


When we experience a celebrity we are experiencing a simulacrum, a walking simulation or holographic meme created to trigger certain responses from those they interact with.


In many ways celebrities are caricatures - they are not people but carefully engineered memeplexes created by publicity companies to manipulate and trigger specific reactions on an unconscious level."

Robert Black

Esoteric Symbols and Memes: Strategies of Control

This really is a massive subject, but the thing I want you to take away today is that there is a form of communication in our world that is ubiquitous yet nearly completely beyond the recognition of most people.


In that void, that place where the symbols take franchise in your lower mind, exists a world of possibility and impossibility for you and your precious life.

"The symbols are there to give you something to fear without explicitly telling you what to fear.

They're there to push a low level of anxiety into your life, so that your frequency is down-regulated to the lowest possible vibrations of fear, anxiety, and worry.


They're omnipresent to give you the creeping sense that danger is also omnipresent, that crisis is the natural order."

Dylan Charles

Occult Symbols, Subconscious Slavery, and How to Avoid Becoming Food for Demons

If you wish to have a sense of power and authority in your very unique life, and you should, you must know that signs and symbols create the foundation of your reality.