by Edmund Meadows

from Viking-Z Website


Contents of Minds, or Rubbish they would like you believe


The following was written by the Webmaster before he knew better but he now almost disowns them. They are best regarded as the contents of minds trying to justify their own existence

Caution. This chapter now appears (in view of later work) to be a Reptoid download to justify the existence of minds and mind control. Giving everyone the wrong view of the Original Creation is a good way of keeping mind control intact.

The term Morph is used here to describe the basic unit of animal or life Spirit. Refer to Rupert Sheldrake, Morphic Minds and Morphogenetic Fields for more details.



THE ONE WHO ORIGINALLY DIVIDED INTO MANY is assume by many (including the writer) to be the original God. When He divided, he gave his parts various "gifts" to clip the wings and create identities to enable the parts to play out a game. He may have not have included himself in the original game, but that is for you to decide. The Big Bang was a cock-up or the result of bungling, which prevented the game from ending as planned. What sometimes appear as rapports turn out to be memes, some of which are described below.



The term first appeared in the book "The Selfish Gene" (1976) by zoologist Richard Dawkins to describe a unit of imitation or cultural transmission that can replicate itself.

Thus a meme is a contagious idea that can override critical thought. Memes normally coalesce into chains of memes. On this website the writer has described all such chains as zodiacs which is a bit naughty. Not all such chains can be associated with planets or astrologers. Some chains claim to be gods or minds. They all claim some title which makes them superior to Man and Spirit; they have to in order to survive. A bit of flattery always pays when purging. Give them glamorous names and they will come out to play. The more telepathic and glamorous a meme, the greater its survival. The greater the responsibility level of the creator, the greater the survival of the meme.

  • THE ABILITIES OF THE ORIGINAL GOD fall into 2 main groups. Perhaps they should be described as technologies and not abilities.

    • The ability to create the Ether which will not be dealt with here. The Ether appears to have collapsed into the Physical Universe in the Big Bang.

    • The ability to create memes and so self mutilate his parts. His parts are Spirits not bodies.



  • BADGES OF RANK which define one's class, rank and station, which may be acquired by suitable study and work.

  • BADGES OF ABILITY which define what one may or may not do, and what one can create or not create. Again these may be acquired by suitable study and work.

  • BADGES OF RACE which define the pecking order of that race in relation to other races or groups. These may be conferred by those who outrank all members of the race in question. Two master races cannot live in the same country.

  • AUTHORIZATION is the gift of the Original God to His chosen ones. See Badges of Ability.

  • AUTHORIZATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS are gifts from the Original God. Some have been arranged by His authorized agents into chains (usually circular) and some may be Zodiacs.

  • THE PLANS OF THE ORIGINAL GOD which include the laying down of the Akashic Elements, Karma and other such systems. As all known Zodiacs belong to this Solar System, these may have been the creation of His parts later. The prototypes for Zodiacs may have been in the original plans.

  • THE WORKS OF THE ORIGINAL GOD are the result of putting all plans into operation.

  • THE MASTER PLAN did not allow for the Big Bang and lacks the flexibility to handle it. Thus to the Original God the Physical Universe is a figment of the imagination. The master plan is completely totalitarian, as may be expected from a single entity with no one to consult. There is no allowance for the democracy which most people now prefer.

  • LIMITED DELOADING was allowed for in the original master plan, but was corrupted by the Big Bang. Thus the Original God became the Original Sinner.

  • COVERTS. The Original Covert was the Original God as He did not discuss anything with the resulting parts.

  • DIGNITY AND SOVEREIGNTY are gifts from the Original God for the chosen ones and no one else.

  • RETRIBUTION against anyone who violates His law. The original policeman or intelligence agency.

  • Various other memes.

  • If we deal with these original memes, we can inherit the Galaxy and create our own destiny.

  • The deloading and clearing of minds and original minds will only work in one's own sector. Any superior entity can deload any inferior one, and load his own mind in its place. Any enemy who bares malice towards you, automatically joins your sector and you his. This is described in the Viking Sagas as "Wagering one's head". The mind of the loser is expected to drop dead. The loser has to deload part of his mind. Forget old rules and do not give the loser a download, otherwise we revert to the old rules.

  • We are the masters now, if we assert our freedom. It is quite common for slaves to rebel and for their masters to object. ETs may object but they can look after themselves.



True psi operates in the Physical Universe and not that of the psychological God. Thus true psi can only be accessed when most of the psychological rubbish has been deloaded or cleared. We are dealing with engineering and not psychology. Consider the following subjects.

  • Ring-Pass-Nots. These are limits to our imagination and there are plenty of these until we have all psychological rubbish in order.

  • The original Ring-Pass-Not.

  • Original psychological engineers.

  • Original inventors of memes, original memes, pre-memes.

  • Original engineers, original technologists, original inventors.

  • Original inventions, original technologies.

  • Original ETs, Original Spirits.

  • Physical energy, physical creation, physical anger.

  • Psi, ESP, etc.

  • Now that we are in the Physical Universe, there is little point in dismantling it. However it would be useful to know how it works.

  • The mathematical equations of universes is formidable and probably beyond any living mathematician. So non psychological universe can be dismantled without this knowledge.

  • The destruction of matter has already been done by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

  • If it were possible to destroy the Physical Universe, someone would have done it long ago to revert to the original master plan.

  • The Ether may be a living entity, and creator of the universe we know.

  • Empty space may be a living entity, and creator of both the Ether and our universe.


There were a number of universes prior to the Physical Universe. Probably most would not be recognizable as such to modern Man. Consider the following.

  • Pre-creators.

  • History of universes.

    • Original pre-universes.

    • Intermediary universes unknown.

    • The universe of the Original God.

    • The universe of the Big Bang in which we are currently sitting.


  • Parallel and dual universes. The following are overlayed on each other.

    • The universe of the Big Bang. This is reasonably clean apart from the hazards you already know.

    • The Telepathic Universe which is older than that of the Big Bang. This would be reasonably clean if it were not for parasites. This is an open communications network with little regard for the dimensions of space, and not much more for time.

    • The universe of the Original God which is overlayed on the Telepathic Universe as a parasite. We can do without this one.


  • The stability and instability of universes and their realities.

    • The universe of the Big Bang is reasonably stable and has a fixed reality.

    • Previous universes had variable realities, which was one of the reasons for their collapse.

    • The realities of the universe of the Original God are fixed in His eyes. However in the eyes of the observer, this universe has a varying reality which depends on the level of the observer and the extent he is in it.

    • There is no sign now of the Original God, only the fossilized rubbish and systems He left behind. Thus His universe is available for cleaning up and rendering suitable for modern requirements. This is provided we can overcome the old defense mechanisms.


  • A Spirit may be basically a Morph or Morphic Mind with a meme overlay. As Sheldrake points out, the great objection to animal spirituality is that half the animals we meet we keep as pets, and the other half we eat. Thus any link between human and animal spirituality is highly unpopular. What were you doing before human and ET intelligent bodies came along?

  • The Prime Directive. No information is available.


Destroying or deloading memes is all very well, but the real test is to create them ourselves. To create really new memes, we must first existing memes which get in the way. The body can not create memes, only Spirit (or should it be Morph) can do that. Bodies can not control Spirit, though the black magicians have a very good try. What bodies can do is help Spirit clear away all the blockages, which is something Spirit can not do on its own. A natural free Spirit can create all the memes it needs for its own purposes. Consider the following.

  • Sources of blockages to the creation of new memes.

    • Original memes, pre-memes.

    • Original Gods, creators of Gods.

    • Original engineers, original creators, original universes.

    • Original Spirits, original Morphs.

    • Original retribution, original owners. See the Structure of Memes for a full list.

    • The Prime Directive.


  • Memes worth creating for our own use include.

    • Memes (unspecified).

    • Survival memes, self survival memes, self defense memes.

    • Psychic, psi, ESP memes, etc.

    • Memes to create the automatic deloading or clearing of obsolete memes and minds.

    • Memes to create automatic retribution against any enemy meme or mind. (Deloading is superior.)

    • Contagious memes to enable other memes created by ourselves to disseminate and spread.

    • Advertising and promotional memes.

    • Memes to spread the word.


The black magicians and the Church will not like this. We do not need parasitic and unwanted memes. We now have highly sophisticated computers in the form of the human brain. Established religion and the Church are dying. If we do not take charge of our destiny, the next incarnation on the Original God will be electronic computers, with us having name, rank and barcode. With genetics, we have enough variation to be able to dispense with old systems of creating individuality. We are quite capable of creating any new Gods ourselves to suit our requirements, and have done.


The Spirits of all life forms appear to have much in common and are perfectly interchangeable, just as a human may both dig ditches and program computers according to his current needs. All Spirits have access to the Telepathic Universe and have only as much respect for the dimensions of space as suits them. They all have their minds, group minds, memes, engravings and engrams. These possessions are often shared and communicated. A single life form may contain many Spirit forms and generally does. If one brings all Spirits within a life form into union with each other, then the resulting Spirit will be better able to act as a Guardian Angel. Perverse individuality can be a barrier to union and communication with one's peers. Such things as sovereignty and individuality should be dynamic, when they will keep minds and memes at bay. Minds believe in "Divide and rule".

  • Life forms include.

    • Disincarnate Spirits.

    • Human Spirits.

    • Morphs. (The individual units of a clean animal or morphic group mind.)

    • Animal Spirits. (Perhaps these should be included as Morphs.)

    • Plant Spirits. (The Indonesian Haranoka or hex appears to be some sort of plant Spirit or mind.)

    • Mineral Spirits.

    • Proto-Spirits yet to define themselves.

    • Psi Spirits who may appear when it is safe to do so.

    You are perfectly free, karma and minds permitting, to come back in your next life as a pussy cat, a pine tree or a ley line. If you are mighty screwed up, you may come back as the morph of someone's cancer.


  • Memes and minds vary according to the nature of the Spirit.

    • A morphic meme is more likely to give one cancer than control the mind.


  • What would you have done in the same circumstances?

  • The Original God may have just been a rogue meme in the Life Force.

  • This whole scenario may be the result of ET memes, complete with suitable acquired memories. The Reptoids would be the prime suspects, which suggests that the Nordics, Anunnaki and the Greys have similar acquired minds. There are Chains of Creation, so quite a number of entities could have modified more primitive pre-cursors along the way.

  • It is easier for a human to purge rubbish on the Telepathic Net, than to purge the same when it is attached to bodies. Thus the reader when he comes to look, may find that some of the original rubbish has disappeared. That is his good fortune. Without the foundations, the rest will tend to collapse.

  • The writer feels he has been going around in circles, as all the material in this section looks as if it could have been handled using sections D1 to D6. However as he went through the door first, he had to take the long way around.

  • A person has natural emotions and realities. Be prepared to vary one's emotions and realities to match those of all comers.

  • Be prepared to take on anyone who objects to one's abilities, conduct, work, etc.

  • Also be prepared to take on anyone who objects to your being a God.

  • We are the new Gods.

  • Universal psi, psi memes.

  • Morphic minds.

  • The sovereignty, dignity, godship and egos of Morphs, Morphic Minds, group and universal minds, etc.

  • This planet now has 6 billion human inhabitants.

    • If we are all separate entities, then there is a limit to the number of Spirits to animate bodies. There is either a very long queue for human bodies, or we may run out of Spirits.

    • If we are temporary extensions of a morphic life field, then there is no problem as the number of individual Morphs will expand and contract according to the demands of Life

Before criticizing the Original God, remember you are part of Him. What would you have done in the same circumstances to relieve boredom.

For the scandal on Jehovah and Company, see Zecharia Sitchin, Ancient Sumer, & the Nefilim / Anunnaki / Elohim list...

Everything in this section could well be a download of the prototypes of all our Creation Myths. Getting slaves and peasants to swallow the wrong Original Creation is a neat way of keeping their brainwashing intact. Take your choice.