by Jim Euclid
15 July 2013
from Regolish Website

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The pioneers are those of the new republic who are and will be living off earth.


Numerous intergalactic ships have downloaded telemetry to plot all habitable and hospitable planets within a 400 light years distance (journey of 1 year duration, depending on type of craft).

Some humans will be airlifted from the surface before the planet is finally handed over to the Draco alliance (see Alpha Draconians), said to occur sometime this decade, heralded by a Nibiru-like event and ETs making 'first' contact.

The conclusion of first contact will be the signing of an accord, ostensibly a peace treaty between warring ETs, but in reality a transfer of custodianship of earth to the Dracos, and their allies.

At this conclusion, the earth will slowly begin to morph over a twenty to fifty year period down a Draco stargate into a 4th dimension alter-universe, leading inexorably to loss of all human life and most terrestrial life forms as earth grow hotter and more fragmented by the dimensional shift.

The earth's first pioneers commenced their exodus in the 1970s and onward, first to the Moon, then Mars, and by end of the 20th century, most planets within our solar system were colonized by earthlings, usually in subterranean cities.


Most of the pioneer's efforts have been the result of shared intelligence and resources from benevolent ETs.

The transference of Earth into a Draconian stargate will result in fracturing this solar system, and the outcome is unlikely positive to other planets within this system, leading most pioneers to focus on extrasolar system planets.

The next few years are a frenetic effort to secure and identify persons of interest and their families (both physical and spiritual) who are 'earmarked for relocation'; the remainder left to their devices due to their 'karma' in assisting the Draco alliance over many lifetimes.