28 - Crime in Alien Societies

Although we donít yet have human reporters in alien societies, we do have statements by aliens about crime on other worlds.


At various junctures in my interactions (observed by other humans), aliens have stated that crimes and corruption arise in their societies. Concentrations of power and favoritism are said to be a problem, as is resistance to reform of off-world policy. Unlike Earth, where racketeering and theft of government resources centers on certain repeat-offender families (i.e. Du Ponts, Rothschilds, royals), alien crime can center on those who simply share agendas, disposition, or technocratic coldness.


Some of the ugliest crimes are committed in specialized off-world sections that mainstream aliens may hear little about.

There are different cultures of mind-activated technology in different locations, so psychotronic news and study information varies. Psychotronic information on a home planet or a heavily populated colony planet may be starkly different from the information on a smaller base-planet near a place like Earth. By way of analogy, the talk in a UN cafeteria is starkly different from what one hears in a Halliburton lunchroom in Iraq.

Aliens who favor expansion and resource predations lead in some of the worst crime categories, yet some say theyíre only indirectly involved in what their minions and direct operatives do. Genetically manipulated aliens who no longer sympathize with victims of off-world policy will rationalize destruction in terms of control, evolution, and idealized technological priority. Aliens who share information with humans have said that aliens occasionally crack up and commit murder, even in extraordinarily advanced societies.


However, murder rates are said to be relatively low. One hyper-advanced alien said that the most gentle, non-violent human cities nearly rival the low level of violent crime on some alien planets.

In other words, aliens have to reform their worst offenders somehow. They must be monitored and kept out of sensitive positions. In societies where telepathy and psychotronic technology can often discern antisocial attitudes, violent offenders are more easily detected. However, there are complications. Alien criminals may behave subtly to avoid detection or may exercise their animosities in government roles where the ďofficialĒ excuse provides cover.


Worse yet, some alien genotypes and individuals can be identified then tracked or cultivated to do the worst kind of duties.

Psychotronic technology is reportedly used to monitor, and if necessary, isolate alien criminals. Aliens have hinted at the limits of psychotronic conditioning to reform lawbreakers. Some criminals may be genetically defective, incapable of complete reform.


In other cases, reportedly, there are mixed varieties of treatment:

  • genetic procedures

  • psychotronic conditioning

  • lucid experience psychotronic conditioning

  • re-sensitization

  • rehabilitative work assignments

However, there must be careful oversight because the same kind of conditioning can be used for mind control and cultivation of agent-offenders (this is reportedly a problem among human elites, as evidenced in MKULTRA and Monarch program crimes against humanity - which provide a non-registered human population the IFSP could abduct without detection by human officials).

'Eugenics and The Nazis - The California Connection' about Rockefeller funding of Auschwitz ďDoctor of DeathĒ Mengeleís early eugenics work.


US intelligence later seized Mengeleís records re: torture of child sex abuse victims to create multiple personality syndrome for covert purposes. Conditioning of the sort was allegedly replicated in the Monarch program associated with various CFR members.

Slavish addiction to technology can go drastically wrong.


For example, a corrupt alien bureaucracy will manipulate or commit heinous crimes. Then, in order to mend the mood and outlook of those who do the crimes (i.e. an abduction/breeding and manipulated conflicts scheme targeting a planet like Earth), the bureaucracy can set its psychotronic technology so that it gives pleasure to those same criminals.


This helps keep them going at an industrial clip so that they experience less depression and breakdown due to the disturbing nature of their work. If, for reasons of outward appearance, the bureaucracy doesn't want to use the psychotronics under official auspices, it can make the hardware available to those who do the dirty work so that they can please themselves.

In fact, we sometimes see hybrids and IFSP aliens who who depend on technology in a nearly addictive way. Assuming that narcotics are discouraged among aliens, what keeps alien offenders going? Psychotronics seem to fit the bill, at least in part.


Psychotronics can be set to create feelings of wonder, awe, beauty, insular grandeur, physical stimulation, social belonging, godliness, false spirituality, color, mood, and fear. Such feelings are a recording of an event or stimulus thatís artificially replayed later - borrowed from one context then sometimes replayed in a different person. Human abductees have been traumatized then flooded with psychotronic propaganda.


Itís criminal, but the worst alien offenders pose themselves as technologically godly, hoping to overwhelm a human.

Propaganda about insular one-ness may be used to keep dirty workers on-task and committed to their work. When one population in a large aggregate has more advanced technology than the other populations, technology and information access can be used to motivate lesser populations to obey. Those who obey can be offered work in far-flung places on exotic missions with better healthcare, education, and extended lifetimes.

Lest readers think that psychotronics stimulate total pleasure, we should note their limitations. During the course of my (educational) interactions, non-IFSP aliens demonstrated some psychotronics and used others as part of their daily activity.


As a result, I have a basic sense of their usage. Psychotronics canít completely take over your thoughts and awareness. They can slow or dull them, but a human will notice a stark difference between his or her own norm, vs. a psychotronically-induced version. How-ever, it can be tricky for aliens raised in a steady stream of psychotronics to sort out their own feelings vs. psychotronically-induced sensation.


Some feel dull and barren when removed from a cocoon of psychotronic propaganda. More generally, psychotronics can enhance memory or be used to help with condensed, efficient learning or spatial orientations.

Sexual stimulation by psychotronics isnít remotely like actual sex. Even when there is visual imagery, psychotronic stimulation feels artificial, as though remotely manipulated by a very detectable individual (who isnít erotic, by the way). It feels like a concentrated, locally irradiative stimulation in the groin area but is incongruous, incompatible with your mind and your actual erotic experiences.


It is used to extract semen, or eggs, and is sometimes used to influence naÔve or corrupt people. Normal, consensual sex is many times more physically pleasant, especially if the partner is close and unaware of superficial distractions.

So, psychotronics are no substitute for human contact. They are jarring, intrusive, and relatively weak, overall. At most, human sexual psychotronics would be a diluted form of masturbation. So, please, donít wait for it to happen to you. A willing human mate is many times more stimulating. In fact, I know of no intelligent alienís use of psychotronics to induce orgasm in humans, except to test and study them or take reproductive samples (for a breeding program).


Aliens evince a distaste for, if not impatience with, humans who think otherwise. Itís a question of who is better and more civilized. The greater standard is non-sexual.

Hyper-advanced aliens can make a criminal revisit the implications of a crime in order to re-sensitize the individual. He/she can be psychotronically and otherwise made to feel the pain and awareness of the victim and the victimsí associates, the reactions and opinions of the criminalís associates, and more.


Hyperversal aliens can show the criminal alternate outcomes that would have occurred had the crime not been committed, versus the situation resulting from the offense. The extent to which the individual learns from the experience may vary. Mass crimes of hyperversal regimes go unprosecuted, however.

Some aliens are reluctant to discuss their criminals, perhaps for fear that human spyagencies might try to get in touch with them somehow (although some aliens can ward off human probing). Aliens want to project a sanitary image of themselves, given the crudeness of human elites, at present.


However, discussions about alien crime arise often, especially in the context of the IFSPís intervention here.

When a large, multi-planetary population rationalizes crime in order to gain resources or control over another people, that entire alien society comes into question. The more distant and animal-like a target people seems, the more likely it is that crime may be tolerated in the approach to a target people. Over time, various aliens have said that all biological beings have needs and tend to coolly rationalize their ability to dominate and control.


The IFSP is but one example.

In other words, the more technologically advanced a population is, the more likely they will think their society is qualified to determine a given off-world situation. Technology can be civilizing but may be used to compel obedience. It is no guarantee of good character. Aliens evolve from animal origins, and, like any animal population, there is insularity in large concentrations.

Finer sentience or spirituality may wither beneath technological regimes concerned with domain. There are different varieties of that, yet all alien societies known to humans are, without exception, equalitarian, although their treatment of other alien societies isnít always equal. Advanced societies have a larger awareness, a greater diversity of worlds to study or visit.


They see the natural wonders of the universe - black holes, the huge craft of hyper-advanced aliens, and primitive biomes that probably feature dinosaurs - sometimes close-up. But one alienís spectacle is another alienís workplace. There is pressure to conform to meet resource needs. Mass crimes are more easily rationalized from a great distance.

Those who might think technology is salvation need merely look through a telescope. The natural variety of the cosmos suggests that technology isnít prime; itís only useful in limited ways. If hyper-advanced aliens are correct, technology has been abused by some regimes, which has required the alien majority to moderate them.


The most advanced societies live within a shared oneness, on a vast, universal scale, always aware that a categorically more refined order may have preceded them and may yet exist.


Itís a multi-dimensional continuity, not a mere singularity, although it relates to deeper, negative/alternate cycling of all ďblack holeĒ singularities. As we see in the most moderate hyperversals, humility is the lesson for all, no matter how advanced they may be. The more sentient and spiritually awake they are, the less numerous they need to be.

Some hyper-advanced kind effectively spread out among, and partly inhabit all who exist. In the best minds, species and physicality pose no boundary. Inversely, all who exist partly inhabit the larger order of being. As water seeks its own level, so do the best, minds. Some of this connects on the level of feelings, but sexuals have been advised to set aside their desires and individual pretensions.


Otherwise, theyíll neither see the larger whole, nor have the patience to tend to it (the ďitĒ in this case is the collective condition we all live in, how we cohere so very precisely).

Do aliens fear the consequences of violating others? In each case, you must study how they define themselves and their involvements, and then youíll see. Due to negative/alt. cycle resonance, all that we do - every thought, deed and consequence - cycles back to us via the inward pull and coherence of all quanta, gravity and energy.


Because the universe constantly cycles back into itself, vast information potential resonates hyper-quickly within such curvature. Remote sensing and alien technology are premised on the preservation of information in hyperspace.


Better yet, the universe is structured in a way that allows wrongdoers no possible escape from their crimes. All pretensions to do so are meaningless and temporary because thereís a precise, enduring record and determination in all that we do (the collective ďweĒ is preferred here, being the greater part of the relation).


The worst offenders want to think that all coherent resonance of consciousness ends at body death.


However, since a precise sub-quantum record exists and is constantly cycling back into itself, there can be no end to the consciousness that cycles back into us. That greater cycling back into you is ALL of your energy, the basis for your memory and your continuity of consciousness.


Offenders canít simply paint themselves inside of one small shell or another (their body, nationality, or alignment) because mind cycles both inwardly and far outwardly, forever, in hyperspace.


Thought information is also retained in alien psychotronic systems, and even black holes are thought to retain information that goes into them. The universe is all-integrated. There are no exceptions.

Whether you respect and value it or not, you exist in hyperspace. If you pretend that youíre a wholly separate, unaffected lump, rather than a mind that participates in hyperspace, aliens will regard you as a primitive, especially if you know better. Imagine the consequences.

Physicists note that all quanta seek the lowest energy level, the least action and movement of a stable orbit or configuration.


That constant return to lowest energy level is due to a negative cycle that down-steps through the nucleus while resonating far out across space at the same time. It cycles back into itself. It binds and integrates everywhere. It conserves the universe for a longer duration. Itís the basis for our awareness, and it resonates into extra dimensions precisely.


Some humans may try to say they werenít aware that such precision was possible, but for those who are aware, there is no excuse.



* There are finer, alternate cycles of longer duration.        


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