In September 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were driving back to their home in New Hampshire from a trip to Canada.


During this journey they had an encounter with the unknown. After sighting a flying saucer, they arrived home with two hours of missing time. Barney found scuff marks on the top of his shoes. Betty saw rows of strange, shiny circles on the hood of their car. After months of psychological stress, they finally sought professional help from a distinguished Boston psychiatrist, who conducted many hours of regressive hypnosis on the couple.


The accounts were nearly identical; they both revealed an encounter with small, greyish humanoid beings who questioned them and submitted them to a physical examination. The modern era of the UFO abduction phenomenon had begun.

Today, from all over the world, there are literally thousands of reports of human beings who have not only seen a UFO, but have had actual physical contact with the extraterrestrial inhabitants. Some of that contact has been limited to friendly visits from the “little grey guys” or “the tall ones,” while others have told horrifying tales of abduction, scientific experimentation and sexual invasion.

These accounts are no longer coming from just the fringe elements of society, and the evidence supporting their validity is now conclusive to all but the most stubborn of skeptics. When one conducts thorough research of available material on the subject, it would be nearly impossible to conclude that the phenomenon of visitations and abductions is anything but very real.

This book explores the abduction phenomenon from a unique point of view. We are not following the path of the strict investigator, who deals only with highly empirical data that often limits the discovery of new ideas. Nor are we approaching it from a purely metaphysical point of view. We are attempting to build a bridge between the investigative and intuitive worlds.

UFOs and visitors do not originate in our reality. Therefore, they do not conform to the laws of our reality. To attempt to understand them using only the laws of our reality will always keep us at arms length from any significant answers.

We need a new paradigm with which to understand the visitor phenomenon. We already know that our encounters with them break the rules of third dimensional thought, perception, and reality. We must then look beyond what we know to be true. We must stretch the limits of our imagination in order to break through the walls that divide our reality from theirs. It is only there in that realm that is as yet undefined where we will find our answers.

The authors have chosen, at least for this book, not to address in depth the rumors circulating in some UFO interest groups concerning government treaties with negative aliens, reptilian invasions, and similar stories. This “evil alien” syndrome is a distraction that often masks the significance of humanity’s encounters with the visitors. For that reason we have not included those perspectives in this work.

The material in this book adds new dimensions to previous perceptions of the visitor phenomenon. One single source cannot provide all the answers, but many sources together can tear the wall down and allow us to see the visitors in a new light. It is time for an expanded vision. It is time we begin to understand.
One of the barriers toward complete understanding is often words and labels themselves. There seems to be no consistent agreement upon the use of labels among those in the ufology community. The authors would therefore like to explain the specific labels we have chosen to use in reference to the abduction phenomenon. We encourage the reader not to become attached to labels, as we use them for convenience only.

Ufology has a tendency to use the labels Greys and Zeta Reticuli as well as Intruders and Visitors in reference to the same type of entity.


The labels Intruder and Visitor encompass the subjective idea of the experience, whereas Greys and Zeta Reticuli denote a more objectively descriptive facet of the phenomenon. There is not consistent agreement with the use of these labels among those who involve themselves in this field, so we will explain our definitions.

A general description of the entity encountered in this experience can be as follows (other types have been documented that are not relevant for our discussion):

The being is generally 35’ in height (usually 3.5 to 4 feet), and the skin color is various shades of grey, white, or beige. They are usually hairless and the head size is larger in proportion to the body. A very small nose, or none, is usually reported, although some less frequent accounts mention large noses. Very large eyes (usually black) are reported, with seemingly no visible pupil. Males are mostly indistinguishable from females, with no external genitalia evident.

The label Grey is probably the most widely used and most general term in use today. We do not use this label because of the heavy negative connotations it carries, which we do not wish to promote. We will address the symbolic merits of the label, however. As mentioned, they do appear in various shades of grey. This idea is quite significant when one considers the energetic orientation of the visitors neither black nor white. They are generally emotionless and neutral, exhibiting neither benevolence or malice (though many have projected these qualities onto them).

The term Zeta Reticuli in reference to ETs was established in connection with two separate contact cases that were both extensively investigated. One, mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, is a very famous UFO abduction case that took place in New Hampshire in 1961. Betty and Barney Hill had an encounter with a UFO and small beings with large heads and large, dark eyes. Betty had repeated hypnosis sessions that helped to uncover some of the memories about this experience. During her abduction Betty was shown a star map by the aliens, which she later reproduced under hypnosis.


The map made no sense until several years later when a new star group was discovered. Seen from the southern hemisphere, the star group Reticulum Rhomboidalis (the Rhomboidal Net) fit the description from Betty’s encounter. This star group houses the two stars Zeta Reticuli 1and Zeta Reticuli 2. Since then, many individuals have begun calling those small aliens the Zeta Reticuli, or the Reticulum. More colloquially, they are known as the Zetas.

The second significant account is the William Herrmann case, which began in 1977 and was investigated by Wendelle Stevens. His report was published in 1981. The aliens in this case told the contactee they were from the stars in the Reticulum system. Descriptions of the body types are similar enough to indicate they are of the same (or related) species as those in the Betty and Barney Hill case.

Further exploration of the name Zeta Reticuli yields some interesting results. Reticulum is a Latin word that can be defined as “a network of protoplasmic structures, as cells or tissues.” This definition is a key element toward understanding our relationship with the abduction phenomenon. This is what they are a network of bodies, individual cells of an unseen yet single consciousness. These beings do not experience the universe through individual physiology and psychological personalities like humans do. This idea can help us explain their beehive like or group behavior, which has been observed by so many witnesses.
Zeta, the Greek letter, is where we derive our letter Z the final letter in the English alphabet. Reticulum, as stated, means “network.” Thus the Zeta Reticuli can symbolically mean the “final network.”


The Zeta Reticuli may actually represent the final network in the tapestry of human evolution.

The authors have chosen to use the label Zeta Reticuli to refer to these small extraterrestrials. There is no attachment to the label, and it is used for convenience. The labeling of their origins is of little importance; however, the nature of their consciousness and reality may be of primary importance in the coming decades and centuries.

The term Visitors is used frequently in this text and is also preferred because of its neutral connotations. Visitors can be terrestrial or extraterrestrial; they can also be an internal and/or an external phenomenon. The nature of the label Visitors leaves the future open for new and expanded interpretations.

Although many people have experienced this phenomenon as an intrusion into their lives by an external force, we do not consider the term Intruders to be appropriate for our purposes. We will not, however, attempt to invalidate the Intruder idea, since this phenomenon is highly subjective and must be dealt with primarily on an individual emotional basis if it is to be resolved. We feel the concept of Intruders sets up a paradigm that does not allow for the dynamic development of thought and emotion leading to the acceptance of personal power and responsibility concerning the abduction experience.

Another significant reason for our choice not to use the term Intruders is that it does not contain the idea of “invitation,” which is a key concept in understanding our ideas. We hold the point of view that these abductors are here by our invitation, are visitors, and therefore are our guests. Are we as a species aware of this invitation? Not consciously, apparently. We have segmented our minds into isolated compartments in order to avoid our fears. We often interpret our reality from within houses of trick mirrors in order to avoid who we really are. We frequently refuse to have an honest, direct relationship with our world. Thus they cannot approach us in our world directly. But approach us they will; through the back doors, attics and basements of our minds.

They must come to us through our perception of them.

These visitors must therefore come to us through the unreal, the realms that we have denied in our daily waking lives the archetypal and elemental realms, the dream realm, and the realm of our imagination. These realms are quite real to them. How can we deny them entrance into a place that we do not even consider to be real?

The symbolic greyness of the visitors cannot be judged if it is to be understood. The labels of “black and white,” “good and bad” are the result of judgment. Through their interactions, they are offering us a chance to venture into our own greyness world in which we cannot be comforted by our addiction to judgment.


As shades of grey, they are reflecting to us our own greyness no illusions of black and white, no convenience of right or wrong. This neutral world is filled with demons and fairies, myths, ancient archetypes, modern archetypes, developing archetypes. This is the realm where we are creating our new identity as well as creating the future.

One cannot understand this phenomenon by only looking at those little grey bodies and their crafts. Even analyzing their behavior will not give us a full understanding of what is occurring. We must begin to know the part of ourselves that extended the invitation to them. We must venture into the single unified identity that we are if we are to ever understand why they are here. At least for now, it is our denial that determines how they manifest in our lives.

And if we are confused in our perception of the experience, perhaps it is because we are confused about who we are.

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What you are about to read has many implications.


At the very least, the authors ask that you consider it symbolic. For those of you whose lives have been touched by the abduction phenomenon, perhaps it is much more than symbolic and is very, very real. Whether symbolic or literal, the material presented in this book is aimed at bridging a gap that lies between the scientific and the intuitive.

This book is a combination of narrative, channeled material, and firsthand accounts. Many individuals distrust, dislike, or fear channeled material and may judge it prematurely. The authors ask that you read it not because it is or it isn’t channeled. Read it because the material presents an alternate point of view. Our sources never claim they have the truth. They claim they have information that is meant to be taken as information only data to be added to the collective human understanding.

The material presented in this book is channeled by coauthor Lyssa Royal and is edited only for grammatical and structural reasons. The transcripts are taken from either public or private sessions focusing on the abduction phenomenon. The sources of the channeled material are described below.

Lyssa began channeling in 1985 and was trained formally by a highly respected channel in Los Angeles. Her channeling process has been unique in that she has been committed to pushing her abilities to their limits into realms perhaps as yet unexplored. It is because of her willingness to stretch her ability that some of this information has been obtained. In 1986 she began the deliberate choice of developing her channeling ability in order to access the quality and depth of information that is presented in Royal Priest Research’s first book, The Prism of Lyra, and now in Visitors from Within.

The channeling process is simple. Lyssa puts herself into a meditative state in which her personality disconnects from her normal perception of reality. Another consciousness links energetically and telepathically with her brain and then uses it as a translation device for the concepts discussed. In no way is she “taken over” by another entity. It is entirely a cooperative process between Lyssa and the entity. It can be discontinued at any time by the choice of the channel. When the session is completed, Lyssa retains only a dreamlike memory of what has transpired.

While in trance, the entities through Lyssa are questioned by coauthor Keith Priest and/or various other individuals attending the private or public gathering. The audience questions are in italics and the channeled responses are in normal text.

In no way is it necessary for the reader to believe the entities are who they say they are. It is also unnecessary for the information to be accepted verbatim. Many will agree with the information presented and many will disagree. The presentation of all facets of the subject matter is necessary for a coherent and complete understanding of the whole picture.

There are several entities who are channeled by Lyssa in this book.


We describe them below because they each have different personalities that will be reflected in the way they present their material.

  • Germane considers himself to be a nonphysical group consciousness. He claims that he represents a future integrated version of the galactic family of which we on Earth are a part. He often channels about extraterrestrial history, and he was responsible for a large portion of the information in Royal Priest Research’s first book, The Prism of Lyra. He chose the name Germane because in English it means “coming from the same source.” There is no connection with St. Germain.

    The term “he” is used in reference to Germane for convenience only. Germane is actually a group, and refers to itself as “we.”


  • Sasha claims to be a physical female from the Pleiades. She is about five feet tall with light brown shoulder length hair and large, light brown, almond shaped eyes. She calls herself a cultural engineer and specializes in opening contact with planets who are ready to enter the global community. She has had contact with other extraterrestrial races as well as our own, and provides much information about the relationship between different species and the evolutionary patterns of developing planets.


  • Bashar claims to be a physical male from the Essassani species. The name “Bashar” is a word that has several meanings: “the man” (Arabic), “the messenger” (Armenian), and "commander” (Arabic). He chose that name to reflect several facets of his personality. The Essassani species can also be described as a hybrid species that is a combination of the Earth human and the Zeta Reticuli. Bashar is channeled by only few people on Earth and infrequently speaks through Lyssa.


  • Harone claims to be a representative from the Zeta Reticuli species (the visitors). In his work, he is responsible for coordinating some of the genetic research projects the Zeta Reticuli are conducting. Bringing through channeled material from a Zeta Reticuli entity is quite challenging. The more one delves into the Zeta Reticuli mind, the more it may become odd that Harone, a Zeta, appears to be using quite good English. This is not the case. The Zeta Reticuli do not use English.


    Their natural telepathic patterns are not even similar to ours. Except for the exchange of the most basic ideas, dialogue between Zetas and humans using vocal English can be rather tricky for both the Zeta and the channel. Channeling them may be very disorientating at first; Lyssa often experiences spinning sensations that cause dizziness.


    Harone has spent a considerable amount of time refining his ability to communicate through Lyssa. One-on-one telepathic conversation with the Zeta Reticuli is more common (as seen in documented contact cases), but translating Zeta Reticuli telepathic thought patterns into human patterns and then putting them into English is another matter altogether.

    Harone allegedly employs a type of language translation computer that uses three-dimensional holographic values to assist in the choice of thought patterns most compatible with human thought. They are then translated by Lyssa’s brain into near equivalents in English. Lyssa’s awareness, her ego, is monitored as feedback by Harone and the computer in order to further refine the communication process. The listeners are also monitored for their conceptualization of the translation. Divisions of the human consciousness (such as the subconscious) are also monitored so the impact of the communication can be better understood by the Zeta Reticuli.

    Harone claims he will sometimes have a humanoid present such as a Pleiadian or an Essassani to assist in the translation and understanding of the emotional aspects of human communication. The result of the translation into English is brought about by Lyssa, with a very thorough feedback monitoring system that the entities use in order to maintain the clarity of communication.

We trust you will find a use for some of the information presented in the following pages. May a new and optimistic point of view about the visitors be cultivated so that fear may ultimately be transformed into understanding.

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History of the Zeta Reticuli

“It is their wish to share their knowledge of what occurred in their past so that others will not need to recreate it.”


For a clearer understanding of the Zeta Reticuli, one may study the history of their species. This will answer many questions about the Zeta psyche and belief systems. The Zeta Reticuli identity was created from crisis. This idea may account for their baffling methods of communicating with humans.

Presented in this chapter is a brief history of the Zeta Reticuli, channeled from Germane. Audience questions highlight some of the fascinating historical data that is available as we search deeper into some of the aspects of the visitor phenomenon.



The primary goal of sharing the history of the Zeta Reticuli with you is so it can allow you to see some parallels between their civilization in the past and yours in the present. There is quite a bit of similarity.

Though the evolution of their race does not really occur linearly, we will place this story in a linear format. We begin “back” hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Lyran system. The roots of the humanoid race in your area of the galaxy emerged from the Lyran system. The Zeta Reticuli are no exception.

Let us begin in the Lyran system back when civilization was flourishing and new cultures were exploding throughout the cosmos. The range of cultures these early humanoids created was vast. There was one planet we have called the Apex planet that we will refer to as the ancient origin of the Zeta Reticuli race.

This Apex planet was very similar to Earth. The beings on Apex were a mixture genetically just like you are, because the early Lyran races had already begun to colonize. Apex became a melting pot for the genetics of the Lyran races. Therefore their society manifested a great deal of individuality and unpredictability. These qualities were even more pronounced than upon present-day Earth.

There were those who were pacifists. There were those who were warriors. There were those who were technologically oriented and those who rejected technology in favor of an inner spirituality. Every polarity one could imagine was played out on this Apex planet even more dramatically than it is played out on your Earth plane.

Their culture flourished for many thousands of years. However, beneath the surface of the mass consciousness there was a great deal of disharmony because the spiritual growth of the planet did not parallel the technological growth of its inhabitants. The gap began to widen. On the surface of the planet cataclysm began severe toxicity and severe radiation from atomic blasts even more destructive than on your planet today. There was much pollution. The atmosphere began to deteriorate and plant life was shortly thereafter unable to produce enough oxygen to continue the cycle of carbon dioxide/oxygen which kept the ecosystem balanced.

There were those within the system who were aware of what was happening. They began taking measures to preserve life.

They built underground shelters and prepared themselves for the total destruction of the planet’s surface. They didn’t know whether this was going to occur, but they wanted to be safe. They knew they had a safety margin and that if they were prepared, their race would survive. They began learning to use alternate energy sources that could be used underground without any dependency on sunlight or oxygen from the surface. Thus they created a world that would be totally independent from the surface ecosystem.

Preparation stretched out over many generations. They were farsighted, for they were certain this change needed to occur. They paced themselves and moved slowly. They began to see that they were evolving at such a rapid rate that the Apexian cranial size was quickly increasing. The natural birth process became difficult, for the cranial size was expanding more quickly than the female pelvis could accommodate. Thus there were many deaths during childbirth of both the mother and the child. Since what you call caesarian delivery was not part of their belief system, they were certainly facing a species crisis.

They were faced with a dilemma. Their population was decreasing. It became obvious that they had to prepare for planetary catastrophe as well as the possible death of their own species. They thus began turning to cloning techniques so they would not be dependent on the birth process. Then they could actually reproduce their species in the laboratory without the need for the reproductive act, conception, or natural birth. They assumed this knowledge would take care of them and they would be ready for anything.

The Apexians did attempt to reverse some of the conditions that were occurring on the planet’s surface before they took shelter underground. However, it had progressed too far. Many Apexians were dying from various diseases resulting from radiation or air pollution. They knew this was the time to move beneath the planet’s surface.

Gradually, individuals wrapped up their business on the surface of the planet and began to inhabit the underground cities. This was a great shock to many. Imagine knowing that you could never look at the sky again... that you could never lie under the stars. ..that you would be trapped in a rock environment for the rest of your life. Imagine the fear and sorrow these people were experiencing.

Eventually, they all were moved underground. They had to learn how to adapt. Through their cloning capabilities (which they had been working on for at least 100 of their years), they began to understand how a body could adapt to an environment such as this. They began altering their genetics so that when new babies arrived they could be part of the underground ecosystem.

This entailed restructuring bodies so they could absorb frequencies of light beyond the visible spectrum and then change these frequencies into heat. This required a completely different way of body functioning and a new way of teaching the body to absorb nutrients. The bodies began learning to ingest nutrients from some of the luminiferous rocks underground. They had brought from the surface luminiferous plants as well. They studied these plants (which were chlorophyll based) and allowed themselves to incorporate these qualities into themselves.

All of this occurred over a span of hundreds of years. Many Apexians died. There were successes as well as failures. They eventually got to a point where the population growth leveled out as the death rate decreased. The methods by which they were taking in nutrients and recycling into the ecosystem became symbiotic and balanced. They knew they could survive this way for an indefinite period of time.

While this was occurring under the surface of the planet, profound changes were occurring on the surface. The Apexians did not realize that the planet’s toxicity had set a chain reaction in motion. Severe radiation had begun breaking down the planetary energy field on a subatomic level. This created an electromagnetic warp in the time-space fabric surrounding the Apex planet. While they were underground, Apex actually shifted its position in the time-space continuum because of this dramatic subatomic energy breakdown.

Time and space is very much like swiss cheese. A planet in one location is connected through a series of multidimensional networks or passageways to other areas of your galaxy. When this warp began around their planet, the planet was moved through the fabric of time/space to another time/space continuum which was a significant distance from their point of origin. You have labeled this area the Reticulum star group. The Apex planet was inserted in the Reticulum system around one of the faintest stars in that star group. This occurred simply because the planetary shift followed the fabric of time and space.


The underground Apexians were totally unaware of this as they continued with their lives under the surface. They continued saving their species.

If something such as this occurred on Earth, there would be various factions of people living underground who would have no communication with each other. These factions could develop very different cultures over hundreds of years. This is what occurred on Apex. These different factions represent the different variations that have been viewed in the Zeta Reticuli groups. Some individuals say they are very negative; others say they are very benevolent. But it really isn’t as black and white as that.

Over the hundreds of years that they were underground, they deliberately manipulated their body type to suit their underground environment. They allowed themselves to become shorter in stature than they originally were so they could make better use of the cavern space. It was merely a conservation effort.


Because they were not procreating physically, their reproductive organs atrophied. Their digestive tracts atrophied because they were no longer taking in solid nutrients. They had mutated to allow themselves to take in nutrients through the skin. Their eyes adapted to the environment through the pupil mutating to cover the entire eye. This allowed them to absorb certain frequencies of light beyond the visible spectrum. They had to do this in order to make optimal use of their underground environment. This description of their changes is a general one, since different factions would have made slightly different alterations to their genetic structure.

During this time, they evaluated what they had done to their planet. They concluded that emotions were largely responsible, so they no longer allowed emotion in their lives. They also vowed that they would no longer allow diversity in their culture. Thus they deliberately bred out variations in emotional reactions to differing stimuli. They were adamant that their passions would no longer rule them. They began creating a neurochemical structure in which every external stimulus produced the same reaction in every person. They felt this would allow them to integrate into one people and eliminate the warring and passion that had ruled their culture in the past.

Generally speaking, the separate underground factions followed the same reasoning. Most of them adapted themselves biologically in much the same way. This was a natural progression they were following an equation. But the differences in the factions were more noticeable in their philosophic orientations.

Each faction had differing points of view about their own sense of self. The ones you now call Zeta Reticuli are the more benign and benevolent beings. There are those we can term the “negative Zeta Reticuli” who stemmed from a faction that was interested in gaining power. They carried this desire from their Lyran roots into their mutation. There were other groups whom you have named “the Greys” who were from this Apex world but had slightly different genetic structures. You will find that the extraterrestrials playing a big role in your abduction literature come mostly from this original Apex planet.


This is why there is so much controversy over who is who. Though they have the same lineage, their orientations and motivations are quite varied.
Eventually the Apexians realized that enough time had passed that they could return to the surface of the planet. The atmosphere had not totally regenerated (thus their time on the planet’s surface was limited), but they did allow themselves to emerge. When they did, they had quite a shock. Observing the star field, they knew the planet had shifted its position in the cosmos. The stars were very different.


The astronomers who had been plotting the heavens during the seclusion were astonished. They realized then what they had done. The more benevolent Zeta Reticuli now were firmly committed to becoming one people and finding out what they had lost during the time they were underground. Thus they diligently learned about the folding of time and space. They didn’t even know where they were. They wanted to find out what had happened. They wanted to learn about themselves through other cultures. It was also their desire for no one else to ever do to themselves what they had done. At this time, that was their primary motivation.

The other more negative or self-serving groups also emerged on the surface of the planet and realized what they had done. The negative Zeta Reticuli group allowed themselves with the technology they had in the past to build ships and move to other planets in the Reticulum system where they built their culture. Others of the self-serving orientation allowed themselves to explore the universe, setting up colonies in several systems including Orion (Betelgeuse) and the Sirius trinary system.


Have any of these beings on Apex been reincamationally connected with Earth?

Reincarnationally speaking, a good number of them are upon your planet now. Many of these Apexians who died out were somewhat opposed to the idea of manipulating the Apexian genetic structure. But at the same time, they were adamant about not creating pollution and toxicity and knew the Apex planet had to change. So they have incarnated all through the galactic family especially whenever they saw a planet coming to the brink of the same kind of destruction they had created in their past. It is their wish to share their knowledge of what occurred in their past so that others will not need to recreate it.


So the Zetas are not indigenous to the Reticulum system?

Correct. However, after Apex shifted into the Reticulum system, the Zetas had many thousands of years of evolution. They have been there so long that Apex is only a dim memory to them.


If the Apexians had spacecraft, why didn’t they leave Apex when the catastrophe was occurring?

They could have left had they desired. Understand the nature of their being: They were pioneers; they had the same motivations and passions as the individuals who colonized your America. Even when the pioneers were faced with Indian attacks, they did not want to leave. The Apexians saw this as a great challenge. They felt that by going underground and changing their species, they would heal their past. They felt they would not recreate it again. The majority of them felt that if they left and went somewhere else, they would continue to recreate the pattern. Some of them did leave and went to other planets in the Lyran system, but only a small number. For the most part, the individuals who were committed allowed themselves to stay, feeling that this was an opportunity for them to heal their society.


You were saying that the pupil of the eye mutated to cover the whole eye. Does the pupil also grow larger through expanded consciousness?

In their case, yes. The brain was growing larger and therefore the eye structure as well as their desire for knowledge facilitated the enlargement of the pupil. But they also genetically manipulated it as well. Over a long period of time it would have occurred naturally because the surface area of the eye was not large enough to take in all of the light they needed. Also, the Lyran beings who were their forefathers had larger eyes than the Earth human.


Did the Apex planet move back to its original location once they began healing themselves?

No. The planet still remains in the Reticulum star system. The underground caverns are still home to many of them, though for the most part a good number of them spend time in space on their ships.


Is it possible in our time that our world could create something like this?

Yes, it is. In your current development and use of atomic power, it is not possible, but should you continue using your knowledge of atomics for more destructive means without allowing yourself to evolve from atomics to something else, then you could create that scenario.

Understand that there is a certain evolutionary scale (on average) that a civilization will follow. You are now at the stage of playing with the nuclear or atomic energies. There is a natural evolution from atomics that moves you away from the danger point. You are at the point now of almost deciding to move away from the danger scenario. You are still deciding whether or not you are going to take the natural evolutionary process away from atomics.


Most of the Zeta Reticuli that we interact with today are quasi physical, almost approaching non-physicality. How did they get to that state? Was it simply the great length of time they’ve been focused on developing themselves?

The length of time has something to do with it, yes. But also it was because of their technological advancement, which allowed them to evolve themselves physically. They have allowed themselves to evolve to the point where they are on the brink of becoming nonphysical. However, they do not wish to leave physicality because there is still something they think they need to learn.

Never forget that there are different factions of the Zeta beings. Some of them are very altruistic. There are others who are here purely for their own reasons and those reasons can be either positive or negative or any shade in between. As an overall idea, they want certain things from you they feel they lack. You see, they think they have made some mistakes in what they have eliminated through cloning. They are now trying to watch you and learn how they can successfully integrate these things within themselves.

In a sense we can say that you are their past as well as their future. It is as if at every corner they turn, they face you. You represent their past; you also represent their only hope for a future.

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Zeta Reticuli Revelations

“Your race is allowing itself now to make an evolutionary leap. The Zeta Reticuli are allowing themselves to do the same. Together you will synchronize these leaps into a grand dance.”

Anyone interested in the visitor phenomenon has most likely asked themselves the following questions:

1.-  What type of data are the visitors seeking?
2.-  Did they experience any unexpected revelations?
3.-  What have the visitors learned from their experiments?

Slowly, as we begin to understand their psyche, the answers to these questions begin to be revealed. During a large group session, many concerned people voiced their most profound questions. The answers are sometimes shocking in their honesty. Bashar begins by answering overall questions about the visitors.


Later, Harone addresses the group personally and candidly about the research conducted by his race, the Zeta Reticuli.


The Zeta Reticuli have been continuing their projects with you by your allowance. They have made some discoveries. They are learning, they are growing, and a portion of their consciousness wishes to share their discoveries with you.


How many different types of Zetas are there? I was under the impression there are dozens.

The answer would be like asking, “How many types of Americans are there?” However, you can lump them into perhaps three broad groups. Within these three types there are tremendous variations. They are not a clear-cut species, as Americans are not a clear-cut group. We use that analogy directly.

The three broad categories represent the following ideas:

  1. Straight Zeta. This group will be the Zeta consciousness existing within the outer perimeters of fourth density reality. Therefore their reality is just barely physical mostly plasmic in nature. As they are deliberately keeping their vibration from transitioning into fifth density, they cannot interact directly with you except when you are in altered states of consciousness. They cannot enter your physical reality.

  2. Altered Zeta. These would be a straight Zeta consciousness altered either physically or in their consciousness to allow themselves to be able to interact with you on the physical plane or in a type of quasi-physical reality. This is the broadest category.


  3. Hybrid. A hybrid would be an entity whose primary Zeta Reticuli genetics are combined with genetics from any other humanoid race. This spans many different offshoots and cultures.

The idea that you call the negatively oriented groups are not necessarily placed within these categories we have outlined, though they can be for purposes of illustration. But in a sense, the negative groups have their own categories.


Could you give a briefing for the group here on the Zeta, Harone, who will be speaking, so that when he speaks everyone here will have an idea of whom they are speaking to?

The entity Harone can be considered altered Zeta consciousness. He can enter your nonphysical reality such as the dream state, and can also at times interact with you on the physical level. He is a coordinator (if you wish to call it that) of genetic projects.


I have a follow-up to that. When you say “altered Zeta,” do you mean that he is of a hybrid race, or that he has been altered in his own physical body?

He has been altered in his own physical body type.


What would be the nature of that alteration?

It consists of placing the being within an environment of different vibratory frequency from the one that is his natural state. This will allow him to assimilate the new vibration, which is a down stepping of his vibration, so that he may communicate with you.


Before we speak to Harone, could you address the group briefly and share something about your heritage?

The race I represent, Essassani, has been considered to be a cross between you (human) and Zeta Reticuli. Therefore, in that sense, we consider ourselves to be your children ... birthed from love.


Can you tell us how that cross was achieved?

Understand the idea that though we have our own ancient time line, our own ancient history, the time lines converge at the point at which the Zeta Reticuli concluded their experiments. In a sense, our pasts joined. It is a spiritual evolution, in a sense.


We thus have our own ancient history, but we also represent the joining of two races. We represent the idea of integration for those you consider to be the entire galactic family. However, we are but one manifestation of the Zeta experiments.


Was there any-physical or quasi-physical blending of our DNA with the Zetas’ DNA to create your species?

Yes. In the preliminary stages, yes.


What is the purpose and mission of the Zeta contact?

The main focus of their work is multifold. The idea that we wish to stress the most is that they are teaching you about fear. They are allowing you to move through your deepest fears. This allows you in an archetypal way to bring up those fears for transformational clearing. They, in that sense, represent to you the idea of unity just as you represent to them the idea of individuality. You are, in a sense, two opposite ends of a pole, and you are coming together to form one integrated consciousness. You are learning from each other. You are growing from each other. You are giving each other many gifts. Neither one of you are victims of the other. You are all co creators of the entire experience.

We are speaking of species evolution on a very basic level all the way through to the spiritual level. Your race is allowing itself now to make an evolutionary leap. The Zeta Reticuli are allowing themselves to do the same. Together you will synchronize these leaps into a grand dance. You are, in that sense, mirror images of each other, each choosing to play out the opposite idea. You are discovering your opposites through each other.


Was there a council or governing body who granted permission for the genetic experiments? Or was it a random choice?

Within linear time many of you will understand that there will need to be some type of council in order to “pass a law.”

But in this case, all is understood on deeper levels, on mass conscious levels. When they seek you out they cannot interact with you unless you have already given them permission. If any of you in this room have not given them permission, they cannot find you.

So if there is an interaction occurring in your life and you have not yet allowed yourself to totally embrace the idea that it is something you have chosen that it is something of mutual benefit to both of you then you might explore your own joining with them by your own choice, by your own willingness to be of service. You either play the role of victim or you do not; there is no middle ground.

They can see you only if you have given them permission to interact. Your mass consciousness at this time has given them permission to seek out those with whom they have formed individual agreements. If you are having contact, you must have agreed. This can be a liberating idea if you allow it to be, because once you allow yourself to understand that you have chosen this experience, you thus place yourself on an equal level with them and the nature of your interactions with them will change. You will no longer be a victim. You will be an equal participant. The quality of your interactions with them will change significantly.

This is one of the reasons they are interacting with you in allowing you to understand that you are not a victim but an equal participant. As each and every one of you allow yourself to heal this rift, you will kick it into the mass consciousness with a critical mass effect that will allow the entire mass consciousness to view this idea from a different perspective, a different light. You will also assist the Zeta Reticuli mass consciousness to view it in a different light, and thus evolutionary transformation will occur within both species. It is a partnership, always. It always has been, is now, and always will be.


Do you see that we have the same type of agreement with other species beside the Zetas? A cooperative interaction with others toward our evolution?

Absolutely, yes. Your agreements with the Pleiadian races are other examples of evolutionary agreements. All interactions with extraterrestrial races occur because of agreement so that you can learn from each other. There are no accidents.

I have had a lot of conscious contact the last year or two. I just want to comment that I feel such a sense of brotherhood. It is a feeling of love. I get very emotional because when it happens, it is such a wonderful feeling of coming together.

We thank you for your willingness to allow yourself to move through the fear and to be of service by transmitting the vibration of love rather than the vibration of fear. Your service is felt and appreciated.

At this time we will stop and bring through the energy that is called Harone. He will speak to you about many of the discoveries he has made [through the Zeta experiments]. We thank all of you each and every one of you for the gifts that you have given by your questions.


This is the consciousness Harone.

We will share with you what we consider to be a major discovery we have made. In conversation with several of you through several channels and in interaction with you in dream state levels, we have thus come to the conclusion that we have been searching for emotion within ourselves. For much time we have been searching for emotion. We have bred and cloned emotion out of our species in the belief that it would accelerate our growth and provide us with superior development. We have since understood this was not the case.


You on Earth represent a genetic combination that is the closest to our original species. So the interactions we have with you (especially those you call “abductions”) are, on one level, our way of observing you. This is in order to learn how to become emotional once again.

Let us address the experience some of you have read about or have had of having probes inserted into your craniums. We wish to tell you that the purpose of this is not for controlling you. These probes are organic in nature and will absorb neurochemicals from your brains. When they are extracted we analyze those neurochemicals. Through that analysis we expect to achieve the ability to simulate your neurochemical secretions. Perhaps if we can simulate these neurochemical secretions, we will thus be able to recapture the idea of emotion.

This is not in any way meant to harm you, to hurt you, to frighten you or to control you, this is something we wish to stress. If you can begin to understand why these procedures are undertaken, perhaps you will allow yourself not to be so frightened of them. Perhaps you will allow yourself to transmute your fear into ‘an active and conscious cooperation' with us. This will be of service to us greatly. It will also be of great service to you.

In conversations we have had with other species not of your planet and in our analysis of the data received from you, it has become clear that we have indeed discovered the beginnings of emotional development within ourselves, crude as it may be. We have been misinterpreting some of our motivations to be purely mental. We now understand that some of our motivations are not mental at all, but are driven by emotion. Though we do not understand this emotion in its entirety or even in little pieces, we allow ourselves to recognize it as the beginning of an emergence of an emotional body.

This recognition we have made is the recognition that the idea called “curiosity”is indeed an emotional expression on our part and not a mental one. Our motivation, as we have always said, is one of curiosity. But we have mislabeled it as mentality instead of emotionality.

We do not know if you understand the implications of this. For us, this is a milestone. We can understand that all of the work we have done in observing you and in conversation and interaction with other species is an indication to us that we have been successful. Thus it fires our motivation. It fires our curiosity to continue.

We wish at this time to formally thank you for your participation in this experiment and in the growth of both of our species. I speak as a representative of my people. As I speak to you and thank you as a group in this room, know that this gratitude is emerging into your mass consciousness. I speak this as a representative. I speak this with all motivation. You are thanked by us.


You mentioned that you had misinterpreted curiosity to be from your mentality, rather than being emotionally based. Is that analogous to what happens to some people on this planet who are not in touch with their emotions? Do you learn from our experiences in doing that as well as from your biochemical experiments?

It is easier for us to process the data from our biochemical experiments because that type of empirical knowledge is something we can use directly. The data that we get from observing all of you is somewhat more difficult for us to process, though it is still used.


Is there another area in which we could be of service to you? Is there something else we can do to help another area of your exploration?

One of the focuses for us now in observing you has to do with your own sexuality. We do not know if there is one specific thing that you could assist us with; if we knew it, we would be closer to the answer. This may sound intrusive to many of you, but many of you are aware that some of my species will at times observe you while you are engaging in sexual behavior. This has been a source of shame to some of you. We wish you to know that it is not meant as an insult. Those of you who have these experiences have agreed to participate. We can thus find you because of your agreement. Because of your agreement, we will observe.

As for the amount of interaction we have with you sexually, that will be up to the agreements between you as an individual and us as a group. We are told that your fear is a vital part of your transformation. We would request that should you allow yourself to release the fear, should you allow yourself to transmute the fear, you will thus aid us in discovering more about ourselves. We do not know how this will come about, but we do know that we wish to ask you to work on this fear. You are not victims. You never have been.


I had a visit from some Zetas last week who were probing my stomach. I became very upset because it hurt. What was going on?

What area of your stomach?


Around my belly button.

That is a common place. The clinical term would be an extraction of ovum. We repeat, this is not meant to frighten you. You have agreed to this. You can transmute the fear when you are in the experience by placing a very solid blue light around your body, which will lighten or make your field less dense. This will allow us to work with you easier, which will cause less discomfort to you.


I would like to know if I have had this type of contact. I feel sometimes that the contact goes back a long time. Is this actual, or is it my imagination?

It is actual. Your imagination would not fabricate such an experience. Imagination is not the myth it is believed to be. It is a realm of reality. It is a realm through which you allow communication that you do not allow in many other ways. This is a reality.

What fear is it in us that needs to be released to allow the evolutionary process to continue?

The fear of what you will become if you follow through. The fear of losing yourself. The fear of becoming us. The fear of evolution.

We are told that humans fear the unknown. Yet the unknown is what drives you to face your fears. In this particular case, there is nothing but evolution. Nothing we say can make you understand this. You will need to come to terms with this yourself. It is the unknown that you fear, yet it is the unknown that drives you on.


Also in the experiences there is ecstasy and incredible insight. There is also the horror of the sense of invasion.

Yes. We understand, at least mentally, what you are saying. In our species there is no such thing as the idea of invasion because we see ourselves as all one. We understand that humans have boundaries you keep yourselves separate. We have also been made aware that you have many levels of consciousness. You call some of them “conscious,” “subconscious,” and “unconscious.” From where we communicate to you, we cannot tell the difference between those layers. So if the subconscious is speaking one thing and the conscious another thing, we hear the loudest voice.

Coming to peace with the idea of invasion is knowing that you cannot be invaded; everything you see, everything you experience is part of the same one thing. It is all a reflection of the whole. Nothing is outside of you. It is all a part of you. It is you invading yourself. Coming to terms with this and changing the perception from invasion to communion will be profound indeed. For it is not an invasion of one to another, but a joining, a communing, an integration. We know that together we will make this species leap.. .as we hold hands and take the steps together.

You suggested before that the abductee surround themselves in the blue light to make the experience less painful. Has this been suggested by your people when they are working with humans? [More on this in the chapter entitled “Changing the Abduction Experience”].

Yes, it has. Sometimes the blue light is implemented by the person being visited after the suggestion is given, and they assume that we have done it. But actually they have.


Can you explain why, among the Zetas, you were chosen to be channeled?

As a coordinator of my projects? I am always looking for ways to facilitate the projects in the smoothest way. Through detailed analysis it has come to my understanding that to seek you out in what you call your conscious state (which to you is your more dominant state), we could thus state our intentions and our desires for communication. This would seep into the other layers of your consciousness. So through my research, it seemed logical to communicate with you on the direct level that you value most.

I then spoke to individuals within various organizations such as those you call “the Association” to find out the best way to facilitate this process. It was suggested that there are biological channels who could relay my messages to your conscious minds. Thus the Association sought out channels who have a direct connection to myself or my research group. The humans I speak to you have a connection to my group, either being visited in your dream state or actually being worked with physically. This is why I speak to you and not another.


This is a process that can occur without emotions? You don’t need emotions to channel through? It seems empathy is necessary on both sides.

Emotions are not necessary to channel, though I am working with physical facilitators on my end. The three of us are linked into a computer device that synthesizes our thoughts. They provide a balance for my thoughts so that the biological vehicle [Lyssa, the channel] can receive them. Thus they are translated.


You said you have two facilitators. Who is the other beside Bashar?

Sasha. [a Pleiadian].


Do you then personally understand the different layers of our consciousness?

I do not understand the intricacies, but I now understand that they exist.


Are our different layers of consciousness a valuable tool for your growth?

We do not know enough about them at this point to be able to understand their value. From our point of view, they seem more a disservice to you than a service, so we have not examined it in its totality. However, it must serve you, otherwise you would not perpetuate it.


As I speak to you, do you understand me on a fuller level than just my conscious thoughts?

Yes. However, part of the reason I have chosen this type of communication is so I may communicate directly with your conscious minds. Right now, in this communication your conscious minds speak loudest. The other portions are very dim for this communication. If I need to access other portions of you in order to bring through an answer to one of your comments, my facilitators will assist me with it.


It is our understanding that you do not understand emotions from an experiential standpoint. What is it like for you to be discussing our emotions with us when you do not have an experiential understanding of it?

I obtain much of my data through interfacing with my facilitators. The conversation that is shared with you is recorded and I use it for later research. You are communicating with the Zeta consciousness called Harone. But it is tainted with communication or flavoring from the entities Sasha and Bashar.


But the subjects we are discussing about emotion, aren't they an enigma to you?

Some are, some are not. Some are not necessary to experience in order to understand.


When you did away with emotions, was love part of that? Love is so intimately related with God. Where did God fit in?

The past of my race was very similar to yours, but much more extreme. We had severe toxicity, radiation, and societal dysfunction even more than you have. The imminent collapse of our planetary society allowed us to began developing a way that we could survive. We built underground facilities to house our physical bodies and began seeing emotion as the root of our problems. (We are not necessarily saying this is the right thing, but this is what we did.)

Through various things that happened, we were unable to bear children and had to survive through the means of cloning. Because we were becoming adept at cloning, we thus developed a means to clone out neurochemical responses in the brain to various stimuli. Instead of your many neurochemicals, we created one neurochemical that would output to any given stimuli. This created non-variance in our responses. This ultimately allowed us to develop away from an understanding of ourselves as emotional humanoids and focused us in our mental bodies.

The concept of love, we perceive, is present with us. But it is expressed in a different way than you express it. We understand that we are a whole. We are a joined unit. This unit loves itself unconditionally. We can love every portion of the unit.

I am being told by my facilitators that what we experience is not necessarily love as we think it is. It is more akin to acceptance. I do not know if this is accurate, but this is what I am told. I am also told that we are beginning to have a relationship with the idea of love as we communicate with you. This is another idea for study, for it is not something I am aware of.


What about God? Was God eradicated along with emotions?

God was focused in a different way. We became an aspect or an integrated version of God. But God became, in a sense, less expansive.


It was with great surprise about a month ago that I suddenly realized I had participated in some of your genetic projects. I actually perceived I had produced a fetus that was taken by you. Could you discuss this process?

We will discuss the process of the creation of fetuses, though it is our understanding at this point that we shall not validate the truth on an individual level. This is because the discovery of the truth of this for each and every one of you (if applicable) is important for your growth.

For those females who have made agreements in this process, there are several things that may occur. You may simply provide genetic material such as ova to us for further research. Some of the ova are joined with sperm. Some are used for other cloning processes. Sometimes just skin scraping can provide the DNA structure that we are looking for. Other females are impregnated with a sperm sample that has been altered by us to carry some of our genetics. The resulting embryo is allowed to incubate no more than four months at the maximum and then is removed without any trauma to the physical body.

This is not a very widespread situation. More often than not you will be given detailed communication through the subconscious that this is taking place so that you will not question or become traumatized when the fetus is removed. We are being reminded once again by our facilitators to stress to you that this is a co-created choice, and that this is not a usage of you as a laboratory animal. It is an agreement on the part of both of us that you will assist us in creating a joyous blending of our two species for the purpose of our own evolutionary leaps together.

Sometimes after these children are gestated (approximately 10-12 of your developmental months), you will be allowed to be brought to the incubation chamber and interact with these children for the purpose of giving them the love they need, which we are so far incapable of giving them. This is also for the purpose of our monitoring and researching your maternal responses. Though we cannot understand it, we know the definition of poignancy. All the demonstrations of emotion and affection are quite poignant between mother and child. It is understood to be a very joyous and profound experience. You are assisting in the birth of another race.


When this suddenly dawned on me, I felt good about it. It is not that there was any fear or regret.

Thank you. There are others on your planet who may not feel that way. If you encounter them, we would encourage you to share your feelings.


If a woman is without a partner, is there a situation where a fetus could be created?

It can come from a human donor. We call them donors, but those of you who are in fear may say it is “taken.” We have vast sperm banks. Some of the sperm may be taken from those banks.

Even if you have a partner in your life, the child may not be of his donated sperm. It may or it may not be.

I remember seeing a six year old child on a ship. She was with two people. She had scars on her face. I bent down to acknowledge her. It was very important for me to love this child. They said she had been sick. I said I didn‘t care, that I wanted to kiss her. I kissed all of the scars on her face, I felt a lot of love for her. Was she mine?

Your emotions will answer the question for you. Trust those emotions.


What happens to these hybrid children as they grow up? On Earth, children who are not given love experience some very traumatic emotional difficulties. In an environment where your species is unable to give children love, what happens to them?

We have surrogate caretakers who are taken daily to the children in order to give them love. Understand that the population of your planet is great. There is no shortage of loving females. Even some males provide love for these children.

Are these surrogates humans who are taken in the physical state?

Yes. You asked what happens to the children. Many of them do not reach maturity, which is why we are working so diligently to find the strain we will concentrate on. Many of these do not continue, and we are told to tell you that they live full lives while they exist. There is no regret, no sadness. They enjoy their time when they interact with you and receive your love and give you love in return.


So you are saying they die before reaching adulthood?

Yes. There are several who are surviving but retain a weak state; those are kept in specially created environments on a ship. The desire for the future is to create a planetary environment in which they can populate. We are not at that stage yet.

With our DNA as part of their genetics, they must be able to feel emotions to some degree. Therefore, are they happy in the environment you provide?

They radiate a calm, peaceful and strong spirituality that we would consider to be happy or content.


When you say that you consider them to be happy, you are evaluating that from a standpoint of no experience. Would someone such as Bashar evaluate their emotional state as happy?

Yes. We have other species who work with us frequently, such as Pleiadians. They evaluate it in the same way.


Do these children get the opportunity to bond with individuals?

Not one-on-one. That is not our way.


Is that not useful?

It is our understanding whether we are in error or not that your one-on-one bonding with parental units are sometimes (more often than not) dysfunctional.


It is my understanding that the Zetas have been collecting a lot of data on codependency and addictions. Are you familiar with this?

I am familiar with some of the units that are providing information. I do not have it all in depth.


Well, why all the curiosity in that area?

Our society was once severely dysfunctional and addictive. If we can understand dysfunction, we can understand how not to recreate it once we reestablish emotional connections. We seek to understand our past in order to move into the future.

Do you have any idea what the percentages are now on our planet of people who suffer from dysfunction?

It is very high. It is within the ninetieth percentile.


Are you saying that bonding in and of itself is a negative expression?

Not all bonding. It depends on the nature of the bonding.


It was the positive kind of bonding I was referring to that would be useful to the child in your environment.

My consciousness does not understand the idea of bonding one on one because to us, we are all one.


I am suggesting it is possible because of our emotional nature that without that kind of bonding, we would not have the will to survive to adulthood. That could be a possible reason why the children you have there do not grow to adulthood.

You have an idea on your planet called “kibbutz.” This is not necessarily a one-on-one bonding, and yet the children are loved. We are certain that this is not a major role in their ceasing to function.


A lot of us experience our interactions with you as being quite frequent, and then all of a sudden there is no contact. Are the interactions realty cyclical like that? What kinds of variables would account for this?

From our point of view, we never cease communication. Your perceived gaps in time are merely your way of orchestrating the timing. Do you understand what we mean?


So our own growth and development would then determine when we would have that experience?

Exactly. You perceive gaps between the experiences you are having on your quasi-physical or dream state level. To us, it is a constant interaction.

I have a line of questioning I would like to pursue. It has to do with the quality of the detainments [abductions] of children in the 1950s and 1960s. What effect has this had on them today? Is there a response on the part of the Zeta Reticuli in changing the quality or flavor of the detainments with the children of today?

We have not done anything differently in the quality of our detainments. The difference is in the state of the mass consciousness. In the 1950s of your time you were still allowing yourselves to feel vulnerable. You were still allowing yourselves the possibility of being victims more thoroughly than you are now. The children who were allowing themselves to be temporarily detained then were incarnate in order to play out that idea voluntarily. Through the decades, you are allowing yourself to come to terms with your own feelings of victimization and disempowerment. You are, as you move through the decades, allowing yourself a major transformational shift. What would you like further?

What we have noted in our observations is that there was a lot of psychological damage done to people being abducted primarily due to the misunderstanding of the nature of the event. I can assume by your answer that the same damage is not being done today as it was then?

Children who are detained today really fall in line with the idea of conscious volunteering. There is less detainment today and much more volunteering. That reflects a species shift.


We will simply say again, thank you for allowing all of us to hold hands together and to make the quantum leap.


Our gratitude is extended to you.


“...from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”
Charles Darwin

in the Origin of Species

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Sexuality and Zeta Reticuli

“Sex was one of the symptoms expressing our dysfunction, and so we denied it along with the rampant emotionality that ran through our culture.”


In an attempt to understand the Zeta Reticuli psyche, one can examine their views on sex and sexuality. There is a high degree of clinical curiosity. It also seems there is an intense desire for experiential understanding that has so far eluded them.

The Zeta Reticuli have not yet understood the link between emotion and sexuality. Try as they might, they continue to examine the chemical nature of sexuality while struggling to understand how human emotions can be expressed through this chemistry. This desire for absolute understanding on their part drives them toward seeking an integration between biochemistry and emotion.

What follows is a conversation with Harone. Harone is a project leader for some of the genetic experiments. He has spent considerable time among humanoid beings from other races and uses his insights in an attempt to communicate to humans about the Zeta Reticuli purpose and intention.



We spoke earlier about the history of the Apexian system. A clear understanding of this history will allow you to understand how we evolved the way we did and why we know there are certain things that we need to reintegrate into our beings. Let us discuss our physiology and sexuality.

In our past, we vowed never again to allow passion in our lives in any area. So we began cloning out of our bodies all physiological reactions that could lead to an emotional response. We actually took out the physical, neurochemical reactions that produced emotions. We wanted to react in a completely balanced way to any kind of stimulus that we encountered. There was no longer any emotion or varied response.

We discovered that we had made a mistake. The cloning process we had developed to solve our original planetary problems resulted in weak cellular structures with no variance and no adaptability. We knew we needed to return to a process of biological procreation, which also meant a return to emotional responses. But our physical bodies were now totally incapable of either. We had no sexual organs. We had no physical differences between the sexes. If you were to look at our males and females standing next to each other, you would see no difference.


So when you are choosing a Zeta body for your life, it makes absolutely no difference whether it contains an XX (female) chromosome pair or an XY (male)?

Correct. There is no physical difference. There is no psychic difference either no polarization of energies. This was because of our decision to remove all emotional reaction and to become one totally fused mind.

We decided that our individuality was not healthy. It was an individuality with a denial of the Whole. We then sought to become the Whole, and thus we denied the individuality.

Now we see that we have polarized even further, and we wish to bring it to center by incorporating individuality within our wholeness.


Are you in the process of trying to integrate this individuality by attempting to reincorporate sexuality?

Yes. We recognize it is a vital function for physical, biological beings. We feel that sexual behavior can help us experience emotion. We have seen civilizations on other worlds who are very integrated emotionally and still have sexual relations and procreate as a species. These qualities are desirable to us, and would serve our race well if we could incorporate them.


Do you express any physical affection for one another at the present time?

No. There is no reason to, or there hasn’t been in the past. We believe we understand what you are asking. There is really no one-on-one interaction between us, but there is interaction as a group. What remains of any type of ceremonial behavior we might have is a merging with whoever is physically present at the time. We form a circle, hold hands, and merge with The One. When we commune in this way, we lose the focus of our day-to-day tasks and gain the focus of the Whole. So you could say it is a sensation of expanding and merging. We would assume it is the closest thing we have to sexual interaction or affection.


Do you feel any love for the others during these times?

I do not really understand what “love” is, but I do believe the correct response would be no. We resonate with an idea, not another individual.

Those on your planet place such an importance on the sexual act an importance that goes beyond the need for procreation that it makes us very curious. We see it is connected to emotions, but we are at a loss to understand it.

So what happened at the beginning when your race first denied its sexuality?

The energy was channeled into other areas, especially into our mentality. Not until generations upon generations later did we understand that this increased focus into our mental processes was narrowing our view of reality. We realized we could no longer see new ideas.

Whatever passion you had was removed from all physical and emotional aspects of your life and directed solely into your mental abilities?

Yes, so we could solve what we thought were our environmental and genetic problems. We assumed that we had become imbalanced because we had allowed our emotions and our passions to supersede our mentality.


Was there any thought that the denial of sex would lead to a higher spirituality?

We didn’t look that far ahead. Primarily we saw that sex was one of the symptoms expressing our dysfunction, and so we denied it along with the rampant emotionality that ran through our culture. It was not until after the denial occurred that we began exploring spiritual connections with sexuality.


Who decided when a new body would be cloned, when life could begin for a new Zeta?

It was simply decided by the need within society for another participant. The authority does not come from one position or individual. It is a realization overall throughout the group mind that more are needed.


Now you are attempting to regain emotional response by cloning it back into your bodies?

Perhaps splicing it back in would be more correct.

Are you at the point yet where you are beginning to feel twinges of physical and emotional response?

We may be at the brink of beginning to feel, but right now even jumping into a fire would simply be a curiosity. We would feel no pain. The way we gauge our “feeling”is by how intrigued we are with an idea. If there is curiosity and a single mindedness toward the discovery of an idea, then we know perhaps that road leads to the discovery of emotion.


When you realized this curiosity about sex, what did you do about it?

We knew we needed a gene pool that would allow us to reintegrate our emotions. We needed an existing genetic structure from which we could take the DNA and splice it back into our own, to reestablish the chemical reactions for us to feel emotions again.


Did you find one? If so, where?

Yes. Your Earth. Your planet has all the primary genetics from our previous history, and it’s all in one place. It’s perfect.

Please understand that we are not doing anything against anyone’s will or wishes. You have invited us, whether you know it consciously or not. We have always assumed your subconscious was the voice of your conscious. Now that we have been communicating with you for awhile, we have learned that you do not always know what your subconscious says.

We have looked to humans whose subconscious minds have invited us in, and we did not realize that these invitations were sometimes not recognized by the conscious mind. We have also understood that the part of a being that makes it sentient you call it a “soul”can give permission for certain events to occur, There is no such thing as someone being preyed upon or being a victim. You will always draw to you what you want or need to experience, because you are as curious as we are.

With this in mind, then, we have approached your planet and sought out individuals who have given their permission whether on the conscious level or the soul level to become participants in our experiments.


You have never performed an experiment without the agreement of the human being involved?

Correct. We cannot perceive those who do not completely agree. We literally cannot even find them physically because of the differences in our vibrations.

We have been watching you throughout most of your recorded history, because we understand that the development of your culture could possibly parallel ours in the past. However, our curiosity reached full force in your 1940s.

In the 1940s we saw that your civilization had gotten to the point of possessing the ability of total destruction, much like ours had earlier. We understood and recognized that you were at a threshold. You could go either way. You could annihilate yourselves or you could reach the unlimited potentials of consciousness. We saw that we could be of service to each other.

We started by gaining permission to view humans in sexual acts. This provided a storehouse of data that we do not yet know how to process. We have very basic conclusions that are not representative of all the data. No conclusions we reach are ever true across the board.

The next step was to obtain the assistance of humanoid races not of your Earth to engage in sexual encounters with humans. We viewed these experiences to see if an interaction with another species would change your sexual behavior. We are not yet able to interpret the data. You encounter an emotion at times that is like a wall to us. You call it fear. We cannot read beyond this fear, and so this has considerably slowed our data collection.


Harone, this is going to ruffle some feathers on Earth.

Please remember, this is only done with your agreement.


And we have also agreed not to remember these incidents?

Correct. There are some who do remember, but apparently they experience the emotions you call guilt or embarrassment.


That may be understandable. When does this kind of thing occur?

First of all, we will interact with you at night simply because our eyes cannot adapt to your sunlight; they are too sensitive. So let us say that you are sleeping in your bed. You suddenly become aware that there is a being standing next to you. A great many of you approach this idea with fear. We have no intention of frightening you! Think of it this way: If you were to meet a strange culture on your planet, perhaps you would unknowingly frighten them!


What was the next step in your experimentation?

It was for a Zeta to have a sexual interaction directly with an Earth human.

Allow me to explain that there are at this time three forms of Zeta consciousness interacting with your planet. First is the straight Zeta, which is a very high vibrational energy that cannot interact with you physically. These Zetas can appear to you only in quasi-physical states such as the dream state and other altered states of consciousness.

Category number two is altered Zeta, and this is the broadest category of Zeta Reticuli. The reason for the alteration is so that we can interact with you on a more physical level. The unaltered Zetas will interact with you for the purposes of learning through energy through viewing, through observation. Those who interact with you in any form of physicality will be of altered Zeta stock.

The third category is a hybrid consciousness, which is a combination of Earth human and altered Zeta. This hybrid consciousness is primarily unstable, although there are some strains who are able to communicate with you and who can physically interact with you during your encounters with our race.

I place myself within the category of altered Zeta. I am unique in that I have a very small percentage of Earth genetics. But I could not be in the hybrid category.


How is this alteration done?

There is a stepping down in vibrational frequency accomplished by placing a straight Zeta into an environment energetically and vibrationally charged, which will simulate a denser reality. It is like the immersion of a being into another environment to get them assimilated to a different density. The state of altered Zeta can be permanent or it may be only temporary. It is both a physical alteration and a psychological/psychic alteration. The consciousness will change as one is introduced into a new environment.


Is the hybrid category formed by taking Earth DNA and using it in a cloning process with an altered Zeta?

Correct. It will be done through various laboratory procedures in which human DNA is successfully bonded with altered Zeta DNA. One of the difficulties we have had in our experiments in creating hybrids has been trying to discover the correct environment for the altered Zetas before the bonding to the Earth’s DNA occurs.


So why would an altered Zeta want to have sexual interactions with humans?

To play at the sexual encounter, to see if it triggers emotions in us.


You have said that your sexual organs were atrophied. How does this encounter occur then?

We can simulate organs. It is simply the solidification of energy into matter through the focus of thought. We cannot yet create any physical sensations through these simulations, though. We are not fertile with these simulated organs, either.

No children have been born on your planet yet that are the result of these experiments. They may have altered DNA, but they are not considered hybrid.

The issue we are working on now is the strengthening of the immune system of these children. They possess portions of the human immune system and portions of ours. We are finding a bit of difficulty in achieving a stable balance.

We are in the second stage of this development, and our projections are that stage three will begin in your 1990s. That stage will encompass a more integrated aspect of both species to allow for a greater number of hybrids to be created.

One experiment we conduct involves the impregnation of a human female. The child lives within the womb for three to four months and is then removed. The child could not live on Earth because of the differences in its vibrational frequency.

Another experiment is when a female is impregnated by seed that is primarily Terran [Earth] but with altered DNA structures. The child is altered in such a way as to become the next evolutionary step on your planet, but it can still survive on Earth.


What do you imagine that you’re looking for emotionally?

In our understanding, imagination is based on emotion. Our imagination only spans what our mentality can create. We understand that we cannot become like you because of our evolutionary processes; but the ideal that we move toward is physical procreation and an expression of oneness through physical contact, not just through mental or spiritual contact.


We have heard that your females wish to learn once again how to nurture and love children, and they are viewing humans in order to learn this.

In our history, we created a separation between children and adults that grew very wide until we no longer knew how to reach out and cradle them in our arms. Often XX Zetas [females] are chosen to run the maternity section for our hybrids. This is with the thought that certain maternal instincts we once had might be reactivated. So far, there is no change in the feeling. That is why we are so honored by your agreement to help us remember how to nurture those children. Your civilization is teaching us love in a way that we have not experienced for millennia.

When we create fetuses of your race and ours, please do not think that we are callous or cold. These fetuses are the forefathers of a new race a new race that is part of both of us. We cannot express to you what that means to us.

The only way we can measure the feeling would be through our level of curiosity and there is a high level of curiosity with the creation of the hybrid babies. That is why in some of the work we do with your race, females and males are brought to give love to these infants. We understand that because they are part human, they need human tenderness and love. We are not capable of giving this to them, so we invite humans aboard for two purposes: to give love to these children, and to teach us about love.


So is it the decision of your race that you are incapable of feeling love solely because you don’t have the right chemicals in your bodies?

That is the theory. This is also why we put organic implants in humans not to control your behavior, but to absorb the neurochemicals in your brains that you secrete in response to various emotions. We later process these chemicals in our laboratory. We are attempting alterations of our brains to simulate the chemical responses that you have in yours. This must be done gradually, however, in order to let our brains get used to the new secretions.


Do you recognize any spiritual nature to your being?



Isn’t there an understanding that simply because you are a spiritual being, you can love?

We understand that philosophical question, and through our analysis would have to answer yes. But knowing that answer is true has not yet allowed us to love.


So it is your premise that this breakthrough to love will come when you have been able to regain the chemical ability through the creation of a new physical body?

Yes. As we work with altered Zeta bodies, we are incorporating the simulated neurochemicals that we create in the labs from the data we collect from you. We then couple this with our observations of human behavior. The premise is that the combination of the neurochemical simulation and the observation of this behavior will trigger a chemical-emotional response in us.


Can’t you simply decide to stop rejecting your emotions?

Our method of rejecting emotion is different from your psychological understanding of this. Out of our past desperation, instead of suppressing the emotion or drawing the emotion within, we rejected it completely. We also altered our brain structure so it would not output varying responses to external stimuli. We dropped emotion out of our physical bodies rather than suppressing it. We knew emotions could not really he suppressed psychologically, that they simply come out in a different way.

Is there any concept of self-love or self-appreciation?

Yes, but not as an individual as part of the Whole.


Do you feel that as an individual you make any unique contribution to the Whole?

The only way I can answer is that there is one uniqueness you will find in my race: Various ideas create varying degrees of curiosity in various individuals. It is the one vestige of individuality that we possess, and it is what has allowed us to survive.


Do you love yourself for that unique contribution?

Please understand that I am affected by years of evolution. To me, the idea of loving myself or appreciating myself for this would be a waste of energy that can be channeled into the Whole.

Your civilization is very, very individualized, and you do not feel very connected to the Whole. We, on the other hand, are like a mass mind. We each have our own identity, but that identity is not what motivates us in our lives. The connection to the Whole motivates us, and we therefore receive all the nurturing and what you would call love through this connection. We bred out our emotions because we thought we did not need them. From our point of view, you are highly individualistic and highly emotional.


There seems to be so much difference between us that I still wonder why you’re so interested in Earth.

For several reasons. You are approaching a point that we were at a very long time ago. We moved from this point to the creation of cataclysmic changes on our planet. You do not have to take that route. You have a choice, and this is the time for you to make that choice. It is also a perfect time for us to interact with you, because the chemical you are secreting will also simulate or parallel the chemical that we were secreting in the same circumstances.

You see, when we began our cloning process, we totally shunned our past. We have no records of what we were like prior to that time. We have no way of knowing, for example, our indigenous chemical makeup when we could still feel emotions. You are the closest we can find to what we may have been. We are attempting to heal our past. It’s that simple.

There is an agreement between our species. You are teaching us about the love we supposedly have within us that we want to unlock, and how not to fear our own individuality. We are teaching you about your fears and how you can turn those fears into your strengths.


Our relationship is a symbiotic one, for we are all part of the same Whole.


“...a species lives on if, and only if, it gives rise to other species that is, if it changes. If not, it dies.”
Howard Gruber

stating Darwin’s Second Theory of Evolution in Darwin on Man

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