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The Black Dot Marks the Spot

January 08, 2011


Most people are not unfamiliar with the ominous black "hole" present in most government images of the north pole and Arctic sea ice.


Well, there is a very good reason for this. As we've gone over before, due to the presence of an actual hole in the top and bottom of the Earth, polar orbiting satellites cannot traverse the opening, thereby creating a dark zone or blackout region where no information is available.


Besides, if information was available, it would be nonsensical as there is no land mass or ice to speak of.

Therefore, if you are in the business of determining the size and location of the polar openings to the hollow earth, I'd say it's a pretty safe assumption to place the location of the opening wherever the blackout occurs, i.e. the north and south geographic poles.


Also, the size is going to be less than the area of the "black dot", which, according to my calculations is 60 to 90 miles in diameter.



NASA Explains Why the Hole is at the Pole

January 08, 2011


When trying to show how the hottest area of Enceladus could end up at what is normally the coldest area of the planet, the pole, NASA explains that the least dense portions of a spinning body will eventually line up with the axis of rotation.



NASA uses the example of how a spinning bowling ball (if not counterbalanced) will eventually shift until its least dense portion, its holes, line up with the axis of rotation.


In the same way, it necessarily follows that a planet's polar openings will line up with the axis of rotation. There has been much speculation among hollow earth enthusiasts as to the location of the polar openings.


I feel its safe to assume, per this example and others, that the openings are located at precisely the northern and southern geographic poles.




Why is there a Hole at the Pole?

January 08, 2011


People often ask,

"Why must the Earth be hollow and why must there be a hole at each pole?"





This is a fair question, one which we can answer easily enough... yes, using science.


To begin, let's ask ourselves,

"What do we observe with most spinning systems in nature... hurricanes, tornadoes, whirlpools or water vortices, etc.?"


Well, one common feature they all share is that they are have an inner empty space near the center of rotation. Take this computer simulation of the new star system of HL Tau and the forming protoplanet HL Tau B.


Notice anything? That's right, there is an empty space near the center or at the axis of rotation.

Why is this? I mean, why doesn't matter want to stick near the center of the axis of rotation? Have you ever sat in the middle of a merry-go-round and tried to stay in the center while someone spins it faster and faster? No?



Well, watch this video and you'll wonder no more.


It's next to impossible to stay near the center. The same holds true for a spinning system of matter which is coalescing to form a new planet - the matter at the center will fly out outward due to centrifugal acceleration.

But that's not the only force acting upon the spinning system - gravity is also acting to pull the matter back together. Let's use another example. What happens when you hold a weight on a string and spin your body around?


The weight will fly out a certain distance until it reaches a point of equilibrium where gravity and the centrifugal force counteract and balance each other until the net force is zero. Now spin faster. The weight will fly out even further until it stops at a new equilibrium point. This is perfectly illustrated by the planets Jupiter and Saturn. How many hours does it take Jupiter and Saturn each to complete one rotational period?


If you answered with a time that is greater than 24 hours because the planets are so massive they certainly must take more time than Earth to revolve once on its axis, you'd be wrong - Saturn has a day of 10.5 hours and Jupiter's day is even shorter at 9.8 hours. Most people assume that Jupiter and Saturn are bigger because they are more massive.


I posit that they are bigger because the matter that coalesced to form them had a faster rate of rotation and so their radius was necessarily greater than their slower spinning counterparts - just like the spinning weight on the string example.

Now we've shown, using simple physics and logic, that spinning systems are hollow and the radius of planets are determined by their rate of rotation during formation so that the centrifugal acceleration and gravitational attraction balance out.


At this point of equilibrium the heaviest elements coalesce and the lighter elements (such as atmosphere and water) form on either side of this center point, creating an atmosphere and oceans on the inner and outer surfaces of the planet. As you near the poles, the crust thins until eventually you have an opening or a hole at both northern and southern extremities.


The resulting configuration is a hollow planet with a shell or crust that can sustain life on the inner and outer surfaces.



NASA CAPER Probe Launched to Study the Cleft Ion Fountain

January 08, 2011


Scientists only recently discovered that the bulk of the plasma or ions that are injected into the Earth's magnetosphere are actually from the Earth's polar cleft ion fountains... not the sun.


Indeed, the Earth's magnetosphere is buffeted by solar ion winds, but what causes the auroral displays are actually sourced by ions from the Earth!


Plasma Fountain
This figure depicts the oxygen, helium, and hydrogen ions that gush into space from regions near the Earth's poles.

The faint yellow gas shown above the north pole represents gas lost from Earth into space;

the green gas is the aurora borealis-or plasma energy pouring back into the atmosphere.



While this may come as a surprise, scientists are equally as baffled and frantically trying to come up with an explanation as to how ions can become accelerated enough to leave the Earth's atmosphere and literally reach distances as far out as the moon's orbit.

The auroral rings around the poles are actually the ions from the polar cleft ion fountains coming back to collide with particles in the Earth's ionosphere after a parabolic journey through space.


The colors of the auroral displays are intrinsically linked to the types of ions coming back into our atmosphere (hydrogen, helium, oxygen, nitrogen).


The Cleft Accelerated Plasma Experiment Rocket or CAPER will travel directly into the north polar cleft ion fountain to try and discern its source or mechanism of ion acceleration.


It should come as no surprise that the ions comprising the cleft ion fountains are exactly what would be expected from ions from our inner earth's atmosphere together with the ions energized from the inner electric sun.


The polar cleft ion fountains (CIF) and auroral displays are arguably the most compelling evidence we have to date in support of the hollow earth!



Saturn's Polar Thermal Emissions

January 05, 2011


This false color composite image of Saturn is constructed from data collected in the near-infrared wavelengths of light:

blue is used to indicate sunlight reflected at a wavelength of 2 microns, green to indicate sunlight reflected at 3 microns and red to indicate thermal emission at 5 microns.


The heat emission from the interior of Saturn is only seen at 5 microns wavelength in the spectrometer data, and thus appears red.


The dark spots and banded features in the image are clouds and small storms that outline the deeper weather systems and circulation patterns of the planet. They are illuminated from underneath by Saturn's thermal emission, and thus appear in silhouette.


You will notice the south pole of Saturn is nearly entirely red which indicates that any heat shown on the poles is strictly thermal emission from the planet itself, not reflections from the Sun.


Now, put what we have just learned in context of this infrared image of Saturn which shows a bright hotspot at the extreme south pole. We just found out that any polar heat is generated by the planet itself and is not a reflection of solar emissions.


This is just one of the myriad of reasons why we can be sure that the polar hotspot is generated by the internal dynamo of Saturn's inner electric sun and is in no way connected with the solar ion wind from the center of our solar system.





Tropical Jungle Found in World's Largest Cave

January 04, 2011


Vietnam's Hang Son Doong cave is the largest in the world, with caverns big enough to fit a skyscraper.



It even has its own jungle! With possibly the biggest subterranean passage in the world, it has enough space to fit a half-mile block of 40-story buildings.


Having discovered a cave like this close to the surface, it all of a sudden becomes more plausible to imagine a forest of giant mushrooms deep in the crust of the Earth, or even entire ecosystems with their own source of bio-luminescence.


At this rate, Etidorhpa is looking like less of a fantasy and more of a possibility.





NASA Admits 'Hole at the Pole' of Saturn
January 03, 2011


I have to admit, this one really makes me laugh.


The title of this NASA article is "The Hole at the Pole" and references the vortex locked to the southern pole of Saturn. The thing that makes this ironic is that they know exactly what they are saying.



They also know that the only way that a vortex storm formation could stay fixed in place, without wandering, is if the underlying land mass had a significant depression (or shall we say polar opening) to keep it firmly anchored.

The infrared overlay in the image also shows that the temperature at the exact eye of the storm is warmer than the surrounding vortex. I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the actual temperature scale as I've come to realize that the temperature measurements they report to the public are notoriously unreliable.


Suffice it to say there is a significant source of heat in the hole at the pole of Saturn. This is a perfect example of how the powers that be leak the truth without actually saying anything that the public would latch onto.


I can picture them laughing to themselves behind closed doors. Well, this time, we're laughing too.




NASA's ICESAT Orbit Circumvents the Pole

January 02, 2011


Let there be no more speculation as to the orbit of polar satellites.


NASA explains themselves and even shows in multiple video segments how the polar orbit of their ICESAT - Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite intentionally circumvents the polar regions of the planet.


According to the author of Deep Black - Space Espionage and National Security, William Burrows, the very first polar orbiting satellites that the United States attempted to launch fell out of orbit over the poles.


This is because they attempted to launch them directly over the geographic poles and when the satellites entered the region of the polar openings, the satellites were unable to maintain their orbits due to the unanticipated gravity profile of the polar hole and subsequently crashed.


The government quickly learned that to achieve a somewhat polar orbit, the path must be slightly off-center from the pole so as not to dip into the area of the openings.

This image betrays the precise location of the polar openings by showing the region the satellites will not enter. It also effectively limits the polar openings to a size that will fit within the region not covered by the satellite's path.


If I was to speculate, I would presume the satellites more or less traverse the rim of the opening before it begins to dip in, so the hole is still a ways inside the no-fly-zone, further limiting the actual size of the polar opening.




Noctilucent Polar Clouds Baffle Scientists

January 01, 2011


Polar Mesospheric Clouds are referred to as "night-shining" or Noctilucent Clouds when viewed by observers on Earth.


The clouds form in an upper layer of the Earth’s atmosphere called the mesosphere during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer season which began in mid-May and extends through the end of August and are being seen by AIM’s (Aeronomy of Ice) instruments more frequently as the season progresses.



They are also seen in the high latitudes during the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere.

Very little is known about how these clouds form over the poles, why they are being seen more frequently and at lower latitudes than ever before, or why they have been growing brighter.


Here again, a revised understanding of the earth will go a long way to explain how the emissions escaping through the polar openings and impinging upon mesospheric ice particles effectively create a reflective screen or theatre effect for the viewers down below on the earth.





Polar Convergence of Arctic Winds

January 01, 2011






The effect is subtle, but if you watch closely you can see several instances of a convergence/divergence of Arctic winds from a point that is centered at the north pole.


From what is known on vector fields, this would not be possible unless there was a point source (i.e. inner earth opening at the north pole) to generate this particular wind pattern.






Enceladus Spews Organic Material Into Space

December 31, 2010


On a close approach, Cassini found that the southern polar plume from geysers at Enceladus' south pole contain 20 times more organic material than was previously expected.



Scientists remark,

"To have primordial material coming out from inside a Saturn moon raises many questions on the formation of the Saturn system."

I would say this is a bit of an understatement.

In fact, Enceladus is just one more example of how little we understand about planetary dynamics and geophysics. Our fundamental assumptions of the mechanics of planetary formation, construction, and internal energetic dynamos is crying out for a much-needed overhaul.


The simple fact that we see energetic fountains or hot spots at the poles of planetary bodies as small as Enceladus or Titan, begs for a further assessment of how we view the evolution or the formation of the solar system, not just the Saturn system.



The concept that all planetary bodies develop into hollow orbs with energetic internal dynamos and openings or in the very least, thin crusts at the polar extremes could go a long way in explaining the many 'enigmas' we have documented on this site and others.




NASA Aurora Video Shows South Polar Opening
December 30, 2010


Once again, the NASA IMAGE probe shows the southern polar opening to the hollow Earth as the Aurora Australis streams from this central point.








This image still ( image below) is a great capture of the aurora actually ejecting from the narrow neck of the southern polar opening! Download the original movie here.







Titan - Saturn's Hollow Moon

December 30, 2010



Titan, Saturn's largest moon at 5150 km in diameter is 50% larger than the Earth's moon (3476 km diameter).



With roughly 40% of the Earth's diameter, Titan hardly deserves the title of moon, but rather that of planetoid.


This mysterious planetoid continues to baffle scientists and astrophysicists as the bulk of its humidity and clouds gathers at its northern and southern latitudes. The image above is supposed to be a flash or glint of the sun reflecting off Titan's northern lake Kraken.


If this is the case, why are scientists perplexed by the persistence of this odd hot spot which appears in precisely the same location as this purported 'reflection'?


Also, why does this spot stay in exactly the same place over repeated infrared photographs separated by days and even months? And why is there a distinct depression betrayed by the planetoid's shadow at the pole?



In the spring time on Titan you can see the formation of very conspicuous looking 'clouds' which could very well be streaming from the northern and southern polar openings.


Couple this with the thick cap of moisture seen to hover directly over the pole and you have some solid evidence for a hollow planetoid with its interior electric light source illuminating and heating its polar regions!



Return to Titan - a Saturnian Moon


The Cellular Cosmology of the Hollow Earth

December 30, 2010



Back in 2008 a sports medicine doctor from Australia, Barry, posted about the science behind cellular respiration and drew parallels between the microcosmic and the macrocosmic of the hollow earth's 'cellular' respiration.


I find it fascinating to come to understand the earth as a living, breathing entity.


We have much to learn about the dynamo which drives and sustains life on a planetary level:

'Excellent work Shilo. I am a Sports Medicine Doctor. The earth is exactly like our human cells. The extracellular fluids that bathe the cells are controlled by Sodium chloride (in the earth's case as a "cell", NaCl-hygroscopic-is the controller of the oceans on the external surface).


The intracellular fluids (inside the cell) are fresh water controlled by Potassium chloride the main controlling mineral salt of chlorophyll (hence the "green paradise" inside the earth). In an osmotic process the NaCl moves thru the cell wall from outside and the KCl moves from inside out. This is called the Na-K pump. This causes electrolysis hence these cell salts are called electrolytes & you find them in Gatorade & other sports drinks.

Ferrum Phosphate is the mineral salt controlling the cell wall. The electrolysis releases DC current which magnetizes the Fe (iron) and causes a magnetic North & South on the cell & a resting potential of 80-90 millivolts on average (organ-muscle-nerve cells differ slightly).


All body generation warmth is caused by the ignition of phosphorus in the presence of oxygen.


Like striking a match head (which has phosphorus) causes a flame. Iron Phosphate (Ferrum Phos in the Health Food stores) is the pre-eminent Biochemic Tissue salt of the 12 discovered by Dr W G Schuessler in 1888.

DC current from Electrolysis flowing thru iron causes the iron to become magnetic. Magnetism spun in a circle causes electricity (like a dynamo on a child's bike causes the headlight to light up).

Imagine the earth like a bucket with water in it and holes in its side rotating at speed. The water will be forced out the sides. The same with the earth.


Volcanoes usually happen when acid lands meet alkali lands (e.g. the still above sea-level ramparts of the ancient land of Lemuria in the Pacific ocean - an old alkali land - meeting the emerging young acid American Continent = San Andreas Fault).


As the white hot rocks become exceedingly fluid the water pressure from underneath makes its pathway up to the top of the new forming "mountain" and creates another eternal spring flowing down a mountain. Nearly all our permanent rivers are formed this way-Nile-Amazon-Orinoco-Zambesi-Danube etc. There are saltwater streams and fresh water streams under the earth as every water drilling rig will tell you.

The release of the energy of electrolysis in a cell tags nicely onto the proposed explanation of the energy released from the rims of the holes at the poles of the earth instead of from the Solar Stream. There is so much more but that will do for now.




Hyperborea - The Land Beyond the North Wind

December 21, 2010


Hyperborea refers to an area in the distant north, from the Greek words hyper, meaning “beyond,” (as in hyperspace or hyperactive) and borea, referring to the northern wind (as in the aurora borealis).



The land of the Hyperboreans was perfect, with the sun shining twenty-four hours a day and was a fabulous realm of eternal spring.


The inhabitants of Hyperborea were giants with life spans of 1000 years and enjoyed lives of complete happiness without sickness or misery. The ancient Greeks were reputed to have dealings from time to time with the long-lived inhabitants of Hyperborea as recounted by their folklore and mythologies.


We can also presume that the ancient Greeks were heavily influenced by the culture of the Hyperboreans (as well as that of Atlantis) and it is quite possible that much of their inspiration for their enlightened philosophy and architecture originated with the inhabitants of this fantastical realm as is evidenced by their literature and art.

This land 'beyond the North Wind' in its eternal state of spring and the giant stature and longevity of its inhabitants also matches precisely with the experiences of Olaf Jansen when he journeyed to the interior of the earth with his father in the mid-19th century.



Our Hollow, Electric Sun
December 20, 2010


Galileo pioneered the current model of the sun nearly 400 years ago and we are still using it today.






Even with our multi-million dollar eyes and Doppler imaging systems to look beneath the chaotic surface of the photosphere which shows a rigid surface that turns uniformly as would any solid surface, we still maintain that all stars are raging balls of gas.


This begs the question "Why?!"...

In light of the abundant data which indicates the sun is a solid, electrified ball of 'lightning', we can also make the logical connection that the sun is no exception to the hollow sphere model of all other celestial, rotating bodies.


Add it to the list, I suppose, of all the things that we've been wrong about.




Simulate the Size of the North Polar Opening

December 14, 2010


You can download this polar opening topographic program created by Scott Macklin (an associate of Rodney Cluff) to simulate different possible sizes and placements of the hollow Earth's north polar opening.



The program is relatively sophisticated in its simplicity as you can take into account the thickness of the Earth's crust at the location of the opening among a variety of other variables.


In the image displayed above, the crust was assumed to be 600 miles thick and the distance from rim to rim is 650 miles (arrived at using calculations with the polar and equatorial diameters of the earth).


You can compare this with what the opening might look like if the crust were only 400 miles thick at the pole.


This program provides a fantastic visualization tool for those intent on better understanding the nature of our mother Earth, or could be utilized to aid in charting a course if an adventurous individual was intent on actually sailing to the inner earth much like our friend Olaf Jansen.

Download link here.



Auroral Emissions from Inner Earth
December 12, 2010





Wonder at the great beauty of the inner world emissions of planet Earth!




The Chthonian Gods of the Grecian Underworld

December 12, 2010



There are two fundamental points of view concerning the mythologies of ancient civilizations:

  1. The mythologies are pure fabrication on the part of the civilizations to which they are attributed

  2. The mythologies have their root in true events and circumstances and merely accumulated embellishments as they were handed down over the ages.

If you happen to be an individual that subscribes to the interpretation of mythologies as being rooted in historical fact, then you will find a significant amount of interesting detail by studying the ancient Greek gods of the underworld as they relate to the realm of the hollow earth.



Agharta & Shamballah

December 12, 2010



"Concerning Agharta, Professor Henrique J. de Souza, President of the Brazilian Theosophical Society and a leading authority on the Subterranean World, in his magazine, published an article he wrote, 'Does Shangri-la Exist?' from which we quote:

'Among all races of mankind, back to the dawn of time, there existed a tradition concerning the existence of a Sacred Land or Terrestrial Paradise, where the highest ideals of humanity were living realities.


This concept is found in the most ancient writings and traditions of the peoples of Europe, Asia Minor, China, India, Egypt and the Americas. This Sacred Land, it is said, can be known only to persons who are worthy, pure and innocent, for which reason it constitutes the central theme of the dreams of childhood.

'The road that leads to this Blessed Land, this Invisible World, this Esoteric and Occult Domain, constitutes the central quest and master key of all mystery teachings and systems of initiation in the past, present and future. This magic key is the 'Open Sesame' that unlocks the door to a new and marvelous world.


The old Rosicrucians designated it by the French word VITRIOL, which is a combination of the first letters of the sentence:

'VISTA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INYENES OMNIA LAPIDEM,' indicate that 'in the interior of the earth is hidden the true MYSTERY'.


The path that leads to this Hidden World is the Way of Initiation.

'In ancient Greece, in the Mysteries of Delphos and Eleusis, this Heavenly Land was referred to as Mount Olympus and the Elysian Fields. Also in the earliest Vedic times, it was called by various names, such as Ratnasanu (peak of the precious stone), Hermadri (mountain of gold) and Mount Meru (home of the gods and Olympus of the Hindus).


Symbolically, the peak of this sacred mountain is in the sky, its middle portion on the earth and its base in the Subterranean World.

'The Scandinavian Eddas also mention this celestial city, which was in the subterranean land of Asar of the peoples of Mesopotamia. It was the Land of Amenti of the Sacred Book of the Dead of the ancient Egyptians. It was the city of Seven Petals of Vishnu, and the City of the Seven Kings of Edom or Eden of Judaic tradition. In other words, it was the Terrestrial Paradise.

'In all Asia Minor, not only in the past but also today, there exists a belief in the existence of a City of Mystery full of marvels, which is known as SHAMBALLAH (Shamb-Allah), where is the Temple of the Gods. It is also the Erdamf of the Tibetans and Mongols.

'The Persians call it Alberdi or Aryana, land of their ancestors. The Hebrews called it Canaan and the Mexicans Tula or Tolan, while the Aztecs called it Maya-Pan.


The Spanish Conquerors who came to America believed in the existence of such a city and organized many expeditions to find it, calling it E1 Dorado, or City of Gold. They probably learned about it from the aborigines who called it by the name of Manoa or City Whose King Wears Clothing of Gold.

'By the Celts, this holy land was known as 'Land of the Mysteries' - Duat or Dananda. A Chinese tradition speaks of Land of Chivin or the City of a Dozen Serpents. It is the Subterranean World, which lies at the roots of heaven. It is the Land of Calcas, Calcis or Kalki, the famous Colchida for which the Argonauts sought when they set out in search of the Golden Fleece.

'In the Middle Ages, it was referred to as the Isle of Avalon, where the Knights of the Round Table, under the leadership of King Arthur and under the guidance of the Magician Merlin, went in search of the Holy Grail, symbol of obedience, justice and immortality.


When King Arthur was seriously wounded in a battle, he requested his companion Belvedere to depart on a boat to the confines of the earth, with the following words:

'Farewell, my friend and companion Belvedere, and to the land where it never rains, where there is no sickness and where nobody dies.'

This is the Land of Immortality or Agharta, the Subterranean World.'

"This land is the Walhalla of the Germans, the Monte Salvat of the Knights of the Holy Grail, the Utopia of Thomas More, the City of the Sun of Campanella, the Shangri-la of Tibet and the Agharta of the Buddhist world."



Hollow Earth 3D
December 11, 2010

This video by nieslighting provides a very complete overview of many of the ideas posited by the hollow earth theory. Though there are a few nuances which might be debated, this video provides a fantastic visualization and overview of the hollow earth.








Venus' South Pole Revisited

October 02, 2010


The south pole of Venus was long thought to be a double vortex, but when the European Space Agency's (ESA) robotic Venus Express spacecraft took pictures of the mysterious polar region, they observed something more akin to that of Saturn's south polar cyclone.


The swirling storm over the south pole of Venus (below video) betrays the existence of a geographical feature or polar depression and very probably an entrance to the inner world of our mysterious twin.






When the Japanese Akatsuki (an unmanned spacecraft to explore Venus) reaches its destination in December of 2010, we will have even more evidence to add to the mountain of facts already amassed in favor of the hollow planets and will aid in dispelling even more of the myths, rumors and misinformation deliberately disseminated by our own space agencies and governments to conceal the truth about the inhabited inner regions of all the planets in our solar system.


It is the last and greatest of the frontiers with implications that those in positions of power would be loathe to have the masses uncover.



Black hole or North Polar Opening?
September 09, 2010

Kevmc34 is the talented animator who created this rendering of a black hole forming on the earth (possibly due to the Large Hadron Collider by CERN) and is being filmed from behind a window in the space shuttle as it consumes what little is left of the earth.


You can't help but consider, however, how closely this comes to intimating what the north polar opening looks like when filmed from space...


One can almost imagine the golden, fire like rays of the inner sun streaming through the opening and the inner ion particles turning into silver streamers which then become the aurora on the outer surface.






It is a compelling image indeed, one that fires the imagination.




Freemasonry & the Point within a Circle

August 28, 2010


In freemasonry symbolism has a rich heritage.


As with any secret fraternity or occult brotherhood, symbolism is heavily allegorical with various and layered interpretations. The central freemasonic symbol of the point-within-a-circle is no exception.


While some may see a constructive and benign interpretation of the symbol, others perceive a more 'sinister' one. Take for instance the Freemasonic Washington Monument.


The memorial obelisk is seen as the phallus of Osiris or the male regenerative principle (lingam) surrounded with the circle of flags, or the feminine womb (yoni). This symbolism is repeated yet again in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican.



While this is certainly an accurate representation of the symbolism employed by the point-within-a-circle, I would like to offer another interpretation.

William Morgan is infamous for his exposition of freemasonry in his work 'Freemasonry Exposed and Explained'. After the publishing of his provocative work, a maelstrom ensued which ultimately resulted in Morgan's abduction and disappearance.


A body was found which was claimed to be Morgan's, but his story closely parallels that of the main character in the work 'Etidorhpa'.


In Etidorhpa, a character similar to that of William Morgan conceives of a publication to expose the fraternal workings of a secret order but is then kidnapped and banished to a subterranean realm, the existence of which is a closely guarded secret of this secret society. Etidorhpa chronicles the character's abduction and subsequent journey through the crust of the earth to its hollow interior.

I propose that the realm of the hollow earth is one of the central mysteries concealed by the occult secret societies and is represented by the pictogram of the point-within-a-circle or the ancient sun symbol (the central point represents the inner sun within the surrounding crust of the earth).


In this way, the occult orders behind the power plays of world history veil the true meaning of science and reality beneath cryptic interpretations of symbols that 'hide in plain sight'.




Edmond Halley & the Hollow Earth

August 28, 2010


The famed British royal astronomer Edmond Halley (1656-1742) was the first to chart the constellations of the entire southern hemisphere and is credited with the discovery of the celebrated Halley's Comet.


In 1692, due to work that Isaac Newton had accomplished regarding the relative masses and gravitational interactions of the Earth with the Moon, Halley announced that the earth is likely a concentric shell of hollow spheres with a molten, luminous core that sheds light upon the inner hollow spheres.


He further postulated that there was indeed an atmosphere within these concentric layers that sustains life and the emanations at the poles known as the Aurora Borealis and Australis were energetic emulsions from the inner, layered spheres. Halley used his theory to explain the existence of more than one magnetic pole. Indeed, his theory was far ahead of its time and far more accurate than is accounted for by the modern scientific establishment.

Others assert that scientists and mathematicians followed on the coattails of Halley's idea of a hollow earth such as Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler and Scottish mathematician John Leslie.


Though some of these assertions are hotly disputed, it can be sure that Halley's hard won scientific accomplishments throw a considerable weight behind his work, and his theory of the hollow earth is not to be lightly regarded.



Lost Colonies of Greenland

August 26, 2010


In 985 A.D the Viking explorer Eric the Red discovered Greenland.


By 1410 A.D. there was anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 Viking colonists on Greenland's shores.


That was the last date, however, that any one of the Viking settlers of Greenland was ever seen again! All of their villages were found abandoned and their disappearance has become one of the largest unsolved mysteries in our recent history, that is, unless you ask the native people of Greenland - the Inuits.

Who better to ask about the nature of the poles, than those who have spent centuries hunting, exploring and living in the regions that were only known about in fables.


According to Eskimo tradition, the White Men swarmed suddenly northwards to a wonderland the natives had long known about - a land of endless summer, rich in vegetation and game.


It is easy to picture a full colony of struggling Viking colonists lured to a land of eternal bliss inside the protective 'womb' of the earth as described in vivid detail by the traditions and folklore of the indigenous natives of the polar regions.

Read more at "
Will the ZR-1 Discover a Polar Paradise?".




Saturn's Inexplicable Aurora

August 22, 2010


Here again we have an apparently 'inexplicable' auroral phenomenon at the poles of Saturn.



Scientists are not surprisingly at a loss to explain how an auroral display could happen at Saturn's poles where the solar winds are relatively weak and incapable of producing such a feat. In the image above and several of the images below, the infrared emissions can be seen to stream from a central point (below images) at Saturn's pole.


To the scientists' chagrin, the polar emissions can be easily explained by the existence of an internal luminary whose rays stream out from Saturn's polar openings to light up the polar extremities.





Saturn's Mysterious Polar Cyclone

August 22, 2010


Once again we have here a classic example of the inadequacy of conventional scientific theory in explaining a naturally occurring phenomenon such as the perpetual cyclone at the southern pole of Saturn.



The polar cyclone is two thirds the size of planet earth and remains permanently fixed at Saturn's south pole throughout the year. The mechanism which keeps this cyclone firmly anchored in one spot has scientists baffled, yet again, and floundering to come up with an explanation.


The cyclone's existence could easily be explained if scientists were to open their minds to the possibility that Saturn (and Jupiter) are not entirely 'gas' giants but consist of a solid crust with openings at each of their poles that lead into the interior of the planets.




Gravity - Modern Enigma or Inconvenient Truth?

August 21, 2010


The linchpin to the molten core model of the earth is the current reigning theory of gravity.


I stress the word 'theory' here because that is all it amounts to, and a poor example of one at that.


Allow me to explain.


According to modern scientific understanding, because of the gravitational pull on all matter which comprises the earth, the deeper one goes into the earth's crust, the greater the pressure due to the cumulative effect of more and more matter above the point of reference (much like deep sea diving).


It is a fair assumption I suppose.


As the pressure grows, so too does the temperature, which increases up to a point that the rocks and other minerals liquefy. As you progress even deeper, the pressures become so intense that the core itself becomes a super-heated, incredibly dense solid mass of metal (cue applause for the marvels of the modern scientific mind!)

Much like a religion gone terribly wrong, on the surface everything seems to work out nicely and everyone gets an 'S' for satisfactorily playing together.


If, however, you dig a bit deeper, you find a debris field of discarded and annoying evidence which stubbornly will not fit into this utopia of modern scientific explanation.


Shall we examine a few?

The Kola borehole

The deepest hole drilled into the crust of the earth is located at the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk Russia and extends down 12,262 meters (7.6 miles).


Earth scientists had a very precise agenda of pressures, temperatures and rock compositions they expected to encounter with each new depth as they drilled. Instead, they found that they were wrong on nearly all accounts as the Kola borehole produced one surprise after another.


It was so astonishing that one scientist commented,

'Every time we drill a hole we find the unexpected. That's exciting, but disturbing.'

And a science reporter remarked:

'Kola revealed how far from truth scientific theory can roam.'


Anomalous acceleration of Pioneer probes 10 & 11

As Pioneer probes 10 & 11 near the outer reaches of opposite ends of our solar system, they are slowing down each at an equal, albeit unexpected rate.


Scientists, upon examination of this startling evidence are forced to throw up their hands and confess ignorance of the underlying mechanism at work (a.k.a. gravity).

Ultra-short-period planets

WASP-18b is a planet roughly 10 times the mass of Jupiter which completes an orbit around its sun in less than one earth day.


Due to the immense gravitational tidal forces exerted on WASP-18b from its close proximity to its sun, its orbit should have degraded until it collided with the star millions of years ago.


This unexpected behavior has astrophysicists and astronomers exclaiming "Perhaps we really are missing some key bit of physics!"

Precession of a pendulum during a solar eclipse

The Allais effect or the precession of the plane of oscillation of a pendulum during a solar eclipse is but one of many anomalous observations and readings made during solar eclipses which seem to somehow alter the otherwise 'normal' gravitational flux experienced by an observer on the surface of earth.


A satisfactory explanation has yet to be offered by the scientific community.

Tamarack mine experiment

In an effort to measure the convergence of the earth's gravitational field, two 4,250 foot steel cables were lowered into a mine shaft, each having a weight on the end. Instead of converging, it was discovered the cables actually diverged from each other.


The results of the experiment translated to the earth having a center of gravity some 4000 miles out in space!


No matter how many times this experiment was repeated, each time taking great care to rule out interference by pesky variables, the results were markedly different from those obtained when applying mainstream models for gravitation.

Einstein's cosmic 'fudge factor', the Lambda Coefficient

Einstein's most accomplished work, his theory of general relativity, was so deficient in describing the effects of gravity by his own admission, that he introduced a 'fudge factor' or lambda coefficient into his equations to cause them to more accurately conform to observable reality.


We still herald general relativity as the opus magnum of science when it comes to our collective ability to define the mechanics of gravity.


Why then did Einstein refer to lambda as the 'biggest blunder' of his life?




Dimensions of Earth's Polar Openings

August 14, 2010


We have all heard that the earth is not exactly a sphere but more of an oblate spheroid due to the flattening of the earth at its north and south extremities.



The flat part of the earth's polar regions is, in actuality, due to the absence of material where the openings exist at the poles.


Many have often conjectured what the actual dimensions of the openings may be. With the known polar diameter of the earth, and its difference from the equatorial diameter, we can calculate (with a few assumptions) the size of the openings.


Allow me to demonstrate:

  1. Equatorial radius of the earth: 3963.34 mi

  2. Polar radius of the earth: 3949.99 mi

  3. Distance from top of polar opening rim to opposite rim: 650 mi distance = 2 * ((equatorial radius)2 - (polar radius)2)0.5

  4. Approximate crust thickness at equator: 800 mi

  5. Approximate crust thickness at pole: 400 to 600 miles (you choose)

  6. Approximate polar opening: 250 miles (for crust thickness at poles of 400 mi) to 50 miles (for crust thickness at poles of 600 mi)* polar opening = 650mi - 2 * (polar crust thickness / 2)

* If the crust thins to a mere 200 miles at the poles, then the opening would be 450 miles for a theoretical range of 50 to 450 miles for the size of the polar opening.

My approximation is that the opening is most likely 150 to 200 miles wide.




North Polar Opening Identified on Video
April 18, 2009


Pay careful attention to the first second or two of this video.






The region immediately above the northern coast of Greenland where there should be only ice, a dark oval (below image) can clearly be made out which is none other than the opening to the hollow Earth.


In addition to showing the opening to the inner Earth, it also shows weather patterns streaming from this dark oval as they come from the interior.




Why Do Governments Lie about the Hollow Earth?

April 16, 2009

In many of the discussions I have with friends and colleagues, the greatest difficulty they have in accepting or believing that the Earth is hollow and inhabited from the interior, is that surely, if it was, we would know about it by now.


The only way it can be explained that the Earth is indeed hollow is if the governments of the world have intentionally deceived the public minds concerning this all-too-important topic.


If it is true that the inner realms of our planet are inhabited by a more advanced race of beings living in a paradisiacal state of existence and are in possession of greater technology than the exterior governments of the world, it can be better understood why our governments would not want us to become aware of it.


If we as a people were to better understand this truth, how much longer would the masses allow the powerful elite to cause us to slave away our existence only to further line their pockets at our expense?


They are afraid that if we were to know the truth, their power structure would become severely destabilized and a mass exodus would potentially occur, the likes of which have never been known.

What ideas do you have concerning why the government would want the public to be unaware of the life changing truths of our hollow planet?



Arctic Pilots Confirm North Polar Entrance

April 16, 2009


Ivars, a friend of Rodney Cluff, interviewed a seasoned pilot who explains that it is indeed impossible to fly over the north pole as there is a huge hole where the north pole should be.






The pilot goes on to explain how a plane flying into or near this massive hole at the north pole will have their instruments "freak" out as they cannot make sense of the fact that north is no longer north and that the aircraft is beginning a descent into the center of the planet.


The pilot also remarks that, if asked, he will deny any comments made with regards to the subject of the hollow earth as he values his career.

This video is yet one more indicator of the massive cover-up campaign the governments and militaries of the world have long been engaged in to keep the masses ignorant and locked into their daily grind which effectively constitutes a prison of the mind.



Discovery Channel Documentary on Inner Earth
April 12, 2009


At last, the Discovery Channel documentary about the hollow earth has yet again resurfaced.






It speaks of the concerted effort on part of governments around the world to conceal the regions beyond the poles and to hide our true origins within the safety and confines of the earth's crust.


It credibly documents the United States federal law which mandates federal permits and/or a federal chaperone whenever exploring any underground region.


The idea of a hollow earth has been on the table for far longer than most "fringe" theories and calls for weighty consideration by any reasonably scientific mind.



NORAD Image Shows Polar Orbiting Satellites Circumventing Inner Earth Opening

March 21, 2009


This rare image from NORAD, aka the "Crystal Palace", shows the path of polar orbiting satellites which is slightly off-center of the true geographic north pole.


The NSA claims the path of the polar orbiting satellites is shifted slightly from a true polar path as the tracking station is located in New Zealand and this offset path facilitates tracking.


The truth of the matter is that the first polar orbiting satellites followed a true polar path but mysteriously dropped out of the sky and were lost when they passed over the true geographic north pole.



This was due to the change in gravitation directly over the north polar depression which leads into the hollow of the interior earth.


They quickly caught on, however, and adjusted the flight paths of the polar orbiting satellites to that which you see here.

Just as the location of the north polar entrance is easily identified by the lack of information in north polar photos where a mysterious and enigmatic "black spot" denotes the apparent "lack" of information available, so to, this image accurately indicates the exact location of the north polar entrance by virtue of the satellite "no-fly-zone".