by Pierre Gosselin
August 22, 2021
from ClimateChangeDispatch Website

Just two years ago, many of Germany's mainstream media outlets declared sea ice at the South Pole was melting at an "astonishing" rate…




German national daily Süddeutsche Zeitung reported in June 2019 (above image) that Antarctic sea ice had "shrunk 1.8 million square kilometers", writing,

"the massive disappearance of ice is astonishing"...

But many readers here, who are aware of the real data, know nothing of the sort has happened over the long term since satellite measurements began over 40 years ago.





Massive sea ice rebound goes unreported


Today, two years later, German climate science site Die kalte Sonne looks at recent sea ice developments in Antarctica - noting that the climate-ambulance chasing mainstream media like the Süddeutsche Zeitung have since mysteriously stopped reporting on Antarctica.


Here's why:





Sea ice at the South Pole has rebounded over the past two years to levels seen 30 years ago.


In June 2021, Antarctic sea ice was even well above normal.


The doomsday scenario has disappeared, and not the ice. The Antarctic sea ice rebound shows that there's still a lot about natural drivers that remain unknown, says Die kalte Sonne.


It appears that oceanic cycles, such as ENSO, SAM, or the Indian Ocean play major roles in Antarctic sea ice variability.







Classic disinformation technique

"Researchers are in agreement that the strong decline in Antarctic sea ice from 2016 to 2019 is mainly due to natural causes," says Die kalte Sonne.


"Obviously this is not a good topic for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, who prefer not to report on the ice recovery."

Not informing the public about the most recent developments, but instead leaving them with a false impression based on carefully cherry-picked data two years earlier, is a classic disinformation technique that has long been perfected by the activist media.