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The following questions are sorted into three sections. The first set of questions is taken from members of the WingMakers' discussion forum.


These questions were collected from the members, sent to the webmaster (Mark Hempel), and were then forwarded via mail to James. These responses are the first public disclosures from the creator, or translator, of the WingMakers' Materials, and they occurred in May 2001.


The second set of questions is more recent, but stems from the same process.


The third set of questions and answers consists of more esoteric questions complied from individuals from the WingMakers Forum as well as students of the WingMakers Materials who have written to James.


Responses from James - Session 1


Question 1: In the third interview with Dr. Neruda, there is a statement that there exists a Corteum technology to increase fluid intelligence to "super"- human levels by inducing a functional cluster within the thalamocortical system. What is this functional cluster (electrical, biological), and could the WingMakers material (i.e. music, art, poetry) be used in such a fashion?

You have successfully touched on a subtle component of the WingMakers' material. The story contains scenarios that are fictional accounts of factual occurrences.


For example, as you point out, the third interview makes this disclosure about functional clusters, but the Corteum technology is a fictional account for the factual occurrence of how the WingMakers' materials can - as depicted in the philosophy papers - stimulate functional clusters in certain regions of the brain.

The brain itself is divided into regions, and within the regions they are divided into subsets. Some subsets interact among themselves more than others, and these are called functional clusters. The brain is designed to have various circuits, of which contemporary brain researchers have identified three, which they call convergent, divergent, and reverberating circuits.


A functional cluster can have a divergent circuit that conducts neural activity to outlying regions of the brain or CNS. Sensory information (e.g., sounds, symbols, and images) can be produced that stimulates the temporal formation of just such a functional cluster within the thalamocortical system that catalyzes a pre-designated shift in consciousness.

Whether you can equate this shift in consciousness as inducing an increase in fluid intelligence is dependent on other factors. This is not a singular dynamic core, but rather an integral part of a larger dynamic system that connects the individual not only to their human-soul consciousness, but that also of the Genetic Mind.


Within the thalamic complex is a subset known as the Intra-Laminar Nuclei (ILM). ILN neurons venture extensively throughout the cortex, enervating every cortical section. They're distributed within the central region of each thalamus in a toroidal (doughnut-shaped) mode, enabling widespread influence on the thalamic system. The ILN activation is a significant key to the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The WingMakers' music, art, and word symbols are designed to stimulate the ILN region to act as a synchronizing mechanism for human consciousness and the Genetic Mind.


I realize this is difficult to comprehend, but as research into this brain function ensues over the next twenty years, it will be proven that the ILN is a key "engine" in synchronizing the human-soul consciousness to the fine-grain consciousness of the Genetic Mind, making the Genetic Mind accessible for short bursts at will.

There is within the thalamocortical system what scientists refer to as the reticular thalamic nucleus (nRt). It's widely accepted by neuroscience that nRt plays a vital role in the judicious regulation of the flow of neural information between the thalamus and cortex.


What is not understood is how specific sensory information (light frequencies, sound frequencies, rhythmic synchronization, ULF, symbolic images) can influence how the ILN and nRt systems interoperate to form a hybrid functional cluster that enhances fluid intelligence and accessibility to the Genetic Mind.


This discovery is yet twenty years in the making, but it will occur, and the WingMakers will play a critical role in this discovery.


Question 2: My question is, if there is one painting per chamber and 23 (24) chambers, where did the extra artwork, etc., come from?

There are seven Tributary Zones of which I am translating from a dimension of time and space that originates - speaking symbolically - from a nonhuman section of the time/space continuum.


The Ancient Arrow site is one of these seven "interdimensional" sites, which has been translated into human terms (sensory information that can be received and processed by the thalamocortical system) and distributed in various forms (CD, web, etc). In the case of the Ancient Arrow site, there are 24 chambers because this site is concerned with the genetic architecture of the neuroanatomical human structure.


This site in encoded with information specific to genetics, thus its structure takes on the form of a single helix with the chambers symbolic of the dormant, yet-to-be-activated protein clusters that will shift consciousness to a six-sensory human existence.

In the second section of the book, which will be released next year, the 24th chamber will be better understood. There is also a philosophy paper that will help clarify the genetic symbolism of the Ancient Arrow site. Furthermore, the 24th Chamber Painting (click image right) will be released before the end of July 2001; it is a significant piece of this puzzle.

The remaining six sites are of a different symbolic structure than the Ancient Arrow site, and yet there are certain similarities. All of them have a synthesis of art, music, poetry, language, science, and philosophy because this is the nature of the Tributary Zones.


Some sites have a greater emphasis on music than poetry, or art rather than science. It varies depending on the symbolic focus of the Tributary Zone. Collectively the seven Tributary Zones, when strung like pearls, reveal the essential innovations that will be required in order to discover the Grand Portal.

I would recommend that anyone interested in knowing more about the structure of these sites should read the eighth chapter of the Ancient Arrow book and Chamber four philosophy paper.


Question 3: Do you think that something akin to "The WingMakers" inspired you to create this Myth, or are you just lonely and a little bored?

I was not inspired to create the WingMakers' mythology; I was commissioned to perform this specific task.


No one requires inspiration to carry out a task required of them by the very nature of their purpose as a life form. Further, I did not create a myth; I translated a Tributary Zone into a sensory data stream that can catalyze the human thalamocortical system to awaken its innate connection to the Genetic Mind.


I refer to it as a mythology only because I must convey - in good conscience - that the material is not completely factual.


Question 4: Are you anti-Zeta Reticuli and The Galactic Federation, should they exist?

I am not. And they do exist. That's the short answer.

As for the Zeta Reticuli, they are like all complex, humanoid species; they have multiplicity in their behaviors.


There is no single personality that defines the species. Some factions or sub-cultures of the Zeta Reticuli are unpleasant by human standards, and yet they have their reasons for their behaviors, which I understand.


Because I understand them, I can faithfully report that while I don't support or honor their behavior, I am not against them as an enemy. I simply withdraw my support and openly acknowledge this among those I associate with.

Regarding the Galactic Federation, this is a form of hierarchical command and control , and while I honor its mission and support its purpose, I personally am not bound to its rule nor am I subject to its hierarchical structure.


I do, however, respect the opinions of the Galactic Federation and would carefully weigh their suggestions to the extent they impacted on my personal mission.

Question 5: Are you a 'Master' as some proclaim?

There are so many definitions of the term "master" that I am not willing to say I am this, or I am not this, unless a definition accompanies the word. Since you did not provide a definition with your question, I will not provide an answer.


I will, however, acknowledge the spirit of your question, which is: what am I?

In this regard I am as you are. I am a multidimensional being who lives simultaneously in a spectrum of realities. My dominant reality is different than yours. Because of this difference, I am able to process this human reality at a different frequency rate, which enables me to perceive behind and beyond the three-dimensional "surface" of this reality.

As a result of this ability, I am able to translate art, music, poetry, philosophy, and scientific insights that are from my dominant reality into yours. In so doing, I have translated sensory data that will catalyze future discoveries that will redefine the human soul.

Now, does this mean I am a master? I am simply performing the exact function I was created to perform. The output of personal behavior is always compared to the goal of your internal expectation and the output of your fellow man.


This is typically how we are measured, are we not? There is no measure or comparison for the crystallized and absolutely individualized purpose of one who is operating in faultless accord to his or her purpose. "Masters" abound in the human arena.


Some are excellent teachers, but very, very few teach how to transition from the human-mind dominant reality to that of the human-soul.


Even fewer teach how to transition to the awareness and functionality of the Sovereign Integral state. One thing I can tell you, trust no one's proclamation, instead, examine in-depth the fruits of the supposed master and determine how they empower you to become your own self-sufficient teacher.

If you can find this, then you have found a master worthy of your time and energy.


Question 6: How do you feel about The Universal Intelligence Communication Device and the fact that we were communicating with "The WingMakers" before we were even aware of your existence or the material you created?

The WingMakers are real.


They are a specialized training faction of the Central Race that - for the most part - is not incarnate in a physical form. They are amply described in the WingMakers' material that has been released. This part of the story is factually presented.


The name WingMakers is my term, translated from a language that does not easily translate to human definitions, and it is an encoded word that will resonate with select individuals now and in the future.

The WingMakers have been communicating with humans for approximately 11,000 years, preparing them for the discovery of the Grand Portal.


They are quite capable of contacting people with or without an intervening technology. You will know them by the balance they exhibit between art, science, and philosophy, as well as emotions, mind, and soul.


They are particularly focused on training and supporting individuals who are instrumental to the discovery of the Grand Portal.


Question 7: Where DO all our thoughts come from do you think?

Sensory data triggers thoughts.


Comparison of actions and thoughts trigger new thoughts. New thoughts trigger new actions. This cycle repeats endlessly in an ascending spiral, lateral spiral, or descending spiral.


This is why sensory data quality is so critical.


Question 8: If the WingMakers story is both truth and fiction, how are we to discern which is which? If the identity of the WingMakers is quite authentic (i.e. true), how can it also be myth (i.e. fiction)?

Buddha stated:

"All reality is a myth. Myth becomes ever nearer to reality."

The quality of one's discernment is proportional to their ability to accelerate their movement to the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.


A system of philosophy like the WingMakers requires a high-level of discernment, and it is therefore teaching on multiple levels simultaneously by intermixing truth and fiction.

This material is not meant for the weak of mind or lazy of heart. It is extremely challenging on many different levels, discernment being one of them. There is a significant amount of information encoded into the art and music that bypasses the conscious mind. In this way, discernment is not required.


However, the Ancient Arrow Project story is indeed fiction based on acquired insight of factual scenarios.


Question 9: Who/what are you James? Where do you get your information from?

In my dominant reality, I am known as Mahu Nahi.


I am a member of a teaching organization whose roots are very ancient, but paradoxically, very connected with humanity's future. This teaching organization is concerned with transporting a sensory data stream to earth in order to catalyze select individuals of the next three generations to bring innovations to the fields of science, art, and philosophy. These innovations will enable the discovery and establishment of the Grand Portal on earth.

I can be likened to a translator who "transports" already existing Tributary Zones to earth in the form of a comprehensible sensory data stream.


This data stream will have both explicit and implicit content that incarnating souls will be tuned to recognize. This material will awaken them to the blueprints of discovery that were encoded into their DNA at conception.

My information - as it pertains to the WingMakers' material - derives from the seven Tributary Zones that were created by this very same teaching organization.


I was involved in the design of these Tributary Zones, and consequently commissioned to translate them into data streams appropriate for the human neuroanatomical system, which required my incarnation into a human body.


Question 10: Is the WingMakers site in Arizona real (and has the poetry, music & paintings really come from here?) Have any of the other sites been activated? If so, are the recent discoveries at Lake Vostok another WingMakers site? How about Egypt - is the Hall of Records a WingMakers site? Is Uluru another site?

I believe the site you're referring to is the Ancient Arrow site located in northern New Mexico.


It is true that there are physical sites on each of the continents (as above, so below). However, the sites are different than those that I am describing in this story.


In part, I'm doing this in honor of these scared sites, but mostly I'm less interested in depicting the actual physical sites than I am in relaying an accurate portrayal of the seven Tributary Zones.


Question 11: In using the WingMakers CD's, will each of us notice any physical/spiritual changes taking place within our bodies? Or will only some people?

No one who immerses within the WingMakers' data stream will be unaffected.


This is because of how the frequencies of the light and sound (from the art and music) will effect the thalamocortical system, and how this system, in turn, effects consciousness.


How far the individual immerses in the data stream will define how well they are able to establish these new frequencies in their consciousness (see Chamber Four Philosophy paper for an example of a more complete immersion).

Initially, an individual may encounter difficulties as a "clearing" of the old is made to accommodate the new frequencies, but if the individual proceeds and pushes beyond the clearing, they will be rewarded with a new sense of balance, expansion of consciousness, and most importantly, the new thought stream that proceeds from the WingMakers' sensory data stream.


These new thoughts produce new, creative actions and event-strings that lead to an entity's purpose becoming manifest.


Question 12: What is the best and most accessible way to obtain and experience higher powers or the 'super' human state of mind. By this I refer to anything like majick, excelled intelligence and the likes - I think you probably get my gist.

I'm asked this question (or variations of it) more often than any other, and my answer is inevitably the same: Align your personal objectives with the universal objectives.


In other words, if you focus your efforts on finding the sensory data streams that resonate with your consciousness and lead to your self-mastery, these same data streams will illuminate the universal objectives as they pertain to the species of which you are a part and the planet upon which your species exists.


Once this is realized - even dimly - you can align your personal path with the universal. When this done, you accelerate at the rate that is optimal for your consciousness, while remaining in balance.

Focus on alignment to that which resonates with your core instinctual sense of the universal objectives.


I have made the bold assertion that the discovery of the human soul in the irrefutable laboratories of human science is the next phase of the universal objective as it pertains to the human species and planet earth. If this resonates with your core sense of purpose, then align to it.


This will accelerate, amplify, and catalyze the blueprint of your Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

Question 13: Is it possible in your next release to give plans, diagrams, circuits and components that will facilitate a direct link to the WingMakers after the manner of an RV set that the ACIO uses.

I'm afraid not. If you want to communicate with the WingMakers, you simply need to apply the techniques in the Chamber Four philosophy paper and apply the principles outlined in the Chamber One philosophy.


These two papers are very powerful elements in attuning to the frequency of the WingMakers. It is not that you will communicate with words, but rather you will enjoy the unmistakable presence of their consciousness. This alone is a key approach to aligning yourself to the universal objectives.

The WingMakers do the majority of their communication during the dream state because the gates of the thalamocortical system are relatively closed, and there is complete focus on the inner communication at hand.


If you have willingly immersed yourself into the WingMakers' materials, you can safely assume that you are already in rapport with members of this teaching organization.


You are very likely experiencing the Tributary Zones during your dream state, under the tutelage of one or more of these teachers.


Open yourself to this possibility and dream it alive to your senses.

Thank you for your questions.


Keep pursuing your alignment to that which draws out your innermost desire to contribute what is stored inside of you. If you do this, you will inhabit the integrity of your actions - which is the best place to live in the times to come.

From my world to yours,