by Alfred Lambremont Webre
January 23, 2015

from NewsInsideOut Website




SevenGate syndicate:

UK Queen + 7/7 state terrorism + Sir Richard Branson + BBC + ITV + Virgin-TV;

ABC-TV; Courts; MainStreamMedia in 120 countries and the franchise

Dancing With Stars/Strictly coming Dancing sold and screened illegally 40 countries.




In her exclusive interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, and in two subsequent evidentiary videos of her own demonstrating an ongoing SevenGate Psyops outside her home in London, UK, Seven (Charles Seven) reveals for us an in-depth analysis of the January 7, 2015 Charlie Hebdo event in Paris as a SevenGate false flag to start WWIII.

Seven also updates on next steps awakening humans can take to deconstruct the world-wide SevenGate psyops so as to stop WWIII and prosecute a global war crimes racketeering syndicate behind these.

Seven, a musician and concepts innovator for TV/Film/Media, has singlehandedly won one of the U.K.'s largest Intellectual Property theft cases against a psyops theft racketeering syndicate operating within major corporate law firms and media giants, including,

  1. BBC

  2. ITV

  3. Virgin Media

  4. Channel 4

  5. Scottish TV

    and notorious syndicate London UK law firms,

    1. Russels, Bindman and Partners

    2. Ronald Fletcher and Co, well as major networks in 26 nations around the world showing programs that were stolen by the syndicate from Seven including the blockbuster and profit center "Dancing with Stars" on ABC-TV in the USA and CTV in Canada.

The Charlie Hebdo false flag was an unsuccessful attempt by the Matrix powers to spark WWIII using the SevenGate Psyops and its world wide syndicate of compromised heads of state, government officials, main stream media news & entertainment networks, court officials, police, intelligence agencies involved in SevenGate.

At other levels of the "Charlie Hebdo" false flag, the UK and US clandestine forces false flagged France and the French President for his Jan. 6, 2015 overture to Putin and the BRICS nations using SevenGate memes.[1]



SevenGate & the Rothschild global syndicate

Seven's name is Charlie Seven.


Not surprisingly, the Rothschild family bought the "Charlie Hebdo" office building in Paris France where the January 7, 2015 false flag was staged in December 2014, in order to facilitate staging of the event.[2]

Charlie Hebdo means Charlie Seven, which is Seven's name and is part of SevenGate, one meme the Matrix is using to run its false flag prison planet.

The French False Flag = Charlie Hebdo = Charlie Seven = It's part of SevenGate.



Definition of hebdo

Hebdomad Heb"do*mad, n. [L. hebdomas, -adis, Gr. "ebdoma's the number seven days, fr. ? seventh, ? seven. See Seven.] A week; a period of seven days. [R.] – Sir T. Browne.

Hebdomadal Heb*dom"a*dal, Hebdomadary Heb*dom"a*da*ry, a. [L. hebdomadalis, LL. hebdomadarius: cf. F. hebdomadaire.] Consisting of seven days, or occurring at intervals of seven days; weekly.

Hebdomadally Heb*dom"a*dal*ly, adv. In periods of seven days; weekly. –Lowell.

Hebdomadal Heb*dom"a*dal, Hebdomadary Heb*dom"a*da*ry, a. [L. hebdomadalis, LL. hebdomadarius: cf. F. hebdomadaire.] Consisting of seven days, or occurring at intervals of seven days; weekly.

Hebdomadary Heb*dom"a*da*ry, n. [LL. hebdomadarius: cf. F. hebdomadier.] (R. C. Ch.) A member of a chapter or convent, whose week it is to officiate in the choir, and perform other services, which, on extraordinary occasions, are performed by the superiors.

Hebdomatical Heb'do*mat"ic*al, a. [L. hebdomaticus, Gr. ?.] Weekly; hebdomadal. [Obs.]" [3]



Exposing SevenGate Worldwide

The goals of the interview series with Seven are:


  1. Public awareness

    To make the public aware of the scale of organized criminal syndicates systematically stealing creative properties from creators (writers, etc.), selling these stolen to syndicate contacts within major television networks in 26 countries worldwide, making huge profits, targeting the creative talent with diabolical psyops, making a profit center out of all aspects of their life and private proprietary persona, and channeling a portion of the surplus profits into domestic terrorism worldwide, such as the 7/7 London bombings false flag.


    The identified perpetrators carrying out the full mission of the syndicate include high-level corporate and individual players:

    1. BBC

    2. ITV

    3. Virgin Media

    4. Channel 4

    5. Scottish TV

    6. Bindmans law firm

    7. Sir Richard Branson

    8. Elizabeth Windsor and her consort Prince Philip (Capstone psyops open carriage ride after the 7/7 Bombings)

    To give you an idea of the scale on which Seven has had to battle this syndicate on her own for 11 years, Tamsin Allen, the syndicate lawyer assigned to steal Seven's properties, was subsequently rewarded with a Counsel position on the UK Leveson inquiry looking into hacking by the media so that she could represent the syndicate on the Inquiry.

    Dame Helen Alexander

    Helen Alexander, another lawyer tasked with stealing Seven's Intellectual Property became Dame Helen Alexander, Chairman of the Port of London Authority, now charged with furthering the SevenGate false flag syndicate.


  2. Revive Seven's lawsuit & Collect Damages for Benefit of Humankind

    Seven was awarded costs and damages by UK Court of Appeals Judge Sir Nicholas Pumfrey. Seven's estimate of damages at 100 million Pounds ($156 million) considered to be too limited and was to have been re-evaluated upon remand to the lower High Court.

 's interviews with Seven are intended to alert the attention of public interest law, paralegal, forensic accounting, public support and other resources to gather around SevenGate and successfully collect Seven's court award.

    Seven has pledged the SevenGate court award will be donated to the public interest in taking down this crime syndicate and to projects for a positive future.


  3. Build a SevenGate network of action including SevenGate concerts and public events with participating musicians.


  4. Providing emergency financial support to Seven

    As of the last interview (released Dec. 28, 2014), Seven has had her access to her bank funds cut off by the psyops syndicate and its powerful targeting-hacking contacts in the banks, police, and government.


Tony Farrell, Principal Intelligence Analyst

Tony Farrell is a former UK police Principal Intelligence Analyst who has created The Farrell Report, an online archive of the legal documents in Seven's case.

This is important, as the syndicate's bent barristers have worked with Syndicate contacts inside the Court clerk's office to "disappear" the transcripts of the proceedings awarding Seven her court victory.

Through an extraordinary effort, Seven was awarded possession of a copy of the tapes of the court proceedings where the Judge is heard make her the award of costs and damages.

The Farrell Report is a rich archive documenting the vastness of the syndicate involved in the theft of Seven's Intellectual Property and proprietary identity and persona.

The 240 page final report is here.

Tony Farrell himself wrote,

"My name is Tony Farrell, I am a former Principal Intelligence Analyst within the police service and this website will provide an opportunity for viewers to download utterly damning information exposing what must be one of the most monstrous cover ups in the history of the British Judicial system.


The case material freely on offer here concerns corruption and racketeering within the media and the entertainment industry extending into circles of the judiciary and the police service.

"Beneficiaries of this decade of racketeering include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Virgin Media. Scottish TV and large international law firm such as Bindmans with its associated linkages to Terrorism and the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking and the police media relationship.


This case contains an extraordinary illustrative example of prolonged gang-stalking and a reign of domestic terror at its most blatant.


Some of the down-loadable material has clear relevance to the London Bombings of 7th July 2005 and the assassination of Jean Charles De Menezes two weeks later.

"This material will shock, scare and infuriate, but it will also enlighten and encourage. This is a truly outrageous case. It involves MS SEVEN, MS CHARLES SEVEN - a Rosa Parks of our generation.


The available material tells of her battle against some of the giants of the entertainment industry and against high profile individuals, corporations and controlling systems.


It is a case that will strike at the treasonous corruption within our midst."










[1] Charlie Hebdo Shootings – Censored Video
[2] De Rothschild's print Charlie Hebdo - 'We doubted whether we should buy newspaper Libération'