Ultimate Truths - Part III
The Real Meaning of the Term "Stargate"

...and its Tie-In With CERN (Creating a Black Hole?) & E=mc2

September 10, 2008

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There have been many MSM articles lately, and even a lawsuit, about the opening of the new CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland.


Most articles highlight the great energy this particle collider will have; and that it may find a particle, physicists have looked for, these past 2-3 decades. (This is the Higgs Boson that gives rise to all mass.)


Other articles note that some scientists, or others, think there is a chance that the great energy involved in these proton collisions may give rise to a small black hole; the prevention of which is the basis of a federal lawsuit filed in Hawaii. The plaintiffs claim that the whole Earth may be destroyed.


Most physicists apparently believe either that this wonít happen, or that if a black hole is created, it will be too small and too short-lived to allow any appreciable mass of the Earth to be "sucked in."

This article may have a clue to a more correct interpretation of the purpose of CERNís new addition, though it too falls short of the "Ultimate Truths" as I have laid out in this piece.

The first article claims that the new CERN accelerator may be a "Stargate" creator, but does not describe the ultimate meaning of the term.

In my article, just cited, I explained the meaning of the terms:

quarantine, AKA, the grid, AKA the bio-net. This referred to the entrapment, 50,000, or more years ago, of the aliens who came here and created Mankind to be their slaves, and who wanted to be worshipped as "God."


(Even though the last concept either violates the proven Laws of Physics, or is the same, and is therefore redundant. And it certainly is not the "biblical" perp who did not want images of him made, because, in fact, this gutless "God" feared detection from above, and his subsequent elimination.)

According to Michael Tsarionís analysis of thousands of ancient historical texts (mislabeled as mythological texts), and even the so-called Bible, these aliens were "cast down" here and quarantined for their monstrously evil acts here and perhaps throughout the galaxy - or at least in the area they apparently come from - Orion.


Thus we have the Quarantine, or grid, or Bio-net that is specific to these aliens AND also to humans, as they used some of their own DNA in making us.

Accounts of astronauts that indicate that the near-Earth space is continuously scanned by a vast network of craft, and other means, so as to prevent escape back into the galaxy of our monstrous creators.


I have also stated my belief that this is the real purpose of the NSA - e.g. to create viruses that can be beamed up so as to destroy or hinder the grid/bio-net. Our evil creators are also responsible for virtually all the wars and evil that Mankind commits against itself.


These monsters are highly adept at creating fallacies, and getting "stupid humans" to do the dirty work against themselves! In particular, my articles highlighted that all nuclear devastations were either the clever manipulations of our alien creators against humans in escape attempts, or actions by the quarantiners against the quarantined during escape attempts.


These nuclear events include the WTC destruction, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, "biblical" wars -  such as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the "Great War" cited in the Mahabharata. The latter site is still radioactive some 13,000 years later.


And I know physicists that have told me that they observed fused sand recently where Sodom and Gomorrah are were said to be.

For completeness, I note that my knowledge of the quarantine/grid/bio-net is partially responsible for my knowing that the laughably faked Apollo program is a hoax, and that the ludicrous, evidence-free claims of "space-based" DEW use on 9/11 is not allowed by the quarantiners. But I also exposed DEW as an intel agency hangout specifically to hide the nuking of the WTC, and the ensuing China Syndrome at the WTC.


The Grid/Quarantine Network is also why I believe that the alleged, recent Chinese shoot-down of one of their satellites is also likely intel agency claptrap.

Due to their multi-millennial efforts to break out of the quarantine/grid/bio-net, and their failure to do so, so far, new methods are continually devised. I have stated that virtually everything that happens down here is geared for that end - certainly any large-scale events, projects etc. And as Mankind is totally controlled by these monsters, you can be assured that the latter do not care for humans to become the masters of their own fate, or to understand Physics any more than is necessary for the goals of these monsters.


The perfect example of this is the life-long intel agent/Physicist, Steven Jones, who was inserted, at the very outset of the discovery of Cold Fusion, so as to destroy this field of knowledge. Why?


I can think of several reasons, the need to prevent the acquisition of cheap, limitless energy sources, and maintain a need for "Peak Oil" (a limited hangout/lie) allows for perennial war. War is always good for the PTB, it maintains control, causes the loss of "freedoms," and provides an excuse for the "Big One" -breakout/escape/total extermination of Mankind - if, and when, that is deemed feasible.


Cold fusion may lead to knowledge that the PTB do not want Mankind to have, because it doesnít suit their needs for man to have this knowledge, for reasons that we may not be able to discern at this time.

Now nuclear weapons can be said to be based on the Einstein equation, E=mc2.


From this you see that a small amount of mass can be converted to great energy because it is multiplied by a large number - the speed of light [c] squared. But the inverse of this equation may have been a goal of the PTB, to create mass (m=E/c2) by imparting great energy into a tiny space. Thus a black hole or a wormhole may be created, according to some physicists.


The wormhole can be viewed as a possible "Stargate," or means of travel/escape from Earth. This is at best theoretical to us here; but beings that may be thousands, millions, or even billions of years more advanced - well, who knows. I certainly donít. Something that is possible for sub-atomic particles to do may, or may not, be possible for large, living entities to safely accomplish. But again we are discussing beings that may be vastly more advanced than we are.


Of course, if the quarantiners are more advanced still, they must be continuously monitoring for all possible types of escape, not just the simple one of obvious craft flying up.

There is evidence that all sorts of methods - some of which may seem strange to us - to ascertain the nature of the quarantine have been undertaken, so as to allow the quarantined ones to go through, or bypass, the quarantine, in some way and go "home." Thus the term "Stargate".


I note that the CIA had a program of studying and controlling "remote viewers."


Curiously, the CIA named their file on these people, and the methods used, "Stargate." Now I do not know if there is truly anything to "remote viewing," but I have read reports where there is supposed to be good verification. But can one trust the CIA not to put out anything but mis- or disinformation?


Another connection to the term "stargate" is via the controlling nations who meet and apparently decide the future of mankind. They call themselves the G8 (or "Gate") nations. These are pretty much the same nations that paid for the CERN accelerator with its possible, new potential to create a black hole, or wormhole, or "stargate".

Thus, those in charge of Mankind couldnít care less for Man to understand the Laws of Nature - rather the opposite!


A large project like the new CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider) likely has sinister, ulterior motives. After all, what, so far, has nuclear energy wrought for a totally controlled Mankind? Answer: City-destroying weapons and wastes that can last, and kill, for billions of years.


But the new CERN device may have new capabilities that this controlled species may not even be aware of. This includes fulfilling the ultimate goal of those in control down here, and desiring to leave via any means possible.

In conclusion, this Anonymous Physicist asks:

  • Is creating either a black hole for very sinister purposes, or a Stargate/wormhole to facilitate the quarantined onesí escape, among the possibilities for the new CERN LHC?

  • Will the Quarantiners learn of these plans, and prevent them?

  • Will Mankind be made to suffer greatly in either case?

Time will tell.



First test apparently went well (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080911/ap_on_sc/big_bang;_ylt=AhhShUmCMjMm7J2KAgMzE2sDW7oF). Importantly, this article says the accelerator won't be tested at full power for another year.

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