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Alexander the Great and UFOs


I asked the following question of Michael Hesemann, a respected author and UFO researcher from Germany:

Did you publish an article about Alexander the Great and UFOs? The article I saw dealt with the “Chronicles Of Alexander” which told of “flying shields” that helped Alexander at the siege of Tyre by blasting a hole in the city’s wall with an energy beam weapon. Can you tell me what book contains the information about the “Chronicles Of Alexander?”

Mr. Hesemann answered:

I referred to this in my book “UFOs: A Secret History” and quoted Raymond Drake, who did an excellent survey on UFO related references in ancient records, as did Desmond Leslie.

Is there any historical “smoking gun evidence” that the Reptoids have been here?

Go to:  to see a picture of Reptoids at the “scene of the crime.” You can print out the pictures of Mayan Reptoid statues, and a temple painting showing them eating human body parts. The crime scene is Teotihuacan, known as the “City Of The Gods,” and the “City Where Man Became Gods.”

In 610 AD the entire population of Teotihuacan, 150,000 people, vanished suddenly. No trace of them has ever been found by archeologists. These native people did not have the horse or the wheel. Their only method of travel was by foot, they were not very mobile. It seems they became upwardly mobile with Reptoid help.

Is there any historical “smoking gun evidence” the Grays have been here?

Yes, there were two anatomically correct 1½ foot tall statues of Grays found inside the pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico. These “Gray” statues and the wall carvings depicting the Reptoids, is the ancient equivalent of a crime scene surveillance videotape.

Erich Von Daniken recently pointed out that the 9 pyramids at Teotihuacan were laid out to represent the 9 planets of our solar system both in their position and size. The question is how could these ancient natives see Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto? The telescope had not been invented yet. How did they figure out the relative size of the planets, and the fact that the planets all orbit the sun?


It looks like somebody else gave them the correct astronomical information, then planned the layout of the complex, and had the Indians build it accordingly. There are other pyramid complexes around the world that are laid out in the pattern of astronomical constellations (as reported elsewhere in this book). The three pyramids at Giza, Egypt are laid out like Orion’s Belt, as an example.

If the people of Teotihuacan were driven out of their city and died in the jungle, wouldn’t their bones decompose, leaving no evidence for archeologists to find?

No. I read an archeologist’s account of a dig at a Central American pyramid site. The site was in a really dense jungle. Teotihuacan is not in a jungle; it is in a high plains area 40 miles north of Mexico City at 8,000-foot elevation. At the dig site down in Central America, the complete skeletons of 26 people were found.


They had been executed, probably because they were criminals. Their bones bore the marks of chopping and hacking from the execution. Their hands were still tied behind their backs. The bodies had been thrown off a pyramid into a dirt courtyard and left there unburied for 700 years. The jungle had overgrown the area and the skeletons. No attempt had ever been made to bury the bodies. They were exposed to the elements all those years. They were all in excellent condition in spite of the exposure.


This was in a rainy, tropical, dense jungle area. The bones still did not deteriorate, even with the beating the sun and elements threw at them. So if the bones of thousands are missing, it is not because they totally disintegrated. Teotihuacan is in a dryer area, which would tend to preserve skeletal remains even better than a jungle area. The population and their bones had to be completely removed from the area.


My best guess is that the bones are a consumable item, much like the meat of the victims. If the Reptoids were indeed using the missing people as a food source, there is a good chance they eat both meat and bone. If you examine the eating habits of large reptiles like alligators, crocodiles, and Komodo Dragons, you will find that they readily consume everything. Alligators in Africa, for example, will swallow the entire leg of a zebra, meat, bone, and hoof. Komodo Dragons will do the same thing with deer. Nothing is left over.


A member of a research team was eaten by a Komodo Dragon some years back. All that was found was his hat and camera. The Reptoids being smaller in stature than the large reptiles may explain some “leftover parts” that remained after the massive number of “human sacrifices” in South and Central America. The leftover item is human skulls. They are too big to swallow. In just one Central American temple, the skulls of 250,000 people were found. That may be the historical equivalent of the MacDonald’s Restaurant signs.


The translation is, “two hundred fifty thousand humans served.” In the American Southwest, archeologists have found a similar disparity between the numbers of Indians who lived there, and the much smaller number of skeletal remains found buried there. To date, only 800 graves have been found. There is no trace of the many thousands of former inhabitants. The Anasazi Indians had a quaint legend that said many of their people were taken into caves that led underground by “ant people.”


What does that sound like? Spindly creatures with big heads and eyes?


Yes, it sounds like a description of the Grays, taking the Indians to an underground MRE processing plant. They also have legends of “lizard men.”

Wouldn’t predatory animals account for all the missing remains of the people who disappeared, if they had fled to the jungles because of a war, etc., and died there?

The people who vanished did not live near jungles. The only method of transportation they had was walking. It would have been a long walk to the nearest jungle. The horse was not introduced into the Americas until the coming of the Spaniards. They did not even have the wheel.


What kind of large predatory animals would come way out of the jungles to kill and completely consume 650,000 people at one sitting?


Here is a crash course in geography. Teotihuacan is in high plains surrounded by mountains, at 8,000-foot elevation, 40 miles north of Mexico City. Here’s a quote from a now defunct web site that dealt with Mayan Reptoid wall carvings:

“Other highlights at Chichén Itza include a giant natural cenote, which is a big hole in the limestone in which rainwater collects. These were pretty critical to a civilization of 8,000,000 people living in a limestone plateau without many rivers and with a lengthy dry season.”

I would be willing to bet the people built their cities at higher elevations because the air is cooler up there. On a recent travel show on the Travel Channel, an American tourist was shown who had brought mountain climbing gear to Mexico City, including a large ice climbing pick, because he was going to climb the mountains around the city (which is also at 8,000 foot elevation) and around Teotihaucan. There is ice on those mountains.


Think of the placement of cities at high altitude as ancient air conditioning. The average temperature in Mexico City and Teotihuacan is quite comfortable (in the months of Jan., Apr., July, and Oct., the temperature averages 54, 65, 64, and 60 degrees respectively). In Chichen Itza at an altitude of 7300 feet, the average temperatures are similar. Again, most of those people were not living in jungles. The lowland jungles in Central America are very warm and humid.


How many other pyramid sites are located at high altitude or geographically situated to provide pleasant temperatures, and why? Did the Reptoids prefer cooler weather?


Their ships inside temperatures are kept at about 40 degrees. The following average temperature tables show that the temperatures are pleasant at three pyramid sites Mallorca, Tenerife, and Teotihuacan, just north of Mexico City.

Another possible reason for locating Reptoid residential areas and visitor zones where there are mild temperatures is there is less need for clothing to protect against temperature extremes. On a long trip through interstellar space, luggage with clothing would take up room on their spacecraft and require extra energy to transport. If we visit or live in a comfortable climate, all we would need is a bathing suit.


It works for the Reptoids too. In all the sites they chose, they don’t even need clothing. As far as I can tell, they don’t use Earth as a vacation resort, just as a food restocking stop. They seem to just keep following the pattern of starting major wars and plagues here, then gathering up the dead bodies for food. They are not here to watch the spectacle of war either, since they also harvest people using plague, which has no exciting spectacle.


They have started plagues even in the middle of a war if the war is generating unusable food due to poison gas or artillery damaged meat as in World War 1. They started the 1918 Flu Epidemic to make up for the meat shortage. It’s all about the food.




Additionally, there is a huge underwater pyramid complex and city at about 100-foot depth in the ocean off of Okinawa, Japan. The average temperatures at that location before it submerged would have been cooler than the capital city of Naha, Okinawa today (shown here as a reference) because it was on the coast in ancient times, and Naha is inland.

See pictures of it at "Ancient Underwater Site at Yonaguni Island, South of Japan ..."


In 2001 another huge underwater city containing many structures, roads, and a pyramid complex covering a 7.7 square mile area was reported discovered off the west coast of Cuba. The archeologists that found it say it is the lost city of Atlantis. It is my opinion that it is another city of the Reptoids that submerged like the one off of Okinawa. It lies in the comfortable temperature zone that the Reptoids prefer. We know the Reptoids have a liking for pyramids too.

It is clever of the Reptoids to establish their local temporary living quarters in areas requiring no air conditioning for comfort. They operated much like the proverbial “Snowbirds” that migrate to Florida for the winter. The Reptoids did range into the far north. Vikings copied Reptoid images onto their boats, and had legends of dead warriors being levitated skyward.

Since the Reptoids had their images carved on so many structures in Central America, could this have been their headquarters while they were on Earth in ancient times?

The profusion of Reptoid carvings all over Central America and the moderate average temperatures of the high altitude cities may be indicative of an environment that was to the Reptoid’s liking. They might not sweat, so warmer temperatures may be uncomfortable for the Reptoids. Abductees report that the temperature inside alien spacecraft is always chilly. It’s usually cold enough to see your breath. A possible reason why these various pyramid complexes were built exactly where they had been built is because of the locations having a pleasant year round temperature. Recently other pyramids have been found that may also be in the comfortable temperature zone.


Check out this file: Ancient Pyramids in China. It tells about pyramid complexes found in China.


But where the Reptoids were residing in the Americas, the Maya and all other native tribes had no transportation other than walking. No wheel, ships, or horses. They were a captive society. They could not flee, except on foot.

They could not get very far if they wanted. Their diet was corn. By coincidence, corn fed beef is the tastiest beef. Corn fed Maya must have been tasty too. The skeletons of Maya Indians have been scientifically analyzed to determine their diet.


You can see the report on-line at:

It shows the Maya subsisted on maize (maize = Indian corn), and they were not cannibalistic. So something else ate all of the missing bodies.


<CLUE> The Maya made statues showing Reptoids eating people.

Which ancient cultures had the same legend of dead warriors being levitated into the sky after a battle?

Cultures as diverse as the Old Norse and old Arabian people have legends of dead warriors being seen as they were levitated off of battlefields up into the sky. We have our own “legends” of people being levitated up into space craft (ever hear of abductees?) and being tagged with implants (a high tech cow bell) so they can be located later


There are carvings on ancient Central American temples and pyramids showing Reptoids eating dismembered human body parts. All of the various ancient tribes in the Americas had carvings of Reptoids on their buildings. Since several of them were at war with each other, it is interesting that they shared the same “gods.” The same thing happened in ancient Sumer.


City-states made up of people of the same blood, were required by their warlord leaders to constantly do battle with each other, because they were directed by “the gods” to do so. They too had the same gods to obey. Both situations yielded high body counts. So the local gods had a good spectacle to go along with their meat-harvesting program. Some things never change.

Many “myths” are based on events, people, or creatures that at one time happened or existed. When the same myths are repeated in cultures that had no contact with each other in ancient times, then there is a high probability that those cultures observed similar actual events.


Who’s to say what a man sees during the heat of battle?

In the old legends the dead warriors were levitated into the sky AFTER the battle was over and the warriors had left the battlefield. It was usually done under cover of darkness. There are always people hanging around after a battle to strip the bodies of weapons, jewelry, and coins, so they probably saw that they had competition for the bodies on numerous occasions. That’s how myths get started.


In this case though, modern day scientists have discovered the methods the aliens used to levitate bodies and have successfully duplicated them in the laboratory. If you would like to duplicate the levitation experiments yourself, go to:

That site has the information from the scientist who did the research. I only mention this levitation capability because the aliens have actually used it in the past for body collection, and still use it to abduct people and cattle.

Have any carvings of aliens, or alien artifacts been found on pyramids recently?

Yes, some of the stones of the walls in the Tenerife pyramid complex had images of triangular craft and also images of Gray alien heads similar to Gray alien heads seen carved on the pyramids in Majorca. This information was supplied to me by Eric Morris, a British UFO researcher who has done research at both sites.

Why are Reptoids seen so infrequently in modern times?

After the Reptoids established the ranching operation, they had the Grays takeover and do the menial work: breeding, tagging, and harvesting. There have only been a few modern day reports of Reptoids being seen killing and eating humans. Those reports came from abductees who had witnessed Reptoids aboard Gray ships, acting in a supervisory capacity over all the Grays on board. The Reptoids killed and devoured two human abductees on one of the Gray ships when they thought other abductees nearby were unconscious. They witnessed the event and lived to tell about it.

Did the aliens show up to collect bodies that were generated by World War I and II? How did they harvest bodies in a war zone?

There is evidence the Nazis were in contact with the aliens and were supplying them with bodies. After both World Wars there were saucer flaps when the Reptoids showed up in force to collect what had been already harvested, packaged, and stockpiled for them by the Grays.

Check out the Project 1947 site for information on those old flaps. The site lists key sightings and has old newspaper accounts of the sightings:

As far as the Nazis supplying the aliens with bodies, there was a technology exchange going on, like the Grays supposedly had with our military. Last year our government declassified the information about the antigravity flying saucer that the Nazis had built. Strange, we admit they had an antigravity flying saucer but we won’t admit what we have. The Grays don’t swap technology for free.

The Nazis were obsessive record-keepers. Their victim’s corpses were disposed of either in mass graves, which have been located, or cremated, supposedly accounting for all the dead bodies.


How could they have supplied thousands of bodies to the aliens?

Well, the Nazis have been known to tell lies. They were covering up the fact that they had death camps in operation from their own citizens. It would be the perfect cover to trade bodies for advanced technology. The records would be falsified on the cremation figures to keep the information that the bodies were really being traded from falling into the hands of spies. A bodies for technology exchange program would have to be a very closely guarded secret.


This could be the reason trains transporting victims to death camps had priority over troop or munitions trains. Nazi soldiers did not keep detailed records of the 25 million Russians that they killed. Most of those bodies were left out in the open where any vulture or Reptoid could get to them. The Russians did not keep track of the millions of German soldiers that they killed and left out.

They had better things to do than dig in frozen ground to bury dead Germans. I seem to remember the Germans lost over one million soldiers in the Russian campaign. The Russians captured about two million German soldiers I believe. Look it up if for exact figures. The Russians marched the German prisoners of war all the way to Siberia. Only 10% made it. The injured and dead were left to freeze solid in the Russian winter.


All in all, it was a great harvest for the Reptoids: all that fresh frozen young meat spread out all over the Russian landscape, executed Russian and German prisoners, dead soldiers from both sides, and dead Russian peasant families. The Grays being the methodical ant-like creatures that they are, they would probably levitate those bodies into their craft under cover of darkness, just like they did in ancient times and just like they do to cattle and abductees today. Some things never change.

If the Reptoids harvested so many people in Central America, how did the population spring back to the levels seen today in those areas?

The Reptoids did NOT harvest everybody. They harvested the entire populations of 3 Mayan cities in Central America with a combined population of 500,000. That left 7,500,000 out of the original 8,000,000. Another 150,000 came from Teotihuacan in Mexico.

When Teotihuacan was founded, wasn’t the area snake infested swamps; hence all the serpent gods?

The Reptoid carvings are anatomically quite different from snakes. See for yourself. Check out the pictures of the Maya carvings of their Reptoid God that are in the back of this book . Now how many snakes have you seen with rows of sharp canine teeth in their upper and lower jaws? Not to mention a separate nose on top of their snout?

Even alligators don’t look like that. And what native animal species looks like a Green alien? There were carvings of the Greens found at Teotihuacan also.


Did Green three fingered aliens infest the swamps in Central America? What about a Reptoid type being that walked upright on two legs and wore decorative clothing?


The Arizona State University site describes the Teotihuacan location as follows:

“Teotihuacan is situated in the central section of the Valley of Teotihuacan. The valley is in the northeastern part of the Basin of Mexico, a plateau over 2,000 meters high with a temperate semiarid climate.”

That doesn’t sound like a description of swampland to me. Also according to the area only gets an average of 25 inches of rain per year at its 8000-foot altitude. Orlando, Florida gets 50 inches of rain per year. I guess I better call Disney and warn them that somebody sold them swampland. Just for the sake of argument though, even if there were swamps around every pyramid site in the Americas, it would have made the Reptoids feel right at home. I seem to remember some archeologist theorizing that the streets of some of the pyramid cities were flooded on purpose, giving them a picturesque resemblance to a city like Venice, Italy. If the water was deep enough, it could have even acted as a moat.

A special on PBS about the people gone missing in Teotihuacan, gave the latest theory, that they migrated north under environmental pressure and were one and the same with the Anasazi. They brought the cultural practice of cannibalism with them. The jury is still out, but the man has a good argument. The Anthropological Museum in Mexico City has over 20,000 corpses/remains from the Teotihuacan area and era. The bodies show evidence of severe malnutrition and high numbers of infant mortality, further supporting the environmental pressure theory.

If a portion of the Teotihuacanos fled for their lives to the US Southwest and became the Anasazi, they still did not run far enough to get away from the aliens. The Anasazi have a legend that many of their people were taken into caves that led deep underground, by “ant people,” never to return. That sounds like a good description of a Gray alien, “antlike,” big head, big eyes, spindly arms and legs.


The 20,000 starved bodies found at Teotihuacan could be the lucky ones who fled the city during the Reptoid’s roundup. Archeological evidence shows that the city was burned. If those 20,000 people hid out before returning, they would have returned hungry and found that their city and most of their food was destroyed by the fire.


If they fled the city in terror, they probably did not take any food out with them. You can’t grow food immediately to feed that many people, hence the starvation and cannibalism. There would have been no infrastructure of government or commerce left that could have secured food for that many people quickly enough to save them all.

The ancient natives were nomadic. They were not harvested, they just left. Nomadic? Did they take their large stone buildings and pyramids with them when they were in their nomadic mode?


Nomads by definition don’t have permanent homes. The structures they built were so permanent they still stand after 2000 years. Some of the pyramid complexes are 10,500 years old. WE are nomads by comparison. The missing people vanished not because they were nomadic, but because the Reptoids are nomadic, and the missing people were harvested to fulfill the need of the passing Reptoid mother ship migration fleet to restock food.

Haven’t the ancient peoples of the world learned spirituality from the alien visitors?

Not exactly. In their dealings with humanity in the past, the ancient peoples had the spirituality of “fear” instilled in them by the “gods,” so that the people would supply the “gods” a steady stream of human and blood sacrifices. To the Grays and Reptoids, spirituality is a tool to firmly control the actions of their livestock. The ancient people who worshipped them were “god-fearing.” With good reason.

What are the strangest historical artifacts that have been found?

The Grays have said on several occasions that they do things with atoms. Their handiwork is evident in two artifacts that have come to light. The most ancient item was looted from a pharaoh’s tomb by workers hired by a later pharaoh. The description has been handed down to the present. Unfortunately, the artifact itself is long gone. The description sounds like science fiction. The item found in the tomb was a red crystalline vase that sealed with a lid.


It would hold a gallon of water. When water was in the vase, it did not increase the weight of the vase. The material the vase was made from had been treated in such a way that it masked the contents from the pull of gravity. This shows the aliens were sharing items produced by their advanced civilization with the rulers of ancient Egypt. The narrative also stated that a star ship was buried underneath a pyramid.

The second artifact shows there was a connection between the aliens, and a location where millions of human lives were snuffed out. I’m talking about a possible link between the aliens and Nazi Germany. On the Art Bell radio show on July 23, 1998, Art told of getting a fax from a friend of his who had come into possession of a unique weapon.


The friend stated he had been given a World War II era German P-38 pistol. A farmer had found it buried in a plowed field. It was caked with dirt when found, the farmer assumed it was rusted and pitted, so he didn’t even bother to clean it. He just tossed it in a drawer the way it was. Years later he gave it to Art Bell’s friend, who was a collector of P-38 pistols.

The farmer thought it was only good for salvaging some parts. The P-38 again was thrown in a drawer for a few years. When the new owner finally got around to giving the gun a thorough cleaning, he was stunned to find it was in mint condition. It looked better than a new gun in a gun store. No rust, no pits in the bore, and most interesting of all, no proof marks or anything else stamped on the gun to identify the place or year of manufacture.


All of the parts were perfectly interchangeable with the other P-38s. The clip was still fully loaded with 9-MM bullets. The man took the gun to a shooting range with several hundred rounds of new ammunition. When he pulled the trigger the first time, the gun did not fire. Or so he thought. On checking the clip when he cleared the gun there was one round missing. When he fired the weapon a second time he realized that the gun was actually shooting the bullets and hitting his paper target, but with no muzzle blast, sound, or recoil. This gun had no silencer on it.


This was impossible. When the gun was disassembled for cleaning, it looked like it had never been fired. On very close examination the gun and its parts looked identical to any other P-38. But it gets better. The gun weighed the same as a standard P-38, but after firing e hundreds of rounds, it would weigh as much as 40% more, but would fluctuate back down in a short time. It was as if the gun temporarily absorbed all of the excess energy and explosive gas pressure given off by each bullet that would normally cause muzzle flash and noise. He could fire a few hundred rounds through the gun and the barrel would not even get warm.


Magnets would not stick to it, so it was not made of steel like a normal P-38. The gun could not be picked up by airport metal detectors and was completely invisible on airport baggage x-ray machines. Think about it. This gun is made from a material that’s treated in such a way that it absorbs the gas, sound, and recoil of pistol ammunition. As marvelous as this is, we must ask ourselves, why would the aliens build a better copy of a Nazi pistol? Did they have a representative in Nazi Germany? What were they doing there? Were they giving technical help to the Germans? Or better weapons? Or helping count bodies?


The Nazis did have one antigravity saucer-shaped craft they were testing. It looked like one of the Gray’s saucers, but could only fly at 400 M.P.H.. This information was declassified by our government in 2001. It could have been built from pieces of a crashed UFO. It was destroyed by the Germans at the end of the war.


Our guys found blueprints for the craft, but they were lost when the car they had been left in was set on fire. Isn’t it funny our government admits the Nazis had a real flying saucer, but they won’t admit we have them and build them? The big question is, did the aliens give antigravity technology to the Nazis to help them, or was it a crash recovery like Roswell?


It could have been a lucky shot from an antiaircraft gun that brought one down. Was the P-38 pistol a sample of what the aliens planned to supply the Nazis? In case you’re wondering how the P-38 got to the US, it was probably some GI’s war trophy. A war surplus gun with those alien characteristics would have been noticed years ago if sold through normal channels.


If the Nazis had won the war, you can be sure they would be processing everybody but the “Master Race” into MREs for the aliens. The Nazis had no qualms about genocide. Does this sound like where the Nazis were going? I can see the Nazis being willing butchers in exchange for advanced weapons from the aliens.


Does the fact that the concentration camps always had separate barracks for women sound like an old familiar plan? The senseless starts to make sense. The same old patterns repeating themselves. Same old aliens behind it too. There were thousands of saucer sightings during and especially after the war. The alien fleet had returned to collect the work of the locally based Grays: harvested and prepackaged MREs.


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