24 - The Negative Cycle Mindscape

The following considerations are largely derived from alien inputs and should, in part, reflect the thinking of a larger, off-world community.


If we define the mindscape of an individual or community in negative or alt-cycle (gravitic) terms, which most aliens do, then the physics of mind are marginally extra-dimensional. I know that may sound confusing to some readers, so here’s an explanation in simple, graphic terms.

The physics of mind involve subtle fluctuations that allow for an information capacity that exceeds old notions of the human brain’s information “byte” capacity. This is possible because the fractional values (not whole numbered) of a mind’s information involve larger, universal relationships. Once an individual becomes sensitized to negative energy fluctuations, either through a subtle, seemingly darkened inner attentiveness or through direct interaction with aliens (and humans) who think in such terms, finer extra-dimensional values begin to suggest themselves.


The extent to which they do so is astounding and owes to a pre-existing, evolved kind of science. There is more than meets the eye.

Those seemingly elusive negative energy fluctuations are an underlying part of any atom and the space-time around you. As astrophysicist Paul Davies notes, any moving membrane, i.e. any quantum’s spinning “surface,” should create negative energy fluctuations. Negative energy is also measured in the Casimir effect, which occurs in empty space around us. Scientists use the Casimir effect to levitate objects.

Any slightest change in time, i.e. during your thought processes, cycles both through your mind and the larger universal relationships that define it.


In short, your thoughts resonate ever so slightly within the deeper dimensions of a larger universe. It’s as though your thoughts pull on tightly wound strings of tension at the sub-atomic level, causing a slight, but accessible change in the finer, airy dimensions surrounding you. In a sense, when your mind pulls on those tiny strings, some of the information “out there” can resonate back to you.


You move beyond old bounds and a more advanced awareness can spread in you. *Usually, the universe resonates into you more than you resonate into the universe, (i.e. that perpetual resonance of energy in your atoms).

By being ever so slightly attentive to such goings on, your mind becomes capable of a much greater awareness. Depending on your circumstance, you may begin to interact with aliens and will be able to compete more effectively with alien offenders. I know this sounds strange to some readers. Some say scientists assume there are extra dimensions, yet we don’t know how to access them. They’re wrong.


Many humans do so daily, while most aliens do so as a matter of course. They define themselves in such terms. To be competent, they must do so. Again, they converge inwardly while resonating outwardly.

If you don’t think in terms of extra dimensions just yet, don’t worry. Simply relax and take time to think it all through.


Telepathy and expanded sensitivities don’t develop overnight. It may take a while. Your key to doing so may be to practice toh shi, for example. Or, you may begin to notice a finer multiplicity of perspective in your mind that you can inversely pulse and expand - in a more elastic way, unlike the fixed and rigid linearity of old concepts. You may find yourself subtly feeling into those tiny moments between moments, so to speak.


You may begin to sense a deeper resonance among the subtle goings on around you. In either case, when you begin to feel into hyperspace, you’ll find yourself actively picking up on finer, extra details in the universe around you.

However, if and when you begin to do so it won’t be like you’ve suddenly broken through to the universal information bank. Instead, your awareness will be both conditioned by, and limited to, the extent of your thinking, the subjects that you consider and the way that you consider them. In a sense, it’s a co-awareness involving shared, collective identities, rather than a direct manipulation. Be patient and remember: you’re entering upon a larger interaction where shared resonance of mind is more common.


As such, your thoughts are transparent; they can be known by others, which can be discomforting, at first.


Eventually, you’ll see that such transparency is the only way to keep the universe honest because everyone can be held accountable. Aliens use thought-activated psychotronic technology to enhance this capacity.

The problem is that some alien societies, even some of the so-called hyperversals, have had difficulty evolving past Big Brother-like abuses that can accompany the use of mind-activated psychotronic systems.


David Jacobs’ detailed abductee reports about gray-human hybrids help to illustrate this fact. (See The Threat). In a sense, some humans represent a fresh break from such conformity, given our attention to individual rights and liberties.


To aliens, humans represent a kind of physical rigor and genetic diversity, plus an extension of legal guarantees against abusive government. However, honesty can be painful. To admit the truth about offending regimes here, among us, can be trying in the short term, yet if we don't do so we remain trapped in a vicious cycle.

Given their long lives and ancient bureaucracies, aliens can degrade, so we need to be honest and critical of them, however sticky that may seem.


On a universal scale, honesty is the tie that binds; it is required. Some aliens grow very old and may be pressured by large regimes to do wrong. Being newcomers, humans are seen as posing a clean, unfiltered critique, at times. Imagine how you'd feel if you were an alien who argued for basic rights and an end to coercive abductions yet your government was so large and convoluted that it continued to do so, anyway.

Sometimes we see relatively good aliens who veil themselves and do wrong in order to provoke humans into sharpening our critique of alien offenders. It's a dodgy, backhanded tactic, but it happens.


Among aliens, manipulative skullduggery is rife yet is transparent to patient observers.        


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