by Mark Sircus

14 January 2011

from IMVA Website


The rhetoric of “change” is a continual theme among politicians, actors, and preachers who really know little about the real meaning of change, nor do they want to.


Clinton and Obama preached the same message of change, but what has really changed in terms of anything good? Much of the New Age rhetoric has always been one of “an awakening” and right now there is a big focus about “a change” that will occur in 2012.

There has been an increasing amount of pressure that has been rising up against just about everything, but there is a particular current against new agers and against firebrands like Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones. Some throw conspiracies against the conspiracy-warning crowd accusing them of spinning messages that create anger, hope, and the subliminal message to rise up and fight against the establishment.


It all can get kind of confusing after a while, leading to ambiguity, indecision, and depression through inaction.

If one is not centered deeply inside oneself and centered in love, one is vulnerable in a mental sense. That’s a nice way of saying we become like sitting ducks to any higher well-organized power that is exerting great amounts of resources to shape life according to some selfish design. We are vulnerable to the message of change because it’s obvious that change is urgently needed across a broad front but we are deceived, and that hurts.

Though there is a lot to be angry about!


But anger, except for short bursts that propel one to action for some very good reason, is not productive and does not usually lead to any kind of significant change except in one’s health status and I don’t mean that in a positive sense.


Anger though is one of the most honest emotions and I have written about this extensively in my book HeartHealth.

The bible talks about the kind of change that comes from renewing one’s mind but that is best executed through opening up the heart to the deeper currents of love and to devotion to the higher beings that line the heavens. That was the American Indian way of relating to the divine.


Certainly I am not talking about aliens here, the ones I am hearing increasingly about. Not the ones who are supposedly manipulating governments and the elite with their gifts of technology, wealth and power. I would not trust them as far as I could spit even if they arrived in a UFO at my front door.

I did trust Mary though when she knocked hard at the door of my heart. I do trust myself but only in the context of service to something higher, in service to my family and in service to humanity as a whole.

The one thing that a person can change in this mad mad world of ours is oneself and that comes slowly and only with time and it begins with the willingness to see oneself as one actually is, and then change. This takes ego penetration, which is something our egos resist with all their might. It is in reality the real purpose of life, to penetrate one’s own ego thus getting to the truth of one’s own essence or state of being.

The main point I am making is the truth does set us free, at least to a certain extent.


My greatest hope about people who communicate the truth, like I believe Jesse does, is that it at least unchains people’s minds so they can break free from the constant propaganda that the higher-ups put out in the mass media.


The movie The Matrix was no joke and mirrored quite accurately the current state of the mainstream.

We can pick up many truths that are happening around the globe from the mainstream media, but at the same time we have to accept the hugely penetrating mental manipulation that is a zero sum game in terms of real change.


The press has the world pouring out its empathy and compassion for those killed in Arizona but will not spend a word on the children killed by the poisons in vaccines because there is no “proof” of that.


Misplaced Tears?

The youngest victim of the Tucson shootings, Christina-Taylor Green, was buried amid an outpouring of grief but where is the grief for all the men, women, and children being buried by contemporary medicine?


Though this subject has not been on President Obama’s wife’s mind, she posted an open letter on the White House web site that said:

“As parents, an event like this hits home especially hard. It makes our hearts ache for those who lost loved ones. It makes us want to hug our own families a little tighter. And it makes us think about what an event like this says about the world we live in - and the world in which our children will grow up.”

So how about it Mr. and Mrs. of the White House? How about some grief for the victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster? Have you forgotten completely about them?


I am reading how coastal residents who have their complaints about health problems they allegedly suffered from exposure to dispersants and toxins while helping clean up oil from the BP spill in the Gulf are being dismissed as unproven by these men.


William K. Reilly, Bob Graham, and Donald Boesch of the National Oil Spill Commission listened compassionately to the tearful entreaties of those who say their suffering has been unfairly dismissed.


But in the end, the commissioners stated,

“We were charged with being evidence-driven, and the fact is we’ve asked for and sought out evidence that the oil spill is the proximate cause of these health problems, and we just haven’t found it.”

I never heard something so ridiculous in my entire life. But we can celebrate at least that finally the government is beginning to admit that fluoridation of water should be reduced because it’s dangerous.


Rich Beware

I was just reading from the New York Times about the rioting in Tunisia.

“Just as in other protests in recent days, the demonstrators called for President Ben Ali to step down.


But many seemed even more angry at his second wife, Leila Trabelsi, and her family - 'No, no to the Trabelsis who looted the budget,' has been a popular slogan - and some said they still considered the president a good man brought down by the greed of his wife and her clan.”

Much of the anger is being directed at the wealth and at the many mansions this family owns.

What I could not help thinking is how vulnerable many of the rich and powerful are in the United States to an eventual uprising against their power and wealth. Sure the richest drive around in their armored limos and have security guards and high security fences around their homes.


But… like these men above, there are so many of them who are playing the rich man’s game who do not have armored cars.


Prince Charles got a taste of this and I am sure many more will also despite everything the police and security forces around the world can do. But perhaps they have nothing to be worried about except for polar shifts and their houses being covered by ice age sheets of ice.


Then the super wealthy will have to come up with something more than just chains for their limo tires.