Ultimate Truths - Part XI
Did "OTHERS" Disengage CERNís

...Copious Production of Black Holes & (Temporarily) Stop The Stargate?

October 12, 2008
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Back in May, I wrote "The Real Meaning of the Term, Stargate and its Tie-In With CERN, Creating a Black Hole?, & E=mc2".


An update is in order. You may know that "just ten days after it began recreating the conditions of the Big Bang", CERNís Large Hadron Collider (LHC) broke down, and wonít be operational for a long, six months or so. These are rare events in the world of high energy, experimental physics.


The "official" reasons for the breakdown include "magnet failure" and "helium leak."


In my article above, I indicated that if there were something nefarious going on - such as our cosmic criminal creators attempting to create a Black Hole and a Stargate (Worm Hole) to obviate the need to go through (in the usual way) the Grid/Quarantine (as I described here) around the Earth), "OTHERS" - the ones who created the Quarantine/Grid - would try to prevent this from happening.

So perhaps the official story, though unlikely, may be true; or perhaps what I anticipated may have happened. Note that if the LHC is forever "disengaged" by OTHERS, this would never be publicized. You donít think they could hide or fake this matter?


I have well detailed here,

  1. that the entire Apollo Moon Landing "series" was a blatant hoax

  2. the existence of the Grid/Quarantine is hidden and/or denied for thousands of years

  3. that numerous moons (and possibly even planets) in our solar system may be manufactured/altered and emplaced in their current orbits by OTHERS

So pretending that the LHC were working would be relatively easy in comparison. A possibility that must be pondered.

Now - in contra-distinction to the MSM stories that either erroneously imply that no black holes will be created, or that they canít possibly have any adverse effects on us - is this article.

Included is this statement:

"This [calculation] also allows us to estimate the total number of black holes, that would be created at the LHC per year. Inserting the expected technical details for the collider, one finds a number of approximately 10^9 [one billion] created black holes per year! This means, about one black hole per second."

So one Black Hole per second is expected to be created in the LHC, says this expert physicist. Now the contact page for this article says it goes to Sabine(at)perimeterinstitute.ca.


But "Sabine" is really Sabine Karin Doris Hossenfelder, PhD, whose doctoral dissertation was "Black Holes in Large Extra Dimensions", and whose Masters thesis was: "Particle Production in Time Dependent Gravitational Fields."


So she is expert on both Black Holes and the possible extra dimensions (beyond the usual four of our ordinary space-time) that may also reveal themselves during creation of the black holes (see this excellent video.)


And these possible extra dimensions may be part of a Worm Hole/Stargate mechanism of breaking through - or better still, obviating the need to go through (in the usual way) - the Grid/Quarantine. As I have detailed, Stargate is anything but a "mystical" or symbolic term. Indeed attempting to create a means to go through, or to obviate the need to go through, the Grid/Quarantine around the Earth is behind the entire, controlled history of Mankind.


All the wars, evil, and now mass murdering advanced technologies involving Mankind have all been driven by our evil creators trying to create a way (Stargate) of escape from the Earth and this Solar System, and apparently returning to the area of the belt stars in Orion. And so nothing may be as important for our evil controllers to lie about, than the concept of escape or "Stargate."


It is not a mystical or symbolic thing. Its inclusion in ancient civilizationsí writings or drawings is only testament to the fact that the current version of Man has been dumbed down far more than his earlier cousins! These efforts abound today on the web, and in books etc.

But contrary to what Dr. Hossenfelder [whose blog indicates she curiously just wants to be called Sabine] states, the Physics of Black Holes is poorly understood, and may always be so - due to the obvious lack of experimental proof. Certainly for our still primitive [in these matters] species, Black Hole Physics (after their creation) is poorly understood.


Thus their "safety" regarding the possible harm to the Earth and all its inhabitants is a legitimate concern, as I deduced in my article. And this is in contradistinction to the MSM stories that either imply that no black holes will be created, or that they canít possibly have any adverse effects on us. Indeed look at the enormous temperatures of these Black Holes, as "Sabine" states - 1016 degrees Kelvin. This is 10 million billion degrees Kelvin.

Now the PTB are not hiding the deeper meaning of CERN/LHC when they proclaim that "33" countries are involved in its computer "Grid."

Recall one of the uses of the 33 that I revealed first here was for all things nuclear. And I have revealed here also the two reasons for nuclear weapons - created and controlled NOT by Mankind - but controlled by our monstrous cosmic criminal creators.

  1. A method, or threat, to exterminate all of Mankind, so as to try to force the Quarantiners to let our evil creators leave

  2. A means of trying to break through the Grid/Quarantine, such as occurred in 1958-1963 with American rocket attempts that are more commonly known as altering the Van Allen Belts around the Earth.

Note that the first factor is really two separate factors - the actual use, or the threat of use, of massive nuclear weapons and ICBMs.

I hypothesize that Black Hole creation and use by our evil creators, and their "33" lackey countries, has the same evil, dual purpose.

  1. The threat or use of Black Holes or Worm Holes to swallow up the Earth

  2. A means of escape through or "around" (through higher dimensions) the Grid/Quarantine

In conclusion, this may be best understood via a quantum philosophy whereby humans may never know the outcome, as follows.


If OTHERS are perennially successful in thwarting the LHC, and other coming attempts at Black Hole/Worm Hole creation, Mankind may survive but never know this. And if a Black Hole were successfully created by our evil creators, at the same time they successfully created a Worm Hole/Stargate means of escape, theyíd use it in a flash.


And that (the Black Hole) would be the end of all our problems - and us; which some think is forecast to occur by the end of 2012.


The current, rapid, blatant changes in the destruction of the alleged American democracy, and the blatant British/American Gestapo takeover of much of the "third world," and the current financial chaos all indicate that a final showdown is near.


And unlike the matter of nukes - whereby it might be possible to survive in a fallout shelter or such that were popular in the 1950ís - there may be no escape from a Black Hole, except for what our cosmic criminal creators may have planned, namely, a Worm Hole, or Stargate, to a far away place - Orion.

So we may well ask,

  • Is CERNís LHC and the lackey rulers of the 33 backing countries more dangerous to Mankind than all the nuclear weapons and missiles on Earth?

  • Is this why they finally began to reduce the numbers of these ICBMs and nukes?

  • Is something far more sinister at work now?

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