Chapter 6

Seeding from the Stars

Sometimes it seems easier to accept a Creation story like the one we have been following than it is to believe there are aliens who might one day show up on our front doorstep for a visit.


Perhaps this is because ‘God’ seems so very far away and so much less personal, while aliens on the other hand could be so very, very close.

Current statistics suggest that more than 57 percent of Americans believe in UFOs, while fifteen percent say they have seen a UFO, and as many as 5 percent say they have been abducted. These figures seem very low after speaking with people from all over the world, and working with abductees for a number of years - abductees who have a completely different figure in mind, something more like 40 to 50 percent!

The one common thread that ties so much of the ancestral mythology of all nations together is the idea that our ancestors came from the stars. This is certainly common knowledge to just about every Native American tribe, and in many other indigenous as well.

In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. According to their traditions, the star Sirius has a companion star which is invisible to the human eye. This companion star has a 50 year elliptical orbit around the visible Sirius and is extremely heavy. It also rotates on its axis.

This legend might be of little interest to anybody but the two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, who recorded it from four Dogon priests in the 1930’s. Of little interest except that it is exactly true. How did a people who lacked any kind of astronomical devices know so much about an invisible star? The star, which scientists call Sirius B, wasn’t even photographed until it was done by a large telescope in 1970.

The Dogon stories explain that also, according to their oral traditions, a race of people from the Sirius system called the Nommos visited Earth thousands of years ago. The Nommos were ugly, amphibious beings that resembled mermen and mermaids. They also appear in Babylonian, Accadian, and Sumerian myths. The Egyptian Goddess Isis, who is sometimes depicted as a mermaid, is also linked with the star Sirius.

The Nommos, according to the Dogon legend, lived on a planet that orbits another star in the Sirius system. They landed on Earth in an “ark” that made a spinning decent to the ground with great noise and wind. It was the Nommos that gave the Dogon the knowledge about Sirius B.

Such credible witnesses as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter have admitted on record to having seen a UFO, though he is not the only public figure to have done so. Voice recordings of NASA astronauts publicly available tell how the astronauts have seen UFOs from the space shuttle’s windows.


NASA astronauts such as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Ed White and James McDivitt, James Lovell and Frank Bormann, Walter Schirer, and Gordon Cooper, all testified before the United Nations that UFOs are repeatedly visiting this planet. Russian film footage of their cosmonauts working on the space-station Mir show obvious UFOs circling the area in the background as the cosmonauts do their work.

Ed Mitchell, Apollo astronaut, appeared on Dateline NBC in April, 1996, and indicated that NASA was covering up what really happened at Roswell.

There is also evidence to suggest that Cro-Magnon man was doing drawings of UFOs as long as 13,000–30,000 years ago in French and Spanish caves where there were no sources of light at the time.

Prior to 1947 and the Roswell Incident, there had been as many as 1000 books written on the incidence of Unidentified Flying Objects. Medieval paintings of religious figures show flying saucers clearly visible in the background. Since the early 1980s, the number of books on the subject has grown exponentially.


Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan is famous for his public comments made in 1987 alluding to an alien threat that would force the feuding countries of the world to pull together in a common act in order to repel hostile invaders. He even concluded one statement in September, 1987 with the rhetorical question, “And yet I ask you, is not an alien threat already among us?”

Until recently, 1997 had been the busiest year yet reported for UFO sightings in South America. And still the military and governments of most countries of the world deny that aliens and UFOs even exist. What purpose does it serve to deny this fact when they are so very obviously real? The Brookings Institute did a special report in 1961 at the request of NASA on what would be the effects of disclosing information about the reality of aliens to the public. The recommendation was a resounding not to do it. The report suggested that such a release of information at that time would cause society as we know it to collapse. But would it? Or is it just that the threat of alien ‘invasion’ could be used against the people as a way of keeping them ‘in line?’

At what time of an adopted or orphaned child’s life should it be appropriate to tell them who their parents really are? Is there any easy way to do it? And what would be the repercussions on those children after being told? This is the scenario we currently face here on planet Earth.

We are not orphans. We are not abandoned or adopted children. We do in fact have parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents, and great, great grandparents as well - and somewhere back along the way, there are at least one or two of our ancestors who really were alien. It is more than probable that there is not just one or two either, but lots of them.


That ‘sons of God’ stuff in the Christian Bible, that is a story about us and our beginnings. All of us have had many lifetimes on this planet, and indeed much of this history of the planet and of the universe that we are talking about is simply about us in former lives. Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.


And repeat it. And repeat it...

Therefore, when we decide that we want to take a look for the origins and the causes behind our history, the best place to go is deep within ourselves to our own DNA and to our very own cellular memory.


Although there are many evolutionary processes at work in the Universe, it is a fact that no human life on this planet has ever evolved from anything other than an intelligent, flesh and blood human, or proto human-like life-form.

Now that this has been said, how does it make you feel? Does it make you feel like society will suddenly collapse around your head? No? The only thing that might collapse is the power structure built on the lies and subversion that have held our history hostage for so long.

I know it will take time before the full implications of this statement to sink in, but somewhere deep inside you, you never could believe that ‘crawling out of a swamp’ stuff anyway. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to take tomorrow off from work to think about the ramifications of this fact and then it will become clearer to you. The best thing to do then would be to set aside time this weekend to rearrange your priorities. But, other than that, your life will go on as usual.

Some of the illusions that you once held may have been brushed away along with the digestion of these facts, but you will only be left with a much clearer vision of who and what you truly are. You will also be a person that is much less likely to be used or controlled by those who are trying to enslave you.

Before you begin this process, however, wait until you have finished reading the rest of this chapter. This is where our history in the lower worlds begins - on this, the most beautiful planet in the Universe. It is a time when the planet is almost devoid of all life-forms other than some evolving animals and vegetation formed by angelic realm beings. Many of these beings are now incarnated on the planet and can remember this time of helping form the new divine matrices which we now can see around us.

The “Gods” whom this honeymoon retreat was created for are now absentee landlords, so why let a good thing go to waste?
Oh, there were a few visitors who stopped by every now and again to rest their weary space-legs. Most of these left again after refreshing themselves - perhaps making a pit stop to repair or replenish their craft and their supplies. Some stayed awhile but ultimately perished, the planet at that time still being too hostile an environment for any kind of advanced life form.

The Anasazi were one of the first to come and explore.


Knowing their own world was in danger of being destroyed by a passing comet, the Anasazi traveled from their own region which is closer in to the center of the galaxy, out to planet Earth. There purpose was to scout for another planet to colonize. They had no space vehicles as such, but since the vibration of the planet at that time was of a much higher level, or much finer vibration, what we could call a fourth dimensional level, there were other ways to come and go through the universe.


Noted western author Louis L’Amour has a story called Haunted Mesa in which he tells about the Anasazi entering and leaving this world through a portal located on top of a mesa in the Four Corners region of Arizona.


It is one of his most popular books exactly because it triggers in so many of us those cellular memories of when we too were amongst the Anasazi of that particular time. As any Louis L’Amour aficionado will tell you, the author did a great deal of research on any and all of his subjects and did not work strictly from his very creative imagination.

The Anasazi left, however, after that first visit, finding that the planet was too inhospitable for their needs. It was during this, and subsequent visits though that the Anasazi became a kind of guardian race for planet Earth - and many are now returning at the time of its greatest need.


It was in fact, only on the last of their four visits to the planet that the Anasazi found it had settled down sufficiently to the point where it could be a favorable place to live. Their abrupt departure in the 14th century was in fact was occasioned by the opening of the portal through which they needed to leave, and by the continual threat they were under from other warlike tribes.

If they had not left at that time, it would have been more another 2,000 years before they would have again had the chance.

Their history, which is another story from the one we are telling here, is one of advanced spiritual technologies and ideas - continuously hunted by dark-skinned enemies who sought to destroy them and their peace-loving ways. Every Anasazi ruin shows the defensive nature of their way of life.

There are numerous interpretations of the name ‘Anasazi’ - however, the one that perhaps rings the truest is “ancient enemy.” This a name which connotes the difference between them and the Native American tribes existing in the area at the same time. Some oral Native American history actually calculates itself in time by the movements of the Anasazi –the movement of the “short peoples” (the average Anasazi being only four and a half feet tall - hence the small rooms and apertures that form the majority of their cliff dwellings).

It is important to note here that so many races of people have, at one time or another, populated the Earth and then disappeared suddenly and mysteriously seemingly into thin air, leaving behind them the remnants of their great cultures. Entire civilizations have just up and, within the span of a single night, left. The best explanations for this that most scientists, archeologists and other so-called experts seem to have are at best weak ones that often ‘do not hold water,’ never being able to explain where these cultures and civilizations moved to.

Keep it in mind, for indeed it is the history of this planet, as well as many others in our universe, that many races have come and gone for many different reasons. We will try and explain the relevant ones for this planet in the brief amount of space and time we have in this book, without losing sight of that which is our first and main intent - the true history of the Darkness and the Light.

Most of the other visitors to the planet found it as inhospitable as the Anasazi did. It was often covered by too much ice or, conversely, too much heat. The strange animal and plant life at the time made it difficult for them to survive. The Els, from whom we get the word ‘elders’, were the first beings to successfully colonize the planet some 15 million years ago.


Their civilization grew large and covered many areas of the planet. They were technologically advanced, but still relied heavily on their inner knowingness and spiritual abilities to live. Many of the Els later went underground when a large planet came too close to the Earth and threatened to destroy all life upon it. This was the infamous planet known as Nibiru.


Some of the Els went underground where they are still rumored to exist today. Most, however, left.

Brother Philip tells a part of their story in the book Secrets of the Andes.


Their story gives us a better idea of how many planets were started through some type of colonization, just as modern days areas of Earth were also colonized when adventurers from France, England, Spain, and Portugal, roamed the world in search of new lands to bring into their country’s fold.

“After the Earth had cooled, and was ready for inhabitants, a race arrived from out of space that was not human, but was of the race of original true man.


They were called Cyclopeans, and are known in the secret arcane knowledge as the ‘L’ Race or simply, the ‘Els’. Before coming to the Earth planet they traversed space following all the great cycles of Time; they were Titans who rode the starways and sought always the best pastures of space for their flock.


They were the first life upon the Earth and are the Immortals of our legends, the God Race or Elder Race that preceded man. . .They were about twelve feet tall and were male and female, but not as we think of sex differentiation today.


Before coming to Earth they had colonized much of what is known today as the Milky Way Galaxy; thousands of suns and worlds came under their influence.”

Brother Philip also makes the astute observation that Earth has had many civilizations and, when one has gone to ‘the bottomless pit’, another one rises, only to see that one drop to the bottomless pit as well.


This, he says, is an error of the Earth, for on Venus there has never been such a destruction of a civilization. And on the planet we know as Mars it has occurred only twice, although obviously quite catastrophically. But how many hundreds of times has it taken place here on Earth?

After the many comings and goings of these civilizations, their rise and their fall, a history that is too far back in the dim mists of time for us to even worry about here, it was decided by members of the local spiritual hierarchy to use the planet for an experiment. This was to be an experiment in the blending together of the many and varied universal civilization types.


Although this kind of work had been done before with some kind of success, that on planet Earth was to be a blending on a far greater scale than had ever been tried before.

Initially the idea was to take a life-form from one civilization, plant some of them on the planet, and then let them acclimatize. At periodic times after that, genetic factors from other civilizations on other star systems would be added to this original group either through reproductive intervention or a mating with the species.


If this sounds very much like 2001: A Space Odyssey, you will begin to understand how creative people are fed ideas from out of their deepest inner resources in order to bring truth to Light.

As the Council of Nine put it:

“The origins of humankind did not evolve from animals, or from Earth matter. There was one group which emerged by itself – all others were colonized and merged to create a new species.”

In tracing the vertical evolutionary record contained in human and other genomes, scientists ran into an enigma when they found that the human genome contains 223 genes that do not have the required predecessors on the genomic evolutionary tree. Starseeding is the true and only explanation for these genes without identifiable predecessors.

Even star systems such as the Pleiades were seeded just as was planet Earth. It is called ‘starseeding’, and it is a basic tool of the Universe to get evolution going and keep it going. It is also a process used to speed up the process.


As was said before, however, nothing on the scale of what was to be tried on Earth had ever been attempted before.

“We do not interfere in the civilizations. Those twenty-four civilizations join with us to bring about the plan for Planet Earth that was conceived by all of us in the beginning. In truth the Council and the Twenty-Four developed and created what was necessary on Planet Earth in order for humanity to live on it, when it was ready. We continue to work with this, but our wish is that you humans will now take responsibility for your own planet.”

The initial attempts were to ‘test the waters’ so to speak.


The metaphor The Nine use is that, like any good gardener, if you are unsure of your soil, you will plant many types of species. The kinds you initially plant are the kinds you most want to be the main structure of your garden, and to see which of those will survive. Then you arrange and cultivate, and look to see what is working and what is not.


Then you do a little grafting, a little cross-hybridization, and see if you can come up with that perfect show piece that will take top honors at the next bi-annual fair. That, too, is how Planet Earth was arranged.

To give you a background with which to work, and to orient your time clock in as short amount of space as we can, we have included a brief rundown of the human population on the Earth as it is currently written about in most of the scientific textbooks in schools:

• First came the creature known as Ramapithecus. Living 15-20 million years ago, it was a tree dwelling simple tool-user without visible ancestors or descendants.

• About the same time was Australopithecus, a creature also living 15-20 million years ago, but one which mysteriously died out.

• In 1946, the huge bones of Gigantopithecus were discovered and dated back to nearly 10 million years ago. Gigantopithecus, sounding much like what Brother Philip describes as the Els, stood more than 8 feet tall and weighed 400 to 500 pounds. In the 1940s, Gigantopithecus was thought to be a good candidate for a missing link; but, like Ramapithecus, it is now thought to be ‘an evolutionary side branch’. The fossils of Gigantopithecus and Ramapithecus, if not human ancestors, were supposedly contemporary with our true ancestor. These primates were indeed giants and dwarfs, and some lived earlier than 10 million years ago, the time in which Edgar Cayce says human beings first appeared on Earth. These were not anatomically modern people; our ancestors likely though did have “tails,” just as there are incidences of children still being born with tails today.

Homo Habilis came around 3,500,000 years ago. He was an upright, tool-using, hunting, home-dwelling being who looked much like proto-humans (proto as in prototypes), although definite ancestral links to us have not yet been established.

Homo Erectus came roughly between 750,000 and 250,000 years ago. He was a stone-axe user, a fire-kindler and a hut-builder, with a brain somewhat comparable to ours. The females no longer went ‘on heat’ (oestrus), and offspring went through a much more prolonged infancy. Cultural growth was beginning and signs of humanity were evident.

• There is no demonstrated relationship between Homo Erectus and Neanderthal Man - Homo Neanderthalis, who appeared about 300,000 years ago, wearing clothes, practicing ritual burials and warfare, but who mysteriously and quickly disappeared as well some 35,000 years ago. The Neanderthals displayed virtually no technological innovation during more than 100,000 years of their existence on the planet. They just disappeared. They didn’t interbreed, nor were they killed off by the Cro-Magnons. Modern humans are not descended from Neanderthals, but co-existed with them about 40,000 years ago, according to the latest scientific research just recently released.

In Marlo Morgan’s book Mutant Message Down Under, it is the white men who are called Mutants - because they were interbred with other races, and away from the “Ab-original.”


In ancient Egypt, the ‘Ab’ referred to that part of the person known as the ‘heart’ - therefore the Aboriginals can rightfully be called ‘the original hearts’ of the planet.

An analysis of DNA extracted from the ribs of a 29,000 year-old Neanderthal infant buried in a cave in southern Russia showed that it was too distinct to be related to humans. Although they evidently co-existed, no evidence of genetic material being passed from Neanderthals to modern humans can be found. The study of DNA taken from the first Neanderthal skeleton found in the Feldhofer Cave in Germany in 1856 supports the theory that modern humans in fact replaced Neanderthals.


The DNA sequence from the infant was very similar to the specimen from the Feldhofer Cave as well, suggesting both to be genuinely Neanderthals, and that there was little diversity among them. DNA comparisons also showed that different ethnic groups have no proven links to any of the Neanderthals known.

The Nine say that the Neanderthals were a species evolved from the planet Earth, but even they were “remnants of groups that had once come before.” Of course, the slowness and lack of progression of the Neanderthals over 100,000 years tends to put a damper on evolutionary theory considering how much progress modern man has made in as short a time as the past 3,000 years.

The Nine also say that the Cro-Magnon’s were from another race which then merged with other species who had survived, later merging again to bring humans to a more elevated state.

“The Neanderthals were not the beginning of humankind... their first appearance was in the Tarim basin in Aksu.”

There is no demonstrated relationship between the Neanderthals and those who also came to share space with them for a few millennia: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Human the Wise). These were anatomically modern folk who appeared seemingly out of nowhere, leaving remnants all the way from Europe to Australia.


They were a people who had sculpture, musical instruments, lamps, trade, and innovations such as objects of symbolic significance communicated through visual images.

Palden Jenkins commentary in The Only Planet of Choice makes light of the obvious questions left by science’s haphazard explanation of human life on this planet:

“After an evolutionary struggle lasting millions of years, our species emerged as top hominid. And then, in one spectacular moment, we became human. As recently as 35,000 years ago, western Europe was still occupied by Neanderthals, primitive beings for whom art and progress scarcely existed. Then there was an abrupt change.


Anatomically modern people appeared in Europe, and suddenly so did sculpture, musical instruments, lamps, trade and innovation. Within a few thousand years Neanderthals were gone. Insofar as there was any single moment when we could be said to become human, it was at the time of this great leap forward some 35,000 years ago.”

Jenkin’s conclusion is that scientific theories seem to rely heavily for their continued survival “on the implicit lack of interest” most people show in the subject, and a willingness to leave the question to “experts.” A seemingly very uncurious bunch, aren’t we?

Most of the world’s different races and major culture language groups have come into place only since about 10,000 BC. Even Egyptian civilization suddenly seemed to appear all at once, and almost fully developed, somewhere in the fourth millennium BC. Egypt moved straight from a stage of pre-civilization to the government of large areas without the usual era of city states intervening.


The ordinary logic of historical development does not seem to apply to Egypt.

The Nine say that Soul first came to the planet when reasoning began with the assembling of tools and with the forming of a method of communication, but others in the Universal spiritual hierarchy tend to suggest it is much further back than we think.


They are not disagreeing, it is only that the higher you go, the bigger the picture one can see.

“...We learn too,” say The Nine.

That is why we must take a look at the starseeding done by the twenty-four Universal civilizations which took place in Aksu, as well as that which occurred in the great empires of Lemuria and Atlantis - civilizations which were colonized from other planets, in order to get a better feel for our own history.


Lemuria and Atlantis we shall deal with in the forthcoming chapters. Aksu shall be dealt with now.

Before we begin, it must be mentioned first that prior to any of these more famous civilizations there were the races known as the Polarans and the Hyperboreans –both in varying stages of corporeality. When you start to go back too far into our history you begin to talk about a different level of existence from that which we now currently know and can imagine. In as much, therefore, these races are not a direct part of the Tree of Life we are tracing in this book.


Just know that, after the Els, and as far back as four million years ago, there were great civilizations upon the planet which rose and then fell, leaving behind no trace of themselves due to the major physical changes which have occurred on the planet since that time.


The only memory of them exists in the various myths and legends from around the world, and in the Akashic Records of the planet. Some psychically aware people are able to tap into these records, but always be aware of the level of the source from which this information comes.

The original beings that evolved on the planet then was from remnants of former colonies. These are what we would call the black race. Blacks actually evolved on all the landmasses of the Earth, and even in China the remains of Negroid ancestors have been found. At one time in Africa, the fierce black Varkas Kings had a great empire and ruled with an iron-fist all the lands south of the Mediterranean Sea.


A book called The Golden Kingdom tells a wonderful excerpt from their story, and is a worthwhile companion to this history.

The Orientals, the white race or Aryans, and the Native American Indians, have all been the results of colonization from other civilizations in the universe. They are the results of the breeding of the civilizations upon planet Earth, but the Native Americans are the only ones to openly acknowledge their ancestry in the stars.

When UFO activity was at its peak in the 1950s, a holy man of the Cheyenne River reservation of South Dakota named Blue Hair was asked “what are these that travel around but do not stay in one place long enough, nor avail themselves to be seen.”


Blue Hair told the listeners after a special ceremony that they are “our relatives,” and that they will come again from time to time “as they have in the past.”

When we speak of the red, the yellow, and the white races, they were all descendants from colonization occurring from other civilizations. This all took place many thousands of years ago. This is not the same colonization from the higher civilizations which began around 32,400 BC as explained in The Only Planet of Choice.

If you begin to see a pattern here in why perhaps the different races don’t get along with each other here on planet Earth, then you will start to recognize some of the negative effects of this experimentation brought to the planet by the Universal Civilizations. Interplanetary wars are not an uncommon thing in this area of the universe, and ‘racial’ hatred is a not an Earth-born thing alone. Some planets are, indeed, very, very war-like, and also very arrogant.


They take their planetary prejudices with them in their genetic codes, and this in turn comes out in many of us who are more directly related to these various star ancestors.

Racial purity is also not a new concept, and many of the wars taking place on Earth today are simply reflections of the ‘tribal wars’ which have to do with this kind of racial purity and ethnic cleansing on other planets. Lines drawn on maps cannot classify a person as to their ethnic background, nor indeed can they cover up the inherited planetary and racial prejudices bred into us from our ancestral roots in the stars.

According to Clow, history on Earth has been nothing more than the projection of fear:

“...the experience of the original people of Earth has been continuously and extensively influenced by visitors from other realms. As you struggle to remember who you originally were, your meetings with those who have changed you will be part of the critical process of regaining your identity.


Your teachers from Nibiru and other alien cosmic sources have been so interwoven with the natural evolution of Earth that it is very difficult to remember the original resonance of the Earth or of yourself.”

Part of this grand Earth experiment was to see in what manner the original race that was not seeded would evolve in comparison with those that colonized.


Those that colonized, after a period of time, because they came from civilizations that had perhaps more technology or different kinds of developed intelligence, often began to feel that they were superior to the native races who they saw as inferior because they had evolved more from this planet than the others. Often, too, these colonizers contrived to dominate the blacks and their homelands as well. The remnants of this attitude can still be seen in society at-large today.


The experiment of the Twenty-Four Universal civilizations began as recently as 32,000 BC, which coincidentally corresponds very nicely with that 35,000 BC jump in the evolutionary ladder referred to earlier in this chapter. By that time the ‘seeds’ these civilizations had planted had evolved into human beings who were ready to receive new energies for the uplifting of the species.


In an article entitled A Galactic Exchange Univer-city, co-authored by James Gilliland and John Novak, the authors speak about their impressions of the ‘benevolent’ aliens with which they have had contact in Oregon, sounding very much like representatives of the Twenty-Four Civilizations:

“. . . These benevolent beings have an omnipresent understanding of God that transcends the need to separate into structured truths with names, images and dogma. This is one of the main problems causing the fear, separation, division and war now plaguing Humanity and the Earth.


They have found it is better to honor diversity and choose the Universal principles and understandings within each culture that are necessary for a healthy society and environment. Principles that support Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all and service to the Creator within all Creation.

“These understandings, given to our forefather/mothers, were inspired by great overseers in the past and are the basic foundations for all religions today. Unfortunately, these basic truths have long since been altered by kings, governments and religious institutions that still dominate the social consciousness of Earth today.


They do this by keeping people in fear, ignorance and dependent upon them for the basic life necessities of food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine and transportation.”

After the seeding, what was planned for the planet Earth did not come to pass, however. As The Nine tell it, it was discovered by the civilizations that, of all the planets in the Universe, Earth was the only planet that has such beauty, such diversity of changes, but also has such density - more than any other planet in the Universe. It was discovered that those who existed upon planet Earth had a great “physicalness and sexuality” that was not present on any of the other planets.


Like all the other Souls who have incarnated here for one reason or another, the colonists, having a higher vibration and coming from planets with lesser densities, found the Earth’s density too difficult to overcome.


This caused them to get trapped in their desire for physicalness, so they too began to repeatedly reincarnate on planet Earth.

“It was not meant to be that way,” say The Nine. “That is where the great imbalance on this planet comes from. This is the problem in your physical world: there is too much involvement in the releasing of energy, rather than in refining energy... it was a form of masturbation that seeded the Earth.”

Instead of helping cure the problems of planet Earth, the colonists only served to add more fuel to the fire.

Those who were in the Southern hemisphere did not get as much of the influence of the other civilizations to assist them in their evolutionary process. Because of landmass changes which had occurred prior to this time, the continents of the Southern hemisphere were much more difficult to get too, just as they are today.


The Northern hemisphere, on the other hand, had a much greater settlement area, and was much easier to get around, especially when you consider the presence of a smaller yet still substantial Atlantis stuck squarely in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Then around 32,400 BC, a small number of representatives of the civilizations came to mingle with those who had already been seeded upon the planet. They arrived in a place The Nine call Aksu, located in the Tarim Basin in Central Asia, 350km SE of Alma Ata, Khazakstan, in what is now Xinjiang or Sinkiang province under the Tien Shan mountains.


The arrival of these beings changed the stakes, however, by infusing new DNA coding into humanity, a DNA which we shall see later was far different from that which we now possess today.





The others who were here on the planet at the time were in simple societies, and there was a mixing of genes with them as well.


Besides the evolving black race, the starseeds, and the colonizers, there were also others on the planet at that time who were outcasts from other planets. Just as Australia had started out as a penal colony for those deemed unfit for polite society in 18th century England, so to at times was Earth a dumping ground for those considered unwanted by the civilizations on their home planets.

This first mixing of genes in 32,400 BC did not work, however, because it was too soon. The starseeds had not yet progressed far enough by this time to assimilate the genetic changes in consciousness.


According to The Nine,

“their minds and the souls of the spirits were too dense. It was a high civilization, not properly adapted to Planet Earth.”

The new arrivals tried to give the original starseeds language - an alphabet which had no vowels, much as the Hebrew language has today. Before these star-beings had come to Aksu, the people spoke in grunts and gungs, so the star-beings taught them a toning language, a language that imitates the sounds of nature, and is the language of the universe, much as the toning sounds were used to communicate with alien beings in the final scenes of the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Some of these star-beings stayed and tried to make it work, but after about 600 years things fell apart. Because there were no connections between the groups moving out from the central core area, confusion reigned, and they became involved in local developments, often merging with the peoples of those new areas.


Therefore, there was a loss of memory and a reverting back to a more simple state of development. This then necessitated the re-enhancement of their genetics within a period of about 500 years (the Anasazi culture of the American Southwest suffered many such similar problems in trying to keep in touch with the outlying areas from the hub of their civilization at Chaco Canyon, NM).

Culture thus began to degenerate after initially flowering. The ability of the DNA to maintain itself lessened after being watered down in the genetic pool and through basic lifestyle choices.

About this time, the last great Ice Age was winding down and things on the planet were beginning to warm up. Three different groups dispersed in three different directions from Aksu. Some went to China. In Aksu there were people with mixed strains and people with pure strains. Some were mixed with different Civilizations of the Twenty-Four, and some were just mixed with the locals.

It was in this period between 5,000 BC and 6,000 BC that a larger group came from the Twenty-Four Civilizations to attempt to elevate the consciousness of the planet again.


The problem with the beings that existed on the planet this time was that instead of welcoming the visitors as brothers, they instead worshipped them, much as they worshipped the other alien beings who had been on the planet prior to the time of the Great Flood.


These alien races we shall deal with more in the coming chapters.

The Nine say that the realization that sent the representatives of the Civilizations back here at that time was that if they waited for humankind to evolve of its own accord, it would still be in its own state of six toes (a common petroglyph at many ancient sites), that which was considered to be a primitive state of development.

In the Bible, David’s nephew slays a son of Goliath (the Philistines supposedly being 8-10 ft tall) who had “on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes.” (2 Samuel 21:15-22)

What the Twenty-Four Civilizations were trying to do was to spread evolution and civilization through the ‘100th Monkey technique’, what they got instead was worship.

This time, their representatives decided to share with the people the idea of communal development. Some offshoots of the group went to China, what is now and seemingly always has been, a great communal country.

The effect had by the presence of the other alien beings on the planet at this time caused great dissension and confusion amongst the relatively primitive earthlings, especially after the incident known as the Tower of Babel. Everyone, indeed, was babbling like a non-human. It was therefore necessary for the Civilizations to re-seed again.

What needs to be understood here is that when there is a separation of people, by long distances or by long periods of time, there is also a loss of knowledge when there is not a group with whom to share that knowledge. It therefore becomes lost to future generations.

The Native Americans have kept their legends and ancient knowledge precisely because of this fact. They have worked hard to maintain their ways and their traditions by repeating that knowledge over and over again at tribal ceremonies, precisely as it was handed down to them in the beginning.


The old Hopi prophecy that a “Day of Purification” was soon to arrive has survived this long just because of these forms of oral and ceremonial tradition, along with the pictographic representation of the events as carved into stone:

“The Day of Purification... It would be a day when all wicked people and wrong-doers would be punished or destroyed... We believe other planets are inhabited and that our prayers are heard there... The arrow on which the dome-shaped object rests, stands for travel through space,” Katchongva said in explaining the rock carving.


“The Hopi maiden on the dome-shape (drawing) represents purity. Those Hopi who survive Purification Day will travel to other planets. We, the faithful Hopi, have seen the ships and know they are true... “ (Kimball)

So once again there was a need for more genetic engineering to be performed on the central group of seeded inhabitants.


Many of the legends and mythology of Ancient Greece and their Gods, those such as told about Atlas and Zeus, came from this exact time when the people saw alien beings landing in strange craft and doing miraculous things with technology they didn’t understand. These strange things they translated into images using the only language they knew. Any kind of alien from a spaceship became “an angel or winged messenger.”


And the spacecraft themselves became “chariots of fire,” just as modern-day UFO researcher Erich Von Daniken first deciphered them.

One of the major starseeding influences came from the beings sent from the Pleiades, one of our closer neighbors in the Universe, the group of stars known as the “Seven Sisters.” Many of these ancient legends refer to the Pleiadeans, in terms that the people of those days could understand especially when they involve a bull - the Pleiades being in the constellation of Taurus, the bull.


These legends and their truth in origin, has had incalculable influence upon our civilization, legends such as this one:


Europa and Her Kin

Jupiter was the chief figure in one romantic episode, which brought in its train a number of important events and consequences.

Europa was a princess of Asia, the daughter of the king of Phoenicia. She shone preeminent among her attendant maidens as Venus did among the Graces. The son of Cronus beheld her, and he fell in love with her. He wooed Europa in the fashion of a bull (Taurian, lovely and mighty to behold).


He came into the flowering meadow where Europa disported herself with her maidens, and when the rest fled, he cast his spell on the princess so that she was not afraid. She approached him and he lowed gently, and he bowed himself before her feet and showed her his broad back. Smiling, she was tempted, and sat down upon the back of the bull; and scarcely was she seated, when he rose from the ground, moved towards the neighboring seashore, and leaped into the waves.

In vain she called to have her companions, in vain she implored the seemingly gentle bull to return to dry land and to permit her to escape. Over the sea, suddenly smooth before him, he swam with powerful strokes, and never a wavelet wet the hem of the maiden’s garments. Around him gamboled the monsters of the sea, and bevies of sea nymphs rose from the waves and greeted him joyously.

"Wither do you bear me?” at last the maiden cried in awe; and the bull answered her in deep, immortal tones, bidding her to be courageous.

“Behold, I am Jupiter,” he said, “and love of you has compelled me to wear this semblance. But Crete shall presently receive us and shall be our bridal chamber - Crete where I myself was born.”

So he said, and so it was; and from this princess Europa it was that the whole continent received it’s name.


Three sons were born to Europa - Minos, later king of Crete, Rhadamanthus, and Sarpedon. The two former after their death became judges of the shades in the underworld (perhaps underworld aliens).

All of these legends involve flying and ‘immortal acts’ done by heavenly creatures with amazing technology and superhuman abilities. They were not the products of fertile minds, but rather the translations of amazing events done by simpler minds than ours. In this case, Jupiter was a God who was “wheresoever you look, wheresoever you move.”

As The Nine describe it, the Pleiadeans are our actual biological ancestors, and are very much a part of our family. A lot of people on the planet feel drawn to the Pleiades for exactly this same reason, and hold very close feelings for these beings and this star system.


Most Native American tribes point to the Pleiades as the home from which their ancestors came. There are also many legends revolving around the Pleiades in numerous other cultures from around the planet. The Balinese and the people of Tana Toraja (in Indonesia), both say they came from the Pleiades. Their houses, resembling long boats, are symbolic of the ships that the ancestors from the Pleiades arrived in long ago.

As stated earlier, the Pleiades were also a seeded planet, one which had a little more success because of its finer vibration and the level of its people’s existence on a higher dimension. It is now a civilization which exists almost solely to provide seed help, as well as technical and biological intervention on other planets.

Randolph Winters, in his book The Pleiadean Mission - A Time of Awareness, shares some of the history and qualities common to Pleiadeans, and sheds some extra light on the ancestry of other planets:

“The Pleiadeans and their ancient ancestors called Lyrans, have been aware of our planet for more than 22 million years, but this was the first time that they had come to Earth, to observe and become involved with us. They could have come at any time, but it was clear to them that our civilization was beginning to develop, and that an important time was coming which would lead to great change here on Earth.

“The ability to project thoughts to another place on the planet is very common and is the socially accepted method of visiting. Telepathy, the ability to communicate by thought, is practiced by most of the population. Devices such as phones are non-existent.


Try for a moment to envision what life would be like if everyone on the planet were contributing part of their thought energy to a common pool that was used to protect the health and well-being of the planet, the animal kingdom, the food, and the health of all inhabitants. There would be no greed, hate, anger, or negative thinking, but only true understanding and love among everyone.

“Even though most communication is mental, there is till a tube type of system to travel around the planet. You can travel to almost anywhere on the planet in a very short time. This tube system is mostly above ground and available to everyone. When you are riding in the tube, there is no sensation of movement because the problems of gravity and energy have long been overcome by Pleiadean science.


The tube cars are something like our monorail systems on Earth, but are far more advanced and intelligent. As with other structures on Erra, the tubes can think and carry on a conversation with you about your destination, and answer any questions you may have about the scenery or topography of the planet (more primitive tubes such as these were also used on Earth by the Anasazi to travel on the long straight roads they built, having no wheels as such).

“...Because of this, everyone is able to share in the resources of their world in accordance with their contribution, without the fear of greed and power. This has made their life more pleasurable, and creates an environment where the quality of life is considerably higher.

“...Divorce is not allowed because they feel this is an offense against the Laws of Creation. If the marriage laws are broken, the partners are exiled from the planet, but this rarely happens ((how do you get exiled prisoners)) They believe in many kinds of love, especially in friendship and marriage which are very closely related, as well as the love of all creatures.”

“If you are beginning to feel a little lost, perhaps it is time for a quick lesson in genetics.”

The Old Stone-age Neanderthalers were so physically unlike modern humans that we could not possibly have evolved from them in terms of our genetics in such a short period of time.


They were even mentally quite different, as determined from a skull shape affording little room for thinking and speaking parts of the brain. Thus they were no missing link. There was also no separation between Neanderthals and Cro-magnons, but they were both totally different genetically and their cultures remarkably dissimilar.


Cro-magnons showed sophisticated art, clothing, habitation and general lifestyle, yet somewhere between 30,000-35,000 BC they did exist as contemporaries.


It is through genetic testing done in 1997 that proof was finally achieved that modern humans (homo sapiens sapiens) had not the slightest trace of ancestry from even the Cro-magnons. Similar testing found that Homo Erectus dated back to only 40,000 years ago in Java, rather than having died out 200,000 years ago as originally thought.

None of these forerunners evolved from each other either. They all seem to possess singular characteristics unrelated to the others, meaning that their genetics evolved separately from one another. Then, too, some mysteriously died out while others survived. This logically suggests the garden concept expressed by the Council of Nine that you plant many different kinds of seed in new soil to see which one will survive and will flourish.

You see, as The Nine explain it, only about 5% of the DNA within each cell is used in constructing a physical body.


The remainder concerns information including race or archetypal memory, psychological factors such as collective consciousness, and other streams of energies.

It is, in a way, the hard drive storage for all the lifetimes of our ancestors who have added their genes in order to create ours. It is also the container for various elements of cosmic knowledge, and especially for the secrets regarding the cosmic connection of man to his Creator. Do not be fooled by modern day experimenters in genetics and the supposedly worthwhile goals they say they are seeking.


As we shall see, much of what is happening today with regard to genetic manipulation has already gone on before in Atlantis and other places, and with often disastrous repercussions that we are still trying to cope with today.

During upgradings in our genetics such as those the Civilizations have done, genes have been introduced which have physically adapted the brain and intelligence hormones. This is kind of like upgrading a computer’s memory capacity and processing ability. The information brought to the Earth seeds then was not only verbally transmitted through ideas and information, but also genetically encoded into our DNA and transmitted through procreation between the inhabitants and these off-world star beings.


Genetics is one of the major factors we, in truth, are following in our quest for understanding the Tree of Life as it has been seeded on the planet, been hybridized throughout the millennia, and even today is being manipulated by power-seeking groups for the purpose of control.

The biggest problem with genetics is that this pool of genes we carry within us, which on the one hand can be upgraded by the adding fresh influences from other races, can also deteriorate if left too long without other fresh additions. Interbreeding within a group for too long can actually create great problems in the humans that it creates, mostly by concentrating certain traits to the exclusion of all others.

The Grays, the infamous group of aliens who are blamed for many of the abductions on the planet, are said to be a dying race who are trying to use genes from those they abduct to reinvigorate their own genetic pool. Unfortunately, it seems as if the human-Gray hybrids that have been created have lacked that vital quality which allows Soul to embrace the new form, and inhabit the physical structure.

There is, indeed, great difficulty involved with the workings of genetic manipulation. The FATHER’s Creation does not allow for change very easily, as the Grays and even the Twenty-Four have found out over a long period of time.


Those that have been successful need to understand the light coding that allows genes to fuse effectively, as talked about in The Pleiadean Agenda.

Many of the diseases known to humanity were caused by genetic factors originally brought about by the mixing of the various races. Some were from genetic factors inherent in one group from a particular star system which then did not intermarry well with the genetics of others from another planet. This is evident in the diseases particular to certain races of people.

Is it starting to make sense now why there are so many different blood types on the planet? So many different types of digestive system? So many different types of metabolism - some for vegetarians, some for meat eaters, and so on?

Not only did we inherit the benefits of the new genetic factors in this mixing, but we also inherited many of the problems, attitudes, and ‘physical’ attributes associated with beings from the various planets, as we shall see here in the story of the Aryan race of people.



The Aryan Branch

One group of starseeds that has been responsible for much of the confusion and disruption on this planet are the Aryans.


As Peter Moon describes their history, they come from the star Aldebaran, a star which has two planets forming the Sumeran Empire.

“The population of Sumeran was divided into two classes. First there was the Aryan or master race. Additionally there was a subservient race which had developed in a negative fashion as a result of mutation from climatic changes.


As both populations began to expand, there were problems because of racial intermixing. The people became dull and the technology for space travel was lost.”

In spite of this racist undertone, we are told that there was no racism in the Sumeran Empire and that the different peoples respected each other.


The Aldebarans, or Aryans, were at one time able to travel to other stars. They were, in fact, migrants to this area of the universe, first settling on Mars and Maldek, the planet whose remnants now make up the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This planet was a part of the original Luciferian wars, as they are called.


A major war took place between these two planets, leaving one a large, lifeless, chunk of rock floating in space, and the other, shattered into millions of smaller chunks floating out in space.

There is a great lesson here to be learned by people on planet Earth, for many of us were on these planets at the time they were destroyed. We need therefore to remember the lessons involved in this war and not let it happen again here.

The surfaces of Mercury, Mars, and several satellites of the planets (including Earth’s moon) show the effects of the intense bombardment by fragments from this destruction. On Earth that record has eroded away, except for a few recently found impact craters.

All the Darkness which has arisen from the foundation of humankind on this planet has not all been totally Lucifer’s fault, believe it or not. Certainly over the past 50,000 years, however, his focus has been on this planet and controlling its people, thereby gaining control over it’s role as a melting-pot and spiritual balancing point for the Universe.


The planet Maldek was destroyed in as much because it would not surrender totally to his control. The Martian planet was decimated and all atmospheric possibilities for life to exist upon the planet surface again, were destroyed in this very same battle. This was approximately 100,000 years ago.

There were many of these ‘Aryans’ and others who escaped to Earth at the time of the destruction of Maldek, during the earliest phases of the Galactic or Luciferian wars. Their memories are very strong with regard to what happened there, and indeed the planet Aldebaran which is destroyed by the Death Star of the Dark Side in the original Star Wars film, is an archetype of this planet Maldek.


So it is with Solara’s memories in her book, El:An:Ra: The Healing of Orion:

“Maybe she could liberate some of the small planets they had invaded if they were willing to join the fight against the OMNI.


Too bad that AAlar-dar wouldn’t join his forces with hers, surely overthrowing the Dark Lords would be serving good. Maybe when he saw her strength and power, he would bring the Intergalactic Confederation to help. But, she knew that she couldn’t count on him. Besides, there was always the possibility that he would try to stop her.

“Kurtala’s mind was made up. She vowed to destroy the OMNI, whatever it took. Even if she now had two formidable opponents, both AAla-dar and the Dark Lords, she was not frightened. Rushing from her quarters, she made haste to prepare for the horrible times to come.

“And thus the stage was set for the intergalactic wars.”

The Aldebarans or Aryans have played a significant role on in the troubles here on this planet.


They were a small minority of people who escaped to the planet and unduly influenced others to accept their beliefs and the memories of their home planet and what was happening there. The translation of the stories they told were taken at face value as a lesson in race mixing, when, as it has been correctly said, there was no racism on their home planet between the two different races.


At a time of desired mixing of races on this planet, their stories were something that influenced other races such as the Hebrew or Hoovid race which came from the Twenty-Four Civilizations, and convinced them not to interbreed.

This was a devastating blow to the original plans for this experiment on planet Earth. Its success rested on mixing the best of all the races to form one new and even more superior race, balanced in all or many of its aspects by a deep love of its heritage from the many races from which it had been formed.


As this was the first time this experiment of mixing so many bloods together had been attempted, the interference of other alien beings on the planet at the time was unfortunate. In a Universe based on Free Will, however, it was also unavoidable. It was “a monkeywrench” thrown into the works which eventually jammed up the gears of the overall experiment.

The Aldebarans or Aryans were in particular known for their intellectual ability.


Unfortunately they also brought with them this piece of their history which has now formed an archetype within people heavily influenced by their bloodline. This characteristic of the Aryans is what has created much of the anxiety centered around the separation of the races that has plagued nations such as Australia, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and certainly South Africa, almost since their inception.


Most of all it has brought itself forward in the teachings of the Teutonic race and eventually caused the slaughter of many millions when the archetype was successfully used by Hitler as an appeal to racial purity, and a reason to destroy the Jews, as well as many others.



The Jewish Branch

It must be remembered here that when The Nine speak of ‘civilizations’ they are speaking also of levels of consciousness.


Any particular group of people or beings will have a certain group consciousness formed by the simple communal linkage of their thoughts. This is because we are all connected together as a small individual piece of that much greater entity known as Soul. This is the origin of the Native American saying, ‘We are all Brothers’ (not, we are all one).

Any school class will have a certain group consciousness. So will any city, or even suburb of that city. Any state will also have a certain group consciousness, any country, and certainly any planet. This is the generalized consciousness of the people themselves as the group who inhabit a certain planet such as Earth. It should not be confused with the consciousness of the planet itself, which on Earth is known as ‘Gaia’.

This consciousness will usually manifest itself in a predilection for certain abilities associated with the mind or the emotions, and will therefore give rise to certain abilities in the fields of science, the creative arts, music, or even physical prowess.

As well as existing at different dimensional levels in the Universe, each of the Twenty-Four civilizations also have different levels of consciousness. All are not perfect, all are still evolving in their own way, and many have difficulties of their own to deal with, although none quite as bad as those we have here on Earth. We have, indeed, inherited the problems of the Universe along with our genetic mixing.


As such, we have become a central focus for the healing of the Universe - a microcosm for the larger macrocosm. We not only have all the positive attributes of all of our interplanetary parents, but also all the negative ones.


Thus we truly are the microcosm of all.

“In the beginning, all civilizations were equal. Yet each of them worked primarily with different levels and in different arenas, and the civilization in the level that was most influential became the most predominant civilization.”

Humans ‘abducted’ by aliens will often talk about seeing the various races of aliens working together onboard ships where they are taken.


These various aliens don’t always seem happy about the fact of working together - but at least they are cooperating on things. It is much like a group of nations operating together here on Earth, each one wanting to participate, yet each one wanting to retain its own sovereignty ad individuality as well.

The planetary civilization known as Hoova is the one that brought forth the nation of the Hebrews. They were one of the original civilizations that seeded planet Earth in very ancient times, and therefore rightfully can be referred to as ‘the chosen people’ in one small unimportant sense. Others came too, but Hoova re-seeded the planet Earth on three separate occasions, hence the relative importance of the Hebrews to Earth’s history.


The last time they came to the planet Earth for this, according to The Nine, was in the time of Sumer.

Hoova itself is a planet 16,000 times the size of planet Earth. It has a population of approximately only five million inhabitants.


This means that family and group ties are very important there because of the sparseness of their populated areas. Comparatively, Altea, another one of the planets inhabited by a member of the Twenty-Four Civilizations is only 52 times larger than Earth. Because of the different speed of time in the finer vibration in which Hoova exists, a Hoovid would live approximately one million of our Earth years.

The Hoovids are a smaller race, with dark skin, and usually straight dark hair. While Hoovids have vocal ability such as we do here on Earth, Alteans on the other hand do not have vocal chords, but rely rather on telepathic abilities to communicate, much as was previously discussed about the Pleiadeans.

In terms of the sexes Hoovids have what is known as a tri-polarity gender, similar to what one might think of as the male/female/neutral blend inherent in the FATHER. Alteans are of two polarities, blended in togetherness. Hence the uniqueness of the sexual reproduction and mating customs of Earthlings, and of the great desire to reunite the two.


This desire for physical union can even cause unbalance in beings from other planets and dimensions coming to the planet much like it does with the people already here.

Gregg Braden refers to this and its relationship to what is happening with the current planetary changes:

“. . Even as seeds, many have become “lost” in the density of the earth experience and are just developing a new sense of identity. As the memory returns, the constructs of their lives may appear to make less sense; careers, relationships and even commitments made prior to the wake up, may not feel harmonious with the codes being activated from within; the patterns simply will no longer “fit.”


For those individuals, their path will lead them through the doorway of experience that brings them to the threshold of resolving those feelings, facing the fears and coming to terms with the emotion of what has come to pass. Even now they are preparing, and being prepared for, The Rapture.”

The Nine say that the Hoovids, and thus the Jews, have been great civilization builders, and were chosen to seed Earth for their knowledge and seed-influence on civilization.


Ancient Babylonia and Baghdad were Jewish outposts. They also had a great influence on Greek and Roman civilization as well as on Islam through the Diaspora, and then upon the rest of the world. Jewish people are descended from the original Aksu line of starseeds.

The Hoovid race was also chosen for the implantation of “individuality and determination,” and perhaps an ingredient of “tenacity.” The Nine say that the difficulties this race brought with them to the planet, however, were in the matters of “obedience and compassion.” The Hoovids did not obey their original directives they came with, and have not obeyed ever since.


This circumstance is mitigated by the fact that they also do not have enough understanding of, or compassion for, other races.

“They set themselves up on a pinnacle and they do not comprehend that by doing this they are putting themselves up as a target for slaughter, for in the center they are the purest and gentlest... And thus Israel is important...


All these years the opposition (the Dark Side) has bound it... The other civilizations are bound and hindered by the obstinacy of the Hoovids.”

The Hoovids have a basic strength within their character, but also the planet they come from is a war-like planet.


In coming here to Earth, they were asked to be at peace. They were asked to be catalysts and leaders amongst the peoples of Earth, but instead they have doubt, suspicion and deception.


Part of the reason for their involvement with this planet was to overcome that very same factor - 

“Within them lives the knowledge that they have made an error, but because of pride, they will not acknowledge this.”

The Nine explain this error by saying that when the Hoovids agree to more freely intermingle with the other races and share their DNA, their life-force, it will create a greater opening in humanity, and with it a great release that will in turn help to release the Universe.


They say that the stresses and strains of earthly life caused the Hebrews to look increasingly after their own interests and people, which ended up being counter-productive. The opposition then “got their oar in.”

“The Hoovids... are a small group of people that have survived at all odds, a small group who have continued to educate and forward all their peoples, but this is not to say they are perfect...


The majority of people working with spiritual elevation contain somewhere in them the genes of the Hoovids.”

The lost tribes of Israel were dispersed to far off places such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, North America, and were also mixed in with various peoples such as the Phoenicians, the Celts, and even the Orientals.


Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, was fond of saying that most North Americans are “more Jewish than the Jews.” It was one of these lost tribes that were the origins of the Bloodline of the Holy Grail as explained in Laurence Gardner’s work, as we shall see later on.

As well as the ‘benevolent civilizations’ out there in the Universe, there are also those who have aligned themselves with the Dark Side, and even many who have simply been taken over by the Dark Side through force of arms and other more exotic weaponry.


An excerpt from Solara’s EL:AN:RA - The Healing of Orion gives us a more detailed view of this kind of interaction in narrative form:

“All of this was done under a cloak of utmost secrecy, for Kurala still distrusted most of the spider people.


She knew that when the time came, that they would fight fiercely alongside them against the OMNI, but she didn’t want to risk revealing their plans before the time was ripe. In the meantime, she stills sent forth war parties of spider people to conquer small, insignificant planets, in order not to arouse anyone’s suspicion.

“Shamo was not told about any of this. Both Kurala and Shakarr agreed on this matter. He remained in extreme pain and spent most of his time moaning and writhing about in his bed. Kurala would visit Shamo several times a day, sitting solicitously at his bedside, stroking his furry black legs.


She was appalled by the presence of his Orion implants. Every time that she looked at them it renewed her will to fight the dreaded OMNI. Kurala murmured to him that soon he would be healed, for indeed, she had sent messengers forth to bring back Galaxitron the finest healers who could be found.

“During the period of preparation, Kurala was given little time to think about AAla-dar. Yet his memory would emerge into her consciousness at the most unexpected times. Sometimes, it appeared as if he resided within her. His handsome face would shine with love; she would see his starry eyes cajoling her to serve the Light.

“Her response to this depended upon her mood as well as her outer activities at the moment. Sometimes she would flash an angry reply at him.


“Go away, leave me alone! I have chosen the task that you and your Intergalactic Confederation should have taken on.” At other, quieter moments, she would allow herself to bask in his love, calling for him to giver her strength and support. On occasion, she would wonder if there was any way they could ever be together.

“. . . The renegade ships zoomed by the Galaxitron craft from both sides, cutting across their ship at weird diagonal angles, forcing them to slow down to almost nothing. As the ships cut closer and closer to them, Kurala shouted to her crew to bring the ship to hover position.

“So they want to play it rough with us, do they?” Kurala whispered with excitement. “This is not quite the welcome I expected.”

“She personally took over the ship’s controls. Her features tensed with concentration as she waited for the right instant to act. Nearly forgetting to breathe, she sat with her hand ready upon the hyperspace throttle. Here they came again, even nearer. This time she could feel the oscillating air currents of the passing ships bombard her craft.


Then she acted. With spit second precision, she activated both hyperspace and reverse simultaneously. This, she had never done before and wasn’t quite sure if it would work. But actually, Kurala had discovered an old secret used by the triple Commanders for entering Orion’s sword.

“Without a second’s hesitation, she slammed the ship forward and then after the briefest of pauses, out of hyperspace. There just ahead of them loomed the planet Maldon. If she had traveled another instant in hyperspace, their ship would have rammed right into it. Instead, the craft from Galaxitron made a graceful, swooping arc over the spaceport, then delicately landed as if it had been a normal, unhurried entry.

“. . . This was his mystery and his mark of greatness and why he has chosen to stand in the center of the OMNI. It could be said that if you truly looked at Zeon carefully, with your clearest vision, you would see a small sphere of white within his vast vortex of blackness. Only one being at a time within the entire of the Dark Lords of Orion was given this circle to embody. But it was essential to the Divine Plan in accordance with Universal Law, that always there be one embodiment.

. . . “No, we will wait for Quintron. He probably just hasn’t arrived yet and should be here anytime. I wish that he had picked a planet with better energy though. This must be his stupid idea of a bad joke, trying to scare us,” she replied.

“Well, it worked! I’m definitely scared! So let’s get out of here!” Shakarr rattled with terror.

“Kurala admitted to herself that she was also afraid and Shakarr wasn’t making things easier by his whimpering. Maybe it would be smarter if they left this place, the quicker the better.

“O.K. Shakarr, let’s get ready to take off; we’ve had enough of this grim planet.”

“Kurala moved to the bridge as they prepared to ascend. As they became airborne, a curious thing happened. Every time their ship reached a certain altitude of ascent, it was as if a ceiling had been placed above them. They could only go up so far. Each time they hit an invisible barrier which bounced them back downwards.

“With mounting frustration, Kurala tried to remove the energy shield by shooting it with lasers an photon beams. The barrier remained in position. She even considered throwing her ship into hyperspace, but that would be suicide for sure. Most star systems were cluttered with too many planetary bodies to propel your way through in hyperspace. All they had to do was hit one of these deformed moon fragments and they would be thrown into another dimension by the heightened impact created by hyperspace thrust.

“Great welcome, Quintron!” Kurala muttered angrily as she rammed into the barrier again. She attempted to slide under and around the energy shield, but met with no success. Finally, giving up, the warship from Galaxitron landed awkwardly on the runway.

“Instantly it was surrounded by a multitude of small, grey craft which rained down from the sky relentlessly. Curious looking beings began to emerge from the space station and the crafts, walking rapidly towards her ship. Several of them held photon detonators, ready to throw.

“Come out of your ship, now, alien intruders.” Announced a metallic voice.

“Come out immediately or we will vaporize you.”

“Well, I guess that I have no choice but to disembark,” said Kurala. Of all the possible traps that she had considered, this was something she had never thought of. She pondered briefly whether Quintron had been captured by these grey beings too, but they hadn’t seen any signs of his ship. Besides he wouldn’t be travelling alone., he’d bring along at least a squadron with him.”

“Kurala gave her crew strict orders to remain on board and to defend the ship for as long as they were able. It was her plan to try to buy Shakarr and her crew their freedom if she could. Giving the sobbing Shakarr a final embrace, Kurala stepped out of her hatch with dignity and courage, doing her best to remember that she was not only the Queen of Galaxitron, but an Angel from the Celestial realms where these sort of terrifying events must be regarded as mere illusions.

“She was instantly encircled by hordes of weird looking beings. Their bodies, of a semi-transparent grayish white, were short and skinny making her tower over them. Kurala did her best to emanate detached authority while she stared at them with repressed revulsion. One of the worst things about them were their oversized, elongated heads containing large black eyes focused upon her, were mirrored reflections upon mirrored reflections of herself. It was truly bizarre!

“What are you doing on our planet?
“What are you doing on our planet?
“What are you doing on our planet?
“Why did you come to Reticulum?
“Why did you come to Reticulum?
“Why did you come to Reticulum?
“How dare you enter where you have not been invited!
“How dare you enter where you have not been invited!
“How dare you enter where you have not been invited!

“The weird beings reproached her in a din of metallic echoings. They seemed to speak several stepped down forms of language which made them confusing to listen to.

“Can you please answer me on just one vibrational level? It’s very hard to communicate with you otherwise.” Kurala spoke in a tone of friendly arrogance, hoping it would give the desired impression of strength.” I came to this planet because I was invited here by Commander Quintron of the UNA Command who surely must be a friend of yours. Is he here yet?”

“We have never heard of anyone named Commander Quintron, never, never! Therefore, you must be lying to us, so we will take you prisoner,” they replied impassively.

“Although not thrilled with the course this conversation was taking, Kurala was somewhat relieved that, at least, they were speaking through only one step down station.”

To get a part of the bigger picture of who’s who in the Galactic Wars that have been raging for so long, and who is aligned with the Dark side and who is aligned with the Forces of the Light one almost needs a program guide.


Fortunately, an Awareness from the Higher Dimensions that is in alignment with the Light helps us here understand some of that bigger picture.


Along the way, it also brings into more focus, how serious the issues are on this planet right now, including the dominant influence of Lucifer, and how what happens here affects the entirety of Creation itself:

The Structure of Alien Government (Rape & Pillage Allowed)

“The Orion Alliance creates structures on the planets run by hierarchy and controlled by money systems and the Reptoids enforce the allegiance to these structures and control the masses, and for this they (Zeta Reticuli) are allowed what may be termed “rape and pillage” privileges.


This Awareness indicates the Zetas support the Reptoids and the Reptoids support and derive authority from the Orion Empire.
(Revelations Awareness 92-14/NO.398)

“Humanity in the meantime is semi-oblivious to all this and simply goes along on their daily pursuit of pleasure/pain behavior life-styles.


This Awareness indicates that there are a very few people in the human population who understand much about the overall picture in regard to the alien presence on earth or the agendas of the alien presence and its overall intent.
(Revelations Awareness 93-14/NO. 423)



Getting the Alien Federations Straight

A clarification about Orion: This Awareness wishes to make some clarifications in this respect; that the majority of those known in Orion are of a negative nature, but that there are some planets and sectors of Orion that are positive in nature.


Clarion is a planetary system, a star and planetary system that is of a positive nature. Betelgeuse and some of those stars in that general area are filled with planets that are of negative nature. This Awareness indicates that there are some hundred and thirty planets in that area.

“This Awareness indicates that there is also, besides the Orion Empire, the Draconian Federation. The Draconians have absorbed those from Zeta Reticuli and have brought these entities as mercenaries, but the Reticuli do not think of themselves so much as part of the Federation - they refer to themselves more as a network.


The word “Reticuli” means network, and that is a traditional classification in their history, which they do not easily shed. The Draconian Federation considers however the Network as part of their Federation, subordinate to their controls.


The Draconian are able to control the Reticuli through treaties that have been formed some hundred thousand years back, when they helped to rescue the Reticuli from their dying planet (from excessive exposure to radiation) and infused it with new life, and then, in return, gained control over the entities of the Reticuli.

“The Reticuli hail from a binary star, that is, two stars that rotate together, and live on planets close to these stars which are highly unlivable to humans, being very heavy in heat and desert. The Reticuli, in coming to earth prefer desert areas where the climate is quite warm.


This Awareness indicates that this in part is favorable because of their insect genetic qualities, which makes up part of their total being. This Awareness indicates that the Draconians also being cold-blooded beings, prefer the warm climates.


This Awareness indicates as to the concept of the Confederation, this is not a common term used in describing the amalgamation of these planets from the Pleiades, Vega, or the Sirius system, but has been borrowed from human tongue and from the persistent use of the term by channels to describe the amalgamation of these planets working together in this galaxy to try to hinder the spread of Draconian influence.



The Intergalactic Confederation is Defined

“This Awareness indicates that the so-called Intergalactic Command or Intergalactic Confederation, this may be thought of more a grouping or alliance of highly evolved spiritual beings of different star systems who have united in their common purpose of hindering the Orion Empire and Draconian Federation from capturing and enslaving other planets outside their already held Federation and Empires.


This Awareness indicates that those from Vega have pledged their efforts to help prevent the Empire and the Federation from taking control of Earth.


Their methods are not to intervene directly in the affairs from humans, and the humans have allowed the Draconians and Orion Empire representatives to have bases on Earth, therefore the Vegans, Lyrans and Pleiadeans must honor the human decision and treaties with the Draconians and Orion Empire and Reticuli Network to have positions on Earth, until the humans choose otherwise.


How Vegan & Pleiadean Volunteers Work on Earth

“In the meantime the Vegans, those from Lyra and those from the Pleiades have also chosen ways to influence the human movement toward throwing off these would be oppressors. The Vegans send some of their most advanced beings to be born on earth with earthly parents and to grow and develop and do their work to help prevent this take over of the planet by these Empire, Federation and Network aliens. This Awareness indicates that the Pleiadeans have also their volunteers. There have been those who came in space ships and met directly with individuals (Billy Meier) and met directly with individuals who were open and desirous of meeting with them. These entities even gave warning about the Orion Empire and sought to prevent the treaties (with the US Government), but failed to do so*. (* In Behold A Pale Horse page 202, William Cooper speaks also about a race of humanoid aliens, ed)

“Therefore, while they seek to help in whatever ways they can to hinder the Orion Empire in its conquest or the Draconians in their various invasion plans, they avoid direct interference in the affairs pertaining to these entities on Earth They are even careful not to talk about these entities as being dangerous or enemies of theirs or of mankind. Those from Lyra also incarnate into human form to help change the vibrations and instill a sense of spiritual meaning into the lives of those whom they come in contact with. That these are the ways whereby the amalgamation of star systems work together to help Earth in its struggle for survival and for spiritual enlightenment.


The Andromeda Galaxy. Any Decision by The Andromeda Council?

“This Awareness indicates that as long as earth allows the Draconians and Reticulians to remain and treaties have been signed, that this more or less creates a block to prevent interference from the Pleiades, Vegans or others. It is for this reason that any contacts will be of a very minor nature, more to educate and inform than to directly interfere or confront the Draconian, Reticulian and Orion Empire Greys.


This Awareness indicates that the Andromeda Council is much like the UN on Earth; it has certain influence, but it has no power over those who refuse to abide by its recommendations. The Draconian Confederation, the Orion Empire; these do not give much credence to the Andromeda Council or its recommendations. They appeal to it when they see a change to benefit or to use it to their advantage.


Therefore, at this time, anything given by the Andromeda Council in regard to Earth has been generally ignored by these entities.



The Battle is to Save the Souls of the Earthlings

Essentially, the souls of people IS the issue involved that is of greatest urgency to the Galactic Command or Confederation, for this saving of the souls is that which the spiritual forces perceives to be the real purpose and value.


The physical body is temporal anyway, and has only a short time on earth, but the soul being permanent, being more or less eternal, is the more important concern. The Draconian and the Orion forces think that by making it appear the soul is just an illusion and that one’s body is what counts, they find themselves able to influence people by fear and by coercion, based on bodily needs and preservation.


And in this manner they actually capture the souls of entities who are trying to preserve their body and will do so at the cost of their soul”
(Revelations Awareness 93-14/NO. 423)

“This Awareness indicates that it appears that the entire box of Pandora, is becoming unraveled. The door is opening and there seems to be no end in sight in regards to the unraveling of activity, not just on earth, or even the solar system, but activity throughout the galaxy, which if the strings are examined enough, they begin to lead consciousness into looking into other universes.


This Awareness indicates that it has been suggested: As it is above, so it is below. Entities may now begin to realize that likewise, as it is below, so it is above. Humanity has been plagued with wars, but humanity is not alone; so has the galaxy.


This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that there is yet an end to the recognition of the influence of these forces in the galaxy and beyond, and that even the resolving of humanity’s wars may only be the resolving of a small battle in the galaxy.



A Great Force is Moving across this Plane

“This Awareness indicates there is a great force moving upon your plane that is little understood by entities and may be likened unto a storm in consciousness, blown in from the psychic sea of the Fourth Dimension, that transcends time and space and moves in from ancient times of Atlantis and into the present moment.


It is ready to be calmed, if that is allowed by the collective consciousness of entities upon this plane, or it is ready to wreak havoc if that is what it takes to complete its action.

“This Awareness indicates that this force, this programming, is likened unto a type of linear programming that has reached through thousands of years, by which entities were polarized as programmed parts of an incredible complex and massive computer system called “Civilization”, wherein the script was written thousands of years ago, and historians of today are only as reporters and reviewers of that play, that dramatic epic that has played for thousands of years upon this stage called “Earth”.


This Awareness indicates the action of Ra-Ta and the builders of the Pyramid and Sphinx in ancient Egypt were designed to offer a greater attraction, a greater power than those of the Atlantean priests, and once the seekers of power were caught up in the Egyptian power, they were led along the path that brought them not only to power, but that enlightenment and realization that power was not the answer to the cravings of the appetite.


In this action, many followers of Baal, of Lucifer, were brought into the Law of One.

“This Awareness indicates that Edgar Cayce, the reincarnate spirit of Ra-Ta, opened the doors for the flood of consciousness upon this plane, to allow that force to begin moving from that Fourth Dimension into this present time. In this action, the Lucifer, The Rhyee, the personification of that first separateness, was given an opportunity to tap into this ancient power that began in Egypt, and in so doing, was drawn unwittingly into states of Awareness that led back to the Law of One, and this Awareness.

“This Awareness indicates that force known as Lucifer is now being drawn out of consciousness and moving into Essence. The Head of the Beast, the original separateness, has already returned to Essence. Only the organs and body of this remains upon your plane, and must, in time, follow also into the return to Essence.



Why Awareness has Come at this Time

“This Awareness indicates all present attempts to pursue and maintain power and control over others are but creating structures that will inevitable be converted into systems designed to serve the people rather than to enslave them; yet, it is a matter of when this will occur, rather than whether it will occur.


It is for this reason that this Awareness communicates with entities at this time, and it is for this purpose that entities need to look closely at that which is occurring on their plane, for these energies are a potential force that may be used for good or ill at this time, even as a wind may be harnessed for service, or may wreak havoc.

“This Awareness indicates any good computer programmer can understand the programming system used in Atlantis and Egypt if they are also capable of comprehending the nature of psychic forces, and can comprehend the Pyramid and Sphinx as being likened unto the pituitary and pineal of the collective consciousness upon this plane, and the mummified corpses may be understood as human transmitters, capacitors or other psycho-electro-magnetic components.

“This Awareness indicates this action created great suffering for many millions of entities upon this plane, and that action from Atlantis was initiated for the glory and the power of the followers of Ba’al, the followers of Lucifer, the followers of the mind, and its structuring system of hierarchy, polarity, manipulation and control."



Ra Ta’s Power Trap for the Dark Force

“This Awareness indicates the Illuminati that began in Atlantis, may be seen as the Dark Force that sought power through deception, control and manipulation; and that Illuminati from Ra-Ta actions of Egypt was designed to create a power trap that led to enlightenment and a return to the Law of One.


We wish to express our love and gratitude to our Source of Being, our Creator who is guiding us through our eternal journey in Oneness.

“We also wish to express our love and gratitude to the people of the Cosmic Awareness Communication Organization and The Aquarian Church of Universal Service of Paul Shockley, who for almost 30 years have been dedicating themselves to help people to become aware Who We Really Are, without those human efforts this document would not have been written.”