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Revealing dark Puppet-Masters behind the 9/11 Shadow-Play of Deception


As the PuppetMaster snaps his fingers, China and the culpable Western mainstream News Media cover up very serious threats to the Olympics that could potentially affect the safety and lives of thousands, if not millions of people within one week, on August 8th.

China’s Ministry of Public Security says it recently uncovered a plot by the Turkestan Islamic Party to attack hotels, government offices and military targets in Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities, and to kidnap athletes, foreign journalists and spectators at the Olympic games, starting on August 8th.

Lithuanian president, Valdas Adamkus, is the first Head of State to announce that he will not be attending the Beijing Olympic Games.

The prospect of another 9/11 – an event repeatedly heralded as “inevitable” by the American marionettes du jour – is something everyone fears, a fear that has been deliberately fed to ramp up waning support for genocidal wars. But that dread anticipation has got everyone twitchy, wondering when the next shoe is going to drop. The number 888 may seem to have little significance, except that it represents the 8th of August, 2008: 8/8/8.


Yet converging clues suggest that the next major false flag terror event may have been planned for that date: 888.

The barren wasteland in the northwestern region of Xinjiang Province of China is known as East Turkestan by local Uyghur separatists. They’ve been dormant since the late 1990s, but the CCP claims to have just cracked their plot to blow up a football stadium in Shanghai during the Olympics next week. They say they’ve also busted 12 terrorist cells in Xinjiang and foiled an airline hijack attempt on a passenger flight.

Knowing now a bit about the dirty tactics of the Oilygarchs and their own warnings that an even more dreadful attack – or simultaneous attacks – are imminent… attacks that they themselves contrive using controlled dupes… a diligent, vigilant network of researchers, spearheaded by Webster Tarpley, is attempting to forestall possible false flag attacks.

Shifting shadows of deception, like veils fluttering with illusion delude the masses – keeping them distracted with bread and circuses while the sleight of hand goes unnoticed.


Rapt in the circus of an “election” charade that laughingly poses as a model for world “democracy”, TweedleDum and TweedleDumber spar for first place in a rigged appointment of the next puppet figurehead, while the real play is hidden. And just when the tubby American tele-baby has learned where Iraq is on the map, suddenly the scene shifts and the Puppet Theatre of war opens with a new act and different players on an entirely new front.

According to historian Webster Griffin Tarpley, it’s already clear that the ascendant DarkLord holding the reigns of power in Washington DC right now is Zbigniew Brzezinski, with the NeoCon Bush/Cheney SocPuppets as little more than lame, criminal figureheads.


Veteran Polish born Brzezinski was President Carter’s National Security Advisor and is now foreign policy advisor to Presidential candidate, “Barky” Barack Obama.


Brzezinski has never wavered in his goal of fomenting war with both Russia and China in a last desperate attempt to secure the unchallenged dominion of a flagging PaxAmericana. Neither has he reneged on his open anticipation of another major false flag attack that would trigger the war he so desires to defang the currently powerful China/Russia alliance and brutally dismember China, by carving - as planned - that mighty imperium into many warring vassal states.

Significantly, it was the same Brzezinski who instigated the formation of the Mujaheddin, who were armed and trained by the CIA to fight Russia in Afghanistan. This murderous terror network was then used to carve up the former Yugoslavia. Serving as the Oilygarch’s cat’s paws, that same network still continues to carry out dirty deeds under International Intelligence Agency control, and that network is called Al Qaeda, cynically now well known as AlCiaDuh!

As he reveals in his influential book, The Grand Chessboard, Brzezinski’s devilish strategy is the "Clash of Civilizations" – provoking wars and creating the chaos out of which the elite Cabal of KingMakers intend to establish a Global Orwellian Plutocracy; a drab 4th Reich in a Fascist regime that nobody likes. The enticing grandeur of powerful delusion is grasped at with a mighty iron claw that brutishly smashes all in its path in a vain attempt to maintain global power by an increasingly dysfunctional ruling Oilygarchy.

Just as with the 9/11 false flag attacks, Brzezinski notes that this new strategic attack on China needs another catastrophic and catalyzing event – a blood sacrifice to the hideous gods of war – to feed a frenzy of fear and terrify people into compliance.


Just as on 9/11 – that horrendous self-inflicted wound – when a false flag act of state terrorism was masked by the duped circus of supposed kamikaze Arabs that couldn’t fly a Cessna, so also the current false flag provocation – the trigger event to advance the globalist domination agenda in China – is prepared in advance and masked to hide the real perpetrators.

On July 25, a private American intelligence company called IntelCenter, with offices in Virginia, published the transcript of a 3 minute video with a still-shot of three masked men.


The video, posted briefly on YouTube then removed, shows the group's young leader, Commander Seyfullah, Speaking the Turkestan language, Uyghur, as he issues a final ultimatum to China that his group is ready and able to attack the Olympic Games and major Chinese cities using weapons of mass destruction.


Islam in China - JIHAD!




Commander Seyfullah says this:

“Despite repeated demands by the Turkestan Islamic Party, that China and the international community must cancel the 29th Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese have haughtily ignored our warnings. The Turkestan Islamic Party is prepared and has already started urgent actions. We will attack Chinese central cities severely, using new tactics that have never been used before.”

He strongly warned spectators and athletes, 'particularly Muslims', not to attend the Games that are due to start in Beijing next week.

The Chinese government reports that the Turkestan Islamic Party receives money, weapons, and support from AlCiaDuh. But despite using all kinds of real and faked terror as a pretext to suppress political dissent in Xinjiang province, beef up the military, detain thousands of innocent people and restrict religious rights, China has made absolutely no mention of this very serious ultimatum. The grave warning was also barely heeded in the western puppet media.

Many eyebrow raising questions and curious inconsistencies swirl around this upstart Islamic Uyghur front group. Boy soldier Seyfullah, speaking in the video issued by a private international intelligence company, is a wide-eyed kid from the backwoods of Turkestan, who threatens China and triggers terrorist sleeper cells with the alert that they are now authorized to use biological weapons of mass destruction against athletes and visitors to the Olympics….

And nobody says a word about it!

  • Could this be the next group of patsies set up for an imminent false flag attack?

  • Do we see here the CIA’s latest fall guy – Sayfella-what we-tellya?

  • Is the handsome young rebel without a cause actually a broken ShadowPuppet who sadly believes he will ride to glory with a host of adoring virgins as he fronts for the threats, attacks, and provocations of the AlCiaDuh network of assassins and thugs?

Boy Sayfellah claims his group has had special training - (AlCia Duh training?) - and they have already begun operations against China, with bomb attacks on two buses in Shanghai in May and three buses in Yunnan in July.


This masked fighter then makes entirely spurious claims, taking responsibility for several disparate acts of brutality that his group seems to have had nothing to do with, including a supposed attack on a plastics factory and an attack on police forces in Wenzhou with an explosives-laden tractor - that as it turns out, had already happened two months earlier and was actually carried out by a disgruntled gambler as revenge on a local gambling den.

Sayfellah also belatedly lays claim to an earlier, rather nasty YouTube video from Pakistan, showing three stripped naked Chinese men forced into what seems to be a criminal, heartless performance of humiliation and cold-blooded assassination before the eye of the camera. Perhaps it helps bolster their emerging image as the new AlCiaDuh, to be found with a substantial quiver of grisly deeds.

The latest CCP news conference on Xinjiang terrorism just upped the ante in their assessment of what the Turkestan Islamic Party is really capable of. An anti-terrorism manual has now been released by the CCP to the Chinese public instructing them on what to do in case of chemical, biological and nuclear attack.

Commander Sayfellah claims to represent the Voice of Islam Information Center of the Turkestan Islamic Party - acronym TIP - and the tiny “tip” that gives away the true origin of this CIA front group is the repetition of a little typo in the group’s press information – issued, coincidentally, by the same private American intelligence company.


In the press release of the supposed separatist Turkestan Islamic Party - Turkestan is not spelt as it should be with an “e”, but is spelled with an “i” – “Turkistan”, written the way an Anglo pronounces the word, this is a typo that no true nationalist group would ever – ever – make – to spell the name of their country wrong!! This curious “slip” is also mirrored in comments on the sheep-dipped website, where analysis is made of the video statements of various terrorist groups, and from where these videos mostly seem to originate.

If the 9/11 false flag attack had not gone wrong: a plane shot down; a movement of Truthers able to ferret out the truth behind the blatant lies; the ensuing military quagmire – then perhaps the Oilygarchs could have immediately imposed the fascist-communist regime of global domination they have long planned. Orwell’s 1984 would already have become the acrid fulfillment of their widely published Machiavellian vision of dominion by deception.

Now that we understand their modus operandi, we are able to better know which acts they are responsible for, and when they are likely to act, because their blueprint for global domination is tied to a grid of occult gematria, and they always leave their numerological fingerprint. Even if we do not believe in the power of gematria, they do and they act accordingly.

Architects of Apocalypse always consider the dominance of certain numbers they believe give them more power – especially the number 11 and multiples of 11 – as in 9/11 and the London 77 false flag attacks - and that is a notable mark of their allegiance to the failed forces of the darker powers. They believe that the number 11, representing the doomed antichrist, empowers them most. The numbers 3, 6, 9, 13, and multiples are considered strong, so they always plan to carry out their devious deeds, overt or covert, on dates with the highest possible occult numerical significance: dates such as 911, 666, 777 and 888.

The number 8 is associated with prosperity and confidence in Chinese culture, and 888 also happens to be the date of a supposed ultimatum by a hidden Asian Secret Society, given to the chief Oilygarchs through an intermediary - former Asia Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, the insightful economist Benjamin Fulford.


The ultimatum, backed by hoards of seriously dangerous Ninja Assassins, warns the Oilygarch Cabal to end their killing and do something more helpful for the future of humanity. Evidently preferring the Samson Option to sanity, the Architects of War appear, so far, to have ignored this ultimatum, which expires next week on August 8th.

888 is a number revered by the Luciferian PuppetMasters, so August 8th is a high occult day, following a total solar eclipse seen over Russia and China on August 1. The formal opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and Benjamin Fulford’s ultimatum converge on this day: August 8, 2008.

Yet this date is even more auspicious. The numerology of 888 also represents the Greek name of Yeshua, Jesus – and so perhaps we can hope that Higher Truth trumps evil on this fateful day.


And with the prayer of all people of Compassion, together with a widespread call for total Gandhian non-violent non-cooperation with the DarkLords and Oilyarchs of death and destruction, then even now, this next impending catastrophic and catalyzing event can perhaps, perhaps be forestalled.



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