by Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

June 06, 2023
from GlobalResearch Website



Dr. Rudolf Lothar Hänsel

is a school rector, educational scientist and graduate psychologist.

After his university studies, he became an academic teacher in adult education.

As a retiree he worked as a psychotherapist in his own practice.

In his books and professional articles, he calls for a conscious ethical-moral education in values as well as an education for public spirit and peace.

For his services to Serbia, he was awarded the Republic Prize "Captain Misa Anastasijevic" by the Universities of Belgrade and Novi Sad in 2021.
He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

This deprives the people

of their elementary right to peace and freedom.

Are governments a clique

 separate from the population...?






After reading two articles in "RTD", I asked myself again,

why we citizens elect politicians and governments year after year that go to war against sovereign states - for example against the nuclear power Russia?

The article by "RIA Novosti" is "NATO plans direct war against Russia" 1 and the second article is a documentary by Anna Chapman "Red Alert - Why is Germany so bent on war?", 2 which was probably first published on 24 January.

The people and their citizens are deprived of the management of their own affairs, the determination of their own actions and the care of their own welfare by such an election.


Why should the people not be able to realize their own ideas and put their self-developed concepts of life into practice?

My demand therefore remains:

"Hand over power to no one!" 3 and on the question of war and peace the people should have the last word...

We humans are capable of living together without weapons and wars. 4




NATO's secret plans for military action against Russia

According to Viktoriya Nikiforova, a columnist for "RIA Novosti", the US magazine "Newsweek" reports on secret plans of the NATO alliance to go to war against Russia.


These plans are to be adopted at the next NATO summit, which will take place in Vilnius on 11 and 12 July. 5

Literally, she writes:

"Officially, the summit program lists only six tasks for the bloc in connection with the confrontation with Russia.


These are,

  • the harmonization and coordination of the Alliance's forces in all theatres of war

  • long-term cooperation with private companies in the field of defence

  • increasing the production of weapons and ammunition

  • building up reserves in the event of a long-term war...

These are not tasks just for today - it is openly admitted that the realization of these goals will take several years." 6



Why is the German mainstream so obsessed with war?

The opening credits of Anna Chapman's documentary state:

"Ken Jebsen, Liane Kilinc, Dagmar Henn…


The number of people persecuted for their opinions in Germany is growing inexorably:

anyone who does not obediently follow the anti-Russian, pro-Ukrainian war course is in trouble.

Why is the German mainstream so bent on war?" 7

Towards the end she writes:

"Those who oppose the self-destructive course, advocate peace with Russia and call for an end to the European imperialist expansionist course in Ukraine are muzzled in various ways, up to and including prosecution.

What has become of Germany?


Why and where are we heading?


Why is Berlin so bent on imposing sanctions and supporting Kiev at the expense of its own economy and population?


Who is really steering the country?


And who is manipulating the German mainstream?" 8

Surely the truth is that Germany has a great responsibility both to the previous generation and to its youth?

The post-war generation did a great deal to make Germany a respected and economically strong state again after the Hitler blow and the horrors of the Russian campaign.


A war against Russia must not be repeated and should be taught to the partly history-less German youth both at the family table and in school.


In her book "Eichmann in Jerusalem - An Account of the Banality of Evil", Hannah Arendt reproduces a quote by Bertolt Brecht from 1933 in the preface:

"O Germany, pale mother!

How besmirched thou sittest

Among the nations.

Among the stained

You stand out.

Hearing the speeches that come from your house, people laugh.

But he who sees you reaches for the knife." 9



Are governments a clique separate from the population?

Every four to five years in our Western democracies,

corrupt politicians are elected to high government offices and are regarded as respectable authorities...

Politicians immediately associate this attribution with claims to power, create a relationship of superiority and subordination and impose their will on the citizens:

more precisely, the will or instructions of their clients, the global power elite...

In doing so, they pursue a policy at the expense of the working population that enables the billionaire elite in the background to steal so many billions of dollars that they can buy almost anything or anyone, from venal politicians to the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO).


These rulers cannot be trusted now or in the future.

The government or the state is the totality of all political, legislative, judicial and military institutions that deprive the people of the management of their own affairs, the determination of their own actions, the care of their own welfare.

Do government politicians then possess certain moral qualities such as wisdom, justice or impartiality?


Are they so exceptionally gifted that they can put themselves in the place of the whole people and take better care of the interests of the people?


Are they infallible and morally incorruptible, so that the lot of anyone can reasonably be entrusted to their goodness?

In any case, the rulers are those who have the power to make laws to regulate the relations of men with each other and who have, among other things, the power to make war or peace with the governments of other countries.

Who puts them in their high places?


Do they impose themselves by the right of war, conquest or revolution?


Or are the governments "elected" by universal suffrage?

But this in no way proves the justice, the wisdom, the abilities of those elected.


Often those who can best lie (Tolstoy) and deceive the people are elected and the minority, which may be half of the electorate, is sacrificed.

As a rule, governments are made up of the haves and those who serve them:

therefore, they are completely at the service of the haves...

The very richest among them do not even have to bother to be part of the governments, MPs or ministers themselves.


It is enough for them that the deputies and ministers are at their disposal.




Do not hand over power to anyone!

Humans by nature not only possess a sound mind, they are also autonomous.

Autonomy is the state and attitude towards life of self-determination, independence and self-government.


It is the ability to see oneself as a being of freedom and to act out of this freedom.

Equipped with these special abilities, however, people unceremoniously hand over to politicians the power to decide on their lives and their future.

Many adults react to these politicians like children in the form of a magical belief in authority, uncritical and clouded by moods, feelings and promises of happiness.


And this has consequences:

Belief in authority inevitably leads to allegiance to authority, which usually triggers the reflex of absolute spiritual obedience and paralysis of the mind.

If one tries to enter into conversation with fellow citizens about socio-political issues, one finds that most of them are prevented from thinking rationally by conscious or unconscious fears in the form of inner psychological blocks.


Through the mass media they are only manipulated, kept in ignorance and fear. If one wants to take away this fear and enlighten them, one often experiences that they are difficult to reach emotionally as well as intellectually.

When full-headed adults can no longer think for themselves and judge rationally, they hand over decision-making power to immoral politicians...


We see where this leads every day.


Therefore the demand:

Do not hand over power to anyone else...! 10



The people have the last word on war and peace!

If those in power no longer respect the laws and rights of this world, such as the Charter of the United Nations, then we citizens have a duty to do so.


Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10 December 1948 states:

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should treat one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

In the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 19 December 1966, Article 1 states:

"All peoples have the right to self-determination.


By virtue of this right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. (…) "

In this sense, the people have the final say on war and peace and should demand a referendum...!








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