by Robert A. Freitas Jr.


Last updated on December 2008

First Edition

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 First Edition
© 1975-1979, 2008 Robert A. Freitas Jr. All Rights Reserved.

Xenology may be defined as the scientific study of all aspects of extraterrestrial life, intelligence, and civilization.

Similarly, xenobiology refers to the study of the biology of extraterrestrial lifeforms not native to Earth, xenopsychology refers to the higher mental processes of such lifeforms if they are intelligent, and so forth.







PART ONE - Perspectives

PART THREE:  Extraterrestrial Civilizations

  1. Energy and Culture

  2. Xenobiotechnology

  3. Interstellar Voyaging

  4. Planetary Engineering and Galactic High Technology

  5. Xenosociology

  6. Extraterrestrial Governments

  7. Extraterrestrial Cultures

PART FOUR:  First Contact

  1. Abodes of Life - The Search Begins

  2. Interstellar Communication Techniques

  3. Theory and Practice of First Contact

  4. First Contact and the Human Response


  1. What To Do If You Encounter Alien Beings or Their Craft

  2. Conferences, Symposia, and Red-Letter Dates through 1979

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