by Chris Thomas
September 2013









1. Introduction

2. The Velon
3. The Anunnaki
4. The Jjundaa

5. The Johnaan
6. The Hathor

7. The Oa
8. The Mila
9. Conclusion



1 - Introduction

Over the past number of years, we have heard repeated claims, by channeled means, that there has been several wars fought across several galaxies by various "Alien" races.


These wars ultimately resulting in humans being dumped on the Earth; which has acted as a "prison" for us ever since implying that humans have no place being on Earth but should be repatriated to their "original home world", usually via a "5th dimension".

Not one of these stories is correct and yet so many people have fallen for them.

However, it is becoming more and more clear that a "War" is being fought but this is not a war between various alien races but by the Velon against themselves.


The purpose of this "War" being to determine which of the Velon races controls the Earth and turns humanity, or what will be left of it, into a slave race.

Despite the Velon aim, it is humans who are allowing this to happen. Not only allowing it but encouraging and supporting this war.




2 - The Velon

I have described the Velon many times in my books, articles and essays and so I am not going to explain them again here in any great detail.

The Velon, are,

one of the original seven semi-physical races who originate in a solar system they call "Velos".

Velos is located in a galaxy that is thirty-two galaxies distant from ours and is located behind the constellation of Sagittarius.

Their solar system has two suns and eight planets. Three planets orbit around one sun whilst four planets orbit around the other.

The eighth planet orbits around both suns and takes approximately 3,600 years in so doing. The solar system is peopled by a race who calls themselves Velon.

The reason for the name Velon, and the solar system being called Velos, is because the primary solar system consciousness calls itself Velus (there is a secondary solar system consciousness but I have been unable to determine what it calls itself).

The Velon peoples have divided themselves up into six races, or factions.


These divisions are along the lines of we on Earth calling ourselves German or Dutch or Mexican etc. or humans calling themselves Buddhist or Jewish or Zoroastrian etc.

The Velon have divided themselves up into races that call themselves:

  • Anunnaki

  • Jjundaa

  • Johnaan

  • Hathor

  • Oa

  • Mila

These divisions within the Velon seem to follow along religious lines although their ideology behind these divisions is not very clear.

Approximately 300 (thousand) years ago, Velus had some kind of revelatory moment and decided that the whole of the Velon race should move to Earth (see 'Universal Soul, Human Soul, Project Human Extinction' and 'The Anunnaki Plan? or The Human Plan?').

Under the direction of Velus, the Velon began to build massive ships that could travel the distance between their home galaxy and ours. These ships were huge "ark" ships in that they could carry up to 900,000 Velon in each ship.

Each of the six Velon races devised their own strategies for travelling here and each of the six races built their own ships. Also, each of the six Velon races began to develop plans for how they could be the first to claim the Earth, and our solar system, for their own.

When these numerous ships arrived just outside of our solar system, they came to a halt as they realized that the Earth was already inhabited.

With this realization, each of the races began to devise new strategies for taking control of the Earth and removing the vast majority of humans off the planet - their plans also included the removal of virtually all living things off the planet in the same way as they have done on their home planets.

So how have the Velon races, or factions, set about removing humans from the Earth?

In studying the Earth, and humans, each of the Velon races made use of Velon technology.


The technology employed by all of the semi-physical races is primarily energetic in nature. In other words, their technologies are not "physical" in the way that we would understand it, but comprised of energy patterns that fall outside the range of human senses for us to even realize that there is anything there.

The main forms of technology that the Velon used on humans amount to "spying" devices. These were implanted into humans without their knowledge or their consent.


In doing this, the Velon broke the only Universal "law" that exists:

All souls have absolute freedom of choice to choose their actions.

What cannot be done is for a soul to act in such a way that removes the freedom of choice of another soul to act freely.

These energy "implants" are also the source of the huge belief that "alien" races always implant humans. This is not true. The only race that has ever implanted humans with any kind of device are the Velon.

Where people have claimed that they have removed physical implants (such as ones made of metal or plastic) these are false, or at least man-made rather than of "alien" origin and the claims are deliberately intended to mislead - a form of disinformation.

All of the so-called "alien" races are semi-physical in nature and therefore do not use or even manufacture devices that are physical.

To us, all alien artifacts would be made of energy and this energy is of frequencies that are outside of the range of human senses. In other words, if you can physically pick up an alien artifact or even x-ray it, it isn't an alien artifact.

So, roughly three hundred years ago, the Velon arrived en masse at the external boundaries of our solar system.

The vast majority of the beings who make up the Velon races decided that they wanted no part in removing the human race from the Earth and so withdrew.

However, that did leave a group of several million (about 25 million originally out of a total Velon population of roughly 22 billion) who were determined to carry on with Velus's plans.

These 25 million were made up of representatives of all of the six Velon races.

At first, it looked as though the only Velon races that remained were,

  • the Anunnaki

  • the Hathor

However, it turns out that the other four races decided to take time to consider their strategies and held back from taking any active role in fulfilling Velus's plans.

In more recent times, that situation has changed and all six of the Velon races who remained around our solar system have become fully active and it is this increased activity that has led to the current state of "war".

This war is between the various Velon factions but the battlefield is Earth "spyware" into people against their will as and the ultimate casualties are humans.


As a result of the Velon implanting well as being determined to take over the Earth as well as numerous other activities the Velon have undertaken that break the "Universal Law", the Creator, and all of the souls that inhabit the rest of the Universe, have ruled that the whole of the Velon race had to be evicted from this Universe.

This ruling was carried out and a new solar system was constructed for the whole of the Velon race to inhabit just outside, but still connected to, our Universe.

The Velon are one of the original thirteen races of this Universe and their total removal from this Universe would have resulted in an energetic imbalance that would have been too much for this Universe to accommodate and so the Universe would have collapsed in on itself destroying all life. This cannot be allowed to happen.

So the Velon race now inhabits a new solar system that is separate, but connected to our Universe, to maintain the balance of energies whilst we on Earth complete our process of soul re-integration. Once humans have become full Human Beings again (the whole of the soul accommodated within the physical body), it is possible that the Velon might be allowed access to this Universe again - but that is a decision for the future.

In the meantime, the only Velon that remain in this Universe are the ones who chose to remain around our solar system and continue to try to win the Earth for themselves.

Fortunately, due to a great deal of work by the Earth's Guardians and the assistance of several of the other semi-physical races, the number of Velon that are still encamped around our solar system is currently no more than 3 million.

The only reason why these 3 million are still here is because of all of those humans who want "aliens" to step in and sort their problems out for them.


If these "5th dimensionalists" took responsibility for their lives and their actions, we would not have the current Velon problem and no "war" would be occurring.

To understand the problem, we must look at the activities of each of the six Velon races in recent years.





3 - The Anunnaki


The activities of the Anunnaki are well known through the translations of Zecharia Sitchin and I have described their plans and schemes many times in my books, articles and essays.

Essentially, the Anunnaki travelled back in time to dictate a fantasy story to a scribe in Sumeria about 5,000 years ago.

In doing this, the Anunnaki hoped that they would create the basis for a new human religion that described the Anunnaki as our "creator gods".
This strategy worked, in so far as the story has been adopted by the likes of the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights Templars as well as several other organizations connected with the Illuminati's "New World Order".

The Anunnaki story is based on some aspects of early human religious history (see the archaeological findings at Göbekli Tepe in southern Turkey) blended with the history and events that took place in their own solar system.

This combined, but totally fictional story, they hoped would shape human development in the intervening 5,000 years and give the Anunnaki absolute power over humanity in the present time.

All of their aims quite obviously failed, except for the gullibility of the Illuminati and all of the individuals and organizations connected with them.

We also have the level of gullibility of the average human being. It appears that since the translations of the Anunnaki fantasy story first appeared, many thousands of people, worldwide, have latched onto them in the hope that it was somehow true and that the Anunnaki were about to return, travelling on the bow-wave of Nibiru or piloting the comet Ison (which they claim is a space-craft and not just a comet), and 'save humans from themselves'...


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