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Question 1 -- Am I correct in believing that the events and technologies as depicted in the Ancient Arrow story are correct, whilst the names, places, organizations, photo’s and artifacts are fictitious/mythological? I assume that the factual aspects of the story were obtained by yourself through a form of RV?

You are correct on both accounts.

Question 2 -- In answer to a previous question, you said that the Ancient Arrow story was factual because there were ’techniques that could be applied to secure the information’. Do you mean remote viewing, and its associated Re-Play technology?

The information is based on factual data secured through a form of remote viewing, referred to by my teaching organization as sensory bi-location. SBL is different from classic RV because it is associated with the higher mind rather than the psychic channels of astral vision. Because of this distinction, SBL permits one to analyze motive and intent, in addition to the sensory/action environment that RV technology acknowledges. SBL is also more focused on active sensory channel selection, rather than reactive selection as in the case of RV.

Question 3 -- What process is undertaken to decide upon a public release date for each piece of material? For example do you have a list that says e.g. 20th February 2008 philosophy 23 is released?

The assessment is based on factors I cannot -- at this time -- disclose. There is a general schedule for release, but it is not specified to the day or even week and month. It is triggered, in part, by external events.

Question 4 -- You have a studio in New York. How do you finance yourself, as all of your time is taken up with WingMakers translation work? I am assuming you have a hidden life in paid employment?

I live a very simple life, and support myself through means that I will not disclose.

Question 5 -- You have Sarah De Rosnay and at least one other helper (lady in the photo). How have these people become disciples/students/helpers to you? Do you intend to take on more followers in the future?

Sarah and Mark are the only ones who directly assist me in the operations of my work. I have a group of students that I work with on many dimensions of consciousness, and I work with these students through the Tributary Zones known to you as the WingMakers materials. Yes, I will take on new students using the WingMakers material as the medium of my teaching. I intend to remain unknown as a human personality, allowing the sensory data streams of the Tributary Zones to perform the majority of my teaching.

Question 6 -- How did the WingMakers reveal themselves to you and place a profound calling upon your life?

I am a member of a teaching order that has existed before the creation of the planet earth. I realize this may seem like an impossible reality, but it is my reality nonetheless. This teaching order is allied with the esoteric teaching orders of earth. The teaching order of which I represent is not known in your world because it has chosen to remain hidden until the Grand Portal discovery process is made public.

You may refer to my teaching order as Lyricus. It is the closest name that resembles the vibration of its true name in your native language. Lyricus is aligned with the Central Race, or WingMakers, and the great majority of its members are from the Central Race. Within Lyricus, expertise is centered on seven disciplines. These include the fields of:

  • genetics

  • cosmological sciences

  • metaphysics

  • sensory data streams

  • psycho-coherence

  • cultural evolution

We are not, as you can see, focused exclusively on philosophy or spiritual teachings. Our central purpose is the irrefutable discovery of the humanoid soul upon three-dimensional, life-bearing planets.

Lyricus could be likened to the Jesuits or Tibetan monks of the Central Race, except that they place a much more significant emphasis on the nexus of the integrated sciences and arts. Nonetheless, they are a faction of the Central Race and bear responsibility for shepherding the humanoid populations within the universe to the Grand Portal, and thereby indoctrinating the species, as a whole, into the broader network of the intelligent, interconnected universe. This task requires a very broad agenda, encompassing genetics at its core, and the other six disciplines mentioned above as integral, but peripheral forces that propel a humanoid species to discover its own animating life force -- the Wholeness Navigator. Lyricus employs a variety of sensory data streams to awaken a species, ranging from music, books, art, science, culture, and mythology. Generally, these are isolated expressions, but as the species draws closer to the Grand Portal, the sensory data streams are increasingly integrated, encoded, and represent potent forces for expansion of consciousness.

Upon earth there is an order of non-physical teachers with whom we coordinate our agenda and essential objectives. These teachers are experienced in the human condition, and thus possess the critical elements of compassion and empathy of which we -- of Lyricus -- are sometimes less replete. They provide stewardship of our objectives in the context of the human condition and advise us in the matters of the emotional and mental conflicts that confound and confuse humanity.

Now, back to your question. I am a teacher of encoded sensory data streams and was trained, at my request, to embody as the human translator of the galactic Tributary Zones, making them intelligible to the human race of the 21st century. The WingMakers did not reveal themselves to me any more than fellow human beings "reveal" themselves to you.

Question 7 -- I am going to be specific with my wording here; I am aware that you are a multidimensional entity that exists simultaneously in eternity, within the physical body, throughout incarnations in time. This question is specific to the physical entity answering this question in the here and now. Are you a standard human being, genetically identical to all categories of human on the Earth in this time period, born physically from a human woman? Alternatively, are you a clone, hybrid, alien, etc placed on Earth by ’others’?

I was born as a human with very human parents. If you examined my DNA at birth you would find very little difference from your own. The element of distinction is that my consciousness was free of the survival-based energy system that conditions humans to a very nominal realization of their inherent purpose. Within my consciousness was a connection to my purpose and lineage that outshone the indoctrination process that virtually all humans are subject to. It was this identification to my purpose that caused me, at an early age, to recollect my purpose in incarnating as a human being.

Question 8 -- Once the seven tributary zones are discovered, mankind will awaken to the Grand Portal. Does this mean that the WingMakers’ material will awaken seven areas of the human spirit/mind, which will lead to mankind’s shift to the fourth dimension in 2012?

At the risk of appearing a bit fastidious, the seven Tributary Zones aren’t discovered so much as they are revealed. This revelation is a gradual dispensation of a new sensory data stream that is encoded with numerous "triggers" that will touch deeply into the next three generations of select humans incarnating upon earth. These sensory data streams will -- in effect -- crystallize the supernal purpose of the individual and make it accessible to the human mind of the individual. This access may be as innocent as causing the individual to select a career of scientific inquiry into the human genome, or as powerful as awakening the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

While the seven Tributary Zones are revealed, the Grand Portal is discovered. Each of the seven disciplines of Lyricus is connected to a Tributary Zone. In other words, one of the Tributary Zones, known as the Ancient Arrow site, is focused on the human genome. The next site that will be revealed is focused on cosmological sciences, and so forth. Each of these areas of emphasis is subtly manifest (encoded) in the sensory data streams of their respective sites, and trigger an awakening in the mind of the recipient.

Question 9 -- Are the tributary zones purely spiritual, or do physical events play a part in opening these up?

The seven Tributary Zones exist as places of inquiry and knowledge dissemination. They are the creation of the Central Race and, more specifically, Lyricus. While it is true to say that they exist within the innermost section of each of the seven superuniverses, they have been exported to each galaxy, somewhat like exporting a library. Thus, each galaxy possesses seven Tributary Zones cast from the archetypal versions existing in the innermost section of the universe that pertains to that particular galaxy. Each Tributary Zone is tuned to the unique characteristics of the humanoid species of a particular superuniverse, and to some extent, galaxy.

While physical events upon earth and the evolutionary status of humanity impact on the timing of the physical revelation of these seven Tributary Zones, they do not dictate the revelation of these mysterious destinations insofar as the individual is concerned.

Question 10 -- Do global events, such as warfare, famine, environmental issues etc play any part in mankind’s discovery of the Grand Portal, or its move from the third to the fourth dimension?

It’s important to understand that humanity is achieving this discovery as a natural extension of its evolutionary course. Along this pathway are strewn the follies of an immature race, and these follies can prevent or restrain safe passage to the Grand Portal. But fortunately, evolution is not a single track of physical or mental capabilities arranged in an ever-increasing structure of competence and adaptive skills. Evolution is operating on thousands of micropaths, and many of the most profound are invisible to the human senses.

The orientation that humanity is emerging from the relative darkness of the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension is a misconception of the modern-day New Age movement. Humanity evolves to embrace the multiverse, and as it evolves it discovers that its superuniverse is accessible to the human mind in ways that defy logic. This is the stage upon which humanity is entering, and it is not to ascend in a vibratory epiphany to a higher dimension, but rather it is to interact with a broader multiverse of intelligence that heretofore has only been imagined by a handful of humanity’s finest representatives.

Humanity will remain in the 3rd dimension, but will increasingly become aware of the higher dimensions while living in the 3rd dimension, even as First Source, its creator, does. First Source lives in the 3rd dimension, but is simultaneously aware of itself throughout the spectrum of the multiverse, and through Source Intelligence, is aware of all life forms in all dimensions. Humanity will ultimately access this same perspective by applying the Grand Portal as a "lens" through which it can gain admission to First Source consciousness. First Source -- in this specific example -- is less God than the archetype of the Wholeness Navigator.

Question 11 -- What is your relationship with other extraterrestrial races involved with the Earth? Are the Animus real or fictional?

My relationships are with humans at the present. I do not have interactions with what I believe you are calling extraterrestrial races, other than my ancient bonds with Lyricus. As for the Animus, they are very real.

Question 12 -- When will we see ET’s openly walking around on the Earth and mixing with Earth humans? Assuming of course that official ET govt. disclosure occurs first? What role will the WingMakers play in these events?

Forgive me if I engage in recreation with your question just a bit. Everywhere you are there are extraterrestrials. It’s a well-known fact of your scientists that the atomic structure of the human form is derived from particles of stars. Thus, the human instrument is essentially extraterrestrial.

Set this aside for a moment. What animates the human instrument? What is ensouled within the body? Isn’t it a consciousness of understanding, borne of the archetype of souls known as First Source? Is this not of extraterrestrial origin?

Both the animating force and the bodies within which this force expresses are not of this earth. What you call humans, we call Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe (SECU -- pronounced SeeQue). SECUs are the alpha and omega. They are not time-bound nor restrained by the adornments of bodies. They are the primal form finished and honed to the perfection of their creator, and in this, we are all the same.

Now, to your point, extraterrestrials are walking around on earth, you just don’t recognize them as extraterrestrials because the human genome and the genome of many extraterrestrial races are essentially the same. There will be ETs of a different cast that will make their presence known in the next decade, but they will not interfere with the social order. When the Grand Portal is unveiled by human hands you will invoke the attention of the Galactic Federation, and humanity will be invited to interact in the affairs of the galactic family. It is then that the diversity of the humanoid species will be appreciated, and it is precisely for this reason that humanity must come to understand itself as a SECU first, and human second.

Question 13 -- You said ’The WingMakers have been communicating with humans for approximately 11,000 years’. Why is this material being released now? Is it related to the freedom of speech given to the individual via the Internet -- at last mankind can speak in freedom to all on the globe and totally bypass the lies, propaganda and deception fed to us by corrupt governments?

The Tributary Zones are being released now because within the next three generations of SECUs being born upon earth are the representatives that will discover the Grand Portal, and the WingMakers’ mythology will be among the primary sensory data streams that catalyze their awakening.

The WingMakers observe a life-bearing planet via the same SBL technology I referred to earlier in your first two questions. Using this insight, we can determine with a high degree of accuracy when a species is prepared to receive its acceleration, and when this time occurs, Lyricus deploys a team of teachers to the planet.

Approximately 11,000 years ago, this team incarnated in physical, human bodies, and became earth’s first teachers of the higher sciences, arts, and metaphysics. I will not go into any further detail at this time, but these initial members of Lyricus placed in the Genetic Mind of the human race the purpose of discovering the Grand Portal. This purpose is dimly understood by the human species at this time, but it will become clear in approximately fifty years.

Question 14 -- You are known as Mahu Nahi. Is Mahu Nahi another incarnation of your spirit that has commissioned James (your current incarnation) to translate this material for the people of Earth?

No. My name within Lyricus is Mahu Nahi. This is how I am known among my students and associates. In effect, Mahu Nahi is the name of my SECU personality, while James is the name of my human personality of this time.

Question 15 -- Why the secrecy regarding your whereabouts and identity? I know that you want the material to take precedence over a possible ’messiah’ figure. Are you concerned about the CIA, FBI, NSA, MJ12, MI6, Illuminati, Bilderberg’s, whoever etc tracking you down?

There are several groups who are presently aware of my existence on earth. For the most part, my work will only appear to them as adding to the misinformation programs that they’ve already erected. To most secret organizations, the more that is written about them that is divergent from previously held notions, the better. It is this very divergence that creates and perpetuates the uncertainty and stirs the murkiness in which they remain suitably concealed from the public’s eye.

This was purposeful on my part because it would be relatively easy for certain groups to find me, and if they chose, compromise my mission. Thus, I have shared many truths about these organizations, knowing that these very truths are divergent from the established speculation and, ironically as it may seem, by this divergence, I am protected because WingMakers is perceived as a mythology and does not disclose hard evidence.

Because of my alliances, it is unlikely that anyone would choose to knowingly hinder this mission because these groups have a high regard for my lineage, which in some respects, is the only thing that restrains them. There is very little known about Lyricus. It is truly the most enigmatic teaching organization within the broader universe. Its capabilities are unknown, but it is rightly assumed to be respectful of this organization.

As for my personal anonymity, this is a choice I made in order to curtail my teaching mode to individuals of this time in favor of directing my life’s work to a select population of incarnating SECUs. This requires me to focus on transposing the sensory data streams of the Tributary Zones to a digital media platform for future generations.

Question 16 -- Are the people on the discussion forum in any danger from any organizations, because of our involvement with these materials?


Question 17 -- Who was Jesus Christ in relation to the WingMakers?

For those of you who will read these words, and are steeped in Christianity, forgive the manner of my response. I am not a man who communicates delicately when speaking my truth.

Jesus incarnated not for the purpose of begetting a religion. He simply expressed his vision of the spiritual dimensions, making First Source accessible and singular. His fellow humans were so eager for the fulfillment of prophecy that they imposed upon him the mantle of Messiah, which he hesitantly agreed to shoulder.

Jesus presently serves a leadership role in the teaching organization of which I spoke of earlier, which is made up of authentic spiritual leaders of earth. He is very much aware of both the WingMakers and Lyricus. An interesting footnote:

While the religious organizations compete for human membership, those teachers who are responsible for the religions’ origin operate in collaboration and cooperation beneath the same, bold banner: human evolution.

Those teachers who have translated from the physical to the interdimensional realms remain powerful teachers of humanity. They shift their focus from individualistic missions to collaborative missions, and in this spirit of collaboration, become increasingly powerful as change agents for the human condition. Jesus, in particular, operates as a managing director of the teaching organization, and in this role, interfaces with Lyricus on planning and analysis of the Grand Portal.

There is a common understanding among the teaching core that the confluence of science, art, and religion is inevitable, and it will culminate in the scientific discovery of the human soul, and more specifically, how the human soul is designed. Much like the physical body has a human genome, the spiritual body, or Wholeness Navigator, has a spiritual genome. And this genome is far more important to understand than the human because it is the causal element, while the human genome is the receptor.

There are six components to this effort that are coordinated:

1. Lyricus designs, transposes, and installs galactic Tributary Zones to a planetary system
2. Earth teachers (non-physical) prepare the species for acceptance of the Grand Portal
3. Earth teachers (physical) discover the way to the Grand Portal via the Tributary Zones
4. Earth teachers (physical) disseminate and preserve the knowledge of the Grand Portal
5. Earth teachers (physical and non-physical) unite humanity to the Sovereign Integral Network
6. Source Intelligence and Lyricus facilitate the process throughout the Grand Universe

Jesus’ role is of high importance in stage two, and in approximately eighty years, in stage five. He essentially leads this process with the collaborative assistance of the entire teaching organization of ascended (non-physical) teachers.

Question 18 -- Interview 3 with Dr. Neruda mentions technologies from real US and Russian corporations. The technologies originate from ACIO research. I have checked this out, and the info on the Mig29 and the Internet compression technologies stand up to scrutiny. Is there a risk of legal action against yourself, Mark and the South Bay Group for making these allegations?

Yes, but it is an acceptable risk.

Question 19 -- From your knowledge of cosmogony/cosmology, are we to expect an ’anti-Christ’ in the near future? If so, what will be the nature of the anti-Christ? Do we mean a person, a thought pattern, an attitude, an alien, Animus, a country etc?

The concept of an antichrist is deeply penetrating as a mythology and prophecy. It is a very complex subject, and one that I lack sufficient time to properly address. In order to understand the antichrist, you must first understand the Christ, and this is where most definitions or predictions of the antichrist fail.

Christ, non-personalized, is human salvation from the grips of a repressive energy system that places human beings in a survival mode of consciousness. Christ is the Grand Portal. The antichrist, therefore, is represented as a collection of forces that resist the discovery of the Grand Portal for fear of the changes it will bring. Ironically, these forces will be largely generated from religious centers, and consequently, governments, in many instances, will be forced to follow.

If I were to say that the antichrist is organized religion, it would be too general of a statement. I can only tell you that the powers behind humanity’s major religious organizations will eventually unite and resist this discovery with all their strength. This has been foreshadowed in many prophecies, but the religious authorities have been loath to share it. It is not commonly understood in religious circles, but the major power centers of religious activity on earth each possess an inner circle of authority, and these individuals are at least dimly aware of these prophecies, and in one instance, are crystal clear about what the future holds in the 21st century.

Question 20 -- Many talk of the significance of 2012 to mankind. What is the truth behind 2012?

Understand one thing, significance is a relative term. To me, for example, significance is measured by the degree in which humankind edges closer to the discovery of the Grand Portal. Thus, using my criteria, the year 2012 is not a particularly significant year. However, if someone is more attuned to the physical environment, the year 2012 may indeed hold some significant events.

Question 21 -- Does the discussion forum play a part in the event strings that will lead to the unveiling of the WingMakers?

Not in a direct manner at present, but there will be a time when the discussion forums will become more of a factor in enabling the incoming SECUs to coordinate their ideologies and vision.

Question 22 -- Since so much of the WingMakers’ material seems destined for future generations, is there much reason for present-day generations (e.g., the elderly) to read or study the material?

If any material resonates as truth in your innermost mind and heart, allow it entry. Once internalized, allow it to exit freely. If it stays around, you have found a valuable asset to your evolving belief system. If it leaves or goes into hibernation, it simply means you have reason to continue your search.

This applies equally to the WingMakers’ material. It is not intended to be an exclusive collection of sensory data streams. Quite the opposite. There are entities incarnated now who will be returning in human embodiment in the next one hundred years who will play a significant role in the unveiling and dissemination of the Grand Portal. Their involvement with these materials now will help them navigate to these roles because it will recalibrate their internal value system, and in some instances, literally recast their destinies.

Moreover, while the actual discovery of the Grand Portal may ultimately be credited to a handful of individuals, it will be the achievement of millions of entities that grafted their intellects, actions, and inspirational ideas together to build the ultimate mosaic of the human spirit. Anyone involved in these works will be a part of this mosaic.

Question 23 -- There are several references within The Urantia Book that seem to be corroborated by the WingMakers’ material. An example is the planetary reference number of earth. Also, the cosmological structure as depicted in The Urantia Book seems similar in some respects to the WingMakers. How does The Urantia Book factor into the WingMakers materials?

The Urantia Book is a Tributary Zone. It is not associated with one of the seven Tributary Zones because these are encoded sensory data streams, and The Urantia Book is pure text without encoding. Nonetheless, it’s part of the collection of Tributary Zones for stage two as talked about in question 17.

The Urantia Book is most closely aligned with Lyricus’ cosmological sciences discipline, but it was not written or composed by Lyricus. It derives mostly from interdimensional sources -- the equivalent of an earth-based teaching organization, only from a different planetary system. Sometimes planetary systems will exchange important writings or revelatory works for the purpose of circulating philosophical ideas or important revelations. This work is such an example.

Question 24 -- How are the WingMakers materials connected to the present-day belief systems on earth? Did they come first, last, or are they somehow inspirational to the other religions of humanity?

One of the most common features of the human mind is to compare one experience to another. It is reasoned -- and rightly so by the mind -- that by comparison of an object, experience, event, or person, one can better understand it. However, in the case of the seven Tributary Zones this reasoning does not hold up.

The seven Tributary Zones, which we will call collectively, the WingMakers’ material, are not philosophical texts. There will be the temptation by some to compare these writings to the Bible, Koran, The Urantia Book, Ascended Master instructions, and on and on. There will be others who will compare the information contained in the interviews and book to the nonfiction works of investigative journalists. Comparison of the WingMakers’ materials will not necessarily result in understanding, but more likely, confusion.

The WingMakers’ materials are designed in a different way from anything that has ever been manifested on earth. It is a collection of encoded sensory data streams destined for a consumer technology platform that is just beginning to be incubated within development labs. However, even when experienced without this technology platform, the individual is aware that there is a deep transformation occurring. Something is "reshuffling" their mental "deck". I would encourage anyone who is immersing his or her consciousness in these materials to go without comparison for a period of time as they absorb these materials. The Tributary Zones have more information encoded in them than the human mind can access and comprehend. If an individual is engaged in comparison, they may not be engaged in the deeper meaning of the Tributary Zone, at the level where the encoded information is revealed.

Incidentally, what I’ve just said is not to imply that the encoded information must be wrested from the Tributary Zone by conscious will and effort. It is a delicate thing to detect the encoded information. It requires a supple intelligence, open mind, contemplative perspective, and the curiosity of calculated observation. It is not a battle of wills or mind over matter. And it is seldom revealed in the clutter of comparison.

As to the connection of the WingMakers’ material to the present-day belief systems of earth, there is little connection because these materials are not created by earth teachers, nor are they only the words of teachers. They are encoded sensory data stream from an extraterrestrial teaching order that have a very specific purpose. The present-day belief systems of earth serve a different and more general purpose of moral conditioning, community-building, and spiritual preparedness. Only in this last element is there any connection.

Question 25 -- How do you translate the Tributary Zones from one dimension to ours? Do you produce all of the material as a translator, or a creator, or both? What does it mean that the WingMakers’ material is encoded? How does this get done?

The seven galactic Tributary Zones exist near the centermost point of the Milky Way galaxy, making them inaccessible to humanity. This is the primary reason that a translator is required. The other reason is that the vibratory rate of the Tributary Zones is purposely accelerated in order to ensure that only those entities of a compatible vibration may enter. There are members of the humanoid species, throughout the galaxy, that attend these sites in their dream state or meditation sessions.

It is impossible to translate these sites from their original dimension to earth, or any other three-dimensional planet, without changing the content. This is because the vibratory rate of the original materials must be decelerated, and in this deceleration process, change occurs. Technically, the process is less akin to translation from one language to another, and more similar to transposing from a higher key, or vibratory rate, to a lower.

You can think of these seven sites as knowledge repositories, in multiple mediums (sound, light, knowledge, language, mathematics, etc.) focused on each of the seven disciplines of Lyricus. These seven disciplines are expressed differently, but each contains multiple mediums that heighten and emphasize how integrated knowledge is a spectrum that includes art, metaphysics, and science, and that unified properly, this spectrum is the key to unveiling the Grand Portal.

The equivalent of the Ancient Arrow site, within the galactic core, contains three-dimensional art forms that are always in a state of movement. They respond to sound wave pressure, as well as the thoughts of those who are present at the site. There is no method to presently replicate this on earth. Thus, the paintings must be fixed in time and space. I decide this fixed state, so, in this case, I am a "creator". However, I have extensive experience in making these interpretations based on research of color vibrations, human perceptual systems, sophistication of the visual cortex, associative values of form, and methods of catalyzing new receptive fields.

In many respects the sound requires a comparable process. The major themes are transposed to audible frequencies, but the instrumentation cannot be replicated. The sound generation of the galactic Tributary Zones is not from instruments, but rather particles set in motion by thought forms. Even in this oblique description, I have only hinted at the real process. It would take too long to describe. The important element to know is that I am allowed artistic autonomy to transpose the themes into new structures using human instrumentation, human compositional techniques, and human vocals. These elements provide an anchoring point to the music, making them more accessible to the human ear.

From these descriptions, I think you have a glimmer of understanding for the process I use. As for the encoding and how this is accomplished, I can only tell you that there is subtle information encoded within the WingMakers’ materials that operate as a navigational system, leading deeper into the purpose of each site or Tributary Zone. This is part of a selection process, and relates exclusively to the Wholeness Navigator consciousness. More on this aspect I cannot disclose.

There is another form of encoding, which is not esoteric, and this element relates to the interaction of the human instrument to the materials. The music, art, glyphs, and texts are encoded with mathematical and metaphysical embellishments that are accessible through interaction techniques, some of which have been disclosed in the 4th Philosophy paper. Through these interactions, the human instrument decodes the information that helps it transition to the exploratory energy system where deeper insights can be achieved.

Closing Comments

I am appreciative of your interest and desire to understand more about these works. To those of you who are studying these materials, please be attentive to the path you have chosen to walk. This path is not for dabbling, or mental exercise. It is a journey into your personal wisdom. If there were anything else you seek, I would encourage you to set these materials aside in favor of another path, or even no path at all.

Anyone on this path expresses with respect, appreciation, and understanding, or the knowledge gained and personal wisdom revealed will not be satisfying, nor will it endure. It is a critical element of our approach to the Grand Portal. I mention this because in another world, a species approached the Grand Portal and its earth teachers lost sight of how expression and deep insight are necessarily connected, and though the discovery of the Grand Portal was at last achieved, it was not properly disseminated or applied in this world for several generations following the discovery.

The WingMakers’ discussion forums exist to enable each of you to express your innermost thoughts and findings about the WingMakers’ materials. It also enables you to practice and refine your ability to demonstrate respect, appreciation, and understanding. I encourage each of you to integrate these behaviors in your dialogue because they carry a kindling effect for the information contained within these materials -- both for you and those who tread with you on this path.

One final comment. I am not able to respond to more questions for a period of about three months. If you have additional questions, you may forward them to Mark, but please understand that you will require patience for your answers -- provided you seek them from me and require them in physical form.

You have my fondest regards.

From my world to yours,