Chapter 12


The origins of life remain a paramount mystery. Religious creationists stand by their belief that God created man in His own image about 5,000 years ago. Does that mean that God possessed all the faults and defects which humans display? In Revelations 12, it is told that Archangel Michael cast Lucifer from the heavens, along with a third of the stars of heaven, that is, one third of the God- created beings. They were cast into earth, thenceforth manifesting their hatred of God and Jesus Christ through constant attack on human beings.

Is the battle of Armageddon an ongoing saga, or will there be a final show- down between the forces of good and evil, Light vs. Darkness? Is it going on right now within human consciousness? In our clinical practice we see an increasing level of activity among the DFEs. They seem to be stepping up the pressure on people. Many therapists who use some form of spirit releasement therapy are reporting similar findings. The activity of the DFE-infested ETs is also increasing. Are these signs of the predicted conflict in the spiritual arena? I have no way of knowing. To interpret the clinical findings as evidence for the fulfillment of the prophesy of Armageddon would be highly speculative and scientifically irresponsible.

One scientific hypothesis posits that the building blocks of animal life were formed when high energy electrical discharges flashed through the primitive atmo sphere of earth. This primordial soup contained ammonia, methane, and water, plus many other assorted elements. In such a random act of nature, amino acids could form which could then join to produce proteins, DNA, and eventually complicated animal life forms all over this world. As the planet evolved, it seems that about 200 million years were available for this process. Scientific opinion is split over the length of time necessary for life to form in this manner. Skeptics suggest this sequence of events is as unlikely as a Boeing 747 aircraft being assembled by a tornado sweeping through a junkyard.

The theory that life had an extraterrestrial origin was proposed at the turn of the century by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish Nobel laureate in chemistry. He coined the term “panspermia” to express his belief that seeds of life exist everywhere in space and are continually showering on the earth. A modified version of this theory is advocated by Fred Hoyle, celebrated British astronomer, and his colleague Chandra Wickramasinghe, an astronomer from Sri Lanka. They claim that viruses and bacteria continually arrive on tails of comets and fall to earth with particles of cometary dust. Some scientists believe that everything from organic chemicals to amino acids may have been carried in by comets, asteroids, and meteorites.

Another proposal has been forwarded by Francis Crick, Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of DNA, and Leslie Orgel, a pioneer in prebiotic chemistry. They coined the description “directed panspermia” and suggest the first germs of life reached the Earth by a spaceship sent by a distant civilization.

Zecharia Sitchin is a scholar and author of The Earth Chronicles,144 a series of books on his interpretations of various religious scriptures and ancient texts. He speaks of the Anunnaki, a group of beings who came to planet earth from their own home planet, Nibiru. The atmosphere of Nibiru was dwindling and they needed gold particles to be suspended in the atmosphere to prevent further loss. They attempted to distill the waters of the Persian Gulf to extract gold, but there was insufficient quantity. They attempted to mine gold from the earth, but the Anunnaki miners rebelled.

In Sitchin’s view of earth history, Enlil was the strict administrator of his peoples here, Enki was the overseer of the mining operation. His solution was to create a Primitive Worker. Ancient Mesopotamian texts describe the process. The “essence” of the blood of a young Anunnaki male was mixed with the egg of an earth-born hominid (perhaps the Neanderthal), and this fertilized egg was placed in the womb of a young Anunnaki female. After much trial and error, the “Model Man” was born. Was this the first human/alien hybrid? There is a description of this process in the Book of Genesis which states that Humankind was created by Elohim, “male and female created He them.”145

William Bramley discovered more than he wanted to know through his research into the origins and causes of war.146 He described what he termed “Custodians,” beings capable of apparently supernatural feats who have been in control of much of human behavior for a very long time. War among factions weakens all of those involved, and turns attention away from the Custodians. Kings and rulers of older times traditionally relied on their own agents provocateur to incite “controllable unrest” in their kingdoms in order to promote factions in the populace who would blame each other—instead of the kings—for their misery.147

There are several theories which postulate that the human race has been genetically engineered or manipulated numbers of times through the millennia in order to produce slaves or perfect workers. There are some obvious gaps in the sequence of evolution which leads to homo sapiens sapiens. Who were the scientists who conducted this project? Are they continuing to alter the DNA structure of our species through some process of hybridization? Will human beings, as we know ourselves today, be only another extinct species in the ladder of evolution? Is such a program still underway? Is there anything we can do about it?

At a 1993 MUFON Conference in Richmond, Virginia, Vladimir Terzinsky presented his theory that humans have been under the control of an non-human “Management System” for a very long time. If these theories and speculations have any basis in fact, then it would seem that human beings, for all our evolutionary advances, our consciousness that supposedly separates us from “lower” animals, our great technological achievements, are deluded pawns in a sinister game of cosmic proportion.

Retired Air Force Col. Nelson Pacheco and Tommy Blan produced a well-written book outlining various unusual and unexplained events on the planet: cattle mutilations, crop circles, Marian visions, UFO abductions, and government involvement in such activities. Then in a sweeping assumption, they attribute the cause of all these events to demonic activity. They make no distinction between earthbound spirits of deceased humans, dark force entities, extraterrestrials, spirit guides, ascended beings of light, or events of unknown origin. This is typical of the myopic vision of the religious fundamentalist, filtered by fear and belief systems that do not allow for the existence of anything which is not sanctioned by their particular religious dogma.

In clinical practice we find energies with clients which proclaim themselves as being from the “darkness,” never calling themselves demons. These DFEs interfere with most human activity, especially anything which could benefit individuals, couples, families, or groups of people. However, they never claim responsibility for the events for which these authors give them credit. As arrogant as the DFEs are when we encounter them, they would certainly lay claim to these accomplishments.

Author Martin Cannon offers a new hypothesis of alien abductions. He draws from established psychological information on hypnosis, perceptions during altered states of consciousness, screen memories, and “brainwashing.” He describes the projects of the CIA and other intelligence agencies, mentions research on brain implants and other mind control methods, such as brain entrainment and electro- magnetic radiation. He speculates broadly on the possibility that abduction experiences are nothing more than induced hallucinations and that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is the province of the uncritical Believers. He acknowledges that his own hypothesis remains far from proven.

Author and artist Budd Hopkins makes the point that in his files he has reports of classic abduction cases which date from 1929.148 This was before any thought of a CIA.

A colleague reported a strange clinical case. During a past life therapy session, a female client located a lifetime as a cave dweller. This is not unusual. Clients sometimes find the source of a present life problem in a very primitive setting. This seems to be the first “human” experience on the planet. As the client described her activities in the lifetime, she suddenly found herself being taken up into a craft. She proceeded to outline a classic UFO abduction, after which she was returned to the ground, quite confused. This is only one case, which does not establish a pattern, just a very interesting possibility.

Dr. Cory Hammond, in his disturbing Greenbaum lecture, states that Allen Dulles, director of the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS, at the end of World War II, and others from the intelligence community, were arranging to get Nazi scientists out of Europe. Not only did they procure the rocket scientists, but also Nazi doctors involved in mind control research in the camps.149 The Nazi doctors, Hammond claims, were Satanists. The CIA was established by the National Security Act in 1947. Its first director was Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter. Presumably, the German doctors were pressed into duty at the CIA and the mind control techniques developed by the Nazis were put to use in the service of the United States.150

In our clinical practice, we have heard narratives, through the voices of many hundreds of our clients, ostensibly from leaders of alien civilizations who formed alliances with other more powerful and resourceful beings. These “others” promised great benefits to the peoples of those civilizations. They also promised expanded power to the leaders and greater control over the citizens, not only of their dwn homeworld, but of other worlds of people they might find and overcome. Most of these agreements were formed with the dark forces, shape-shifters who can appear in most benevolent forms. The needy, greedy rulers naively accepted the terms of the deceptive DFEs. Once such an agreement is in place, the DFEs simply take over. There is precedent for such a pact with the dark forces, not only among the ordinary people of Earth, but also with the political leaders.

Adolph Hitler actively courted the power of the dark forces.151 There is no doubt he was in league with the forces of darkness, and this plague devastated the people of Germany and other nearby European countries for many years. He rose from political obscurity to become the undisputed ruler of a powerful nation. The atrocities committed under this regime shocked the world. Details are still coming into public awareness.

Some UFO investigators have suggested that the U.S. government formed an alliance with aliens shortly after World War II ended.152 Allegedly, the agreement outlined an exchange of alien technology for the right to experiment on humans. If there is any truth in this, it means our own leaders betrayed the individual freedoms and right to self-determination that were the foundation of the country over two centuries ago.

Is it possible that our own government has established secret agreements with aliens? From my experience over the years with many clients in altered states of consciousness utilizing natural psychic and clairvoyant abilities to explore such questions, it seems the logical conclusion. Has the United States Government been actively involved with off-planet beings, extraterrestrials, aliens? Has the medium of exchange for alien technology been the lives of the free citizens of our country? In session, we don’t ask specific questions regarding such activity; the ETs channeling through the voice of the clients divulge such information.

Most cases of ET attachment involve DFEs. The connection with these entities often spans lifetimes; this intrusive activity has been going on for a long time. It seems that only in recent decades the governments of perhaps several nations have been contacted by the other-worldly beings, ETs, for the purpose of establishing some agreements which could be mutually profitable. For the aliens, such a cooperative venture would make their activities much easier and more productive.


If government officials, at a highly secret level, have established friendly contact with aliens, created formal agreements for trade of technology, then the citizens, under control of the government, are fair game for the alien scientists and colonists, as described in earlier chapters. As we have heard in so many clinical sessions, nearly all the intrusive aliens are infested with, and controlled by, DFEs. I feel certain that government agents and military personnel would not any harbor any belief in the reality of DFEs, nor would they acknowledge the existence of dark force entities, the classic demon. Therefore, the dark force/alien connection remains unknown, unseen, unchallenged, and able to wreak havoc with our social system.

After years of experience in exploring the further reaches of consciousness with clients in altered states, I have come to accept the existence of levels or states of reality other than our normal, three-dimensional world. The events I have described in this book take place in these paranormal levels of reality. Remote viewing, the NDE, the OOBE, precognition, clairvoyance, spiritual healing, and other paranormal events are perfectly normal in these realities. The mystics have described these realities for centuries, even millennia, physicists have only recently discovered this territory.

Can something be done to ward off this invasion? Yes, people can do some- thing, for themselves and for each other. With the techniques of Past Life Therapy, Recovery of Soul Fragmentation, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Extraterrestrial Releasement Therapy, and remote Spirit Releasement Therapy, the ETs and DFEs can be discovered and released appropriately. The people who choose this work, as a vocation or avocation, will be doing a great and selfless service for humanity. It has been said that we are our brother’s keeper, and beyond that, we are our brother.

The rewards are beyond comprehension.

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There is one Power in the universe of universes. It is the path of light, love, forgiveness, healing, and spiritual evolution. The power of the Light/Love can be distorted and misused by anyone with such miscreant intention to damage or destroy other God-created beings. This abuse is a violation of the free will of the victim, the person who is the object of the distorted force. It also violates the basic nature of the perpetrator; to misuse the Power of the Light is to incur severe karmic debt.

Over the years clients have discovered the same dark force entities showing up in past lives down through the centuries, in every instance of black magic, Satan worship, sorcery, spells, curses, and ritual magic of every sort. This has been consistent in every human activity, organization or institution which exerted power and control over others, whether by one individual or a group of individuals. Clients who recall existence on other planets describe the same DFEs, connected with the same Luciferian source.

In every human drama there is one recurrent theme: conflict between good and evil. Clearly evident in the tragedies, less malevolent in the comedies. So many love stories are made the more poignant through the intrusion of the dark forces. And more triumphant in overcoming that intrusion. Does love triumph? It seems an uphill struggle, yet as a past lives therapist, I see that long struggle heading inexorably toward a culmination in the Light. We came from that ineffable Creator Source, and we are going Home. We are all going Home eventually. None will be left behind, none will be left out. Not even the DFEs.

Perhaps the Lucifer energy is the ultimate prodigal son. Leaving in rebellion, causing unfathomable chaos and destruction in his wrath, finally coming home and being welcomed back into the fold. Forgiveness and love are the healing powers of the Light.

We come into this existence with a Lifescript for the present life. If we can uncover our future lives as well as past lives, it would seem the play is already written, and we add only minor variations to the script along the way. Other elements or forces can alter the flow of the drama, yet we are still heading in the direction of Home. Nothing can alter that.

The Bard William Shakespeare once wrote, “All the world is but a stage and we the players on it.” His view was limited; the universe is the stage! What a magnificent drama we have scripted!

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UFO Matrix of Belief

The following is a matrix of the spectrum of scenarios found in current literature which are used to try to explain so-called UFO or ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) activity, or the lack thereof. Each matrix entry has a supporting constituency. Some of these constituencies are quite vocal, and others less so, but each is apparently confident that their current belief structures are the most reasonable, given the data which are generally accepted.


These most certainly is a large minority which is not willing to commit to one matrix entry over another, or in combination, until additional data are available.

0. All sightings except for a small minority which lack detail can be explained in terms of naturally occurring phenomena.
1. Craft from off planet, but from the visible universe.
2. Interdimensional penetrations by intelligent life-forms, based in or operating from another (parallel) overlapping dimension than our own space-time.
3. Earth-based “others,” referenced throughout history, who may be other life- forms, or predominately resident in realms or dimensions we term spiritual.
4. Hoaxes or dramatic scenarios perpetrated by various intelligence organizations as part of broader security or disinformation campaigns.
5. Broader social engineering, or population mind-influencing programs, designed to promote a more universal planetary consciousness and to reduce the influence of nationalistic or religious traditions.
6. Any combination of the above, including “all of the above.” Intent: unknown.

Possible U.S. Government levels of awareness, involvement and/or control of the phenomena termed UFO.

0. No activity, inasmuch as the phenomena are explained by naturally occurring events.
1. Aware, but not directly involved or in contact with the perpetrating forces.
2. In contact to some degree, and cooperating with at least some of the source- phenomena or entities, either for technology trading or because government believes it has no choice.
3. Government is the perpetrator of at least some of the phenomenology, perhaps drawing on the source experience for ideas and methods, but employing the events for other purposes, such as intelligence, disinformation or to alarm other nations.
4. At least some UFO phenomena are results of government or other agency sponsored experiments in mind-control, or social control experiments or initiatives.

Note: The Human Potential Foundation, Inc. does not endorse any of the entries of the preceding Matrix of Belief. The Matrix has been prepared to stimulate discussion and research into the broad spectrum of ideas that are represented in current literature addressing what are popularly known as UFO phenomena.

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  1. Jacques Valee offers exceptionally intelligent and clear-thinking evaluation of the UFO field in his books: Messengers of Deception, Dimensions, Confrontations, Revelations, and others. Jenny Randies has produced several fine books on the history of UFOs and abduction including: Alien Contacts and Abductions. Michael Craft has produced an intelligent, far-reaching survey of UFO, ET, and related subject matter in his book, Alien Impact.

  2. For the first time, the Fourth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (1994), assembled and by the American Psychiatric Association, included a category of Religious or Spiritual Problem , (p. 685).

  3. Memories, Dreams, Reflections, by C. G. Jung was recorded and edited by Aniela Jaffe, translated from the German by Richard and Clara Winston. It gives us an intimate glimpse into the brilliant mind of this man who deeply influenced contemporary psychological thinking, and a hint of his thinking and feeling about the spiritual aspects of consciousness.

  4. SETI is the government-funded program designed to search for radio signals from intelli- gent sources outside earth.

  5. According to a 1991 Roper poll, perhaps 2 percent of the American people, or about 5 million Americans, have experienced events consistent with those that abductees experienced before they knew they were abducted. The survey was constructed by David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins. See The Threat by David Jacobs, Ph.D.

  6. Authors Budd Hopkins, Karla Turner, David Jacobs, Whitley Strieber, Edith Fiore, Raymond Fowler, Kim Carlsberg, John Mack, and many others have written about the intrusive, physically and emotionally traumatic events which have been labeled UFO abductions.

  7. Stan Grof, M.D. has explored human consciousness perhaps more extensively than any other investigator. His books describe his work and many of these phenomena. See Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research, and Beyond The Brain.

  8. Author Eugene Taylor has done much to stimulate interest in James’ concept of “radical empiricism.”

  9. Reincarnation in some form is an integral part of 80% of the world’s religious teachings. The concept of karma and reincarnation offer a method of balancing cause and effect. The Golden Rule “As you sow, so shall you reap” is a clear expression of karma in action. Past life therapy is based on the notion that present life problems and conflicts stem from traumatic events in prior lifetimes. Uncovering these traumatic memories in a therapy session can begin the process of healing the past and improving the present.

  10. The notion of possession, or control of a living being by a non-physical consciousness, or entity, has been known or theorized in every time and every culture. The first recorded instance was found on a clay tablet in Assyrian cuneiform text some 2500 years ago. See Hoyt’s Exorcism.

  11. The Bardos, or mental states of a person in the transition from living in the earth plane through dying and being reborn into the etheric planes, are well described in two classic works: Tibetan Book of the Dead, and Egyptian Book of the Dead. George Meek, a retired engineer, discovered and described the higher vibrational planes of existence while working on an elec- tronic device he dubbed “spiricom,” designed for communication between humans and the spirit world. His depiction of the spiritual regions is similar to the accepted “map of the territory” described in esoteric literature. See After We Die, What Then? Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1722) wrote many volumes describing his explorations of the non-physical realms. One classic is Heaven and Hell.

  12. See Gauld, The Founders of Psychical Discord, pp. 3-31.

  13. This term was coined by Rev. Judith A. Baldwin and is the subject of a forthcoming book, one of a series of mini-volumes on practical spirituality in everyday life.

  14. Near death experiencers describe the golden-white light which they perceive as approaching them or surrounding them as they leave the body. In a past life regression, the past life character is guided through the death experience as part of therapy. They describe the golden- white light. The descriptions match. The newly deceased spirit moves into a brilliant golden- white light, flooded with an overwhelming sense of pure love. Except when they don’t.

  15. Brinsley LePoer Trench produced a scholarly book entitled: The Sky People.

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  17. Ralph Allison, M.D., Minds in Many Pieces; Adam Crabtree, Ph.D., Multiple Man; Ken McAll, M.D., Healing the Family Tree; Arthur Guirdham, M.D., The Psychic Dimensions of Mental Health; Edith Fiore, Ph.D., The Unquiet Dead; William Baldwin, Ph.D., Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual. The December, 1993 issue of DISSOCIATION, the Journal of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation was devoted entirely to the subjects of possession and exorcism. This is the professional Journal of Multiple Personal Disorder.

  18. These are very effective inductions into an altered state of consciousness. The affect bridge connects the client to another time when they felt the same emotions as in the present moment. It is described as a method of experientially moving a client from a present to a past incident over an affect, that is, an emotion or feeling, which is common to both events rather than through an overlapping idea or mental concept in the manner of psychoanalytic association. The somatic bridge connects to an event which is the source of the body memory that is surfacing as physical sensation in the session. The linguistic bridge is triggered by repetition of the metaphoric phrase the client uses to describe the problem or conflict. The metaphoric phrase is usually a literal description of the earlier trauma. These emotions, body memories, and metaphoric descriptions emerge from the subconscious mind, the repository of all remembered experience.

  19. Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual is the first textbook, or teaching manual, on Regression Therapy which includes Past Life Therapy, Recovery of Soul Fragmentation, and Spirit Releasement Therapy. Past life therapy has several essential steps: 1. identification into the past-life character; 2. resolution or processing the conflict; 3. the after-death experience; 4. disidentification from the past-life character. Recovery of soul fragmentation requires several steps: 1. discovery of the broken places, the empty spaces, the voids in one’s essence; 2. location of the soul fragment that split off from that place; 3. resolution of the conflict which led to the fragmentation; 4. recovery and reintegration of the fragment. Spirit Releasement Therapy has six distinct steps: 1. discovery of all attached entities of the various types; 2. differential diagnosis and identification of which type it is; 3. dialogue with the entities to determine the cause of the attachment and to resolve any conflicts which still hold the entity attached; 4. the releasement process specific to each type of entity; 5. a guided imagery of light to metaphorically fill the etheric space left by the departing entities (there is never just one); 6. ongoing therapy to strengthen the resistance to further attachments. Much of this body of knowledge and many of the clinical techniques were developed by the author.

  20. According to many personal accounts over the years, the alien intruders appear to defy the laws of physics which govern our earthly existence. They move through solid walls, they levitate, regardless of gravity, they appear and disappear from view, yet they can interact with the physical bodies of the contactee or abductee.

  21. A concise explanation of Freudian psychology is contained in the little book, A Primer of Freudian Psychology, by Calvin Hall. Freud’s writings were extensive, and though some of the concepts he set forth have been challenged, even dismissed in recent decades, he had enormous impact on the field of human psychology.

  22. Repression is the active process of keeping out and ejecting, banishing from consciousness, ideas or impulses that are unacceptable to it. For example, a son may feel hate for his father. Both the idea of hating father and the emotion associated with the idea may be repressed. The hate may be transferred to another authority figure, and the father figure may become an object of love by the son. Thus can repressed memories be altered and distorted. (Campbell, p. 546)

  23. For an intense in-depth look at birth and its effect on our lives, Stan Grof s book, Beyond the Brain is not to be missed.

  24. David Cheek, M.D. was a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist for over 30 years. He retired from that field and focused on hypnotherapy. As president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, he assisted in training hundreds of physicians, psychologists, and dentists in the art of clinical hypnosis. As a continuing research project, he kept careful medical records of deliveries he performed. In later years, he used regression hypnosis with many of his “babies” to assist them in recalling their birth experience. These teenagers and young adults were able to accurately describe details of their own deliveries!

  25. There is a growing literature on the subject of pre- and peri-natal memories and therapy: Nandor Fodor, 1949, The Search for the Beloved; Frederick Leboyer, 1975, Birth Without Violence; Leslie Feher, 1981, The Psychology of Birth; Thomas Verny, 1982, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child; Arthur Janov, 1983, Imprints; Thomas Verny, 1987, Pre- and Perinatal Psychology; Michael Gabriel, 1992, Voices From The Womb.

  26. Birth regression and Pre-and Perinatal therapy are well established modalities, used by therapists in many countries. A professional organization called the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health is dedicated to the study of pregnancy, reproduction, and the mental and emotional health of the unborn and the newborn.

  27. Sandra Ingerman wrote a lovely book, Soul Retrieval, which describes this healing method used by shamans in indigenous cultures across the world. She discovered the condition in her own female clients who described “psychically leaving the body” when they were being sexually abused.

  28. The DSM-IV, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, is published by the American Psychiatric Association. All known and recognized mental and emotional disorders are described, named, and given a code number. Some of the names are changed with each new edition of the book. Mental health practitioners use this system for diagnosis and for insurance purposes.

  29. William James, the father of modern psychology, described the “various selves” of the human personality in Volume Two of his monumental work, The Principles Of Psychology.

  30. Psychosynthesis is the psychological system which best describes subpersonalities, their source, effects, and treatment. Robert Assagioli, a contemporary of Freud and Jung, broke away from the limits of psychoanalysis as set by Freud and developed this more spiritual model of the human personality. His book, Psychosynthesis, is the classic work on the subject. Piero Ferrucci expanded on the theme in his book, What We May Be.

  31. The subpersonality is described as a structured constellation of attitudes, drives, habit patterns, and belief systems, organized in adaptation to forces in the internal and external environment. It is considered to be crystallized energy that is “split off from the whole of the personality, usually at a young age, as a result of some unmet basic need or drive or emotional trauma. It remains intact at that same age, diligently attempting to meet the original unmet need, even though many years pass. See Martha Crampton in Corsini’s Handbook of Innovative Therapies.

  32. Robert Monroe described the out-of-body experience in his books, Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journeys, and The Ultimate Journey. Many other books have been written on the subject.

  33. The silver cord is described in the Bible, Ecclesiastes 12:6.

  34. Grof and Halifax, Life After Death 1976. 35 Taylor, 1984, William James on Exceptional Mental States: The 1896 Lowell lectures, p. 110.

  35. The first book on recovering memories of past lives under hypnosis was published in France in 1911, written by a Frenchman, Col. Albert de Rochas. In 1942, Asa Roy Martin self published his book on the subject entitled, Researches in Reincarnation and Beyond. In 1955, Morey Bernstein wrote his book on his hypnosis experience with a Colorado woman entitled, The Search For Bridey Murphy. In 1978, books by Edith Fiore, Morris Netherton, Helen Wambach, and Dick Sutphen were published on the clinical application of past life regression. Since then, dozens of books have been written on the subject.

  36. There is a professional organization called the Association for Past-life Research and Therapies, Inc., dedicated to promoting the field of Past Life Therapy through educational conferences held twice a year in the U.S. The organization is headquartered in Riverside, California.

  37. The near-death experience, or NDE, was first described in a book by Raymond Moody, Life After Life. A 1982 Gallup poll indicated that as many as 8 million Americans were near-death experiencers. A later poll indicated as many as 11 million NDEers.

  38. Future life progressions are described in Past Lives, Future Lives by Bruce Goldberg, D.D.S., and Mass Dreams of the Future by Chet Snow, Ph.D.

  39. June Bletzer has produced a monumental volume entitled, The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary. This definition of the monad can be found on page 408.

  40. Psychologist Helen Wambach wrote Life Before Life, based on surveys of several thousand people from all across the country that she regressed to the Planning Stage.

  41. The concept of karma is similar to the notion of “an eye for an eye,” and “As you sow, so shall you reap.” It is equivalent to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

  42. Canadian psychiatrist Joel Whitton, with Joe Fisher, wrote Life Between Life, an excellent book about the “Scientific explorations into the void separating one incarnation from the next.” (From the cover.)

  43. From Hinduism and Buddhism, the notion of a circular Mandala which represents mankind’s karma, resulting in birth, death, and repeated rebirths. It has three hub outgrowths symbolizing ignorance, lust, and anger. It has four spokes symbolizing gods, demigods, tortured souls, and human beings. The circle is emblematic of immortality and based on the theory that all people are shackled to this wheel of life, death, and rebirth until all karma is balanced. (Bletzer, p. 680)

  44. Scott Mandelker, Ph.D. has written of this phenomenon in his book, From Elsewhere: Being E. T. in America. He describes Wanderers and Walk-ins.

  45. This session is available on cassette tape. There is an irritating static on the tape, which is typical of the sessions involving ETs.

  46. Clare Sylvia has written an interesting book, A Change Of Heart, on her experience of having a heart and lung transplant. She describes a dream of inhaling “Tim” after a deep kiss. She seeks many explanations for her post-surgery desire for beer and chicken nuggets. She gingerly skirts the issue of spirit attachment, describing it as “preposterous.” Tim, the organ donor, was killed on his motorcycle with a bag of chicken nuggets in his jacket pocket. He normally drank beer with such a meal. We have seen similar cases in which the entity joined at the time of the organ transplant.

  47. The aura is the energy field surrounding and penetrating the body. There are many good books on the subject.

  48. The chakra system consists of the major energy centers of the body and has to do with gathering and utilizing cosmic energy. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel of light. Healer Rosalyn Bruyere wrote an excellent book entitled Wheels of Light: A Study Of The Chakras describing the chakras, the aura, and the UCLA research project on auras conducted by herself and Dr. Valerie Hunt. The book Yoga and Psychotherapy: The Evolution of Consciousness is a most worthwhile treatise on the subject.

  49. Fiore, Edith, (September, 1987), The Unquiet Dead. Lecture presented at the Seventh Annual Fall Conference of the Association for Past-life Research and Therapies, Sacramento, CA. At this lecture, Dr. Fiore announced her clinical findings that nearly 100% of the population is affected by entities. The audience, mostly practicing therapists (who usually think they have it all together) went deathly quiet. It felt like the air had suddenly turned to concrete. She then said, “Well almost 100%.” There was a palpable sigh of relief from the audience.

  50. Malachi Martin’s book, Hostage To The Devil, is an informative volume on the Catholic views of demon possession and exorcism. The Roman Ritual of Exorcism is included in an appendix.

  51. Francis MacNutt is a well established Christian healer and exorcist. His book, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, is a clearly presented discourse on his experience of deliverance ministry. He offers training for deliverance ministers in Jacksonville, Florida. Deliverance Prayer, by Mat- thew and Dennis Linn is a collection of essays which explore deliverance prayer in tradition, in practice, and in the light of contemporary psychology. Pigs In The Parlor: A Practical Guide To Deliverance, by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond is considered a classic work on the practice of deliverance.

  52. See Brandon, The Spiritualists.

  53. The Spiritualist philosophy was expanded in Europe with the publication of two books by Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail under the pseudonym Allan Kardec: The Spirit’s Book, in 1875, and The Medium’s Book, in 1876. Both are channeled works and considered of high spiritual quality. Spiritism became the popular name of this expanded work. The term Kardecism grew out of Rivail’s work, and this philosophy also became popular in Brazil.

  54. Carl Wickland, a psychiatrist, was an avid Spiritualist. His wife, Anna, was a gifted medium. He chronicled his work in two books, Thirty Years Among The Dead, and The Gateway to Understanding. He is the grandfather of Spirit Releasement Therapy. His work is the founda- tion upon which this author built the methodology of SRT.

  55. Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual, 2nd ed. (West Virginia: Headline Books, Inc., 1992) was the first published text on the clinical approach to releasing attached entities. It was also one of the first books on the techniques of Past Life Therapy. Writing this 480 page book was a labor of love. I had worked in clinical practice for 10 years, developing many of the techniques by trial and error (and much course correction) when I began writing. Whenever I lectured or taught on the subject, people asked for a book. I finally did it! The work continues to expand and our knowledge continues to grow.

  56. Many books have been written in recent years on the inner child. Abrams, Bradshaw, Whitfield, and many others have contributed to this field.

  57. These figures come from a medical textbook entitled: Pathology of the Human Placenta, by Kurt Kenirschke and Peter Kaufmann, page 680.

  58. This is from a paper delivered at the International Forum on New Science, Fort Collins, Colorado, September 15, 1995.

  59. See Adam Crabtree’s Multiple Man, a classic in multiple personality and possession.

  60. See Ralph Allison’s Minds in Many Pieces, a pioneering work by a psychiatrist on multiple personality and possession.

  61. MacDonald, J. (1964). “Suicide and Homicide by Automobile.” American Journal of Psychiatry, 121.

  62. Every such combination is possible. A treasure house of information in this field is Ander- son Reed’s Shouting At The Wolf.

  63. The shadow is described as the darker personal side of each human being, that which is dreadful or evil and disapproved of by the conscious mind. This was one of the notions put forth by the great psychiatrist, Carl Jung (Cox, 1968, pp. 142-144).

  64. Complete discussion and instruction on the six steps of SRT can be found in Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual, 2nd edition, by William Baldwin. (1992).

  65. These beings were other-worldly and other-dimensional. As a rough analogy, consider a turtle as being very solid, physically, and a jellyfish, physical yet translucent, soft, pliable, vulnerable. Some jellyfish have long streamers which carry nematocysts, the tiny stingers which are primarily for the purpose of killing small prey, though they can inflict painful wounds on humans. The ET beings can shift dimensions and disappear completely from our visual percep- tion.

  66. Anthropologist Michael Harner described shamanism and journeying in his fine little book, The Shaman’s Way.

  67. Jon Klimo wrote Channeling, the most thorough and brilliantly written book on channeling that exists anywhere.

  68. Schwarz, Harary, Puthoff, and Targ established the field of remote viewing at SRI, Stanford Research Institute. Jim Schnabel has written a very clear exposition of remote viewing, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies. Joe McMoneagle’s book, Mind Trek, is an excellent personal account by one of the best remote viewers produced by the U.S. Army. Both books mention Lyn Buchanan, also one of the best RVers to come out of the army program. Lyn now teaches CRV, controlled remote viewing, using the protocols of the original program. The only authorized CRV trainers have been trained by Lyn.

  69. Larry Dossey, author of Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medi- cine, gathered information on the power of prayer in remote healing. He was surprised to find well documented studies showing the undeniable results of prayer, even when the receivers were unaware of the prayer being directed to them.

  70. This is where physics and metaphysics intertwine. In 1964 Irish physicist John Stewart Bell took a sabbatical from the fast-paced world of high energy physics at CERN, the European accelerator center in Geneva, Switzerland, to explore the byways of quantum physics. His exploration led him to formulate what has become known as Bell’s Theorem. Essentially, everything is connected to everything else, without regard to physical distance, time, or space which apparently separates everything. The connection is instant, immediate, and eternal. Remote healing occurs, remote viewing can be accurate to a large degree, clairvoyance and precognition can be verified, a pair of electrons which separate will act as if they are still in contact, no matter where in the universe they travel. Speed of light does not govern these non- local phenomena. The facts of quantum physics have proved Bell’s Theorem; it does not rely on quantum theory. See Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert.

  71. niversal Oneness or Universal Consciousness is considered to be the Divine Consciousness, the one total awareness that is conscious of being. Everything in the universe (of universes) is a part of, and belongs to, the “one” consciousness of being. Every animate and inanimate thing consists of consciousness, some of lesser, some of greater degree; the universal awareness is distributed in all things, unevenly, in accordance with the nature of the thing, each with enough awareness to know its “function.” Everything is aware that it is connected to the mother consciousness, and to some this awareness of connection is more acute. From Bletzer’s Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary, (p. 658).

  72. In his book, The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist, Lawrence LeShan describes the Clairvoyant Reality as the Universal Oneness in which a psychic or healer can perceive all things, all people, all events, all time as a unity in the present moment, but out of any time stream. He expanded this concept through his own personal experiences and named the state of consciousness the Transpsychic Reality. In this state of consciousness one knows that everything, including oneself, is a part of the One, of the All, (p. 149).

  73. The late Carl Sagan, a brilliant astronomer, prolific author, and the man who brought astronomy into our living rooms with the popular TV series Cosmos, speculated on the vastness of the universe and the probability of life on other planets. Within some hundred billion galaxies, each with an average of a hundred billion stars, there are perhaps as many planets as stars, about ten billion trillion. With billions and billions of stars and billions and billions of planets, it seemed likely to Sagan that the universe is brimming over with life. Perhaps he is exploring some of those places right now.

  74. George C. Andrews, Extra-terrestrials Among Us. (pp. 39-96).

  75. Robert Temple, The Sirius Mystery.

  76. Keith Thompson, Angels and Aliens, (pp. 70-71).

  77. David Jacobs, Secret Life, (pp. 30-46).

  78. The most extensive exposition on the government conspiracy to suppress information on UFOs is the book Above Top Secret, by Timothy Good.

  79. See Flying Saucers, by Carl Jung.

  80. See Angels and Aliens, by Keith Thompson.

  81. Valee has written several books with this general theme.

  82. In his book, Abductions, Harvard psychiatrist John Mack reported what he discovered with a number of ostensible abductees. For many, there seemed to be a spiritual gift inherent in the experience.

  83. Budd Hopkins, Missing Time, Intruders; and Witnessed; David Jacobs, Secret Life. Budd Hopkins maintains an organization devoted to the subject of UFO abduction: Intruders Founda- tion, PO Box 30233, New York, NY 10011.

  84. The typical abduction experience includes many of these events. The common elements of UFO abduction are described and delineated in David Jacobs’ book The Secret Life, (pp. 49 - 236.)

  85. Karla Turner, Ph.D., Into The Fringe, and Taken.

  86. Raymond E. Fowler, The Watchers, (pp. 148-152, 344-345, 349, 355).

  87. The French Islamic scholar Henry Corbin coined the term imaginal, distinct from imaginary.

  88. Ken Ring briefly describes the imaginal realm in connection with NDEs and UFO abduction in his book, The Omega Project, (pp. 218-219, and 221). This is a fascinating concept and beyond the scope of this volume.

  89. This was a private session and the subject, Laura (not her real name), gave permission to make the tape of the session available as a teaching aid.

  90. John Mack is a professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and a Pulitzer Prize winner for his earlier book about Laurence of Arabia. More recently, he has authored Abduction, a compilation of case histories of UFO abductees. Even with his credentials, he has been harshly criticized by mental health professionals for dealing in this questionable arena. His tenure at Harvard was even challenged. This doesn’t say much for the University mentality, which should be focused on the search for truth on whatever new horizons which emerge.

  91. See Psychiatric Dictionary, fifth ed., by Robert Campbell, M.D.,(p. 380).

  92. The New Testament, Revelations 12: 7-12, 17, tells the story of Lucifer being cast from Heaven and hurled down to earth by Archangel Michael. One third of the stars of Heaven followed him, that is, one third of the God-created beings accompanied the one called Lucifer, which means “Light Bearer.” This dragon was enraged with the “woman” (universal mother) and went away to make war on the rest of her children (human beings). Is it metaphorical, is it archetypal, is it symbolic of human consciousness?

  93. Described by David Jacobs in his book, Secret Life, the alien/human hybrid experimentation is truly mind boggling, (pp. 87-131). In his later book, THE THREAT, Jacobs goes on to expose what he sees as the frightening plans for earth and its inhabitants. In stark and somber analysis of over 100 cases of alien abduction, he unveils a chilling picture of our profoundly changed future in which humans will be relegated to an inferior status in a world dominated by aliens. He reveals evidence that: 1. The aliens are creating a breed of alien-human “hybrids.” 2. The aliens protect the secrecy of the breeding program. 3. Alien-human hybridization is at the center of the abduction phenomenon, not just an experimental adjunct. 4. The aliens are in the process of integrating into our planet. Jacobs offers evidence that the alien presence is far from benevolent, as some researchers claim, but is, instead, profoundly ominous. He states: “Now I fear for the future of my own children.” He offers no real solution, and sees little hope for the future of humanity. He has been unaware of Spirit Releasement Therapy.

  94. Budd Hopkins’ Intruders describes “Kathie’s” experience of abduction, including the removal of her unborn infant. This is a landmark volume, revealing this disturbing aspect of UFO activity.

  95. Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest have published some fascinating books on such speculations, particularly Visitors from Within.

  96. John Mack, in Abduction, suggests the interaction with aliens is part of a transformational, spiritual evolution process for humankind.

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  100. physician Steven Greer founded this group, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), with headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina. CSETI is committed to the thoughtful long-term development of bilateral ETI-Human communication and exchange, and open public education on the subject. (Taken from CSETI’s Description and Purpose.)

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  107. David Jacobs describes this process in Secret Life.

  108. This is the third book written by Dr. Fiore. Her first was You Have Been Here Before; A Psychologist Looks At Past Lives, the second was The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession. These three books reflect her clinical experience with past life memories, cases of possession, and alien abductions. Writing them reveals her great courage in the face of professional criticism.

  109. Karla Turner has written three fine books about the darker side of alien abduction: Into The Fringe, Taken, and Masquerade of Angels. The experience of her family and the others she describes ranges from unpleasant to terrifying.

  110. Kim Carlsberg describes her experience of abduction beautifully and poetically in her book Beyond My Wildest Dreams. Her experiences over a number of years include producing a human/ alien hybrid baby girl. Toward the end of the book, she states how she truly despises the aliens for abducting her, yet how she appreciates the way her consciousness has been stretched through the process. A very personal account.

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  116. The concept of an actual, sentient, non-physical being, the source of evil as opposed to the Supreme Deity, is an ancient notion which continues to be debated. As used in this chapter and in this book, it may be considered as a symbolic metaphor, an archetypal figure drawn from human experience and the collective unconsciousness.

  117. An interesting description of the Pact with the Devil can be found in Ruth Nanda Anshen’s The Reality of the Devil: Evil in Man, (pp. 49-56).

  118. Wicca was the earth religion, the witch was the practitioner. The witch was the healer, knowledgeable about herbs, conversant with spirits. This often frightened the ignorant and superstitious folk. It was often the father of a child healed by the witch who leveled charges of witchcraft and “trafficking with the devil” against the gentle woman. In her expanded loving nature, she might have also granted him sexual favors. The guilt and self-recrimination would be
    too much for the man. In the throes of the pain of searing flesh as she was being burned at the stake, this woman of the earth, loving and spiritually evolved, the witch, would call out for vengeance against these hypocrites. The dark force enitities, hearing that call, would oblige and the pact with the darkness was cemented in place.

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  122. Contained in the New Testament, Revelations 12 gives us an account of the rebellion and the eviction of Lucifer.

  123. These great Light Beings are universal and eternal; they are not associated with any particular organized church or religion. Human beings in the past have developed the rules and restrictions of organized religions around misperceptions, misinterpretations, fear, magical thinking, philosophical dogma, and individual beliefs. They have attempted to claim certain elevated spirit beings as property of their churches. This is the arrogance of the human ego.

  124. Emmanuel Swedenborg explored the inner realms of the spiritual reality during extensive deep meditation. He described a vast taxonomy of beings. Wilson Van Dusen, a psychologist employed for seventeen years at the Mendocino State Hospital in California, explored a similar taxonomy of entities through the voices of mental patients at the hospital. There was a definite correlation. Van Dusen wrote of his discoveries in his book, The Presence of Other Worlds.

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  142. Sociology professor Jeffrey Victor’s book Satanic Panic is an intelligently written book debunking Satanism. Suggesting that there is no evidence, which is false, and the “memories” of victims are invalid, which is patently arrogant and uninformed opinion, Victor’s work might be seen as a parallel to the debunking of UFO contact and abduction. What is the motivation for purposeful disinformation?

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