35 - Ultimate Implications

Ultimately, the way we define alien mind depends on the parameter that we consider.


Now that we know that Ī faster-than-light physics are a given among aliens, a larger part of the universe can be in touch with us, and vice versa. Aliens say they travel faster than light to get here from distant places. Although their fastest travel is reportedly at a rate one million times the speed of light (hyper-advanced aliens may go faster), their communications are reportedly nearly instantaneous across vast distances.


And if technology can do that, so can mind. Aliens have said so, and human remote sensing suggests the same.

When mind and communications cycle down through the nucleus while resonating outwardly faster-than-light, the connection doesnít proceed in a straight line. Instead, it foldedly twists or inverts inwardly while resonating outwardly as fractional waveform. That same inversion into an expanded kind of hyperspace allows numerous ETís to communicate together at the same time and it allows for community of mind - larger group interactions.

So, community of mind is no longer a science fiction abstraction. Instead, itís a daily part of extraterrestrial life. It defines how many ETís think about themselves and their societies.


Now, in the 21st century, the science of other worlds is partly known and shared by millions of humans. Like previous scientific revolutions, the influence of extraterrestrial thought and science was known by just a fraction of humankind at first but will soon be the prevailing paradigm. Weíll continue to argue about the details, but thereís no going back. Alien science is better than the human version. The more honestly we discuss it, the better this planet will be.

As physicist Mark Comings and ret. Navy Col. Tom Bearden note, thereís already a system of ďscalar electromagnetismĒ detectors in place as a safeguard against violent uses of alien-like technology against the human majority. The most commonly perceived threat of the sort arises from primitive ideas about life and mind in the universe.


However, once the governments of Europe, Japan, Russia, Brazil, China, India and the United States are honest about aliens, the ideas that violent provocateurs hide behind will become transparent to the human majority.


Then weíll be ready to isolate what may be the worst threat to this planet: the use of scalar electromagnetic weapons against this planet by the IFSP and its direct operatives or proxies. In 2008, journalist Benjamin Fulford reported that David Rockefellerís subordinates used scalar electromagnetic arrays to cause an earthquake that killed people in Japan - just to prove that he could do it.


Like Bush Srís reported threat to destroy the planet, Fulfordís report is about weapons that were removed from elected official control by Nelson Rockefeller in 1953.



* See Dr. Sue Arrigoís story about David Rockefellerís role in narcotics and CIA child sex slave trafficking, also.

When the most basic scientific questions are reconsidered in view of recent evidence, human mind and identity will be reinterpreted in better, more enduring terms. Ironically, some of our older, less technological societies had ideas about expanded consciousness and alien visitations long before the 20th century.

Now that we know that ETís and faster-than-light technology exist throughout the universe, we must ask whether the pre-existing, off-world majority is best described as ďalien,Ē as though distance makes them entirely different. We now share significant consciousness with a variety of different extraterrestrials. This was demonstrated by human telepathic interactions with ETís at Roswell in 1947 and has continued with a greater diversity of ETís since then.

If our best and most detailed reports are correct, explicit human interaction with ETís bridged different galaxies, right from the start. That means we either begin with a large scale, multi-galaxy analysis of other populations or we fail to understand who is moving across our skies at intervals.

Faster-than-light physics show that we can get to know our nearest neighbors right now, rather than wait for permission from the graysí alignment. So we must be honest and careful. We shouldnít jump in with the first ETís who offer us token bits of technology in exchange for exclusive relations with humankind. We now know enough to proceed safely and ecologically, as the people of other worlds have done before us.

Extraterrestrials and two-slit physics experiments show that time doesnít flow in a linear direction. The negative cycle that ETís describe shows that time expands outwardly while also folding and cycling inwardly. So, as physicist Jack Sarfatti writes, time must be measured in terms of volume, or extra dimension. Better yet, if hyper-advanced aliens are correct, time is multiversal because earlier universe cycles canít really be separate universes.


Instead, they cycle through each other with faded yet clear and exotic potentials.

Weíre left to wonder whether there was ever a beginning to the universe. Does a multiversal definition prohibit a single beginning because itís multiple?


If such is the case, it suggests that universe cycles resonate through each other, and when they connect, energy or seeming movement and depth occur. Safe, coherent re-cycling of the universe would require that there be a fading quality to all perceived order and information in the universe. We would see that as change or time. We may find that the universe is connected by physics in which other perceived qualities have merged, elastic flexibility in a way that's similar to time. For example, space would be elastic, gravity also.


Existence, itself, and other perceived notions should have elastic characteristics. The main ideas and themes of mind would know no species bounds, nor would love, sensitivity and beauty.

That fading quality lets mature, peaceful mindform move through, and fade around, the crude forms of human or ET offenders. That much is easy because mind can be in more than one place at a given time (or sum of times). Ultimately, existence wouldnít even be individual. Some beings could decide that they want to fade into and become the back-ground thought basis for life yet to come. Itís always there, despite the illusion that itís not.

If we choose to refine our use of hyperspace technologies, the further we go out into space, the more advanced will be the challenges. If we travel beyond our solar system toward the edge of the Milky Way or another galaxy, we might be stopped and asked why we venture out when, instead, we should concentrate on restoring the resonant ecology of our home planet.

According to hyper-advanced ETís there were more advanced precursor populations in the past, and there are obviously more advanced populations (including humans) in the future.


So, going both backward and forward in time, as we think of it, are more advanced implications. Better yet, right now, all around us are more advanced populations. In every direction - backward or forward in time and all around us now - are more advanced beings. That means less conflict, more literate technological interactions, and pre-existing conventions and prohibitions against crude violators.

Alternately inverted/expanded cycles of the universe show that hyper-advanced ETís inhabit a greater kind of spatiality. However, their technology makes the entire universe seem more condensed yet airy to them, closer together and more accessible in hyperspace.

As we go further out, we leave behind Earthís relatively backward, limited definitions. In the space between galaxies and galaxy superclusters is more than meets the eye: travel routes, advanced communities and hyperspatial connectedness. In each further location is a different context. There, already, are advanced ETís tending to numerous populations.


When we travel out they will challenge us to consider a larger context, but by then, life on Earth wonít seem as definitive as it did when we were back here. Ironically, now that a shared human community of mind has expanded its awareness, the memory of our old circumstance feels similarly outdated.

Finally, when we look back at the old human mindform that existed before our interaction with extraterrestrials, we look back from the perspective of multiple categories of ETís - some advanced, some hyper-advanced. To know their phenomenal capabilities, we must observe and respect the subtle conservations that come with them. *This is the subject of my next book.

So, please remember: the universe is gentler and more beautiful when newcomers listen and think about the cosmic insight embedded in every aspect of being. It need not be a rat race or a cold-blooded scramble to steal more time and domain. Instead, all populations are composed of shared ideas and a similar, educated basis. Great discoveries lie within because any one, small life is but a window on a vastly more complex collective genius.

All doors remain open for those who are kind and considerate enough to "be" there.          


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