13 - Hyperversals: a New Category of Aliens?

For years now, human contactees have written about a category of extraterrestrials who so greatly exceed aliens like the grays, for example, that descriptions sometimes fall short.


Such aliens have been described as “non-physical” or hyper-dimensional. In Jim Marrs’ book Alien Agenda, government-trained remote viewers reported that such aliens are physical but originated during a succession of previous universe cycles (something like a previous universe, but not exactly). Instead, according to such reports, they’re all part of the same, overall universe. In order for that to be possible, the universal continuum would have to be much older than 13.7 billion years.

Cosmologists have toyed with the idea of a re-cycling universe, yet until articles about negative energy and slightly faster-than-light physics were published in recent years a re-cycling universe was largely considered impossible.


All evidence pointed toward one tiny singularity at the beginning of time. From such perspective, there could have been nothing before that first zero moment. The problem with such models was that they were all based on scant knowledge about black holes, in the first place.

More recently, cosmologists advanced the notion of a multiverse - a succession of interconnected, or inter-dimensioning universes. String theorists suggest that a previous “brane,” a sheet-like fabric of time existing in a previous universe, could have connected with our “brane” to cause the current universe to form.


US science journals are fairly conservative when speculating about a multiverse, preferring to limit their articles to sketchy notions about a fifth dimension, or mathematical models of extra dimensions (i.e. “branes” as some string theorists call them).

Non-US magazines like New Scientist discuss multiversal possibilities more freely, i.e. Marcus Chown’s excursions into the subject. See Michio Kaku’s article about escaping to another universe.


In New Scientist, a British scientist argued that a new model of physics could be premised on a more flexible notion of time, alone. Another scientist suggested that during a previous universe cycle, aliens endangered by waning energy conditions could have engineered a new universe into being. He didn’t suggest how they might have done so, but theorists like Steven Hawking have suggested that by manipulating the energy vs. negative energy status of a black hole, a kind of white hole could conceivably be created. In short, the old Einstein limit could be exceeded.

Hawking theorized that particles or quanta (discrete packets of energy) could escape from a black hole if “negative energy” fluctuations caused by “tidal shifts” in a black hole were to allow particles to briefly exceed the speed of light and escape the black hole - provided, of course, they slowed down for an equally brief time after escaping the event horizon.

For years Hawking bet colleagues that no information, no recognizable pattern in such quanta, could escape a black hole.


Then, in 2004, Hawking reversed himself and admitted that he’d probably lost the bet. New models showed that information (a kind of order) contained in what goes into a black hole could escape from a black hole, although Hawking suggests that we might not be able to decipher it, given the mainstream assumption that there are no faster-than-light physics (an assumption that aliens say is incorrect).

So, although theorists like Hawking still debate whether we might be able to see a “naked” singularity (a physically detectable black hole that somehow exceeds its event horizon), the question of whether black holes have a measurable “memory” has now come into mainstream scientific play. Recognized theorists now discuss the possibility that information can somehow be cycled through black holes. (See Scientific American, Nov. 2004)


This has far-reaching implications.

For example, as we noted earlier, if, toward the end of a given universe cycle (its habitable stability) aliens were to coordinate their actions universally, they could post gravitic craft near all black holes in the universe in order to extend a universe cycle. By sharply tilting the energy vs. negative energy balance of all such black holes at the same time, they could cause them to “bleed into” a white hole, a new universe.


However, to wait until the universe is waning might be too dangerous. Alternatively, and much more feasibly from an advanced alien perspective, they wouldn’t have to be near black holes, at all. Instead, they could simply orient all of their technology so that the universe cycle is being renewed continually, although it would have discrete event horizons. If such were the case, we might expect to be briefed about universal standards and safeguards re: negative cycle energy.

Remember Tom Bearden’s reciprocity discussed in earlier pages? He says that when light converges from opposite directions along each of three different axes so that it cancels out, if you gently pulse the energy it bleeds into electrogravity - and conversely, if electrogravity converges so that it cancels out, it bleeds back into light waves. Believe it or not, that last part may be a crude recipe for creating a new universe (or extending an old one).


It would require direct manipulation of negative and alternate cycle phenomena like black holes and the larger resonance of hyperspace.


By orienting all galaxies’ technology so that it converges and cancels out different categories of electogravity and magnetogravity, a “new” universe cycle could be effected. Different kinds of gravitics can probably be modeled and manipulated to sustain discrete structures of space and quanta in an extended universe cycle. Indeed, a more complex, ecological convergence and resonance of different, successively larger categories of gravitics is apparently how advanced aliens both monitor and avoid dangerous effects of such energies.

To extend a universe cycle would be a major feat and would have enduring political and ecological implications. It would require a standardized, universe-wide network of communications and interactions by hyper-advanced aliens. And if that were occurring all around, you wouldn’t want to be left out.


All aliens would need to respect that larger ecology - the more finely, the better.

Remember, advanced aliens see black holes as alternate-cycle phenomena that can connect and shape the universe via a resonance that’s slightly faster than light. If we use Tom Bearden’s equation, the mass inside a black hole isn’t mass in the old sense, at all. Instead, it’s Δt - a change, or fluctuation, of time (hyper-advanced aliens call it “alt t”). So, it isn’t a question of what is inside of black holes, but is, instead a question of how all such phenomena inter-dimension with their surroundings.

Presumably, only aliens with advanced alternate-cycle technology would be able to communicate widely enough to agree on standards for re-cycling the universe. And where would they get such technology? It might have been created by aliens who shielded themselves to survive the shock and radiation of supernovas and hyper-novas.


It could have been refined by aliens who moved to small, icy planets where gravitics were used to contain and stabilize an atmosphere to allow for habitation. It would have been further refined when aliens modeled how a galaxy’s alternate-cycle energy affected both a galaxy supercluster and the entire universe.

Apparently, “magnetogravity” is another kind of converged canceling out of waveform (like that of the TR-3B involving high-energy fields or plasmas that are spun around at high r.p.m.’s through toroidal, or circular, tubes). Black budget labs in the United States now reportedly produce magnetogravity.


See “Classified Advanced Antigravity Aerospace Craft Utilizing Back-engineered Extraterrestrial Technology” .


Magnetogravity simply converges and cancels out the magnetic fields that curve and bend around the flow of electricity. This can be modeled neatly. Scientists use the “right hand rule” to model how magnetism flows around electrical current.


Here’s what they mean: if you hold your right hand up - thumb pointing to your nose and fingers closed half-way toward your palm, the thumb points in a direction that electrical current flows, while the curled fingers show the way magnetism always curls around the flow of current.


So, it’s always the right hand rule: current flows like the direction of your thumb, while, at the same time, magnetism (a warping of the space around the current) curves and flows around the current - like your fingers.

* There’s a further irony in the fact that conventional electrical current is represented by an arrow that flows from the positive terminal of a circuit toward the negative terminal, as though the positive “charges” flow in that direction. Meanwhile, what we call “real current” is the flow of electrons that go in the opposite direction. “Real current” flows from a negatively-charged electron’s position in one atom to the positively charged empty hole in another atom. This subtle irony becomes important in superconductors (condensed state physics) and the weirdness of negative energy relationships. Rather than being a simple, linear flow, we see a more complex multiple flow (and convergence) of electrons, empty holes where electrons were, and a subtle bending of space around the current (which is what we call magnetism).

To extend a universe cycle would be a major achievement but would require all advanced “hyperversal” aliens to agree on certain, basic conventions.


Peaceful coordination on such a scale doesn’t just happen by itself. It would have to be accomplished. It would require humility, a shared vision of all participating aliens in the universe. Such aliens would likely reduce or moderate their numbers in order to continue into an extended universe cycle. Greed and violence would have to be overcome (but disagreements would continue).

So, what would be the main theme among such beings? Once again, a shared ecology, not a piggish scramble for real estate. Living in an already inhabited, hyper-advanced universe, humans who think that greed is the best way to get ahead of the alien pack would be seen as weird, undesirable primitives. According to numerous aliens’ reports, larger precedent has already been set. Regimes of violent, classist greed are less able to maintain a survivable ecology. Entire planets “die,” at intervals. In some cases, they are manipulated toward such ends.

Those who suspect that this discussion about hyper-advanced aliens is headed in a certain direction are correct.

On May 6, 2004 an apprehensive population of hyper-advanced aliens (hyperversals) began explicit contact here, in no uncertain terms, by stating that, yes, they did originate during a previous universe cycle. As far as I know, it was the first time such aliens had gone semi-public in announcing their existence. Human officials had previously hinted at such beings in one rumored French government report and a US government report that Sgt. Clifford Stone saw while on active duty. 


The French government has been less retarded than the US government in publishing its findings about aliens, i.e. the COMETA report prepared for the French defense ministry, and the year 2004 report “UFO’s, the Evidence” by Dr. Jean Jacques Velasco, head of SEPRA, a sub-unit of the French equivalent of NASA.

Years earlier, an unusually advanced, non-IFSP alien had almost casually remarked, here, that Verdants are seen as efficient compilers of data that more advanced aliens can later draw on. This was stated in passing but was starkly different in character from previous aliens’ remarks. At the time, we, humans, were trying to put what we were seeing into larger, coherent perspective, and I suspected that something was going on that far exceeded Verdants.


There had been other remarks of the sort, statements that coolly and confidently put the Verdants in their place, as though the alien(s) making the statements had more advanced, large-scale insights of some sort.

For example, one day several years ago while I lay awake in bed, the more advanced aliens demonstrated their capabilities by seeming to change both the nature and the order of time - its very structure, right before me as I lay, eyes closed but "watching” attentively! Years later, another hyper-advanced alien explained that they had simply looped time in more complex ways.


For years prior to the event, I’d interacted with aliens closer on the evolutionary scale to humans, so I wasn’t one to be unduly impressed by basic, off-world capabilities.


But the looped-time incident was vivid and deliberate, far beyond the capacity of gray/IFSP aliens (a fact that gray/IFSP aliens seemed to acknowledge later) and was done to make a statement of some sort. It took the lid off of the Verdant-imposed ceiling over humankind. Apparently, there were more advanced others of some sort.

Back to the morning of May 6, 2004 - years afterward: I awoke after experiencing sleep interruptions done by IFSP-related aliens when someone like me stands out for criticizing their activities.


The night before I’d been involved in an argument during which, as an aside, I firmly, but reluctantly warned “grays” that humans have a right to defend against the type of scheme that appears to have ruined the original gray planet and furthered Verdant predations there. Such back and forth mind communications can be testy, to say the least.


Being a critic of Verdant provocations, I felt it necessary to state a basic truth about the human predicament.


For years, while I investigated the manipulated-conflicts scheme that alien sources say Verdants imposed on the original gray planet - which led to its ruin, I had argued that Verdants might have wronged grays. I’m seen as unusual for having done so. More noteworthy, of course, are the efforts of alien individuals who go out of their way to report on the subject.


My investigations into Verdant doings are more explicit than those of most humans. In part, this stems from ongoing help and information offered by sympathetic, non-IFSP aliens, some of which is noted in previous chapters.

Again, on the night of May 5, 2004 I’d warned grays that humans could logically be expected to use lethal force to ward off abductors working a takeover and possible planet-killing scheme here. It was the first time I’d “spoken” so bluntly, and I discerned that various aliens attending to the exchange felt that a critical threshold had been reached.

Little did I know who would respond, later…

Early the next morning, I was awoken and critiqued (the usual kind of communicated exchange) by a hyper-advanced alien I’d previously criticized for acting like “the boy in the bubble” when offering comments from highly advanced, yet idealized remove from the Verdants’ scheme here.


The hyper-advanced alien was clearly more evolved than a Verdant yet seemed to loft any argument about Verdants into cryptic, large-scale terms, attributing a seemingly round quality to such considerations. Given Verdant violations here, I’d expected more trenchant legal distinctions, at least some acknowledgement that humans have valid grievances.

Then, quite unexpectedly, the given alien admitted that his population had evolved before what humans call the Big Bang!


He also hinted that the current universe cycle had been engineered, or somehow extended. It was a semi-public admission that life had existed in great number during an earlier phase of a longer universe cycle. In short, if the report is correct, the universe is much older than a mere 13.7 billion years. Then, in order to demonstrate that the story was told in earnest, the alien opened up the entire context of previous, related advanced demonstrations, noting that they were the work of his kind. The experience had the same depth, a different feel from the coarser, more crudely framed Verdant doings.

Later that day, someone in the hyper-advanced (“hyperversal”) alien’s group showed a graphic “visual” of how it was for them to sit in a contained hyper-environment as the universe cycle was extended long ago.


In the visual, a crowd of aliens stood within a large, contained space. Containing them overhead was a large orb-shaped, magnetogravity-effected membrane at a time when the old universe was extended into a new cycle.



* The membrane may have utilized alternative fluctuations that go deeper than electrogravity and magnetogravity.

The subject was treated with deep gravity, a most somber message.


Those who witnessed it were awed; we’d never imagined anything like it. The best approximation would be to imagine that you live on a small planet or a very large, rounded, artificial "craft" at the exact moment when a big supernova or a hypernova, which would kill everyone, were they not shielded.

In the hyperversal aliens’ graphic, a momentous, apprehensive pause ensued as they watched the dome above rush with a muted red-orange color: some vast, cataclysmic event described as the extension of a universe cycle. It resembled the contained weathering of a supernova/hypernova and appeared to involve fades of the given aliens’ bodies, like those seen by Alec Newald on a Haven alien craft when it traveled at faster-than-light speeds. Tense, eerie quiet ensued, a collective pause of an extraordinary sort as the moments passed.

Of course, humans found it profound and deep with implications. It was a day that one remembers for life, a marker that could redefine a number of basic assumptions.

Nonetheless, we were on the watch for fawning, simplistic tendencies, the inability of some humans to maintain their critical acumen beyond such a threshold. Although it was a profound moment in human-alien interactions, I later walked the hyperversal who initiated the contact through a series of questions.

Mindful of the context in which the given alien had initiated explicit, open contact as a hyperversal (not using that word, of course) at a moment surrounding remarks about human defense against the Verdant IFSP scheme, I mentioned the above-noted human “direct operatives” (one a Swiss-French arms manufacturer and former mutual funds owner in the US, the other a leading Jewish financier in Europe) who reportedly further the IFSP scheme here.


The hyperversal alien suggested that I shouldn’t verge on the notion of violence toward grays.


Apparently a non-sexual of a seemingly gentle sort, he suggested that the gray story was a complicated one that merited deeper, moderated reserve. I said I hadn’t advocated harming the grays but had argued otherwise for years, mindful of the Verdant-related debacle that killed the grays’ home planet, causing grays to lose the only mature, naturally evolved biome that may ever be allowed them. Due to the disaster, some grays are perpetual guest-dependents tasked by Verdants.

The hyper-advanced alien who initiated contact is part of a population I tentatively referred to as the –X3’s ( - for negative energy users, X for hyperversals, and 3 for the fact that they don’t merely work via a positive-negative energy scheme, but appear to have refined a third, more complicated dynamic).


The –X3 alien/spokesperson replied that a human collective premise will arrive at some vaguely gray-like status, over time, irrespective of short-term human choices.


I countered that –X3 fails to make basic, legal distinctions, that –X3’s cohort population isn’t actively engaged here, nor is –X3’s cohort doing basic, day-to-day physical duty here. One of –X3’s related associates, using a staged Verdant-like filter, countered that I, myself, am not yet “effective” in correcting certain problems here (human violence, inequality, etc) - -it appeared to be a hint about –X3 involvement with Verdants. I countered that further time is necessary to propagate and evolve a more advanced planetary basis to correct such problems.

I said Verdants propagate conflict, essentially enslaving grays through lies, deception and destruction that allows a partly corrupt, overgrown population of sexuals (Verdants) to lead nonsexuals (grays), which could be dangerous. –X3 replied glibly and without detail, saying that humans would arrive at some collective premise, anyway - perhaps rationalizing that violently schemed Verdant ends justify the means. At this juncture, other aliens, some of an advanced hyperversal character, offered critiques of –X3. It was greatly helpful, in that we, humans, were over our heads in a subject about which we knew little.

I tentatively refer to the hyperversals who criticize –X3 as –Xn’s (n for a possible extra integer and/or character). The –Xn’s appeared to be another group or a counter-posed hyperversal faction either equal to, or more advanced than –X3.


Again, one must remember that during the waning phase of a previous universe cycle, there would have been many advanced aliens of different origins from different systems. Some would now be more independent-minded, more rigorous in their thinking than others from collectives that might, at times, favor the generalizations of a given community.

–Xn said that –X3’s group had directed Verdants to our location in the Milky Way, effectively helping Verdants initiate activities here. –Xn also noted that –X3’s group deliberately informs Verdants of the location of some newly technological planets like our own, hence –X3’s group apparently rationalizes that some planets will be ruined (which could, conceivably, accommodate –X3’s cohorts).


One or more of the –Xn’s added that some of –X3’s associates do so as a deliberate strategy. At this juncture, –X3 was listening attentively and had ample opportunity to correct -Xn if this were untrue, but he didn’t, which may be tacit admission that the allegation was correct.

In alien community-of-mind communications, honesty isn’t merely optional, it is required because dishonesty is easily detectable and lacks coherence, so dishonesty has a failed, more seemingly physical, anatomical character. Honesty is more intelligent because it connects on a larger, finer scale through shared, scientific transparency, even if, at times, honesty may feel uncomfortable.


However, when an alien community of mind like the one that includes –X3 interacts with an exploitative population like Verdants, and when that combination interacts with humans, lies, deception and low-order propaganda (plus other diversions) can creep into the aliens’ behavior. They may try to rationalize it in terms of information control, but it shows that some advanced alien communities have very real problems.

As was later pointed out by one of the -Xn’s, hyperversals like -X3 are clearly physical and have water-based bodies.


–X3 himself was shown to have whitish-gray skin and a large, fairly rounded head. He/they are bipedal, with two eyes and a body that’s sturdier than a gray. He appears to be taller than a gray. His elbow and knee joints are notably rounded, more circular and sturdy than are those of a gray. However, the message had an overly deliberate, prototypical feel to it.


One fleeting quote asserted that hyperversals of the sort can live “11 million years,” which contrasts with the (mere) 20,000 years that Verdants reportedly live. One hyperversal stated that hyperversals like –X3 had to change, in part, to a lighter elemental composition in order to ride out and survive into an extended universe cycle. Whether this involved selectively using gravitics to simply remove heavy elements, or a more complex genetic strategy, I can’t say.


It may simply refer to how mass is suspended in faster-than-light travel.

–X3 and the -Xn’s both defer to, and appear to interact with, a host of other hyperversal aliens. Indeed, some of the other hyperversals are so advanced that they challenge one's notion of possibilities. For example, one (or more) of them later demonstrated an ability to pose what would happen, or would have happened were a human (myself, in this case) to have chosen unwisely/unecologically at a given moment. In an awesome display, the hyperversal (not -X3, by the way) drew upon a variety of time horizons to quickly show various outcomes that would happen to me were a variety of bad choices to be made.


The strange part of the demonstration was that it appeared to bend time around, to reach both back and forward in time, in order to do so - across a multiplicity of event horizons. No Verdant has demonstrated such a capability, to my knowledge.

More importantly, the other, more advanced (than –X3) populations appear to be more capable than –X3 and are more finely, deeply integrated into the continuum. Some of their existence and doings appear to dimension right through us and our surroundings because extra universe cycles appear to either resonate across and through ours via different orientations in time or co-exist with us - with much larger implications.

Perhaps some readers have witnessed manifestations of hyperversal consciousness communicating about right and wrong, good ecology and analysis vs. bad.


The reason why readers may have witnessed such is that hyperversals can fadedly watch and see through the activities of recently evolved aliens. They can do so without leaving much trace. Their capabilities suggest that the old notion of physical limits is a most specious pretension. We all inter-dimension, apparently, hence some of our old 20th century conventions are inadequate.

Again, to return to that first May 6, 2004 interaction with hyperversals: Mindful of my concerns about recent IFSP manipulations in US history, –X3 posed that presidents Kennedy and Johnson were simply (in context of the 1965 Indonesian genocide and the US assassinations) tools of elitist indifference, a failed violent strategy.


I countered that Verdant-related Biderman-DuPonts were among the worst of same, to begin with (this is widely, specifically known off-world, hence I wasn’t dropping a new idea into the mix).


Later –X3 allowed that Verdants could be wrong in their strategy, of course. At the time, I was looking for diversity of origin and outlook among –X3’s group after I’d noted various other hyperversals’ critiques, which was encouraging (hyper-advanced aliens tend to speak to us as a group). –X3 argued that grays played a vital role in introducing humans to advanced concepts, collective considerations and genetic/nonsexual ideas, etc. I countered that our non-destructive, non planet-killing neighbors may do that better without mobbing up the situation in self-interested, colonial fashion.

I argued that our best strategy is to reduce population and work toward a better ecology than Verdants exemplify. I argued the concept of basic, universal law (laws common to all societies), allowing for evolution and regeneration in some cases. In reply, –X3 tended toward generality and blandly remarked that we would ultimately arrive at collective reckonings, anyway. –X3 said we don’t need to kill grays (for whom –X3’s associates have some liabilities), that, instead, we can prevail through informed awareness.

Two or more –Xn’s critiqued –X3, who I accused of failing to make basic distinctions about Verdant mass crimes against humans. One sharply worded –Xn critique of -X3 fleshed out -X3’s reasoning and said that if we (a larger, non-Verdant convention) were to correct Verdants and cohere on a larger scale, we would be “more capable” because “we would (potentially) be able to return to” an extended universe cycle.


At the time –Xn was resonating through and elucidating the assumptions in –X3’s argument.


This was an important point. –X3 was thus posed as having assumed that the Verdant scheme would foul our collective large-scale convention, disallowing our large-scale capability and hampering us from enduring into an extended universal cycle. *It also suggested a possible relationship between -X3 and –Xn’s.

Wary of any –X3 assumption that might condemn humans to failure, I followed up on the subject at intervals. Later, one alien associated with –X3 asked (re: Verdants): “Do you know what they later become?” - hinting that the IFSP may be tasked with extended universe cycle duties - after Verdants have evolved considerably. This kind of thinking assumes, de facto, that mega-populations (like some hyperversals) have some common characteristics. Basic issues surrounding mega-populations will be discussed in a later chapter.

Other hyperversals attending to the exchange noted that by using a hybrid intermediary (who seems to have some human characteristics) -X3 had previously argued that any use of gravitic technologies by recently evolved aliens took away from –X3’s associates’ potential duration, dimming the minds/lifetimes of their progeny by shortening the duration of their calculated cycle.


The individual was trying to argue that excess use of gravitics would endanger the sensitivities of yet more-advanced hyperversals.

This was done with a melodramatic flare, as though a hyperversal child would be endangered, dimmed out at a vulnerable time. Knowing that Verdants squander vast amounts of energy at the expense of other peoples, I preferred to wait for better, more scientific evidence. Later, what appeared to be a less dogmatic hyperversal admitted that if humans were to opt for a conventional energy strategy, coupled with tightly limited, fine-scale use of gravitics, such usage would threaten hyperversals no more than a falling stone on a mountain might threaten a human on this planet.

So, I raised the basic question:

Can we not all share?

Later, the next night, this opened up coherent human-community consideration of the subject, which had drawn unusual attention, to say the least. I’m certain that hyperversals are a subject of intense official interest, given their implications for human contact with other aliens.

To help walk humans through the stiffly posed conundrum of –X3’s first explicit interactions here, one of the –Xn’s argued that –X3 fails to dimension time as we all must, hence –X3 argues a blandly generalized bias against this universe cycle’s life forms (this may have been reference to –X3’s assumption that I then thought that initiation of a “new” universe cycle might be deadly to some populations). In other words, were we all lumped into an undesirable category?

Again, taking time away from my normal work, I returned the conversation to questions of basic ecology, population reduction and non-violence - basic neighborly considerations. I had one lingering question about –X3: whether other –X3’s are “capable” of sorting out disputes in our neighborhood regarding the merger of the Milky Way and Andromeda vs. the Verdant intrusion here.


In this regard, –X3 appears to be vulnerable and can be held to basic honesty. We all agreed that life must be shared and respected, but –X3’s premise and his group’s Verdant links throw a cruel, calculated bone into our situation.


I would be remiss if I didn’t note that –X3 may simply be a hybrid used as an interface for human interaction with certain hyperversals.



* There appears to be thoughtful diversity among hyperversals.

So, is X3’s premise elitist (although framed in terms of commonality)?


In response, –X3 says he/they are more consistent than that. The question is open to further consideration, but the counter posed hyperversal’s report about the “more capable” and “return to” assumption lingers. In other words, among some hyperversals is there a kind of bias against recently evolved aliens? –X3 and his associates may not be able to see the all-of-time implications of propagating Verdant crimes without adequately exposing them in order to organize a better, collective response.

* About 18 months after I first learned about hyperversals, a –Xn hyperversal stated that one apparent leader in the given hyperversal security section is from a large elliptical galaxy. Beginning on 9-20-05, there were indications - direct statements by hyperversals, that those hyperversals who support the Verdant expansion are part of a group of three hyperversal regimes (later specified as working on a group of three elliptical galaxies).


This may be reference to the galaxies Centaurus A, our Milky Way-Andromeda elliptical-to-be, and one other, i.e. possibly N5102 - a dwarf elliptical called the Lenticular Galaxy in the Centaurus A galaxy group (the group where Verdants reportedly originate). *N5102 is only .214 times the apparent size of Andromeda. At various junctures there had been cryptic indications that hyperversals living in or tasked to the large elliptical galaxy Centaurus A (neighboring the Verdants) were among the “three ellipticals” security section - I had noted the one leader, in particular, on numerous occasions.


One hyperversal who posed as a –Xn later said the security-section hyperversal had essentially been “in his retirement garden” when a disturbance threatened the planned stability of his (home or assigned) galaxy. In other words, the given “three ellipticals” hyperversal who tends to the Verdants could, conceivably, have had mixed sentiments about how Verdants were later steered outward into other galaxies. *I’ll refer to this (presumably Centaurus A) hyperversal and his security section in later pages. Over time we’ve seen that there are ties between the above-noted hyperversals that eluded my first assessment.

That first graphic representation of a three ellipticals project (replete with images of hyperversal-created hybrid aliens posed above the extended, opposing top and bottom central black hole vortices of three vague galaxies) was intended to inform us about the social and ecological implications of merging galaxies.


There were conspicuously prototypical aspects to the graphic, as though we’re seen as a trainer case set against a more complex backdrop of larger mega-populations. The hybrids posed in the graphic look like a cross between Larry Warren’s reported Bentwaters triangle aliens and Billy Meier’s purported photo of an alien in a helmet visiting Mars (very alien-looking aliens).

Comments by hyperversals critical of the “three ellipticals” interaction with Verdants suggest that such hyperversals can see a logic in throwing off the IFSP’s scheme here, which has limited, if not conditional backing, at best. The hyperversal "security section" said to work on three ellipticals may be the cosmic equivalent of a sewer squad containing some offenders who, in yet another twist of the universal ecology, must be bundled together away from more gentle, constructive others.


When it’s all seen from above, we can see that the most dangerous elements can't be allowed to just wander off wherever they want to go. Ugly as it may seem, in some ways they’re all part of the same basic tendency.


The “three ellipticals” hyperversal faction clearly supervises –X3, which suggests that –X3 is a lesser dependent, if not an engineered prototype, of the “three ellipticals” hyperversals. In a sense, –X3 appears to be a genetically designed prop.

The Verdants’ disproportionate number and their abuse of vulnerable peoples suggests that –X3 and the “three ellipticals” faction have failed to curb an epic offender, if indeed they ever intended to do so in the first place, although they may have a multi-faceted policy re: Verdants.


At present, Verdants seem to have reached or exceeded their sustainable limit, yet they continue to reproduce sexually and intrude upon, then deprive lesser populations of resources. The Verdant case, coupled with –X3’s compromised posture, suggests that along this edge of the Virgo supercluster –X3’s associates may not be as effective as more mature hyperversals are elsewhere.


The inference owes to Verdants’ predatory habits and sheer, inflated greed.

Question remains as to whether a kind of deal was struck with Verdants that may be regarded as having compromised our neighboring populations. Verdants and the “three ellipticals” faction (includes –X3) may do a limited kind of trade with each other. Worse yet, at times –X3 appears to view recently-evolved populations in basically prototypical terms because –X3 sometimes lapses into a coldly distanced forgetfulness about his own essentially animal “nature” and origins. Sometimes, that seems infantile.

On the other hand, the –Xn’s timely ability to counter certain –X3 assumptions offers some hope, although some –Xn’s appear to simply be related, counter-posed hyperversals. However, such hope is only as good as is the human ability to transcend and freeze out the Verdant scheme, which, at the moment, has assumed epic proportions. In other words, humans are caught within a kind of fail-safe duality: we either overcome the animal tendencies of our most corrupt, planet-destroying elites (among the worst of whom are “direct” IFSP operatives, reportedly) or we could easily perish.


Apparently, more advanced populations don’t leave much room for upstart primitives to propagate outward.

By reportedly infiltrating human elites with corrupt IFSP “direct operatives,” as one hyperversal alien referred to them, the “three ellipticals” faction has distorted the entire equation here. A counter-posed alien said that –X3 and his controllers consider all recently evolved aliens primitive, if not dangerously undesirable, hence their prototypical treatment of humans as a people.



* In March of 2007, a “three ellipticals” hyperversal stated that the defining perspective among his peers is that the original gray planet died when (or after) grays attempted to use negative cycle technologies as weapons. The remark came long after humans had begun to question whether the “three ellipticals” faction was on-scene during the IFSP’s intervention on the gray planet. In 2007, an older, possibly independent hyperversal suggested that some of the “three ellipticals” hyper-versals now here in our vicinity witnessed the death of the old, gray planet. The question is whether they orchestrated that intervention, also, and whether, given their experience, the same crew merely followed grays to our location. If such is the case, they could be hardened and dangerous.

In view of the above, we need to cultivate better human awareness of the actual history and implications of a deeply inhabited universe.


For example, given the aloofness and prototypical mindset of the “three ellipticals” faction, we may need to field a tighter legalistic, more deeply communicated collective response to Verdant-like abusers of the local ecology. On the other hand, the simple existence of secure hyperversal communities has implications that transcend Verdants’ fear-mongering predations.

On balance, this and other evidence for the existence of hyper-advanced aliens suggest that we live in a universe that is smarter than had previously seemed possible.

As for myself, I’m but one small part of a community of like-minded others who study such situations closely. I’m impressed by the smooth, attentive humility of the many humans who witnessed the above, the clean, clear way that collective human reasoning has developed in such regard. Note: in the fall of 2005, one counter-posed hyperversal stated that due to the nature of the interactions to which I am party, at least “30,000” humans and others “have to” keep track of the interactions, to some extent.


Given the fact that such interactions stand out in semi-public profile due to ongoing alien inputs, I’m not surprised to hear such a number. In years past, had I foreseen what is now happening here and elsewhere on this globe, I would have marveled at the ordered, humble clarity with which such events have occurred, the absence of weirdly backward human interlocutors.


Curiosity seems to have gotten the better of them.

Even before hyperversal aliens manifested openly here, I had suggested that it’s meaningless for humans to re-invent the stone, so to speak. Instead, I encouraged people to pick up in terms of the best and most advanced of all contemporary aliens (anywhere) and try as best we can to not go back, thereafter. Apparently, the lessons of other kinds aren’t lost on us.

I should note that information in this book hasn’t come to me easily. Instead, it followed after years of struggle - direct IFSP deceptions and misrepresentations. In the process, I’ve endured spats, both with IFSP aliens and with a contingent of –X3-related others (i.e. hybridized intermediaries, and the “three ellipticals” faction) who at times try to steer humans into the Verdant fold.

The –X3-related contingent’s prime, stated reason for doing so? To effect a human change from sexual reproduction to non-sexual in order to put humans on a more ecological footing.

During the course of various discussions, political and scientific information sharing, and more, I was shown that grays used what Bearden calls “scalar electromagnetic weapons” utilizing some combination of negative energy fluctuations to kill dozens of US soldiers who attempted to prevent some grays from escaping captivity in an underground US base some years back.


This was demonstrated through slight amplification of an electrogravity/magnetogravity field inside my own head, while a friendly non-IFSP alien commented on the process, saying that the grays escaped by psychotronically coordinating an energy weapon activated from outside, not by simply using their thought waves (the case is widely known).


I felt sharp pain due to sudden pressure pushing outward from within all of my brain structure. On another occasion, what appeared to be a hybrid working for “three ellipticals” hyperversals used electrogravity to put a kind of Dt freeze on my liver function, causing mild pain there for days after I’d mentioned that the Verdant strategy toward Earth smacked of “a war-like tactic.”


I was advised to discontinue remote probing of the Verdants’ main ship while a “potentially lethal” use of energy was being directed toward me. I held off for about 10 days. I should note that, at the time, I was smack in the middle of sharply worded, direct exposures of Verdant doings here, which proved extremely embarrassing for them - exposures partly informed by non-IFSP aliens.


Two years later, a “three ellipticals” hyperversal used a roundly, technologically effected field of energy targeting my left ear to cause a hearing and balance disorientation (a hyperversal even commented about it) after I’d shown other humans how good humans exceed the marginally corrupt constraints of the “three ellipticals” faction. That may have been done to intimidate and discourage me (it didn’t work).

By April of 2007, after years of interactions with various hyperversals, it was apparent that -X3 is a dependent of the “three ellipticals” hyperversal faction.


–X3 may be one of relatively few hybrids specially designed to work the human-gray context. I’ve been disappointed to see that -X3 doesn’t seem to have an independent, mature perspective, in a larger sense.


Instead, he appears to be both controlled and tasked by the “three ellipticals” faction. He’s been seen taking orders and doesn’t seem to be responsible for the structure and decision-making of the hyperversal group that he depends on. –X3 seems to lack some trenchant critical thinking skills, as is sometimes the case in large mega-populations that exercise psychotronic and genetic controls over lesser members. Such groups can be heavy on propaganda and sometimes incapable of comprehending good, external critiques. I discuss the subject in later pages.


–X3’s first contact here appears to have been ancillary to a larger group’s initiative, and may even be their attempt to either pre-empt another alien group’s initiative, or to offer at least some marginally apologetic background for humans to consider, given Verdant attempts to exploit humankind as Verdants did the grays, thousands of years earlier. –X3’s associates aren’t innocent in such doings.

The relationship between the “three ellipticals” faction and counter-posed hyperversals like those I tentatively call –Xn’s needs to be explored further. They are certainly familiar with each other, which suggests that the given hyperversal aliens’ strategy here isn’t as simple and obvious as humans might surmise, initially.

Now that I can distinguish –X3 related communications from those of other aliens, I’ve come to see that the “three ellipticals” faction (includes–X3) can be highly manipulative. They prefer to appear to remotely monitor the Verdants, in part to possibly give humans a direct, unmistakable taste of what the Verdant collective is like and could be expected to do if humans were to capitulate.


In part, –X3’s associates see a need to tend to the situation here and may even see Verdants as useful for the “three ellipticals” energy resource strategy. Without a doubt, –X3 and other hyperversals regard Verdants as being less evolved than hyperversals are. Hyperversals tend to act as though Verdants don’t pose a major risk to them.

Nonetheless, some hyperversals stress that humans shouldn’t act in ways that might allow Verdants remote entry to, hence the opportunity to copy, hyperversal technology for which the Verdants might not be responsible. The consequences could be fatal, both to humankind, and other populations, given previous Verdant offenses. Verdants didn’t grow so numerous through humility and moderation.

More importantly, hyperversals appear to live in or near every major galaxy in this universe. This has been stated over and over again by hyperversals. So, hyperversals probably trade with lesser empires/collectives like that of the Verdants.


This poses a risk to humans because, should we fail, our system could conceivably be cannibalized by both Verdants and hyperversals, i.e. Verdants taking some nearby star systems where they’ve reportedly stationed their enclaves on provisional status, or the “three ellipticals” faction using other relic aspects of our system. To some this may seem a far-fetched assertion, yet aliens have repeatedly stated that a biological beauty like Earth is rare and coveted.

Given that hyperversals appear to inhabit and influence galaxies like our own, further questions arise. For example,

  • Do “three ellipticals” hyperversals distance themselves from evolving populations like ours in order to insulate themselves from Verdant-like crimes against us?

  • Do they distance themselves in order to avoid being asked for direct help in cases of conflict?

If such were the case, they wouldn’t have to concern themselves with posing actual physical aid to recently evolved populations.


Hyperversals would be reluctant to do so, as is consistent with their plan to cultivate responsibility among younger populations, plus their need to veil their technology and capacities from the greedy hands of aliens like Verdants. On the other hand, the “three ellipticals” faction’s affiliation with the IFSP strategy suggests that some hyperversals seek hierarchical control over emerging populations and their resources.


All hyperversals firmly suggest that armed conflicts between worlds must be avoided.

At times, I’ve detected a hint of genetic elitism among –X3’s associates. Sometimes it almost seems as though their hyper-advanced technology allows them to coast along on autopilot. On other occasions, I’ve noted –X3 and his “three ellipticals” overseers acting with a kind of “fill factor” presumption: the mistaken notion that they can scan out all of the intelligent implications in the space-time surrounding a situation like that of Earth.


This can cause a hyperversal to lapse into self-centered, singular misconception, as though he/she occupies or is equal to all that he/she can access. In other words, a hyper-versal can confuse his or her awareness of the universe (inherently limited) with the larger universe, itself. It’s an easy mistake to make. There’s an illusory quality to time that we’re only beginning to understand, basic questions about the limits of a larger kind of out-of-body awareness.


There are subtle event horizons that can easily deceive one.

As one counter-posed hyperversal critic noted, some of –X3’s associates’ more distressing shortcomings can be attributed to their basic “biology,” their animal origins.


The “three ellipticals” faction sometimes hews so closely to the Verdant routine that I must re-examine a given interaction to sort out which group was trying to stump humans and cause them to lapse into low-order, concretized notions of life:

the “three ellipticals” section, or Verdants?


* Usually, it’s the “three ellipticals” section trying to pre-empt Verdants.   


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