-  AIDS - Man-Made - Main File



 -  Anthrax - More Deadly Than Reported


 -  Antibiotic Resistance Threats in The United States - 2013


 -  Así es Como Inventan un Virus - Un Engaño Asombroso


 -  Bacteria in the Body are Your Friends, Not Enemies - Don't Fight Them, Manage Them


 -  Big Agriculture Creating New Generation of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs


 -  Bioterrorism - Main File



 -  Body of Evidence Suggests New U.S. Biological Warfront Opening


 -  CDC Finally Admits the Age of Antibiotics is Finished as Super-Bacteria Take Over


 -  Cities and Counties Nationwide Begin Mass Aerial Sprayings of Toxic 'Anti-West Nile Virus' Pesticides


 -  Como Dominarán el Mundo con un Virus


 -  Contagio - Despoblación por Plaga


 -  Contagion - Depopulation by Plague


 -  Crear Laboratorios Biológicos con Fines Militares - Plan de Estados Unidos en la Amazonía


 -  Credo Mutwa in Plea to Save Africa from Illuminati Genocide


 -  Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine


 -  Dear Dallas: No One Ever Proved West Nile Disease Exists!


 -  Did The Alternative Media Force U.S. Government to Block Deadly Bird Flu Study?

 -  Drug-Defying Germs From India Speed Post-Antibiotic Era


 -  ‏Ebola - Global Pandemic or Global Hoax? - Main File


 -  Ébola - ¿Pandemia Global o Engaño Global? - Main File


 -  Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika, SARS - The Anatomy of a False Flag Disease


 -  El Tratamiento Contra las Superbacterias que la URSS Preservó y Occidente ha Preferido "Olvidar"


 - "En Boconó se Enfrenta la Guerra Bacteriológica" - Entrevista a Sirio Quintero


 -  Endogenous Viruses


 -  Engineered Viruses Created in Government Labs Validate Mass Vaccinations


 -  Estados Unidos usa América Latina para Desarrollar Armas Bacteriológicas


 -  Fear Mongering on Bird Flu - Deaths Overstated More Than 238,866 Times The Reality


 -  Forensic Evidence Emerges That European E.Coli Superbug Was Bioengineered to Produce Human...


 -  Genetically Engineered Viruses are Next Generation of Warfare


 -  Has Baxter International Released a Biological Weapon?


 -  Hepatitis C - Disease Hoax, Disease Game


 -  Incremento de Prevalencia de ETS en medio de Preocupaciones sobre Creciente Resistencia a Antibióticos


 -  Influenza - Virus H1N1 - Unintentional Contamination or Bioterrorism? - Main File


 -  Inventing Viruses - A Staggering Hoax



 -  Is a Virus a Living Creature?


 -  Killer Vaccines - Main File


 -  Laboratorios Biológicos de Estados Unidos - ¿Una Nueva Era de Control Mundial?


 -  La Plaga Neumónica Que Asola Ucrania


 -  La Planta que Detiene las Bacterias Resistentes a los Antibióticos


 -  Las Armas Invisibles contra Superbacterias que la URSS desarrolló Gracias a Descubrimiento Centenario


 -  Los Virus se Comportan de manera 'Altruista' para Evitar el Sistema Inmunitario


 -  Maryland Killer Superbugs - Treating Antibiotic Resistant Infections


 -  MICOPLASMA - EL Vínculo Patógeno en las Enfermedades del Sistema Nervioso


 -  MYCOPLASMA - The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases


 -  Nano Medicine - Treatments for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria


 -  New MRSA Superbug Strain Found in UK Milk Supply


 -  Our Antibiotics Have Stopped Working - Drug Companies don't Care Enough to Fix It


 -  Pánico Por la Gripe Aviar - Elegido Políticamente en el Momento Perfecto para Cometer "Iatrogenocidio"...


 -  Phage Therapy Gets Revitalized


 -  Propuesta de Modelo para la Cura del Cáncer y el SIDA


 -  RNA Viruses are Being Exposed as 'Man-Made' and Vaccines are the Carriers Spreading Disease without...


 -  SARS - A Great Global SCAM


 -  SARS and Chemtrails - Disease Outbreaks Used as Tests for a Future Engineered Epidemic, the...


 -  Scientists Brace for Media Storm Around Controversial Flu Studies


 -  SIDA - Hecho Por El Hombre - Main File


 -  Social Evolution of Innate Immunity Evasion in a Virus

 -  Special Virus Cancer Program - Travails of a Biological Moonshot


 -  STD Prevalence Skyrockets amid Concerns over Growing Antibiotic-Resistance


 -  Superbacteria E. Coli - Producida con Bioingeniería Para Causar Estragos en La Población


 -  Superbacterias Asesinas en Maryland - Infecciones Resistentes a Los Tratamientos con Antibióticos


 -  The Avian Flu Fright - Politically Timed for Global "Iatrogenocide"


 -  The Bush Administration's Secret Biowarfare Agenda


 -  The CIA and The West Nile Virus



 -  The End of All Disease - Can Disease Be Cured Electronically?


 -  The Investigations of Leonard G. Horowitz - Main File


 -  The Medical Genius of Royal Raymond Rife


 -  The Plant that Stops Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria


 -  Three Things you Should Know about the "Stupid Virus"


 -  U.S. Government Urges Scientists to Censor Findings on New Strain of Bird Flu


 -  Vaccine Inventor and Genetic Engineer Jokes About Depopulation and Biological Warfare


 -  Vacunas Que Matan - Main File



 -  Virus Genéticamente Diseñados son Armas de Guerra de Próxima Generación


Additional Information


 -  Accelerated Biodegradation of Veterinary Antibiotics in Agricultural Soil  - Following Long-Term Exposure...

 -  A Framework for Human Microbiome Research


 -  A History of Rife's Instruments and Frequencies - Updated June 04, 2008


 -  Amazing AntiViral, AntiBacterial Properties of Olive Leaf Extract - 'Superbugs' Becoming a Real Problem


 -  Ancient Retroviruses Emerged Half a Billion Years Ago

 -  An Integrated Sensor System for The Detection of Bio-Threats - From Pandemics to Emerging Diseases...


 -  Bacteria Survive in NASA's Clean Rooms by Eating Cleaning Products


 -  Biologists Discover Electric Bacteria that Eat Pure Electrons rather than Sugar - Redefining the Tenacity...


 -  Biologists Find 'Surprising' Number of Unknown Viruses in Sewage


 -  Biomagnetismo Médico


 -  Biomagnetismo Medico - In Italiano


 -  Bioterrorism - WHO and What is The Threat?


 -  Bird Flu Research Rattles Bioterrorism Field


 -  Brain Displays an Intrinsic Mechanism for Fighting Infection


 -  Cancer Is an Infection Caused by Tuberculosis-Type Bacteria


 -  Cancer Still a Mystery to Medical Science


 -  CDC and CIA - A Close and Sick Relationship


 -  Chemtrails Explained - Putting the Pieces Together


 -  Chemtrails Explicados - Poniendo Las Piezas Juntas


 -  Chlorovirus ATCV-1 is part of the Human Oropharyngeal Virome and is associated with Changes in...

 -  Communication Between Viruses Guides Lysis-Lysogeny Decisions

 -  Conserved and Host-specific Features of Influenza Virion Architecture


 -  'Contagion' or How Disaster Movies "Educate" The Masses


 -  ‏Controversial U.S. Scientist Creates Deadly New Flu Strain for Pandemic Research


 -  ‏Could A Superbug Be The New H1N1?


 -  Cynthia - Peligrosa Bacteria Sintética Carnívora Descontrolada


 -  Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA & Army Experiments


 -  Depopulation of A Planet - Thinning Out The Useless Eaters - An Unspoken NWO Agenda


 -  Descubrimientos del Dr. Hamer - Nueva Medicina Germánica - Main File

 -  Design and Synthesis of a Minimal Bacterial Genome


 -  DNA has gone Digital - What could possibly Go Wrong?


 -  Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs - Book Review by Dr. Harvey Bigelsen M.D


 -  Dr. "Doom" Pianka Speaks - First Transcript from the Speech that Started It All


 -  Drug-Resistant Superbug Found in U.S. and Canada

 -  Ecological Speciation of Bacteriophage Lambda in Allopatry and Sympatry


 -  EE.UU. sienta las Bases para un Estado Policial Médico


 -  El ADN se ha Vuelto Digital - ¿Qué Podría posiblemente Salir Mal?


 -  El ADN Transmite Electromagnéticamente Información al Agua - Luc Montagnier


 -  El Biomagnetismo y La Salud


 -  El Cerebro Despliega un Mecanismo Intrínseco para Luchar Infecciones


 -  El Virus del Papiloma Humano es Herencia del Cruce con Neandertales y Denisovanos - Según un Estudio


 - ¿Estamos al Borde de Una Gran Epidemia?


 -  Fatal Fungi - Some are Tasty others are a Nuisance


 -  Giant Viruses Rewrite History of Life on Earth



 -  H1N1 Swine Flu "National Emergency" Warning!



 -  Hemos Llegado a "El Fin de Los Antibióticos... Punto" - Dice el Director Asociado en los Centros para...

 -  Hidden Killers - Human Fungal Infections


 -  How Microbes Defend and Define Us



 - "I Am Legend" and The Depopulation Agenda


 -  Is HIV a Virus-Like Form of Acid-Fast Tuberculosis-Yype Bacteria?


 -  Iodine a Natural Medicine - Nascent Iodine vs. Iodoral, Lugols, Detoxified Iodine, and Heritage


 -  Jim Humble - La Historia Detrás del Milagroso Suplemento Mineral


 -  Jim Humble - The Story Behind Miracle Mineral Supplement


 -  La Despoblación de Un Planeta - Reduciendo la Cantidad de Comelones Inútiles - Una Agenda No...


 -  Las Bacterias Sobreviven en Salas Blancas de la NASA consumiendo Productos de Limpieza


 -  Mammals Made by Viruses

 -  Marine Origin of Retroviruses in the Early Paleozoic Era


 -  Medizinischer Biomagnetismus


 -  ‏Meeting Doctor Doom


 -  Meet the Electric Life Forms that Live on Pure Energy


 -  Meet the Trillions of Viruses that Make-Up your Virome


 -  Microbes Manipulate Your Mind



 -  Milagroso Suplemento Mineral - Main File



 -  Miracle Mineral Supplement - Main File



 -  More Research Shows That Bacteria are Beneficial, Not Harmful


 -  Nanotech Viruses In Food



 -  Next Generation Bioweapons - Genetic Engineering and Biological Warfare


 -  Officials Warn of Weaponized H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic Amid Debate

 -  Palaeoproteomic Evidence Identifies Archaic Hominins Associated with the Châtelperronian at the Grotte...


 -  Porqué Todo lo que has Aprendido sobre los Virus es ERRADO


 -  Profound Implications of the Virome for Human Health and Autoimmunity

 -  Raw Sewage Harbors Diverse Viral Populations


 -  Scientists Discover Virus That Kills All Grades of Breast Cancer 'Within Seven Days'


 -  Scientists Engineer Bioterror Fears


 -  Scientists found Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Space


 -  Scientists Weaponize Deadly Bird Flu, Consider Releasing Results Necessary to Create Bioweapon


 -  Scientists Witness Birth of New Species in the Lab


 -  Some Reasons Human Beings May Not Be Mammals


 -  Sorprenden a Virus Comunicándose Entre Sí


 -  The CIA's Role in the Anthrax Mailings - Could Our Spies be Agents for Military-Industrial Sabotage...


 -  The Coming Pandemic - Expect All Protective Systems to Fail

 -  The Darker Bioweapons Future


 -  The End of All Disease - Can Disease Be Cured Electronically?


 -  The Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS


 -  The Killing of Science - Spread Elimination of Scientists Worldwide - Main File


 -  The Knowledge - Biotechnology's Advances


 -  The Pandemic Virus is Not Only Lab-Created... it Is PATENTED! - VERITY And ORACLE - The PROMIS...


 -  The Secret, Social Lives of Bacteria - Exclusive Interview With Bonnie Bassler


 -  The Specter of Biological Weapons


 -  Todo Acerca de la Plata Coloidal - El Antibiótico Natural que La Industria Farmacéutica Siempre ha Ocultado


 -  Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population

 -  Transmission Between Archaic and Modern Human Ancestors During Evolution of Oncogenic Human...


 -  Treatment of Influenza and Other Diseases - Iodine Dosages


 -  Un Análisis Científico del Par Biomagnético


 -  Unholy Grail - The Quest for Genetic Weapons


 -  Vibrational Medicine - Scientists Kill Viruses by Blasting Them With Resonant Frequencies


 -  We've Reached "The End of Antibiotics... Period" - Says associate director at Centers for Disease Control


 -  When The World Plague Was Stopped by A Digital Artist


 -  Why Everything you Learned about Viruses is WRONG


 -  Why We May Need Viruses More than Vaccines



 -  Yodo, una Medicina Natural



Viruses' Cosmic Origin



 -  Cometa Elenin - ¿Portento de Qué?


 -  Comets and Contagion - Evolution and Diseases From Space


 -  Cosmic Connection - Comet's Wars, Pestilences and Disasters

 -  Galactic Encounters, Apollo Objects and Atlantis - A Catastrophical Scenario for Discontinuities in Human...


 -  La Muerte Negra - de "Los Dioses del Eden"


 -  Las Plagas de Justiniano - de "Los Dioses del Eden"


 -  Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets - Damages, Disasters, Injuries, Deaths, and Very Close Calls


 -  Meteor New Light on The Black Death - The Viral and Cosmic Connection


 -  The Black Death - from "The Gods Of Eden"


 -  The Golden Age, Psychopathy and The Sixth Extinction


 -  The Plagues of Justinian - from "The Gods Of Eden"


 -  Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms





 -  Chomsky Desveló sin Saberlo, la Verdad sobre la Actual Crisis del ZIKA... en 1993


 -  El Engaño del ZIKA Desenmarañado - Toda la Campaña Atemorizadora fue Fabricada


 -  El Engaño del Zika - Las 5 Cosas que Pasarán a Continuación


 -  How does Zika Virus Shrink a Baby's Brain and other FAQs


 - "It's Not the Zika Virus" - Doctors Expose Monsanto Linked Pesticide as Cause of Birth Defects

 -  Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Prenatal Residential Proximity to Agricultural Pesticides


 -  Pope Doubles Down - Pushes Zika Virus and Birth Control Psyop as Necessary "Lesser Evil


 -  The Scam of The Zika Virus


 -  Virus Zika - ¿Otra Estafa Gigantesca?


 -  Who Owns the Zika Virus? - The Rockefeller Foundation


 -  Zika Doomsday Hoax Unravels - Entire Scare Campaign was Manufactured


 -  Zika Fraud Leads to Toxic Mosquito Spraying and Autism - Bombshell


 -  Zika - Just Another Fear Campaign - Different Virus and Back to the Mosquito


 -  Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area where GM Mosquitoes were Released in 2015


 -  Zika - The CDC is the Medical CIA


 -  Zika - ¿Una Herramienta para Reducir la Población?




 -  Zika Psyop to Justify Releasing Millions of Bill Gates' GM Mosquitoes in Florida


Book- Treatises


  Ebola and Marburg Viruses - by Tara C. Smith and Hilary Babcock


 -  El Milagroso Suplemento Mineral del Siglo 21 - por Jim V. Humble


 -  Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Nature Accident or Intentional? - by Leonard G. Horowitz

 -  Microorganisms and Bioterrorism - by Burt Anderson, Herman Friedman and Mauro Bendinelli

 -  The Miracle Mineral Supplement of The 21st Century - by Jim V. Humble




 -  Anthrax War


 -  Emergency - Avian Flu


 -  Emerging Viruses - Dr. Len Horowitz


 -  How Bacteria Talk - Bonnie Bassler


 -  Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria


 -  In Lies We Trust - The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism

 -  La Lucha Contra Bacterias y Virus - Una Lucha Autodestructiva

 -  La Utilización de Los Virus


 -  Los Virus - Nano Formas



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