by Matt Nilsson
November 10, 2021
from WhatAboutTheRoads Website




It's been a few weeks since celebrity "whistleblower" Frances Haugen stepped into the spotlight to admonish Facebook for failing to protect the public from what she was calling misinformation...


While Haugan continues on her global corporate-media-backed campaign against the tech platform, Facebook, Inc. has conveniently rebranded itself as Meta and aims to build a metaverse ecosystem the scale of which we have never seen before.

A metaverse is a shared virtual 3D world which is interactive, immersive, and collaborative.


Meta's metaverse will not be the first 3D world brought into existence though it will certainly be the most all-encompassing thanks to leaps in technology made since the turn of the century.


Not to mention the manpower and funding that Meta can afford to put into such a pioneering project.

Just how all-encompassing are we talking?


If we examine what was presented by Mark Zuckerberg when he introduced the world to his idea for the metaverse at the end of last month we are looking at a total perversion of reality...

This is one of the so-called elite's favorite tricks to play on humanity:

they occult what is real and sell us back a fake version...

While they eat organic, the masses are fed GMOs.


During a supposed 'pandemic', they jet off around the world while telling you to stay at home. Their children receive classical educations at secluded private academies while kids in Baltimore pass through metal detectors to enter their public schools where they are only taught obedience and compliance.

And this is precisely what will happen to those who enter Meta's metaverse as outlined by Zuckerberg himself.


Just a few snapshots from the hour-and-a-half long presentation reveal plans to transform reality into a low resolution cartoonish alternate universe, a new opiate for the masses:


Transform your dilapidated apartment,

which is of course situated in a decaying urban environment,

into a spacious verdant paradise.

You can forego all forms of socializing

now that you can just "play cards" with digital avatars

representing your friends in the metaverse.


Concerts used to be fun but when you've been

 feeling rundown from your seventh booster shot

so better to play it safe and

"enjoy the show" from home.

History will not be something

you study and learn from.

It will be packaged and sold to you

as its creators see fit.

No advertisement for the occult

would be complete without featuring butterflies,

the ultimate symbol of transformation.


Throughout the video Zuckerberg talks about,

how you can do all this and more in the metaverse...


The obvious truth is that you will not be in the metaverse.


You will be on your couch with a VR headset strapped to your head while the real world happens just beyond the confines of this augmented fairytale.




Anyone in the metaverse will simply be conditioning themselves to accept this simulation as reality while the living breathing world ceases to be lived in.

This is all just another shiny distraction for the masses which will allow the so-called elite to take more of the planet for themselves.


While the public is conditioned to "attend" meetings in virtual reality, the Davos crowd will still board their private planes for their annual meeting in Switzerland.


The rich and famous will not be "attending" galas in the metaverse, they will be parading down red carpets as they always have.

Wall Street executive aren't going to turn in their memberships at the country club when they can just "hit the links" online instead.


Mark Zuckerberg will not be selling his sprawling Hawaiian estate in lieu of "experiencing" tropical paradise through the lens of an Oculus headset.

There are many other avenues that can be taken when dissecting this video.


Over the course of the presentation there are grand promises of economic prosperity and total privacy that could be dissected for the lies that they surely are.


About ten minutes of the video details how bodily functions and biometrics will be harvested to make the metaverse feel real.


This will be covered many times over by many people in due time and this coverage will make for important content for the few people who choose to consume it.

Perhaps however, we can make all of that time and devotion unnecessary by staying focused on the seeing the metaverse for what it is:

an occulted reality...

The next step is to avoid it at all costs...

If the total scam that is the last twenty months has shown us anything it is that we can lose so much so quickly by allowing people who don't care about us to dictate reality and at this point they are emboldened enough to push the metaverse agenda which could swallow everything whole.

Life is far too precious to allow this to happen...