by Nathan Rao
August 06, 2016

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The beast alien organism

was captured by Professor Wainwright

who claims it to be proof of aliens




THIS is the first astonishing glimpse

of a mysterious "alien organism"

scientists sensationally claim

proves there is life in outer space.


The haunting image with its semi-human, contorted fetal form, has been revealed exclusively to

It is being hailed as the latest and most concrete piece of evidence to back a growing belief we are not alone in the universe.

The discovery, set to send shock waves across the world of astronomy and space research, was made in the stratosphere above the Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah, America.


The "unearthly beast" particle comprises,

  • carbon

  • nitrogen

  • oxygen,

...the most basic elements which form the building blocks of life.

Unlike previous similar discoveries the strange entity was found to be perfectly symmetrical, another hint towards its possible nature.


μm = Micrometer

The beast organism in full

Professor Wainwright

Sheffield University

It was discovered by Professor Milton Wainwright and his team at Sheffield University who have long held life exists outside the Earth.

Professor Wainwright's previous findings of organic life forms in space include the,



He maintains not only do aliens exist, but minute traces of extra-terrestrial life including DNA are constantly raining down on Earth from space - so-called panspermia.

However the latest discovery has left scientists baffled due to its unusually large size and and eerie part-human appearance.

Professor Wainwright said:

"We have just sent a weather balloon-lofted sampler to the stratosphere and have isolated the strange, unearthly beast.

"The particle shown contains only carbon, oxygen and nitrogen and shows bilateral symmetry that is, if a line is drawn through its centre it has the same appearance on both sides.


Professor Wainwright

previously revealed the Ghost particle

Sheffield University


"It is definitely an organism.

"The Bonneville Salt Flats, mainly remembered for attempts on the land speed record will now be famous for being among an increasing number of places on Earth which have been shown to be contaminated with alien microbes."

Professor Wainwright sent balloons into the stratosphere almost 30km above the Earth's atmosphere to collect minute particles from space.

Matter collected from the surface of the device revealed the sinister organism hidden amid traces of stratospheric debris.

Professor Wainwright insists there is no way it could have floated up from Earth due to its high molecular weight making it impossible to escape our planet's gravity.

He said the only conclusion is that there are biological entities living on other planets which sometimes become dislodged and end up floating in space.


The seed sent to earth by aliens

Professor Wainwright


He said:

"If our organisms can be carried up from Earth, why are there no similar sized pollen or grass particles on any of the samplers; obviously, there cannot be sieve in the high atmosphere which takes out pollen and grass but allows our organisms through into the stratosphere.

"The simple conclusion is that they are incoming to Earth from somewhere in space."

Professor Wainwright has previously spoken of his belief that extra-terrestrial particles breaching the Earth's atmosphere are "seeding" our planet.

Last January he and his team isolated a microscopic metal globe from space debris which appeared to be spewing organic matter sparking fears of a possible infectious agent.

It led to claims it could have been designed by an intelligent species to "seed" and propagate alien life on Earth.

The theory of panspermia also points towards life on Earth, including human, possibly originating from other worlds.

Alien DNA is also suggested to be a driver for virus and bacteria evolution with infectious organisms becoming super-charged after picking up unidentified genetic material.

It has sparked concern that usually harmless germs like Ebola or the Zika virus could become even more virulent by integrating DNA from outside Earth into their genome.

Professor Wainwright has called on NASA to invest in coming up with an answer to how organic particles, identical to organisms found on Earth, are being discovered in the Solar System.

He said:

"We simply need NASA or the European Space Agency to spend a minute portion of the vast amount of money they spend sending landers into space to confirm our findings.

"No one has yet come up with a rational alternative explanation for what we have found.

"Put simply, the Earth is being continuously showered with biology from space, some of which may be alive, but all will likely carry novel information which may have influenced the evolution of life on Earth."