by Dave Hodges
October 19, 2013
from TheCommonSenseShow Website



Sometimes it is beneficial to pause and try to intellectually understand what the American people are fighting against.


We see the daily struggles (e.g. threats to our pensions, bank accounts and civil liberties), however, what seems to be missing is a narrative which provides a macro view which reveals that there is a centralized plot designed to bring the nations of the world and its people to its knees and then impose one centralized political and economic authority.

I will not mince words here, this is also a classic battle between good and evil and for now, evil is winning hands down.




You Are Playing In a Rigged Game

Letís take a moment and examine the financial ground rules that we all live by.


First, you need to realize that the first and only rule of the New World Order is that there are no hard and fast rules of the New World Order. I understand that in order to wrap your mind around this concept, it will require a huge paradigm shift because you have been raised to follow a set of established rules.


This constitutes a naive world view and you need to realize that the rules that we are made to follow were only designed by the central bankers to keep you and me in line and to limit our ability to collectively compete with them both financially and politically.

Even though there are no rules when we deal with the structure of the central bankers, there are, however, two things that you can generally count on.


Number one, most of you spend a significant portion of your day earning money to keep the wolf from the door. Your life is largely predicated on meeting your financial obligations so that you can survive. This principle was established by the elite in order to keep you working for them for your entire life.


They have built a financial system in which they know how much to pay you and still keep you dependent on their system.


Their system is a conscious predication of making you overpay on your home for 30 years because this keeps you working until just before you drop dead. Also, your retirement is the carrot they dangle in front of you for 50 years in order to keep you working for them.

For most of us, we work for peanuts in comparison to the wealth our labors collectively generate.


On the other hand, the global elite spend their day trying to contemplate ways to add to their bottom line and, more often than not, your earned resources are their target. Directly, or indirectly, you work for the global elite and they compensate you with a miniscule fraction of what you make for the elite.


Then your financial masters concoct plots designed to separate you from your money by using the power of government.


We see evidence of this paradigm with the MERS mortgage fraud, stealing depositorís money, rigging the stock market and the central bankers printing their own money so they can acquire hard assets.



Even though Americans have participated in a rigged game, mostly since 1913 with the inception of the Federal Reserve, the system has minimally sustained the middle class in this country.


However, as I have written extensively about the economic assault against the American people over the past several weeks, these central banksters are preparing to collapse the system and any semblance of law and order in our financial systems will disappear.


Most Americans will prove to be easy prey to this strategy because their collective cognitive dissonance will not permit them to see all the danger signs.


In short, the people in our country expect our political leaders and our captains of industry to follow the same rules that they impose upon us and this is a grossly naive and fatal world view.




We Exist In a Predatory, Not a Benevolent World

Have you figured this game out yet?


You are playing in a predatory game where "might makes right" is the standing order of the day. The global elite constitute the hunters and your resources are the hunted.


Every strategy, and I mean every strategy being employed by the central bankers is geared towards the fulfillment of one goal:

Separate the middle class from their money and then use that money to purchase hard assets in anticipation of the dollar collapsing, for when the smoke clears, the elite will have all the toys and the middle class will have all the debt.

This is a classical Marxist example of total class warfare.


However, before you judge the institutions of the global elite, please realize that they are fighting for their very lives.




The Food Chain Comprising the Global Banking Empire

If you want to know who is controlling the money in the world and who has the power to decide what direction the global economy will take, simply follow the money to its source:



As far as can be determined, the global economy has three players.


  1. Letís call the executive directors of this grand economic scheme, the Bank of International Settlement.



  2. The second level of power is the one that we see making decisions on a daily level.


    These organizations include the global central banks. In the United States, this group is called the Federal Reserve Board which is an unelected cabal of private bankers who have wrestled the financial power of this country away from Congress and control the nationís money.


    If an entity controls the money, they also control those who use their money (you and me), through the establishment of a predatory debt enslavement system.


    You learned this principle of finance as a teenager when your parents told you,

    "For as long as you live under this house, you will do what I say."

    The power of the purse determines who controls behavior.


  3. The third level of power of this unholy system are the financial institutions of a nation. In our case in America this would be institutions such as Goldman Sachs, other lesser Wall Street investment houses as well as the megabanks (e.g. Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.).

Technically, there is a fourth level and that would be you, me and the sheep of this country.


However, this group has no real power because we have fallen victim to the global eliteís designed divide and conquer strategies (e.g. gay vs. straight, citizen vs. illegal, abortion vs. right to life, Democrat vs. Republican, etc.).


If the fourth element comprising the people would develop a collective consciousness and some competent leadership, we could make the first three levels of power disintegrate.


Donít hold your breath, we are all too brainwashed by the system to achieve this level of awareness.




The BIS and Sun Tzu


Over 2,000 years ago, Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, imparted a knowledge of military strategy (The Art of War) which is still being taught in our service academies and in our war colleges.


One of the primary principles of Sun Tzu consists of the concept of placing oneís soldiers on "deathís ground" if you want them to fight hard and achieve victory against all odds.


The best military example that comes to mind is what happened to the WWII Normandy invasion force at Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. These men were thrown onto a beach where there was no retreat and they were only going to leave the beach dead or victorious.


The BIS has employed a Sun Tzu strategy of placing its second level of power on deathís ground.

The BIS developed the money game that we refer to today as futures derivatives. It is a Ponzi scheme in which brokers quickly flip a product or service at a greatly inflated price in the hope of a huge profit and it does not matter if the selling price matches the real value of the product.


The rules are to get into the game early, flip some product and then get out before it all collapses.


As with all money games, eventually the game quickly rolls up and only the individuals and organizations who began the game are the only ones who make money.


When the derivatives were introduced, the second tier of economic power on the planet (i.e. the central banks and its financial enforcement arms) could not resist the allure of a quick financial score.


No more patiently waiting for the 4% margin of profit to come to fruition through wise and deliberate investing. Profits of 100%, 1000% and much more were possible by following the new money game called derivatives.

What caused the global economy to collapse is that most developed nations require that derivative transactions be backed by financial organizations capable of endorsing and underwriting the transaction with their line of credit. It is the equivalent of a parent co-signing for a car loan for their children.


When the Ponzi scheme eventually dried up these financial transaction guarantors were on the hook for the losses.


Hence, this is the reason that former Goldman Sachs executive, and then, Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson told Congress that if they did not provide the bailouts, the ensuing economic crisis would cause massive and violent civil unrest resulting in a brutal form of martial law.


In short, the BIS money game policies have now placed the second tier of financial power on this planet on deathís ground and this was all by design.




The Goal of the BIS



The overall goal of the global elite as expressed through the BIS, is to establish a New World Order which means the total elimination of the sovereign nation state which will enslave all the remaining people on the planet.


They want a system in which they control the economy through one dominant currency and they desire to politically control the world through the United Nations through such policies as Agenda 21.


In order to achieve these goals, two objectives must be accomplished.

  • First, the rank and file must be economically devastated so that they will accept a global currency along with a new set of economic policies. To accomplish this objective, the people have to placed in such dire straits that they will beg for relief from a relentless and crushing debt.


  • As far as the second goal, political consolidation of the planet can only occur through WWIII in which all of the stubborn nation state members of the planet (e.g. Russia, China, Syria, Iran, etc.) are drawn into a war and are crushed.



Crushing the Global Economy

As the Ponzi schemes of the derivatives market began to fail and institutions such as Goldman Sachs were crumbling, this constituted placing this second tier of power on deathís ground.


Institutions such as Goldman Sachs and to some degree, the central banks were having their very existence threatened. With a debt of at least $1 quadrillion dollars created by the derivatives, which is 16 times greater than the entire gross product of the planet, these institutions turned even more predatory than before in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the burning bridge.


As a result, the American people are facing a pack of level two wounded and desperate animals designed to steal every financial asset that they can.



  • does the MERS mortgage fraud make more sense?


  • do you now understand why selected institutions have been robbed blind (e.g. MF Global and Naomi Wolf)? Do you understand that the worst is yet to come?

There is one other consideration in that the second tier of financial power on this planet will eventually run out of assets to plunder and will begin to prey upon each other.


This is the breeding ground of WWIII in which both goals of the BIS can be accomplished.

Since Obama failed to deliver the beginnings of WWIII by not being able to invade Syria, he will not likely finish his term of office. I expect that he will be given one more chance to get us militarily into Syria as a starting point, or a scandal (Benghazi, IRS harassment scandal, etc.) will end his presidency.


This is why Obama needs a false flag followed by martial law.


The Endgame is to create a pretext for war and to eliminate all competition to his mandated views and subsequent actions.

Prior to the commencement of WWIII, more plundering is continuing. In fact, the IMF will soon be into your personal bank account in just another plot of the long line of financial tyranny being imposed by the second level of economic power on this planet.