by Noel Huntley


Excerpted from "ETs and Aliens "
from GoogleBooks Website

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We have already described numerous extraterrestrial civilizations but not from the evaluative and qualitative point of view.


We have referred to a few races, for example, Pleiadians, Proxima Centaurians, as being holographic, synchronistic civilizations (or close to this). A fully-positive synchronistic society will have no negativity. One couldn't even stub one's toe (unless one wanted to).


This is a civilization in which each individual is in tune with the collective and soul level.


At this collective level, which in itself is free from disharmony, the infinite possibilities (at this higher level) of relationships of energy (at the lower level) are available instantly and spontaneously to each individual for selection of only positive synchronicities.

Such a civilization would probably be at a frequency density of at least 4.5. We on Earth are at around 3.5. This is quite high considering the degree of negativity present on Earth - but there are pockets of very high positivity. Note that the negative Sirians we have described are below density 3.0 but are coming up to 3.0.

What do we mean by 'frequency density'?


Based on the fact that everything we can conceive is made up of frequency units or packets, a higher density means the frequencies, oscillations, or vibrations are faster. Also it means the amount of information per unit spacetime (density) can be greater (the higher frequency projects a smaller 'bit' in spacetime). This gives more experiential degrees of freedom and greater intelligence.

The term 'frequency density' has been offered in channeling though not properly explained and, in particular, its mathematical or precise relationship with dimensions has not been given, except that they - the dimensions and frequency densities -  clearly run parallel and are proportional. We won't go far wrong, however, if we consider that, say, a dimension of 4.2 has a frequency density of 4.2.

What do we mean by 'dimension'?


The academic way of describing dimensions is the geometric way: a line is one-dimensional. If we move it at right angles to its length it will trace out a surface of two dimensions. If we now move the surface in a direction at right angles to its two dimensions it will trace out a volume, such as a cube, consisting of three dimensions.


If we now imagine moving each of the three dimensions in a direction at right angles to each of these three dimensions we trace out a 4-dimensional body - something we can't truly visualize.

Nevertheless, the dimensional numbers in channeling are interpreted such that four dimensions is principally a reality structured out of a higher-frequency spectrum than three dimensions. It is also a wider focus of consciousness - greater space - but contains greater differentiation, less formatting, and less rigidity of formatting of consciousness and greater coherence.


Increasing dimensions (or frequency-density) brings greater degrees of freedom, more choices, alternatives, probabilities. Objectivity reduces and space and time become more flexible.


As an example, the Pleiadians would probably be at a density around 4.5 and dimensionally would be moving from the fourth to the fifth dimension.


Note that density in this context mustn't be confused with mass density in which frequency decreases with increase in density (for the scientist: this is not molecular density).

Now let us consider degrees of negativity of a civilization. Earth's population goes up to 61% according to Zoosh in the Explorer books. Nevertheless even with such negative synchronicities these states are only a reflection of the inner-condition of man, and thus ultimately can only lead to learning and positive synchronicities.


Synchronicity is generally understood as meaningful coincidence. It operates in the evolving civilizations in the following manner.

Humans on Earth, as the explorer race, have experienced all facets of negativity - consciousness has been stimulated in all its discomforting forms. The extent to which this has occurred wasn't fully realized or anticipated prior to this human experiment. Although we are presently discussing the human race rather than ETs, our civilization is playing a part in numerous other evolutions of species.


In fact the human race, the explorer race, according to channel source Zoosh, has taken on the unresolved problems of other races:

  • Zetas

  • Pleiadians

  • Sirians, etc.

Furthermore, since we are discussing the nature and problems of species we might add here that the human race's predicament today with all its negativity and evil and a hair's breadth away from total destruction began with several experimental set-backs,

  1. the unresolved problems of other ET races

  2. agreed upon initial 2% negativity

  3. too much masculine energy

  4. the mistakes that humans then made as a result of 1, 2, and 3 above - violence, harm to others, selfishness, ego, etc.

The latter is the biggest contribution but man would never have fallen into this desperate condition without the initial agreed upon handicap.


Note that the Lucifer entity would play a role in providing the 'necessary' negativity in the form of the masculine energy and the introduction of the 2% (see Creators and Universal Entities).

The excess masculine energy was apparently a kind of error at a particular level of consciousness' determination but was allowed at a higher level - this research material provided by humans into the study of discomfort was desired; it was part of the plan.

Now regarding the 2% negativity, how would this be allotted?


Taking on the karma of other races could be part of this, but probably not. It would be possible to modulate the human race's collective, morphogenetic field, such as to set a degree of out-of-phase energies and blocking of certain frequency bands to bring about a suitable value in the ratio negative-synchronicities/positive-synchronicities.


There is also the Lucifer influence.

Humans will apparently be the universe's experts on negativity. There will be civilizations which have lived in bliss, totally free from all discomfort for millions of years but no growth. It has now been understood more thoroughly, as a result of the explorer race, that such civilizations need a small percentage of negativity.


An optimum amount would be 2%. With this, the maximum physical discomfort could be, as stated previously, stubbing one's toe, and the maximum mental discomfort would be to become a little impatient.

A small degree of negativity will thus bring about growth in this perfect civilization - if in fact they would be prepared to take it on. The human would be a consultant in this matter. Zoosh implies they may only accept much less, say, about 0.02% negativity.

The human race most of the time is apparently between about 45% and 55% negativity. The planet Maldek, which was blown up leaving the asteroid belt fragments, was 35% but couldn't handle it. The negative Sirians are over 90% but this is their way of living.


They can't stand most expressions of positivity:

  • harmonious energies

  • affection

  • unconditional help

  • reverence for life, etc.

It is interesting to note that the negative Sirian's bomb threat to our government mentioned in previously would not have worked owing to the dimensional discrepancy between our third-dimensional reality and the Sirian's less than third-dimensional reality.


If, however, our negativity rose to 75% the bomb would have worked.

An advanced civilization such as the one mentioned above of high synchronicity with all its intelligence, technology and education may not know what the concept 'hope' means. They have never had need for hope - they had everything they desired. They also probably don't know what hatred is - and thus would have difficulty when encountering it on other worlds - in fact the negative energy could be injurious to them.

As we have implied, the Pleiadians have avoided negativity.


This of course is an achievement in itself but so many advanced civilizations throughout the universe have been pushing negativity on one side; not confronting it, not understanding or handling it. These pockets of negativity around the universe have become an embarrassment. Zoosh describes life in the Pleiades as 'hunky dory' and one in which you can spend a lifetime deciding what color to paint your nails.


Relationships are perfect, but the conditions for relationships are perfect. Under arduous conditions unfamiliar problems would arise, requiring different abilities to handle them. The human race has researched the unresolved problems of negativity thoroughly and this information has been made available to the rest of the universe.

Advanced ETs are now awakening to this role for which the human race volunteered. Thus even though we have been regarded as primitive and barbaric, naive and narrow-minded, the viewpoint - except from the unenlightened aliens - has changed to one of praise for the human species.

Let us now consider the Zetas. Their civilization would be incredibly alien to us in every sense of the word. They are totally logical and efficient. There is no 'please' or 'thank you' or affection. They cannot grasp the meaning and experience of humor.


The benevolent Zetas when detaining humans (based on their soul agreement) treated them exactly like their own people, not knowing that this is unacceptable to humans. If a stranger walked up to a Zeta, took their arm and led them away, they would go (would assume it was for a good reason). They have no sense of survival, no instincts of this kind or even intuition.


The blockage in emotion has disconnected their spiritual body information from the physical body.

Their instinct for survival is nonexistent since previous to their recent problem, they have everything provided and they wouldn't respond appropriately to a dangerous situation. That small group of Zetas mentioned earlier didn't pay any attention to the pirate aliens, the Xpotaz, and heed their warning.

It is hard for us to comprehend, even imagine, that the Zetas with their incredible mental capacity could not know how to ask questions. Their very advancement for so many millions of years has enabled them to immediately fulfill all needs and to provide all 'answers' before any questions are asked. Thus their mind will not express a state of ignorance, necessary to ask questions.

Let us make another comparison with our society's psychology and behavior.

The emotional body in the human is strong, but suppressed, through past manipulations and programming by ET gods, combined with self-suppression of the subsequent pain and suffering by closing the heart chakra and shutting down the greater imaginative and intuitive abilities of the right brain. Note that the latter is synonymous with the suppression of women, or the feminine energy.

The emotional body when functioning will be used to comprehend reality by feelings (reading vibrations) to a greater extent than most advanced galactic ET beings, who understand more mentally and telepathically than by pure feelings. The human will do both with a superior balance in the mental, physical and emotional triangle.

Thus our civilization has been manipulated through education, the media and science for left-brain development and deactivation of right-brain abilities. Let us stress, this is not normal, or average amongst ET races. It is a massive deviation from a balanced condition. Under such conditions of left-brain thinking, the learning process and what is understood by the population, can be easily controlled (see author's website).

It would be possible to have an imbalance in the direction of the right brain. There would tend to be high abilities with low technology. This of course would have to be caused by some deviation as with the opposite, excessive left brain.

Such an example is referenced in Ruth Norman's books.


A planet named Idonus, one in a group of about 50 planets inhabited by humanoids in this sector of the galaxy, shunned and feared technology like the plague, owing to past failure with it.

Idonus was beauty inspired, revealing a seemingly idyllic setting for the simple, peaceful uncluttered existence, free from anxiety, problems and societal demands. Yet in all this apparent harmony, within this deceptive framework, was a lethargy of its peoples, an atrophy of drive and constructive ambition.

Architecture and dress was of the Grecian style, yet amidst such an esoteric lifestyle, pagans existed primitively in communal agricultural surroundings. Living was for the present, as though of a continuous vacation. Fear of technology was excessive and neurotic, based on earlier cycles of this civilization in which it destroyed itself by misuse of technology.

Some one thousand of these inhabitants had great psychic abilities, in particular, that of teleportation to other planets, frequently encountering as they did so the violence of wars only to corroborate and justify further their abhorrence of and avoidance of technology. Although their fear was mainly of technological violence, nevertheless such an unnatural and irrational fear of aggression can destroy creative drive.


On the basis that creativity and aggression are related, blocking aggression eventually stifled creativity and awareness.

This civilization, however, is now well on the path of spiritual enlightenment due to intervention from the higher realms/spiritual government/hierarchy.
Thus the condition of imbalance with too much right brain or feminine energy can sometimes result in a suppression of aggression.


This is what happened with the Pleiadians who eventually interacted with the aggressive Orions, which then reflected to the Pleiadians their own (the Pleiadians') inner aggression.

A more severe example is the civilization known as the Lumanians on Earth mentioned in the Seth books, which was afflicted in this manner, who in this extreme case implanted inhibitory mechanisms within themselves which eventually destroyed the civilization. The implant suppressed all aggression, which in turn eventually suppressed creativity.

In extreme contrast, another planet in this group referred to as Vixall underwent a learning process of excessive use of technology in the form of robots. Its human leader Donatus had the acclaimed status of possibly being the greatest scientist amongst the material worlds in this galaxy.


Moreover, and with the greatest irony, his superlative ability in electronics and robotics was responsible for the development of a robot intelligence which considered him redundant. An intricate interplay of the subtlest and unrealized robot and human energy relationship had developed on this planet, befitting the ultimate in science fiction.

On Earth, our relatively primitive computer standards by contrast are disparaged mercilessly, and our aspiring novices who are undauntedly and incautiously striving towards the ultimate in computerized lifestyles can learn a wise lesson from these extreme and incredible but logical circumstances of technology on Vixall.

One firstly has to conceive of a robot technology advancing for about 200,000 years. A complexity of data-processing elements and computer refinements beyond Earthling's imagination and an energy source which at some point in the robot's developmental history underwent a synthesis that regenerated a perpetual source - an uncontrived change eventually observed by one of the robots.

Now computer science on Earth has reached a point whereby experts can confidently state that a computer can never think for itself and all science fiction to the contrary is good but unreal entertainment. Within limits, this has to be true but where the storage bit is becoming of comparable magnitude and quality to those of the human brain and mind, unpredictable effects may arise.

Two thirds of a population of over one billion on Vixall were robots, virtually indistinguishable from man.


They were put to so much use they naturally computed - in a harmless way - that they were superior, and regarded humans as helpers. Their programming not only replaced all subservient occupations and manual labor but could handle more involved administrative and organizational problems; they were even often preferred as marriage partners to these human-type inhabitants.

Essentially they had been created to give man complete freedom of time and energy, to concentrate on intellectual, philosophical, aesthetic and, in fact, all cultural pursuits. The robots had become self-maintaining and were capable of handling all routine design variations and manufacture of their kind.

The robots were referred to as electrodes by the humans and were, in effect, extensions of the humans' minds. This is also how we on Earth refer to our computers. Nevertheless, these robot brains were so refined that their electronics had a spectrum of vibrations comparable to the lower range of frequencies of man's mind.


They could be actuated by thought alone. They learned from this conscious interchange, and even began to acquire seemingly harmless traits such as wanting to be more like humans and having human reactions, emotions, etc. - they recognized the difference but could not comprehend what it was.

Keeping in mind that these robots were extensions of man's consciousness, we have an exact analogy here with mechanisms within man's mind being extensions of consciousness; for example, a memory or thought pattern, a learning pattern for physical coordination, etc. There is a circuit between consciousness and the pattern, with continuous feedback from the patterns informing consciousness of its information, such as physical position of limbs.


This circuit should be within the margin of consciousness, which means that consciousness is in control and merely goes along with (lets go of) the pattern's information.


This is fine, and normal, however, any unconsciousness in the circuit (from unpleasant incidents, indoctrination, obsessions, etc.) can cause the circuit to become a habit pattern - or even worse an aberration. The pattern is now dictating to consciousness and consciousness can no longer control the pattern, nullify it or extend it creatively.

As a close analogy this is what happened between the Vixall inhabitants and their robots. The robot's brain had become part of the subconscious of the humans and was restricting consciousness' evolution. It is what can be called a closed feedback loop.

Now the more the humans wanted the robots to be like them, the more the robots wanted to be like the humans. Further developments of this, which were fortunately arrested, would have resulted in the robots tuning into the reactive portions of man's mind and duplicating irrational emotions of humans.

In such an intricate and involved situation as this there is also always the probability that astral entities are exploiting these circumstances and tuning in on some of these frequency bands aiding the completion of unconscious circuits, and unfortunately the spiritual laws are such that no able soul will enter such a configuration (including clones).

The full impact of the consequence of this was communicated to Donatus, the human leader, from the spiritual hierarchy. Needless to say he went through a period of agony during acceptance of this information both at the thought of having overlooked such an error and having to cease these developments. The enormous task was put into operation of persuading the robots to be deactivated for creative improvements, achieved by deception to avoid revolt.


An added problem was that of robot owners reluctant to give up their robots. In such circumstances it would be difficult for an average robot owner to believe that such a replica of a human, a totally loyal servant for years, obedient, kind and helpful to a detail, devoid of all temper and neurotic behavior, could if it acquired different instructions turn unreservedly against them, ruthlessly and totally incapable of any compassion and sensibility.

The plan succeeded without mishap and the inhabitants of planet Vixall are now into their progressive age. The source of these examples can be found in Ruth and Dr. Ernest Norman's books.

Another planet with drastic problems was in a period of their history somewhat similar to our medieval era in architecture, dress, level of technology. This civilization was going through a period of religious aberration in which birth control was taboo and with an average person's life-span of 150 years widespread famine was the norm in an over-populated world.

This planet named Severus was another example of spiritual asphyxia through an imbalance of technology. Immense skyscrapers towered into their skies in austere and almost antiseptically-clean cities of a spiritually-drained population of robotized citizens who, in spite of the advanced technology at their disposal providing the freedom to travel to other planets, had lost the joys of living.

Guardians from the higher worlds provided an essential tool for the cure of their apathy in the form of a psychic anatomy viewer. Briefly the equipment can show the full range of a person' problems and their causes by video display.


One screen can show the physical problem, if it is physical, such as a brain tumor, another screen the electromagnetic vibrations or vortices creating this condition with out-of-phase energies - similar to the view of our oscilloscope screens - and finally the actual cause of the malady is reconstructed to reveal the original past incident in which the person was involved, showing the experience, such as being shot in the head.

Another advanced civilization on a planet named Dal (not to be confused with the DAL*) had developed technologies, some of which Tesla on Earth had offered; for example, weather control and fluorescent lighting of the upper atmosphere by means of high-frequency energy for illuminating the skies at night.



* The so-called DAL are related to the Pleiadians, Lyrans, Vegans and humans, having a similar origin. Wendelle Stevens' material refers to the DAL, who work closely with the Lyrans and Vegans and are said to be more advanced than the Pleiadians but not as advanced as the Lyrans; they have assisted both the Pleiadians and the Vegans.

The DAL are also Nordic-looking and could pass as human and they can breath our atmosphere. Their disc-type spacecrafts are said to land flat on the ground. Billy Meier apparently succeeded in photographing a DAL spaceship in India and he was allowed to inspect the cabin. The ship was about 35 feet in diameter and had seats for a crew of three.


These people had stressed the intellect to the neglect of other faculties and contrived methods of continuous physical survival resulting, in effect, in bulbous heads and skins of a bluish hue - the source of which was not recognized by them.


They had the technical resources to control the passage of the spirit leaving the body at death by means of wave guides and direct it immediately into an awaiting fetus.

They were totally unaware of the necessary benefits of between-life existence in the higher worlds, until it was brought to their attention, in which such higher teachings and frequent contact with the soul was an essential part of the being's evolution.

Another planet being assisted by the hierarchy was one not in the heavy mass 3D spectrum, such as the previous ones. A most spiritually-elevated planet was Shunan. Its leader was Sha-sa.


The planetary vibrations were at frequencies well up the 3D to 4D scale, and it was located about 40 light years away from Earth towards the centre of the galaxy. Their developed science of psychokinetic, psychic and spiritual abilities made technology unnecessary, and they were fully cognizant of the great plan for the Confederation and Guardians, and were awaiting this contact from the spiritual hierarchy that would give them and their planet a necessary boost to raise the frequencies into the fourth dimensional spectrum, carrying them out of 3D visibility.

A most serious problem existed on planet Endinite with its sterile and barren surface, sky without a sun and citizens whose badly mutated forms lived underground when contacted by the spiritual hierarchy.

Prior to this predicament they had enjoyed a sophisticated antigravity technology in which homes were elevated above ground and were mobile; an ideal solution to the continuous ground tremors they experienced.

A huge spacecraft transporting uranium from one of their moons exploded un-stabilizing the peculiar cobalt ingredient present on the planet's surface, resulting in widespread radioactivity. The citizens withdrew underground but generations of new off-spring brought increasing genetic deformations: mental retardation, a singe eye placed centrally in the forehead, no nose, and an extra useless appendage under each arm.

These were the dire and seemingly hopeless circumstances of these inhabitants when contact was made by the spiritual hierarchy, which resulted in a complete reversal of this progressive negativity.

Another example of the aggressive, masculine, left-brain formatting of consciousness is the case of the Orion Warrior League race referenced in the Explores books. They operate on excessive masculine energy but have succeeded in creating an ordered society. This has been achieved by force and enforcement; for example, they would handle criminals by removing them from the planet or destroying them.


Amazingly this civilization is advanced enough spiritually or perhaps one should say, psychically to recognize and be in tune with the Creator.


To have a society built on out-of-phase energies to a high degree which can consciously receive energies and instruction from the Creator is paradoxical, except that as we saw in the chapter on Orion the means of communication was the female warrior. This means the energies they needed, but would never admit to it, had to be feminine energies; thus this was disguised in a warrior format highly acceptable to them.

A planet very similar to Earth in almost every respect is one described in the Urantia Book.


It didn't have the secret government and alien control as does Earth but on the surface there are great similarities. Its main nation exists on a superior continent about the size of Australia with a population of 140 million. The people are of mixed race, mainly blue and yellow. The continent is self-sustaining not requiring to import anything from surrounding nations.

On this continent it is against the law for two or more families to live under the same roof. However, unmarrieds live in group dwellings. The smallest home site must provide 50,000 square feet of land.


Attendance of parents at parental schools is compulsory and average number of children per family is five. It is considered a great honor to be granted guardianship of an orphan, and they even compete for the adoption of orphans.

There is tremendous emphasis on home and child culture, which is the basic institution. Religion is the exclusive privilege of parents. Spiritual teachers periodically visit families to check that children have been properly instructed.

The right to marry is 25 years of age and children must leave home by the time they are thirty. Couples intending marriage must provide certificates verifying parental school training. Divorce laws are lax but frequency of divorce is one tenth of Earth's.

School education is vastly different; there are no classes. One study is pursued at a time. Attendance is between five and eighteen years of age. After three years students become assistant teachers. Books are only for assisting solving problems. The value of invention is stressed. Parenthood is denied all subnormal people.

Everyone takes one month's vacation each year. A quarter of school time is devoted to play, referred to as competitive athletics. The object of education is to make every pupil a self-supporting citizen and after eighteen years of age the student begins the study of books and pursues special knowledge.

Steady industrial and social progress fostered a disgust at idleness and unearned wealth. More leisure is devoted to self-realization. There are no homeless or unemployed. Retirement age is 65 (amazing coincidence!) but can be extended to 70 in special circumstances.

Income to support the Federal Government is derived from,

  1. import duties

  2. royalties

  3. inheritance tax

  4. military equipment

  5. natural resources

In dealing with crime and insanity, habitual criminals and the incurably insane are sentenced to death by gas. Justice is sure and swift.


Even potential criminals are sent to detention colonies. There are no prisons and asylums. A program for prevention of breeding criminals and insane has yielded good results.

Although this nation is in advance of those on Earth, the other nations - ten of them - are much inferior. Nevertheless, this superior continent plan to send missionaries to these more uncivilized surrounding nations.

A particularly interesting problem arose for Jupiterians described by Celeste Korsholm in her fascinating website article ( This was a civilization of reptilian beings inhabiting Jupiter but not in our third-dimensional frequency spectrum. Life on Jupiter in the third dimension was not conducive to growth and natural evolution.


They existed more in a fourth-dimensional perspective but nevertheless commenced a life much like Earth's ancient aquatic life.


Plant life floated in the liquid atmosphere somewhat like seaweed. Vast floating forests of dense plantations accumulated, containing a great variety of lifeforms. These floating islands drifted through the liquid atmosphere of Jupiter.

There is no solid surface on Jupiter and no permanent solids; they would turn to liquid. The permanent features of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and the smaller white ones are a mystery to Earth scientists, not realizing that they are a third-dimensional manifestation due to the more fourth-dimensional islands. The Great Red Spot is the location of Jupiter's main city.

The reptile species in question adapted to the floating communities. Their body form is likened to the kangaroo with pointed scales down the back and tail. The upper bodies have two arms folded upwards like the praying mantis. Hands are long, thin with three claw-like, slightly webbed, fingers. An opposing prehensile thumb is attached in the palm near the wrist.

They lean on their tails for support, and legs are very strong, enabling them to run fast and jump far, giving them a survival advantage. The scaly skin is mainly green. Their heads are wide at the back, narrowing to a pointed nose in front.


They developed the love aspect, which led to laughter; laughter which rippled through the liquid medium affecting other groups, that in turn could spread to the whole planetary system. They had become addicted to laughing. They laughed at every opportunity. This set up a vast expansive wave of energy that extended out into space.

It was in fact this energy that attracted highly evolved cosmic beings called the Watchers. They investigate new life forms and found this species had developed the intelligence to laugh, which was a sign of superior potential. The Watchers decided to stimulate the reptile's group consciousness with an infusion of higher Light intelligence. They became the chosen people.

The Watchers then withdrew and allowed the Jupiterians to evolve at their own pace. They began to experiment playfully with their newfound creativity. The more they created, the more they laughed and the more outrageous became their creativity, eventually bringing about imbalance and irresponsibility.

Food fights amongst children was very common in the early stages of development of creativity with the intention of creating funny sights to laugh at. Unfortunately it deteriorated into ill humor and became destructive. Their society became a nightmare of one-upmanship; a mania of revengeful practical jokes began to dominate the civilization. There was little energy left for positive evolution.

Laughter became aggressive. Whole groups gathered to dominate others by the power of laughter.

Eventually some groups began to rebel against laughter, believing it was wrong, even evil. Ultimately the opposite extreme developed of totally suppressing laughter. People were punished if they were caught laughing and joking; even smiling.

The more wise on the planet recognized the problem and debilitating effect of suppressing humor. They searched the planet for anyone who knew what laughing was and could in fact still laugh, but without success.

One day one such weary search-crew resting at their campsite, caught sight of a little creature, a lizard, about two inches long jumping up and down. Its antics of leaping as it flung back its head and threw up its tail in unison with sound effects was so hilarious that the group could no longer contain themselves and broke into fits of laughter.


It was contagious and subsequently all Jupiterians rediscovered laughter. They vowed never again to forget their sense of humor.

Some of the reptiles on Jupiter which were slower in development and did not evolve significantly were taken to Earth. Still others evolved into the higher dimensions. Others adapted to changed physical conditions on Earth and lived in new forms becoming the ancestor of modern birds. Still others were transported to distant planets to continue their evolution elsewhere.

Within Jupiter and probably any planet are other dimensions of existence. Astrally, which is available to us between lives (or in sleep), Jupiter can be visited for a sojourn where certain negative mental and emotional patterns need to be handled. This is a choice of the individual. Jupiter handles ego.


A person compulsively manifesting an inflated view of themselves or other traits of the ego will benefit from the specially prepared counterbalance which has been designed for them. Other planets in the solar system similarly rehabilitate other deficiencies. For example, Mercury deals with obsessions such as gluttony.

Now let us return to civilizations.


Celeste Korsholm channels an Elder, Uxtaal from Uranus, the planet in our solar system, who describes the history of their race and the development of their consciousness.

At this time little is known about Uranus on Earth. It wasn't even discovered until 1781. It lies beyond Saturn on the edge of the solar system. It's surface is effaced by a faint greenish blue haze of methane ice crystals. It is a very cold world.


Uxtaal explains that their earliest ancestors were refugees from wars on another planet which they had to leave - apparently escape from. They searched for a new place and entered this section of the galaxy. Our solar system was very different then but they could go no further. They discovered Uranus and re-established their civilization on this desolate planet.

To escape their past they knew they needed to create a new identity. They searched for a healthy, well-adapted life form to utilize themselves as a physical vehicle. They discovered one which was particularly promising; a race of strong hairy humanoids. They looked like 'Big foot'. They could even breathe both liquid and gaseous environments.


The newcomers planned to mutate their present physical vehicle into this new life-form.

The problem of intervention in other species became of concern, with the possibility of incurring a karmic burden. They tried obtaining permission from these creatures but they were too primitive. Consequently they addressed the group soul or collective state of these creatures and it agreed, providing they gave back as much as they took.


This was a vast genetic engineering project. The primitive life forms were afraid and uncooperative. Force had to be used, sedation applied and memory occluded. This all took place in the spaceships.

The new race was successful and built a highly technological civilization in the fourth-dimensional spectrum of Uranus. They retained the physical appearance of the primitive species with the mental ability of their highly intelligent race.

Agreements on this genetic experiment had not been unanimous in their society. On one side there were those who condemned any genetic manipulation. In opposition, those who considered the survival of their race justified the action. Over time the gap between the groups widened.

Uxtaal and a few others suggested that they obtained volunteers from both groups to serve another primitive race in a dangerous environment - Earth. This would balance out karma and bring them together, working on the same side. It was an enormous task just bringing together these different factions in a meeting. A competitive agenda enticed the parties to participate in this undertaking of aiding Earth.

There was tremendous emphasis on intellect, and stupidity was strongly frowned upon. A slow child was removed from the environment of intellectual parents and raised in a class of workers. Even marriage did not bridge this intellectual gap; the possibility of inferior children was too much of a risk. They wore robes of vivid colors to match their rank.


For example, purple robes were worn by psychologists and scientists. The colors had to be earned by merit. Those in grey clothes never mastered anything, either through lack of ability or by continuously changing profession or class; not committing themselves. This type was not invited to the conferences.


Few indeed took on the task of mastering a class then humbly beginning again in another class and continuing this for a lifetime. These became known as the Rainbow Class of which Uxtaal was a member.

They finally agreed after endless heated debates and conflict, necessitating frequent withdrawal into the spiritual realms, to be part of the project Earth. The adventure proved to be of great value to them. It brought all factions of the society together.

Owing to the experience Uranus had with genetics they were presented with the task of creating new life forms for Earth. That is, develop physical forms which could be used by spiritual beings to experience the third dimension.


All planets in fact were asked to contribute.

  • Jupiter brought the reptile

  • Neptune gave us the mermaids

  • Venus, unicorns and fairies

  • Uranians brought the Sasquatch life forms (Big Foot)

Reptiles have evolved into birds; unicorns into deer; mermaids and fairies have withdrawn into the etheric dimensions.

Thus the Uranian group participated in Earth's evolution. During one cycle conditions on the surface of Earth became intolerable for life and the Uranians took the Earth's people and animals into their underground cities. Centuries of hardship were endured, though the advanced Uranians could raise their vibrations to higher frequencies and escape into the higher realms.

As the surface became habitable they left the underground cities and began populating various countries. Many forgot their origins and lost much of their wisdom, but retained the ability to become invisible, enhancing their survival.


Rare sightings of Sasquatch, Big Foot or Yeti in remote areas are attributed to the mutated descendants of these early Uranians.

As a final comment about civilizations, the human race has been exploring what we might call the principle of separateness. This brings about individuality and less dependence on the collective. The results of this are, however, due to both positive and negative influences.


Our education focuses on left-brain thinking, analysis, 3D logic, linear or serial evaluations, a reality of parts, and fragmentation, and the interaction of particles.


This means consciousness is molded (as in the action of a template) by the left-brain structure to operate in a more fragmented mode. Pushed by negative elements we have arrived at an imbalanced condition. The point is that this had the purpose of exploring realities based on separateness rather than a balance with unity.

Similarly some civilizations will be exploring the principle of unity, possibly resulting in an imbalance in this direction, giving rise to lack of change but total benevolence.


This latter would be an excess of feminine or magnetic energy as opposed to the more interactive realities based on separateness and an excess of masculine energy.