by Elana

from Zayra Website

GM Humans?

As the eyes of the world are turned towards the Middle East, and we ponder the moral issues of the US colonization of Iraq, it seems an appropriate time to reintroduce the topic of the ethics of intervention. Digging deep through the layers of historical and mythological record, we can consider one of the first ’written’ stories of intervention. A little known and successfully suppressed historical period of Ancient Mesopotamia and the Sumerian civilization. This planetary myth is one of the first to document the successful emergence of the ’Humannan’ (translation: ’Mighty Man’) through direct genetic manipulation by a group of ’gods’ and ’goddesses’, whom I will call the Anunnaki - whose translation means: ’Those who brought Heaven to Earth’.

This important chapter in the evolutionary epic of the human race is finally being revealed by contemporary scholars. The story tells of the genetic modification within the DNA of humankind’s early ancestors ­ Cro-Magnon human in this particular chapter ­ in order to create the Humannan as servants for a pantheon of gods and goddesses, between 30-40 000 years ago.

This period of human genealogy that has been suppressed by religious institutions worldwide, is now being reconsidered in light of revelatory material released by the Royal Dragon Court, in the form of a series of books by Sir Laurence Gardner. Supported by a mountain of scholarly texts of both specialists and lay people over the last two centuries, the emerging story has been analyzed and investigated to such an extent that the mysteries are becoming more understandable through familiarity. This is particularly in light of the advances of knowledge in the physical, biological and psychological sciences. Gardner takes the hitherto ’mythological’ accounts of Ancient Mesopotamia, and brings them into a rational historical context, mind blowing in its ramifications for both the past and future of humanity.


The research in ’Genesis of the Grail Kings’ brings into focus the lineage of those ancient Royal Houses that are mythologically portrayed in Sumerian/Assyrian history as the ’Dragon’: ’Reptilian’ (snake/crocodile’); and ’fish/dolphingods and goddesses of Earth’s history. Gardner’s most recent addition to the already bursting archives of religious and anthropological translation describes the cosmogony of Earth’s children from a wider perspective ­ that a contingent of Anunnaki genetically ’enhanced’ humans as part of an experiment: Firstly, to create a race of servants to assist in mining Earth’s gold and other precious metals; and secondly to found two dynasties of ’Kingly Lineage’, who would continue the genetic heritage of the extra-planetary races once the Anunnaki had departed.

Courageous Explorers

Gardner joins the courageous explorations of such scholars as Zecharia Sitchin; Alan Alford; Erich Von Daniken and Daniel Winter. Between them (and others), they are successfully debunking the religious and scholastic dogmatism that has been prevalent, by making esoteric knowledge widely available through the popular press and Internet.

Add to this research, the increasing evidence of Extra Terrestrial contact and abduction experiences occurring worldwide; the recent revelation by scientists of the 223 ’alien genes’ in human DNA that cannot be explained by conventional evolutionary theories; and the rare AB-blood type developing within human society. The investigation of human genetic origins appears to be an idea whose time has come.

Within this controversial dialogue I offer my own research and interpretation of the story and the psychological ramifications of this planetary epic, with regard to the present mental and emotional health of the human race at this time in our history. This analysis will then be used to investigate options for the future evolution of human society, and hopefully open a new chapter in the dialogue. It is aimed most specifically at those lay people for whom religion cannot answer the deep questions that modern physics and cosmology is posing with increasing rapidity, and yet whose own expression of the sacred in everyday life is not answered by just hard science.

Genetic Enhancement

So, where do we start? I will leave the anthropological evidence for GM humans up to the experts. However, a lot of this story cannot be corroborated. Whilst I closely follow the available research and highly respect scholarly investigation, I also intend to take a leap of conjecture and creatively explore the ’what if’s?’ and ’just supposing’s?’. For, I feel that if we were to wait for empirical evidence of this story before progressing our thinking, then we would be denying ourselves an exploration and understanding of our human nature and its future potential at this crucial time of our evolution.

I also intend to investigate the ethical considerations of Extra Terrestrial intervention with our species. Is it a one-off? Or could it be that we have been ’enhanced’ by many different races of ET’s throughout the evolution of the human race? Certainly, the oral traditions of the majority of Indigenous people include creation myths about the gifts of enhanced consciousness and knowledge from the ’Star Elders’ and the ’Sky People’. This knowledge is the basis of their cosmological worldview, informing their expression of the sacred in everyday life.

The Planetary Story

So, suspend logical judgment and read this epic tale as if it were a mythological story:

Let us first take a closer look at the three Royal Houses/races whose inter-relationships precipitated this episode of the Planetary Story and whose archetypal qualities direct our psyches even today. The Houses were of Sirius (Apsu- "the watery realm"); Tiamat; and Orion, within the star system Alpha Draconis ­ in the Orion arm of our Milky Way galaxy (click image right)

An, High King of Sirian descendency; Antu, described as An’s sister in the texts, however, she was half-sister to An as well as being ’a Sister’ - as in a matriarchal sect, of the Dragon Lineage - a blue-blooded descendent of the planet Rigel; and Urash ­ Orion Queen and consort of An.

Dragon Blood and Fire

The blood of the Dragon Lineage is highly psychocreative, and could readily achieve a state of conscious ’implosion’ of the fabled ’Star Fire’, through their DNA (see Genesis of the Grail Kings and Daniel Winter: The Return of Enki). This enabled them to access the esoterically described ’Fourth Plane’ of consciousness, and travel between the stars in a cocoon of ultraviolet radiance. Such a skill was a vital cause of the rise to eminence of the so-called ’Dragon Queens’. The capability for interstellar navigation without having to use craft was particularly potent within the matrilineage. The Dragon males, too, possessed the skill to a lesser potency and were highly sought after as navigators of commercial and military craft.

The power of the matriarchal Dragon Queens developed into an increasingly monopolistic stranglehold on inter-galactic commerce. Other races looked to technology to augment their comparatively blunted faculties, and began to annex themselves to sophisticated metallic prosthetics in an attempt to recreate the implosion effect of personal gravity waves powerful enough to allow them to navigate the stars successfully.

Cyborg Revolution

However, they were unaware that the necessary ’high spin’ state was actually diminished by their heavy metal implants that further bled capacitive charge from their bodies. As they became increasingly ’cyborg’, the males in particular, quite literally lost their ’Fire’. The eventual rebellion by the patriarchal cyborg, allied with the Orion unwinged forces, overthrew the domination of the Dragon Queens, and the vengeful pogroms decimated the great houses. A remnant escaped with precious genetic material and a few remaining children ­ the diaspora spreading throughout the universe.

One of the major battles of these Orion Wars, introduces the Anunnaki families to this particular chapter of our Earth’s history in the form of the earliest written chronicles of Ancient Mesopotamian history and myth. The planetoid Tiamat was involved in one of the fiercest battles between the Dragon forces and the Orion/Sirian alliance based on Sirius. An and his consort, Urash, were persuaded to accept a political alliance with the Dragon Queens or face annihilation by the planetoid’s superior power. In the battles, the planet Maldek was completely destroyed along with its entire population.

Sirian / Dragon Alliance

The alliance was sealed by the marriage of the Dragon Princess Antu, to her half brother, the Sirian King-An. At the time the Dragon princess was unaware that she was half sister to the king, sharing their Sirian father, but of different mothers (she-Dragon, he-Sirian). She had been taken from her parents at 6 to enter the motherhood, where all previous memories were erased as a part of her training as emissary and priestess of the Dragon House. The Dragon Queens had found that emotion inhibited the access of the mind to the superconscious state that enabled star navigation.

This highly propitiatory political marriage combined the two most powerful bloodlines in the galaxy, ensuring the continued augmentation of Sirian/Dragon psychocreativity. The union produced the heir apparent, despite the previous birthing of the eldest son, Enlil, to the Orion Queen, Urash. Little respect was shown between the Dragon Queen and consort.

An and Urash were passionately involved with one another, and if An did his duty with his half-sister ­ the cold but inwardly passionate Queen ­ for the enhancement of his bloodline, it was done with all the discipline of a military campaign, manipulated by the jealous consort. Little did either king or consort know that underneath the highly conditioned, impassive exterior, the Dragon Queen watched the two, and yearned deeply for the ability to feel love and express passion within her own heart, and share that intimacy with the person that she considered her soul mate ­ the King, An.

Enki and Enlil

So, Enki and Enlil ­ two sons much loved (as was possible for these races), by their parents, and reasonably affectionate towards each other in their younger days, despite Enlil’s understandable resentment at being replaced by Enki as heir. They grew up together with the usual sibling rivalry. Enki was a ’winge’d’ Dragon ­ highly psychocreative, but also flippant and irresponsible, if also very charismatic; and Enlil, an ’Unwinge’d One’, still with the psychokinetic abilities that came from both his mother and father, and very responsible to his position as heir to his fathers kingdom ­ responsibility that Enki was loathed to take seriously.

The chapter of Earth history important to our story sees the two half brothers being sent to Ea(rth) to harvest the metals of this mineral rich planet. They were particularly interested in Gold and other high spin metals, as well as metals for implants and prosthetics. It had been found that when Gold was alchemically transformed it produced ’Ormes’- a white powder, that when ingested raised the energetic state of the taker to greater coherence, and enabled access to the fourth plane of consciousness from which interstellar navigation was possible without having to use metal craft.

The celebrated ’Star Fire’ essence of the menstrual hormonal secretions of the Dragon Queens, that was infinitely superior to the gold powder, still allowed limited star navigation. But the vengeful retaliation of the patriarchal forces had successfully depleted and suppressed the lineage, effectively cutting off the supply of female essence. An alternative was essential if commerce and power were not to fail within the great trading houses. The Orion reptilian lineage had all but lost the necessary charge radiance and had become addicted, quite literally, to the precious metal. The Dragon males were not far behind.

Earth Expedition

The gathering tension between the brothers, and failing psychocreative powers ­ which meant that the planetary magnetic and atmospheric grids on many planets were breaking down ­ decided their father to commission a mining operation to Earth in an attempt to bond the brothers in a co-operative venture and mine the metals that were fast becoming the galaxy’s most precious commodity for a future without ’Fire’.

Our Cro-Magnon ancestors were chosen to be genetically ’enhanced’ by the introduction of Anunnaki DNA, in order to provide the labour and service for the gods and goddesses who were wilting under the challenges of third dimensional gravity. The decision to impregnate the female Cro-Magnon egg with Anunnaki DNA via the sperm of the male’s, produced a human of relatively increased consciousness. However, the lesser charge of the male Dragon, combined with the vastly inferior genes of the Indigenous Human did not provide the ’Kingly Lineage’ envisioned by Enki ­ a lineage that could rule itself and maintain the vital mining operations. Also, the cross-breeding programme was in direct violation of the imperative of non-intervention ­ the ethic of which was rigorously upheld by Enlil at first, who was appalled at the procreative misdemeanors of his brother ­ Enki.

The Deluge

Enlil decided to cleanse Earth of the rapidly increasing rabble of undisciplined and procreatively irresponsible humans, gaining the support of the pantheon of Earth’s stakeholders for the proposed extermination. However, Enki, hearing of his brother’s plan, caused the most advanced of his descendents to gather the genetic material of Earth’s abundant bio-diversity and escape their ordained fate in a craft. Enlil ordered a fission air-blast to be detonated over South Australia, of enough force to disturb the atmospheric grid, causing a deluge of catastrophic proportions - a ’nuclear winter’- around the planet’s surface, killing the majority of life. Many of the pantheon were mortified at the devastating results, and quite a few were secretly relieved at Enki’s disobedience to the will of the senate, when the remnant human band were revealed once the flood had subsided.

Second Prototype

Once life was re-established and mining recommenced, Enki and his half sister, Ninhursag (who already had Anunnaki offspring with Enlil), changed their approach to the genetic modification of the remaining descendents, by introducing human male sperm to Anunnaki eggs, incubated within the human female. While this created a more advanced version of the human, it wasn’t until Ninhursag herself incubated human/ Anunnaki cross DNA that the ’Kingly Lineage’ was finally produced.

Enlil, seeing the advantage of having direct descendents loyal to himself and his forces, had also begun to found his own dynasty with the cross-bred humans. The political situation between the two brothers was rapidly deteriorating, and Enki’s decision to procreate with his own cross-breed daughters caused the complete breakdown of relations between the two houses. War broke out, the nuclear scars of which can still be seen today in Sinai. Once again, Enki, determined to save his ’human’ family, dispersed the tribes to the four corners of the planet, pursued by the vengeful Enlil and his forces. Enlil’s lineage became the Earthly rulers described in our historical records such as ’The Bible’ and the Sumerian ’Enuma Elish’.

A Dying Fire

However, even with the regular ingestion of ’Star Fire’ essence from the cross-bred maidens and the augmentation of high spin metallurgy through the Ormes powder, the Fire died and Earth’s inhabitants never gained the coveted ability to navigate the stars. Enlil’s tribe and the remnants of Enki’s bloodline still retained the increased psychocreative faculties needed to maintain the planetary grid network (as Earth’s ’Indigenous’ people do today), but the Anunnaki themselves left ­withdrawn at their father’s command. Earth was quarantined ­ an experiment that was left to incubate whatever hybrid strain evolved.

The genetics of the remnant Anunnaki/human race ­ Homo Sapiens, continued to deteriorate in the amount of capacitive charge that they were able to generate. Longevity was reduced, even with the ingestion of Ormes. The sad practices of various civilizations throughout our ensuing history, such as those of human sacrifice in an attempt to take the bio-electrical charge of another by the ingestion of glandular secretions, continued to deplete the integrity (coherence) of Homo Sapiens.

More recently, however, Homo Sapiens Sapiens has begun to evolve a more sophisticated endocrine system and to integrate the various tensions within the Triune Brain, in spite of the deliberate implanting of genetic inhibitors designed to:

  • suppress self-empowerment

  • reduce longevity

  • impede self-sustainability

For the first time in our history, humans are beginning to create the potential to naturally access the high spin frequencies necessary for stellar travel in the self-generated ’Shem’ vehicle or ’Merkabah’. I stress the word naturally, because we are already deeply entrenched within a technological era, one where artificial electrical pollution (quite deliberately designed), is disturbing our brain patterns and bleeding our natural charge. Also, the temptation to ingest gold powder as an illusory ’easy’ alternative to the practice of generating and maintaining our own ’Fire’, decreases instead of enhances our potentiality.

However, this is still a momentous time in human evolution!