July 11, 2011

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2011 Earth Transformation Conference

Two new videos reveal the historic and contemporary role of a mysterious class of beings documented throughout human history in helping humanity deal with the dangers posed by incorporating advanced extraterrestrial technologies.


The two videos, recorded at the 4th and 5th Earth Transformation Conferences held on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2010-2011, introduce the idea of celestials as entities that have achieved highly developed states of “cosmic” or “unity consciousness” where they do not need advanced technology for travel through space and time.


This distinguishes celestials from extraterrestrials who are dependent on advanced technology (spacecraft) and that have been thoroughly documented in UFO sightings and reports of extraterrestrial contact.


The two videos have been released for free online viewing to expand awareness of the powerful assistance humanity is receiving as it confronts the challenges posed by extraterrestrial technologies being secretly developed and incorporated on our world.

In the most recent video, recorded on December 31, 2010 during the 5th Annual Earth Transformation Conference, Dr. Michael Salla focuses on contemporary cases of humans interacting with a mysterious group of entities variously described as Archangels, Ascended Masters, or Elohim.


He describes such entities as ‘celestials’ that use advanced states of consciousness to travel through space and time, and assist less evolved civilizations deal with the challenges of incorporating advanced technologies.


Salla claims that celestials are part of a universal evolutionary process that can be explained using a typology of extraterrestrial civilizations developed by astrophysicists such as Professor Michio Kaku.


Salla believes that celestials have achieved states of “cosmic” or “unity consciousness” that qualifies them as Type IV civilizations.



Celestials and Preparing for Extraterrestrial Contact


In the earlier video recorded on January 10, 2010, Michael Salla discusses the historical evidence concerning celestials, and their warnings about the advanced technologies introduced by visiting extraterrestrials.


He analyses a number of religious/historic documents revealing ancient conflicts involving celestials and extraterrestrials over the extent to which humans are ready to integrate advanced technologies. Salla then shifts to the implications of the modern era where advanced technologies are being secretly developed and used in classified projects with minimal government oversight.


He discusses the dangers posed by the unrestricted development of such technologies, and how many civilians are being assisted by celestials in helping warn humanity.

Celestials and Extraterrestrial Contact - History & Implications


Part 1



Part 2


To learn more about the Earth Transformation series of conferences held on the Big Island of Hawaii from 2006 to 2011, please visit EarthTransformation.com.