by Steve Beckow

January 11, 2011
from SteveBeckow Website

In a column entitled “The Satanist link to intelligence operations disguised as religious sects,” Benjamin Fulford has accused the Dalai Lama of being a Satanist.


In that column, Ben says:

"One of the most powerful weapons used by the Satanists in their plot to create a totalitarian world government is the use of certain religious sects such as Moonies, the Dalai Lama’s network, Falun Gong and others. The trail ultimately leads to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and the Satanic part of the Vatican centered around the Vatican bank."


“The inclusion of the Dalai Lama in the network of Satanists may come as a surprise to many but the evidence speaks for itself.

“The main scam these religions use is to publicly promote ideas that almost everybody can agree with, such as helping the poor, in order to con people out of their money. The Satanist religions also always have a centralized power structure with layers of secrecy protecting a single leader who is promoted as a representative of God on earth.

“Let us examine the case of the Dalai Lama to illustrate what I am talking about. The Dalai Lama is a symbol to many around the world of all that is good and tolerant about Buddhism. Unfortunately, Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha, however, have little to do with the actual Dalai Lama. The holy Dalai Lama that exists in most people’s minds is very different from the actual human who is the Dalai Lama.”


“My own rude awakening came when I heard him talk for 90 minutes at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Japan. What I saw was a very rude and evil looking man who publicly and repeatedly insulted several Chinese reporters without provocation.”


“The Dalai Lama’s network in Japan has also, I believe, personally harmed me which may be why I have a special grudge against him. My fiancée was five months pregnant and working for a Nepalese import shop when she was suddenly asked to go to Nepal to buy items for the shop. While she was in the airplane en route, the man sitting directly across from her in the plane died of a heart attack.

“When she got to Nepal she was met by a senior official in the Dalai Lama’s network (I will not name him because his son has been a useful informant) who took her to his home. The following day, she suddenly started bleeding heavily from her womb and was taken to the hospital where she was drugged unconscious. When she woke up the following day, they were doing a ultra-sound scan of her womb. She was no longer pregnant.

“Also, by some curious coincidence, a Japanese man staying at a house across the street from where she was was beheaded by a Nepalese police officer while she was there. Curious, isn’t it?”

(Jan. 10, 2011.)

I won’t be posting the whole column.


Ben is an adult and undoubtedly knows what he’s doing in leveling such an accusation against the Tibetan leader. He undoubtedly knows it will cause a great deal of grief in the world to hear such a report.

However, I’m not certain enough of the factual basis of his charges to want to lend them credence by publishing the whole column, until it has been legally substantiated or at least commented on by those with reliable knowledge of the situation and a background in legal commentary.

I caution others against taking the position that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


The Illuminati use our susceptibility to this argument to produce a great deal of smoke, which is only smoke and no evidence of fire. Their tsunami of allegations against President Obama and Julian Assange are illustrations of this tactic.


A great deal of smoke about the Dalai Lama may just be smoke. So please use your discrimination.

Please keep in mind that the greatest amount of damage is done when allegations first emerge (and the Illuminati know this). Retractions after the fact usually appear in the back pages and don’t reach near as many people as the initial allegations. I recommend withholding judgment of the Dalai Lama until reliable proof is presented.

That having been said, the galactics have told us repeatedly that we will be shocked by some of the things we hear after disclosure.


Here is SaLuSa for instance:

“However, the full truth will come out in good time, for your appreciation and understanding of the last century.


It will be shocking and beyond belief for most people. It is not the intention that you should waste too much energy on such matters, and your focus should remain on your immediate future.


The Laws of the Universe are immutable, and be sure any soul that has erred in their judgment and actions will face the truth of the consequences.”

(SaLuSa, Nov. 10, 2010)