by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest
1992 - 1999

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To all humans who have allowed the abduction
phenomenon to touch their lives.. . Thank you for being humanity’s pioneers on the evolutionary frontier.


About the Authors

Lyssa Royal is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and channel living in Arizona. While studying for her B.A. degree in psychology, she developed an interest in hypnosis and learned to place herself in an altered state of consciousness for the purpose of stress management. In 1979 Lyssa and her family witnessed an extraordinary UFO sighting near their home in New Hampshire. This experience triggered an acute interest in extraterrestrial phenomena that propelled her into an in-depth study of the nature of human and extraterrestrial consciousness using her channeling and intuitive abilities. Though she works frequently with extraterrestrial information, the practical application of her material is her highest priority.

Lyssa Royal has been conducting seminars and sacred site tours around the world since 1985. She has appeared on national and inter-national television and radio and has contributed to numerous magazines. She is the author of several books published in at least seven languages including Millennium: Tools for the Coming Changes, Pre-paring for Contact, Visitors from Within, and The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage. Lyssa is listed in Who ‘s Who in American Writers, Editors, and Poets. She lives in Arizona with her husband Ron Holt and continues to write and travel worldwide.

Keith Priest is an independent researcher, author, and complementary medical therapist (acupuncture and homeopathy) living in Arizona. He studied music at Michigan State University. Through his research he has delved into ancient languages, biblical studies, anthropology, archaeology, history and religions, combining those studies with astronomy, mythology, and psychology. Though Keith has never seen a UFO (much less an extraterrestrial), his diverse studies have shown him that the ET issue is an integral piece of the puzzle that may connect them all.
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Table of Contents

  1. History of the Zeta Reticuli

  2. Zeta Reticuli Revelations

  3. Sexuality and the Zeta Reticuli

  4. The Abduction Process

  5. Hybrids and their Creation

  6. Changing the Abduction Experience

  7. Behind the Walls

  8. The Metahuman Connection

  9. First Contact

  10. Denial and Transformation

  11. Contactee Children

  12. Heart of the Children