by David Sorensen

August 04, 2022

from StopWorldControl Website






When will the arrests of the criminals

who terrorize mankind

finally begin?


Why is there no visible action yet

from the white hats in the military?


Why is everything taking so long?


When will we finally see

some real victory?


It is important to understand the nature of the current war, lest we suffer from unnecessary frustration and disappointment.


First of all:

arresting a few public puppets is useless.


It's like locking up a low level drug-dealer, while leaving the ringleaders untouched.


Guys like Gates and Fauci can easily be replaced by the cabal, if they were to be jailed.


It is more effective to let them display their evil to the whole world, so a much greater deliverance can be accomplished in the long run.

A military officer recently told me something that can help us:

"Most people don't understand military operations. They have no patience and want everything to happen right away.


They don't know what it is to fight, keep fighting, never give up, adapt your strategy to changing circumstances, and continually push ahead until the victory is achieved."

That hit me, because it is so true.


We really need to grow our character and shift from being lazy consumers who demand instant gratification, to becoming mature adults who understand that humanity is undergoing its greatest transformation of all time.

We are living in truly historic days.

The worldwide take down of the satanic elites is not something that can be done in a breeze.

It requires persistence, patience, courage, faith, vision, and an accurate understanding...

We all need to do our part in this.

Murmuring at the sidelines,

and criticizing those at the frontlines

 (though many are hidden)

 is shameful.


We are called to be brave

and do whatever we can,

to help in this Great Awakening.




Let the Good People Arise




The major reason this evil can exist in the first place, is because the good people have allowed it to run rampant and unchecked for so long.

A critical aspect in defeating this international web of darkness, is making sure that the good people all over the world wake up to what is going on, and take positions in society (in education, health care, law enforcement, religion, politics, finance, etc.) where they will say "NO!" to evil.


That's a process of informing and activating innumerable people, which requires patience and persistence.

What good is it,

if some low level crooks are executed,

while all of humanity remains unchanged,

and would right away follow along

with the next criminal scheme?

We are facing both an exposing of evil, and a transformation of humanity.

Only when we all learn our own lessons from this, and change deep within, will there be a better world.

A new world cannot emerge if we all remain unchanged.


That's what caused all this evil in the first place. The call is not just to remove the wicked. The greater and more important call is to awaken and activate the good people.


If the good guys reign, there is nothing the wicked can do.

The only reason the wicked

 are doing what they are doing,

is because the righteous

are not doing what they

should be doing...




Why The Light Will Win




Because in every crisis, we need a solid foundation for our hope that things will get better, I will give you a significant key to unlock vision for a better world.

There is a basic universal principle that,

light is greater than darkness, truth is more powerful than deception, love overcomes hate, and good prevails over evil.

Think about this:

the incredibly powerful and beautiful Creator made this earth, with all its dazzling wonders.


Magnificent flowers, splendid butterflies, lush grass, vast forests, majestic mountains and everything that lives in it.


Wonders galore!

The evil entities did not create this splendor.


All they can do is destroy it.

So who is stronger?


He who can create the most majestic wonders?


Or those that can't even imitate a single living cell,

and all they know is how to destroy life?


If you know the answer to that,

you also know who will win this war.


Don't give up!

Keep your vision clear for a future without these wicked monsters.


Believe with all your heart that we are not destined to be slaves of satanic rulers.


They are destined for destruction.

The earth was not created so it could be ruled by evil.


Evil is here because the good guys have been allowing it.

Now there is a worldwide clarion call for the good people to take a stand, occupy the seats of authority and influence in the land, and become righteous rulers who deliver humanity from these psychopaths.


if the good guys do what they are called to do, there is nothing the bad guys can do.

It's as simple as that...


But they tricked us in being lazy, self centered consumers of their perverted products and services, giving them all the power, while poisoning us with their toxins.


Now the tide is turning, if we hear the call, and do what it takes...

You were born to be a dragon slayer,

not a dragon worshipper.

Keep spreading truth wherever you can.


Be like water that always flows through every little crack, causing a break in every wall, eventually becoming a raging river that cleanses this world with pure, life giving water of truth and goodness...