Power Is Based On Emotions
(Political power)

The nearest thing to this idea that you could find is the sentence of Caligula:

"It doesn't matter that they hate us, as long as they fear us".

He reveals that his power was based on the fear.

Michel Foucault said:

"Speech is power."

Of course, because it generates emotions.

In any organization, an individual of certain rank cannot take charge of all personally, he or she should delegate, to make a subordinate to make some things for him or her.

Therefore he or she order him or her to do something. But, how do he or she make the subordinate to obey him / her?.

One can think of three Answers or answer Types.

  • Answer 1: he or she inspires him / her an emotion that impels (moves) him / her to obey. Emotion comes from the Latin root motere, to move.

  • Answer 2: he or she inspires greed to him / her, he / she promises a recompense to him / her , or he or she claims gratitude to him / her for a previous gift.

  • Answer 3: he or she appeals to the ideology, to the honor, to the duty.

Frequently they combine these answers, like in the Politics that has been called "of the Stick (punishment) and the Carrot (reward)."

About the ideology, we are also manipulated through the lie, because we allow it when we don't value the truth above everything else, above all ideology, when we accept without questioning a "rational" explanation more ridiculous that what is sought to deny.


It is Hypnotic

We allow it when instead of reasoning, analyzing the information that emits, we prejudge their source, and, according to whether we like it or not, we accept or we reject all what it says, but without reasoning, without filtering their speech, without separating the truths from the lies in it. If we prejudge a source as "not reliable" we ignore all what it says, including the truths. If not, we accept all what it says and we ignore everything else, like in the hypnosis, we allow to that reliable source to think for us, and to tell us what to think and what to believe.


Hypnosis is done when we allow our masters, self-proclaimed "reliable" sources, the only ones "serious", the only "experts", make us to ignore all what their "adversaries", the other sources, say.


They do this by disqualifying to their adversaries:

"We are the good guys, they are the bad guys. Don't listen to them, they are extremists, they are credulous, they aren't serious, they aren't impartial, they aren't experts, they are lying, they are jokers, they are enemies, they are mad, they are bad, they are crazy, they are freaks, they are irrational, they are this, they are that, etc.".

They surely can't be all that at the same time. They speak about the adversary source, not about what it says, so they pretend that we prejudge the source, not to judge what it says. The "adversary" source is attacked just because it says its truth, its reality, how it see the reality. Reality is somehow subjective, so the masters try to impose us their reality and to make us ignore other realities.


As in the known game "Simon says", they pretend that we must obey all what Simon says and to ignore all what any other says. It is an hypnotic manipulation of the reality, our reality (subjective), but only if we allow it.


It is our election. It is like magic, an illusion that is real if we choose it so.

Doesn't matter whether a source is "reliable" or not. Indeed, the source doesn't matter at all, never. What matters is the information what it emits. Truth never depends on the source. There is no warranty. All sources can emit a mixture of truths and lies, consciously or unconsciously, voluntarily or not, deliberately or not, innocently or not. This mixture can have more or less truths than lies, but is always a mixture.


By example, 500 year ago, the "experts", the reliable sources, said that the Earth is flat. That was the Paradigm in that time. What many adopted then as their "truth", now is a lie. As science advance (if we allow it), paradigms change. And vice-versa, we must allow that paradigms be improved to allow science progress.


We should listen to all sources, we should be open to all them, "reliable" and "not reliable", "serious" or not, "experts" or not, and to filter what they say by our own common sense, to separate from it, from that mixture, what we choose to believe, what we adopt as truth, from what we choose to not believe, what are lies for us.


No matter what, nothing is true for us until we choose it, and we choose it when it fits in our concept of reality, our mental jigsaw-puzzle, our mental map of reality, our subjective reality. We choose all, our reality, our future, our destiny, all the time.


But there is a time limit and a default choice.

We allow ourselves to be deceived when we don't reason for ourselves.

To reason is to choose what to believe, it is to look for the truth, and it should be a permanent attitude. Only when one is choosing what to believe one is reasoning. When one already chose, one isn't reasoning, one has confidence (from the Latin fides, faith), having faith, in what one chose before, what one already incorporated to their mental map of the reality (subjective), their mental jigsaw-puzzle. A faith that can be so irrational whether it is deposited in a "scientific" dogma as in one religious. In the point where we are reasoning, where we are choosing what to believe (in what to have faith), in that point, the reason isn't incompatible with the faith, but complementary.

We don't reason when we dismiss too quickly the new information, without thinking, without asking us the question of gold: And if it was certain?. When new information doesn't fit in our jigsaw-puzzle because it contradicts something that we believe, something that we trust, we should solve the contradiction, either dismissing the new information, or the old one that before we believed true and now we think that it is not.


Not to solve the contradiction would be Doublethink , it would be to have a divided mind, double or multiple, maintaining in it a disordered jigsaw-puzzle, or more than one, with pieces that don't coincide, contradictory ideas in order that one can appeal to one or the other according to the occasion, the convenience.

But that it is another topic.



The Answer 2 is related to Demagoguery.

"If you want to calm the hunger of a man for one day, give him a fish (demagoguery, to lead people, if you want to dominate them, to tame them as if they were animals). If you want to calm the hunger of a man for all their life, teach him to fish (pedagogy, to lead the child, to educate him, it implies compassion, the genuine will of helping him that is absent in the demagoguery)".

It usually includes also the deceit that the demagogue is the only supplier possible of what the subordinate needs.


Two Types Of Emotions

Returning about the emotions, you can distinguish two types of emotions, those that unite people and those that separate them (fear, hate, guilt, shame, all expressions or derivatives of the fear).

The emotions move the world and the incorrect emotions are moving it in the wrong way, toward the self-destruction.

Traditionally the power has been based on the emotions that separate (Divide and you shall rule).

Power is understood as the capacity to cause suffering.

With that concept of the power you cannot solve the problems, because you would lose power. Are those problems (war, terrorism, hunger, misery, unemployment, crime, drugs, contamination, etc.), that suffering, that makes people to go to their leaders (the same ones that created those problems) for protection. Those problems are the source of their power, the suffering generates the emotions of which that power feeds himself.

So the problems are not solved but rather they are increased with counterproductive "solutions", until everything explodes in some crisis of some type (a world war, for example).


Counterproductive Solutions

You can easily recognize a counterproductive solution because it doesn't attack the cause of the problem, only the effects, the consequences. It is as a defensive reaction, but without a counteroffensive (a counterattack) or a preventive action, in such a way that it is never enough, it is always overloaded, it is always one step behind. It doesn't do nothing to eliminate the problem, it cohabits with it as if it was playing an eternal ping pong game, as the other side of the same coin, it needs it in order to justify its existence. It doesn't solve nothing and so it worsens the problem.


People who doesn't think very much believes that everything what is done to solve a problem serves, that everything is useful, that the only important is that something is being done, no matter what. But it is not. Some people don't think, they only obey. So they can deceive them in their face, at full daylight, by making them believe that they are working really hard to solve the problem but they can't do it because of misfortune, not for stupidity or incompetence, or pure wickedness.


Perhaps they indeed work hard, but on the wrong point, miles away from the right point, knowingly.

So the only thing that they need to do is not to look for the truth, the true cause of the problem. You can't effectively combat what you can't understand. If they suspect that the cause, the truth, is at an address, they go to the opposite address.


Groucho Marx said:

"Politics is the art of looking for the problems, to make a false diagnostic and applying the wrong remedies".

One could change "looking for the problems" by "creating the problems".

Frequently, those who cause the problem and those who work on the counterproductive solution are what David Icke calls "oppo-sames": they simulate to be the opposite, but they are the same. They are violent, authoritarian extremists, from opposed extremes, who simulate to fight each other, but they don't strike each other directly, they strike to innocent people, not extremists but moderate people, from the opposite side ("enemies") or from their own side ("traitors"), in order to force to the people to align to one extreme or the other. They attack the society in a movement of pincers.


At the highest level they are controlled by the same leaders, they obey to the same head, in such a way that whether some day the fight finishes, it doesn't matter who wins, everybody ends under the same authoritarian command. They don't strike each other directly because they know they are the same, they need each other in order to justify their existence, they fortify each other. So they take care of each other.


They aren't good guys and bad guys, they are the same, different sides of the same coin, they work together, coordinated, for our education. Ones push us and the others pull us, but both in the same direction, toward our wisdom. (See below)

A classic example of counterproductive solution is to increase the controls, to give more power to the leaders and less freedom to the people, to oversee more and more the people. But, at the same time that you do this, you make sure that you and your friends have privileges, safe-conducts that allow you to avoid these controls, to cross them unpunished, in such a way that you continue harming the society in spite of them.


Otherwise it would break the vicious circle and they would no longer be needed more and more controls. At the end, you have so many laws, commandments and regulations limiting the people's freedom (but not your freedom), and they are so complex, that only an expert can understand them because each rule has its exception, so that you can apply them arbitrarily, so that the laws are only applied to powerless people and the exceptions to you and your friends, without nobody opposes because nobody understands them.


Two thousand years ago the Romans said:

"the law is a spider's web that catches the flies and it allows to pass the birds."

People must learn to behave by their own choice, their free will, not because of surveillance or fear of punishment. This forced behavior wouldn't be truly good, it would disappear when surveillance fails.


Effective Solutions

On the other hand, you also can easily recognize an effective solution because it starts, after a reasonable time, to improve constantly the situation and it does never stop until the problem disappears, or almost.

The only thing what you need to do is to oversee the effects of your solutions. What can't be measured, can't be controled, in the same way that you can't control the people what you don't oversee.

A classic example of an effective solution is the education. This make sense if indeed one lives to learn. Education is always the best strategy, because if you dig deeply enough when you look for the root of a problem, you always find ignorance.


And Ho Chi Minh said:

"If the tactical is right but the strategy is wrong, you can win some battles but you'll lose the war. If the strategy is right but the tactical is wrong, you can lose some battles but you'll win the war."

That is, you can work to solve a problem, as reacting to an emergency, but you must never lose of view the strategy of long term.


Ordo Ab Chaos

If it's so easy to distinguish the effective solutions from the counterproductive ones, you can only conclude that they choose the counterproductive ones on purpose.

Lenin said:

"So much worse, so much better".

To more chaos, better for his revolution. There is an old Masonic motto, "Ordo ab Chaos", Order from the Chaos, you create the chaos and then impose the order, your order, an order to your convenience, more power for you and less freedom for the people. David Icke calls this method as "Problem-Reaction-Solution".


But your order can not be good, your solutions can not be effective, because that would break the vicious circle.


The Method Of The Python

With each crisis what they create as an excuse, they obtain more power by reducing still more the freedom of the people.

Their method resembles that of the python snake (If you read "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke, this seems very appropriate. See also in the Bible, the Book of Revelation or Apocalypse, Chapter 20, Verse 2). Each time that its victim exhale, the python presses its chest a little more, so the next time that it inhales it can't expand its chest as before, so it takes less air each time.

The goal seems to be the total control of the world, a world dictatorship. The consequence of a power based on the fear is a government based on the fear, a dictatorship. By reading the novel 1984, from George Orwell, you can get an idea about how this society could be.

Sometimes, especially in the economy, it's more like a pendulum whose displacement from the vertical line diminish more and more while its energy dissipates, because every time that they reach a crisis, they stop and they choose an opposite politics or way of thinking and acting.


As a pendulum, they react to each crisis by stopping and choosing an opposite counterproductive solution and they go toward the next crisis in the opposite direction. But they never choose effective solutions, only counterproductive ones. So, at the end, the pendulum will stop in its balance point, the vertical line, the control of the entire world.


They call this as Cycles.


They are as the cycles in the graphic of a wave that attenuates as its energy dissipates and its amplitude is smaller and smaller, until the line is flat, the control of the world.


What Is All This About?

All this could sound bizarre, if you dare to call bizarre to such things as God, the Bible, and religion, because about those is all this. But indeed, if you read between lines the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) you can find a global dictatorship, a police state, the government of the Antichrist.


And if you read "Pawns in the Game" from the former British Intelligence's agent William Guy Carr, and "The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu" from Maurice Joly, you can find detailed plans to attain this by means such as world wars and revolutions, as those instructions in "The Prince" from Niccolo Machiavelli, but more ambitious.


You can't ignore such things as "The Prince", what has been the Politicians' Bible for 500 years (you probably cannot understand Politics without reading it), you must take this seriously.


Forcing the Apocalypse

It is as if these leaders were trying to follow the Book of Revelation as a script, as a guide, as if they were trying to force the coming of this world government.
Who better than the devil and the Antichrist could personify and symbolize the evil and, for us, the fear, the power of fear?. That is this all here about.

Some authors say that the concept of Satan is closely related to the ancient Egyptian god Set (who they say is still worshipped today inside some secret societies) who tries to stop the evolution of man by keeping him in the ignorance, according to the Egyptian Mythology. Some other say that the name comes from a word what means deceiver, or from a word what means obstacle, the obstacle in the man's way toward God, the obstacle what interposes between man and God. All these are appropriate.

According to the book from William Carr, those who carry out the plans to conquer the world are worshipers of Lucifer.


The Letters From Albert Pike To Giuseppe Mazzini

Surprisingly, the book "Pawns in the Game", from William Guy Carr, includes the transcription of several letters dated between 1859 and 1871, from Albert Pike to the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini, which contain detailed plans for three (3) major world wars, each one followed by one major revolution.


What is more surprising is that two of these wars (First and Second World Wars, 1914-1919 and 1939-1945) and two of these revolutions (the Russian and the Chinese ones) happened in the century XX almost exactly as supposedly they would have been planned, according to these letters.


Each war would plant the seed of the following one, it would prepare its road. If this is true, it would still remain the third ones (the Third World War and the next revolution), so this is extremely serious, so that it is worthwhile to investigate this seriously.

Some "experts" have hurried too much to dismiss this as a hoax, hysterically, suspiciously, but these letters would really fit in the overall context, this make perfect sense. You should only read the work of Maurice Joly, of the year 1864, to see how the plans detailed there have been executed since then. However, Joly doesn't speak of wars, revolutions, nor Satanism, but about how to control the information, the press, the public opinion, Politics, the economy, etc., about how to exploit the debilities of democracy to destroy it and to impose a dictatorship, what he calls "new order".

Apparently, when Carr's book was written, the year 1958, this letters were at the British Museum in London, England, and then, one day, they disappeared, suspiciously. This is most serious because they were tangible evidence (one of many) of a conspiracy.

According to the book "The Biggest Secret", from David Icke, pages 193 to 195, these two men, Pike and Mazzini, were heavily involved in the planning of the American Civil War, along with many other known leading Freemasons.

Albert Pike, with the title of Sovereign Grand Commander, was the head of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the United States in the second half of century XIX, while Giuseppe Mazzini was the head of the Italian Grand Orient Freemasonry, out of which is alleged that emerged the Mafia.

Pike, author of "Morals And Dogma", an alleged Luciferian Satanist who believed in the Aryan Master Race, changed the name of the Knights of the Golden Circle, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, a crucial Elite group behind the Civil War, after this organization, funded by the London Freemasonic bankers, was exposed at the conspiracy trial into Abraham Lincoln’s death in Indianapolis in June 1865, along with some of the people named there as directly involved:

  • Lord Palmeston, the British Prime Minister and 33rd degree Freemason who died in that same year

  • John Wilkes Booth, 33rd degree Freemason selected by the Knights to kill Lincoln

  • Judah P. Benjamin, the voice of the London Freemason bankers who ordered the assassination

  • Jacob Thompson, a former Secretary for the Interior, who withdrew U$D180,000 from the Bank of Montreal in Canada to bankroll the operation

The new name chosen by Pike for the Knights of the Golden Circle was Ku ux Klan, or Ku Klux Klan, from the Greek word kuklos, circle.

The infamous outlaw, Jesse James, a 33rd degree Mason assigned by Albert Pike to rob banks in the north to further fund the war, was a Knight of the Golden Circle. Another one was the Freemason, General P. T. Beauregard, who started the Civil War with an attack on Fort Sumter in 1861.

Pike's friend and oppo-same, Mazzini, started in 1851 to establish groups across America which began to campaign against slavery. The Freemasons used these groups as the cover for the true motivation behind the Civil War. "Young America" lodges were organized to do this and their headquarters was at the Cincinnati Lodge No 133. Their main funding came from the British Freemasonic banker and Rothschild frontman called George Peabody and he appointed J. P. Morgan senior to handle the funds in America. Morgan, was a stooge for Daniel Payseur.

One of the most famous voices against slavery was John Brown, who became a legend through the song about "John Brown’s body". Brown, in fact, was a member of a number of secret societies, including the Freemasons. He became a Master Mason at the Hudson Lodge No 68 in Hudson, Ohio, on May 11th 1824, and was a member of Mazzini’s Young America. Brown was funded by the John Jacob Astor family.

The funding for the southern rebellion was arranged through London Masonic bankers by Caleb Cushing, who was operating in the north.

Franklin Pierce (the bloodline of George and Barbara Bush) was elected President in 1853 and Mazzini wrote that:

"almost all his nominations are such as we desired."

One of these "nominations" was the appointment by Pierce of Caleb Cushing as his Attorney General. Cushing was controlled by English Freemasonry and connected to the British opium trade to China through his ship-owner father and his cousin, John Perkins Cushing. Caleb Cushing wrote extensively against slavery and became the architect, with Pike, of the Civil War. Oppo-sames.

Freemasons have been also heavily involved in the American Revolution, the American War of Independence, and every Latino-american war of independence against Spain.

If this is true, these men have the required experience to plan wars and revolutions.

The book "Hitler Won The War", from the Argentinean economist Walter Graziano, speaks about a planned future war against China for the year 2010.

According to Carr's book, Pike’s plan was as simple as it has proved effective. He required that Communism, Nazism, Political Zionism, and other International movements be organized and used to foment the three global wars and three major revolutions. The first world war was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the powers of the Tzars in Russia and turn that country into the stronghold of Atheistic-Communism. The differences stirred up by agentur of the Illuminati between the British and German Empires were to be used to foment this war. After the war ended, Communism was to be built up and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.

Suggestively, Illuminati means "the enlightened ones", while Lucifer means "the bearer of light".

World War Two, was to be fomented by using the differences between Fascists and Political Zionists. This war was to be fought so that Nazism would be destroyed and the power of Political Zionism increased so that the sovereign state of Israel could be established in Palestine. During world war two International Communism was to be built up until it equaled in strength that of united Christendom. At this point it was to be contained and kept in check until required for the final social cataclysm.

World War Three is to be fomented by using the differences that the agents of the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. The war is to be directed in such a manner that Islam (the Arab World including Mohammedanism) and Political Zionism (including the State of Israel) will destroy themselves while at the same time the remaining nations, once more divided against each other on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion physically, mentally, spiritually and economically.

On August 15, 1871, Pike told Mazzini that after World War Three is ended, those who aspire to undisputed world domination will provoke the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known.

This extremely severe chastisement is exactly the same method as that used to tame an animal, according to "The Brainwashing Manual", by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, synthesis of the Russian textbook on Psychopolitics , just that instead of applying it to only one individual, they torture to all the Mankind.

They don't consider to the Man as a spiritual being having an physical experience, but just an animal with a big brain, a big intelligence but without heart, without soul. So they treat Man as an animal to be tamed.


Life is Energy

They are Materialists. They deny the existence of soul, indeed they deny the existence of all but material things, all but what can be perceived by the senses directly or by means of instruments.

But the senses and instruments are limited. A living being isn't made only of matter, it has warm, it has movement, that is to say, it has energy also. The difference between an alive cell and a dead one that has recently died, it is the energy. Both have the same matter, the same molecules, the same atoms, the same substances, but the alive cell has an energy that lacks in the dead one.

So one can reasonably conclude that this difference between them, this energy, is life. Life is a form of energy. Moreover, life is a conscious form of energy. It's conscious enough to realize that for preserve itself it needs to take energy from the environment (to feed itself).

Like the soul, the energy of life, named Qi by the Chinese, Ki by the Japanese and Kundalini by the Hindu, is indestructible, according to the Principle of Conservation of Energy, of Physics. So, it exists, and why can't we name it soul?.

We are talking here about the politic aspect of Power, but in Physics, Power relates closely to Energy: Power is the change of Energy divided by the Time. If life is energy, and the political power is based on suffering, this power changes negatively the energy of life, because is demonstrated that suffering shortens life.


Dr Candace Pert, of the Georgetown University, of Washington, D.C., USA, found chemical connections among the mind and the body that show that it is impossible to have a thought of any class that doesn't cause physical changes. This topic, is it treated in the semi-documental movie on Quantum Physics named "What the Bleep Do We Know?" (2006).


The peptides produced in the Hypothalamus (the region of the brain investigated by the Dr José Delgado in his works about mind control), are liberated in the blood flow when emotions occur, and they couple more and more to specific receivers in the exterior of the cellular wall, impeding more and more the access of the cell to the necessary nutrients, what produces its aging ("negative" emotions).


Isn't Bizarre?

Many of us have a manipulated, artificial, false, irrational concept of what is bizarre and what is not. This is because we don't think enough, we choose to believe in lies, as it was already stated above. This is because we allow it. We have allowed millennia of censorship and denial of the truth. To deny the truth and to censor, to ourselves or to others, is the same. If we censor, or we allow censorship, that censorship will turn against us, against our own freedom. Censorship leads to dictatorship. Nobody lives happy in a dictatorship, everybody lives with fear, so even those who work for the dictatorship are betrayed by it, because it's based on lies.

Incredible isn't equal to false. Extraordinary isn't impossible. Unusual isn't unreal.

Many times we discover that what we've thought true is false, and vice versa. Those times, reality is usually stranger than fiction because reality is not as they try to make us believe.

Surely, there is not nothing so false as the official version of the things (official history, official news, official "science"). It should not be this way, but it is, sadly, because we have allowed it.


Mark Twain said:

"When your opinion coincides with that of the majority, it's time to reconsider it".

Especially we have allowed ourselves to be deceived in momentous, vital questions, that concern to our survival like species, because they concern to both, our origin and our destiny, those what have been reviled and ridiculed with such appellatives as Supernatural or Paranormal, Mystic, Mythology, Esoteric and Occult, those what taught, secretly, the Invisible College of Oxford.


These are questions about which the "scientists" don't want to arrive to the truth, but maintaining the status quo, to perpetuate the ignorance, in such a way that they will destroy all evidence presented to them and then they will say "there are not evidences" (there is not worse blind man that the one that doesn't want to see).


They include such things as Angels and Extraterrestrials (they could be the same with different names, as says Zecharia Sitchin, Giorgio Bongiovanni, and many others), Ghosts, Reincarnation or Life After Death, God and Religion, Metaphysics (partly known now as Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics), Prophecies, Dowsing, Divination, Magic, Witchcraft, Satanism, and Conspiracy Theories.


What Are They Doing Right Now?

Seemingly, since half century ago they have been developing, secretly, a technology to track the people, a microchip that would also allow to control the emotions of the people in those that are implanted, at least since the Spanish doctor's works, Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado, in the decade of 1950, inventor of the stimoceiver and author of the book "Physical Control Of The Mind: Toward to Psychocivilized Society", editorial Harper & Row, NY, 1969, available, partly, in http://www.angelfire.com/or/mctrl/delgado.htm. Some authors say that this microchip would be the Apocalypse's Mark of the Beast.

Nothing that it is good and decent would be allowed in a society like this, because the positive emotions that it would generate would not fit in it.

If the power is based on emotions and if was unavoidable that all civilizations reach in some point of its development a such technology that allows it such an absolute power that it even allows it to control the population's emotions, what emotions would be allowed and which not?.

The answer to that question will depend on its degree of moral and spiritual evolution, since that determines the use that will be given to that technology. The technology is a tool, it isn't good neither bad by itself, that depends of who it uses it and for what.

The advances in an area of the knowledge and the human activity depend on the progress in other areas. We are all interdependent. Everything is related to everything else, and a backwardness in the moral or spiritual aspect brakes our development in the other areas (even the technology) in such a way that it makes to be in danger our own survival like species, when diminishing our capacity to survive an eventual (to very long term, unavoidable) planetary catastrophe. But this is also another topic.

That society, as the one described in 1984, would be the expression of the bad side of all the things because in it there isn't anything good and true, and it would be based on two main pillars: the fear and the lie.


Both can be combated efficiently with education.


Levels Of The Human Necessities

(Human Rights)

The suffering is generated by preventing the people to satisfy their necessities.

In 1984 the war is used to maintain people in the misery, by destroying the fruit of its work (the war is destructive, obviously), and the misery is used to maintain the inequality, and the inequality is used to maintain the power. The power is the ultimate goal of the governing class, not a means to accomplish something, not even benefits, because although they have more privileges than the majority, all they live worse every time, as the time passes. According to the book (it is reasonable), technical progress stops (as it was already said, that threatens the survival of the human species). It is only the power for the power, without any other reason.

From 1984 one can deduct that people are maintained in the misery so that they only worry to survive each day and be not interested in more momentous matters, all they related ones to each other and with our individual and collective survival: the future, the politics, the morality, the religion and the spirituality, the wisdom, the art (the necessity of expression), etc.

They know that before worrying about those high matters, people must satisfy their more basic necessities, so they make all the effort so that they are not able to make it.

The necessities (sometimes they are called Human Rights) of the people can be divided in levels, such that, before somebody worries about the superior levels, he / she should have satisfied the inferior ones, at least partly. It is a simple matter of priorities.

The lower levels are those what link us to the Earth, to the physical world, to the mortal biological life. The upper last levels are those what link us to the God, to the Universe, to Heaven, to the eternal life.

Level 1

The first level is that of the basic necessities for life (the body), for the biological survival, to continue breathing: air (obvious), water, food, clothes, housing, security (to maintain the physical integrity), etc. This is what keeps us alive.

It is hardly in this level that they seek to maintain people, by trying to make that they cannot satisfy these necessities fully, so that they hardly survive enough to serve to the governing class, but not more.

But to survive is not to live. To survive is hardly to breathe. To live is to enjoy. The World Health Organization simply defines that state as Health, full psychophysical health.

In fact, one could believe that the Buddhists say that to breathe and to enjoy life should be synonymous, and that the secret of the happiness is to be satisfied with very little, to the degree of being satisfied just with to breathe, in a state of grace, of ecstasy, of peaceful contemplation, marveling in each opportunity, as a little child, with the beauty of the world, as if this was discovered for the first time, being happy and grateful just by being alive and emptying the mind of all desire and emotion (emotions again, in the Spanish language there isn't great difference between the definition of desire and that of emotion). Of course, this requires of a lot of practice and some minimum conditions (a minimum of food, of water, of clothes, etc.).

But, for most of us, to live requires of satisfying other necessities.

Level 2

The following level to satisfy are the sexual necessities (the couple). This give us a reason to live. So we have all type of obstacles to impede that they be satisfied, as much as it be possible without it was evident. We have the false morality, the false dogmas of the false religion, etc. If you think it, you realize this.


We say that "not only of bread the Man lives", or like the French say, "eat, drink and be happy, because tomorrow we will die." With that "be happy", or when one eats up in excess or there are dysfunctions of the feeding (obesity, bulimia, anorexia, etc.), or when what one drinks is not to calm the thirst of the level 1, for example alcohol, we speak of necessities of level 2 and superior.


All the addictions could be, mostly or completely, inferior substitutes of a satisfactory sexuality.

By the way, Michel Foucault said:

"When that private becomes public, the public thing becomes private."

When the attention is focused in the private affairs of people, when what everybody oversee are the private behaviors, the public affairs get lost of view, they stop to oversee the government, they lose the control on what the Big Brother is doing. To oversee private behaviors is a typical counterproductive solution.

Level 3

The third level is that of the affective necessities (the family). This give us more reasons, reasons to sustain our own life to be able to sustain others. So all the effort is made to separate people, to separate the brothers, to the friends, to the parents of the children, etc. Negative emotions are generated. To distinguish them in function of the people's union or separation, we can call them negative to those that separate to the people (different forms of the fear: fear itself, hate, guilt, shame, etc.) and positive to those that unite them (different forms of the love: romantic, filial, fraternal love, friendship, charity, compassion, etc.).


In fact, we cannot say that an emotion is negative. It has an useful function: to alert that there is a problem.

Level 4

The fourth level could be the necessity to serve (the community), of helping the neighbor, the social need of being accepted in the society, of fitting in it, of belonging to it, the vocation of service, the charity, what corresponds to the chakra of the heart. This is the boiling surface, the barrier, the limit that you need to have enough energy to overcome in order to get eternal life.


So that whenever it is possible they try to deny to the people their place in the world, to exclude them, to discriminate against them.

Level 5

The fifth level would be the necessity of expression, of creating art, of teaching what has been learned, of saying, what corresponds to the chakra of the throat. This is where you live to inspire to others. So they censure and they impose silence and secrecy.

Level 6

The sixth level would be the necessity to learn, of seeing, of knowing, of being educated, what corresponds to the chakra of the center of the forehead or of the third eye. So they combat the education to try to perpetuate the ignorance.

Why the need to teach is lower than (precedes) the need to learn?. Would not it maybe be logical that it was on the contrary, that you first learn and later do teach?. Because, when you teach, your unconscious, your immortal soul, assimilate, it memorizes, it incorporates, what it learned, in such a way that is easier for it to conserve it when you die, is easier for you to carry it with you to a new life when you reincarnate, is easier for your unconscious to remind it. If you cannot remember, you cannot learn and that is the reason of your existence.


When you teach something, you really think a lot about that, you can dream of that, what indicates that your unconscious learns it. It is as when one memorizes better something when one writes it down. It is only when you teach that you are really ready to learn more, to learn new things or to learn old things better.

Level 7

The seventh level would be the necessity to come closer to God, or the Universal Intelligence, or as you want to call Him, of communion, of religion, of some spiritual practice, what corresponds to the chakra of the crown. Etcetera.

Toward the Pathocracy

Pathocracy (from the Greek pathos: illness, and kratos: government) is the government of the ill people, the government of the insane people, according to the Polish researcher Andrew M. Lobaczewski in his book "Politic Ponerology". Ponerology (from the Greek poneros: evil, and logos: study) is the study of evil. Pathocracy is the result of a process of Ponerization of the society, de hysterization of the society.


Note that the concept of hysteria has been always related to a deficient sexuality, so this validates the concept of Orgonomy, from Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), disciple of Sigmund Freud.


Examples of Pathocracy are the Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union of Joseph Stalin.

These leaders that make an effort so that people cannot satisfy their necessities are, in fact, psychopaths, since they are unable to feel compassion for those of their own species, as if they do not consider themselves part of it. Compassion is what make us humans. For that reason one could think that they are not totally human in the sense that we give to the word human (that opposite to inhuman).


They can be human on the outside, but not completely human on the inside. Their law is the Law of the Strongest, the Law of the Jungle, the law of the animals. As animals, they flee from the stronger but they attack the weaker. For us, humans, that is Cowardice by definition.


They can have a totally human physical body, but inside it a divided mind, double or multiple (in 1984 Doublethink), partly not human, a possessed mind (MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder, or DID Dissociative Identity Disorder, different, modern, psychological names for the same thing, the ancient concept of demonic possession of the faith, a spiritual disease, in definitive, psychopaths).

They have a perspective of the life that is animal and Darwinist, based on the wildest competition, not in the collaboration, the cooperation and the solidarity. It is the survival of the fittest, not the survival of the wisest. An example of this are Adam Smith's economic theories that are still the paradigm of the economy, although the mathematical genius, and Nobel Prize, John Nash demonstrated mathematically half century ago they are mistaken, that is possible to obtain a better society for everyone by means of the cooperation, a fact that has been maintained neatly outside of the academic scope in economy, maintained in secret as much as it is possible. (See the book "Hitler won the war", of the Argentinean economist Walter Graziano).

Then, seeing the life as a competition, they think that as worse it is for the neighbor, so much better for them, and they believe that the neighbor thinks the same of them, they see the neighbor as a reflection from themselves. For that reason, they fear the neighbor. The fear is the emotion that dominates them. Perhaps they have been educated to fear since they were children (perhaps even since before being born), by means of tortures and verbal, physical, sexual and psychological abuse, to dominate them, to enslave them, to transform them into marionettes, because the strings that move them are made of fear.


This is what Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler say in their books "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave" and "Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula", where they describe a method of mind control much older, perhaps millennial, and much more sophisticated that the Brainwashing Manual of Hubbard.

They provide deliberately enormous suffering to big fringes of the population for money and for power.

They sacrifice the neighbor, literally, in all the meaning of the word sacrifice, specially the religious one. It works for them. They get what they wish in exchange for their offering of human blood. They are rewarded for spilling people's blood in wars, crime, terrorism, etc. Harm is rewarded. Money is at harm's service. Look at the economy. There are, everywhere, harmful activities that are very profitable, many of them legal.

At the same time that they provide suffering to the people, they are providing them, unconsciously, an educational experience.


All This Is About Our Education

Some authors say that life is a learning process, in fact through many lives (reincarnation).

One lives to learn and, basically, there are two ways to do it: understanding what it is being tried to teach us (metaphysics, compassion, wisdom) or experiencing in flesh and blood the consequences of not doing it (the already mentioned suffering). It is our election, our free will.

Everything could be better, if there were not people dedicated to harm to other people for money or for power, or simply to satisfy their own necessities. However, everything is exactly as it must be so that we learn of the consequences of our errors. It is necessary that everything be as it is. Indeed, there aren't good guys and bad guys, angels and demons, heroes and villains. They are all actors playing a role, as we are, everyone. There can't be an hero without a villain. They are the same, different sides of the same coin, they work together, coordinated, for our education. Ones push us and the others pull us, but both in the same direction, toward our wisdom.

All what happens in our life, individually or collectively, is consequence of our previous decisions. Sometimes that is called karma. What we sow is what we harvest. What we give comes back to us as a boomerang, but amplified, multiplied.

Each one chooses what he or she wants to believe, as well as he / she chooses what wants to think, how he / she wants to feel and about what he / she wants to be informed or to learn.


And he / she will endure the consequences of their election, either good or not.


What To Do

From the reading of this text it should be obvious that we first need to educate ourselves, we need to learn about those momentous questions, those about which we have been kept ignorant so long, because this matters are at the origin of all the problems what threaten our individual and collective survival.
In second place, we must be responsible. We must not surrender to fear. Fear doesn't allow to think. It triggers automatic, instinctive behaviors. Fear transform us in animals.


That is what they want, to stop our evolution. We must think, to think more, to think better.

We must reason. We must choose better, more carefully, what to believe. We must not believe, automatically, all what says some authority, some "reliable" source. We must analyze the information, not to prejudge the source.

We must never censure, nor to allow censorship. If we are editors, publishers, or something like that, we must reserve a special section or to put a warning for challenged sources and controversial information, but not censure them, so that the readers or viewers can read or see this information and to judge it by themselves, by filtering it by their own common sense, while they are aware of its character of challenged or controversial. If we are only readers or viewers, we must demand that this be done. There must be not taboo sources and subjects. We can't censure something true just because is used as a kind of flag by some extremist group.

We must not allow the abuse of Copyright for censorship. By example, in an article, a link to a web page what violate some Copyrights is not itself (the link) a violation of Copyright. The author of the article is not responsible for the contents of the pages addressed by the links in the article. A link to a web page is not an unauthorized reproduction of Copyrighted material.


You can easily recognize some abuses of Copyright when some people challenge or disqualify a source with any excuse, any bad label, but then they are the first ones in claiming for the defense of that source's Copyright. It's a little contradictory (Doublethink).


They are obviously trying to prevent the access of other people to that source's material, censuring it under the guise of "Copyright protection".

  • We must always keep ourselves in search of the truth. If we know that any source is disqualified with any excuse, with any bad label, we should try to know what it say to filter this by our own common sense, not to allow that who disqualify that source, by putting those label to it, to think for us, to decide which information can we read and which not.

  • We must be open to all sources and trust in our own common sense, not other's one.

  • We must never tolerate lies and contradictions, specially in those momentous questions, specially in public affairs, specially from our leaders and authorities.

  • We must defend freedom and the right to privacy.

  • We must oversee our leaders and their decisions, we must make sure that they are motivated by positive emotions, by compassion, that is that they are truly interested in solving the people's problems, and that their solutions reflect this by having measurable positive effects, that is that they are not based on the criterion "so worse, so better".

  • We must make sure that the causes of the problems are investigated, and that the solutions that are applied really act on them.

  • We must make sure that they understand well the causes of the problems, otherwise they would be as blind boxers throwing blows in the darkness.

  • We must demand that these causes be well explained to us, satisfactorily.



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