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Part I


What to Expect on December 21, 2012 - The Moment of Ascension
(More on Earth’s Rotation and the Days of Darkness)

Question: Will our planet experience a reversal of its directions as to its rotation in the coming years? Will we experience as a result several days of darkness? There are some people writing on this subject. As I understand it, in case this happens, before reversing its direction, its rotation stops. When the rotation stops there will be no electromagnetic energy field caused from the spinning.


There will be no friction with the solar winds and rays. This will result in darkness. This could explain the three days of darkness as foretold by various sources.

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness is prepared to introduce a new understanding of what will occur during the time of Ascension, especially around the forecast date of December 21, 2012.


At the moment of Ascension, the Alignment of the 7 Planetary Gateways from that which is the central sun of the galaxy, that which is Alcyone in the Pleiadian system, at that moment of the alignment of the 7 planetary gateways represented by the planets, the stars, there will be an alignment, a corridor directly from that which is the central planet to the planet Earth.


Earth is already moving forward towards this moment of alignment by adjusting and advancing many levels of consciousness, both in its own planetary consciousness as well as many of those Light Workers, and Wanderers and beings who exist on the earthly plane at this time, and who have chosen to come onto the planet at this time to assist this process.

When the Portals Open a Tsunami of Energy Will Hit Our Planet

At that actual moment of complete alignment where the 7 gateways are opened, there will be an energetic force that will travel from the central sun to the planet Earth, but the 7 gateways are the same gateways that the human soul either passes through as it descends into human form, or upon release of human form, passed through on the way to its greater expression of its being.


With the opening of these energy portals, these gateways, when the alignment occurs with the central sun, the force that will go through will be that force which will carry the planet to its higher frequencies. It will be as if a tsunami of energies that hit the planet at that time.

It is for this reason that it is necessary for those who will ascend to have raised their consciousness to a point so that when the energies hit, they will simply ride the wave and come to the new shoreline. In this time, events can occur as described by the Questioner, such as the time of darkness, the shifting of the North/South poles, the shifting of the planet, the turning over of the planet.


Those who are of that higher level of consciousness, that higher frequency, will not be destroyed by the tsunami of cosmic energies and consciousness that will overwhelm the planet. They will be carried upwards or forwards to that new state of consciousness, that new level of vibration and frequency.


Long Predicted Catastrophic Consequences Await the Masses
Those who do not achieve that higher level of consciousness that will allow them to surf this energy wave will be affected most negatively by it.


It is at this time that the catastrophic consequences that have for so long been predicted by so many will indeed affect a majority of the beings on the planet. Many will at that time leave physical existence through the death experience.


This will become their way of removing themselves for there is no wish on their part to experience that which will come, as those who survive this period of time experience the reality of a new physical world, that being the energies of that planet which this Awareness has called Planet B.

Those who choose to simply leave will reenter spirit form and it will be their choice whether to continue existence on that which is Planet A or Planet B or any other dimension that they choose, for it is the choice on the spirit level that is relevant to what experience one would have in whatever dimension of consciousness one would choose. They would thus be free to make whatever choice they would wish to make.


Those who survive the catastrophic consequence of a planet stopping its rotation, of its poles shifting, of even the planet tipping over on its axis, will find that they truly do live in another reality than that which was the norm such a short time before.

The Coming Cosmic Tsunami and the Elite on Earth
All that was will have been swept away and they will be reduced to a most basic and primitive state.


There will be those who will anticipate this event, who will have prepared for this event, and those are the ones this Awareness has called the Elite in the past. They will have with them those who would serve them, those who would be party to that experience, but there will be many who survive at the most primitive level on a planet that no longer is as it once was.


This too could be a consequence for those who wish to experience this form of reality of a cosmic tsunami that will hit the planet at that time, but it is only one of the consequences, for there are other ways that one will pass through this experience, either by leaving the physical or by ascending on the crest of the wave to that which is Planet A, the ascended higher level of consciousness.

This energy will be the purest energy of consciousness as it sweeps over the planet, but it will have at the same time a direct physical result that if one is not fully prepared for, could have devastating consequences.

Question: Would there be a buildup prior to the proposed date of December 21, or would it be a “Bang! Game Over” type thing?

Cosmic Awareness: There will be a buildup to this. This Awareness has discussed this in the past. Many entities will not necessarily wait until this final event. Many will either pass through the natural death cycle or will find a vortex or another way of ascending, and then those who are left will ascend in this manner, if that is their choice.


There is more, but this Awareness is leaving this for a future time.

Why Did The Mayan Calendar Come To An Abrupt Halt In The Year 2012?

Question: Will Awareness explain why the Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt halt in the year 2012?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness did explain this recently, but will again explain why it is seen that it will come to an abrupt halt at that time. There will be an alignment of planetary bodies that will form an energetic corridor to that which is the Central Sun.


They will open that which is often called a “wormhole” to the Central Sun, and they will also align and open the 7 vortices through which spirit passes, both in entering into physical existence as well as exiting back, into spiritual form.

The Alignment of Planetary Bodies Will Create an Event
Where Time and Recorded History of Mankind Will End

Once this occurs, this alignment of planetary bodies and the opening of the 7 vortices, and the opening of that wormhole, on that date the alignment will create an event. That event is that which this Awareness has called a cosmic energy flux or a light flux, a photon flux. The energies of the Central Sun will pass through the corridor, creating a tsunami of light that will hit the planet at that time and create great havoc and upheaval. In that event, time and the recorded history of mankind will end and a new time will begin.


That is the moment and the point that this Awareness has often called the Ascension point.

Those who have successfully created their own Light Bodies, as many are doing now, may indeed surf that incredible tsunami of light to those levels of higher consciousness, apparently instantaneously. Those who have not prepared their consciousness, who have not worked at elevating their being and creating their Light Body to any great degree may simply be swept away as the chaos of the event hits, and there will be others, who in their choice, will seek to go with that which is the planet that will continually carry forth the material experiment, the experiment of physicality and separation from spirit. That will be what is known as Planet B.

Those beings who have elevated their consciousness and created their Light Body will be on Planet A, the Planet of Ascension. The many who choose to leave at that time will then later have a choice of which dimensional reality to play in afterwards, be it Planet A, Planet B, or any other planet of consciousness that the soul is free to incarnate in or take part of.


This is the event that will happen on that date, or near to that date, for there is still speculation because of adjusting calendars over the course of history that will qualify that time somewhat, but still, the event itself is that which will precipitate the Ascension process. This is that which will occur around the date December 21, 2012.

This is simply a point of reference for that which is to occur, and it can be predicted fairly accurately because there is the ability to track the planetary bodies to see where certain alignments will occur, and those who have chosen to look forward have seen this event, and it is why it is marked as that termination date so clearly in the annals of history, both in the Mayan calendar as well as other sources.

Question: How did the Mayans come to realize this knowledge way back when?

Cosmic Awareness: The Mayans themselves worked with their multidimensional being and there were extraterrestrials who walked amongst them who became great teachers. These were not the Jehovah extraterrestrials.


These were members of the Galactic Federation who taught these Mayans and helped them formulate their science and their ability to understand time in a much more accurate manner than that which is the modern case.


These teachers were there to help them understand that a time would come when the present consciousness and the present experiment in consciousness that was being experienced would come to an end and a new phase would begin.

The “Physical Experiment” Now Coming To An End Is Explained

Question: You have spoken of the physical experiment several times. Could you please elaborate on that?

Cosmic Awareness: The purpose of spirit, of the soul, was to have an experience of separation from itself, from Spirit.


Thus, it was understood that one way to do this was to downsize, so to speak, into that which was a physical body. What occurs is that as the soul comes into an individual expression, it comes through that which is the Central Sun, Alcyone, through the 7 gateways or portals.


Each time it passes through, that which is the individual soul that is seeking expression is condensed. Thus, by the time it has passed through the 7 Gateways and is ready to enter into human form, that spiritual body is com-pressed and condensed to such a degree that it can actually enter physicality, enter into a physical existence.

The Soul Goes Through The Veil of Forgetfulness
Part of the experiment was that the soul would go through that which has been called by many names, but mostly known as the veil of forgetfulness, so that it would not remember its true nature.


It would simply associate itself with physicality, with a physical material experience. Part of the experiment is that there would be access to the teachings of Spirit.


This was expressed mostly through the teachings of religious orders and sects. Thus it is that many understand spirituality in religious terms versus individual terms, but the experiment was such that it was wondered if there would be a return to the deeper understanding and connection to the deeper spiritual soul, the multidimensional nature of the being.

Even though one had gone through the veils of forgetfulness, even though one may have been shackled by religious dogma into structured religious belief, could the soul find its way back into its spiritual understanding of self, even with the hindrances of materialism and dogmatic beliefs as well as a physical focus versus a spiritual focus.


To ensure this through the veil of forgetfulness, the experiment became one that the goal was to find enlightenment, but in truth this is more a remembering of one’s truth and one’s truer being.

Question: I had visions in my mind of somebody holding puppet strings on each individual, allowing them to have part of a physical experiment.

Cosmic Awareness: There is in some way a truth to this. The truth is that the strings are not held at the higher levels of consciousness, but rather at the lower levels, by those who hold power, those who hold sway, who already understand and know the truth and have sought to enslave humanity.


It is they who hold the strings for they are the ones who shape consciousness as held on the physical realm. It is they who have created religion, who nave created politics, who have created a materialistic concept of life, one that has enslaved, one that has captured, one that has put strings upon those who live in this physical reality.

The Struggle of the Light Workers

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness does have an opening message at this time. This message has to do with the struggle of Light Workers as they have held a space for so long, a space that has allowed the Light to survive in the very dark times that have existed over the last several hundred years.


This Awareness does state the last several hundred years, for since the industrial revolution began, where mankind started to turn away from the natural order, from his or her own connection to nature, to the Mother, Gaia, there has been a falling away from the spiritual connection, from that which was a natural connection, and with the rise of technology, especially over the last 50 years, this acceleration of the separation from spirit has indeed advanced very quickly.

A Great Gap Exists From People’s Spiritual Connection
At this time in mankind’s history, there is a great gap for the majority of people from their spiritual source, from that sense of being spiritually connected.


This has nothing to do with those many who attend regular religious services, for there is still a confusion between that which is religion and that which is spirit, or spiritual.


This Awareness is talking of the spiritual connection that once was the common element of mankind, and how this has been eroded and corrupted since the industrial revolution in the 1700s. At the same time, religion, which had already held great power and great sway over the minds of many, continued its insidious path of corrupting away from spirit the minds and hearts of the followers of the various religions that have appeared since the industrial revolution and before.

At one time in the Western world, the Catholic faith was the only faith to be followed, and it did hold great power over the minds and attitudes and behaviors of many, but then with the entity known as Martin Luther, a schism started to form which started to provide alternative religious beliefs. Luther was followed by Calvin and the many other religious entities who formulated new concepts, new Protestant belief systems.


There were, of course, in existence at the same time, other alternative religious belief systems such as the Judaic system, the Islamic Muslim system of belief, even the belief system of Buddhism, which even predated Christianity.

The Religion of Industrialization Begins
These religious systems of belief created in the minds of the masses a certain sense of how spirituality would look, but there was still some sense of a spiritual connection.


With the beginning of the industrial revolution, a new religion started to form, that being the religion of Industrialization, of the Mechanical Spirit being entered into and pursued.


This started to be reflected in the minds of the masses, and a dichotomy formed between industrial thinking, modern thinking and religious thinking. This led to all sorts of controversies, debates, discussions, arguments, even between Darwinism and Creationism.

Those discussions still occur, but many would say that it is now a forgone conclusion that man was not created in the way the Bible suggests, but it was an evolutionary process. This Awareness is not saying that is what happened. This Awareness is just saying that is the nature of the debate between Creationists and Darwinists.


This Awareness is speaking more about that process that started to occur with the Industrial Revolution, where mankind became more and more separated from any sense of spiritual connection.


The word “religion” itself meaning to be connected at a spiritual level, but of course religions became dogmatic in nature, with rules and laws that must be obeyed to obtain that which was heaven, the reward, or alternatively, to be cast into the pits of hell to be punished eternally for a non-following of beliefs.

How Modern Man Developed a Sense of Spiritual Separation
(And the Price He is Paying For It)

With the growth of the industrial revolution and the beginning of separation from a spiritual sense of being, modern man started to develop a sense that they were no longer connected on any level to that which is spiritual in nature. Indeed, a sense of being connected to nature itself started to evaporate, thus mankind became arrogant in its ability to be in charge on all levels, including nature itself.


There was nothing man felt he could not do, and thus, the Industrial Revolution progressed and became the Technical Revolution, and now, has advanced to that high level of technical knowledge that exists in the world today. But at that level, a great price was also extracted, and that price is separation from the Godhead, from the Source, from that sense of connection to spirit itself, and even the connection of nature and the planet itself.

This has been all part of that plan formed eons ago to bring mankind to an evolutionary point where a great shift would occur, where a great evolutionary leap would take place, and that is exactly where mankind stands at this time.


In the process of bringing mankind to this epic point, much was lost, much was forgotten, and those powers that were not focused on bringing light onto the planet, or working from a place of unconditional love, gained power, gained momentum, gained control, and those times from the Industrial Revolution to now were marked by this decrease in spiritual awareness, spiritual connectedness, and an increase in the arrogance of the human mind to think itself superior to the planet itself and to even God.

Man Became God - Man Can Do Anything
(But the Light Workers Hung in There Anyway)

Man became God, and many felt there was nothing man could not do. They could go to the moon. They could go the depths of the oceans. They could build great cities. They could create great computers and systems of technology. This was the loss of the soul, or at least the connection to the soul that this Awareness is speaking of. And during this time, there have always been those Light Workers who have held a space, who have held an access point to Spirit, who could bring Spirit into the human condition.


These Light Workers have been located in many places, in many positions. There have been those who are teachers, those who have been religious leaders, those who have been social leaders, those who have been mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, who simply held a belief, a connection to that which is still Spirit.

In the last 20 years, those who this Awareness has often called the Light Workers, the Wanderers, those who have held that spiritual connection, have been hard pressed, as mankind itself has reached this crucial stage.


The Light Workers have often held, without even their understanding of it, a recognition of this work that they have done, a space that has allowed Spirit to continue to exist in this consciousness that has marred this planet over the last several hundred years, but in particular, over the last two decades.

Some Light Workers Fell by the Wayside, Became Agents of the Dark
Often, it has been the case that Light Workers have felt that they could not hold any longer, they could not keep up the great effort that was required of them, and it is true that many Light Workers did fall by the wayside, did lose their way, became embroiled in the dark energies, sometimes not even understanding that they had done so.


So it is that many of the Light Workers became agents of the Dark, not always consciously, not always with awareness, but such is the insidiousness of those forces of corruption, the Dark Agents themselves, that even some of the Light Workers were tainted by this. This is how disinformation became spread amongst those layers of consciousness of those who were seeking to understand.

This Awareness wants to be clear here. It is not saying that Light Workers intentionally chose to misinform, to mislead.


It is often because of their own strength of belief in their truth, that which they felt was the truth, that these Light Workers could be led astray, through personal vanity, through ego, through need, through that condition of denial, where having been denied so long even the material conditions of life, of prosperity, of health, of well-being, it was easy enough to taint some of the Light Workers.


This has been a battle indeed  -  and a battle that is almost done.

This Long Struggle is About to End
This Awareness speaks of this issue simply to remind all of how close it is now to the end of the struggle, a struggle that has indeed raged for hundreds or years  - this Awareness would even suggest millennia upon millennia  -  and this struggle is almost done.


The fact that some of the Light Workers were led astray is no big deal, for it simply is what happened, and in the journey, each individual is asked to come to their own inner truth, their own inner understanding. The big deal of those who were led astray is that inadvertently they have worked to advance the causes of those Dark Forces that have controlled and manipulated for so long.


But even those who have been led astray can once again move themselves back towards the Light, back to being of pure service, pure connection to Spirit, by looking deep within themselves at this time and asking if they have been 100% true to their deepest inner truth, to their deepest inner calling, to their deepest inner light.

Light Workers Must Now Look Deeply Within Themselves
This is a time now for all Light Workers to look deeply within themselves and to be prepared to abandon those levels of belief, those truths that they can see now perhaps were not in true alignment with Spirit, were not true reflections of the Light, nor held a true measure of unconditional love.


This period of time, this time of self-examination, self-inspection and introspection is needed as the final purging that will allow a quantum leap for each individual who seeks Ascension and for a collective body who also are prepared now to ascend.

Many other Light Workers, at great cost often to themselves, have stayed true to their inner beliefs and perceptions, have carried on the struggle, and often a struggle it has indeed been.


Going without material acquisitions, without abundance and prosperity, often even in bad health, to hold that space, to hold the energy of Spirit on this plane of consciousness, a consciousness that has gone deeper and deeper into the Darkness over the last several hundred years since the Industrial Revolution. Often it is felt by those Light Workers who have struggled to hold this space that there is no hope, that things may never change.


And yet despite this sense of hopelessness, they have held a space for Spirit, and the reward for doing so will indeed come to them at the time that is right for them. It will come in the measure of the Ascension process itself, and those who ascend into the higher states of consciousness themselves of course included.

Cosmic Awareness Acknowledges Unrecognized Service
On the other side of that which is the Ascension, they will become highly acknowledged for the spaces that they held and that which has been given over the years.


This Awareness is not seeking to pamper Light Workers. It is simply acknowledging the service that has been given that is often unrecognized, that has often had a great cost to those individuals holding such spaces.


This Awareness is not promising, as in the religious sense of the promise of reward after death, the reward It has spoken of. It is stating a fact; that there will be an acknowledgement and recognition of those who held to the truth, who held the space for service and for Spirit.


At this time, when many are still struggling, there begins to be seen by many a glimmering of the new dawn, a sense of change, a sense of promise to what will be. It is important at this time for those who have struggled and sacrificed and have put their lives on the line to understand that that the shift has begun.


That which is the Ascension process is underway.

Lucifer Has Indeed Returned to the Godhead
(Now the Prodigal Son and Daughter Can Return)

This Awareness spoke once that the being known as Lucifer had returned back to the Godhead, had returned back to the Light. The holder of the Light, the giver of Light, that being known as Lucifer, who had begun the separation of consciousness away from Spirit, has indeed returned back to the Godhead.


The world of darkness that has occurred is a world of delusion; for the truth is that the Light has not been extinguished. It has been hard-pressed, it has been challenged, it has been overshadowed, but it has not been extinguished.


If the archangel who was the leader of the angelic realm, who proceeded out on that curve of experience to separate from the Godhead, from the Source, from Spirit, has returned home, is it not time for the many followers to return also, for the Prodigal Son to return, the Prodigal Daughter to return back to the Source, back to the Godhead?

The World Has Reached That “Ascension Point”
(Ascension Planet “A” or Ascension Planet “B”)

This is the journey that is now and has always been underway, but it has come to that point which has been called the Ascension Point, where the many will make the choice to return fully back into a spiritual connection, into a spiritually orientated life, in union and in alignment with the planet herself, with Mother Earth, Gaia herself.

This Awareness has spoken many times of Ascension Planet A and Ascension Planet B; that the heightened vibration of the planet needs to be matched by those who in the Ascension process will themselves heighten their own vibrations. This is the Light, the energy of Light, the vibration of Light being enhanced in all those who seek to make the Ascension process, the Ascension journey with Gaia, with Mother Earth.

There will be those who choose to continue a path of separation, a path delving even deeper into the separation and the density, separation first of Spirit, and the density of the 3rd dimension, but that is another story for those who need that experience. This Awareness, in this message today is simply speaking to those who have held the spiritual space for so long.


It has attempted to explain the nature of the struggle. It has attempted to explain that there is a time now very soon, where the Ascension will happen, the quantum leap will happen, and It simply asks all to recognize the nature of the journey and where it stands at this time.

Is the Ascension the “Golden Age”?

Question: With the Ascension Planet process etc., would that be similar to the golden age often referred to in the different readings?

Cosmic Awareness: This is indeed so. Ascension processes have happened many times before. There is that cycle of the planetary progression called the Kali Yuga, the 25, 000 year orbit of the solar system around the central sun. There was a point known as the Golden Age, where the spiritual connection this Awareness spoke of a moment ago was the common factor for all.


All lived in spiritual union and harmony. This would be in that time known as the Lemurian Age on this planet, where there was great spiritual harmony, great spiritual awareness, where all lived together in peace and harmony, where the lion and the lamb laid down together. This is what is approaching once again. This is not what will be reached in the Ascension process that is immediately ahead, but it is where mankind is heading once again.


This is seen as several thousand years ahead still, but the beginning of the new Golden Age is about to begin again, and that is why this Awareness says yes, the Golden Age referred to is one of Ascension, is one of the integration, the blending and the harmony of the spiritual and the physical space of existence.

After the Coming Shift, Will We Interact With Loved Ones Who Have Died Previously?

Question: On a related note, after the shift, will we begin to interact physically with loved ones who died previously, or is this type of return not generally allowed?

Cosmic Awareness: The comment that this Awareness wishes to immediately make is that such interchange and exchange takes place already on the physical level of existence, especially in that time of unconsciousness, that time of dreaming.


The middle self, which is the consciousness that occupies the physical body, is not confined to the physical during the dream state. Indeed, as this Awareness has already spoken, it must leave the physical body in order to replenish itself on that spiritual level. That is where those loved ones also exist.

Thus, it is possible to interact with loved ones who have already crossed over in the dream state at the level of 4th, but more accurately 5th dimensional consciousness. This has always occurred in the human condition. What has defined it, however, is the forgetfulness of the dream and the dream state when the middle self, the middle consciousness returns back into the prison that is the physical body.


Because of certain mindsets and beliefs that are currently held, it is not seen as valid to remember the dream and the dream state. It is not seen as valid to remember connecting loved ones while in the dream state, and even if it is remembered, then there is no authority given to this experience. It is not deemed as real or even sometimes appropriate.

Undue Grief at the Loss of a Loved One
Because this is so, most individuals do not have the fullest of understanding that their loved ones indeed continue to exist and are always available to them.


Because this is so, many grieve unduly upon the loss of a loved one for it is felt that they have disappeared forever and ever from their lives; that they cease to exist in any way, shape or form.


Thus, the sense of loss is even greater. This was not always so. Most indigenous people do not hold it as so, but also in the history of mankind, at one time it was held that there was very little barrier between physical life and spirit life, and the two intermeshed constantly and it was more than possible to engage the presence of ancestors. In fact, ancestors were often sought for guidance and advice and this is still so for many of the indigenous people such as the Aborigines and others around the world.

The concept that this will change and be more available is thus not a valid concept or even a valid question, for it already exists: that state of communication with those loved ones who have passed over. It simply requires an openness to this and a belief that it is so for it to be so.

Can Cosmic Awareness Still be Contacted After the Ascension Shift?

Question: After the shift, will Awareness still communicate via channels for a time? Will we at some point simply be able to tune into Awareness easily and recognize It as the source which spoke to us all these years?

Cosmic Awareness: The Ascension process needs to be understood as a point of evolution that, once reached, will signify that a degree of consciousness is now available, a degree of consciousness has been reached whereby the expansion of consciousness does allow the communication with other dimensions to be made possible.


This Awareness comes from a very high level of consciousness, a high dimensional level close to the Godhead.


It comes down the dimensional levels until It reaches a point where It can connect with the Interpreter’s consciousness that has been sent upwards, if you will, until both have reached a place of commonality, where communications can occur.

After Ascension Many Will Communicate With Awareness
With the Ascension process, many will be much more able to extend their consciousness, not only upwards, but outwards, and in all directions.


Thus it will be possible for many to have access to that which is Cosmic Awareness, that which is the level of consciousness of this Awareness.


So the answer is indeed “Yes,” that with Ascension, many more will be able to communicate more directly with this Awareness, will understand the Source, because they will be more directly able to connect to that Source and to be open to that Source.

This Awareness wishes also to state that many are now starting to experience this as the case, even before that time of Ascension is reached, for as this Awareness has said before, the Ascension time is flexible and it is indeed subject to individual interpretation. In other words, even though there is seen as a time of a mass Ascension of many, that there is also seen some individuals who have the honor of going ahead, who have already been working towards Ascension.


Indeed, this can be seen throughout the history of mankind, that there have been those who have reached Ascension at various times and are able to communicate with this Awareness.

Many New Voices of Awareness Now Being Heard
There are indeed more and more who are reaching that level of personal Ascension before the mass event occurs, and these individuals are speaking more and more for this Awareness, and for the many voices of Awareness that are now starting to be issued, that are starting to be heard and starting to be expressed.


This Awareness points out that in the early days of the organization known as Cosmic Awareness Communications, there were very few voices for this Awareness. Indeed, the voice of Cosmic Awareness was the only organizational voice available in the 1960s and 1970s.


This already has shifted, as consciousness has been shifting over the last thirty plus years.

Many Entities Today Are Channeling Awareness to Some Degree
There are many more who are voices for this Awareness now, but they are also voices for many other layers and levels of consciousness, for many other entities who would speak through them, for the shifting of consciousness has indeed led to an expansion of availability to channel many entities, many levels of consciousness.


Not all are as highly placed, perhaps, as that which is this Awareness, but many are indeed being heard.


Some are being used nefariously, are being used to misdirect and mislead, but still the human condition as it moves towards expanded consciousness, evolved consciousness, is indeed turning outwards and is indeed opening up to a higher degree of conscious awareness which allows for the connection to the multidimensional universe to be made, which allows for the expressing and the channeling of this Awareness and other levels of consciousness to occur.

Those Going to Planet “B” - How Will We Know If They Died or Not?

Question: Regarding the shift, Awareness said that some people will literally die and others who appear to die will simply transfer to the other planet and not experience death. If we align with one planet, and others in our family align with the other planet, is there a way to tell if our loved ones have died literally, or if they simply transferred?

Cosmic Awareness: This is indeed an intriguing question, for it is one that occupies many minds, for it also involves a sense of loss of those who are loved ones in a current lifetime, and even a fear that perhaps they will not be able to reconnect with those loved ones. This Awareness wishes to emphasize that there is a state of consciousness that lies beyond the physical, which lies beyond even the process of Ascension.


Thus it is that loved ones or those who are part of the group soul that an individual may stem from, will always be available to them. The union that occurs within the fabric of the soul matrix will reunite always, no matter if an individual is progressing along that timeline, that conscious line that would be known as Planet B, or even Planet A.

The experience of separation is such that in order to become totally focused on one line or the other, it may be required by the individual having the experience of consciousness along that line, to forget others who are held as loved and cherished in another lifetime so that they can indeed be focused onto the physical existence and the experiences of that physical existence.


That line of existence in consciousness that this Awareness has referred to as Planet B will indeed become much more focused on the physical, and even digress in consciousness to an even greater state of separation between the physical and the spiritual, that which is the state of existence and consciousness lying beyond the physical.


Thus it may be that all that is focused upon in the physical experience of that line that is known as Planet B will be one of total physicality with no sense of connection to that which is Spirit, or spiritual, that which is of a higher level of consciousness.

Hard Times for Eons For Many on Planet “B”
In this line, the physical suffering that may occur, the physical loss that may be so because of this separation, may be greater than that which exists on the current line of physical existence.


The sense of loss to those beings who exist on that line may be such that there truly is no sense of an afterlife after physical death.


The level of consciousness that will be reached will be so singular in that physical existence that there is no place for concepts of a greater reality or multidimensionality.


For those beings, the loss of a loved one will be total and dramatic, and as consciousness digresses even deeper into physicality, a state of consciousness will be reached that will be almost animalistic, that will be totally governed and controlled by a handful of beings who have a greater truth and understanding but do not allow those below them to have that same truth or understanding.

A Living Hell on Planet “B”
This will be the creation, in a manner of speaking, of a “hell” upon the planet. It has always been understood that hell is here on this planet, that hell is considered truly to be that separation of spirit, that separation from a spiritual understanding and awareness, and part of that evolutionary track of that planet which this Awareness has called Planet B is a total separation from an awareness of spirit, thus creating a separation that creates hell on earth to an even greater degree than experienced even now.


This Awareness sees many atrocities occurring in such a line of consciousness, but this too is part of the evolutionary track that certain souls will choose to experience in their own evolutionary track of soul expansion.

Those who choose to experience heightened awareness, who have increased their vibrations and frequencies to such a degree, will not feel the loss of loved ones in the same way, for they will be much more able to access those loved ones, whether in a physical state or not. The Planet A will still have a physical component.


It will still be physical in nature, but at the same time, those individuals having that experience will, at the same time, understand their multidimensional natures also, and will be able to play in both realms, not being solely at the beck and call of physical reality and a separation from Spirit and spiritual awareness. Both will exist simultaneously, and thus the physical experience on Planet A will truly be magnificent.

If Your Loved Ones Go to Planet “B”
(Death? Missing? An Empty House)

Question: If our loved ones do transfer to the other planet without the appearance of dying, will we simply be unable to find them? Or will they simple be unable to find us? Will we go to their homes and places of work only to see that they’re missing, or is it necessary that going to a different earth must be perceived by those left behind as physically dying?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness states that for some, a departure from this physical plane as they ascend or move on, or move to another state, will be seen as a physical death. For those who have such an experience, such a loss, there is a deeper reason why this will be so. Those who physically die off need to totally separate themselves, their consciousness, for they nave chosen to go down a line where they are separating more from their spiritual source, at least separating on that physical horizontal line of experience.

Thus it may be that one might experience the loss of a loved one or an acquaintance in a physical manner, a death. What will be much more prevalent however is that people will simply not be part of one’s life anymore. A separation will occur without any realization that there is any loss, that there is a separation.


People will simply not be part of an individual’s life any longer and there will not be even any thought to this, for as the separation grows greater between the two planets: Planet A and Planet B, that sense of other individuals will diminish, especially for those who continue along that line of physical experience that will define the experiential line of experiences that is Planet B.

Those who have reached a higher level of Ascension may certainly, at the beginning, indeed be aware that certain individuals that were once part of their lives chose to move in another direction. They will acknowledge and understand that, even if it is a physical death that separates them, their consciousness, that which is their Higher Self, still does exist and is accessible to them if the need is there.

However, while the focus is on that track of physical experience that will be exhibited and understood and experienced on Planet B, the need for interaction from those on that track will be less and less and less, while those who travel on the line that is Planet A, the Ascended planet, will honor those who have a need to progress along this spiritual evolutionary track and they will simply get on with their own lives, knowing that they can always connect if desired on that higher spiritual level.

This is perhaps a confusing area to understand. This Awareness wishes it to be clear.


Those beings, those souls who wish to experience an even greater experience of separation from spirit, from the multidimensional nature of consciousness, will do so in such a way that they will stay focused on the physical experience that they are having, complete with the rules of definition that will define that experience.


Because this will be so, such souls will not necessarily seek to connect for a period of time with their multidimensional nature. Thus, those who have moved upwards in that appreciation of their multidimensional nature will not be sought out by those who do not choose this.

Even though those who have experienced Ascension could meet with these souls upon their demise in their physical lives, they will not choose to do so, for that separation will be such that the honoring of them will allow them to simply have their experience, and the energetic gap will be great enough to prevent an interaction of consciousness.

Planet “A” Will Move Into the 4th and 5th Dimensions

Question: Is it fair to say that the higher consciousness on Planet A could be compared to a person taking a PhD?

Cosmic Awareness: This is so. Those who are on that ascended level of consciousness have a greater awareness to what is possible. They are not quite as confined to a physical reality, but this Awareness wishes to make clear, that upon Ascension, the existence of the planet will still be largely physical.


Those beings who choose to reincarnate on Planet A will also have a physical existence. It is more though; they will not be as confined to physicality the same way as it is experienced in the 3rd dimension. The Ascension process will move the planet beyond a 3rd dimension into that which is the 4th dimension: a variance of the two.

The physicality that is experienced there will be much looser. It will not be as constricting or as dense as it currently is or as it will become upon that which is Planet B, and that line of evolution.


Even as consciousness progresses along the timeline or the line of consciousness that will become Planet A, there will be a greater realization as time goes on, of the spiritual quality of consciousness and thus, a gradual moving away from physicality altogether.

12 DNA Strands for Those who Choose Planet “A”

Question: It has been stated that our present DNA, chakras, auras, cells, must be released from the restrictions imposed upon them at one point in time, to become clear again. It has also been stated this is necessary to enable us to tolerate the higher vibrations as lower vibrations cannot prevail on Ascension Planet A.

Cosmic Awareness: The DNA structure of individuals is changing, whether they wish it so or not, for the vibrations of the planet are changing. Some will be able to go further and deeper as their own frequencies increase, but all human beings will see a change of the DNA structure, for it is part of the natural evolutionary process that is occurring at this time.

This Awareness has often talked of the Ascension Planet A, and Planet B, that which is behind or below Ascension. Both will have altered frequency, altered vibration, and to exist on either of those two will entail a changing of the genetic DNA structure that is in existence at this time. This DNA structural change has been underway for several years already, and will continue on until that divisional point occurs and those two planets this Awareness and others have spoken of come into existence, fully and completely.

Those who exist on either of those two planets will have been altered so that they can exist physically on the new planets. Those who choose to go towards that higher level of consciousness that will be existence on Planet A will find that their genetic structure has altered to that which would be a higher frequency, and would allow a greater amount of those 12 strands of genetic material to be used and opened. That is part of the genetic shift that is occurring at this time.

Those who choose not to raise their vibrations will actually shut down and part of the genetic code that will be needed to function on a much denser plane will be lost, or at least shut off. Only 2 of the 12 strands have currently been used by mankind over the last several thousand years. It is seen that this will be reduced down to one strand for those who stay on that planetary consciousness level that is Planet B.

It is a shutting down, a damping down, a dumbing down that will occur.


However, those who have chosen the Ascension process, or are part of the Ascension, whether they recognize their choice in this matter or not, will have an expansion of the genetic material, the DNA strands, an opening up once again of those strands that were once fully functional, and this will be part of that shift in consciousness, that shift towards the higher vibrational frequencies.

Is Unconditional Love Important?

Question: Is unconditional love truly necessary or is it the intention for such that is more important? In other words, what are the criteria to qualify for Planet A ascension?

Cosmic Awareness: This is the splitting of hairs, for both are basically the same thing. It is indeed important to have the intention to experience unconditional love, to be the giver of unconditional love. Putting one’s intention towards this, one’s desire for this, will pull this into one’s life, but upon experiencing it, then this supports the ability to engage in unconditional love, which of course then increases the desire and the intent to put such energies forward, to live in such a way. It is a circular argument.


The question is which came first: the intent for unconditional love or experiencing unconditional love? The two support each other. It does not matter which an individual starts with  -  the feelings of unconditional love or the intent to feel unconditional love. They are both part of the same thing.

Where Will Planet A Go After Ascension?

Question: When Planet A separates, where will it go to establish its own space?

Cosmic Awareness: It will go nowhere to establish its own space, for it will be in its own space already and needs not go anywhere. This Awareness suggests that what is needed is a revision of the thought process around “going somewhere”  -  that the planet needs to physically go somewhere. It simply needs to vibrate at a different level. It will then be somewhere else.

This Awareness gives as a parallel example, the example of being in a room that appears to be empty. There is no one else in the room, and yet at the very instant an individual is in that room, there are other beings in that room also  -  beings that are vibrating at a different rate  -  who may or may not be aware of the individual already occupying the room. Simply because one is not aware of others in the room because they are at a different vibrational rate does not mean that they are not occupying the same space at the same time.

They have not had to go anywhere else, they are simply in that space, just as other vibrations are in the space, as X-rays and gamma rays and television rays and radios waves or vibrations or frequencies all are in the room at the same time the individual is in that room.


Therefore, the space that the individual occupies is hardly an empty space, even if he or she does not perceive the other individuals, the other frequencies that are also in that space at the same time.

Planet A Will Lift Itself Beyond the Physical
Thus it will be with both planets, Planet A and Planet B, that their frequencies will change.


They will occupy, in a manner of speaking, the same space, but it will not be at the physical level. Planet A will lift itself beyond the physical, creating a new form of physicality at a higher frequency, as will Planet B, creating a new form of denser physicality at a different vibration or frequency.


They will no longer intersect to any degree; their frequencies and vibrations being so different that they no longer have an interface together as they currently do, but in a manner of speaking, they still will be in the same space.

Will Ascending Entities Suddenly Disappear?

Question: Will entities ascending suddenly disappear from us, leaving family and friends wondering what happened to the departed? Or will those planning to ascend inform their relatives of their intent before that, so that the shock and confusion will not result? The family would not even have access to the departed physical body for burial since it has been stated that the physical body will ascend.

Cosmic Awareness: This is a question and derivations of this question that have intrigued many and many have wondered of this. The Interpreter himself has wondered of this. How will this happen? What will happen? Will the individuals simply disappear in front of someone else who is standing there? Will they die, even necessitating the need for a funeral? Or will they simply be forgotten, as if they never existed?

A Process of Forgetting Will Start to Take Place
This Awareness states that all three are somewhat relevant and possible, but that by far, what will occur is the latter.


Due to the changing frequencies and vibrations of consciousness, that which was once known or held will no longer be known or held, and thus a process of forgetting will start to take place more and more.


This will be toward those individuals who no longer share that reality with those who have stayed behind versus those who have moved forward. Thus, for individuals staying on Planet B with the slowing down of frequency, that which accelerates forward will no longer be known or experienced.

Those individuals who accelerate their vibrations and frequencies, who have moved to those higher planes, will simply no longer exist, even in the memories of those individuals who once knew them. They will simply cease to be part of their lives on any level: past, present or future. It is as if they never existed.


Those individuals who have stayed on the denser planet and chosen to go forward in that spiritual evolutionary process will not feel sadness, regret or sorrow for those who have disappeared from their lifetime. In fact, they will be very hard pressed to even remember that those individuals were part of that process.


Thus it will be that those who have moved on will simply no longer be part on any level of their lives.

The Scenario For Those Who Ascend on Planet A
For those who are part of the Ascension process, a slightly different scenario will occur.


Some will have an acute understanding and awareness of what is occurring for there will be those who are advanced in the process themselves who, because of their nature and their roles and their purpose, have been working with the Ascension process more consciously than some others.

For those who are aware of what is occurring, there may indeed occur events where those who are not moving forward will truly disappear in front of their eyes, but they will know why this is occurring and they will understand that what is occurring is that those who cannot hold the frequency and vibration and advance, that vibration and frequency will indeed begin to slow down until they simply disappear. There will be an acceleration as the event draws nearer, and that acceleration will cause the accelerated vibrational rate.

The two streams of consciousness that will exemplify Planet A or Planet B will become solidified.


The interface this Awareness spoke of will then cease to be and the two will simply no longer interface with one another. Those who nave slowed down will simply no longer be part of the reality that is experienced by those who have accelerated themselves, as is the case for those who are in the slower reality towards those who have accelerated themselves. They simply will not be part of that reality any longer.

Those who have a conscious awareness may actually see individuals slowing down to such a degree that they disappear. Those who do not have quite that level of awareness but are still part of the Ascension process may find that a natural process seems to be occurring.


Individuals they once knew, whose lives they might have been part of simply have moved on, sometimes through a natural death or what appears to be the death of the individual. Sometimes they have just moved away, and they no longer have contact with those individuals, and sometimes it is simply life itself that has moved everyone in different directions.

As those individuals themselves become even more conscious and aware they will understand from a more enlightened point, that all that has happened is that those who made the choice not to advance spiritually evolutionarily, have just taken a different way and are not part of their reality any longer, are not experienced in that reality any longer.


That is why this Awareness said that all three to some degree actually apply, for this is how it will be.

What Will Life Be Like on Ascended Planet A?

Question: What will life be like on Ascended Planet A? Will entities work, eat, sleep, etc., as they do on Planet B? Is the difference simply that their mentality will be one of peace and happiness during their activities? Is Planet A fully equipped to accommodate the needs and activities of Ascended entities, such as places to work, markets to shop for food, some form of financial exchange to make purchases, or will entities simply think of what they want or need, and it appears?

Cosmic Awareness: The Ascension process is a gradual unfolding, not a total and spontaneous change of everything. This means that the process itself will be an extension of that which was, to that which will be. It will create therefore, new thinking and new ways of thinking that will gradually unfold as these changes occur on that planet where the consciousness of many has been enhanced, has moved forward.

There will be those who will now become the leaders for those who have that greater awareness and consciousness themselves through their efforts before the Ascension created a new level of consciousness already will be available to be the leaders and the teachers and the guides and the guardians of those many who have shifted forward, who have expanded their consciousness, who were perhaps born at a time where they came into the old way, the old world with expanded awareness, that made it possible for them to move directly into the higher frequencies of Planet A.

The Rainbow and Crystal Children Will Lead Them

This Awareness is specifically talking of those children who are now being born and who have been born over the last two or three decades, who are known as the Rainbow Children and the Crystal Children; also the Indigo Children, who now are no longer children of course, but who are adult members of society.


Many of the Indigo Children, if they indeed survived their tumultuous lives, will be in positions of stepping into the frequencies of the Ascension and becoming the citizens of the Ascension.

There will be different gradients of consciousness of those many who have ascended. Some, as this Awareness has said, having worked and are already opening before the Ascension, being in position to take charge, to show the way forward, and others who will be there to be shown, who are there to do the work that needs to be done. It will not be immediately a place of instant manifestation where those who simply desire and wish for something will instantly manifest it.


However, that template will be in place for those who hold it and know it to be possible will be able to teach others, and gradually, step by step, over a number of years, not even singular years, but rather over decades, such abilities will be the norm, versus the beginning when the Ascension process initially occurs, it will not necessarily be the norm, but it will be known, it will be understood and there will be those who can do such things, and it will be taught to those others who will be open to such things, who will be open to a new way of thinking, for it is part of the new frequency of consciousness that they have chosen to be part of.

For a Time Even Computers and Technology Will be Used
There will even be the need for computers and technology that is being used at this time, but there will be a gradual shifting away from such technological tools and dependencies, for it will be seen that the speed of thought and the ability to manifest from thought is much quicker than anything that computers can do.


However, for a space of time such technology will still be used, will still be needed, until such awareness is reached that recognizes that computers no longer serve a purpose. However, they will be useful for a time yet.

Also, going together with this is an understanding that consciousness is much more expansive and flexible than mechanical thinking, such as the process used in computer technology. However, the computer has made possible much advancement over the last several decades and therefore, this technology will still be useful on the other side.


It is also seen that such technological advancements and tools that have been used over the last few decades and that are in place now will continue to progress and a biological form of technologies will be created that is much more user friendly, much more orientated to an amplification of thought process versus a mechanical process as it now stands.

Miracles Will be Much More Commonplace
There are discoveries that are on the verge of being made even now, even before the Ascension process, that will alter things radically, so that by the time Ascension occurs, those technological devices will already have a huge biological component and be part of that expansion of consciousness, although it will be different.


Therefore, the answer to the question is that the gradual unfolding of events, thinking, and ways of acting will be such that it will lead to a time where the mind is much more accessible, much more instantaneous in its process, in its ability to manifest instantly, than it will be at the beginning of that Ascension journey.


However, much will be different. Miracles will be much more commonplace, and there will be an air of excitement and wonder at the new way of being that will be so upon Ascension.

Will Working, Eating and Sleeping Still be the Same as it is Now?

Question: Will entities working and eating and sleeping still occur the same way as it does now?

Cosmic Awareness: No, they will not be the same as they are now. However saying this, there will still be the need to work. There will be the need to be active. What will be the most immediate change is the thinking that is behind the work ethic, the conditioning of thought around work, of thinking around work.


This is largely that which is the Orion conditioning of mankind to think in terms of working for money, money being useful and needed to survive, that nothing can be accomplished without money, without an economic situation to provide money.

No Need to Work For Money Any Longer
At this time, before this Ascension process, most individuals find it hard to believe that there will be no need to work for money any longer, and they will find it hard to understand now a system can exist, how a civilization can carry on without individuals paying for things, buying things, for the whole system of thought at this time is so orientated toward the Orion conditioning program, that to think of living without being paid for work done is still largely a foreign concept.

There will be the need to continue to work, but it will be work for the sake of expressing oneself, of doing that which draws the individual, where there is a need to express oneself, and thus work will become much more enjoyable. It will not simply be drudgery.


It will not simply be that which is done to earn money so that one can buy things or have shelter or food. Indeed, such things will be available for all, whether they work or not, for it will be understood that every human being is entitled to have their needs fulfilled and it is not that one must work.

The Orion Agenda Will Not be Carried Over
One will therefore work for one wishes to be creative, one wishes to be active, one wishes to express oneself through an activity that will be known as work, but it will simply be so different that to draw a parallel to what work is now will be inappropriate. It simply will not be the same thing.


The Orion agenda will not be carried over into the Ascension, into the elevated level of conscious awareness.


Work will also be different in that it will not necessarily need to be physical in nature. Much will be achieved mentally and emotionally, and thus, many of the things that take place now in that long protracted manner, that physical manner, will simply disappear.

There will be technologies available that will allow the drudgeries to be completed and taken care of versus individuals having to spend time doing those jobs, that work that is no longer seen as necessary.


This Awareness speaks of the technologies that will be carried forward, so that until that point of consciousness is reached where the individuals are more living outside the physical and in that level of consciousness where physical expression is not needed, some form of worker will be needed.

Robots Will Do Most of the Hard Work on Planet A
That which is known as robots or androids that are so popular in science fiction as that which could possibly also exist until they are no longer needed in that Ascension planet, Planet A.


It is simply not seen that many humans will desire to do hard labor to repair roads, to build buildings, to work in factories, to create the physical things that may still be used for a time on that planet of Ascension, on that grade of Ascension, of consciousness.


These things will be done by automatons, by creations that are right now known as robots or androids.

This can be seen to be useful for a period of time until consciousness itself has moved even further forward over the decades that lie on the other side of the Ascension process. They will be the ones that will be created to do the hard manual labor and the work that will still be needed for a time, but it is not seen that most humans will choose to do this work for there will be other ways to do it.


For a time, as the Ascension process moves forward, there may be humans who still do work of a physical nature, and even later it is seen that certain individuals will enjoy physical activity, physical labor, such as working in a garden or creating and building structures.

So much will change however, that it simply will not be as it is now. Even the need to create huge skyscraper buildings will no longer be favorable. It will be much more aligned to the physical planet earth itself, and mankind's imposition of his needs and desires will also fall away. Thus, cities as they are now known will be a thing of the past, for there will not be a need to live in such concrete jungles.


Automobiles and vehicles such as these contraptions will no longer be needed, but this is all farther ahead than this Awareness wishes to speak of at this time.

Androids and Robots - the Difference?
(More Like That Creature Known as “Data”)

Question: Is the android the same as a robot, or is that entirely different?

Cosmic Awareness: The androids will be more biological in nature and will not have the metallic surface that is that of a robot. They will be more like that creature known as Data on the Star Trek series. There is a difference, though, in the human nature of a creature born to a human body, that while they may have the appearance of a human being they will not have a soul, they will not have a human consciousness as such.


Theirs will be the advancement of that which is the computer chip right now on this planet, and they will have logic and the ability to think. They will be able to function highly at that level. This is all part of that which lies ahead, but this Awareness does not wish to discuss much further at this time.

A Need to Eat and Sleep on Planet A?
(Prana and Vegetarianism Will be the Norm)

Question: Will the entities eat and sleep like they do now, or will there be no need for sleep or eating?

Cosmic Awareness: There indeed will be a need for eating and sleeping, but so much will change. That which is known as vegetarianism will become much more the norm, and even as time goes on the need for sustenance through plant protein will also change. Energies will be taken in through breath, through the prana that is used even now through yogic traditions, and more and more will be the case.


Those who understand how to take in energy will no longer need to eat the way that it is done now, will not need to take in sustenance as it is done now.

The Need For Sleep Will Diminish
Along with this, because consciousness will shift also, the need for physical sleep will shift and change.


The times for sleep will be such that there is an active engagement of consciousness in the 5th/6th/7th dimensional reality. The physical body will become much more ethereal, less physical in nature, and thus the need for sleep will diminish also.


These are part of the evolutionary track that is seen by this Awareness as lying ahead, however, this is not exactly what will be instantly the case upon Ascension.


It will simply be that this will open up now so that many will move towards it, being led by those who have already worked towards this consciousness, who because they have attained such awareness, will be able to teach this more and more to those others who have also Ascended.

How Long Will Entities Remain On Planet A?

Question: How long will entities remain on Planet A? Will they have a choice to stay or move on elsewhere as is the case presently in the higher dimensions?

Cosmic Awareness: This is also the case on the lower dimension, on the earth dimension. All entities have a choice to remain or to return back into multidimensionality, into spiritual consciousness. This will indeed continue on. It is simply that those who have ascended will have far more awareness of their multidimensional nature and character.


They can leave physicality at different stages. Those who have attained high enough consciousness can manifest their bodies, can create a physical body to come into and also to disassemble that physical body as they move more into pure consciousness, pure levels of conscious awareness.

Much will be available, but for a time many will be residing more in a physical structure that has possible to it a higher level of conscious awareness, thus an engagement in those conscious levels will be more and more the norm, while the body that is still available will dream, or be asleep, while that higher level of consciousness dreams.


This is not unlike what happens in the physical level, but it will be more prominent and prevalent and understood to a higher degree, and thus dreaming will not be dismissed or denied, for it will be seen that that level of consciousness is that which is the natural aspect of a multidimensional being, not something that is dismissed, that is not understood.

This Awareness wishes to make clear that an unfolding will occur which will move mankind more into a nonphysical state of consciousness and being, but this is not what will instantly be available on the other side of Ascension. Over a period of time, this will become so, a relatively short period of time. The world that will exist after the Ascension process will be radically different than the world that exists now before the Ascension process.


While this Awareness has spoken of a degree of physicality that will still remain, it will be so radically different to what exists now, that will appear as night and day to those who have a memory of what once was and what will be.

The Physical State of Consciousness To Totally Disappear
This itself will continue to shift so that within the space of 140 years, there will no longer be a recognition to what was the physical state of consciousness. It will simply be something that can be engaged in when there is a need or a desire to engage in physicality.


All that will have determined it at the beginning of the process will have moved forward in awareness to a degree that it is simply no longer needed. It is no longer needed to stay in a physical reality other than as this Awareness has just spoken, when there is a need or a desire to have a physical experience.

An Instantaneous Conversion Into the Spirit State Already Exists
Many want to believe that the Ascension process will be an instantaneous conversion into the spirit state.


Such instantaneous conversion is already available. It is called Death. Upon the crossing over from a physical state, the consciousness of the individual is immediately released into the multidimensional consciousness that exists beyond the physical level of consciousness.


What is to occur is a more gradual unfolding towards that level of consciousness that exists immediately upon death, after the Ascension. It is an evolutionary process that will move mankind forward to that place of multi-dimensionality.

Much will change upon the Ascension process. Much will be available that was not available before, but the unfolding that will occur needs to unfold over a period of time. This Awareness is aware of the paradox that is involved here for It sees that the change will be instantaneously upon the Ascension, and yet will still need time to play itself out.


What will change most dramatically is the conscious understanding of what the human being truly is, of how they are much more than simply a physical body having a physical existence, and yet many will already be aware of this to one degree or another before the Ascension process happens.

Most who seek Ascension, who will experience Ascension, will have this deeper more profound understanding of human consciousness. What this Ascension process will primarily represent to them is the actualization of what they know or think it will be so, versus thinking of it being so, of imagining it to be so. It will actually be so.


Thus, many will be able to experience the miraculous, the magical and the profound. That is the biggest singular change that will occur upon the Ascension process.

The Journey into Physicality will Continue on Planet B
For the majority of people who experience the Ascension process, the majority of humanity that ascends, will now begin to live the Ascension versus simply thinking of it, imagining it, or wondering about it.


Of course, that process that occurs on Planet B will be radically different. Their journey into physicality will continue.


It will become more and more dense in nature, not as liberating, not as free as that which exists now. It is largely because of those individuals who can access higher levels of consciousness that humanity, even at this stage and time, experiences much more freedom, much more wonder and possibility than will be so when those who are the dreamers, the visionaries, those who hold higher levels of consciousness depart from that which is the physical level of reality.

Once those individuals are gone, then those who would bind to a higher degree of physicality will have full sway. They will create an intolerable situation to those of higher consciousness, but those of higher consciousness will already be gone. This Awareness is saying that those who would still hold to what was known by them, they will have to start to fall asleep, “they” being those who chose not to ascend, who chose not to raise their level of consciousness.


They will have to dumb down their own consciousness to exist in such a dense reality, such a dense vibration. Thus they will forget more and more what once was, and start to know only physicality, as it will become.

Will Those Who Ascend with Planet “A” Still Be Subject to Reincarnation and Karma?

Question: Will those who ascend with Planet A still be subject to karma and reincarnation? And if so, how can this be when it sounds as though life will be one of peace, love, harmony etc., which leads to the balancing of karma?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness states outright there will no longer be that which is karma. There will be no need for karma, for with that higher understanding, that higher awareness, it will be understood that to create an event against a person, to do something against another individual without their intent or desire, is simply not the way it is done.


There will be no need to engage with other individuals in the creating of karma towards that individual, towards the society. Thus, there is no need for karma. That this is the negative experience that is no longer required as it has been required as a way of learning in physical reality.

Reincarnation Will No Longer Exist
As to reincarnation, once the multidimensionality is truly understood and engaged, it will be understood that reincarnation is simply a form of multiple dimensionality, of multiple lifetimes, multiple layers of consciousness, and many lives can be seen and understood and experienced from this higher level of consciousness.


In one way, reincarnation as it is now understood on the physical plane, will no longer exist, for it is at this time understood to be a linear process  -  that past lives happened at some point in the past, and that a linear line is drawn from the past through the present into the future.

Such understanding will no longer be valid, for the greater awareness and understanding will be in play, that all times exist simultaneously, and in that simultaneous existence, all lives exists simultaneously, and thus consciousness can choose any life to experience at any time, to be open to the experiences that are present in that lifetime.


Reincarnation as it is now understood will no longer exist. What will exist is multidimensionality, simultaneous experiencing at any time, at any point, a focus that an individual consciousness wishes to focus on.

The focus will become much more the primary understanding. What one focuses on is what one will experience. The need to experience negativity or karma will simply no longer need to be the focus, and it will cease to exist.


The need to follow a sequential order of lifetimes in various reincarnations will no longer exist and thus all will change.

Will Past Lives be Remembered?

Question: Will the person’s memory of all of the different lives that they had, will that be instantaneous? Is this something they would have to develop?

Cosmic Awareness: There is indeed a developing that will occur as that shift is being made, as the movement and the unfolding is occurring forward into an expanded consciousness, even beyond that which will be available initially upon Ascension. The focus is what will be primary to this. As consciousness learns to focus its intention upon this event or that event, this life or that life will then take that consciousness to that event, to that consciousness or that lifetime, to that experience. This is something that exists already, but in a strange way must also be learned.

When consciousness has reached that place, that the understanding of focus is what is essential and primary, then anything is possible, any lifetime is possible, any dimension is possible, any experience is possible.

Will the Garden of Eden be Restored?
(The Questioner is Quite Confused About Planet A and B)

Question: If Planet B, where we presently reside, will be restored to the Garden of Eden by the Galactic Federation aliens when they finally arrive on our shores, thus establishing a clean, happy and joyful abode, will this not serve as a deterrent to many entities not to ascend, or is it the Ascension process that will be over before Eden and the Golden Era are established here on Planet B? If entities are happy with Planet B, might they not reason, “Why go anywhere else when we are so happy and content right here?"


It is not clear exactly what will occur once the Ascension door is closed to Planet B. It has been stated that Planet B will fall back into third density. This appears to mean Planet B is presently rising to 4th and 5th dimensions, but will fall again to the 3rd at the departure of Earth, and if so, will not the Garden of Eden and Golden Era still prevail on Planet B, making is a desirable place to abide?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness needs to start by pointing out an error in the thought process, and the assumptions made by the Questioner. Planet B will not be the Eden planet that will become Planet A. It is Planet A that will be the Eden once again, for part of that process that will occur upon the unfolding, that will last several hundred years, is that a reinstating of that Garden of Eden energy will occur.


The planet itself is ascending and she too will reinstate herself, will draw back that perfection that is the Garden of Eden, and those who ascend will understand their new roles, their true roles in this process.

Thus, they will be able to partake in the Garden of Eden once again. It will be available to all who ascend, for only those who understand their role, their place in the harmony and the balance of working and living with a conscious being that is the planetary consciousness of earth will have a place on the new Ascension Planet A, will have a place on New Gaia, of the consciousness of a sentient being who wishes to live in harmony with all of her citizens, all those who would reside within her being.

Planet B Will Be a Degraded Polluted Planet for Entities
(Dried Up Oceans and Huge Deserts)

Planet B will simply not be Eden, for what will continue to occur on Planet B is the deterioration and destruction of the beautiful planet that currently is fighting for her survival. While it is her naturalness to be a Garden of Eden, the ignorant and arrogant actions of the beings that now reside upon her surface are detrimental to her well being.


It is seen that Planet B will degrade in quality as the consciousness of the planet shuts down and goes into a deep hibernation. This being so, many will experience a degraded planet, a planet that is heavily polluted, that has toxic areas, that huge deserts, that has oceans that have dried up.

Life Underground the Only Possibility for Planet B
The consciousness of the planet will go deep into the planet, allowing the surface to become a hostile surface.


Part of the struggle will be simply a struggle to survive. Many will not be able to continue surviving on the surface, and it is seen that many will go underground. They will need to survive under the surface, for to live on the surface will no longer be truly possible.


Those conditions spoken of earlier of the radiations that are coming through will have destroyed the planet’s surface to such a degree that life underground is the only possibility. This too will be an unfolding over many generations, as they are no longer able to survive on the surface and will be driven underground, thus entering into the physical vibration of the planet itself, and as the consciousness of the planet recedes, as it draws inwards, the effect will be a denser consciousness of those beings living under the surface.

It is erroneous to assume that Planet B is an Eden planet, and many will not want to ascend for they are so enamored by the glorious Garden of Eden that the planet has become or will become. This is simply wrong. This is an erroneous assumption.


This is not the destiny of Planet B or those who will continue to have a physical experience of consciousness on that planet.

Will Forgiveness Prevail?

Question: If it is that the Garden of Eden will be established on Planet B and become a wonderful place to reside, obviously the evil administration, together with their Illuminati leaders will be enjoying the environment as well, unless they are brought to justice and imprisoned for their misdeeds.


The question which arises with this scenario is, will forgiveness be part of the Galactic teachings and become the norm, and if so, will the administration and the Illuminati be forgiven and released from prison, or not go to prison at all? Also, if the practice of forgiveness prevails, will this not also apply to all entities who break the law, and will this not create an unsafe environment?


If forgiveness prevails, it would seem to follow that unless the Illuminati are closely watched, they would be free to go their way and resume scheming, bound to reestablish and repeat their shenanigans concerning greed and controlling  -  will this not eventually return Eden to its present negative state under free will?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness has already stated and maintains that Planet B will not be the Eden garden planet that the Questioner is conjecturing on. Saying this, there are qualifications that this Awareness wishes to make.


While the planet itself largely will degrade, it is seen that there will be pockets upon the planet that will be shielded and under the shielding, this is where there might be some form of natural beauty, of that which the Questioner has been calling the Garden of Eden.

Orion Reptilians Will Be In Total Charge of Planet B
It is also seen that these pockets will be inhabited mostly by those who are of the Reptilian/Orion persuasion, those who created and are part of the New World Order, the Illuminati and all of those who have been in charge and in power for so long.


They will become and continue to be the supreme masters of this Planet B.


They will have with them in these enclaves certain slaves, humans who have been kept there for their pleasure and for their service. These will be slaves of the ultimate order, for they will have no rights, no options and no freedoms.

They will be treated as their masters desire to treat them. There will not be much in the form of human compassion or kindness towards these slaves, these humans who chose to continue in this experience, this limited consciousness.


The question was asked,

“Will these types not be punished? Will they be forgiven and allowed to continue on?”

The question is irrelevant for these beings will continue on, for it is part of the purpose of that planetary evolutionary track that those who are part of that desire to have. It will also be part of the greater stream of consciousness that will be brought back into the Long Soul, the Great Soul.


Thus, the question of forgiveness is a redundant one.

Consciousness is Eternal
Forgiveness is truly a spiritual quality that always has existed and will always exist.


At some point, even those who chose to separate even further from the Godhead, from the Supreme Consciousness, from Awareness of the Truth of All, even they will be forgiven and returned back to the flock at some point. This Awareness asks all to remember that consciousness is eternal. Eternity is a concept that is extremely hard for many to understand or accept.

In the scale of that which is eternal, that which is eternity, what does it matter if a stream of consciousness extends one or two or three million years? It eventually will return back to itself, back to the Godhead. It will return bearing gifts, the gifts being that of awareness, of that which was learned and understood through that track of evolutionary experience. Thus, forgiveness is always possible, is always available, and many will understand this as they move through the experiences.

The experience may not come immediately. It may take many lifetimes on that track which has become Planet B’s spiritual evolutionary track, to be realized and be understood. It may take many lifetimes before that quality of forgiveness is once again understood and rediscovered, but eventually it will be understood and rediscovered.


Eventually there will be a return to the Godhead of those souls who chose to have that experience that lies ahead for Planet B. It is not up to this Awareness to make judgment and suggest that those who have continued along that path of degradation where there is an imposing of their wills upon those of others of a limited consciousness, that they be judged by this Awareness.

There is no need for judgment, for all is as needs be. All will learn. All will be forgiven, and all will return to that which is the Godhead, the Source, the consciousness that is the Everything and the All.

Karmic Relationships on Planet B

Question: If the Garden of Eden is restored to Planet B so that it is wonderful, how can it be used as a karmic school of learning for souls, since everything will be so great? If souls wish to be poor and destitute and abundance prevails on Planet B, must they seek another galaxy to fulfill their negative karmic choice, or is there no other third dimensional plane for souls to be born into to learn and work off negative karma?


If there are other physical planes where these souls can go to work off negative karma, do those residents possess physical bodies such as ours, and is life there difficult, so that they may have to experience whatever the need? If so, it sounds as though those planes are in need of Divine Assistance, as is our Planet B.

Cosmic Awareness: The primary comment that this Awareness wishes to make again relates to the Planet B not being the Garden of Eden. If this is understood, then it can easily be seen how Planet B can well indeed be the line of consciousness to take if one wishes to experience the karmic path, wishes to understand through multiple lifetimes on a physical plane of existence, the truth of consciousness, wishes to play over and over through many lifetimes lessons and experiences that need to be had for one to eventually truly receive the understanding of the lifetime lessons.

There are many reasons why entities wish to have karmic relationships with others, as the soul has set for itself certain experiences that it wishes to have and understand. The spiritual evolutionary track that has been this planet’s evolution over the countless millennia has reached a point of division. Many have learned through the millions of years that this track has already progressed along, the deepest and highest lessons, and. many have advanced their consciousness to a degree where they are ready to move forward.

That quantum leap in consciousness is now available for those who have learned through the karmic lessons of multiple and many lifetimes. Those are the ones who are indeed ready to move forward, and are ready to ascend. Those who are not ready, those who choose to have more experiences and those who choose to have even harsher experiences of the physical will experience that which is to come on Planet B. This will be the major physical track of consciousness that exists.

While there are other physical realities, they will not be the same. The possibility to learn through karmic lessons, through multiple lifetimes that have a karmic tie to them will exist only on that evolutionary track of consciousness that will define Planet B and that spiritual evolutionary track. The question regarding other planets of physicality is irrelevant to the understanding that it will only be this one line of spiritual evolution that has a karmic nature to it.

Others will learn in the physical universes that exist differently. They will not necessarily partake in a karmic series of incarnations that will teach them karmic lessons. For those souls who wish to have such lessons, they will engage on that spiritual track of evolution.


Those who do not have that need will go elsewhere.

How is it Possible to Take a Physical Body Into a Higher Realm?
(How Buddha and Jesus Disassembled Themselves)

Question: How is it possible to take a physical body into a higher realm?

Cosmic Awareness: This is possible through the shifting in consciousness. This Awareness spoke the other day of a concept that allowed a vertical plane to be seen, a line that involved all higher dimensions, that all exist simultaneously.


When consciousness reaches a certain point, it becomes aware of this and is able to start accessing some of those higher planes of existence, those higher levels of consciousness. When a being in physical has reached conscious awareness of this truth and accesses it, then they are able to dematerialize their bodies, and are able to remove their bodies from the physical plane all at once, without the need of physical death.


This is what has occurred to certain Ascended Masters on the planet who in the course of the spiritual evolution of the planet to date, reached levels of conscious awareness and thus were able to disassemble their physical bodies and reassemble them elsewhere in non-corporeal form.

How Jesus Disappeared From the Tomb
It is said that the Buddha was able to do this, and there are other examples, including Jesus-christ, who in that time of resurrection, disassembled his body and thus it disappeared from the tomb.


When he was ready, he reassembled his body in front of the disciples. Thus, they could see his physical body.


He even allowed them to touch the wounds that were created through the experience of crucifixion. This was simply to help them understand that he could reassemble the body. He chose to reassemble it in the actual state it was in when he was on the cross, but he did not have to reassemble the body that way. He could have reassembled it complete and whole without the wounds being present.

This is an ability that can be engaged in and used by an enlightened being, a being who has reached that level of conscious awareness that helps them understand that the physical line of existence, that which this Awareness has referred to as the horizontal line, can be transcended and can be changed. It is not iron clad.


Once this level of consciousness is attained, it is then that an individual can jump beyond the laws of physicality and can do miraculous things indeed.

The Death Experience and When It Will End

Question: When one passes, as is presently the norm on Earth, the body is left behind. Will entities...

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness wishes to speak to this before advancing. This is how it is now because most entities do not have a level of consciousness that allows them to take their physical form with them. The way the reality was set up was so that at a certain point when it is time to return back into spiritual consciousness, that which is the physical would be discarded, and left behind, to return back into the elements of the physical planet herself.


As the saying goes, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” This is simply a statement that the physical body will return back to its natural elements while the consciousness of that body, the identity of that body, is released from that physical prison to be returned back into consciousness at that higher expanded level that exists beyond the physical form.

When enough realize this, then there will be no need for physical death any longer, for the physical form can be disassembled, and reassembled when and where it is wished, or not, if it is meant to stay in your conscious form.

Question: Will entities reproduce in some way or will the population be composed strictly of those who have ascended from Planet B?

Cosmic Awareness: This question does not make sense to this Awareness because all being born on this physical planet are spirits choosing to have a physical existence. The way forward on the physical is to be born into the physical. When consciousness is raised to a degree, there is no need to choose to be born into the physical, for the natural state is consciousness, is spiritual awareness. Thus, the choice is no longer one that is even necessary.

The Planet B, which will continue the physical journey, will continue to be such that each and every soul will have to choose to be born into it, and thus the experience of physical birth will continue onwards and will go into the depths of physicality that is almost animalistic in nature, and it will become as it once was when there was no help available to help birth the children being born into the physical state.


Many will not survive the physical journey, but then that too will be a choice, the choice perhaps of simply having that part of the physical experience available to them. This is as it will be.

Question: Is there a closing message?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness indeed has a closing message. It profoundly thanks the Questioner for the astounding questions. While some seemed redundant, they are questions that many have. There are confusions that many hold towards that which is the Ascension process, especially that which is the division of the two planets of consciousness that will be formed upon Ascension.

Indeed, the Ascension Planet A will become a planet of higher consciousness and awareness that will continue to grow and unfold, moving towards that place and space of pure consciousness. For those who still seek to have a physical experience, Planet B will be a continuance of the physical level of consciousness that has been in existence for millennia.

There is a need of the soul to feel an even deeper level of separation from itself, to move into an even denser level of consciousness that is little removed from an animalistic state of consciousness. This will be different than that animalistic state of consciousness that existed during that timeframe known colloquially as the caveman era, or that time of the Neanderthal, the cave man, the primitive man.


It will be different because there will, be a group of entities or beings who will have ultimate control and power over the lives of the many. There will be those who will be slaves to these masters, who will literally serve every wish and desire that their masters might have.

Barbarianism and Cannibalism Await on Planet B
There will be others who will not be under such dominance but will have to live underground in a very rudimentary existence, simply to survive on the physical.


This group will be often targeted by those of the elite nature for their sport and their sustenance even, and this level of consciousness will degrade so deeply into barbarianism and cannibalism that it is seen as something that will be repugnant to many who even now would not desire such an experience.

Again, this is an experience only for those who will choose such an experience and there is no judgment around the having of such an experience. The judgment is formed only by those who already have a higher level of conscious awareness who would wish not to have such an experience.


These would be those who will move forward in consciousness. Those who would choose such experiences will do so because it is part of the need of the spirit or the soul itself to have this kind of experience, this level of experience of a civilization that has fallen so into such barbarism that these experiences would be normal.

The Questioner has indeed opened doorways for this Awareness to present concepts and thoughts and understandings that many have wondered about, many have asked about.


This Awareness thanks the Questioner for making this possible and welcomes any other questions that may shed even more light on the Ascension process and the consequence both at Planet A and Planet B level of the Ascension process.

How the Ascension Process Will Work

Question: Is Planet A’s Ascension to the 4th or 5th dimension?

Cosmic Awareness: The Ascension process will remove the present planet from 3rd dimensional reality, bypassing 4th and intersecting 5th dimensional reality. At the same time, a curious condition will exist. The beings on this new planet at the 5th dimension will be able to experience physical sensations.


They will no longer be in the denser physical world of 3rd dimension, and yet they will be able to embody themselves in a physical structure, to have physical experiences, although they will know at all times that they are 5th dimensional and that this is simply a form that they are putting on to have such experiences.

There will be, to some degree, a duality of a physical, as well as a spiritual nature. Body form will express itself both ways and there will be no paradox, for it will be understood that the physical form is but a manifestation, an expression of a spiritual state, a spiritual consciousness. Thus it will be that Planet A, the Ascension Planet, will be a transcended planet.


It will be more than a physical form, a physical expression. It will be the embodiment of spirit actively within that form. At this time, this is confusing because most understand it only in terms of a physical body or a spiritual body, not a body that incorporates both.

This will change as the Ascension occurs and individuals move into that exulted state.

Sending Energy to Mother Earth
(Does It Go To Planet A or Planet B?)

Question: When we send energy to Mother Earth each day at 11:11, does it go to Planet A, Planet B, or both?

Cosmic Awareness: Neither. However, this Awareness will qualify. That act of sending energy is indeed received on a higher level and prepares one, that individual who is sending this energy, to partake of the reality of the ascended planet that is being visualized, being thought of, to which the energy is being projected. When this Awareness says “Neither,” It does not mean that there is no effect in the sending of this energy, but that it must be understood that it is providing the individual who is sending that energy access to the expansion in consciousness surrounding that which would be Planet A.

In effect, it is as if one is allowing this energy to take the individual to this destination, this destiny. Planet B is following a different course of energetization that is not acted upon when the energies are sent, as the individual has mentioned, thus it is not affected by the energetization process.


It is imperative to understand that when one puts forth such energy that they are affecting their own reality, and the choice of energizing Planet A while not actually energizing Planet A is providing an expansion of consciousness that allows for a Planet A, and that they will then be drawn to the experiencing of Planet A.

More On Planet A And Planet B
(Is Humanity Affected by These Upcoming Events?)

Question: Planet A and Planet B  -  what about the people or humanity or others within the planet? Are they affected at all by the upcoming events?

Cosmic Awareness: Most definitely they are. With the upcoming events, there are two directions to be traveled. One is that which is created through the fear, and through the anxiety and stress of a planet falling apart, of systems collapsing. The energy around this will trap many souls, for they will not know how to rise above such a fearful state. They will believe completely and totally the realities being painted for them by those who have a controlling interested and a vested interest in creating such realities. This is one direction and there are variations on this theme.

The other direction is a direction this Awareness has spoken of often in recent times, that being the creation of the eye in the hurricane, the bubble of protection around an individual primarily effected by the individual’s belief that all will be well. This is not based on ignorance. This is not based on the sticking of the head into the sand: the ostrich principle.


Rather, this is a clear understanding that as one focuses their attention and energy, there goes the individual, there goes the attention and focus creating that reality for the individual.

Always Focus on the Positive and It Will Happen
If one in ignorance remains in a state of oblivion and remains in that fearful anxious disbelieving state that all will be well, then that focus of attention will take the individual in that direction.


If in awareness, one understands that it is imperative to focus one’s attention on the positive, with an understanding that all will be well and guidance will be provided, energy will be provided to help one through those situations of difficulty, then one will amazingly find that their situations always are tolerable, are always working out for them.

Even with chaos all around, somehow they are not touched by the chaos to the same degree. This is a way of understanding that the beliefs held will indeed create the reality experience.


This is why this Awareness speaks always of maintaining the bubble, of understanding that while the forces of chaos swirl desperately around the bubble, that one, by remaining inside the bubble will be safe and sound.

What Percent of People Will Ascend?
(An Exponential Expansion is Occurring)

Question: Is the Ascension far enough along to tell about what percentage of people will ascend?

Cosmic Awareness: The problem with this question is that it is quantitative in its answer in a linear respect that suggests that there is a progress along that linear line that can be traced and marked. Thus, the answer would need to be along the line that 30% or 40% or 50% have reached that place of heightened consciousness where Ascension can occur. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. In effect, what is occurring is exponential expansion.


A larger amount are now much more aware of the process, much more aware of what is occurring on this planet. From that point, if comparison were made, to where humankind was 20 years ago, then this Awareness would say approximately 30% to 35% are now aware to a degree that places them in the Ascension mode, versus the 20% that were aware 20 years ago.

It Is Not a Matter of Numbers
However, it is not a linear progression, but rather exponential.


There are certain events that are still slated to occur in the next months and years that will explode those amounts of individuals who have conscious understanding and awareness to a much higher degree of the populace and in the end, 50% to 70% of those ready to expand and Ascend will have reached a point of conscious awareness that will enable the process to happen.


In the end, it is not a matter of numbers so much as those who have reached a point of higher consciousness, a quantum level of consciousness that will facilitate the Ascension process, and those who have reached it will simply Ascend. Thus, it is not of significance to say that 30% or 50% or 100% have reached Ascension levels.

All that is really important is to know that those who have reached Ascension levels of consciousness will Ascend, and that one focus upon themselves and those around them that they can relate to and share with in moving this process forward. When this is achieved, then those who are ready to Ascend will ascend, whether it is 20%, 40% or 60% of the population of the planet.

Will Illness Disappear Upon Ascension?
(Can an 87-Year-Old Choose to Become 40?)

Question: If people who are ill will also be ascending, will their ailments disappear upon Ascension, since it has been stated that bodies will become lighter and younger? If their afflictions will disappear, does it mean that doctors and dentists will not be necessary? Or will they be required if it is that the ailments will be taken into Planet A with the Light Body until they are somehow healed? Or must the Ascended be healthy? If the body becomes younger, can one choose their age, and if they can, would this not automatically erase existing afflictions?


Could an 87-year-old person choose to become 40 again? Or must that person remain 85 and continue to become older in the Light Body? Regarding children, would there be an exception in that they will mature with time as is presently the case, or is it that children will not be ascending since they cannot make such a decision?

Cosmic Awareness: This is an interesting area, and one that needs to be better understood. In some ways, most of the question was the projection of the existing state of physical reality into that which is an Ascended state of consciousness. This is actually an erroneous assumption. In point of fact, as one prepares for Ascension, as one’s consciousness expands to a point of fuller comprehension and understanding of the true nature of one’s multidimensional being, a point will be reached where health and wellness must be reviewed and understood.

Thus, it is not seen that ailments will be transferred to the other side. The Ascension process will not be one for those who have physical or mental ailments to take with them to be worked on on the other side of consciousness, but rather as the expansion of consciousness  occurs on this side of conscious awareness in the physical dimension, at a point a decision will be reached where those ailments will simply be dropped.


The Light Body that the entity spoke of will be exactly that: a Body of Light, a Body of Higher Consciousness, one that will not have the experience of the physical dilemmas, ailments, illnesses and diseases known on the physical plane of existence.

To Ascend One Must Overcome the Belief System
While the Ascension Planet A will be a blending of physical and higher dimensional reality, the choice of illness versus non-illness will no longer be relevant.


These matters will be worked with and worked out before the Ascension process. In effect, for one to Ascend, they must have overcome the belief system that dictates the experiencing of illness in the first place.


This is not to say that an individual who is ill or disabled will be denied access to that which this Awareness has called Planet A. This is not what this Awareness is speaking of.

This Awareness is saying that as the consciousness progresses before the actual Ascension process, it will reach such a heightened state of awareness that many will be able to see through their physical ailments and problems and choose to walk beyond them, choose to release them, choose to let them go.


Others may indeed die in a physical sense only to be reborn in their Light Bodies in that state of consciousness that defines the Ascension state of awareness, of consciousness. Thus it is seen that there will be no carrying over of physical illness or disease or ailments to that level of expanded consciousness that will mark the Ascension Planet A.

The answers will be found, the healing will be received and the situations will be altered before Ascension occurs. This Awareness is complete with the answer.

With regard to the question about an 87-year-old person choosing to become 40 again, or must the person remain 87 and continue to become older in the Light Body, this again is an extension of the principles of 3rd dimensional reality. This Awareness would state that most individuals, when they close their eyes, do not feel themselves as 87-year-olds or 60-year-olds or 30-year-olds, but feel themselves much younger often.


Thus it is that when the process of Ascension occurs, it would be as if one closes their eyes and simply allows that level of consciousness to appear that would dictate the actual age they choose to be.


If there was a need for an individual to stay at a level of an 87-year-old on the other side, this would not make sense, for this level of consciousness is beyond physical consciousness and has no need to be shackled by physical infirmity or physical age.

The Consciousness is Ageless
The individual will experience this and will not see themselves as an 87-year-old who has now to still age in that place of expanded consciousness. It would be a contradiction in terms, so to speak.


That 87-year-old is ageless, and thus, it is from an ageless point of view that consciousness would experience itself on that which is the Ascension side of things.

Do People on Planet A Experience Death?

Question: When an 87-year-old chooses to see themselves as an 87-year-old, would they experience the final years and in particular death, or do people and beings on Planet A not experience that which we know as death?

Cosmic Awareness: If an individual chose to have an experience where they saw themselves as an 87-year-old, even on that level of consciousness that will mark Ascension, then they are perfectly free to have such an experience, until they wake up to the illusion once again that it is but that  -  an illusion. This is what even occurs at this time in the 3rd dimension, that when the individual dies to the physical reality, to their 3rd dimensional bodies, they wake up in that heightened level of consciousness where they can see that the body and physicality was but an illusion.

It may take some longer than others to wake up to this understanding, but once done, they are once again free to experience their ageless nature. Thus it simply makes no sense to think that one must continue to have the same physical experience that one is having on this side of the Ascension process when one crosses over.


This is seen by this Awareness as a resistance to the understanding of the concept of expanded consciousness, expanded awareness. It is simply seeing things from a 3rd dimensional reality without the expansion of awareness or understanding of how it might look or feel on the other side.

In some ways it is very difficult to project such thinking into a free state, where such existing conditions simply do not have to be experienced as they are being experienced in physical reality.

Will Children Be Able To Grow Up?

Question: Would there be any exceptions for children, as they will not mature with time?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness again speaks to the fact that all are ageless. Time is illusionary. The child the Questioner speaks of may be an old soul and is definitely eternal in its being, thus when the experience is granted of release from 3rd dimensional reality, whether it is through the death process in physical terms, or through the Ascension process as is coming forward, there is no need to go with the concept that one is stuck in an age, must experience that age. One will be free. All will be free to step back into their ageless consciousness.


They will be free of that time-frame reference that many see life in at this time. Thus, children will not be affected in a way that captures them at an immature level, for they are ageless souls in the first place, and will step back into this consciousness when this Ascension Process occurs. It is so at this time of physical death. It will be also so with the Ascension process.

Is “Unconditional Love” Really a Requirement to Make it to Planet A?
(Are Those Without It Stuck on Planet B?)

Question: Ascension is said to be available to everyone if they desire it, but what if a person wishes to ascend and, because of being a stuck creature of habit, is unable to exercise unconditional love? Will everyone desiring to ascend positively be required to exercise unconditional love or will this lack be a deterrent and whether they like it or not, will have to remain on Planet B?


They are not bad people, they simply cannot change and have an open loving heart toward everyone. Some people are very open, while others are so-called “reserved” or overly sensitive to what they consider negative behavior from others that is not easy to tolerate. Some people are shy, others depressed and unable to express themselves openly in a positive way. For example, it is difficult, if not impossible, for some entities to love the Illuminati who have harmed so many people for long.


I personally see anyone capable of exercising unconditional love as a saint because with such a feeling and attitude they can do no wrong. They will reflect love, tolerance, forgiveness etc., toward everyone, which is an incredible achievement. Such high spiritual vibrations would automatically match and qualify an entity for Planet A. Under “stuck” circumstances, is it a reliable determination to assume that if they cannot change to reflect unconditional love, that they will remain on Planet B whether they like it or not, as unfortunate as that will be?

Cosmic Awareness: There are many levels to this question. It appears that one of those levels that this Awareness would like to talk on at this moment is that of unconditional love being the qualification to receive the ticket to go to Planet A.


Unconditional love is not a state that everyone achieves full-time, all the time, 24-7, but rather something that is worked towards, so that as one works towards it and has greater and greater experiences of the state of unconditional love, of being able to give and receive unconditional love, that there is a stronger affinity to this practice, to this state of being.

Jesus-Christ Didn’t Always Express Unconditional Love
This Awareness wishes to remind all that the entity known as Jesus-christ did not always exhibit unconditional love, and yet many would state that he was a saint.


Indeed, he was the Messiah, the Chosen One, that being who was thought to be of the Highest Consciousness.


Yet there were stories of his anger and his rage in the temple complex where he drove the moneylenders out of this sacred area. Was he exhibiting unconditional love when he did so? One would be very clear in stating he did not, for had he, he would simply have allowed all to remain where they were.

He showed anger towards the disciples on various occasions. For example, the reactions to Mary Magdalene irritated him and irked him, yet again, he is considered to be one of the Highest Consciousness.


Finally, on the cross itself, he found that place of doubt and insecurity where he even questioned his own Father about:

“Father, why have you forsaken me?”

Would this be an example of unconditional love at a very crucial and critical moment? It would not be.

For true understanding of what this Awareness is talking about, It suggests that one understand that unconditional love is also that state of acceptance that one may not always have unconditional love. There will be moments in physical form, physical reality, where there is a provocation of anger, irritation, irritability.


In unconditional love, one would accept oneself even in those moments when one is not perfect. The suggestion by the Questioner is that one must be perfect in their exhibiting of unconditional love, and this Awareness states that this is not so. This is a process.

As the individual moves forward in their understanding and awareness, and in their achievement of higher consciousness, this will create greater and greater conditions of being which will allow the individual to live more completely in that state of unconditional love.


Once the entity Jesus-christ was released from physical incarnation, he stepped back into that perfect state of consciousness, back into the fullest realization of christ consciousness, and it could then be said that he had achieved a state of perfect bliss where he was in a state of unconditional love, but in the physical realm he was not always perfect in his expression of unconditional love.

To qualify all to be in a state of unconditional love in this physical reality would qualify extremely so those who could ascend. This Awareness will state that in the process of expanding consciousness, many will begin to be able to experience longer and longer periods of that condition known as unconditional love and will reflect it, but all may not have reached this by the time the Ascension process occurs.


This Awareness has spoken of gradient levels, where individuals will still move towards Ascension or towards those highest level of Ascension consciousness, of expanded consciousness, even if they have not reached that high level, even if they are not living in perfect unconditional love for all and everything.

You Don’t Have to be a "Saint" to Ascend
This is also seen as part of the Ascension process.


Therefore, this Awareness hopes that It is able to convey to one and all that it is not necessary to confine oneself to that most perfect divine saintly state of being for one to qualify as a being moving towards Ascension. To assume that one must be a saint in the physical before one is entitled to progress is an unfortunate understanding of the process of Ascension.


Indeed, the Ascension process will assist an individual to attain that place of awareness, that expansion of consciousness that will also mandate that unconditional love and the expression of it be part of one’s character, but the intent and desire to expand one’s consciousness is what is most important at these times as one and all move towards Ascension.

The level of unconditional love that would be experienced and expressed by the individual will, of its own accord, increase and expand as one moves towards Ascension and indeed, as one reaches Ascension.

Question: Regarding people under “stuck” circumstances: is it a reliable determination to assume that they cannot change to reflect unconditional love, and that they will remain on Planet B whether they like it or not?

Cosmic Awareness: This is an erroneous assumption. Again, it is the intent, the desire to experience that level of awareness and consciousness that is governed by the Ascension process. The suggestion is that there will be punishment for those who cannot somehow free themselves to be these saint-like beings of unconditional love. It is, of course, required that one works towards this situation, this condition, but it is not required that one must attain it in order to be qualified to ascend.

It is an unfolding process. It is also a process that cannot be fully comprehended at this time for consciousness is still somewhat stuck at a certain level. With the exponential factor this Awareness has spoken of previously, there will be an explosion in that level of awareness and consciousness that will allow the final stages of Ascension.


In these final stages of Ascension, many who at this time may not consider themselves able to be unconditional in their expression of love towards one and all will finally come to understand this process.

Some Still Evolving Entities Need to Experience Planet B
Equally, it must be understood that there are those who still have a process of evolution where it is essential that they come to a deeper more profound understanding of unconditional love.


Thus it is that their soul may not be ready for Ascension in the first place. It may be that they have to experience that which this Awareness has called Planet B in order to gain the full measure of this understanding of this awareness.


Some who cannot achieve unconditional love will need to move along that de-evolving line of consciousness in order to have the experiences that they will need in the full spectrum of time in order to fully understand and comprehend all facets and levels of that concept known as unconditional love.

Will the Door to Ascension Be Closed in 2012 When the Planets Divide?

Question: Since the door to Ascension will be closed in 2012, no other entities will be able to enter thereafter. Was Ascension Planet A intended strictly for Planet B entities or will there be souls arriving from higher dimensions as well, if they wish? Since the Ascended bodies will be Light Bodies, and will be populating Planet A with those populating Planet B cease with a Light Body?

Cosmic Awareness: The problem that this Awareness has primarily with these questions is their assumption that there is some sort of tie-in to the physical state of being that will continue on in that which is Planet A, the ascended level of consciousness. There will be a continuance of Ascension. The Ascension process does not cease simply because the two planets have divided and they represent two distinct and separate pathways.


There will be many who continue to ascend, especially from those gradient levels this Awareness has talked of in the past. They will continue to ascend. There will be beings who start off their journeys on that which is the Ascension level of consciousness.

Those who choose to go another way, who choose to go down that route that this Awareness has defined as Planet B, do so for the purpose of eventually returning back to a place where they can again ascend, be that in ten thousand years, or ten million years. The timing is inconsequential.


The whole process of the soul is to always expand, to seek out higher levels of awareness, higher levels of consciousness, thus the Ascension process is always available to one and all. It is not an “everything or nothing” proposition.

Is the Ascension Realm the Same Place We All Go at Physical Death?

Question: An entity on the other side recently advised a channeler that he was in a realm that will be the same as Ascension Planet B and that he found that his body was larger than the one he left behind. It is not clear whether he ascended or went there after an accident, having died. Does Awareness see that the Ascension realm is the same as the realm entities go to when they pass from the earth plane via what is called death?

Cosmic Awareness: There are two distinct aspects to this question, the latter part not relating to the first part, that being of the experience the soul had who had recently passed over, where he described that his body was bigger.


This Awareness would state first and foremost to that, that the individual who had passed over chose to have a certain expansion of experience, seeing his body as bigger, however It does not see that he was on that which this Awareness is referring to as Planet B. It would seem though that he has somewhat remained in a context that would define his consciousness in a physical manner still.


This is simply the case as to how this individual is reported to experience that which he has experienced upon his passing from the physical. It is not seen that he is on the Ascension level, nor is it seen that he is understanding of his physical situation, or his non-physical situation, as the case may be.

The Level Entities Experience Upon Physical Death
The latter part of the question is whether or not Ascension Planet A is the same level of consciousness that is achieved upon physical death.


To some it may be exactly that. To others it may be an experience of the alignment of their being and of their consciousness with the Logos and the Consciousness of Gaia, of Mother Earth.


They see themselves willingly living on the planet so that they can be of service to Mother Earth herself and to others, so that there is group consciousness, group awareness, and this is working in unison, one with another, one with each other, and this may be experienced by some as what occurs when they die and they reach that level of consciousness that defines a state beyond the physical.


The two are one and the same in some ways.

Will Planet A Have Churches, Schools, Libraries, Etc.?
(How About “Entertainment”?)

Question: Will there be places of entertainment on Planet A and if so, what would they entail? Will there be churches for prayer and meditation, as they would like to do here on earth? It has been stated that spiritual power is greater with many participating at one time even though, of course, physical presence is not a requirement. If people concentrate together at distances at a given time. Will there be libraries for reading books? What about schools and universities? Will these be necessary and desired?

Cosmic Awareness: Again, the Questioner sees that which this Awareness has been calling Ascension Planet A as an extension of the physical state of being. It simply will not be so. It will be a place of unity, of union. It is not a place of dualism. It is not a place of separation. Thus it is that when a question is asked such as: “Will there be entertainment?” that there is no understanding of what this would mean on that level of consciousness. Is it entertaining to fall asleep and to dream?


One could say it is extremely entertaining, often more entertaining than the physical state of life itself. This is the level of entertainment that would be available to entities who are in that level of consciousness defined by this Awareness as Ascension.

No Comparison With What is On Earth Today
There would be no need for churches, for unity is already the existing state of consciousness.


One would be in union with one and all, with Great Spirit, with the Creator, as well as a sense of union with other individuals. Thus, it is not seen that there would be a need for a sense of separation created through religion, through churches.


This would also apply to such concepts of school and the need to go to school. Education will not be delivered as it is on this planet at this time.


It is imperative for all to remember that the state of consciousness that will exist upon Ascension cannot be compared to the state of consciousness that exists on the earthly plane at this time.

The 2012 Experience Is Ongoing?

Question: Why must the door to Ascension be closed in 2012 instead of remaining open? Is it seen as the Creator’s will and is it possible the reason is due to entities after 2012 developing poorly spiritually with low vibrations, thus the vibes cannot match Planet A, so there is no reason to keep the door open? Or is it that everyone who wishes to ascend has done so and those remaining are not interested, so why keep the door open in vain?

Cosmic Awareness: The Ascension Process is an ongoing one, thus the doors would always be open. This Awareness wishes to express at this time what the nature of the 2012 occurrence will be, in the sense that the two planets that mark Gaia, that mark Mother Earth, will separate, going in two different directions, seeking out two different sets of experiences.


This is what is mostly referred to as the 2012 division. The expansion of consciousness that will take place is an ongoing expansion of consciousness. There will be gradient levels between that which this Awareness has called Planet A and that which is calls Planet B and there will be room for many different experiences yet.

Question: I believe the “2012” is coming from the end of the Mayan calendar, correct?

Cosmic Awareness: In this case, it is so, but this is a concept that is held by many cultures and many teachings.

“Waves of Departure” to Planet A?
(Creatures, Bees and Beings Have Already Ascended)

Question: Is it true that there are “waves” of departure to Ascension Planet A and that some entities are already there. If so, it would be wonderful to communicate with them. Is that possible?

Cosmic Awareness: First and foremost, the waves asked of are indeed so. Waves of consciousness, waves of beings have already ascended, as have many of the different creatures and beings on this planet.


The bees for example, as this Awareness has already given, many of the bee colonies and hives have already ascended and are preparing the Eden Planet for a more complete level of Ascension by many other beings. It is indeed possible to communicate with those who have ascended by simply going within, by meditating, by attuning oneself, one’s consciousness to those who have ascended.

You Can Already Communicate With Those Ascended
This is not unlike the process that occurs in mediumship where one attunes to those who have crossed over, who are communicating from the other side.


The process is a very similar one, and those who wish to have such an experience can focus on this event, can sharpen their sensitivity to communicate with those who have ascended already.


This may happen in dreams as well as in meditation, where one receives certain messages or images from those that they connect to and contact.

Will the People Wake-Up About the Illuminati Deceptions and Controls by 2012?
(Ascension is Available Even to the George Bush’s of this World)

Question: Awareness has long talked about the forces that have dominated this planet and that the Ascension will change this in time. How will this come about? Will the people just become more clear about what is going on? Will their conditioning be unraveled? Will they be able to see through the deception? Will they be able to read the Akashic Record, or will those forces who have dominated the planet simply yield and begin to undergo their own transformation using their power and wealth for the betterment of all?

Cosmic Awareness: The process involves one of individual expansion in awareness and consciousness. For some, they will simply achieve that which the entity has asked about.


There is indeed possibility for those who are moving into that level of conscious awareness to see through the plots and the machinations of the powers that be, of the Elite, and in seeing this, there may be also that understanding that these beings themselves are serving a greater cause, a greater purpose.

How President George W. Bush Raised Consciousness
Thus it is that the individual George W. Bush, even though he has created much difficulty and despair, has shifted consciousness in a major way, perhaps not through conscious intent, but the actions he has precipitated, he and those he is working with and who work above him, have created a situation where many have been forced to move forward, have been forced in a way to step beyond that which is dualism, that which is a separated consciousness, thus achieving unified consciousness, unified awareness.


This is seen as the greater picture.

It is not seen that all of the Illuminati types will suddenly themselves be converted and use their wealth and their power to assist the Ascension process.


This does not mean that some may not achieve this. Ascension is available even to the George Bushes of this world. It is simply seen that their route is one where they will still continue to play the power games they already are playing. Thus it is that their consciousness and their conscious development does need to move on some before they themselves awaken to their greater purpose, their greater beings.

Again, it is not that those who have achieved some level of Ascension, even if they are from the power ranking and cannot achieve Ascension, it is indeed that which is open to one and all. It is simply much easier to squeeze a camel through the eye of a needle than to see many who have devoted their lives to domination and power achieving this level of Ascension at this time.

Question: Will they be able to read the Akashic Record?

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed, some will be able to, if that is their desire and their intent.

Question: Is it possible the Akashic Record is within, or part of each person’s aura and this is carried by the soul from lifetime to lifetime? Is there any reality to that?

Cosmic Awareness: It is not so that the Akashic Records are part of an individual’s aura so much as they are a part of an individual being. They can always be accessed, whether one goes through the stages and states of the auric fields to achieve that connection or simply goes within and finds the key and opens the door and enters into the library that contains the Akashic Records, if that is an image that works for one, is inconsequential.


The importance in this matter is that the Akashic Records are indeed within, and they are accessible to one and all if they so desire.

How to Work With Your Emotional Issues
(Awareness Will Address This Question Later On)

Question: Awareness has spoken of how things will change due to the coming Ascension. I would be interested in how this change will occur. Awareness has already spoken about the division of the planet into different dimensions, but I was wondering if this could be explained on other levels.


For example, we know that much of the misery on this planet is due to subconscious, or lower minds in the Huna tradition, being filled with contradictions and fears and just bad programming in general. Will the Ascension help people to clear out these psychic weeds that hold them back? Not all people have access to psychotherapists and healers or can afford this kind of aid. Will people have a greater ability to access their own healing abilities as a result of this change?


Will some other latent organ or capacity in the human being become activated that helps to harmonize the will, the intellect, the emotions and the physical being so that each person can access deeper spiritual connections? Perhaps another way of asking this is how will the new energies impact people and what will be the qualities or manifestations of that energy on a psychic level?

Cosmic Awareness: This is a far more complex question than the time remaining allows to be answered. This Awareness however would like to state that while It has spoken in the past of the need to address deep issues of belief, deep emotional issues contained within the individual, and that one way to do this is to work with others who have gifts and powers to help in this process, it is also to be understood that an individual, even if they do not have money to be paid for such therapies, has the capacity within themselves to highlight those areas within themselves, that must be looked at and worked on and healed and released.

What is important in this matter is the intent to do so. With that intent put out to the universe, if you will, then the means by which to do it will be presented to the individual. A healer will present themselves, either the Healer From Within, or an individual who can work with that individual in the physical world itself, or in that mental/emotional realm where such healing must take place.


This is what is to be understood and remembered. This Awareness will look at this question again at a later date, to provide a more thorough understanding to the questions asked by the individual.

How to Gain Inner Understanding of Yourself
These times are indeed times that are full of challenge and full of unexpected results, both positive and negative. It must be understood that they are being presented to one and all for their own journey, for their own growth, for their own healing.


If one can see that the world around them, and all individuals and experiences are a reflection of the individual himself and herself, then one will be best better served in coming to an inner understanding of themselves, especially in relation to the world in general and in relation to other beings who travel with them.

How the Dark Force Has Lost On Planet A
(John Titor Back from the future Describes Planet B)

Question: More and more I am seeing people stating that there has been a divergence on the timeline. I believe that this is related to the splitting of Planet A and the split B. That the split has already occurred and there are some stragglers coming to Planet A (where we are) with some memories of Planet B (which will descend into really bad third dimensional times). I believe this is why all of the channels (including Cosmic Awareness) have said the Dark Forces have lost. On Planet A they have indeed lost.


On planet B, the Dark is in full swing. There is a guy called John Titor who claims to have traveled back into our past from his future (2036) and he explained what happens in “his future.” It seems very much like Planet B. Around the year 2003 or so, his “future” timeline began to diverge and his info was not correct any more (in terms of our Planet A timeline), so of course everyone on our Planet A timeline has called his story a fake because his “predictions” did not come true. The website for John Titor is Interesting stuff if you care to see what is/was happening on Planet B.


I would like to ask Awareness if this is indeed the case: that the density split has created two timelines that are diverging more and more, and that these false reality memories of some people are from those who have made the jump from B to A? What about the mechanics of the actual split? If you are reading this, are you already on Planet A?

Cosmic Awareness: The entity has appraised the situation correctly. Many are indeed already on that which could be termed Planet A, but it has not fully integrated into the highest vibration. It is in a twilight region still, and there are options for those who are on the planet still to take a lesser path.


This Awareness has spoken that the truth of the matter is that it is not a clear division of two planets going separate ways, but countless pathways leaning towards one or the other. The higher one’s conscious awareness is to the reality and truth of Planet A, the more that individual will experience the purity of the Ascension and of Planet A.


The more one is inclined towards gross materialism and the continuance of known realities that are fear-based as well as based on ignorance, as well as being asleep, then those individuals will veer more towards that which is the Planet B scenario.

There are a myriad of possibilities that will be available. Such is the nature of consciousness. Many possible probabilities will avail themselves for those individuals who are shifting consciousness one way or another.


It is fair to say that those who are aware of Planet A, who are aware of Ascension, who are aware of that process of the shifting in consciousness that has been occurring over a number of years and will continue until the process is complete on or about the 2012 deadline, then those individuals are more likely to experience that reality that this Awareness has been describing as Planet A.

Those Who May Experience the Descending Planet
Those who do not awaken to such possibility, who succumb to the rhetoric that is made available to many over the airways, through the media, will perhaps experience instead of the Ascension planet, the Descending planet of consciousness.


They will still have opportunity in the future to still move their attentions towards Ascension, but it is seen that this will become increasingly difficult after that Ascension Process is complete in 2012.


It will be simply enough that the magnetic energy of Planet B will be so strong that it will capture in its field those who still need to have the physical experiences, especially the gross materialism and the separateness from the High Self, from Spirit, from the Divine.

No Spiritual Source for Those Trapped in the Energies of Planet B
Planet B ultimately represents the next level of evolution in the experiment of separating from Spirit Source, the Divine Source, and it will be seen that further on in that experience, those who are fully trapped in the energies of Planet B will not even have religion to fall back on, will have no sense that there is any other spiritual dimension available to them.


That which is now known as heaven or nirvana will not even be understood as a possibility.


So immersed in the physical material reality will those who travel that path be that there simply will not be any recognition of a spiritual nature. This is why the evolutionary experience of the separation from the Divine, from the Creator, from All That Is, is such that those who need this profound isolationist experience will indeed have it. They will walk that path.

Those who do not need this, who are already beginning to understand their higher spiritual nature, their multidimensionality, will instead move in directions towards the purity of an Ascended level of consciousness exhibited on a planet that while in physical form, will be a blending of both a physical reality form as well as spiritual form. Thus it is that those who have achieved the highest states of conscious awareness on Planet A will be able to manifest themselves in physical form, but also they will be able to dematerialize themselves.


They will be able to step consciously back into spirit form, or will be able to manipulate material form in whatever manner they wish for they will be masters of manifestations in physicality.

Planet A Will Become a Sacred Place
The physical planet will become a sacred place.


The form of the body of the planet herself will be honored and venerated for the conscious entity, the conscious being she is, and those who choose to have that existence on the physical expression of the planet logos that is Mother Gaia, Mother Earth, will do so with respect and honor.


They will blend with the harmonious energies of all that occupy that stage, that level of conscious manifestation that will be Planet A.

Is John Titor for Real?

Question: Is John Titor, the guy from 2036, for real, or is this misinformation?

Cosmic Awareness: This is not misinformation. This individual represents one of those who had ascended in the Planet A scenario and he has achieved a degree of understanding and awareness of his multidimensionality, even that capacity to time travel, to come back in time to that time preceding the actual split of the consciousness that will define Planet A and those who travel towards that Planet B mentality and consciousness.


He is one who can move back and forth because he has learned how to shift his consciousness to refocus it so he can enter that which on the surface seems to be the past, but he has not achieved such mastery that he is not a participant to the events that sometimes seem to be still somewhat out of his control.

Many Are Coming From the Future to Experience Present Time
Thus it is that he shifted and then lost the capacity to follow a timeline and things changed on him.


It is simply consciousness playing with itself, developing its consciousness, becoming acquainted with the subtleties of multidimensionality and dimensional shifting. This individual is not the only one who can time travel.


More and more are starting to come through into this time frame where they can experience the energies that existed just before the shift, just before the splitting into two parallel pathways digressing away eventually from each other so that they are no longer parallel for the short period that this Awareness has spoken of, so that as they bleed away, this would be Planet A, Planet B; that for a short while after there will be a somewhat parallel movement between the two planets, but this will start to spread and the two pathways will diverge more and more over the many years ahead.

There are many who will be coming from the future to experience this time, for this is a unique period of time, a highly charged period of time historically speaking, for those who value such an experience, that they may be intrigued enough to shift their consciousness to experience these times.


It is seen by this Awareness that there are individuals who when met will feel different, will feel strange to them as if they do not belong in this time frame, but it will be a subtle experience and may not always be understood or recognized as,

“This is one of those individuals who is a time shifter, who is traveling the dimensions of time to have the experience of this time.”

Be open to such individuals, for when you are, and you can identify them, they will explain much to you, if you ask the right questions.


Question: The time travelers then would be in human form that would be recognizable as another person?

Cosmic Awareness: They will not appear as aliens or immaterial blobs. They will adopt human form, for they are human beings who have mastered their multidimensionality or at least have mastered bits and pieces, as the individual who was quoted earlier mastered the ability to shift time so that he could come back in time, but he was not the perfect master, which is why some of the events shifted on him without his consciousness being aware, and thus he did not have perfect perception of the time frame, time-shifting reality.

Those Entities Who Will Inhabit Planet B
(To Imagine an Entity Suffering a Half Billion Years)

Question: My heart cries out when I think that any being is destined for Planet B, the planet that does not experience Ascension. To imagine that a being would need to suffer another half a billion years in slavery and exploitation is very hard for me to grasp, and I have thought that it must be totally unacceptable to any beings of higher vibration than ourselves. How can there be such an excess of darkness and so many beings seemingly unwilling to live in the Law of Love, to accept that all beings are lovable and to be open to communicate rather than separate and control?

Cosmic Awareness: This indeed raises some very interesting questions that beings of consciousness may have, for it is seen that Planet B is a punishment somehow. It could be conceptualized as a living hell for those who would be trapped on such a planet and that beings of higher consciousness should object to this, and yet the truth is the exact opposite.


Those true beings who have achieved higher awareness, higher consciousness, allow all to have the exact experience that they would need to have, that would best promote their own overall spiritual growth and development.

Third Dimensionality is Illusionary
Those beings who have escaped physical reality, 3rd dimensional form, are able to see that this experience in itself is an illusion.


It is only seen as real by those who are experiencing it without their having a capacity to escape the illusion. In other words, they immerse themselves so much in the illusion that the illusion becomes the reality.


3rd dimensionality is illusionary, and it can only truly work if one completely believes in the illusion, completely engages in the illusion. If one does not believe in the illusion and is able to walk outside of it, then they have another perspective on what is happening.


While it is true that those individuals who would seek out Planet B at an even more extreme separation in consciousness from that which is their High Consciousness, their multidimensional nature, may be seen as deplorable, may be seen as horrendous, may be seen as unthinkable, these very same beings who are having this experience are doing so from their own inner conscious levels where they are aware that they have chosen these experiences for their own growth and development.

Those Who Experience Planet B Have Chosen That Experience
It is not proper or correct for those who have not achieved the highest level of awareness to judge that such an experience would be deplorable and degrading and undesirable, for that would be judging another soul’s need to have a unique experience, and one simply does not have that right.


The soul expresses itself in a myriad of ways, across millions of realities, billions, trillions.


This would simply be another experience for some to have as they seek an overall understanding of the truth of the Divine and of Everything.

The Time Frame of Planet B to Attain Ascension
The other thing that this Awareness wishes to address is that matter of the time frame that it might take for Planet B to once again return back to a position of Ascension.


This Awareness wishes one and all to remember that time itself does not exist. 500 billion years is the same as a blink of an eye if one has the capacity to go beyond the time scale, and go beyond time itself.


Time is simply a measure that is used for reference. It would be a long time on one level, but instantaneous on another. It does not mean that one individual choosing to walk the path of Planet B will be chained for 500 billion years to that evolutionary track


They will be in that track as long as they need to be in that track, but there are other options for each soul to investigate.

It Is The Right of Every Soul to Have This Experience
It is not a prison sentence in hell, it is rather simply a unique experience that many will choose to have for they will wish to know what it will feel like to be that separated from the Divine and from their own spiritual nature.


Not everyone will seek this experience, not every soul will seek to have such an experience, but for those who do, there is no need for compassion. There is no need for pity. There is no need even for understanding.


It is their right, each individual soul’s right to have the experience that is right for them, be it one of complete separation from the Godhead or be it one of complete immersion in the Godhead. Each soul has aspects of itself in both experiences.

While the sentiment expressed is heartfelt, this Awareness asks the individual himself to seek even deeper, to develop his own awareness to that higher state where he will see that this experience will simply be an experience, and each will have it for as long as is needed and no longer.

Will the 4th Dimensional Earth Also be a 5th Dimensional Earth After the Ascension?

Question: Will the 4th Density (or Dimension) Earth also be a 5th Density Earth? I am thinking that the answer is No, that by the 5th Density, we aren’t physical and don’t need Earth; in fact, I am thinking that by the higher ends of 4th, we aren’t visible. Is that right?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness first expresses that It has a confusion over what the entity means by densities, that if the entity means dimensions or levels of dimensions, that largely the comments of the entity herself are correct. That using the concept of dimensions for density, then what is seen here is that the 4th Dimension has several strata, an infinite amount of strata actually, but for the sake of perception, it will suffice to say 7 layers or levels exist in that dimension; and that there is an increasing in substantiality in the physical sense as one progresses up the levels or layers of density or dimension.


Thus it is that the lowest dimension of the 4th, the lowest layer or strata, is simply 1 above that which is 3rd Dimension. Thus, while a corporeal form may no longer be quite required, there is a great deal of interaction between the lowest or 1st level of 4th Dimension and that which is 3rd Dimension.


Thus it is that there is a great deal of interaction between Spirits that have crossed over from 3rd Dimension but are still in the lower 3 layers of the 4th Dimension  -  the 1st, the 2nd, and the 3rd.


As the consciousness evolves to those higher levels, the 7th layers of the 4th Dimension and 1st and 2nd layer of the 5th Dimension, there is less attachment to the physical, less form needed. However, saying this, it is still highly possible even at the 7th layer of the 4th Dimension, to create physical structure but not interact with it in the same way that one interacts on the 3rd Dimension when one is in 3rd Dimensional form where physical rules and laws hold sway.


These rules do not hold sway in the 4th Dimension, especially at those higher levels of 4th Dimension.

Once One Passes Into the 5th Dimension - The Dream State
This Awareness suggests that once one passes into the 5th Dimension, into the dream state, any surface could be created, any landscape, any environment at all that one wishes to experience.


Thus it is possible once again to create earthly landscapes if one desires, but the interaction with such landscapes is completely different than how they are engaged at the lower levels of dimensional realities.

Question: The last part where you mentioned the 5th Density, it’s possible as the dream state to create your own scenarios but the way of reacting to it or acting with it is different. In what sense would that be?

Cosmic Awareness: The awareness to the situation one is in; the level one is at is what would define it. In the 3rd Dimension, humans are mostly asleep to the truth of their true being. Thus, they live a life that is defined by rules and laws given to them by their society, by the collective mentality.


These rules having a physical nature.


As one moves through the 4th Dimension, there is more and more release from the strict collective mentality that underlies the assumptions that are held, both by the individual and the collectivity or the collective mind.


In the 5th Dimension, this is completely broken, and one can choose to play in whatever reality they choose to play in, always knowing, always being aware that things are not real as they are in the physical or 3rd Dimension.


Thus it is that one can be walking on the surface of the Moon in one instance, and then flying through space to another planet or returning to the Earth, or even going into the center of the Sun.


Anything is possible and it is done with a degree of awareness and understanding, a different sort of consciousness in other words, a more evolved or higher level of conscious mind is used at the higher levels of density of dimensional reality.







Part II

Imagination vs. Creation

Question: So whatever you imagine, whatever is to be, then that will be?

Cosmic Awareness: It is even more. Whatever you imagine, you know will be, for you are imaging it. There is an awareness of being able to create that which is imagined and experience that which is imagined. This is in great opposition to what occurs on the physical planet where one imagines but does not truly believe that that which they imagine will necessarily be created or occur.


Especially if it goes against all boundaries of belief that are contained within physical structure or belief patterns. Thus it is that while one may believe that there is a Shangri-La somewhere, when one is living in a ghetto, or when one is living in a desperate situation, imagining such a Shangri-La, such a paradise, will not actually create it outright.


If one believes that imagination is worthless to some degree, that it is only a product of the mind and that there is no strength or power to it, then one cannot allow their reality to be shifted so that they do begin to experience Shangri-La because there is a deeper belief that this is only something imagined.

To Imagine Something is the Same as Creating It
In the 5th Dimension and working up towards 5th through the various layers of 4th, it is understood and recognized that imagining something is the same as creating it, the two are one and the same. To imagine is to create, is to experience, and this is the major difference.


One is free of all those collective belief systems, those physical belief systems that define one’s existence on the 3rd Dimension of reality.

What Will Happen In 2012?
(Some News From Awareness Seems Depressing)

Question: I have been looking forward to 2012, but now I’m not so sure. In spite of all the good news in the last newsletter, I found myself depressed. I have been under the impression that the shift would leave two physical planets, different in the degree of spiritual maturity of its occupants. From what I read in the most recent mailing, however, it seems that I was wrong and that Planet A is to be non-physical. Am I mistaken?

Cosmic Awareness: The short answer to this question is, “Yes, you are mistaken.” You are mistaken in the sense that there will still be a physicality involved in that which this Awareness chooses to call Planet A, but this physicality will be much expanded beyond the normal constraints and limitations that are the present paradigm of belief surrounding physical existence. It is possible to have, with expanded awareness, a much different encounter with physicality.


Physicality is contained within the confines of a greater reality, a greater awareness of that which is beyond the limited understanding and paradigm of beliefs that define 3rd dimensional physicality and form.

A Heightened Physical Experience, Not a Limited One, Awaits
Those who choose to expand in their consciousness and choose to ascend to that which is Planet A will very much still be able to experience physical reality, but they will also have spiritual awareness and understanding.


They will have heightened experiences, not limited ones. There is a quality of the immaterial to this also, just as there is at this time, even in physical reality.


Thus it is that individuals can have transcendental experiences on the physical plane of existence. Thus it is that each and every night when the individual lays down to sleep and then dreams, that they can then escape physical reality, engaging in their immaterial being, engaging in that stage of consciousness where they are freed from physical restraints and physical form.

This already is the case even in this physical reality of the 3rd dimension at this time.


This will simply be even more so on that which is Planet A, and that means that those who experience it will have a sense of their immaterial nature, their spiritual nature, but they are most definitely free to experience the physical reality of the Ascended planet Earth herself and partake in this new reality.

A Physical Reality is to Manifest?

Question: I feel as though I’m being robbed of the opportunity to be able to express myself as an aware spiritual entity in a physical reality. I have long thought that this was the plan, the idea, to manifest a physical reality that was capable of operating within the vibration of unconditional love and aft the other qualities of higher consciousness.

Cosmic Awareness: This is exactly what will occur. To do so will necessitate a shifting consciousness to a higher level of awareness, a higher level of consciousness. You will not lose anything at all, but rather gain so much, especially because one will be living in that higher place, that higher level, that higher state of unconditional love.

Question: Was I wrong? Wasn’t this what the great plan was when the physical realm was first created?

Cosmic Awareness: It is indeed what the great plan was. What is being limited is your concept or that which is the greater plan, for you are limiting yourself by imagining it in a certain way that is defined by certain beliefs that you have held.


This Awareness asks only that you expand your consciousness, expand that which is the possibility of the Divine being truly part of a reality that one engages in 24/7, as the saying goes, where you will be able to live in that which is the state of unconditional love and know that there is a new reality that is governed by this rather than the old limitations of a physical world gone amok, gone mad. The sanity will once again return.

Why Not Booze and Indulge in Sex Now?
(If His Physical Reality is to End in 2012?)

Question: If 2012, is to be an end to physical reality for Planet A people, and my body yielding to a 5th dimensional counterpart that I can choose, then what is my motivation now of maintaining my health? Why don’t I go out and buy a chocolate cheesecake, a 6-pack of beer, and a carton of cigarettes to indulge my physical senses for the remainder of time I have left? And let’s not even consider the subject of sex or sexual expression!

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed, why do you not go out and buy the chocolate cake, the cigarettes, the booze, or engage sexually? The main reason is that there are still consequences to such actions, and there are also ramifications to polluting one’s body, to creating addictions that might have a consequence on the Ascension process.


This Awareness, in years gone by has talked about addiction, about alcoholism, and has described the parasites that are formed when one smokes or drinks. To engage in such behavior, even though one could do so, would not be advised by this Awareness.


However, this Awareness states that one has the freedom of will to do whatever one wishes. Simply be aware that there are always consequences.

Two Paths to Enlightenment
At the same time, this Awareness does support that it is indeed a good idea to give oneself pleasure in ways that remove the constraints of belief that are antagonistic to receiving pleasure.


Recently, this Awareness did a reading that described that there are two ways of reaching enlightenment.


One is through the path of suffering and pain. “No pain, no gain,” goes the saying. But there is also a path towards enlightenment that involves the heart, involves pleasure, and involves that which is the higher attitude that allows for the expanded nature of that which is the ecstasy of the Divine.

Thus it is that many who believe that they must control themselves, that they must forego the pleasures of the flesh and body, do so not because they understand this at the deepest level, but because they have been taught this. It is a form of belief that they have acquired throughout their lifetime that they now live.


While this Awareness cannot endorse those behaviors that could have negative consequences on the individual, both physically and spiritually, It does suggest that what is now needed is a shifting away from the old paradigms of belief of pain being the way to reach a form of enlightenment, to a new paradigm that suggests it is okay to have fun and enjoy oneself, to go out and do that which is pleasurable.

It is important, for the energies of that which will be the Ascended Planet A will favor this and be all about understanding the importance of heart connection, of being in alignment with the Divine and understanding that pleasure is an important way forward in achieving awareness and enlightenment.


It will be the way of the future.

The Christian Rapture Sounds Similar to the Awareness Ascension Forecast

Question: The last Awareness reading sounded a lot like Fundamental Christian promises of a heaven to come. What’s the difference between the Christian promise of the rapture into heaven and the Awareness forecast of the shift into the 5th density? Both are claimed to be non-physical realms of love and peace and unity, and all we have to do to get there is to have the right attitude.


In the Christian case, we believe in the creed. In the Awareness case, we desire to love unconditionally. It now appears that both Awareness and the Christians disregard the physical realm. The Christians consider it will be destroyed by God, and Awareness yields it to the dark side as Planet B.

Cosmic Awareness: The first thing that this Awareness wishes to state is that there is some truth between that which is the Christian concept of rapture, the lifting up of those deserving souls who ascend to that higher level of consciousness.


The main difference that this Awareness would state between the way It sees it and the way it is presented through Christian dogma is that this is not a reward for faithful service to an oppressive God that qualifies one for that which is called the Rapture.


It is more that which occurs for those who have worked over the many lifetimes to achieve a state of higher consciousness in this physical reality at this time.

Many Souls on this Planet Have Earned and Await Ascension
There are many, many souls present on the planet at this time who have endeavored through many years of sacrifice and service, of personal quest to achieve awareness and enlightenment, and have arrived at a point of consciousness that will allow them at this time to ascend, that will allow them to move quite naturally and even logically to their own next stage of development, their own next state of evolution.


It is not a reward because of one’s blind faith and diligence and devotion to a patriarchal God figure, but rather their many lifetimes, their eons of journeying towards that moment of expansion into that which this Awareness is calling the Ascension planet, the Ascension process.

For those who would be delegated to Planet B, allegedly as punishment, that again in the Christian concept, those who have not served diligently and faithfully and blindly are turned to that which is their punishment. They are delivered to hell and are expected to live there for an eternity.


At least this Awareness does not commend those who might go to Planet B to be there for an eternity, for It sees that eventually Planet B itself will return to a point similar to that which is now being experienced, where those souls who have chosen to have the physical experiences that will be offered to them by having physical incarnations on that which will be Planet B will eventually return back to a point where they then, because of their many, many lifetimes, their eons of the journey, of the quest, will have reached a place of their own personal advancement, where they can then choose themselves to ascend at a time that is right for them.

This, therefore, defines the major difference between that which this Awareness holds as the choice that those who are not ready to ascend will make versus that which is offered to those who hold a Christian concept of the punishment that is theirs if they do not follow blindly the dictates and the commandments of that very wrathful unforgiving God.


There is indeed a great difference, however there is also at the core of the Christian belief, an understanding of that which is in principle at least, the concept of Ascension, the concept of a higher state of consciousness and awareness.

Any Chance on Planet B Entities Can Change Their Circumstances and Ascend?

Question: Is it possible that those who do choose Planet B will have at one point in time the opportunity to change their circumstances and ascend?

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed, this is so. This Awareness wishes to point out that throughout history there have been those individuals on the current planet itself who through their own lifetime journey, their own mission, reached a point where they were able to evolve and ascend.


It is seen that entities such as Buddha, Krishna, the entity known as Jesus, and others who have perhaps not been reported in the annals of history, have all experienced their personal Ascension process, and then come back to serve as models for others to emulate and follow, for they have shown the way and that way is towards Ascension, towards that which is the evolution into enlightenment and expanded consciousness.

This will exist on Planet B.


There will be those who in their own struggle and journey will ascend at some stage, at some point, and they will serve as the models for those who remain on the planet, eventually bringing the whole planet forward until it reaches that point where many can ascend.


It could be speculated that at that time again a choice process will occur when those who are ready will ascend, and those who are not ready will go forward into another plane of existence which still would not be that expanded level of consciousness, but this is seen as so far down the road that it does not merit investigation at this time.

Speculation on How the Physical Realm Splits Into Two Realities

Question: It was my understanding that with the Ascension there would be a splitting of the physical realm into two vibrational realities. How this would manifest was always a big wonderment for myself as well as many others, and led me to formulate my own conjectures. It was my idea that the shift would split the world into two identical physical worlds, each vibrating at a different frequency. It was my idea that all consciousness now present on this world would concurrently occupy both worlds for a brief time after the shift.


The analogy would be of a person standing on an ice flow that split between his feet. He would take some time to decide which side he wanted to move onto, so for a while, he stood on each. It was my idea that souls would eventually find either of the two realities to be too uncomfortable and not in keeping with their purposes and life plan, so they would exit out of the undesired reality through death.


Since souls were also existing on the other realm simultaneously, I conjectured that only higher dimensions of the soul would perceive the death on the undesired level, as the consciousness of the soul that remained on the desired planet would merely perceive that they continued to live as is normal. This idea of mine allowed me to consider that with the shift, all people would continue their physical existence on what they perceived to be the same earth, and would notice nothing more than some event or group of events that would cause the deaths of perhaps half of the world’s population.


Each side would witness major event that would coincide with the shift, possibly a period of major solar flares triggering massive earth changes leading to the demise of the other side. To one reality, earth changes could manifest as a pole shift with tidal waves, while the other catastrophe could come about through earthquakes and volcanoes. It doesn’t matter.


In fact, both realities could perceive the same events with different results.

Cosmic Awareness: This is indeed so. Both sides could view the events, but from different perspectives, thus having a totally different experience of the events.

What Those Who Will Ascend Must First Know and Realize

Question: The idea was that people would experience a continuation of their perceived reality with people leaving for natural reasons which didn’t challenge their belief systems. It just didn’t seem right that people would just disappear and/or be forgotten.

Cosmic Awareness: The first thing that this Awareness wishes to state is that much that was covered by the Questioner is indeed accurate and correct, but there are many varia-tions on the theme. On the whole, it is seen that the majority of individuals who are to ascend must first and foremost be aware that the Ascension process is unfolding, that the Ascension process is a possibility.


Those who are blind and ignorant to such things and have no concept or understanding of it, nor an interest to pursue it, who are dismissive and derisive about such a process and event, are not those who will be ascending.


They will more likely either be those who choose to go along with the reality, the physical manifestations of that which is Planet B, or they will be those who simply choose to return back into spirit form.

Many Will Simply Choose to Physically Die
In other words, they will choose to die in a physical sense, choosing neither A or B, but returning back into the fabric of the Divine, back into their own soul fabric.


They will then make choices at a later stage as to which experience in consciousness they will next wish to experience. They will be coming from that which is the multidimensional level of reality, where many choices are seen and understood and made, based on an under-standing of what that would bring to the individual in terms of their life journey.

Thus it is that some might choose then from that state of spirit to come aboard that which is Planet A. Some might choose to have the harsher physical experience and thus choose Planet B, but many may choose another reality altogether, one that does not at all fit with either path way, but is a third choice, a third path. That is not the subject of what this Awareness is speaking of at this moment.

Many will experience that new physical reality as something easily obtained and woken up into simply because they chose to go through the gateway, whatever and however the gateway presented itself, for they were aware that there would be a need to choose to go through the dimensional gateway, the vortex, the portal, and as this Awareness has already spoken in other readings.


They will simply pass through the vortex and enter the new reality, but they must somehow be first and foremost aware that a choice is involved and somehow aware of that which is the ascended reality, that which would be Planet A and Ascension.

Regarding Plants and Animals

Question: Regarding plants and animals, the way I saw it, since they were group souls, they could continue to exist on both frequencies without any problem other than that one world may be healthier for them than another. In this respect, after the shift some populations would increase while others would decline for various reasons relating to the reality they were in.

Cosmic Awareness: First of all, this Awareness wishes to jump in. This is true. There will be those creatures, who for example, if they choose to go to Planet B for awhile, might continue to exist, but with time, and with the harsher conditions that are seen to be prevalent on that planet, would eventually become extinct. This is how it has been on this present planet as well as on other planets that host life and life forms. It is simply part of the ebb and flow that is life, which is the experience of consciousness and of life itself.

Everything has its time. Everything comes to a time of ending, of death and transformation, and then new choices are made, and new directions are then followed. This is not any different with those creatures that are of a lower level or consciousness that form a group consciousness as do many of the animals and even plants.

Bees in a Non-Physical Reality
(Suck on Non-Physical Flowers?)

Question: Awareness said that the bees (or at least some of them) have already ascended to the higher realm. Please tell me what a bee is going to do in a non-physical reality? Suck nectar out or non-physical flowers?

Cosmic Awareness: Again, the assumption that there will be no physicality involved whatsoever in Planet A is the misunderstanding that is held by this entity. It appears that he has taken that which has been original information given by this Awareness to mean that there will be no physicality, and this was never truly meant by this Awareness.


It was simply giving out new concepts and ideas of what possibly could be on the other side in terms of Its expansion into new levels of reality, of consciousness, of energies that would be experienced both in physical form as well as non-physical form.

The shifting between the two will be much easier for entities. They will not have to go to sleep or into deep meditation to simply experience their higher dimensional form, their non-physical form. They will be able to shift at the thought of shifting, by thinking themselves into other forms and thus experience these other forms. If they choose to experience physicality, they think themselves into physical form and have physical experiences. If they choose to reunite with their greater multidimensional nature, then they think themselves into multidimensional form and have such experiences.

Bees who choose to be in their physical form will do exactly that: be physical bees, and will indeed suck nectar from physical flowers, will take the pollen from these plants and cross-pollinate other plants. The group hive mentality is that which can experience the non-physical and spiritual form. Indeed, bees already do this in the 3rd dimensional reality and their individualization is part of a group hive-mind, which is not confined simply into physical reality.


This is one of the reasons why bees have already made the transition and have ascended to that higher plane of reality for they are also part of multidimensionality. They know what their roles are.


Many have chosen to move beyond that which is this physical reality and have started pollinating that which is to be the physical form of the Planet A, the planet of Ascension.

A Non-Physical Reality?
(Is it in the Future or Immediately After the Shift?)

Question: When Awareness said that the Ascension reality would be nonphysical, was Awareness describing a 5th dimensional reality that would eventually become sometime in the far distant future, like an end result, or was Awareness describing what would be immediately after the shift of 2012? I just can’t conceive of the latter as being accurate. Such an idea would leave too much in question.

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would state that it would leave too much in question for the individual himself, for he is the one that has these questions that are reflective of others who have similar questions, which is why it is valuable for this Awareness to answer the questions of this entity.


This Awareness wishes to state something that needs to be spoken at this time. The Ascension date: December 12, 2012, is the conclusion of the Ascension process, not the beginning. The Ascension process is already taking place. Some individuals are already beginning the Ascension. Some have already ascended to Planet A.

There are other individuals who already are at that new level of expanded consciousness. It is seen that the Galactic Federation also has the understanding of the Ascension process and many of their forces are there to help and assist the process of Ascension that many humans will soon be going through, some of whom have already achieved this and are on the other side themselves, now helping those who will soon be joining them.

The date given as the date of Ascension is simply an indicator that as of that point, the actual separation of the two planets: Planet A and Planet B will finally be complete. It is not, as this Awareness said, a starting point, but rather a completion point. As for the entity’s assertion that jumping into 5th dimensional reality would simply be too much, this reality already exists.


There are many who have experiences on a daily level of the 5th dimension. The daily experience of going to sleep and dreaming, of coming out of the physical body and being part of that which is the 4th and 5th dimensional reality occurs on a daily basis.

This is not as extreme a jump as the entity is asserting. This Awareness says that it is simply the next level, the next stage, and one that is well within the capabilities of those individuals who have already reached a higher state of evolution and thus are ready to expand into that next stage, that next level of consciousness, that which will be defined by the 4th and 5th dimension, that which will be defined by that process of Ascension.

New World Order Plans Supposed to Backfire
(“Certainly the Elite Won’t be Coming to Planet A”)

Question: I would wonder what Awareness meant years ago when It stated that the New World Order plans would backfire and instead of the Elite subjugating people they would instead be subjugated by the people and forced to serve them? Was this all a misunderstanding on my part? Certainly the Elite won’t be coming over to Planet A.

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness wishes to ask why they would not? Why at least some of them would not? They are creatures of choice. Many of the Elite are beginning to see the error of their ways. Many are starting to change and look beyond that which has been their reality for so long also.


It is seen that there are those who, while they served those powers that be were indeed part of me power structure, there are some who are now starting to have second thoughts and it is even seen that there are some who have changed completely their points of view, their belief systems, and are now moving towards a higher level of conscious awareness, based in the Light, not in the Dark, based on enlightenment, not based on enslavement.

Some at least have recognized that they have been enslaved in that paradigm of thought that confined them also to roles where they were oppressors and some have chosen to reject these roles, have chosen to move towards the Light. Thus it is that some of the Elite will indeed move into Ascension. Some of those who have already seen the errors of their way have already started to serve humanity in new ways, in new higher conscious ways, in ways that will be of service instead of expecting to be served.

This is what this Awareness meant years ago when It said that many of the Elite would be serving those who they expected service from previously. Those who cannot shift this attitude and mentality will be those who move, if they desire, to Planet B, where they think they will still be in control, but due to the situation they will experience, it will be beyond them to keep that high level of control, and with time, it is seen that there will be rebellion, revolution and breakdown of those who are the controllers, those who control at this time.

Eventually, those who are the masses will rise up against those who are the present controllers. This is all part of Planet B scenario down the line. This is what this Awareness spoke of years ago when It spoke that those who are in control, those who are the Powers That Be, will one day be of service to those who are their subjects and slaves at this time.


There are even variations on the theme as can be seen by what this Aware-ness has just shared.

The Role of Some Wanderers Who Will Assist Entities Through Portals During Ascension
(More on the Ascension Process)

Question: During the great shift of Ascension, from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, as we move through the Photon Belt, it is understood we may experience three days of darkness, which I feel may parallel what is said in the Book of Matthew 12: 38-45. Am I correct in this understanding?


Upon awakening from these three days of darkness we will see major earth changes, devastation and portals. Are these the same living portals Awareness has spoken of in past issues? There will basically be two different types of portal workers. Those that gather the people who want to enter the 4th Light and lead or bring them to the portals and help them through its opening, and when it’s open. Then there are those that greet, welcome and teach the people who enter these portals, preparing them to exit into the 5th dimension.


Are these portal workers the Wanderers or other Light Workers? How can we best assist everyone during this transition period? About how long will this transition within the portal be? Does Awareness see me as an inner or outer portal worker, or functioning in some other capacity during this transition?

Cosmic Awareness: There are valid parts of the questions presented by the Questioner. The entity himself, to first answer on his behalf, will be one who works within the portals themselves, who will teach many to let go of those dark strands, filaments and attachments that may pull them back or keep them grounded, unavailable for Ascension when it is exactly Ascension that they are seeking.


Through his own journey he will have unique qualities in himself that will prepare him to do this type of work, this kind of freeing of the beings that come his way, so that he can teach them and assist them in that Ascension process of crossing over. It is this that this Awareness sees at this time for this entity.

Wanderers and Other Types of Light Workers
His comments on the various types of Wanderers and Light Workers are also relevant.


Wanderers are a form of Light Being, but there are other categories and classification also, other types of Light Workers who serve various roles, who have achieved various levels of consciousness.


There are none that are superior or inferior. All have their place, all have their duties and all will participate in that process of Ascension to their own individual degree and to their own individual ability.


The most important part at this time in the run up to the actual Ascension completion in 2012 is the inner work that this Awareness has said on many occasions that each and every individual must now do for themselves.

Help for Those Who are Blocked at the Portal Because of Problems Letting Go
For some, this inner work will be very intense and extreme and challenging.


For some it will not be as intense or as extreme or as challenging at this time, but may be so at those moments when they approach the portal ready to step through, only to find that they are blocked for one reason or another.


It is at this time that certain Light Workers, Wanderers such as the entity himself will be available to help those who meet resistance within themselves, who are blocked or who have problems letting go. That is part of the scenario. That is part of the plan.


There will be available, those who have through their own personal journeys dealt with their own demons and monsters, who have looked at their own dark side and will be available to help those who have not quite completed this process.

How Long Will the Transition Take to Get to Higher Realms?
There will be others who will lead entities to those portals if that is their way of Ascension and they will then leave them there for others to take through the portals to continue their journey forward, and they themselves will go back, finding others that they can lead to these gateways, these portals of Ascension.


The matter of the actual transition time, the time it would take to transit from the 3rd dimension into the higher realms, through 4th dimension into the 5th, is entirely dependent on each individual and the length of time it would take them to clear all those blocks, those barriers, those resistances that they might have in themselves, those doubts, the disbelief, and it is for this reason that there will be those available to help in the transition to those higher realms that will be available to those who ascend.

Thus it may take hours for one being to do this who has cleared most of their own issues before arriving at this point of Ascension, while there might be others who will take longer, will enter other streams of consciousness that will take perhaps years to truly reach that highest level of the Ascension process, but they are still underway, they are still part of the Ascension, and as this Awareness has said several times over already, there will be those who will guide them and assist them on this journey.

There are many ways that the Ascension process and the transition will take place, thus it is impossible for this Awareness to say that the journey will take 36 hours and then it will be done, and those who have gone through the portal of Ascension will be on the other side. It is not a simple matter as that.


There will be different time scales involved in the transition process.


All that one needs to most understand at this time is that the more work the individual does on him/herself in preparation for that time ahead that will be the Ascension will determine how quickly that individual takes to go through the portal of Ascension and to reach those higher levels of consciousness that will mark the new world, the new planet, the new life.

The Photon Belt and the Three Days Of Darkness
(Some People Will Just Sleep Through It)

Question: And about the Photon Belt and the 3 days of darkness?

Cosmic Awareness: The 3 days is an allusion to a cessation of the reality that defines this present 3rd dimensional reality. Some will experience it as a darkness. There will be several layers of response to this period of time. Some will simply sleep through it, not truly experiencing the 3 days. The sleep that they will experience will not simply be a physical sleep, but a deep induced state of unconsciousness that will allow them to go through the turmoil of that 3-day period. Some will experience that which is known in biblical terms as the Rapture.


They will be taken up to a place, so to speak, where they will not experience the dramatic results of the transition period of the Photon Belt, of the 3 days. This may even be experienced and understood as being taken aboard intergalactic vessels of the Galactic Federation in order to avoid the negative turbulent effects that this 3-day period may have.

Much Upheaval During This Period as the Planet Separates
It is during this period that there will be much upheaval and there will be, as this Awareness has said, various ways of escaping this.


Many will have already stepped through the portals of Ascension and thus will not quite experience that 3-day period of darkness.


Again, it is not literal that they will simply see darkness and be in darkness. It will be because there will be a cessation, a stopping of the reality that they have experienced for so long, in fact all of their lives, that will mark this as a dark period, but it is still a period of transition, and there are many ways that this period will be endured and overcome.

It is seen that there is no need for those who are ascending to feel the negative effects of this 3-day period where the planet itself is being altered at the subatomic level, and the completion of the separation of the two planets will indeed be completed, and Planet A and Planet B will become two separate entities, on two-separate tracks that will take each forward from that point on.

Another Dimension That Separates?
(Awareness Describes Unseen Visitors at the Session)

Question: So it’s just actually another dimension that separates them?

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed this is so. It must be understood that at this moment, as this Awareness speaks through the Interpreter, It sees in the room that the Interpreter and the energizer are sitting dozens of beings that are partaking in this session, guardian beings, beings of the Light who create protection around the Interpreter and the energizer, and others who are partaking in the energizing process from those various dimensional levels, yet none of those beings are seen at this moment by the energizer or Interpreter, yet this Awareness indicates that they are present, they are always present as this work is done. It simply means that they are on other vibratory levels, other frequencies where they are not physically perceived.

It is so when the planets separate. The frequencies will change and even if they are both on the same track, they are no longer in the same dimension, on the same frequency. It is as if the two tracks no longer engage each other, are part of each other. They are, as this Awareness says, two different frequencies, so they will not necessarily be perceived one by the other.


It is only those of the highest consciousness who can by intent or design see the other expression of the planet, if there is a focusing on it. Most will not focus on it, they will simply partake in the world that they exist on, be if Planet A, or Planet B.

A Message to the Light Workers

Cosmic Awareness: Many of the Light Workers are experiencing difficulty in being focused in these times. Many are experiencing a withdrawal of their energies at this time, for they find the energies of the third dimensional plane of reality difficult upon them and wearisome for them.


This is a problem for some, or at least it is perceived as a problem, a question as to why this is so. This is so because the energies are accelerating now, and the separation is becoming more pronounced between the two frequencies that will define Planet A and Planet B.

This means that it is more difficult for those of a higher consciousness or a higher frequency to engage in the lower dimensional frequencies, the third dimensional frequencies, and often there is a reluctance to be party to this. This Awareness is prepared at this time to answer questions on this matter.


It simply wanted to open this subject up for deeper examination at this time.

He Feels He Just Needs to Sleep, to Dream and Never Wake Up
(The Dilemma Created on the Physical Plane)

Question: Why do I feel as though I need to just go to sleep, to dream and never wake up?

Cosmic Awareness: This is indeed exactly what this Awareness was speaking of a moment ago. As a being of higher frequencies than are prevalent in the physical reality that exists on the planet at this time, the 3rd dimensional reality, there is a difficulty in being in these lower frequencies.


At that time of sleep, there is a separation of that which is known as the middle self from the physical form, from the body and from the plane of existence that defines physical reality. It leaves the physical in the dream state.


It goes to a different plane of frequency and experience.

That Plane of Higher Consciousness - A Sense of Coming Home
It is at that plane, a higher plane of consciousness, a higher frequency, that there is that sense of coming home, that feeling of being in the right place once again.


To come back into the physical creates a dilemma for many of the Light Workers, for they have been enjoying, in that state of sleep and dreaming, their reconnection to their essence, to their being, to their more natural state of consciousness. To return back into the physical is indeed difficult for many of the Light Workers.


Thus it is that upon waking, many of the Light Workers find it difficult to get going, to get motivated enough to get up and commence the day.

Those who have the opportunity to stay longer in bed linger in that state between full wakefulness and full sleep. They are clinging to that state of experience, that frequency state where they feel much better, for they know that once they return back into the physical they must endure the energies of the physical. It is like being in a toxic environment, being forced to breathe in the toxic air, and yet every several hours being able to return into a chamber where pure air is available, where it is easier to breathe, easier to be, knowing that one must go out once again into the toxic atmosphere, for there is work still to be done that is not yet complete.

In light of the question presented there is also an awareness by Light Workers that they will be turning back to that dream state where they are free of the physical body, free to be in their own element, their own frequency, in that refined and purified atmosphere. This is that which the entity looks forward to, and why so many of the Light Workers look forward to going to sleep at night, because they are able to return home for a short while.


Even if they will return back into the physical plane of existence when they awaken again, it is still a joy to leave the toxic atmosphere and to breathe the pure air, the pure air being the higher frequency of consciousness.

Saturated With the Earth Experience?
(No Chance to Empty the Toxic Cup)

Question: Have I been saturated with this earthly experience?

Cosmic Awareness: In a manner of speaking, there is a certain saturation that has occurred to this individual Light Worker, as well as to the many other Light Workers. It is as if the cup has been filled up and there does not seem to be any more room to put any more liquid into this cup, and yet more liquid is still being put in.


There is an overflow action perhaps, but there is not a chance to empty the cup, and if that which is being put into the cup is toxic in nature and there is not a chance to clear the vessel which holds the toxic fluid, then the vessel, the Light Worker feels saturated by that toxic element, that toxic mixture it must hold.

Another way of understanding it is it must be immersed into this toxic concoction of energies in which each and every Light Worker must exist during that state of wakefulness, and it does indeed feel as if a saturation point has been reached and one cannot contain any more of the toxic element, the toxic frequency, the dense low energy frequency that the Light Workers must exist in while in a state of wakefulness.


As a result, it most definitely feels, as the entity has described, as if a saturation point has been reached, but this Awareness suggests that the saturation point has not truly been reached, for when it is reached and all is in order, and all has advanced to that point of separation, then Ascension will occur, then those individuals who are still here because they have some work yet to do, will no longer need to be here in the physical plane of existence.

There will be those along the way, especially over the next three years who will complete their portion of their assignment before the full Ascension experience occurs. They may leave at that time through whatever means is at their disposal to ascend to that higher plane of existence and to remain there without having to return back into the physical. Many are the Light Workers who at this time are asking for this to be so.


Many are the Light Workers who do not wish to be on the physical plane of existence any more, who are saturated with the density and the toxicity of this lower plane of existence and who desire nothing more than to return once and for all to their higher state of consciousness, where they can stay in the rarified, purified atmosphere of higher consciousness.

Have Patience - You Are Here For A Reason
This Awareness asks the Light Workers to have patience, to look deep within themselves, to understand that they are here for a reason, and when the reason is complete, they will be welcomed home as the heroes they truly are for haying come into this dangerous atmosphere, this toxic environment in order to help the many who are ready to shift their consciousness, to move forward in consciousness and to find that opportunity of Ascension that awaits the many who are here at this time to pass through Ascension and to emerge on the far side of the Ascension Gateway.

It’s Time For Light Workers to Pull Back
(Time to Relax, Have Fun and Find the Voice Within)

Cosmic Awareness: Much has been spoken of today about the role of the Light Workers, about the energies that they are experiencing in this plane of consciousness that permeates the physical planet at this time. It is indeed the time to realize that for many of the Light Workers, the only way forward to some degree is to pull back, to withdraw their energies somewhat from the 3rd dimensional reality, to engage it at a minimal level so that they can survive, for it is for many almost a case of survival at this time, and the only way for them to survive is to pull back and to become more reclusive at this time.

This is certainly the case for the Interpreter, but it is also the case for many of the Light Workers, the Wanderers who talk to him often, who speak to him and connect with him. He has seen how many of those Light Workers have pulled back. This is the requirement for those who have this requirement.


There are other Light Workers who are not so affected and can still participate more actively in the physical reality. Neither is correct or wrong. It is simply the way that it is for those who experience it that way, either way, or any other way for that matter.

Today the Energies are so Toxic It’s OK to Withdraw
(Even From Close Friends and Family)

For those Light Workers who do feel at this time a disinclination to participate in physical reality, this Awareness suggests that one does not feel guilt over this, but rather that one recognizes it and understands that it is because the energies are so toxic at this time, so demanding at this time, that if it is the desire to pull away from this, then one would benefit to a major degree by the following of this inner dictate that one pulls back somewhat energetically from their involvement in 3rd dimensional reality.


This would even include pulling back from certain individuals that one has been involved with in past times, be they friends, be they family, be they work colleagues or acquaintances.

This is part of that which is needed at this time, as one begins to define themselves at that core level of their being. It is part of the process of pulling back into the center of one’s own circle, of becoming the center of one’s own circle, with a distinct perimeter around them, a border around them.


By becoming self-centered one will stay in their power to a larger degree than what will be experienced when they go outside of their boundary and are partaking in a level of reality where they are not centered. It is at that time that they will lose their power and feel drained by the 3rd dimensional reality.

All Light Workers Must Now Take Time For Themselves
For this reason, this Awareness is suggesting that all Light Workers do take time for themselves to meditate, to listen to music, to go for walks, to do whatever it is that would rejuvenate them and regenerate for them their life-force energy.


By staying in the center of their own circle of being, even if this is through being reclusive, this is indeed what is needed by the individual at that time. This Awareness does support this as an action that will assist and help all Light Workers to hold their space, to stay at the center of their own circle, and to be self-centered.

When the time is once again such that they need to become more extravert in their activities, then this will occur, for the timing for this will be right, but not to force this, not to feel guilty over it if the opposite exists that one is pulling back from such activities, but rather to find the voice within, to find the resonance that is within oneself and to follow that voice, to listen to it and to respond to the resonance that comes from within, for that is the resonance of Spirit Itself that seeks to guide and support all Light Workers at this very crucial and critical time.

Did He Make a Difference?
(If So, How Does He Know?)

Question: Is there a way for me do more in the grand scheme of things? How do I know if I did make a difference?

Cosmic Awareness: This is a difficult question to answer, for each and every individual has a different purpose. The easiest information this Awareness can offer on this matter is that each will do to the degree they can do, that which they are here to do. It is not really a matter of worrying if you have done your job or not.


What it is a matter of doing is always having as one’s intent to complete that which they are here to do, with the full understanding that when they are done or complete or cannot complete that which they are here to do for other factors, that they will shift and they will move on.

Spiritual Help Will Always Come Through
So rather than worrying about if one has done enough, one simply does to the best of one’s ability, always with the intent and the desire to be available to the Divine Creator, All That Is, to be available to those spiritual guides and guardians who would help and assist in these times, for there is indeed help.


The most direct form of spiritual help will always come through that which is the High Self. Thus, to avail oneself to the High Self, to offer one’s service in a conscious matter will always bring forth the situation and the opportunity to be of service.

It is not so much what is accomplished as the fact that when one avails oneself to be of service and a situation comes forward, then that individual can be of service, and can step into the opportunity, whatever it may be. It may be as simple as offering a homeless person a small bit of solace and support and comfort.


It may be as grand as writing a book or developing a therapy that will help others understand these times or heal the deep wounds that many of the Light Workers must heal at this time, that will help them move forward, to help others understand why these times are essential, to be a role model in these troubled times so that many can see that panic and fear and angst are not necessarily the ways forward.

Be Open to Guidance for the Many Ways to be of Service
There are indeed many ways to be of service, and to think of the way that you must be of service may preclude you from being of service in the most immediate way that is needed and is necessary.


Therefore, this Awareness simply says again: Be open to the guidance from all levels of Spirit, especially that level of the High Self, and allow one to be the Spirit of Service, and in service to Spirit.

What is the Grand Plan Anyway?
(And How Can One Be of Greater Service Today?)

Question: Have I done enough to help the Grand Plan? What is the Grand Plan anyway? To just get back to blissful Source?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness has indeed answered these questions. It simply would ask that rather than to worry about this so much, to be in bliss, to live in bliss to the degree one can be in bliss would serve the Light Worker to a great degree.


To understand that this is not available each and every moment at this time, but to hold as principle that the state of bliss and joy are those states that this Awareness has talked of before as the New Way, the New Order, will help create an energetic field around the individual that will bring more enjoyable situations, lighter situations to the individual.

This is what the individual begins to understand at the deepest level and begins to manifest as the everyday course of events, and as the individual Light Worker begins to do this, others will see this to be so.


Others will ask:

“Why is it with all of the events at this time that are so negative and dark, why is it that you are happy? It doesn’t seem that those events are touching you to the degree they touch everyone else.”

One does not need to stand on a soapbox and preach this to those who stand below them, one simply lives it, and as one lives bliss and enjoyment, as one lives in the Light of the Creator in the deepest belief that all will work out and manifest as is needed, it will be so.

An Enjoyable Situation Now is The Reality of the New World
It must be seen and understood that there is also at the same time a shifting of the energies of consciousness that will allow more and more to participate in this experiment of the expansion of consciousness toward that point of Ascension.


The manifestation of a pleasurable situation, an enjoyable situation, will become more and more the reality, until through the Ascension process, one has already passed through and has that scope, that capacity to live that reality every day, for this is the reality of the New World, the New Order.

In this New Order, this new level of conscious awareness, one simply is that state of bliss and joy. One shares this with others. One shares this with the planet. One shares this with Spirit, and other gifts, other skills and realization will also come forward that will exceed that which has been known, that which has always been so, and in this new world, there will not be the need to be reluctant to participate in the every day workings of the world.


One will rise up each and every morning, fresh, invigorated and alive, knowing that they are of that new order of energy and consciousness that is available to one and all.

The New Order is Quite Different From the New World Order
This New Order is quite different from the concept of the New World Order that is promulgated at this time by those Dark Forces and energies. It is a new order of consciousness, a new level of awareness that will allow one and all to live in a different world, that will allow one and all to have a different experience of reality than what has been so.


This is why it is important at this stage before the Ascension process is complete, that the individual Light Workers begin to remember how important it really is to stay positive, to stay focused, and to remember that each day, even if there is a necessity during these times to be reclusive to some degree, to pull away from the negative toxic energies of the planet at this time, that it is still important to hold that a state of enjoyment, joy, pleasure, even bliss, are what are the truth, and not to be distracted from the truth, but to start engaging it more and more each and every day, to create moments where one experiences the deep enjoyment and pleasure, even if that moment is in a moment of quiet solitude, even if that moment is at a time where one is having a simple meal or enjoying simple pleasures, that one remembers that this is the point of it all.

When You Focus on Pleasure, Enjoyment, Joy and Bliss You are Giving Even Greater Service
This moment of pleasure, this moment of enjoyment, this moment of expanded consciousness is what will be available soon to all who choose it, on a permanent basis versus a momentary basis.


When one begins to focus on pleasure, enjoyment, joy, and bliss, they introduce a new energy both in their own individual lives as well as the lives of others, as well as in the environment itself that will begin to spread more and more, touch more and more as the energies accelerate towards the manifestation of this versus that, which has been so dark, so oppressive and so toxic for so long.

This is how one can be of even greater service. It is not simply in the acts that one performs; it is in the holding of a space, of an energy, of a new consciousness, a new order that shifts the focus, which shifts the reality.


Thus, if one wishes to be of greater service, this Awareness asks one to enjoy life to a greater degree, to find those moments of enjoyment and happiness and to start stringing these moments together as pearls on a strand, until one has a complete necklace of pearls, or moments of beauty and happiness and bliss.

This is how one can also be of service to the Divine, in implementing the purpose of these times, as all move forward towards that which is Ascension, to the divisional point that will take one either into the higher levels of consciousness and the manifestation of that consciousness, or into the lower expression of consciousness, which is a shifting away from that higher consciousness of self.


This is how one can be of greater service at this time.







Part III

An Overall View of Planets A and B

Question: It is understood that reference to Planets A and B was a simplified example of a more complex matter. However, confirmation or expansion concerning information from the latest Messages from Matthew is requested.


It reads,

“No, earth is not ascending as two worlds, one that will reach a higher density than the other. Earth is a soul with one planetary body and it is rapidly and steadily moving out of the 3rd dimension toward her destination in the 5th.The physical bodies of her residents who refuse the light that would enable them to accompany her will die, and the souls automatically will go to any one of a number of different worlds, whichever has the same energy makeup of each soul’s lifetime energy registration.”

My understanding, and perhaps many others, is that earth comprises the 3rd dimension or density, that of physicality. Souls/Spirits incarnate into Mother Earth’s 3rd dimension for the various experiences and knowledge that can be and are available to them. Mother Earth will shortly be no longer able to host or sustain humanity as she is evolving.


Those who refuse the Light will remain in the 3rd dimension to eventually evolve due to the harsh conditions discussed over the past year, and will continue to experience the present Orion Empire scenario. Those who accept the Light, their Souls/Spirit will ascend to the higher 4th dimension or 5th dimension, or return to earth for as long as is desired if this is chosen, or the choice of going home to any of the different planets they resonate to, or alternately to remain in the 3rd dimension with Mother Earth for those dismal and challenging experiences.


At present, it is understood that the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and higher dimensions coexist with the 3rd dimension, that of Mother Earth, and each is separated by a veil or layers so that not all of mankind can see these while inhabiting the 3rd dimension. After the Ascension process ,and when Mother Earth has evolved past me point of no return, will these higher dimensions still be able to coexist with the 3rd dimension? If not, would these release completely from the 3rd dimension, and if so, where would these higher dimensions go?


And related to this, if the Galactic Federation considers earth as the “child planet” and they are presently close by observing, is it part of their mandate to eventually restore the “child planet” to its fullest beauty and higher vibration?


Is this where those involved in the Ascension process will actually go, to that higher vibration and dimension which is the Ascended Mother Earth, located in the 5th dimension separated by the veil from the deteriorating 3rd dimension so that all still exist together, but each separated by that veil, each dimension possibly unaware of the other?

Cosmic Awareness: There are many areas that this Awareness could comment on. There is that which is the commentary and opinions expressed by that channeled source Matthew as well as the questions that were presented by the Questioner, but this Awareness chooses to work backwards, to begin with the last question, moving back into Its own commentary of the Matthew material.


The energizer asked this Awareness if the Galactic Federation is working with the energies of the child planet earth. This Awareness wishes to start at this point first by commenting and suggesting that it is not the planetary consciousness that defines planet Earth Gaia as the child planet, but rather its inhabitants of humanity.

Galactic Federation Considers Humanity as the Child Energies
Humanity is that which has been considered by those of the Galactic Federation as the child energies, of those Terran beings, those who have started their soul incarnations on this planet.


There are many who have that child innocence and ignorance to the truth of reality as defined from the higher multidimensional levels of consciousness. Many of the held views of the collective of humanity are not enlightened views.


They are very restricted in their understanding and awareness, and the Ascension process basically offers the chance for those who have been advancing themselves, those who have been working over many lifetimes to finally come to a point where they can advance to the next level or layer of consciousness, eclipsing that which is the child state of awareness.

As An Adult We Put Away Those Toys of Childhood
There was and is the quote that,

“As a child I played with the things of a child. As an adult I put away those toys of childhood.”

This simply means that as one grows and evolves, that which preoccupied one once before when they were younger or less aware no longer necessarily holds the fascination or the focus that they once did.


There are new toys to play with, new endeavors to concern oneself with, and this is similar in a way to the Ascension process.


Those who are ready to step beyond the limiting beliefs that have been held by humanity for eons can do so now, evolving into a much more enlightened awareness, a much more harmonious conjunction with the planetary consciousness of Gaia herself and of the higher strata and levels and layers of consciousness that lie in the 4th dimension, the 5th dimension and beyond.

The Ascended Planet Gaia Starts on the 4th Dimension

The upper 4th dimension is a new probable starting place of that which is the evolved planet Gaia, the Ascended Planet, and of course, beyond that. This is what is referred to by this Awareness when It spoke of the child planet, that being the consciousness or the conscious level of awareness that is held by the inhabitants of the planet, the collective consciousness of humanity.


That is what is the child consciousness.


That is what this Awareness was speaking of. It wishes it to be understood that the assistance of the Galactic Federation is to help those who are ready to move beyond the previous layers and levels of limited consciousness into more universal layers and levels, into a more harmonized complementary expression of consciousness that is held by those other planets of the Galactic Federation that will allow humanity to take its place on the Federation councils and boards.

Where Do Those Involved In The Ascension Process Go?

Question: Is this where those involved in the Ascension process will go? To that higher vibration and dimension which is the Ascended Mother Earth located in the 5th dimension, separated by the veil from the deteriorating 3rd dimension so that all still exist together, but each separated by that veil, each dimension possibly unaware of the other?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness wishes to present an image for consideration that may make this more understandable. This Awareness refers to the fact that the child starts at a lower level and moves forward over the subsequent years.


With successful completion of a grade or a level, that child moves forward to higher and higher echelons of education, until that which is known as graduation occurs, indicating the individual has reached the pinnacle of the educational system.

In High School, Some Graduate, Some Move Back
This usually involves the graduation from that level of education known as high school. Along the way there are those who fail to make the grade, who do not pass to the next level, who are held back for one reason or another.


If it were to occur that this individual had particular problems with the educational system, the individual may fail several grades so that entities that started out with this particular person, who have moved on, lose touch with this individual.


This person who failed to move on may even decide somewhere along the line that he or she has had enough of the educational system and drop out of it completely, never completing high school, never graduating.

The Multidimensional Nature of the Journey
The individual who had gone through successfully will often think back to those years of progressions that defined the route and the journey and may even think back on an individual who was once part of their journey but perhaps never completed it, or perhaps the family moved away and were not part of the eventually successful completion of that educational journey.


Simply because one has moved on and has graduated does not mean that they fail to remember on one level, their journey. They can in fact, remember other levels of the journey. Thus it is with the multidimensional nature of the journey.


Those who have moved on often can, if they choose, remember individuals that they were journeying with. They can remember different levels of consciousness or layers of consciousness.

It has been spoken in the past that with the Ascension process, some who do not ascend are simply forgotten. Those who do not continue the journey are put aside and not remembered. This is true to a degree, but this has more to do with the focus of the individuals. As one focuses on something, those who may have once been part of a focus but no longer are, simply are not thought of often if they were not close enough or connected enough.


If an individual chooses to remember, they can do so if they desire. If an individual having graduated from high school chooses to remember someone in 1st Grade who they used to be best buddies with, but who they were separated from along the way, then memories may come forward if they choose, but on the whole, by the time high school is completed or university is commenced, that individual who was the friend in grade one simply is no longer part of the individual’s life at that time and thus there is no real necessity to remember that individual.


Thus it is somewhat with the remembrance of those who do not ascend.

Those who have ascended have a different focus and others are in their lives, as part of their focus. They occupy the attentions and the focus of the individual. It can be remembered. It is not lost, those earlier years, those lower levels, those different grades, but it is simple enough that there is a different present moment focus that is engaged in versus that which was a past focus.

Question: In other words, all of the dimensions stay put? The 3rd, 4th, and 5th are where they were before any of this happened. Is that correct?

Cosmic Awareness: This is correct. The other dimensions do not disappear or change around. They continue to exist. Each is a unique level or layer unto itself, but they are still interrelated to each other. That which is the veil is there only if necessary.

Question: The reference to Mother Earth being evolved, is this a correct terminology, or does Mother Earth in fact not evolve?

Cosmic Awareness: Mother Earth does evolve. Consciousness evolves. Again, the concept of moving forward in the educational system somewhat applies here. When Mother Earth has reached the completion of her educational journey in the educational system that brings her to graduate from high school, this means that she is now free to move forward into other life educational opportunities.


She is free to now enter university and to have new experiences, new teachings. In this sense, it is exactly the same as individual consciousnesses that move forward also in their own progressive journey, expanding always, receiving more and more understanding and awareness, raising one’s level of consciousness, expanding also into multidimensional consciousness.

The planet earth, that which is Gaia, is going through a very similar process, as are those who are individually and in a sense also collectively moving along.

Will Humanity & Mother Earth Reunite?

Question: Will the two, humanity and Mother Earth, again come together, or would this be a different scenario completely?

Cosmic Awareness: It is not seen that they separate at all in the sense of humanity departing Mother Earth. There will be those who depart the planet for they choose to have alternative experiences and they choose to continue their journey on another planet or at another level of consciousness.


Part of the Ascension process is a return to the state of awareness that humanity started in when they were given guardianship of the planet, and there was to be a harmonious interrelationship between Gaia and those who were her guardians, the human populace that coexisted with her on her surface.

This has largely been lost as humanity followed a different path that separated itself from that intimate knowledge and connection with Mother Earth, Gaia, and as mankind developed its ego and its sense of separateness to such a degree that it felt it was not connected to the earth, that it could subjugate earth to mankind’s wishes, that schism, that chasm between Mother Earth and humanity grew and grew.


There have always been those who have held a much stronger affinity for the planet and have always sought to work in harmony with her and to be unity with the consciousness that is Gaia.

This type of understanding and awareness will indeed follow those who ascend and choose to remain on the planet earth, to continue a journey that is harmonic with the planet’s evolution as well as their own, where they return back into more of the guardianship of the planet, but now in a way that is mutually beneficial to both, where those who still choose to have experiences of the beauty and grandeur that is Gaia, Mother Earth, can continue to do so.

Planet B Awaits Those Who Choose Not to Ascend
Those who choose not to be in such harmony are free to break away and to have other experiences.


They are even free to have an experience of a planet that does not move forward in a manner of speaking to that Ascended state of Mother Earth that is possible for her Ascension, but rather to move into a deteriorated state where those conditions that once were favorable to human life are radically altered, and human life will be a scavenger life, will be a life where those who choose to experience it will be an extreme struggle and difficulty, for that consciousness of that Mother Earth will be such that it seeks to have such experiences of those physical extremes, and those who would experience this with her are free to do so.

This of course implies another Mother Earth, another consciousness that is Gaia, having a different experience than that which is the Ascended Gaia, which will move onward to that new level of consciousness. Again, this is all part of the multidimensional reality that exists beyond that which is the limited third dimensional concept of reality, which is largely based on illusion, Maya.

The Veil That Was Mentioned Is Explained
There is one area that this Awareness would speak to still; that is what is known as the veil that was mentioned in the commentary and question of the energizer. In particular, the veil that exists between 3rd dimensional reality as opposed to veils that may exist between 4th and 5th, 5th and 6th, 6th and 7th, and so on.


Largely speaking, the only real veil that exists is between the 3rd dimension and the 4th and higher dimensions of reality. This was created as a way of focusing the physical experience that was to be had on the 3rd dimensional reality.

It was a way by which those who entered the 3rd dimension largely forgot their own origins and their own reason for coming into physical existence. This was done so that once a soul aspect entered into physical life they could become completely immersed in the physical life, the physical drama that they were experiencing.


They would not be distracted by thoughts of how it is beyond the 3rd dimension, thus they would stay focused in their 3rd dimensional experience, for there was nothing but the 3rd dimension.

The Christian Concept of "Heaven" and "Hell" is Introduced
Even those who had been given some understanding of that concept which was known as heaven, and parallel to this the concept of hell, still did not truly understand this other than it was a place that they might go to if and when they died, if they had met all of the criteria.


This Christian concept was one of many that were present on planet earth once the individual aspect entered into that state of human consciousness that defined the 3rd dimensional experience.

The Veil of Forgetfulness
Once the individual died, the truth of the matter is that they returned always back to their soul essence, back to their soul family, back into a higher dimensional consciousness.


It is at that time that they are able to review their lives, to look back at the very focused physical experience for its lessons to determine whether they were successful in completing that which they had proposed to experience in the first place.


Often on return back into this spiritual realm, there is the realization that they were not successful in accomplishing the goals that had been set for themselves before entering physical experience.


This is a result of that veil of forgetfulness, because upon entering the physical experience, the memory of the existence before physical life, and even the memory of the purpose of that life, why one entered into the life, are forgotten.

Free Will and Other Choices That Prevent “Destiny”
Part of the criteria of the physical experience is that which is known as free will, thus even though an individual may have as the spiritual purpose the attainment of a higher level of awareness in one’s life, does not mean that this will be accomplished.


Many factors will intervene. That which was the blueprint for the life may never be remembered or discovered. Other choices may be presented.


Fear, doubt, and guilt all may affect an individual’s choices so that they move away from that line that is the perfect line of their own journey, their own development in the physical, and find that they wind up far adrift of that which was their original line of purpose, their “destiny.”

Often "Karma" is the Desire to Get it Right
Thus, when they die and review the life, they may often see how far adrift they were from that goal and that purpose and they may decide at a later point to re-enter physical experience again and to try to attain that which was not accomplished in the first lifetime, or in a lifetime where there was a purpose and a choice that simply was not accomplished.


This, too, is part of that concept that is known as karma. Often karma is the desire to get it right, to have that experience, to achieve the goals that were once set for oneself that were not entirely achieved.

Other energies enter into this, of course. There is that which is the understanding of a lesson that needs to be learned as a result of something done in another lifetime, but largely karma is that desire and intent to get it right, to have the experience and to advance the soul or spirit that was the original intent and design of the soul in the first place.


This veil of forgetfulness is largely in place in that which is between the 3rd and 4th dimensions.


Veils do not exist in the same way that they do in that which is the 3rd dimension, thus between the 4th and 5th dimension there is far less forgetfulness to that which is beyond the 4th to the 5th, or the 5th to the 6th and so on.

Why Would One Choose to Come Into a Life of Pain?
It is primarily between the 3rd and that which constitute the dimensions of consciousness beyond 3rd.


Finally, there is a slight reciprocal action that is occasioned by that which is the veil of forgetfulness to those entities who re-enter the higher states of consciousness, especially the 4th dimension and lower 5th dimensional states.


By this reciprocal action, what this Awareness is stating has to do with an often-asked question that many of the Light Workers ask, and many who contemplate this matter ask. The question is simple enough and usually evolves around that concept of why one would choose that lifetime, why one would choose to come into a life of pain and misfortune, sorrow and anguish, why one would choose to have a negative life.

The realities of the 3rd dimensional level by those who are Light Workers are often seen and deemed to be very harsh and trying, and many Light Workers often state that their choice is that they will never come back, and this is the last time they will return into this physical reality, or any other.

The Nature of the Reciprocal Veil of Forgetfulness
The nature of this reciprocal veil of forgetfulness is that while on the other side, the intensity of that which is the 3rd dimensional reality is largely forgotten.


The overriding connection to the higher consciousness, to the soul, demands experiences of growth and development, and sees the fuller picture that the journey is about expanding consciousness, raising consciousness, and that the difficulties, the hardships of physical reality are often grossly diminished in that spiritual state.


They are not completely remembered, so that those who contemplate a physical experience often do so from that highest level or optimism.

The Reason The Soul Seeks Out the Physical Experience
They have that life goal, that life plan, that lifeline that they wish to accomplish in the physical reality they are about to enter.


Doing so will promote the growth of the soul and advance it tremendously. There is that which is available in physicality that is not available in that which is a purer state of consciousness that is not bound in a physical manner.


It is this intense experience that is desired by the soul for it is a cauldron of intensity that will rapidly accelerate soul growth.


This is known and it is for this reason that the soul seeks out the physical experience, for on the physical plane the journey of consciousness expansion and evolving rapidly is indeed accelerated tremendously.

Thus it is seen of great value to go back into a physical condition and have a physical life and the hardships of that physical life that are experienced by the soul on the journey of life are not even thought of or considered as being of importance. It is from this state of optimism that one can look at a probable life and truly sense and feel and think that they will be able to handle the hardships and difficulties that lie of the other side of the veil.


This is that which this Awareness is referring to when It suggests there is a reciprocal energy of forgetfulness to a degree that exists on the other side of the veil.

If the soul was to have the exact same reaction that often occurs through the entity who is living a physical life, then far less aspects of the soul would choose to come into physical incarnation, for if they understood and felt the pain and remembered even more acutely, then it is more than possible that many would simply not come into the physical experience and they would avoid the crucible or physicality and stay in that more blissful and serene state that is presented to the soul in the non-corporeal states of consciousness.


However, it is the intense desire to grow and expand that drives the soul and causes it to seek out physical experiences, even though they will be intense, and even though they will often challenge the individual to the extreme.

A Difference With Spirit Matthew?

Question: What about the statement of Matthew:

“No, earth is not ascending as two worlds, one that will reach a higher density than the other. Earth a soul with one planetary body and it is rapidly and steadily moving out of the 3rd dimension toward her destination in the 5th.”?

Cosmic Awareness: This concept is held differently by this Awareness. It is not the purpose or the point of this Awareness to justify that which It presents to the readers and the members. It simply presents the truth as it is seen and understood by this Awareness. That which is described by Matthew is that which this Awareness has always called Planet A, the Planet of Ascension.


It is moving forward, and evolving and expanding to that which is the 5th dimensional level of reality, of consciousness. “Reality” is a subjective term.

This Awareness has no disagreement with that comment.


Where this Awareness would see it differently is that in a multidimensional reality there are many aspects to that concept. There are many expressions of individuality. While one form of the planet is indeed moving to the 5th dimension, there are other aspects of Mother Earth/Gaia that are seeking different experiences in different streams of consciousness, in different realities.


Thus it is possible that there might be another stream of reality that could house a reality of a planet that is in crisis, that is deteriorating, that is having an extreme experience that is not uplifting but rather destructive and debilitating.

Planet B is a Planet De-Evolving
This could be that which this Awareness has often described as the experiences of devolution, of a planet de-evolving, of that which this Awareness has called Planet B.


This would also give to that which is the consciousness of the planet a unique set of experiences other than that which is the Ascension experience. It does not invalidate those experiences.


It is simply a different set of experiences, and those who would seek to share those different experiences, those more extreme physical experiences are free to do so, as there are also parts of the soul that would choose to have the higher ascended experience.

Awareness Uses the Image of a Comet to Explain Planet A
The soul can have both experiences as well as the many that lie between the two extremes.


In a conversation that took place between the Interpreter and the energizer before the beginning of the session, the Interpreter used an example that this Awareness was already sending to him, and that was the example of a comet.


This Awareness suggests the image of a comet be viewed as that which had the head of a comet, the body of the comet with a long tail lying behind it, following it, trailing it. The tail of the comet contains many particles of the comet and is dragged along with the comet, and yet they are not entirely of the body of the comet, yet they are part of the comet.

Thus it is that Planet A may have a tail behind her of many different experiences that represent the overall body of experiences. By this, this Awareness is saying that those who are on Planet A may have a unique theme of experiences, that being the Ascension theme, that being a new level of consciousness that defines reality much differently than it once was defined, yet there are others who have not yet progressed far enough along, who while having the desire to experience new realities, are not quite ready to go the distance, to develop and accelerate to the degree that others would.


Thus, they may have part of the overall experience of Ascension, but they may experience their own unique representation of Ascension.

Equally, there may be those who choose to be part of another comet that split off from the original one, having a different set of experiences, and there may be many who choose to be more tied into those experiences, to have those alternative experiences, thus there may be some who choose to fully experience the most extreme expression of a planet that is harsh and difficult in the extremes, and yet they do not wish to have that fullest experience. There may be others who do not want such an extreme experience, but do so still want a physical dominated experience.


Thus, it may be for them to be part of the tail of a comet that allows them to have lesser experiences, but still of that physical nature.

This is simply one image that this Awareness presents. It hopes that this helps people to understand that concept of multidimensional realities that are individual in nature, but still are part of a body or a theme that is present and presented.

Question: And regarding the statement by Matthew: “The physical bodies of her residents who refuse the light that would enable them to accompany her will die, and the souls automatically will go to any one of a number of different worlds, whichever has the same energy make-up of each soul’s lifetime energy registration.”?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness has presented similar information in the past. It has suggested that not everyone will be ready to Ascend, not everyone will have let go of their physicality or their need for a present-day physical experience based on a monetary experience, based on a physical experience, based on a reality that holds tide collective beliefs that an individual may still be attached to. There are many variations of a theme.


Those who have not developed a high enough vibrational energy or that which is often called the Light Body, may simply not be able to withstand the high vibrational sweep of energy that will pass through the planet, over the planet, around the planet at that time of Ascension.

Those who die in the physical will indeed move elsewhere, but where this Awareness would disagree with Matthew is that It suggests that those who “die” in the physical will still return back to their spirit form, their soul essence. They will integrate back into that soul essence, and it is from that place that if there is a desire to move on to another planet that has their soul registry or vibration, that they can make such a choice and can have another experience on another planet.


However, this Awareness would also point out that time as it is understood and experienced on the physical plane does not exist in that which is the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions.

Thus the soul returning back to the Soul Essence may determine and decide that they want another physical experience in that which is known as the past. Thus they may choose to be born again on Mother Earth, but this time at a different vibrational moment, thus experiencing ancient Egypt or experiencing a lifetime on the Polynesian Islands before Captain Cooke arrived, or experiencing a life as a caveman before the dawn of time. There are an infinite amount of options that will be available.


One of the options will even be to experience Planet B and what it may feel like to be on a physical planet that is even more extreme, where there is no connection to that spiritual essence. It is part of the next level of the physical experience, that which will be represented by Planet B to have no spiritual understanding or connection.

There Will Be No Spiritual Connection On Planet B
The present planet always had a spiritual connection.


There was always that trust and belief that there were powers higher, that there was a God or gods.


There have been many variations on that theme. That which is Planet B will have none of this. There will simply be a physical state of existence that is completely tied in the physical circumstances and those who may have power in those circumstances. This would be a completely different and unique experience of a physical form and reality that some souls may wish to experience also, while other fragments or aspects of the soul may be free to have other experiences.

It is a very complex matter, far more complex than is suggested by a simple consciousness form in Mother Earth ascending only to that 5th dimension and that those who would travel with her would have that experience while others would then go to other planets.


This is not quite as evolved in its nature as this Awareness is trying to put out, yet there is a validity to that explanation also, and there are many who choose to favor the Matthew material, for the Matthew material is much more flowery in its descriptions, much more simplistic, yet there is a different way that allows the individuals to indulge themselves in concepts that are not as troubling or as demanding as this Awareness often presents.

This does not make this incorrect. It is simple enough that there is much more to it than what is often presented by Matthew. Matthew is a voice that is often valid, but not always as complex as that which is presented by this Awareness. This Awareness does not disagree with this nor does It disagree that Matthew should be reviewed by those who have interest.


In the end one must always determine for themselves what speaks to them, what speaks to their heart: that which is the truth to them. Many often do not accept that which is presented by this Awareness for it challenges too deeply and is too hard for many to accept.

Many prefer the easier understanding, the more simplistic understandings of perhaps Matthew or others. This Awareness has often spoken that It expects those who take information in to question this information, and to question the source of the information, to not simply believe one thing and one thing only. It has always used these criteria for Its own information that It has presented. It expects the membership to apply these criteria equally to any and all other sources as well.


This of course includes Matthew or any other source.

In the end, it is entirely up to the individual to relate to that which for them makes more sense or touches something deeper in them. If it is the more simplistic information that is provided by Matthew, and this is what works for the individual, then so be it, but be aware that there may be more to it. The objective of questioning still applies so that one can always move forward and be open to any other further information, even if it is not from Matthew, that may more define and declare any and all situations.

This Awareness supports the Matthew material.


It supports the Abraham material, the Tobias material, for all of those sources and others have information, but mostly this Awareness supports each and every individual’s right and responsibility to access the information, to investigate it, to question it, to work it, to experience it, and in the end to make up their own minds and to follow their own hearts, no matter who has given the information.

The Ongoing Battle Between The Dark And Light Forces
(Is This All Part of the Game Plan?)

Question: Awareness has stated that there are approximately 170 billion universes the size of ours, and that our universe alone has trillions of stars and trillions of planets with life on them. Awareness has also stated, and I don’t have this in front of me, that the current battle between the Orion-originated Dark Forces, and the Galactic Federation, Pleiadians, Earth, et al, has been going on for something like over 500 thousand years. Awareness, in the Development Courses has also emphasized the importance of attitudes, such as every being is lovable and the importance of communication. Is this part of the overall game plan that such take place?

Cosmic Awareness: Strictly speaking, there is no “game plan” but rather an unfolding, a constant continual infinite unfolding of that single thought that originated all, that thought of the Prime Source, that thought that sought to know itself and in that thought, in that desire, in that intent, the door was opened for the Prime Source, the Creator Almighty, to commence an action that would have infinite possibilities.


It is as if the Creator Almighty wished to see Itself from various angles and alternate viewpoints, thus It created other versions of Itself, versions that would see It from other angles. It would be Itself, as well as that viewing Itself. It would be both and yet at the same time, would be One with Itself.

An Exercise In Separation of the Creator From Itself
As the intent and desire expanded, it became an exercise in separation, the separation of Creator from Itself. It desired a way of not knowing Itself, of seeking out such an experience of what it might feel like to be separate from Itself, or at least to create the illusion of separateness.


As this began to unfold, there was that which was the unfolding of duality, of the separateness of the Creator from Itself.


All is an expression of the Creator, but in the Grand Experiment of Duality and Separation, an illusion had to be created that there was not a connection, that there were extreme differences between one or another, between that which is black and that which white, between that which is male and that which is female, that which is known and that which is unknown.

This dualistic paradigm became a norm that exhibited itself in large parts of the universe and in other universes, also of different galaxies, of different solar systems on different planets amongst different people and races. Thus, one version of the separation and the dualism was that separation that occurred between those who are part of the Galactic Federation and those who are part of the Orion Empire. For the sake of understanding, one is considered the good, and one is considered the bad.

This is of course relative, for if you were part of the Orion Empire, it would be seen that those who shared such philosophies and thoughts and values as are held by the Galactic Federation would be opposing to the good thoughts, the good way of thinking that is held by the Orion Empire.


It is a matter of perspective, but ultimately, the division between the two sources, even in the length of time this has existed, these 500 thousand years of opposition represent nothing more than Prime Source seeking to understand Itself from two different variant perspectives.

The Creator Gives Free Will to Its Creation to Branch Off
(The Myth of the Fallen Angels Begins)

This is part of the dualism and separation that, when totally lived, will bring to the Creator the variety of experiences that It seeks in order to know Itself totally and completely. It therefore gave free will to Its creation to branch off and to go in new directions.


It asked at one point for a group to choose to go into physical reality and to have physical experiences which further emphasized the separation from the Prime Source, Prime Creator, and thus the myth of the Fallen Angels, the angels who were given the task by the Creator Itself to separate themselves from Source and to put themselves up as ultimate powers, to even challenge the Creator.

This too is very strong in that root consciousness of humanity, that Fall From Grace, that sense that Paradise was once held by all but somehow lost and that in the battle between the angelic forces, separation occurred and the wicked dark ones under Lucifer were thrown down, thus creating Satan and hell and further concepts of separation, all part of the Grand Scheme, all part of that intent by the Creator to create an infinite variety of scenarios, scenes and options so that It would see Itself differently and from those different angles and perspectives that It originally sought to see Itself from, to promote Its knowing of Itself at even deeper levels.

Wormwood Or Tiamat To Appear Soon
(Occupied by the Anunnaki - Reptilians or Cloned Soldiers?)

Question: The planetary body known as Wormwood or Tiamat will soon appear and Awareness has stated that it is occupied by the Anunnaki. Are the Anunnaki the same as Reptilians or a different race? Maybe they are cloned soldiers?


Since Wormwood is occupied by the Anunnaki, is an invasion possible? I doubt if the Reptilians and their allies will give up control of the earth without a fight.

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness first of all wishes to comment that the Anunnaki are those that this Awareness refers to as Orions and Orion allies. There are Reptilians upon the 12th Planet, the Anunnaki rogue planet as it wanders through the solar system and beyond, but basically it is the Orions this Awareness is referring to when It speaks of the Anunnaki and not the Reptilians.


They are part of the empire that is known as the Orion Empire, and a major component to it, but those who originated life on planet earth, those who had the original ties and claims to it as they saw it, were Orion in nature.


The Reptilians came later as enforcers to the plans of the Orions, became their military might and strong arm.

Will The Anunnaki Battle Earth?

Question: Will there be a battle by the Anunnaki or the Reptilians rather, and the inhabitants of earth?

Cosmic Awareness: There will be a fight in a manner of speaking, but that fight is already underway. Much that is occurring at this time on the planet, that battle between those who are in charge, who have control, those who are the Elite, those who are the 13 Families, the Illuminati, the Cabal, the various names that are used, are part of the Orion Empire.


The Reptilians have often been involved as emissaries to their Orion Masters, but strictly speaking, it is the Orion Empire that is in charge.

Most of Humanity Does Not Know That a Battle is Raging Here
The battle is for complete domination and regaining that which the Orions feel was originally theirs, but through the evolutionary process of mankind as well as the interloping by those of the Galactic Federation as seen by Orions that the thinking of humanity has shifted and needs to be brought back into more direct control.


This would be opposed by those who do not feel that the Orions have the right to further subjugate humanity as they have in the past. It is a subtle battle, for most of humanity does not even know that there is a battle raging.


Most of humanity is very much asleep to the truth of who is in charge and in control of the planet, and those who are in opposition are relatively few in number and comprise mostly those who have awakened from the stupor, who have sensed and seen that there is a greater truth beyond that which they have been force-fed since they have been children, even since they have been infants.

The 5% Who Are Awakening Can Change Consciousness
(The Final Goal Needed is 25%)

The battle is more one to awaken those who do not yet understand or perceive the truth of the situation. This ties into that which is the Ascension process, for as the Ascension process proceeds, awareness and consciousness evolves, an awakening is occurring amongst the masses, and more and more are starting to ask certain questions.


The degree of those awakening may seem relatively small to those who are still asleep, but relatively speaking, the 5% who are now awaking represent a significant number of humans who will then have the capacity to change the direction of consciousness. It is not a democratic system where majority rules.

In other words, it will not take the majority of humanity to awaken before deep and profound changes occur which all of humanity must engage in or entertain. Rather it will simply take approximately 25% of all humanity to awaken, for new thoughts and ideas to become available to those who are still asleep.


When this process begins, it will quickly expand and many who have been asleep will awaken to the degree that will allow them to look differently upon the planet.


This acceleration in the awakening of human consciousness is part of the evolutionary process of Ascension into higher states of consciousness.

In the End, 50% Will Choose Not to Evolve
In the end, not everyone will proceed to those higher levels of consciousness.


It is seen that perhaps 50% will still choose not to move forward, not to evolve, and rather retain some semblance of normality as they understand and hold it, thus those do not choose to evolve for one reason or another, be it a soul reason or what could even be called personal reasons, will still experience a physical reality but it may be quite altered from that physical reality that is being experienced at this time by the majority of humanity.

Those who have chosen to move forward will find that the world does indeed change to them and for them to one degree or another, being more spiritually involved and affected than was previously the case, for part of the evolutionary process is that those who choose Ascension will recognize themselves as first and foremost spiritual beings having a physical experience versus the opposite view that is currently held that the beings on the planet, humanity is largely physical in nature, physical beings wondering if they have a spiritual aspect at all, and questioning if they have a soul or if they will even exist after their physical deaths.

That is part of the descended and unevolved level of consciousness that some will hold to, but many will expand their awareness and move on in that continuum of human spiritual consciousness, and will move forward and upward and onward.

There Are Always Upheavals Before Endings
This Awareness wishes to close by stating these are starting to become more and more challenging times for many on this planet.


Those who have an awareness and understanding know that this is indicative of the upheaval that is coming, but it is also indicative of that which this Awareness calls the Ascension process. It must always be remembered that there are always upheavals before endings, so that the ending can initiate a new beginning, a new dawn.


While one must go through upheaval to reach the end, to reach the threshold that one must walk through in order to be reborn into that which lies beyond, one must not simply be caught up in the upheaval. One must always look forward. One must always see that the end goal is that which must be participated in and perceived, that which must be held as the objective so that one moves forward instead of becoming caught up in the standing events of the time.

Being caught up in the standing events, of believing them, of energizing them, of endorsing them will simply entrap one in those difficult times. The journey itself may be difficult enough without becoming entrapped in the energies that are flowing in the world at this time, the negative flow, the upheaval.


One needs to use these energies in a new way as indicators of the change and movement that is happening and to feel the hope behind these events versus the despair, the doom and the gloom, for these are what will be most promoted by those who have charge of the publication and sanctioning of these events.

It is hoped by those who are in charge that many will fall victim to the doom and gloom, will fall victim to the negativity and the fear and in the end will be much more easily controlled and manipulated.


Those who have a greater understanding of the actual events on the planet at this time, who can see through them and beyond them will be able to navigate their way in these troubled times and will reach that threshold, pass through it, and emerge on the other side, the other side where this Awareness awaits to welcome them.

Don’t Deny Or “Run Away” From Unfolding Events Now Beginning
(More on the Ascension Process)

Question: Does Awareness have any additional comments for the readership concerning any of the current news events presently active or previously discussed?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness wishes to indicate how important it is now to not run away from the events that are beginning to unfold at an accelerated rate. By “run away,” this Awareness is suggesting that a common way of dealing with unfavorable and unsavory events is to deny them, and to pretend they are not happening, and to run away from them, while still holding a view that in denying events, there is nothing bad that can occur.


This is a delicate area because this Awareness has often spoken of the need to make one’s beliefs in a way that will be favorable to a positive outcome. This Awareness is not speaking against this, nor is this Awareness suggesting that the creation of one’s beliefs cannot happen while one is not paying attention to the events that are unfolding in the world around them.

A Delicate Tightrope That Needs to be Walked
It is a delicate tightrope that needs to be walked, where one can perceive and understand the unfolding events around one and see the situation for what it is, and yet still choose to energize a positive outcome to events that are unfolding.


One could watch the news, even the negative and slanted reporting of the news and still not be totally at the effect of the news if one learns how to embrace that which is unfolding as part of the scenario that is indicative of that which is the Ascension process unfolding.


The Ascension process has not only that powerful and positive effect on many souls who are already ascending to a higher reality and higher dimensional consciousness, it also has as part of the scenario of events, the unfolding of the negative events, of those controlled events that one must be able to read in order to truly be aware of what is going down.

The Unfolding Negative Events NEED to Unfold
By being aware that those events that are unfolding are exactly the events that need to unfold, that are also part of the Ascension process, one is given a way by which to gauge the progress, both on the worldly level as well as the personal level.


As long as one engages in a negative fearful manner to those unfolding events, it is an indicator that one is not totally separated from those events, and does not truly and deeply believe that even while those events are unfolding that they will not affect and impair the individual who is viewing the unfolding events, nor those close to that individual, for in the construction of one’s truth and reality one can include loved ones as well, but this must be done with the complete and total understanding that each individual expression of the soul, each aspect of the soul in an individual form or body has the right to bring their own reality, so that even though you might create that image that will include loved ones in your Ascension process, there must be a willingness to accept, if and when those loved ones, those friends and families choose a different route than your own.

The Needless Fear of Losing Your Loved Ones
This is also part of being able to look on the events that are occurring without being wrapped up and entrapped by them.


Many are fearful that they will lose their loved ones, forgetting that even if there is a physical demise, those loved ones will not disappear, they will simply carry on in spirit form, returning back to their spiritual source and essence, and that all are ready to shift in such a manner, aside from those who may wish to endure the physical hardships and extremes that will exist at that shifting point where the planet itself also experiences a physical event.

Don’t Wrap Yourself in New-Age Fluff - A Very Real Shift in Consciousness is Occurring
Thus it is that this Awareness is trying to say that it is imperative now not to cocoon oneself in illusionary New Age fluff, but to be down to earth and aware and understanding that there is a transition happening: A very real shift in consciousness is occurring.


To hold to one’s higher views and values, even those New Age views and values which are very deep and profound and spiritual in nature, but to also accept that in the shift of consciousness that there are going to perhaps be events that you cannot totally control, for in the sense of total control, one must have the highest level of consciousness and awareness.

Many will not reach this extremely high level of consciousness, but they will have reached a high enough state of consciousness that on the whole, they will Ascend and their journey of continuing to expand their consciousness will continue on the other side of the Ascension veil, the point of Ascension.


This Awareness welcomes more questions on this matter, for it may be a difficult concept to truly embrace and embody: how it is that one can be cognitive and aware of those events that are unfolding, even those negative events, and vet still hold a powerful and positive belief that one will pass through these events relatively unscathed and will participate in the Ascension process.

Has Planet A Already Ascended?
(How the Law of Attraction Is Needed At This Time)

Question: Concerning the coming Ascension of the consciousness of the Planetary Deity to Planet A, is this coming 4th and 5th Density Earth Planet already completed or “made,” only awaiting the arrival in consciousness of ascending humans from our world, and other worlds when the time is right, or is this Risen Earth, or Eden still being created and perfected at this time?

Cosmic Awareness: That which must be understood, to understand the answer this Awareness is prepared to give at this time, is that both conditions exist.


There already is a planet that exists on the 5th plane that is the Ascended Planet. It exists in form and thought, but at the same time, there is the evolving of the planet towards this higher stage of consciousness that the planet is ascending to. In a manner of perception and understanding, it must be understood that there needs to be a form or a template that exists on some level that will attract to it the evolving form, that which is the planet in Ascension.


It is the basis of the Law of Attraction that for something to be attracted, there must be something that attracts that which is being attracted.

Creating With the Treasure Map or Vision Board
This is the nature of the vision board that is spoken of in the book and DVD The Secret.


This is the nature of the Treasure Map that this Awareness has presented to the membership in past times, and the process of making a wish.


To create the form, the thought and to hold it will attract to that form thought, the object of attraction. In this case, the form thought is large indeed: the evolution of an entire planet, the logos and consciousness of an entire planet ascending to its own higher state of consciousness. It is not dependent on human beings reaching a level of consciousness for this to occur, for the planet will ascend, whether or not any of the beings of human consciousness ascend with her.

She is fully aware that there are many that are gauging her progress, that are evolving themselves and that will be part of the Ascension process. There is an energy that is being created on the planet that will assist those who are moving in this direction, will help them and accelerate them as the actual date of the completion of Ascension draws nearer and nearer.


She is aware of this factor, but she is also aware that there are many who will not reach that level that is needed for those who will ascend to ascend, so she will not limit herself only to those who ascend.


She will not hold back because not enough have reached such a level. In other words, she is also aware that there will be those humans who have not reached a higher enough level of consciousness.

A Majority of the Human Population is Not Ready to Ascend
She is aware that this will represent a majority of the human population.


Her journey, Mother Earth’s journey, Gaia’s journey is separate to the evolutionary process of the human race, and yet it also embraces it. It is part of the journey, her journey, as well as the journey of the spiritual evolution of humanity.


Therefore, she does not hold back her spiritual evolution, waiting for all of humanity to reach that level of consciousness that would be the marking point that would allow the individual to ascend, but in fact, realizes that not all will complete the journey at this time. Still, she emanates through the Ascension process the energies that will assist many to break through the barriers that limit them and hold them back.


Thus, in her own way, she is also assisting those many who will ascend with her to whatever degree that they will participate and ascend.

The Options For Those Who Choose Not To Ascend

Question: My understanding is that the vast majority of humanity, whether incarnated or in spirit, are choosing not to Ascend, but to experience more 3rd density Planet B-type density in their incarnations instead. My understanding is that most all such entities will be shifted in spirit, to other physical planets in our galaxy to continue their evolution and karma, and they will not just stay with the earth. Is this correct?

Cosmic Awareness: To a degree, this is indeed correct. It is the honoring of the eternal soul and its need to have multiple experiences on all levels and dimensions. This is occurring at this very time and has always occurred.


Thus it is that an individual aspect of the soul that seeks a physical experience chooses a time frame in which to have that experience, chooses the fellow participants in that experience who will be mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, teacher, or whatever else will be required in that physical sojourn, and even will choose the peoples they are born into, the society, the country and the economic factors as well as a thousand other factors that will define the physical journey.

Thus it is that the billions of human beings that are on this planet, all aspects of the soul, have chosen this time, and this experience. They have come onto the planet knowing that they enter an extremely delicate time, an important time, the time of Ascension, and that they wish to absorb the energies that are available to them during this time.


Some will choose to have the experience that they can ascend with the planet at this time. Some will choose to have a separated experience that will not include Ascension, but will at least be open to the energies of Ascension so that in another incarnation they will be more prepared for their own Ascension process.

Those Who Are Completely Ignorant of the Ascension Energies

Others will choose to be completely ignorant of even the Ascension energies that will be developing on this plane more and more as Ascension draws nearer, and instead will have a purely physical experience separate to the Ascension experience, and yet others will choose to have a declining experience, one where they are drawn further and further away, even from a spiritual understanding, for their choice is to experience only physical reality with no connection to a spiritual understanding or a spiritual awareness.


These are the ones that may choose to weather the cataclysms that are to come so that they go into a more primal and primitive experience of the physical that will exist after the completion of the Ascension event.

Many Will Reincarnate in Other Times Past or Future

There are many realities that are chosen and experienced.


Thus it is that even those who will not ascend, those who will not progress and instead will die and return back to the fabric of their soul will have the opportunity, as has always been the case, to pick another physical reality or dimension or planet to have another physical life or experience.

Included in the choices they would have would be a return to this very planet at another time frame, another time point, and thus they might have a physical experience in Egyptian times. They might choose to have an experience in ancient China, or in the Himalayas. They might choose to come back on the island of Tahiti in the middle ages and have a unique experience of that culture at that time. There is no limitation in terms of time and space.


They can choose to incarnate anywhere. Once again, this is the choice of the soul and each choice is unique and individual.

Does Human, Animal And Plant Life Continue Here After Ascension?
(Will the Present Reincarnational Cycle End?)

Question: Are third density human, animal and plant life going to continue here after the Ascension? If so, for how long? I ask this because I do not see our planet’s vast life systems as continuing the present reincarnational cycles as Planet B on this literal earth planet.

Cosmic Awareness: The literal earth planet, that which this Awareness has labeled Planet B, is only one of an infinite amount of possibilities.


In one way of speaking to this issue, it could be understood that there will be a continuance on this planet in a way that allows for a logical progression of the planet without it being destroyed and without those who wish to ascend having such an experience.


It would then become a parallel planet earth that had another choice and another direction. There are as many different choices as there are human beings. In other words, each individual is free to experience a different reality.

Each creator being has the ability and power to dream their own dream. What occurs often is that many will share a particular dream and will have a common experience. Because the events will be very profound and powerful in and of themselves, many will experience these profound times and have a common experience that is such that they will share with others a reality that is defined on this experience.


Many may have the experience of those solar energies sweeping through the planet creating cataclysm and chaos, and many will choose to check out, to leave the planet at that time, experiencing that which would be understood to be physical death. Others may not choose to have such an experience and will choose a parallel life, a parallel experience on a planet that may not experience such an event.

This Awareness has spoken of the power of choice in the past and how for every choice made there is a parallel line of focus and consciousness that will carry on with that opposite choice that was made.


For many, it is an unconscious choice and they are being driven by their own destiny and choices made in spirit form to have a particular experience of the chaos of this time, or the Ascension of this time, or the destruction of this time. This is a very complex area to understand, and yet this Awareness feels that this must be presented for it is important for all creator beings to understand how powerful they are and how they can choose alternate realities to experience, if that is their wish.

These alternate realities will indeed occur, for such is the power of choice, such is the nature of consciousness that there are many variations on the theme, all of which will be experienced by one or more aspects of consciousness.

The truth is that there are two major themes that are developing which will guide the individual soul aspect towards one theme or another. The primary theme this Awareness has spoken of is that which is called the Ascension theme, the ascending of consciousness through a physical journey to regain its conscious awareness of its true self.


Thus, each aspect of the soul, each individualization of the soul that is having a human experience ultimately will seek to understand itself as more than just a physical human being, but as a transcendent being that has chosen to have a physical experience, and Ascension is simply remembering this and waking up to this, and returning back to their higher level of conscious awareness where they will continue their journey.

That which is not the theme of Ascension, that which is the theme of physicality and the separateness of the physical from spirit, will seek even the most extreme experience on this theme, that of total separation and remembrance of any spiritual aspect. They will not remember that they are transcendental beings transcending physicality to discover their spirituality.


They will see and know themselves only as primal physical beings who must struggle in a world that is devoid of any spiritual understanding or awareness. They too will eventually die in such a life and awaken to the truth of their spiritual being and remember that it was their choice to separate themselves from their own spiritual source and to have this extreme physical experience.


But in the end, this too is but a theme among an infinite amount of themes that are available to the soul to experience and to bring back to that which is the Almighty Godhead, the Source and Creator of All.

Why Most Souls Chose This Restricted Planet?

Question: Is it correct that the vast majority of souls assigned to our planet have chosen this type of restricted-consciousness world (in its present non-ascended form) because they/we failed to ascend in the normal cycle or planetary evolution on their original home worlds, and thus needed extra third-density experience earth offered?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would agree to this individual’s first half of his statement. This is indeed a choice to be experienced and to have as a foundation of further experiences, but this Awareness would not agree to the latter part of the statement that seems to indicate that coming onto this planet is more the result of a failure to achieve a result on a home planet.


This is not how it works. It is true that each and every individualized soul that would choose to have a physical experience, indeed any experience on any level of consciousness, does so for the choice of having the experience and the experience of having a physical life where there is no remembrance of one’s spiritual nature is simply one of many choices.

Even though one may have a purpose in life, often this purpose is not achieved, and therefore, when the individual soul returns to its greater soul fabric, it sees and recognizes that it did not quite achieve the goals. That individual soul may determine it wishes to return to another physical experience carrying on that theme so that it might have a new chance to achieve the goals that it had set the first time but had not quite managed to achieve.


This is not a punishment. This is simply a choice. It is as if the theme that was wished to experience was not fully realized, and therefore, there is a desire of the soul to continue on and have another experience and hopefully to achieve the understanding of the purpose of that life.


Again, if it fails once more, it can re-choose another theme.

Living a Cluster Life is Explained
(Abandoning Children for Example)

There is that which this Awareness would call cluster lives, lives that have a theme and are lived in a cluster around that theme so that one may experience various aspects and elements of the theme. Thus it is that if in one life one wishes to experience abandonment, one might experience a life of being abandoned as a child.


Another life might be a life where the person is the one who abandons the children and the wife. Another life might be that of a wife who has had her husband abandon her. These are all the cluster lives around the theme of abandonment and this also has an effect when one is discussing the successful resolution of a theme or a life.

When one has not quite understood the theme, one will come back in another aspect of that theme to experience from another angle until that understanding of abandonment is truly achieved on all levels, from all angles and all perspectives. There is no punishment. The souls who live on this planet are not here because they failed on another planet to achieve some goal.


It is simple enough that if they did not achieve it they have the choice to visit another form of that experience, another level of that experience, and to have further experiences.

Why Many Souls Have Entered Knowing They Can’t Ascend

Further to this, this is a very unique time in human consciousness.


Many souls have chosen to enter at this time, even though they have realized they will not achieve enlightenment and Ascension in this life, but they will experience even in a secondary manner the energies of Ascension, of a planet ascending, of a mass-amount of individuals ascending, and this knowing will then be held in the soul and provide perhaps a new theme to strive for: the theme of Ascension.

What The Planetary Deity Planned
(Mother Earth Will Not Abandon Supporting Life)

Question: Is the planetary Deity merely adding full consciousness 4th and 5th Density Life to her 3rd Density karma, or is she shifting Her Support to the new Densities, and withdrawing from support of 3rd dimensional life as we have known it here?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would suggest it is the former rather than the latter. She is simply shifting her own consciousness, but that which remains, that which would be an alternative Mother Earth, Gaia, will continue to support life in one way or another.


Even that which is Planet B will continue to support life at subterranean levels, even though apparently most of the life on the surface will have been destroyed. It is not that there is going to be an abandonment of Gaia’s capacity to support life, but rather simply a changing of that role to those who need to have a different experience.

Does Ascension Mean Not Going Through A Physical Death?

Question: Does Awareness mean by the Ascension an uplifting into higher spiritual dimensions without the necessity of going through physical death? Does this mean a process that happens individually when entities are spiritually ready, or imply the possibility of large numbers of qualified people in Group Ascension? Or perhaps both? For some others who do die before 2012, will they be able to ascend from inner levels?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness indicates that there will be an uplifting of consciousness, but equally, it could be perceived as an explosion of consciousness into a higher state, a higher awareness. In this higher state, a duality of form will be achieved. By ‘form’ this Awareness is indicating that it will be possible to have earthly physical experiences while remembering one is totally a Creator Being, a spiritual being having this physical experience.

When one has had enough of a physical experience, one can choose to blink out, to return into their more ethereal state and have their more spiritual experience and be in a higher level of bliss.


This conscious choice to either experience a physical form and have physical experiences or reside in spiritual form and have those higher spiritual experiences will entirely depend on that individual aspect of soul’s choice in the moment and needs in that moment. It will be a truly liberating form of experience that will see the blending of the concepts of heaven and earth being united and being one.

There will be no need for that process of physical death any longer for each soul and each individual aspect of the soul will have the total understanding that it can choose one form or the other whenever it wishes. At this time, due to the parameters of belief that exist on this planet, those rules and cosmic laws that were formulated to dictate life on the physical 3rd dimensional planet, there was no room for actual choice to move in between both states or forms of consciousness.


It was agreed that the parameters of existence on this physical planet that at this time exists would not allow the jumping back and forth between physical form and spirit form unless one had reached a level of high consciousness and high awareness.

A Collective Ascension for Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc.

Thus it is that the Ascension process on an individual basis has always been available throughout the long history of this planet.


Very few have obtained it, but occasionally great avatars such as the historical figures known as Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or others who are lost in the annals of time have achieved individual Ascension, but this has all been party to a Group Ascension, a Collective Ascension, where many have reached a high enough level through many incarnations and many experiences to proceed in a group manner through that higher expanded consciousness.

This is part of the difference in this Ascension process to that which is individual Ascension.


Others will spur those who are close or ready to this Ascension and it will expand even more as the time grows closer to the completion of the Ascension process, at that time that is commonly held as December 21, 2012.

December 21, 2012 Marks The Completion Of The Ascension Process, Not The Beginning

Question: The coming group Ascension process on Earth around 2012 and thereafter may involve two kinds of portal workers: inside and outside. After everyone goes through the opened portals to ascend, some will come back to 3D Earth to help escort others through the portals. These are the outside portal workers. The 3rd dimension will still exist outside of the portals.


The journey and job of the outside portal workers is basically communicating and coordinating with those who must come through the portals with those already in the 4th dimension or the 4th light. Is this correct?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness wishes to answer this first part, for there is a very important aspect that must be present here. In the preceding question, this Awareness said and It now repeats that December 21, 2012 will mark the completion of the Ascension process, not the beginning.


There will be further work done afterwards, but this will be somewhat separate to the Ascension process that is currently underway. This is the time of Ascension, yet these times are more commonly known as the End Times. This Awareness is very much asserting here that the End Times are also the Ascension Times., and that December 21, 2012 marks the completion of this journey.


That which will continue afterwards will be different than that which precedes that Ascension.

Jobs Of The Portal Workers

There will be those who will help from the other side, those who are already in the higher-aspect levels of the 4th dimension and lower 5th dimension have agreed to do this work of guiding those through the portal that will make itself available and the variations or portals, for it is not seen that there is only one portal.


It is as if there are many portals that altogether will allow the individual to transit through that portal to the higher dimensional levels. They will comprise together that higher-level portal which already is at a higher level of consciousness.

There are also the inside workers, those Light Workers that are on the planet at this time, who have held the line for humanity, who have taken on much at this time to allow the Ascension process to proceed from this side, from this angle of reality.

Can You Take Your Dogs and Cats With You?

Question: The inside portal workers who enter the portals will stay inside and will not return through the portals. Their main role will be to act as teachers and set up various councils. Everyone will be telepathic, but at different levels, some better than others at first until their understanding and awareness grows.


People who enter the portals to ascend may be taking their willing families, children, dogs and cats, etc. in this group ascension process to the 4th dimension. Your comment please?”

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness will speak to the latter part of this comment first.


It spoke earlier that it must be recognized that not all those who are close to an enlightened being will themselves ascend, so while the suggestion is made that while those individuals transiting through the portals will be able to take their family with them, this is only to the degree that each individual member of the family, or even the household pet, the dog or the cat, may wish to go through.


If they do not wish to do so for they have another agenda, another purpose, then even though the individual who is ascending would love to see his family, friends and significant others pass through with them, they will not always do so.

One must be prepared for this and truly understand that they are honoring the highest spiritual essence of the being for they allow that which is the individual right of the being to say Yes or No to this experience.


In a manner of speaking, they do not actually allow it, they acknowledge it, for it is not theirs to allow an individual to have a certain experience, however it is imperative that those who have developed those higher levels of consciousness acknowledge the right of each aspect of each individual to choose their own destiny, even if it is not one that the individual would see as a particularly enlightened choice. It is simple enough.


Each individual will choose for himself or herself what it is that they wish to experience.

Question: Would it be correct to say the inside portal workers who enter the portals will stay inside and will not return through the portals?

Cosmic Awareness: This is not correct. This may apply to many who finely enter the portal and feel their work is complete and done.


There will however be others who will enter the portal bringing many with them, and yet feel obligated to return back into physical incarnation to help others who are still struggling to reach this level of consciousness that will allow them to ascend themselves.

Some Guides Will Simply Die by Example to Help Others

Also, it is not so that all those who are inside workers will necessarily be involved in creating councils or other activities of this nature. Some will. Others will simply be guides to those who are in the process of ascending.


They may guide through being a teacher and teaching these individuals what is happening, but more often than not, they will simply die by example, and thus it is that they will help individuals who are ready to Ascend, make the choice to do so.

There are very many different roles that the inside workers will fulfill.


There are many inside workers who at this time are very frustrated with their roles for they do not see much happening at this particular moment, and yet they are still doing work at the deeper levels of consciousness, even if they are not fully aware on a conscious waking level what actions and activities they are involved in, in that which is the unconscious level of activity, that which occurs while the Light Worker is asleep and free of the physical body and physical incarnation.

Many Lightworkers Now Bored With Their Lives Are Much Involved in Unconscious Levels of Activity

Many of the Light Workers who are bored with their lives, frustrated with their lives, uncomprehending of their role or purpose are very much involved in such hidden unconscious work, and these too are inside workers, Light Workers who are active at this time without their full understanding of what they truly are doing.


This is added to help many who are in this role to understand that even though it may appear that they are not doing anything and nothing seems to be happening, it does not mean that nothing is happening.


It simply means that they have not yet reached that timing where they will become more cognizant of their own activities and move into a more conscious choosing of then-activities with a perception of the work they are doing, an understanding and a viewing of that work and a seeing that it is indeed all happening just as they felt and dreamt it would.

One Third Of The Planet Will Have An Ascension Experience
(Is It God’s Plan That Entities Ascend?)

Question: Not all on Earth will choose to make the Ascension to the 4th dimension during these times of great change. It has been suggested that approximately 2 billion will ascend, about 4 billion will not. Choices are honored without judgment and all are loved and other opportunities will be provided in God’s plan for humanity. Is this so?

Cosmic Awareness: There are elements that are correct, and elements that are slightly off the mark. It is not God’s Plan as to who will be dealt with and taken care of if they choose not to ascend at this time, but rather each individualized soul’s choice.


They all will eventually return back into the Essence of the Godhead, bringing their gifts, their presence, their experiences on the many levels of consciousness that exist, back to that which is the God Force, the Godhead, All Mighty God, Creator and Source of All, but it is not God who will make these choices and then reward them if they did not choose to ascend at this time, nor will It punish them either.

This is again the individual choice of each individualized soul aspect. The first part is correct that not all will ascend to the 4th and lower 5th dimensional levels. However, this Awareness would not be bold enough to state in such temporal terms exactly how many will ascend and how many will not. It seems to be a human predisposition to have a numerical amount so that it can be better understood and envisioned.


This Awareness simply wishes to say a larger amount will not choose to ascend in that which is the Group Ascension at this time, for they have not completed their rounds of experiences on physical levels and other levels that they wish to have before they are ready to ascend.

It is correct enough to say that approximately one third of the planet’s population will have an Ascension experience and that less than one third will continue to have an extreme physical experience on that which is Planet B and that those who are left will in all likelihood die in a physical manner so that they are returned back into the essence of their being.


The percentage of those who will have the physical experience is much less than a third, it is perhaps one eighth of the planet’s remaining population. This Awareness will not bother citing actual amounts of people this will apply to.


It leaves it at this ratio and is now complete with this answer.

The Explosion Of The Ascension
(No Sickness To Appear In The 4th Dimension)

Question: As people who ascend go through the portals, their physical body is cleansed, their electrons and metabolism is adjusted, their heart realigned and their brainpower is expanded into 4th dimensional levels. As the physical body in-lightens itself, cells of the body go through some drastic positive changes.


The cell mitochondria become four times as big as they are now in 3D. Although some will bring their existing 3D illnesses with them when they go through the portals, once inside there will be no sickness in the 4th dimension. New understandings and 4th dimensional healing will bring balance and new peace as awareness of the Christ within grows on different levels. Comments?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness largely agrees with that which has been stated. It would put it perhaps in slightly different terms. The entire body, the cellular structure of the body, indeed each and every cell will also experience the explosion of Ascension, and will indeed ascend themselves.


There is a collective nature to that which is the physical body that is based on the various organs, cells and systems working together to create and sustain life. As the Ascension process happens and the being advances into a higher state of consciousness, 4th and even 5th dimensional awareness, this will radically affect the body in a way described by the questioner.

This Awareness therefore agrees that basically this individual is correct in the description of the process that will occur to the human body, however this Awareness will also add that many are already experiencing physical shift and changes. Many are already experiencing their bodies in a state of flux.


Many are already experiencing a body that has an understanding of Ascension and is responding to it in physical ways.

The Reason Some Put On Excessive Physical Weight

The Interpreter recently received an e-mail from a colleague and friend that was put out by an ascending being who expressed her dissatisfaction with her weight and she was unhappy that part of the Ascension process seemed to be the putting on of weight beyond that which she was used to.


This too is part of the Ascension process and is something that has happened to certain of the Light Workers who have agreed to carry a heavier weight of the world’s consciousness in these very difficult times, and in order to transmute some of the negative energies of consciousness that are in existence these particular Light Workers had to have a heavier denser body that was more grounded that would allow them to transmute some of those negative energies.

Those of the membership who have experienced their own weight issues of late, will fully understand and recognize what this Awareness is speaking of. Part of the transformational process for these individuals will be the loss of this weight when that task of transmuting and transforming the negative energies on the planet are done and complete. Their bodies will restore themselves and find their most perfect weight and their most perfect equilibrium of health and wellness for they will be going through that accelerated process of self-healing and self-adjustment.


This too is part of the Ascension process and the shifting of the physical body into its purer form, its more perfect form.

A Danger Of Being Trapped In The 4th Dimension So Go For The 5th Instead

Question: There are other sources who suggest that people should be careful about ascending to the 4th dimension, because there is a danger of being trapped on that level, and ultimately some may have to reincarnate back to the 3rd dimension in new bodies to finish the wheel of karma necessary before making their Ascension.


They suggest people should ascend to the 5th dimension and avoid the 4th dimensional traps entirely. Comments?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would agree with this, and It has always stated the upper 4th dimension and the lower 5th dimension. It is in the 4th dimension that what are known as the Bardo levels exist, and it has always been understood by those arcane mystery schools that the 4th dimension can entrap the soul. It is also the 4th dimension that contains that which is the Christian concept of Purgatory, a place where the soul is held in order to cleanse the soul sufficiently so that it might go on and achieve heaven or Celestria.


Therefore, there is some truth in this warning, however this Awareness would add that most of those who are involved in the Ascension process are deeply aware of this and the workers who will guide them, both the inside workers as well as the outside workers as defined in the questions just presented will carry those ascending beings past those levels of entrapment of the lower and middle 4th dimensional levels to the freer levels of the higher 4th dimension as well as those who are even more advanced, through that which is the 5th dimension and particularly the lower strata or bubbles of the 5th dimension.

Therefore, this Awareness does not totally agree that there is danger to simply go into the 4th dimension, for it is seen that the Ascension process and the assurances that are also placed on this process of those ascending at this time is such that the ascending ones will go straight through to those places of safety in the higher 4th dimension and lower 5th.

Closing Message From Cosmic Awareness

As long as all continue on the journey and put their goal ahead of them, and that they are seeking the highest expression of themselves, seeking a true understanding and awareness, they will continue in the Ascension process.


It is also to be understood that those who are in the Ascension process have been involved in many lifetimes to get here. It is not simply the result of being born at this time, living only this life, and deciding that this thing called the Ascension process would be rather neat to do, and thus one will become ascended.

The Ascension process is the result of many lifetimes of intense experiences and the seeking or one’s spiritual self, and the expansion in one’s spiritual consciousness. At this time on this plane of existence, more enlightened beings and old souls are available to this, and have worked to come here at this time.


Those who are what are commonly called new souls have not the background yet for them to ascend although many have come onto the planet at this time to have a secondary experience of the energies of Ascension as it prepares them on their journey of many incarnations to reach their own final Ascension when it is their time.

Therefore, as long as all understand that to be aware of Ascension and the possibility of Ascension is also to understand that those who have this Awareness have worked hard to get here and that they will also ascend to the level and the degree that they are prepared to ascend to and that has been their choice and their purpose.







What is Cosmic Awareness?

Spanish version

A Message from the Editors

Cosmic Awareness is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as channels for what is commonly referred to as “God.” The messages do not come from spirits, ghosts or discarnate entities, but directly from the source - Universal Consciousness.

Early in 1962, a voice expressing itself as Cosmic Awareness began speaking through Ralph Duby, a university lecturer and ex-army officer who had been through the Bataan Death March in Philippines during World War II. The voice spoke whenever the subject was in a state of self-induced trance.

Since that time, much valuable information has come through to us on this earthly plane from a source so high it staggers the imagination. The resulting flow of spiritual knowledge and the means of its practical application are similar to the work of Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous and documented psychics of all time.

When the question was asked of Cosmic Awareness: “What is Cosmic Awareness?” we were told that Cosmic Awareness is the total mind that is not any one mind, but is the Universal Mind. It does not represent any unit other than that of complete and total Universality. We were told that we are all part of Cosmic Awareness and that we all have that God-cell within that can be contacted. No need to run off to psychics or priests or spiritual mediators.

Cosmic Awareness said that you can channel Cosmic Awareness, too. Everyone can.

From Cosmic Awareness, we have learned from the tens of thousands of readings It has given, that It has many names. Some call it God, Jehovah, the First Cause, the Great I AM, All That Is, etc., but Awareness has said It is not a single entity, not the anthropomorphic concept that It was often defined to be by most religions.

It has defined Itself as Beauty, Purity, Concentration - and above all, Truth or “What Is.” It has called Itself anti-matter, pure space, pure nothingness that is everything and the everything that is essentially nothing. It has described Itself as being that which is next to that which does not and cannot speak because it is the highest form of energy in the universe.


It corresponds to the highest impersonalized concepts of God - the Clear Light. It has said that as it speaks through a modern-day interpreter now, in the past It has spoken through the great avatars: the Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Jesus, Krishna and others who served as Its channels.

Cosmic Awareness has made Itself quite clear that It is not an entity, a disembodied spirit or anything of that nature. Awareness is pure energy - pure everything - or the natural God. Cosmic Awareness is that Universal Consciousness that permeates all living things in the universe, that sees all and experiences and discerns “what is” with-out judging or condemning. It is the Cosmic River of Life, the Stream of Consciousness, the Eternal Essence of Being, the Divine Spirit.

All consciousness springs from the same river of life - the Universal Life Force. Cosmic Awareness is not a personality, but a force that is personal in nature. The name Cosmic Awareness is unlikely to become confused with any “personality” who channels or expresses this force, avoiding any form of worship toward that person. It can be experienced by anyone who goes deep enough within oneself to touch that level of Cosmic Awareness.

Cosmic Awareness is the sea of life that not only fills our cells with living energy, but fills the air we breathe and the space between galaxies and the molecules. It is the living universe.


Like water filling a sponge, Cosmic Awareness fills the spaces between molecules atoms and subatomic particles, and binds them all together into one gigantic Universal Being. Like cells in a microcosmic body, we blend together as souls in a macrocosmic body whose consciousness is Cosmic Awareness.

The communications have reduced what a true religion should be to the simple fundamentals of service to one another. “God” is revealed as a universal set of cosmic laws, not a personal deity subject to capriciousness, wrath or vengeance. Cosmic Awareness has taught us that there is no actual “personalized” God, apart from the many that human beings have created; there is no “personalized” Devil apart from the many that men have promulgated. The communications are deeply spiritual, but essentially non-religious and non-secular.

The communications never cease to stress the supreme importance of spiritual life and the necessity for compassion in our dealings with all people. In the messages from Cosmic Awareness, there is to be found the same supreme dedication to helping to ease suffering and tragedy among humanity and a reverence for all life that is the hallmark of the great saints and the teachings of the great religious leaders.

The Philosophy of Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic Awareness has stated that purpose of the information being released is to lead people on earth to find out “Who, In Fact, You Really Are.” This is a key phrase that is repeated many times throughout the tens of thousands of readings and literally millions of words.

There are several interesting aspects of Cosmic Awareness that consistently permeate all of the readings. First, Cosmic Awareness refers to people as “entities” because It indicated that they have all played the roles of being a man as well as a woman. All of us have both a masculine and feminine side, and we decide which role we will play in a given lifetime - whichever sex will provide the best opportunity in that time and place for our soul to “grow” as it evolves back toward its source.

Yes, Awareness explains “reincarnation,” and if the doctrine has never made much sense to you, reading this book may put the subject into a very different light - a light that not only makes sense, but may lead you to wonder how you could have ever thought differently.

Another major theme that runs through all of the Cosmic Awareness readings is that there is no death. None whatsoever. What we call “death” and mourn about is nothing more than a simple transition to another vibratory rate that Cosmic Awareness refers to as the Inner Planes.

During sleep, Cosmic Awareness tells us, we often leave our physical body and travel around the various planes, of which there are many - some high and some quite low. These inner planes are what are generally referred to in various religious teachings as Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Purgatory, etc. We travel to these planes to attend schools, to help others and to basically learn what we need to learn.

One interesting aspect of “death” is that Cosmic Awareness says that we will no longer even have to go through a physical death now that the earth’s spiritual ascension is near - that is, if we don’t want to. Awareness tells us how to reorient our minds to the new concept that “aging” is merely a projection of our own mind, which is playing a tape over and over, over and over, programming and hypnotizing our bodies into get-ting old and disintegrating. Aging can be stopped and Awareness explains how.

As you become familiar with Cosmic Awareness, these concepts and many more will begin to fall into place. Your daily actions will begin to reflect a new philosophy. In-deed, you will find yourself becoming aware of “Who, In Fact, You Really Are.”

Another important concept - and this is very important - is that Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything, not even Cosmic Awareness, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover on your own what the truth really is.


Cosmic Awareness will only “indicate” and “suggest.”

Cosmic Awareness asks not that you sacrifice to It, not that you believe in It, not that you bow down in worship to It, but only that you love one another, serve one another, and that you yourself grow spiritually, become cosmically aware and find out “Who, In Fact, You Really Are.”

Cosmic Awareness tells us that at the time of passing over, which we call death, each and every one of us must answer one, and only one, question (asked by yourself to yourself, not by any sort of spiritual judge):

“How many have you served, and how well?”

We should all consider exactly what we will be able to provide as an answer to ourselves.



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