Globalization, describes the process by which

regional economies, societies, and cultures

have become integrated

through a global network of political ideas

through communication, transportation,

and trade.





 -  A Developing Evil - The Malignant Historical Force behind the Great Reset


 -  Adiós G20... ¡Hola BRICS+...!


 -  Algo está Cambiando en el Mundo


 -  An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order - The Origins of World War III


 -  Are Globalists Evil or Just Misunderstood?


 -  Arrivederci G20 - Benvenuti BRICS+


 -  ASEAN Economic Community - Why, For What, and By Whom


 -  Beware of Global Strategies of Tension


 -  Bilderberg - Where Big Business and Big Government Plot Globalism


 -  BP-British Petroleum - The Unfinished Crimes and Plunder of Anglo-American Imperialism


 -  'Breve Historia del Futuro' - Un Gran Ensayo de Jacques Attali


 -  China is Asserting itself as the Driving Force Behind Globalization


 -  Cómo Identificar a un Criminal Globalista


 -  'Coronavirus' Exposes the Cracks in Globalization


 -  Coronavirus y Globalizacion


 -  Coup d'État - The Historical Framework of Globalization


 -  CPI - Corruption Perception Index 2009


 -  CPI - Corruption Perception Index 2020 - Global Highlights


 - ¿Cuáles son los Intereses de los Países Latinoamericanos del G20?


 -  Cuatro Bombas de Relojería Globales a Punto de Estallar y de las Que Pocos han Escuchado


 -  Desarrollo - Un Proyecto Fallido


 -  Destroy The Globalists - One Fat-Cat Corporation at a Time


 -  Die Globalisten zerstören - Einen fetten Konzern nach dem anderen


 -  El Arzobispo Viganò revela los Perversos Planes del Globalismo en una impactante Entrevista


 -  El Contra-Imperio - Mundialización y Cibernética


 -  El Control Global de La Comida - Main File


 -  El Control Global de Los Medios de Comunicación - Main File


 -  El Final de La Globalización



 -  El Gobierno Global está Preparando un 'Régimen Fiscal Global'


 -  El Golpe de Estado Mundial



 -  El Moribundo Sueño de la Globalización


 -  El Negocio del Oro-Azul - Privatización Global del Agua - Main File


 -  El Nuevo Orden Mundial - Breve Introducción para Dormidos


 -  El Presente - Dominio a Través de Dólares y Petróleo


 -  Empire's Double Edged Sword - Global Military + NGOs - Tearing Down SovereignNations & Replacing...


 -  Está Confirmado - ¡Los Tiranos Aman a China!... ¿Pero por qué


 -  Exporting Apartheid to Sub-Saharan Africa - The Legacy of Nelson Mandela


 -  Fabricando Disidencia - Globalistas y Elites Controlan Movimientos Populares


 - ¿Fin de la Globalización? - El Futuro que le espera al Comercio Mundial


 -  G8 - 2013 Debates - "Before Our Very Eyes"



 -  Global Cities for Global Corporations


 -  Global Food Control - Main File


 -  Globalists are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization


 -  Globalists Seek to Sanitize Internet


 -  Globalización - Un Juego de Tronos


 -  Globalización y La Unión Europea - Main File


 -  Globalización y Militarización - La Causa Raíz de la Guerra a Nivel Mundial contra la Humanidad


 - "Globalization" and Secret Societies Exposed


 -  Globalization and The European Union - Main File


 -  Globalization and The Who's Who of the New Ruling Elite


 -  Globalization is Losing its Lustre - India's Modi tells Davos Summit


 -  Globalization's Few Winners and Many Losers



 -  Globalization's 'Game of Thrones'


 -  Global Justice or World Domination


 -  Global Militarism - Main File


 -  Global Religion - La Religion Global - Main File


 -  Global Tax Scam Shifts From Climate Change To Poverty


 -  Global Upraising - Main File


 -  Goodbye G20 - Hello BRICS+


 -  Guess What Else Climate Change Hurts? - Globalization...


 -  Historia del "Nuevo Orden Mundial"



 -  How Automation and Globalization has Killed the Middle-Class


 -  How the EU can take on Dirty Money - The Darker Side of Globalization


 -  How the Globalism Con-Game Leads to a 'New World Order'


 -  How to Identify a Globalist Criminal


 -  How to Understand Globalization


 -  I Leader del Mondo chiedono più Globalizzazione per 'Risolvere' la 'Pandemia' Globale


 -  Il Moribondo Sogno della Globalizzazione


 -  In Che Modo i Giochetti Disonesti del Globalismo Conducono al "Nuovo Ordine Mondiale


 -  In Stunning Reversal IMF Blames Globalization for Spreading Inequality - It Causes Market Crashes


 -  Introduction of Global Taxation Just One Step Away


 -  Is the Global Taxman Coming?


 -  It Begins - Activists Launch Movement to Make Taxation Voluntary


 -  Juego Final - Plan de Esclavitud Global - Endgame - The Blueprint For Global Enslavement


 -  La Alianza Del Siglo XXI Para La Dominación Global - Neocolonialismo Del Siglo XXI - Unión Europea...


 -  La Asociación Trans-Pacífico - TPP - Main File


 -  La Globalización de los Pocos Ganadores y Muchos Perdedores


 -  La Globalizacion de Microsoft - Entrevista de Corporate Watch con Noam Chomsky


 -  La Globalización es Fascismo - ¡Organicemos un Nuevo Bretton Woods!


 -  La Globalización Tiene Poco de Libre Mercado


 -  La Ley de la Selva es Muy Superior a la Ideología del Globalismo


 -  La Privatización es la Estrategia Atlantista para Atacar a Rusia


 -  Las 5 Industrias como Herramientas de la Propaganda


 -  Las 20 Bases Religiosas de los Señores del Dinero


 -  La Visión Planetaria ha Sido Pervertida - Un Desafío a los Actuales Denunciadores del Nuevo Orden Mundial


 -  Macron ha Unido a la Gente de Francia en contra del Globalismo


 -  Manufacturing Dissent - The Anti-Globalization Movement is Funded by The Corporate Elites


 -  Mapped Economic Freedom around the World in 2021


 -  Massacre in Peruvian Amazon Over U.S. Free Trade Agreement


 -  Monsanto - The Toxic Face of Globalization



 -  Multipolarismo y Globalismo - Dos Cosmovisiones Geopolíticas y Sus Respectivos Orígenes Espirituales


 -  Multipolarità e Globalizzazione - Due Visioni Geopolitiche del Mondo e le loro Origini Spirituali


 -  National Socialism and The Globalization of Education



 -  Nation of 65 Million Gets Lesson on Globalist Agenda - Thailand Local Media Mogul Gives 2 Hour Talk...


 -  Neoliberal Globalization - Is There an Alternative to Plundering The Earth?


 -  Of Ostriches and Rebels on The Hard Road to World Order


 -  Our Global Neighborhood - Report of The Commission on Global Governance 1995


 -  Our Global Neighborhood - Report of the Commission on Global Governance - A Summary Analysis


 -  Pax Europa - The United States of Europe and the Merovingian Master Plan


 -  Presentación de La Moneda Mundial en La Cumbre del G-8


 -  Privatization is the Atlanticist Strategy to Attack Russia


 -  Regionalism is Only Path to New World Order - By the Global Elite


 -  Rejection of Globalism - Hungary and Italy Pass Laws to Protect Citizens from Insect use in Food


 -  Seizing Everything - The Theft of the Global Commons


 -  Self-Sufficiency - A Universal Solution to The Globalist Problem - The Globalists' Worst Nightmare


 -  Some Implications of the World Company - A Bilderberg Document


 -  South American Union Will Also Have Common Currency


 -  The Age of Civil Unrest


 -  The Blue-Gold Business  - Globalization of Water Privatization - Main File


 -  The Controlled Global Education - La Educacion Global Controlada - Main File


 -  The Dark Agenda Behind Globalism and Open Borders


 -  The Dying Dream of Globalization


 -  The G20 Fractures - Tensions in Hamburg


 -  The Global Banking System - Main File


 -  The Global Coup d'Etat


 -  The Global Economic Reset Has Begun


 -  The Global Education - La Educacion Global - Main File


 -  The Globalist Rule of Law


 -  The Globalists


 -  The Global Media Control - Main File


 -  The Globalization of GMOs - How Genetic Engineering is Destroying The Developing World


 -  The Globalization Strategy - America and Europe in the Crucible


 -  The Global Union


 -  The Goal is Government of All the World


 -  The History of the 'End of Poverty' has just Begun


 -  The Kissinger Continuum - The Unauthorized History of the WEF's 'Young Global Leaders Program'


 -  The Middle East and Then The World - Globalist Blitzkrieg Signals Largest Geopolitical Reordering Since...


 -  The Muslim Brotherhood - The Globalists' Secret Weapon 


 -  The North America Union - Main File


 -  The Rise and Fall of the Beast - Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism


 -  The Rise of Global Governance


 -  The TPP, the Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski, Monsanto, Rockefeller


 -  The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Why it's Nothing but A Corporate Takeover


 -  'The Washington Post' told America of Globalist Plan to be Implemented by 2025


 -  Timeline to Global Governance


 -  To "Counter" Populism, Start by Taking Globalization's Discontents Seriously


 -  Total Dominion Over Earth's Weather and Natural Resources - NWO Cabal


 -  Voces Contra la Globalización - Otro Mundo Es Posible


 -  Voces - Jean Ziegler



 -  We Can Now See The True Cost of Globalization - The Worldwide Public Realizes There Is Something...

 -  Who's Who of The Elite


 -  World Leaders Call for More Globalization to 'Solve' Global 'Pandemic'


 -  Ya Estaba Escrito - 'Breve Historia del Futuro'


Additional Information


 -  A Deeper Understanding of Technocracy


 -  Alex Collier - On Reptilians - ETs and The Global Connection


 -  Alternative Economics


 -  A Ponerological Profile - Henry Kissinger - Main File


 -  Are Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia and World Wide?


 -  Blue Beam - The Uncovert Project - Main File


 -  Cheap Wars


 -  Comprendere più Profondamente la Tecnocrazia


 -  COVID has exposed North America as a 'Failed State'


 -  Crisis and Opportunity - Realizing the Hopes of a Hemisphere - by Secretary Colin L. Powell


 -  De La Servidumbre Moderna



 -  Depopulation of Planet Earth - Main File



 -  EEUU, Canadá y México Militarizan el NAFTA - Investigaciones del Proyecto Censurado 2009


 -  El Colapsante Estilo de Vida Occidental - La Mayor Amenaza Al Estilo de Vida Occidental Es El Estilo...


 -  El Desenlace - Sepa Porqué Usted Está Parado Sobre La Tercera Guerra Mundial


 -  El Fin de La Democracia Programada


 -  El Gran Rearme Planetario



 -  El Mapa del Mundo Paralelo - Conozca Países que no Existen para la ONU


 -  El Mundo Anglosajón - Camino de La Tiranía


 -  El "Nuevo Modelo" - Selección Natural - Los Millonarios y El "Estado de Calamidad Pública"


 -  El Peligro Acechante - ¿A Qué Teme Washington en América Latina? - La Pérdida del Control y Lo Que Viene


 - "El Rescate Financiero es la Mayor Inmoralidad de la Historia de la Humanidad" dijo Manfred Max-Neef


 -  El TLC y La Globalización en Acción en Centro America - Alerta America Latina!


 -  EndGame - JuegoFinal - Main File


 -  Entre Dos Aguas - China y EE.UU. se Disputan su Influencia Sobre América Latina


 -  Expanding The Afghan War - The West's Insatiable Appetite for Global Military Domination


 -  Federal Register - Executive Order 12333


 -  Feudalism and the "Algorithmic Economy" - Using AI and Algorithms to Return to Feudal Economic Models


 -  Fortaleza Américas


 -  Fortress Americas



 -  From Elephants to Electronics - The Ancient Phenomenon of Modern Globalization


 -  Global 2000 - Depopulation Program


 -  Global 2000 Revisited


 -  Globalist Think Tank Seeks "North American Consciousness" - Panelists See America as The "Greatest...


 -  Globalization and Colin L. Powell - Powell Describes Challenges and Opportunities in Marshall Visitor...


 -  Global Warfare USA - The World is The Pentagon's Oyster - US Military Operations in All Major Regions of...


 -  God, Globalization, and Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Prophetic Insights


 -  Guerra, Drogas y Política - Elementos del Mundo Bipolar - Conferencia de Noam Chomsky en México


 -  Guerra y Mentira - El Control Político y Militar De Nuestras Sociedades


 -  Hey, Tibet’s Been Part of China for 700 Years Plus!

 -  How the Free Trade Agenda Is Knocking Down America


 -  How To Run The World - Mega-Diplomacy - The New World Order


 -  Il Mondo Anglosassone - Il Cammino della Tirannia


 -  Incrementalism - Breaking Free From World Powers Who Gradually Destroy Our Health


 -  La Carta de La Tierra y La Nueva Era


 -  La Guerra Invisible


 -  La Guerra Que Chile Necesita


 -  La Mappa del Mondo Parallelo - Per farvi Conoscere Paesi che per l'ONU Non Esistono


 -  La OTAN - Feudalismo Contemporáneo


 -  Las Raíces Religiosas del Superpoder Estadounidense


 -  Maquiavelo en América Latina - Mentes Colonizadas: ¿La Estupidez es Lo Más Difícil de Combatir?


 -  Militarized NAFTA - Security and Prosperity Partnership


 -  Moscow's High Stakes Energy Geopolitics



 -  Nationalist Capitalism - An Alternative to Globalization?


 -  New World Disorder - Emerging Division Between East and West Threatens to Plunge the Globe into Chaos


 -  Noam Chomsky - Contra el Nuevo Orden Mundial - Main File


 -  Notas Sobre el NAFTA - Amos de la Humanidad


 -  Only Globalization Will 'Save' The Future - National Intelligence Council Report


 -  On Modern Servitude


 -  Perfil Estratégico de Chávez - Ni Tan Revolucionario ni Tan Demonio - La Suma De Los Factores


 -  Piratas, Corsarios y Filibusteros del Siglo XXI


 -  Ponerología Política - Una Ciencia Sobre la Naturaleza del Mal Adaptada a Propósitos Políticos


 -  Ponerology - The Science of Evil - Main File


 -  Rebuilding America's Defenses - Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century


 -  Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America - Rise of 4th Reich


 -  The Big Picture Behind North American Integration - Elites Plan For Regional Rule Under One-World...


 -  The Collapsing Western Way of Life - The Greatest Threat to The Western Way of Life is The Western...


 -  The Earth Charter and The Ark of The Gaia Covenant


 -  The Ecuadorian Coup - Its Larger Meaning


 -  The End of The Nation States of Europe


 - "The Energy Non-Crisis"


 -  The Energy Non-Crisis - The Granada Forum


 -  The Global Crisis and The Ultimate Secret of The Empire


 -  The Golden Snitch - How The Globalists Stole The Greek Election


 -  The Grab for Greenland


 -  The Grand Chessboard - US Geostrategy for Eurasia


 -  The Great "Global Crisis of Maturity" and The New World Order


 -  The Making of World Wars


 -  The New China Syndrome - Meat, Milk and Motors


 -  The Rise of The Fourth Reich in America - Project Camelot Interviews Jim Marrs


 -  The Ultimate Delusion - The United Nations - Main File


 -  The Vulnerability of Elites - Geopolitical Risk in 2013


 -  The World’s Tiniest Countries and the Eccentrics Who Rule Them

 -  Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World - Renewing Transatlantic Partnership

 -  Towards an Alternative to Globalization



 -  Una Comprensión más Profunda de la Tecnocracia


 - "Unavoidable" Dystopian Future for World's Biggest Cities - Pentagon Video Warns


 -  Un Partido Mundial


 -  Usurping Sovereignty - The Trilateral Commission


 -  Washington's Future - A History


 -  Who Will Rule The 21st Century?


 -  Would Our Government Really Start a War to Try to Stimulate the Economy?


 -  Y el Octavo Día..., Dios Privatizó...



 -  Zbigniew Brzezinski and The Trilateral Commission - Main File


 -  Zeitgeist - Main File



Global Corporatocracy


 -  Agenda 21 and The Steady-State Techno-Corporatocracy - An Introduction


 -  Backdoor Talks on Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Aim to Globalize Corporatocracy


 -  Confessions of An Economic Hit Man - Concise Summary


 -  Crunch Time for the Global Corporatocracy



 -  Rockefeller Internationalism - Main File



 -  The Connection Between Big Food/Big Pharma and Nutrition Policy


 -  The Four Business Gangs That Run The U.S


 -  The Trans-Pacific Partnership - TPP - Main File


 -  The World's Biggest Trade Agreement (RCEP) won't allow Corporations to Sue Governments


 -  TTIP - Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership


 -  Why are Americans So Easy to Manipulate and Control?


Secession of Countries



 -  As Globalists Centralize, Secession Fever Grows Worldwide


 -  Renunciar al Sistema - La Nueva Tendencia Laboral en Francia y el Mundo


 -  Rinunciare al Sistema - La Nuova Tendenza del Lavoro in Francia e nel Mondo


 -  Secession Movements Intensify - Separatism in Europe


 -  The Future of Countries



The Shock Doctrine



 -  Ingenieros del Shock - Investigación y Desarrollo



 -  La Doctrina del Shock - El Auge del Capitalismo del Desastre - por Naomi Klein


 -  La Primera Prueba del Shock - Dolores de Parto



 -  Reviewing Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine"



 -  Una Introducción a La Doctrina del Shock




 -  La Doctrina del Shock


 -  The Shock Doctrine



Books-Treatises and Reports


 -  Brave New World - by Aldous Huxley


 -  Brave New World Revisited - by Aldous Huxley



 -  El Libro Negro de Las Marcas - El Lado Oscuro de las Empresas Globales - por Klaus Werner y H. Weiss

 -  Global Trends 2015 - A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts - National Intelligence...

 -  Global Trends 2020 - Mapping The Global Future - National Intelligence Council

 -  Global Trends 2025 - A Transformed World - National Intelligence Council

 -  Global Trends 2030 - Alternative Worlds - National Intelligence Council


 -  Global Tyranny... Step by Step - The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order - by William F. Jasper

 -  Iran Time For A New Approach - by Zbigniew Brzezinski

 -  The European Union Collective - Enemy of Its Member States - by Christopher Story

 -  The Geostrategic Triad - Living with China, Europe and Russia - by Zbigniew Brzezinski

 -  The Grand Chessboard - American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives - by Zbigniew Brzezinski

 -  The Police State Road Map - by Michael Nield


 -  The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaste - by Naomi Klein

 -  The Third Wave - by Alvin Toffler

 -  World Wealth Report 2007


 -  World Wealth Report 2008


 -  World Wealth Report 2009





 -  Amazonia for Sale - The Awajún People and Their Struggle to Protect Their Ancestral Territory

 -  America Destroyed by Design


 -  An Unholy Alliance - Dealing With The Demon


 -  Apartheid Did Not Die



 -  Así Funciona El Mundo


 -  Conspiracy of Religion



 -  Destrozando La Democracia - Hacking Democracy

 -  Dick Cheney and David Rockefeller on The Council of Americas - 2002

 -  Do You Hear The People Sing



 -  El Contrato Social del Siglo XXI



 -  El Fin de La Democracia



 -  El Sistema Criminal detrás del Globalismo, Bill Gates y Elon Musk

 -  Endgame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement - with Alex Jones - Subtitulos en Español

 -  Global Awakening - The 9/11 Chronicles



 -  Globalización y Globalismo - Una Gran Diferencia - Miklos Lukacs en Radio RCN

 -  Globalization is Good - Johan Norberg on Globalization

 -  Globalization - New Rulers of The World



 -  La Cuarta Guerra Mundial - The Fourth World War


 -  La Guerra Contra La Democracia



 - "La Pesadilla de Darwin"



 -  La Servidumbre Moderna - Documental Alternativo


 -  La Teoría de Los Seis Grados - Sincronicidad y La Estructura de Redes


 -  La Verdad Jamás Contada - Zeitgeist


 -  Lucis Trust - U.N. Tool for One World Religion


 -  Mozambique - Life after Death


 -  On Modern Servitude - Shattered Times


 -  Privatizando El Mundo


 -  The End of Poverty


 -  The Globalization Tapes - Indonesia Plantation Workers

 -  Tibet WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE a Part of China

 -  U.S. Quest for Global Dominance - Superpower - The Film


 -  Voces Contra la Globalización - Otro Mundo es Posible

 -  War and Globalization - The Truth Behind September 11 (9/11)

 -  Warning To The World



Related Reports


 -  Asia - The Reemerge of a Giant - Main File



 -  Brotherhoods and Secret Societies - Main File



 -  Lucis (Lucifer) Trust - Main File



 -  Rockefeller Internationalism - Main File


 -  Technocracy - Main File


 -  The Bilderberg Group - Main File



 -  The BRICS - Main File


 -  The Council On Foreign Relations - Main File


 -  The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion - Main File


 -  The Trilateral Commission - Main File