All the Queen’s forces and all the Queen’s men

In so many ways, the House of Windsor encapsulates almost every element of this story. They are of a Black Nobility bloodline who are knowingly working to the Brotherhood Agenda and when you look behind the facade what you find is very dark indeed. The Windsors are the highest profile reptilian family on the planet and they operate at the heart of the global manipulation.


They are still ‘gofers’ of a kind and not at the very top of the pyramid, but they are close to those who are.

The very coronation of the British monarch reveals the true background to the Windsors and their predecessors. When the Queen was crowned Elizabeth II on June 2nd 1953, all the regalia of the ceremony, the crowns, sceptres, gowns, orb and bracelets, were taken from the Tower of London and kept overnight in the Jerusalem Chamber at Westminster Abbey.


This chamber is where the scholars met to translate the King James ‘authorised version’ of the Bible under the overall supervision of Sir Francis Bacon and Robert Fludd, the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion.1 The British Royal family still hold the copyright for this! The Jerusalem Chamber is panelled with cedar wood brought from the Lebanon because that was the wood said to be used to build Solomon’s Temple. The tapestry in the chamber depicts the Judgment of Solomon. Westminster Abbey, the ‘Christian cathedral’, is in fact a Pagan temple. Even the floor is made of black and white squares like a Freemasonic temple.

At the start of the ceremony in 1953, the Queen sat on the Coronation Chair and under her bum was the Stone of Destiny which Edward I had stolen from Scone (pronounced ‘scoon’) Abbey in Scotland in 1246. The Stone was supposed to have been brought to Ireland from Israel via Egypt and is also known as Jacob’s Pillar or Pillow. I think the basic theme of that is correct, but there is a great deal more to know about the detail and its true significance. The Archbishop of Canterbury turned to the north, south, east, and west (the four points of the Pagan cross) and the congregation shouted “God save the Queen”. This was symbolic of the story in the Old Testament describing the crowning of ‘Saul’ as King of Israel when people shouted “God save the King”.2

This cry can be found eight times in the Old Testament when the Kings of Israel are crowned. The Queen sat in the Coronation Chair holding the Egyptian symbols, a sceptre and a rod. On the top of the sceptre is the Maltese Cross and on the rod is a dove. She also later holds an orb with a Maltese Cross on the top, the same as those used by the Dutch wing of the Black Nobility.


Babylon is now London and Queen Elizabeth is seen by the Brotherhood as a symbolic successor to the legendary founder of Babylon, Queen Semiramis, who was symbolized as a ‘dove’. The Queen was also anointed with oil at her Coronation, the ancient Aryan and reptile-Aryan tradition which goes back thousands of years. The word ‘Christ’ means the ‘anointed one’. The oil at the Queen’s coronation was the same mixture as that used in the ancient Middle East. It was carried in a gold vessel called the Ampulla made in the form of... a dove.3


This is symbolic of the messeh fat used in Egypt by the Royal Court of the Dragon. The anointing at the Coronation is supposed to elevate the monarch to the rank of High Priest, in this case, appropriately, High Priestess of the Church of England as well as head of state.


While this was happening, the Archbishop of Canterbury said:

“As kings, priests, and prophets were anointed: and as Solomon was anointed by Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, so be thou anointed, blessed and consecrated Queen over the peoples, whom the Lord thy God hath given thee to rule and govern...

This is pure Brotherhood symbolism. The ‘Lord thy God’ means the ‘gods’ of the ancient world, the reptilian ‘gods’. The crown used in the ceremony goes back to the time of Edward the Confessor. He was the King of England who built the original Westminster Abbey in 1065 and later the present one was begun by the Templar controlled, Henry III. Edward died in 1066, the very year that William the Conqueror and his St Clair supporters invaded England and won the Battle of Hastings under instructions from the Black Nobility of Venice.


The Coronation Crown is set with 12 jewels along with two depictions of the Maltese Cross which was one of the most prominent symbols of the Nazis. In the Levite-authored Exodus we hear of the Breastplate of Aaron which is set with 12 stones.5 The same stones, in the same order, appear in the British crown.6 The Archbishop placed his hands between the Queen’s to pay homage to the new head of his Church and he kissed her right hand. Then he said:

“The Lord Almighty... establish your throne in righteousness, that it may stand for evermore, like as the sun before him, and as a faithful witness in Heaven.”7

This is almost a repeat of the words used in God’s covenant with David in the Old Testament.8 The ‘Lord Almighty’ was formerly El Shaddai or Ishkur, the son of Marduk, who is claimed to have been the son of the Anunnaki scientist, Enki, the guy who, according to the Sumerian Texts as translated by Zecharia Sitchin, was the one who created the human-Anunnaki hybrids with Ninkharsag. The Windsors are of a Brotherhood-Black Nobility bloodline and the Queen was crowned in a Brotherhood ceremony inside a Brotherhood temple.


This will make sense of what you are about to read.

The Windsor blood

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, or Queen Elizabeth II, is, like all the royal families of Europe, is the bloodline of that pivotal figure in the takeover of Britain, William III, Prince of Orange, the man who signed into existence the Bank of England. She is also blood related to earlier Black Nobility invaders of the British Isles, like William the Conqueror. She is an ancestor of Robert the Bruce, Kenneth MacAlpin, and the Kings of Scotland, and is related to the Irish Kings going back to the ancient coronation ceremonies at Tara. The Queen Mother, formerly Lady Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth) Bowes-Lyon, comes from a seriously Brotherhood-reptilian bloodline, a Scottish aristocratic family which connects with the Bruces, Stuarts, MacAlpin, and down through the Kings of Ireland.


Her father was Claude George Bowes-Lyon, the 14th Earl of Strathmore, and her mother was Nina Celia Cavendish-Bentinck. The wealth and power of many of these lines owes much, sometimes all, to William of Orange and those who controlled him. It was William who made a Bentinck the first Earl of Portland in recognition of services rendered and the second Bentinck/Duke of Portland married into the Cavendish fortune to become the Cavendish-Bentinks, the line of the Queen Mother’s mother. This makes the Windsors blood relatives of the Cavendish family, the Dukes of Devonshire of Chatsworth House. The title Earl of Strathmore was given originally to the Queen Mother’s ancestor, Patrick Lyon, in recognition of his support for William of Orange.9

In short, the ancestors of the Windsors were fundamental in putting the Black Nobility’s William of Orange on the British throne after which the Bank of England and the power of the City of London was firmly established. Queen Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth), through her Hanoverian ancestors, and others, carries the bloodline of the Black Nobility in Germany and all these strands, be they Irish, Scottish, German, Danish, Swedish, whatever, go back via the Black Nobility Venetians through to the Phoenicians, the Egyptians, to Sumer, and the reptilians.


The bloodlines are incredible and Prince Charles can trace three thousand lines of decent alone from Edward III (1312-1377),10 the monarch who formed the Brotherhood grouping the Order of the Garter. Nineteen presidents of the United States have also been related to Edward III11 and therefore the line of Prince Charles. The Windsors even have a blood connection to that Brotherhood stooge, Mohammed, the official founder of Islam.12

William of Orange, William III, died in 1702. He and his wife, Mary, left no heirs and so Mary’s sister, Anne, became queen. Anne was the last of the Stuart monarchs because although she had 17 children by her husband, George of Denmark, she survived them all.

In 1714 the scene was set for the takeover of the British Crown by the German Black Nobility family, the Hanovers. They were closely connected with the House of Hesse which would become the launch pad for the House of Rothschild. The first Hanoverian king was George I. He couldn’t even speak English and refused to learn. He began life as minor German nobility, a great grandson of the infamous James I, and ended it as King of Great Britain.


This guy kept his wife, Sophia, in jail for 32 years for her alleged adultery with the Swede, Philip von Konigsmark, who was never seen again and was rumoured to be under the floorboards of George’s Hanover Palace. George II became king in 1727 and died in 1760 while sitting on the toilet suffering from acute constipation. Yes he died of the shits - or rather the lack of them - and there can’t be many monarchs you can say have literally died on the throne. His grandson became George III, whose reign spanned the American War of Independence and a massive expansion of British power. George IV and William IV followed before we come to Queen Victoria, who reigned as Queen of Britain and Queen-Empress of the Empire from 1837 to 1901.


By this time the British (reptilian) Empire controlled 40 per cent of the Earth’s land mass and more than a fifth of the population. It was the biggest empire the world had ever seen. Victoria married Prince Albert of the German Black Nobility House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and had nine children who married into the other royal families (family) of Europe. Victoria has an image of being very straight-laced, but like the Rothschilds, Winston Churchill, and other apparent pillars of the establishment, she was a frequent user of cocaine and heroin.’3


Drug parties were held at the royal summer residence at Balmoral in Scotland.14 The first son of Victoria and Albert became Edward VII, a Grand Master of English Freemasonry, who reigned until 1910. It was now, during the First World War, that the name of the royal house was changed from the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the House of Windsor. The German name, Battenberg, was also changed at the same time, 1917, to the anglicised, Mountbatten. The only reason for this sudden switch was public relations. The Germans and the British were slaughtering each other in the trenches of northern France at the time.


In 1936 came Edward VIII who abdicated to marry an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, and he was replaced by George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth, and husband to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the present Queen Mother. George died in 1952 and his eldest daughter was crowned Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in 1953. By then she had married a fellow member of the Black Nobility, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, Baron Greenwich, Earl of Merioneth, Duke of Edinburgh.


He was born in Corfu, the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg, the great granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Philip, a Battenberg, took the anglicized version of Mountbatten and, after his marriage to Elizabeth, the British Royal house became the House of Windsor-Mountbatten. Or rather it was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg. This arranged marriage was orchestrated by Lord Louis ‘Dickie’ Mountbatten, Prince Philip’s uncle.


Philip is extremely well represented by Black Nobility (reptilian) genes, one reason why he has found it so irritating to have to walk behind his wife according to royal protocol. The Queen is the great granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Philip is also related to Victoria through his mother. One thing to remember is that the royal ‘families’ of Europe are not families at all, they are one family, offshoots of the same bloodline operating to the same Agenda.

Some will do this more enthusiastically than others, of course, but basically that’s how it works. An example of this is the way Prince Philip’s clan became the royal family of Greece. After British Intelligence had organized a coup against the ‘Greek’ King, Otto I (a German!), and removed him from the Greek throne in 1862, they selected Prince William, the nephew of the Danish king, to become King of Greece.


I know all this sounds ludicrous, but to the Black Nobility this is like a multinational company filling its executive vacancies. Prince William of the Danes became King George I of Greece. (No, you didn’t misread that.) William, sorry George, er, er, yes George, married a granddaughter of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I and Prince Philip is related to seven Tsars. He has massive bloodline connections into Germany and also Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and to most of the royal lines of Europe.


One of his ancestors is Christian, Count of Oldenberg, who died in 1167, and, as I mentioned earlier, one of the two people who founded the European dynasties of the Black Nobility. Philip was in line for the Greek throne when, while he was still a child, another coup removed the Greek monarchy and the family headed for France where he began his education at a private school in Paris.


In the years 1931 and 1932 Philip’s four older sisters married into the German-Austrian aristocracy.

  • Margarita married a grandson of Queen Victoria, the Czech-Austrian prince, Gottfried von Hohenlohe-Langenburg

  • Cecilia married a great grandson of Queen Victoria, Georg Donatus, Grand Duke of Hess-by-Rhine

  • Sophie’s partner was Prince Christoph of Hesse

  • Theodora married Berthold, the Margrave of Baden

Berthold’s father was Max von Baden, the German Chancellor during World War I.


Max von Baden founded a school near Lake Constantine in Germany via his personal secretary, Kurt Hahn, who was trained at Oxford, the Brotherhood’s premier training ground for new recruits. Hahn was head of the intelligence desk at the Berlin Foreign Ministry during the war and was Max von Baden’s advisor at the Rothschild-controlled Versailles Peace Conference. It was to their fascist school in Schloss Salem that Prince Philip was sent to be ‘educated’.


At the time it was under the control of the Nazi Party and Hitler Youth, with Nazi race science’ on the curriculum. It had quite an impact on Philip as we shall see. Kurt Hahn had left before Philip arrived, but he was not finished with the ‘education’ business. Hahn, a fascist to his core, went to Scotland and started the Gordonstoun Academy, the school where Prince Charles was sent to be indoctrinated.

Hahn the fascist also became an advisor to the British Foreign Office. After four years at Hahn’s German Nazi school, Philip was sent to Gordonstoun on November 16th 1937 as the approach to the Second World War gathered pace.15 The British public school system, and its equivalent in the United States and elsewhere, is a vital part of the Brotherhood network. It is the recruiting and training ground designed to turn out either psychopaths or mentally and emotionally broken people who have learned to do exactly as they are told. You have only got to talk with some of those who have experienced it to know what a mind control operation it is.


There are support groups to counsel people who have been mentally and emotionally scarred for life by what happened to them. It is legalized child abuse. In Britain, the children of the aristocracy and wealthy families (and others who know no better) are taken from home at the age of six and dumped at their first boarding or ‘prep’ school. ‘Prep’ means preparation to be indoctrinated. Already they are feeling unloved and frightened as their parents drive away, leaving them in a strange place among strange people. I repeat these kids are just six. Can you imagine the effect of that on a little child?


From the formal, loveless life of prep school they go on to a public school. Eton and Harrow are the most famous and Prince William, the heir to the throne behind his father, Prince Charles, was sent to Eton. At these prep and public schools, the children either conform to the rules, regulations and thought control or they incur the wrath of the black gowns, the men in black. The ‘fagging’ system in which younger boys become slaves to the older ones has encouraged the desire to dominate and control others and introduced youngsters to the ‘joys’ of inflicting pain and torture on others.


A friend of mine who was determined not to be broken by the endless beatings he received from both teachers and older boys, was forced to lie in ice-cold baths in an attempt to break his spirit. It is from these schools, and the Oxford and Cambridge Universities, that the often deeply imbalanced people emerge who enter the positions of financial, political, military and royal power.


The psychopaths among them give the orders and those of broken spirit do as they are told without question, just as they have been trained to do. The lack of female company encourages homosexual activity and many of these people find it very difficult to relate to women. I’m not condemning homosexuality, by the way, everyone to their own as long as they don’t force it on anyone else. I’m just explaining what happens, that’s all. There are some strange goings on at such schools which are designed to affect the minds of the children involved. Sexual abuse is definitely part of that.


Tony Blair, the Brotherhood chosen one who became British Prime Minister on May 1st 1997, attended the public school called Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland, where one of his close friends was the school chaplain, the Very Reverend Ronald Selby Wright, a senior figure in the Church of Scotland. Selby Wright was later revealed to be a persistent paedophile abusing boys at Fettes and elsewhere.16


Blair, who is close to the Windsors, went on to Oxford University and became a barrister at the ancient Inns of Court at Temple Bar in London. The public school system is horrific and schools such as Gordonstoun and Schloss Salem, which Philip attended, are at the extreme end even of that.

Prince Philip’s family were supporters of the Nazi Party and by 1935 Prince Christoph, the husband of his sister Sophie, was a colonel in the SS on Himmler’s personal staff and head of the Forschungsamt, an Elite intelligence operation controlled by Hermann Goering. The Forschungsamt gathered intelligence on Jews and others the Nazis wished to destroy, worked with the Gestapo, and also spied on members of the Nazi Party itself. It was they who carried out the famous Night of the Long Knives when Hitler removed his key opponents. Christoph and Sophie named their eldest child, Karl Adolf, after Adolf Hitler and Prince Philip would be involved in his education.

Christoph’s brother, Philip of Hesse, was related to the King of Italy and he was the official liaison between the fascists of Italy and Germany. At the same time, the British King, Edward VIII, was also a Nazi supporter and Philip maintained communications with him after his forced abdication in 1936. The official reason for this was Edward’s relationship with the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson.


After just 325 days Edward went into exile to the Rothschild mansion in Austria and later settled in Paris. Edward’s Paris home was bought by Mohamed Al Fayed in the 1990s and Diana and Dodi Fayed visited the house on the day they died. One of Edward’s biggest supporters was the fascist paedophile and Satanist Lord Louis Mountbatten, uncle of Prince Philip and Philip’s route into the British Royal Family. Mountbatten was a great grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and was born at Windsor Castle in 1900.


While Mountbatten (Battenberg) was apparently fighting on the British side during the war, he was maintaining communications with his, and the Windsors’, German clan via his sister Louise, the Crown Princess of Sweden and wife of King Gustav. Louise was Prince Philip’s aunt. At the end of the war, in June 1945, the British king, George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth and husband of the Queen Mother, sent the former MIS officer, Anthony Blunt, to the Kronberg Castle of Philip’s sister Sophie, and her Nazi husband Prince Christoph of Hesse, to recover correspondence between the British Royal family and their Nazi relatives.17


Blunt was the ‘Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures’ and a world expert in the paintings of Poussin, the initiate who painted pictures called The Shepherds Of Arcadia which very much related to the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau. Blunt was exposed as a member of a ‘KGB’ unit inside British Intelligence along with Burgess, Maclean and Philby. The fifth man, who was never named, was Lord Victor Rothschild (see And The Truth Shall Set You Free). In fact it was a Brotherhood unit and not, ultimately, answerable to the KGB. When Blunt was finally collared in the 1980s, Queen Elizabeth apparently demanded that he was not questioned on his clandestine mission to Kronberg Castle.18


Lord Mountbatten, this arch manipulator for the Black Nobility, held key positions at vital moments in history. He was Supreme Commander in south east Asia during the Second World War (where Prince Philip also served); he was the last Viceroy of India and the Governor-general during the British withdrawal; and he was First Sea Lord, the pinnacle of the British Navy, at the time of the British invasion of Suez in 1958.


Mountbatten was killed by an IRA bomb in Ireland in 1979, but as these terrorist groups subcontract ‘hits’ between each other the true origin of the assassination cannot be stated with certainty.




The Windsor wealth

The Windsors are wealthy beyond description.


The Queen’s title of the ‘richest woman in the world’ hardly tells the story and no wonder Prince Philip calls the Windsors ‘the family firm’. They have inherited the accumulated wealth of the Queen’s Black Nobility ancestors in land, homes, art treasures and jewels. Some of them the Queen owns and others are officially owned by the ‘state’, which, as a result, she can pass on untaxed to each generation of her family. Ownership by the state means ownership by the Black Nobility which controls the state.


This is just some of the Windsor booty:

The Queen has more than 300 residences, including castles or palaces like Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace (where Diana lived), St James Palace, (the London base of Prince Charles), Holyrood House in Edinburgh, Balmoral Castle in Scotland and Sandringham in Norfolk where Diana first met Prince Charles. She owns the Duchy of Lancaster with around 40,000 acres of land, mostly agricultural, but including prime development sites of enormous value.

Parliament passed a bill in 1988 to allow her to develop and sell some of this land around the Strand in London. Like much of her wealth, the contents of the Duchy of Lancaster was stolen, in this case from Simon de Montfort junior by the son of Henry III after de Montfort’s efforts to establish a strong parliament were defeated in 1265. If you look at the records you will probably find that the de Montforts stole it from someone else. The Windsors own another Duchy, that of Cornwall, administered by Prince Charles.


This is another 44,000 acres which also includes plots in the most expensive parts of London. The Queen has inherited or purchased the world’s biggest private collection of jewels. The Koh-i-noor Diamond, then the world’s largest, was presented to Queen Victoria after the East India Company had defeated the Maharajah of the Punjab in 1851. The Cullinen Diamond was a peace offering to British royalty after the Boer War in South Africa which was engineered by Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, the Rothschilds and the Round Table.


Other gifts have come from Arab oil sheikhs and various heads of state. More than 7,000 paintings and 20,000 drawings by old masters are owned by the Royal Collection Trust which the Queen controls. She privately owns a vast collection of other works and all this will be passed down the Windsor line when she dies, unless the nation wakes up and brings an end to the monarchy.

No-one knows what the Windsors really own because it is forbidden for Parliament even to discuss the fact that the Queen keeps her private wealth a secret.19 Such secrecy is vital to prevent outrage by her ‘subjects’ and to allow her to use her privilege for insider trading, a practice which is illegal. Insider trading is to be in a position to hear privileged information which could be used to make a financial killing and then to use that knowledge to do just that.


The Queen, with her colossal portfolio of global investments, is in the perfect position to make unlimited profits. She is constantly kept informed, via meetings with prime ministers, ministers, officials, British Intelligence and other sources, of the secret happenings in the world. She knows through these channels and others, where the best and worst investments are going to be and through her secret network she can ensure that the most effective financial use is made of that information. It was exposed in 1977 that the Bank of England, the creation of the Black Nobility, had established a company called the Bank of England Nominees Ltd (BOEN), to hide the Queen’s investments.20


The Windsor line has had a particularly profitable relationship with the City of London since the reign of Edward VII, the son of Queen Victoria. Edward’s leading financial advisor was Ernest Cassel, the Black Nobility banker. Cassel’s daughter and heiress, Edwina, would marry Lord Louis Mountbatten, the foremost influence on both Prince Philip and Prince Charles. Edward VII, a leading Freemason, was also close to the Rothschilds, the Sassoons (an offshoot of the Rothschild bloodline), and the American Payseur-Rothschild clones, Morgan and Harriman. Other financial names with long royal associations are Barings and Morgan Grenfell.


The private financial advisor to George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth, was Sir Edward Peacock of Barings Bank and the Bank of England. The King awarded Peacock a Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, so the advice was obviously very profitable. George VI also made Lord Cromer his Lord Chamberlain, the highest rank in the Royal Household. Cromer was at one time managing director of Barings.

Researchers like Philip Beresford, the author of The Book Of The British Rich, say that Queen Elizabeth invests in the major corporations like Rio Tinto (formerly Rio Tinto Zinc or RTZ), Royal Dutch Shell, ICI and General Electric. This makes sense because these are all pillars of the Black Nobility. The Queen appears to have substantial investments in Rio Tinto, the biggest mining company in the world.


It was established in 1873 by Hugh Matheson of the global drug running operation called Jardine Matheson. Rio Tinto was in at the start of North Sea oil and, along with Texaco, was using the refineries of BP in which the Queen is also believed to have major investments. The Queen would have made enormous profits at each point in the operation and she would have had insider knowledge of the North Sea potential.

Perhaps the most blatant conflict of interest to be identified was Rio Tinto’s involvement in a cartel formed in 1971 to fix the price of uranium. A federal grand jury and the 1976 US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Frank Church, exposed the sting. It also included a company called Mary Kathleen Uranium of Australia. This company had been secretly encouraging the Aborigines to occupy uranium lands in Australia to take them out of production and so raise the price on the world market.21


The manufactured shortage of uranium had a serious effect on the American Westinghouse company who sought to take legal action against Rio Tinto for price rigging. An American court ordered that Rio Tinto officials answer questions, but this was quashed by the British Law Lords (Black Nobility and their clones). The Australian government passed legislation to the same effect. This was after the Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, had been dismissed from office by the Queen’s Governor General of Australia, Sir John Kerr. Whitlam was pursuing a policy of buying out the mining and raw material cartels, like Rio Tinto and Anglo-American, to stop them raping Australia’s resource base, while giving nothing in return.


The Queen, with enormous investments in both companies, removed Whitlam by using some of her wide range of ‘Prerogative Powers’ which she can instigate when necessary. The Queen has no power these days? Sure. Part of the scam is to encourage people to believe that she has no power while giving her amazing powers should the need arise for emergency action by the Brotherhood.


Sir John Kerr, a former high level operative for British Intelligence, an arm of the Black Nobility, was made a member of the Privy Council and the Royal Victorian Order for his loyal and most profitable service to the Queen’s portfolio. He was later murdered, however, when there was a danger of the truth coming out about the removal of Gough Whitlam.22

The Queen has massive investments in America and many of these relate to the founding of the Virginia Company under James I and Sir Francis Bacon which carved up those lands from the very start. The British Crown still owns America (possibly on behalf of the Vatican) and, with the London-based Brotherhood, the Queen enjoys an amazing income from the raw materials and other profits generated by the United States (the Virginia Company).


In 1966 two US congressmen described in the congressional record how the Queen owned one of the world’s largest plantations in Scott, Mississippi, close to the Arkansas border, called the Delta and Pine Land Company. It was worth even at that time some $44.5 million and yet it paid its hundreds of black labourers a pittance. Note the name, too. Delta (the triangle or pyramid) is a major symbol which is why the Elite US Military unit is called Delta Force.


The pornography collection in the Library of Congress is known as the Delta Collection and the Delta, or Triad, is featured in the logos of hundreds of American businesses, including Delta Airlines. Not by coincidence Delta is also the symbol of Royal Arch Freemasonry. This is where the name of the Chinese organized crime operation, the Triads (triangle), comes from and the Elite grouping called the Trilateral Commission. When Adnan Khashoggi, the notorious global arms dealer, opened an American branch of his operation he called it Triad America. Khashoggi, a relative of the Fayeds, is an associate of George Bush, who is a close friend of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.


From 1968 the Queen’s Delta and Pine company attracted US government subsidies of $1.5 million. Senator McIntyre said in Congress on April 16th 1970 that the government had “Paid the Queen $120,000 for not planting cotton on farmland she owns in Mississippi” 23 The New Yorker Magazine also reported that the Queen is the biggest owner of slum property in New York City and her holdings include the theatre district, 42nd Street.24


It is reckoned that between 3,000 and 5,000 families own and control the world economy, but the number of people at the core of that control is far, far fewer: a relative handful. The Windsors are definitely among or very close to that inner circle Elite. This Brotherhood cartel controls every aspect of the global economic network, the banks, insurance companies, raw materials, transportation, factories, finished products, major retail groups (and by market rigging all the rest), the stock and material markets, governments, media, intelligence agencies and so on.


This is coordinated through the secret societies and one of their most important vehicles is the City of London-House of Windsor operation called the Club of the Isles. It was named after King Edward VII, Queen Victoria’s son, who was the first to carry the title Prince of the Isles. The title is held today by Prince Charles. Edward was heavily involved with Black Nobility barons of the Square Mile London financial district and helped them to engineer the Crimean War, the Russia-Japan War, the preparations for the First World War and the Opium Wars with China.


Through the central organization of the Club of the Isles comes the fantastic web of interlocking directorships which hold apparently independent’ companies in a network of common control and common agenda. Some of this web include:

  • The Bank of England

  • Anglo-American Corp of South Africa

  • Rio Tinto

  • Minorco Minerals and Resources Corp

  • De Beers Consolidated Mines and De Beers Centenary AG

  • N.M. Rothchild Bank

  • Barclays Bank

  • Lloyds Bank

  • Lloyds Insurance Market

  • Midland Bank

  • National Westminster Bank

  • Barings Bank

  • Schroders Bank

  • Standard Chartered Bank

  • Hambros Bank

  • S. G. Warburg

  • Toronto Dominion Bank

  • Johnson Matthey

  • Klienwort Benson Group

  • Lazard Brothers

  • Lonrho

  • J. P. Morgan and Co

  • Morgan Grenfell Group

  • British Petroleum

  • Shell and Royal Dutch Petroleum

  • Cadbury-Schweppes

  • BAT Industries

  • Assicurazioni Generali SpA, (Venice) Italy

  • Courtaulds

  • General Electric

  • Cazeenove and Co

  • Grand Metropolitan

  • Hanson plc

  • HSBS Holdings (Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank)

  • Imperial Chemical Industries

  • Inchscape plc
    Inco Ltd

  • ING Group

  • Jardine Matheson

  • Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co (P & 0)

  • Pilkington Glass

  • Reuters Holdings

  • Glaxo Wellcome
    SmithKline Beecham

  • Unilever and Unilever NV

  • Vickers plc

And that is just a few of them! Each of these corporations have staggering lists of subsidiaries going on for page after page. Lonrho alone at the time of writing has 640 subsidiaries.


These London-based operations connect with those in other developed and developing countries giving the Black Nobility-Windsor cartels control over world banking and mineral, energy and food production. One of the Black Nobility companies in the United States is Archer Daniels Midland, headed by the Bilderberger, Dwayne Andreas, one of the main financial backers of the deeply corrupt US politician, Bob Dole, who so meekly ‘opposed’ the Brotherhood choice, Bill Clinton, in the 1996 presidential election.


The Black Nobility has made the City of London the world financial centre since its arrival en masse with William of Orange. Today this centre is home to over a quarter of the world’s foreign exchange turnover and the London Stock Exchange lists more foreign companies than any other. Ninety per cent of cross-exchange trading in Europe is handled by the City and it is the world’s biggest issuer of Eurobonds.


The leading commodity futures markets in Europe are based here, as are the London Metal Exchange, the International Financial Petroleum Exchange and the London Commodity Exchange. I understand from contacts in America that it is through organizations like the London Metal Exchange that profits from the Virginia Company (United States of America) are channelled back to London. The City is the centre for international marine, aviation, and commercial insurance and reinsurance.


The City dominates world fund management for foreign institutions and governments and all these City operations have Freemasons in prominent positions.25 More than 500 foreign banks have offices in the City and in 1993 UK-based banks accounted for 16% of lending worldwide, an astonishing figure for these small islands. The interlocking directorships between these banks and businesses are simply breathtaking. I can only give you a selection of them here, but they will give you a feel for what is going on:

  • Sir Peter Ingram Walters: deputy chairman since 1992 of HSBC Holdings (the Hong and Shanghai Bank, a heart centre of global drug money laundering); BP director (1973-90); BP Chemicals chairman (1976-81); Lloyds Register of Shipping (1976-90); National Westminster Bank director (1981-89); Midland Bank director (1991-94); Blue Circle Industries chairman (1990-); London Business School governor (1981-91); National Institute of Economic and Social Affairs governor (1981-90); SmithKline Beecham director (1989-); Thorn EMI director (1989), deputy chairman (1990-)
    Sir Martin Wakefield Jacomb: Practised at the Bar, Inner Temple 1955-68; Bank of England director (1986-95); Hudson’s Bay Company director (1971-86); Barclays de Zoete Wedd chairman (1986-91); Barclays Bank deputy chairman (1985-); Telegraph Newspapers director (1986-); Commercial Union Assurance director (1988-); Rio Tinto director (1991-); British Council chairman (1992-).

  • Sir John Chippendale Keswick: Bank of England director (1993-); Hambros Bank chairman (1986-); Charter Consolidated director; De Beers director (1994-); Edinburgh Investment Trust director; Queen’s Body Guard for Scotland; Royal Company of Archers.

  • Sir Christopher Anthony Hogg: Bank of England director (1992-); Courtaulds chairman (1980-94); Reuters Holdings chairman (1985-); SmithKline Beecham director (1993-); International Council of J. P. Morgan (1988-); Ford Foundation trustee (1987-)

  • Sir George Adrian Hayhurst Cadbury: Bank of England director (1970-94); Cadbury Schweppes chairman, deputy chairman, and managing director (1969-89); IBM director (1975-); served on the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (1990-); Committee on Aspects of Corporate Governance chairman (1991-).

  • Lord Howe of Aberavon (Geoffrey Howe): Glaxo Wellcome director (1991-); Queen’s Privy Council and Chancellor of the Exchequer (1979-83); Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1983-89); deputy prime minister (1989-90); Sun Alliance and Insurance Group director (1974-79); BICC director (1991-); Framlington Russian Investment Fund (1994); International Council of J. P. Morgan.

  • Lord William Rees-Mogg: General Electric director (1981-); Times Newspaper editor (1967-81); Times Newspapers director (1968-81); Sidgwick and Jackson chairman (1985-88); British Arts Council chairman (1982-88); American Trading Company chairman (1992-); International Business Communications plc chairman (1993-); J. Rothschild Investment Management director (1987-); St James’s Place Capital director (1991-); Broadcasting Standards Council chairman (1988-93); Telegraph Newspapers director.

And finally, how about this for a Brotherhood CV?

  • Lord Armstrong of Illminster: British Treasury civil servant (1950-64); assistant secretary of the Treasury (1967-68); private secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer (1954-55 and 1968); principal private secretary to Prime Minister Edward Heath (1970-75); permanent under-secretary of state (1977-79); Cabinet Secretary (1979-87); head of the Home Civil Service (1981-87); Rhodes Trust 1975); Inchcape director (1988-); N.M. Rothschild director (1988-); Rio Tinto director (1988-); Shell director (1988-); Royal Opera, Covent Garden director (1988).26

Imagine the power you have to control events when you control all these companies and the governments making decisions affecting those companies.


Add to that the control of the media via organizations like the BBC, the Reuters news agency, Hollinger Inc., Thomson, News Corporation, Pearson, Reed Elsevier, The Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc, etc... and you control the world. More than that, the people don’t know this is happening and therefore you can continue indefinitely without challenge or exposure.

One of the banks close to the Queen is Hambros plc, a Black Nobility stronghold based in Tower Hill, London. Joseph Hambro was a banker to the kings of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and did much business with the Rothschilds. His son, Carl Joachim Hambro, moved from Copenhagen to London in 1839 and four years later Parliament passed legislation to make Hambros a ‘British’ bank. Like the Rothschilds, the Hambros family made much of their fortune funding wars and, again like the Rothschilds, they became heavily involved in British Intelligence.


J. H. ‘Jack’ Hambro, the head of the firm from 1933, ran the United Kingdom Corp, the economic warfare operation of British Intelligence during the First World War. His son, Sir Charles Hambro, was director of the elite Special Operations Executive during the Second World War while Victor Rothschild was also manipulating events within the British Intelligence network. It was the Special Operations Executive (SOE) which formed the company now known as Hollinger Inc., the media giant headed by Conrad Black, the son of the SOE agent who helped to set it up.


Sir Charles Hambro’s son, Lord Hambro, now heads the firm. His CV includes Guardian Royal Exchange Insurance (chairman); the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, the drug running operation during the Opium wars, now known as P & 0 (director); San Paolo Bank Holdings (director); and the Conservative Party (senior treasurer).


Also on the Hambros Board are Sir Chippendale Keswick of the infamous drug running family who is also connected with De Beers, Anglo-American and the Bank of England among many others; Hambros director, Lord Kingsdowne, has a CV including Glaxo Wellcome, the Bank of England, National Westminster Bank, Redland plc, Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust, National Economic Investment Council, and the Ditchley Foundation, a Brotherhood circle which interlocks with others like the Bilderberg Group.


Also among the Hambro directors are Lord Halifax and John Clay, a director of the Guardian Media Group which claims to be ‘anti-establishment’ while being part of the web. In the 1970s, a Hambros director was Lord Carrington, close associate of Henry Kissinger and chairman of the Bilderberg Group from 1991. It was during the 1970s that Hambros had a significant stake in a bank called the Banco Privata which was involved in the P2 Freemasonry scandal and was connected to the bank at the centre of the scandal, Ambrosiano Bank.

The coordinator of this fraud was Michael Sindona, the main shareholder in Banco Privata and another of his holding companies, La Centrale Finanzaria, had Jocelyn Hambro and Evelyn de Rothschild on the board. The Sindona financial network was funding P2 and bleeding the Vatican Bank of enormous sums. In turn, P2 was funding and organizing terrorism in Italy including the bomb which killed 85 people at Bologna railway station.


Exposure of P2 was followed by the murder, in accordance with Freemasonic ritual, of the head of the Ambrosiano Bank, Roberto Calvi under Blackfriars Bridge in London alongside the financial district. I bet the Hambro clan were so relieved that he wasn’t able to talk. Sindona later said that Freemasons from South America had carried out the killing. Each part of the network sub-contracts its assassinations to another branch to make the truth harder to establish.


The Hambros operation, like all the others, stinks so high it would take the world’s supply of deodorant to suppress the stench. But save your most powerful air freshener for the Queen and the House of Windsor. They are connected with all the titled criminals who are ripping off the planet and causing death, destruction and misery all over the world. And get this: if you are British you are paying them to do it!


The Windsors are knowingly part of this web and their public face is a mere facade to hide the cesspit from which they operate behind the scenes. This control cascades out of London to the rest of the world where the Elite bloodlines rule on behalf of the reptilian Agenda.




The Windsor power

The British Royal family have always been close to Freemasonry and their own orders like the Knights of the Garter, the Order of the Thistle, and the Royal Victorian Order interlock with the Freemasonic networks.


So, of course, does the Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta). The expansion of Freemasonry in England in the 18th century coincided with the arrival of the German Hanoverian dynasty. The current Grand Master of the English Grand Lodge in Great Queen(Semiramis/Isis) Street in London is the Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent. Prince Philip was initiated into the Navy Lodge number 2612 on December 5th 1952.27


His father in law, George VI, the Queen’s father and husband of the Queen Mother, was an ardent Mason,28 as was Edward VII and most other monarchs since the emergence of Freemasonry. The Queen is ‘Grand Patroness’ of Freemasonry. She is served by the 390 members of the so-called Privy Council which connects with its equivalent in other Commonwealth countries. It is legally above Parliament because of its prerogative powers. Its members, who are appointed for life, include Prince Philip, Prince Charles, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Prime Minister.


Nine official meetings are held each year and the government ministers stand to attention while the Queen is told of the government measures they are asking the Queen to approve. This Privy Council of inner-circle politicians, courtiers and public servants have to bow to the Queen and shake her hand before standing in line and they are sworn to conduct their business in the utmost secrecy.29


Another of the Windsor-Black Nobility vehicles for global manipulation is the Crown Agents. This organization was formed in 1833 as ‘Crown Agents for the Colonies’ to run the day-to-day administration in the Empire and serve as private bankers to government officials, colonial authorities and heads of state. It also supplied a vast range of goods, including arms. Given the methods and background of the British Empire, it would certainly have been involved in the drugs market. The Crown Agents has a long history of involvement with organized crime and operates covert arms shipments into Africa which are used to cause the genocidal wars.30


This was, and is, a Crown Agency working for the monarch and yet had its entire debt guaranteed by the British government. In the 1970s it was bailed out by a Bank of England rescue costing hundreds of millions of pounds. For many years it managed the personal wealth of the Sultan of Brunei, the friend of the Queen and a funder of many private projects for Prince Philip, Prince Charles and George Bush. The Sultan is also a financial backer of unofficial British and American Intelligence operations31 and a man who has funded the operation of Mohamed Al Fayed, father of Dodi.


The Crown Agents were ‘privatised’ in 1996 with the name Crown Agents for Overseas Government and Administrations Ltd. ‘Privatisation’ is Brotherhood-speak for the transfer of power from Black Nobility via government agency to Black Nobility via direct ownership. The new Crown Agents acts as a holding company for a long list of companies and ventures and it continues as before as a vital cog in the network throughout the world. It’s chairman, David H. Probert, is the former director of the British weapons manufacturer, Birmingham Small Arms Ltd, and a director is F. Cassell (that name again), a Companion of the Bath (a Queen-awarded title), and former executive director of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for Great Britain.


The Crown Agents Foundation, which holds the share capital in trust, is headed by Sir David Rowe-Ham, Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire. This trust includes Barclays Bank, Standard and Chartered Bank, Unilever, Tate and Lyle, Securicor (a global operator of ‘security services’), British Telecom, the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (headed by Prince Charles), and the Aga Khan Foundation. The same old crowd.


The Crown Agents manages the customs services for Mozambique and, through a company called Europe SA, is in charge of all economic construction procurement for Bosnia... yes, Bosnia. It is also involved in a joint venture with a Monaco-based company, ES-KO, to provide all the food for United Nations peacekeeping forces in Angola and Bosnia.32 So the more wars and conflict, the more money the Crown Agents has the potential to make.

An important part of the Windsor-Black Nobility-City of London web are the so-called ‘City Livery Companies’. These allege to represent the various groups of merchants like the gun makers, stationers and newspaper makers, the goldsmiths, and
such like. In fact they are secret societies fundamental to the control of the City institutions and much further afield. In the 1350s, in the wake of the plague known as the Black Death, government of the City was passed from the ward councils to the City Livery Companies.


The Templars were still very active behind the scenes and the power appeared to be concentrated in the Masons Guild. This network interlocks with its offshoots around the world. In 1979, the year that Margaret Thatcher became British Prime Minister, the Honourable Company of Freemen of the City of London of North America began to hold meetings in New York and Toronto, and on October 21st 1991 the Association of Liverymen of the City of London in Hong Kong was founded and all their members appeared to be architects (Freemasons)33


The late author, Peter Jones, researched some of the Livery Companies in the 1990s for his book, The Obedience Of Australia, which exposed the manipulation which led to the removal by the Queen of Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam.


These are some of the names he found within these ‘Companies’:

  • Engineers: Duke of Edinburgh.

  • Airline Pilots and Navigators: Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Andrew.

  • Butchers: Queen Mother, Lord Vestey (of the meat family and the Lord Prior of the Order of St John of Jerusalem).

  • Merchant Taylors: Queen Mother, Lord Whitelaw (alleged Satanist and former deputy prime minister to Margaret Thatcher), Lord Hailsham.

  • Glovers: Margaret Thatcher, Sir John Fieldhouse (the Admiral of the Fleet), both at the forefront of the 1982 Falklands War.

  • Poulterers: Margaret Thatcher, Duchess of Devonshire (Chatsworth House).

  • Fishmongers: Duke of Devonshire, Duchess of Devonshire, C. E. A. Hambro (Hambros Bank, Taylor Woodrow, P & 0), Lord Inchcape (Inchcape plc, P & 0, Her Majesty’s Lieutenant of London).

  • Goldsmiths: J. H. Hambro.

  • Grocers: Edward Heath (Satanist and former British Prime Minister, Bilderberg Group and architect of Britain’s entry into the European Community).

  • Salters: Duke of Kent (Grand Master of English Freemasonry), Lord Armstrong (the man with the long list of government and business appointments I mentioned earlier).

  • Clothworkers: Sir Peter Gadsden (a Grand Master at the United Grand Lodge), Lord Carrington (Bilderberg Group chairman, President of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and major Brotherhood operative).

Another name that appears in many of these Livery Companies is McAlpine, the construction family, with the Satanist tendencies.


These groups link into the Freemason networks. There are more Freemasons per square foot in the Square Mile of the City of London financial centre than anywhere else on Planet Earth. The Bank of England has its own Freemasonry Lodge (Lodge No 263), 50 do other banks like Lloyds (Black Horse of Lombard Street Lodge, No 4155), and there is the elite Guildhall Lodge, based at the Mansion House since 1905.


The Mansion House is the official residence of the Lord (Freemason) Mayor of London and more than 60 Mayors have been Masters of the Lodge.34 Look at that Lloyd’s symbol, the Black Horse (Black Sun) of Lombard Street Lodge. Lombardy was a financial fiefdom of the Black Nobility Venetian/Phoenicians.

The Windors are part of this reptilian network of financial and political manipulators, Satanists and ritual child killers. Knowingly so. The network has among its number, via its countless secret societies, the leading judges, policemen, politicians, business people, top civil servants, media owners and editors.


Under these kings and generals of the network come the corporals and the foot soldiers who have no idea of the scale of the Agenda they are involved in.

  • If the Brotherhood want someone framed, prosecuted, or murdered, it happens.

  • If they want one of their people protected from prosecution, it happens.

  • If they want a controversial proposal like a new road, a building or law change to be approved, they make sure one of their guys is appointed to head the official ‘inquiry’ to make the decision they want.

This network selects the prime ministers through their manipulation of all political parties and appoints the leading government officials. The Black Nobility networks do the same in other countries, including, no, especially, in the United States.


See ...And the Truth Shall Set You Free for details of this.




The Windsor friends

You can tell a lot about the attitudes and motivations of people by the company they choose to keep and those they choose to ‘honour’.


It is rare for the Queen to give knighthoods to people outside the Commonwealth and those she has chosen for such ‘Honorary Knighthoods’ read like a business meeting of Brotherhood operatives. The titles are dubbed ‘honorary’ because the American Constitution forbids the acceptance of titles from the monarch of a foreign state without the permission of Congress.


So few of these honours are given because, as a British government official put it: “One must not debase the currency”35 wonder if you think the following names debase the currency:

Henry Kissinger, the Satanist, ritual child killer and mass murderer, was made Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St George at a ceremony at Windsor Castle.

This is normally awarded to top British diplomats and that is very appropriate because Kissinger has always served the Black Nobility of London. This included the time when, as US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, he manipulated the Watergate affair to remove Richard Nixon and replace him with the rapist and child abuser, Gerald Ford, and his vice-president, Nelson Rockefeller (See .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free).


Kissinger ‘gofer’ Brent Scowcroft, an executive of Kissinger Associates and top advisor to George Bush, was made an Honorary Knight of the British Empire by the Queen. So was Casper Weinberger, another Bush clone, who was involved in the Iran-Contra drugs-for-arms scandal. George Bush himself, the paedophile, ritual child killer, mass murderer and Satanist, is a very close friend of the Windsors.


The Queen made him an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, as she did with that Brotherhood script-reader and rapist of mind controlled slaves, Ronald Reagan, himself a product of mind control. This is the highest award it is possible for her to give to someone outside the Commonwealth.


The Order of the Bath sounds a silly title unless you understand the symbolism. The resurrection bath of alchemy symbolizes rebirth and purification or absolution. Baths are given to Masonic ‘Knights of the Bath’ before they perform horrendous deeds, hence ‘blood baths’ 36 George Bush and the Queen get on so well because they are both of European ‘royal’ and aristocratic-reptilian blood. They are both shape-shifters.


George and his wife, Barbara Pierce Bush (of Merrill, Lynch, Fenner, and Smith), are descended from the same Pierce family of England as the American President, Franklin Pierce. The Pierce family is, in fact, the powerful Percy aristocratic family of England which changed its name to Pierce and some of them emigrated to America when their involvement became known in the failed gunpowder plot which attempted to blow up Parliament. One of the Percy homes where the plan was hatched was called Syon House.37


Other Bush relatives include the Grosvenor families of England and America and the Taft family of Ohio. The English Grosvenors are the Dukes of Westminster who own the prime properties in the City of London, the financial headquarters of the Black Nobility. The Grosvenors of America founded the National Geographic which is notorious for removing the archaeological treasures of the world, especially those with religious significance, and relocating them at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. The Institute is controlled by the Grosvenor’s cousins, the Smithsons, who are also descended from the Percys.38


The ancestry of George Bush can also be traced to England’s King Alfred the Great and to Charlemagne, the celebrated monarch who served the Brotherhood Agenda in France in the eighth and ninth centuries. The same genealogical line can be traced to 32 other Presidents of the United States, who are therefore all related to Bush.39


The Queen was most grateful to Bush and her other friends who manipulated and ‘won’ the Gulf War. The military commander, Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf, who has lied through his teeth about the cause of Gulf War Syndrome, and Cohn (Colon) Powell, the Brotherhood’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were both awarded by her most gracious majesty, fawn, fawn, the title of Honorary Knight of the British Empire. Douglas Fairbanks, the actor and tool of the British and US military, was aide-de-camp to the Satanist and fascist, Lord Mountbatten, and was rewarded with a stream of chivalric honours, including Knight of the British Empire.

Another name that stands out is Paul Mellon, a very close friend of the Queen. She made him an Honorary Knight of the British Empire. The Dutch wing of the Black Nobility, through Prince Philip’s buddy, the SS officer, Prince Bernhard, made Mellon a Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau. The title is in honour of William of Orange and the secret society, the Orange Order. Paul Mellon is a central figure in the London-based control of the United States by another incredible network of families, including the Rockefellers, Harrimans, Bushes, Kennedys and Morgans, which is based in New York, Virginia (Washington) and Boston. Thus it is known as the Eastern Establishment.

The Mellon family association with the Windsors goes back a long time. Paul’s mother was an heiress to the Guiness fortune and his father, Andrew Mellon, became a confidant of the Windsors when he was US Ambassador to London (the ‘Court of St James’s’) in 1932 and 33. He was followed by another Brotherhood crook, Joseph Kennedy, the father of JFK. Mellon was three times US Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, representing Black Nobility interests.


It was he who financed the creation of the aluminium cartel known as ALCOA to control the price and supply of aluminium, in the same way the Brotherhood have done with oil, gold, diamonds, drugs, ad infinitum. It was Mellon and ALCOA which introduced the policy of putting fluoride into drinking water to make money from a by-product of the aluminium industry which at the time they were struggling to dispose of. It has nothing to do with saving teeth. Fluoride was actually used as a rat poison for 40 years and it is an intellect suppressant.


See The Robots’ Rebellion for that story. Andrew Mellon financed the creation of Gulf Oil which worked closely with British Petroleum (formerly Anglo-Persian). One of their operations was the coup against the Iranian Prime Minister, Dr Mohammed Mossadegh, in 1953. Mossedagh wanted to stop the exploitation of his country, but the Anglo-American Elite conspired against him and imposed on the Iranian people the vicious, murderous regime of the Shah of Iran.


One of the people involved in the coup was Norman Schwarzkopf senior, the father of the Gulf War commander so honoured by the Queen. This story is told at length in .. .And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Andrew Mellon was also behind the Dawes and Young Plans which financed the Nazi war machine and caused the economic collapse in Germany that brought Adolf Hitler to power. His son, Paul Mellon, was brought up in England, but returned to the United States to attend Yale University, home of the Skull and Bones Society. He turned down membership of that, but instead joined the Scroll and Key, another Brotherhood operation.


After Yale, it was back to England to study at Cambridge University where so many British Intelligence operatives are spotted and recruited. His father and mother divorced and he settled with her in Virginia, some 40 miles from Washington DC, where you find names for counties like Loudoun and Orange. This area had long been occupied by the US representatives of the Black Nobility like the Harrimans. The Queen and Prince Philip have often visited Paul Mellon at his Rokeby Estate in Virginia and both Prince Charles and Princess Anne have been there.40 Prince Philip went to Mellon to fund the World Wildlife Fund.

Buckingham Palace told Executive Intelligence Review investigator, Scott Thompson:

“I am commanded by The Queen to thank you for your letter... concerning Mr. Paul Mellon. The Queen has known Mr. Mellon for many years and visited his estate at Upperville, Virginia, probably for the first time in the 1950s.”41

The Queen was following in the footsteps of her uncle, the ill-fated Nazi supporter Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, who abdicated in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson. Paul Mellon’s sister, Ailsa, was part of the Duke’s intimate circle of friends in Virginia. Wallis Simpson, formerly Wallis Warfield, attended the exclusive Foxcroft School in this area. Another of the Queen’s close friends, and the Mellons’, is William Farish III.


The Queen keeps some of her breeding mares at his Lane’s End Farm, near Versailles, Kentucky, and she has been a regular visitor. Paul Mellon often flies in by private jet to join them.

William Farish III is a close associate of the Queen’s close friend, George Bush. Farish came to prominence when he was the keeper of Bush’s ‘blind trust’, the system in which presidents are not supposed to know where their money is invested while in office. Unlike the Queen! But, of course, it’s all a sham and Bush made a fortune for his own investments while in office, as does the Queen.


I can see why the Queen and Prince Philip enjoy the company of Farish. His grandfather, William Farish senior, was the president of the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil of New Jersey during the Second World War when it was supplying oil and technological know-how to the Nazis and their chemical giant I. G. Farben which operated the slave camp at Auchwitz.


Indeed Standard Oil and I. G. Farben were basically the same company. .. .And The Truth Shall Set You Free will give you the background to all this. Wherever you look, the Windsors can’t seem to avoid Nazis, Nazi sympathizers and supporters.




The Windsor genocide

The numerous Anglo-Dutch alliances and intrigues are, in truth, nothing to do with the British and Dutch people.


If we are going to stop being duped, we have to stop screaming “It’s the British”, “It’s the Dutch”, “It’s the Americans”, “It’s the Germans , Its the French”, “It’s the whites”, “It’s the blacks”, “It’s the Jews”, or even “It’s the reptilians”. It is not all these peoples that are involved, it is certain bloodlines and factions within them.


Blaming one race, nation or belief system is precisely what the Brotherhood want us to do, because if people are divided amongst themselves they will become disunited, quarrelsome or even become warring factions. Divide and rule.

Manipulation comes from a network of bloodlines and their ‘gofers’ who work through all these countries and groups while keeping the population in ignorance. The close cooperation between ‘Britain’ and the ‘Netherlands’ means the British and Dutch wings of the Black Nobility. This is definitely the case with Prince Philip, the consort of the Queen of England, and Prince Bernhard, the consort of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands until she stepped down for her daughter, Beatrix.


Philip and Bernhard are from the same reptilian bloodline and both have a Nazi view of life and people. Philip and his family are steeped in Nazi connections and Bernhard was a member of Himmler’s murderous SS. He was born a German in 1912, the cousin-in-law of Princess Victoria of Hohenzollern, the sister of Kaiser Wilhelm. He was recruited into Nazi Intelligence at the University of Berlin in 1934 and worked for the SS operation within I. G. Farben, the chemical giant which had such close connections with the Rockefeller/ Farish Standard Oil and British companies like ICI.


Bernhard’s background caused a scandal in the Netherlands when he married Queen Juliana of the infamous House of Orange, to become the Netherlands equivalent of his bosom buddy, Prince Philip. Bernhard helped to found the Bilderberg Group which officially met for the first time in 1954, and in 1961 he co-founded, with Philip, the World Wildlife Fund (now the World Wide Fund For Nature), funded in part by the Mellons.

Lets get one thing straight here. The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) was not created to save endangered species. Its record on that front is quite appalling as a suppressed report by the Oxford professor John Phillipson revealed in 1989.42 A few months before Philip launched the WWF, he was with the Queen on a royal tour of India. This included a tiger shoot in which a tiger was lured into range by tethered goats to be shot dead by Philip the ‘conservationist’43


This later caused worldwide outrage when the story and a photograph of Philip standing over the tiger found its way into the newspapers. On the same tour, this time in Kathmandu, Philip was in a shooting party with Alec Douglas Hume (Lord Home), the Conservative Prime Minister, Bilderberg Group chairman and bloodline of the Scottish Brotherhood families.


Ian MacPhail, the WWF’s first international appeals director, told a British television crew how a mother elephant and her calf came into range. Philip shot the mother and her calf ran off in terror. MacPhail said he helped to cover up the incident because the WWF was about to be launched and he believed the Fund would benefit wildlife conservation.


He later thought differently:

“...with a heavy heart I have to report that I was wrong. The rhino, the elephant and the panda missed the boat, and the new Noah’s Ark sailed on without them.”44

It has always mystified the public to see the contradiction between Philip, the founder and driving force behind the WWF, and Philip the killer of animals and birds for the sheer enjoyment of it.


The same with WWF ‘conservationist’ Prince Charles riding with the hounds to tear a fox to pieces. But there is no contradiction, that’s the point. Philip, like Bernard, doesn’t give a stuff about animal welfare. The WWF was created for very different reasons. It is a vehicle for controlling wildlife parks in Africa and elsewhere in which terrorist groups and mercenaries can gather, train, and cross borders to bring genocide to places like Rwanda and Burundi.


The WWF coordinates and funds the systematic slaughter of people and animals and has made a fortune from the illegal trade in ivory it was supposed to be trying to stop. Much of this is being paid for by donations from the public who think they are supporting wildlife and collected by fund-raisers in the towns and cities who believe the same. The best contribution you can make to the protection of wildlife is to stop funding the WWF in my view.


Sir Peter Scott, the celebrated conservationist, was another founder of the WWF and in 1972 he commissioned a report by a big game hunter, Ian Parker, into the illegal trade in elephant tusks and rhino horn. Parker produced evidence that the family of the Kenyan President, Jomo Kenyatta, was at the centre of this trade.


He also named Kenya’s most prominent ‘conservationists’ as the poachers. Within hours of handing his report to Scott, Parker was arrested by Kenyan Special Branch, beaten for three days, and told if he did not shut up his wife would be killed.45 Parker’s report was never published by Scott and at around the same time Prince Bernhard, as WWF International President, awarded Kenyatta the ‘Order of the Golden Ark’ for saving the rhino!46

I need do no more than list some of the names in the WWF’s 1001 Club to show where this organization is really coming from. This is an exclusive group, formed by Prince Bernhard in 1971, to raise money for the WWF’s ‘activities’. The members, recruited by invitation only as with all the Brotherhood secret societies, give a large annual donation.


Here is a flavor of the membership of the 1001 Club over the years:

  • Conrad Black: agent for British Intelligence and head of the Hollinger media empire which was originally formed by his father, George, a British Intelligence operative. Black is a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group

  • Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis (deceased): one of the most prominent Venetian families of the Black Nobility and the Holy Roman Empire. Close associate of the Rothschilds. His father, Max, founded Hitler’s Allgemeine SS which had its headquarters at the family’s Regensburg Castle in Bavaria, home of the Bavarian Illuminati

  • Tibor Rosenbaum (deceased): Mossad logistics operative and head of the Geneva-based Banque du Credit International (BCI), the forerunner to the notorious BCCI which was dubbed the Bank of Crooks and Criminals. Life magazine exposed Rosenbaum’s bank as a money launderer for the Meyer Lansky US-based organized crime network and Rosenbaum was also a backer of Permindex, the assassination unit of British Intelligence which was at the centre of the assassination of John E Kennedy (see .. And the Truth Shall Set You Free)

  • Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield (deceased): British Intelligence agent who fronted the Permindex operation

  • Robert Vesco: sponsored by the Swiss branch of the Rothschilds and part of the American connection to the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia. Last heard of on the run, possibly in Cuba

  • Henry Keswick, chairman of Jardine Matheson, one of the biggest drug running operations on the planet. His brother, John Keswick, a backer of the WWF, is chairman of Hambros Bank and a director of the Bank of England

  • Sir Francis de Guingand, former head of British Military Intelligence, now living in South Africa

  • Sir Kenneth Kleinwort: a member of the banking family behind Kleinwort Benson

  • King Juan Carlos of Spain: Black Nobility and founder and president of honour of WWF-Spain

  • Prince Henrik: President of WWF-Denmark

  • Dr Luc Hoffman: vice-president of WWF International and director of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-LaRoche

  • John H. Loudon: chairman of Shell Oil until 1976 and chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell. Given knighthoods by both the British and Dutch royal families and Bernhard’s successor in 1977 as International President of WWE 47

Yes, sounds like a bunch of conservationists, doesn’t it? Martin Palmer, an advisor to Philip on environmental matters, said the WWF was a “missionary organization” 48 It is, too.


The first wave of missionaries began the destruction of Africa and South and Central America, and now the latest wave, in the guise of operations like the WWF, are seeking to finish the job. The environment is being used as a central plank in the Brotherhood Agenda and I speak as someone who saw the movement from within when I was a national spokesman for the British Green Party in the late 1980s.


To those who condemn environmentalists as ‘eco-fascists’ I can tell you that, like all the organizations used by the Brotherhood, including the Freemasons, the vast majority would be horrified at the thought of playing a part in the Agenda I am exposing. Most of them are decent people, incredibly naive and sometimes incredibly arrogant, but certainly not fascists. Once again it is the manipulating core who are fascists that we have to identify and we won’t do that by screaming abuse at everyone who talks about conservation.


The same is true of the so-called New Age movement which is being manipulated beyond belief. One of the New Age heroes is the Dalai Lama, yet another world figure who is not what he seems to be. Nancy Nash, the former director of the WWF, was transferred to become the Dalai Lama’ s minder and controller. In .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free, I detail the manipulation of the global environmental movement through organizations like the Club of Rome and individuals like the Canadian oil millionaire (and the rest), Maurice Strong.


Not surprisingly, Strong has been a member of the WWF 1001 Club and so has Alexander King, the co-founder of the Club of Rome in 1968 with Aurelio Peccei, the Fiat executive and number two to Giovanni Agnelli, one of the foremost members of the Black Nobility and an inner circle member of the Bilderberg Group. Strong is also close to the Dalai Lama and an advisor to Kofi Annan, Secretary-general of the United Nations.

The environment is being used in many ways to further the Agenda through problem-reaction-solution. If you are looking to impose global ‘solutions’ you need global ‘problems’ and the environment is perfect for that. It allows you to pass international laws and create centralized, global organizations to police them. It allows you to move native peoples from their ancient lands to create wildlife parks and ‘conservation’ areas all over the world, particularly Africa and the Americas, which then come under your centralized control. It gives you footholds in strategic areas from which you can launch ‘freedom fighters’ to start civil wars.


The advantages are endless. Transnational agreements like the Biodiversity Treaty are handing control of large tracts of land in the United States and elsewhere to United Nations control.49 The situation is the same as in Africa where the parks are administered by outside agencies over which the people have no control. The ‘Global Biodiversity Strategy’ was launched by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) the Swiss-based organization formed by Sir Julian Huxley in 1948 with a constitution written by the British Foreign Office.


This sits at the centre of a network connecting 68 countries, 103 government agencies and 640 non-government organizations. It worked with others like the Rockefeller-funded World Resources Institute in the United States headed by Lester Brown (CFR), and its strategy was presented at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit by... Maurice Strong, the Windsor-Black Nobility leg-man, who with his wife, is also seeking to play the same scam with the New Age Movement. One of his vehicles for this is the Dalai Lama.

The Club of Rome was formed by the Brotherhood at the Rockefeller estate in Italy in 1968 to launch the environmental movement on the world. All the major global environmental reports saying there is an environmental crisis and something must be done, have been funded and fronted by the very people who are dismantling the planet’s ecology and killing the wildlife. Maurice Strong is a major voice in the Club of Rome.

Canada is still a Commonwealth country and it acts as a massive centre for Windsor-Black Nobility operations. This is why so many Canadians, including Strong, Conrad Black, the Bronfman gangster family, and prime ministers like Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, are involved in the game. Strong is also part of the Rockefeller organization, leading representatives of the Windsor-Black Nobility in the United States.


Strong served with the Rockefeller Foundation which shares a common leadership with all the other ‘independent’ foundations in the United States like Ford and Carnegie. His main role in the past 20 years, however, has been to front the manipulation of the environmental movement. Who was the first head of the United Nations Environment Agency? Maurice Strong. Who was the head of the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil? Maurice Strong. Who compiled the highly influential environmental report called Our Common Future, better known as the Bruntland Report?


Maurice Strong’s Canadian associate, Jim MacNeil, an ‘advisor’ to the Rio Summit. Who compiled the document called Global 2000, Report To The President, during the Carter administration in America? Cyrus Vance (CFR, TC, Bil) and other Brotherhood personnel. Strong is a member of the infamous Aspen Institute in Colorado formed by the Bilderberger Robert O. Anderson of Atlantic Richfield Oil (ARCO).


His company has a pyramid with a missing capstone as its logo. Anderson was a funder of the environmental group, Friends of the Earth, which, at the highest level, interlocks with others like,

  • Greenpeace

  • WWF

  • the Sierra Club

  • Survival International

  • Earth First

  • World Resources Institute

  • the Zoological Society of London

  • Royal Geographical Society

  • Nature Conservancy

  • the Flora and Fauna Preservation Society

  • the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),

....and many, many others.


These provide another web of national and international agencies through which to organize covert operations which often have no connection to ‘conservation’.

The assault on Africa and other developing countries by Prince Philip and his WWF is part of an ongoing operation. The Royal Geographical Society, which was founded in 1830 and given a royal charter in 1859, sponsored the expeditions into Africa of Doctor David Livingstone and Sir Richard Burton which helped to open up the continent to exploitation and takeover by the European Black Nobility.


When the European invasion of Africa began it was also achieved through organizations chartered by the British Crown, including the British South Africa Company of Cecil Rhodes, the British East Africa Company and the Royal Niger Company. The operation was a mirror of what happened in America with the Virginia Company. One of the leading lights in the Royal Geographical Society in the last century was Francis Galton, founder of the eugenics (master race) movement which continues today under the heading of ‘population control’. This is a favourite theme of Prince Philip and his American paedophile and Satanist friend George Bush (see .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free).


The Zoological Society of London was founded in 1826 by Sir Stamford Raffles, the Brotherhood’s Viceroy of India and founder of Singapore. Prince Philip is a former president of this organization and it connects with the Zoological Society of New York and Frankfurt, two other major Brotherhood centers.


The boards of these two organizations and the WWF are virtually the same.

The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 by John Muir with funding from the American bloodline family, the Harrimans, who also funded Galton’s eugenics movement.


It was the leaders of the Sierra Club in Canada who started Greenpeace in 1971 and David Ross Brower, former executive director of the Sierra Club, was the founder of Friends of the Earth in 1969.


Ross Brower moved to England in 1970 with funding from Rothschild interests, the billionaire financier and Rothschild cousin James Goldsmith, and the zoo owner John Aspinall, who, with Goldsmith, was a close friend of Lord Lucan, the missing earl still wanted for the murder of the family nanny.


Friends of the Earth reached its peak of prominence in Britain under the directorship of Jonathan Porritt, the son of the former British governor-general of New Zealand, and later an advisor to Prince Charles. The founder of FOE in France, Brice LaLonde, was a partner in a Rockefeller law firm and became environment minister to the French president, the high level Freemason and friend of the Rothschilds, Francois Mitterrand, under whose reign the black glass pyramid was erected alongside the Louvre Museum.


As with Prince Philip, people were surprised when the late Sir James Goldsmith became a ‘born again’ environmentalist after a lifetime of financial manipulation and ‘investment’ which served both the Brotherhood Agenda and devastated the environment. Again, there are no contradictions when you understand the plan they are working to.


Goldsmith, formerly Goldschmidt, had a German-English father and a French mother. His father, Frank, was a friend of Winston Churchill and became a Conservative MP.


The Goldschmidts had joined forces with other Rothschild cousins, the Bischoffsheims, to form a banking partnership which financed the North in the American Civil War.50 Goldsmith’s family were part of the Black Nobility financial web in Europe and there is no doubting the source of Goldsmith’s ‘inspiration’ when he suddenly sold all his stocks just before the enormous stock-market crash of 1987.


He further served the Brotherhood by launching the Referendum Party in Britain to hijack the anti-European Union opposition and lead it to failure. It also split the Conservative vote in key constituencies which helped the Brotherhood choice, Tony Blair, to become Prime Minister.


Part of this strategy involved the former Conservative Party Treasurer, the Satanist and paedophile, Lord McAlpine, making a very public transfer to Goldsmith’s party and he later became its leader. Goldsmith’s elder brother Edward, ‘Teddy’, founded The Ecologist magazine and has connections with the WWF.

According to published reports, Teddy and James Goldsmith have long had close ties with the Wall Street banker, John Train, the brother of Russell Train, the president of WWF USA. Russell Train is also the top trustee of the African Wildlife Foundation, and intimate of Prince Philip and George Bush. John Train comes from a bloodline family and his grandfather was a founder of the J. P. Morgan banking group. He married into the Venetian Cmi family and his, now divorced, wife was the daughter of Vittono Cmi who played a major role in the fascist movement in Italy in the 1930s. Train has deep ties with the intelligence community and is a ‘gofer’ for both Bush and the Windsors.51

The environmental network is just part of the web through which Prince Philip and his WWF genocide operations can work and I stress most emphatically that most of those who work for and support the WWF are genuine people who have no idea of the Agenda they are unwittingly serving. The Crown companies which stole Africa from its people in the 19th century spawned many of their modern day equivalents who continue what people like Cecil Rhodes began.


The Lonrho (London-Rhodesia) company, headed most famously by the late Tiny Rowland, was a subsidiary of Rhodes’ British South Africa Company and has been responsible for much of the genocide and war in Africa which has kept the people divided and ruled.


At the time of writing, Lonrho has 640 subsidiaries in 48 countries. It is the biggest food producer in Africa, the biggest distributor of motor vehicles, and the biggest producer of textiles. It even produces 90% of British, sorry, Her Majesty’s, postage stamps.82


Tiny Rowland was little more than a figurehead to take the blame for what the Queen and the Windsors were orchestrating on behalf of the Black Nobility. The real power behind the upgrading and expansion of Lonrho was Harley Drayton, the personal financial manager to the British Crown, and Angus Ogilvy, the husband of Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s first cousin.53 Contacts in Canada tell me that Ogilvy is very active there too, in the Windsor operations. Princess Alexandra is the head of WWF-UK.54


Other exploiters of the great African continent today include Rio Tinto, Anglo-American, Minorco, De Beers, Barclays, Shell, N.M. Rothschild, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), and Unilever, all, or most of whom, are reported to enjoy substantial investments by the Queen. Incidentally, Lord Melchett, the grandson of the founder of ICI, a pillar of the world chemical cartel, became head of Greenpeace, United Kingdom.


The three biggest mining companies in the world, Anglo-American, Rio Tinto, and Minorco, are in truth the same operation. Minorco is the international holding company for the Oppenheimer empire, the family which have monopolised the world diamond market with the Rothschilds through De Beers, the company established by Cecil Rhodes in 1880. Twenty directors of Minorco are also directors of Anglo-American, which is also full of De Beers personnel.

The destruction of Africa can be described in three distinct phases.

  • First the invasion and overt control of the continent by the Black Nobility branches of Europe, the British, Dutch, Belgians, Germans, Portuguese and French.


  • Then came the transition from colonial rule by physical occupation to rule by financial occupation via corrupt presidents and prime ministers imposed by the Brotherhood. Anyone seeking power who will not play the game is removed by assassination, scandal or coup. The faces change, but the masters stay the same.


    Rhodesia became Zimbabwe under the manipulation of Britain’s Margaret Thatcher (Bil) and Lord Carrington (RIIA, TC, Bil, Comm 300), but all that happened was that the white dictatorship of Ian Smith was replaced by the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. The lives of the people of Africa have not changed because the same people are still in control. Only now its more difficult to spot them because they work behind the scenes.


  • The third phase of this African operation is to turn the continent into a bloodbath which will destroy all coherent society and justify the imposition of rule by NATO and United Nations ‘peacekeepers’. The environment is being used as an excuse to steal more and more land and the debt crisis is being ‘solved’ by the banks of the Brotherhood offering to forgive ‘debt’ in return for the rights to the mineral resources - forever.


    The mass murder in places like Algeria, Rwanda and Burundi is not spontaneous, it has been organized in great detail, just as the conflict and genocide in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, etc, have been.

In .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free, I reveal the background to many of these conflicts.


The International Red Cross (red cross, the Templar/Phoenician symbol) have been caught supplying arms to the Tamil Rebels in Sri Lanka and the Zapatista rebels in Mexico.55


The Red Cross, as I document in .. And The Truth, is a front for the Brotherhood, although its genuine employees and volunteers have no knowledge of this. You don’t need an intelligence test to know why Elizabeth Dole, the wife of Bob Dole, is head of the Red Cross in America.


Other apparently genuine organizations like Oxfam and Amnesty International are also used for Brotherhood manipulation. Afghan Aid UK was a vehicle through which the Mujahideen terrorists were organized and deployed to trigger the war in Afghanistan.56 It was headed by Viscount Cranborne (Robert Cecil).


The Cecil family are one of the oldest Black Nobility bloodlines in Britain and were most active in the time of Cecil Rhodes. Robert Cecil’s great-great-grandfather was the Third Marquess of Salisbury, the prime minister who helped to manipulate the outbreak of the First World War. Another intelligence operative involved in the creation of the Afghanistan war was Lord Bethell, the Lord in Waiting to the Queen, who ran Radio Free Kabul.57


The Windsor-Black Nobility covert operations create the ‘terrorist’ groups and ‘freedom fighters’ then light the fuse and watch hundreds of thousands of people, sometimes millions, be slaughtered. They can rely on their media barons like Black, Murdoch, Turner and Packer to sell the public a smokescreen story through ‘journalists’ who mostly haven’t got a clue what is happening.

Game reserves and national parks already account for more than eight per cent of the land in sub-Saharan Africa and in Tanzania it is 40%.58 Under some of these lands are fantastic reserves of mineral resources and in some cases untapped reserves of uranium. The ‘parks’ are often in strategic areas across borders and those who administrate them can keep out anyone they choose. Who administrates them?


Agencies like Prince Philip’s WWF and other Brotherhood organizations such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and the UN Development Programme. They employ military and intelligence personnel to do this and as such they are subverting the sovereignty of the African nations. Two horrifying examples are Operation Stronghold and Operation Lock.


Stronghold was supposed to be supporting the Zimbabwe Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management to save 700 black rhinos in the Zambezi Valley, but it emerged that the Chief Game Ranger Glen Tatham and his staff were simply killing ‘poachers’ without warning.

Official figures show that between July 1984 and September 1991, 145 ‘poachers’ were killed, most of them from a helicopter funded by Prince Philip’s WWF and manned by WWF contract employees.59 But when you look at the figures more closely, you find that the overwhelming majority of those killed were unarmed! Why no prosecutions then? Because when the story first came to light a bill was rushed through the Zimbabwe Parliament called the Protection of Wildlife (Indemnity) Act which gave the game wardens immunity from prosecution.60


The WWF was now able to kill whoever it liked whenever it liked in the reserves. In Operation Lock, the WWF deployed an elite squad of SAS men to ‘neutralise’ the cartels smuggling wildlife and wildlife ‘products’. It turned out that these SAS guys had started to deal themselves in the illegal sale of ivory and rhino horn.61 People on the ground in Africa have long known that the main killers of wildlife in the parks are those, often employed by the WWF, who are supposed to be protecting them.

The Operation Lock scandal erupted in late 1989 and early 1990 and it should also be noted that, as with Operation Stronghold, the arrival of the SAS coincided with a rapid rise in the number of dead ‘poachers’. This is not surprising given that the training of ‘elite’ squads such as the SAS, the Parachute Regiment, the Green Berets, the Delta Force, and such like, is designed to turn out fully qualified psychopaths.


The organization of the WWF’s Operation Lock was headed by Colonel David Stirling, the founder of the SAS during World War Two. He formed a company for the operation which he named KAS Enterprises, a name inspired by his membership of the Capricorn Africa Society (CAS), which in the words of the governor of Kenya Sir Philip Kerr, was created to ‘preserve apartheid in a sugar coating’ 62


The treasurer of Capricorn Africa Society, Mervyn Cowne, was the man behind the Kenyan park system along with Elspeth Huxley. She married into the family of Julian Huxley, the inspiration behind the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the architects of ‘biodiversity’, and an organisation with a constitution written by the British Foreign Office. The interconnecting web is incredible.


The Queen and Prince Philip knew exactly what Stirling’s SAS assault team were going to do in Operation Lock. Stirling is extremely close to the Windsors and played a significant role in the Queen’s Coronation ceremony under the title of the ‘Golden Stick’.63


As a Scottish aristocrat, Stirling was particularly close to the Queen Mother, another Black Nobility Scottish bloodline who is certainly not the person she appears to be in her public charade as the nation’s ‘grandma’. Stirling, along with all members of the SAS, MIS, M16 and so on, swears his oath of loyalty to the monarch, not the state. You can’t even take your seat as a British MP unless you make the same pledge even though you have been elected by the people. Stirling admitted he had been in close contact with the British Defence and Foreign Ministries, two other links in the Windsor-Brotherhood chain.


Stirling’s operational officer in KAS and Operation Lock was Lt Colonel Ian Crooke, one of the hooded men on the balcony when his SAS team stormed the Iranian Embassy in London in May 1980, while millions watched on live television.64 People like this were employed by Prince Philip and his WWF to protect wildlife in Africa? No, no, they were there as part of the Windsor-Black Nobility operation to turn Africa into a devastated blood bath.


The wildlife parks are used as safe havens for the Brotherhood-Windsor-sponsored terrorists responsible for so much genocide in Africa. Nearly 20 per cent of Rwanda is covered by these reserves. The 1990 invasion of Rwanda by the ‘Rwanda Patriotic Front’ (RPF) came via the Gorilla Park and Akagera Park in Uganda on the Rwanda-Zaire border, and the Volcans Park in Rwanda.

The RPF (a British-controlled terrorist force) were also based in parts of the Virunga Park in Zaire.65 A few months before these events, a ‘gorilla protection programme’ had begun in the Virunga, Gorilla and Volcan Parks. This programme was administered by... the WWF. In 1994 the ‘Rwanda Patriotic Front’ invaded Rwanda via the Akagera Park to trigger a conflict which has so far killed well in excess of a million people.


I understand the violence began shortly after a ‘diplomatic mission’ to Rwanda by Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington and it followed the sale of weapons to Rwanda by the Israeli government, then headed by Yitzhak Rabin. In truth this invasion was not by the ‘Rwanda Patriotic Front’ (RPF) at all. Almost every member of that group was a soldier in the ‘National Resistance Army’ (NRA) of Uganda’s President Museveni.


The leaders of both the RFP and the NRA are the same! The Rwanda Patriotic Front’s David Tinyefuza was the Ugandan Minister for Defence, whilst Paul Kagame the Rwanda Defence Minister under the RPF was head of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence in the Ugandan army, and the RPF’s Chris Bunyenyezi is the former commander of the Ugandan army’s murderous 306th Brigade.66 The same crowd under Museveni were involved in the attempted coup in Burundi in 1993 in which President Melchior Ndadaye was murdered and an estimated 100,000 people lost their lives.67


Another aspect of this policy in Africa, and Central and South America, is to reduce the population of what Henry Kissinger calls the “useless eaters”. The genocide in Africa is being coordinated to a large extent out of Uganda which has long been controlled by the Windsor-Black Nobility cartels of banking, business and intelligence agencies.


The British Minister of Overseas Development at the time was Margaret Thatcher’s favourite, Lynda Chalker, who had a number of meetings with Museveni and his officials. South Africa with the end of Nelson Mandela’s presidency is going to be a major target for those who are working to turn black against black to justify the intervention of the white peace keepers. We have seen only the start of the problems in the African continent: it is time for the people there to open their eyes.

Exactly the same operation is being played out in the Americas and Australia where the same names and techniques are there to see. In South and Central America, Brotherhood-controlled governments are ‘privatising’ their mineral and mining companies and handing them to the Black Nobility-Windsor cartels, particularly Rio Tinto, Anglo-American, Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining. Barrick Gold, based in Toronto, was formed in 1981 by Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi financier and global arms trader and the uncle of Dodi Fayed.


Peter Munk, formerly with the British royal household, became chairman of Barrick which appeared from nowhere to be the second biggest gold producer in the world.68 One reason for this was the active involvement of the George Bush-Harriman networks.


Khashoggi was a backer of President Bush’s Iran-Contra drug-for-arms operation (see .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free). Newmont Mining is based in Denver, Colorado, a highly significant, and growing, Brotherhood centre. It appears to be an American company, but is once again controlled from London. It has been owned by the Hanson group who sold it to James Goldsmith.


He sold 14% to George Soros, one of the Brotherhood’s most active and identifiable financial manipulators, especially on behalf of the Rothschilds. Other shareholders in Newmont are Lord Jacob Rothschild, the Fidelity Mutual Fund, and Boston-based drug syndicates.69 Alongside the assault on South America by the mineral corporations has come the takeover of the continent’s banking system by the City of London cartel, led by HSBS (Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank which owns Midland Bank) and their interlocking American and Canadian counterparts like Citibank, the Bank of Montreal, and the Bank of Nova Scotia or Scotiabank.70

The Queen is Commander-in-Chief of all armed forces in the United Kingdom and the countries of the Commonwealth. The British army is deployed in many strategic parts of the world either directly or via the NATO and UN peacekeeping operations. British military ‘advisors’ are at work in some 30 countries. Every week the Queen is briefed by the Joint Intelligence Committee on all secret operations. (I wonder if she briefs them on hers?)


The Windsor-Black Nobility has its own private armies, too. Among these are the Corps of Commissionaires and Defence Systems Ltd. The Corps of Commissionaires was formed, like Crown Agents, under royal sponsorship in 1859 when the British Empire was at the peak of its powers. The idea, so they said, was to find employment for soldiers coming home from the Crimean War and a number were deployed as armed and uninformed security guards at the Black Nobility buildings in the City of London. Branches followed in Australia, South and East Africa, New Zealand and Canada.


Another network had been created to post British military personnel and their families to strategic centers. After the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979, the Corps of Comissionaires was reorganized and a new division was established to provide ‘specialist security functions’. More members of the military and paramilitary elite were employed and the Queen, the Patron of the Corps of Commissionaires, hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace in 1986 to celebrate the expansion. The Corp’s Board of Governors in every country were full of the loyal friends of the Queen and Prince Philip.


These included Major General David Alexander, Companion of the Bath and former Equerry and Treasurer to Philip, and Air Marshall Sir Thomas Kennedy, Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, Commander of the British Empire, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Airforce in Germany. He was Aide-de-camp to the Queen between 1983 and 86. The Corps of Commissionaires is a Windsor operation through and through. It won’t be a shock to learn, therefore, that the Corps is an umbrella organization for hired killers. Some of the companies in its network are Sandline Ltd, Executive Outcomes and Defence Systems Ltd. Like the Corps of Commissionaires these are London-based and employ from the Special Air Services (SAS) and the military and police forces in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

The Corps have a permanent office in Papua New Guinea and the government there was voted from office in 1994 for negotiating a contract with Sandline International to use its mercenaries to put down a local insurgency. Sandline, in turn, subcontracted to Defense Systems Ltd (DSL), which has private and government contracts in more than 40 countries.


It is employed by almost all the City of London cartels, the Club of the Isles, and has branches in Washington, Jacksonville, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bogotá, Lima, Maputo, Kinshasa, Luanda, Port Moresby, Moscow, Kazakhstan, Jersey and Sarajevo.71


Sandline was behind the coup in Sierra Leone which removed a legitimately elected government shortly after they cancelled a $20 million a year contract with the company.72 This also triggered the inquiry into illegal arms sales to Sierra Leone by British suppliers through the Sandline network. A debt of some $16 million owed to Sandline by Sierra Leone before the coup, was paid by turning over diamond concessions to Executive Outcomes’ London underwriters Branch Energy.73 This firm is owned by Tony Buckingham of Sandline International and yet another former member of the SAS.74


He had pulled the same diamonds-for-mercenaries ‘arrangement’ on Angola and he floated these concessions on the Vancouver stock-market as a company called Diamond Works.75 Another business partner of Tony Buckingham is David Steel, the former leader of the British Liberal Party and Anti-Apartheid Movement, and a member of the Queen’s Privy Council.76 Steel’s Heritage Oil and Gas shares London offices with Branch Energy.77

In Sarajevo and the former Yugoslavia it has been working in conjunction with the Queen’s agency, the Crown Agents. Defense Systems Ltd has substantial contracts with the United Nations, the World Bank, BP Royal Dutch Shell, S. G. Warburg, Credit Suisse, Robert Fleming, Kleinwort Benson, British Airways, Cadbury Schweppes, Jardine Matheson, Rothmans, the Rothschilds, Exxon, Mobil, Amoco, Texaco, Chevron, Brown and Root, General Motors, Coca Cola, and Bechell.78


A directory of the Black Nobility if ever I saw one. Defense Systems Ltd was established in 1981, again the early years of the Thatcher regime, and its rise was meteoric thanks to its supporters and patrons. At one point in 1980 it was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hambros Bank.79 The first managing director of DSL was Alestair Morrison, Order of the British Empire, the former number two in the 22nd regiment of the SAS. The first chairman was Major General Viscount Gilbert Monckton of Brenchley, Companion of the Bath, Order of the British Empire, and former chief of staff of the British Army of the Rhine.


His father was in Winston Churchill’s cabinet and chairman of Midland Bank, and his son was editor of The Daily Telegraph (Hollinger) Sunday Magazine and advisor to Margaret Thatcher. Philip Warner of the shipping company P & 0 was another founding director of Defence Systems and a later chief executive was Richard N. Bethell, another former SAS officer.


His father, Lord Nicholas Bethell, was an agent with British Intelligence (M16) and Lord-in-Waiting to the Queen. He was involved in the manipulation of the war in Afghanistan through the 1980s and the terrorist organizations which have come from that. Defence Systems interlocks with a similar company, Control Risks, a very important part of the network founded in 1974 to serve Lloyds of London.80


The managing director of Control Risks is Major Arish Turle, former SAS, and among its directors is General Sir John Stanier, former Commander in Chief of UK land forces and Aide-de-Camp-General to the Queen. Lord Soames, the senior Tory politician and son-in-law to Winston Churchill, is another Control Risks director. Soames was ‘advisor’ to Prince Charles at the time that Princess Diana gave her outspoken interview with the BBC programme Panorama. Soames, (nicknamed ‘fatty’), questioned her mental state.


I’ve got a feeling she was rather more mentally stable than Soames, somehow. In that Panorama interview Diana spoke in a way that no insider ever has about the Windsors. According to Stephen Dorrill in his book, The Secret Conspiracy, Inside The Secret Service In The 90s, Control Risks is the most important of the private secret services operated by the Queen’s Privy Council.81


Defense Systems was bought by the American company Armor Holdings for $26 million. Armor is a front company for the George Bush circle and the idea was to give Defense Systems an ‘American’ owner to allow expansion into the United States security market. Body Armor and Equipment Inc. was a small family-owned company until it went bankrupt in 1992 and was reorganized as Armor Holdings by the introduction of Wall Street investors and Windsor associates.


One director, Richard C. Bartlett, is chairman and trustee of the Nature Conservancy of Texas which was founded by the British Privy Council in 1946. One of the companies using Defense Systems in South America is British Petroleum who employ Control Risks. BP is one of the most unpleasant business operations on the planet and a front for the British Foreign Office, British Intelligence and The Crown.


British Petroleum is a jewel of the Brotherhood and the Windsor cartels and so it is only understandable that they would use the Brotherhood-Windsor ‘security’ network. The BP chairman, Sir David Simon, was invited to join the government of golden boy Tony Blair after he became Prime Minister on May 1st 1997. Simon is also director of the Bank of England, Grand Metropolitan, Rio Tinto, Alliance AG, and a member of the International Advisory Council of the Deutche Bank.82


His role in the government is for ‘European affairs’ and this is Blair-speak for ensuring that Britain becomes a member of the European single currency and central bank and therefore loses all power to govern itself. Simon was replaced as head of BP by Peter D. Sutherland (Bil), a notorious Brotherhood front man. Another company I should mention with regard to the manipulation of Africa and the Americas is Transparency International which is a member of the Crown Agents Foundation and has the managing director of the Crown Agents on its own board.

Transparency International is used to destabilize governments under the guise of exposing corruption.83

These interconnecting ‘security’ companies operating world-wide are the private army of the Windsors and the Black Nobility based in the City of London. Want some trouble in Africa to advance your Agenda. No problem. Where do you fancy, Rwanda? Algeria? The Congo? How about South America? Where do you fancy? Bolivia? Peru? These are part of the network being developed for a planned global coup some time in the not too distant future.


Confirmation that the Royal Family are close to the intelligence agencies and operate outside the ‘democratic’ process came in an interview given by Colonel David Stirling, the founder of the SAS, who worked for Prince Philip’s World Wide Fund for Nature in African covert operations. Before he died, he told the authors of the book who Killed Diana?,84 that in late 1974 or early 1975 he attended a dinner at a royal palace hosted by a senior member of the monarchy. Prince Philip I would guess. Prince Charles’ uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was also there along with ten representatives of British Intelligence including the heads of MI5 and MI6.

They were there in an unofficial capacity and Stirling pointed out that all military officers swore allegiance to the Queen and regarded her as the ultimate authority, more important than elected governments. The meeting was called to discuss the state of the country and the need for intervention in political affairs. The use of force was on the agenda, he said. Stirling told the meeting of his involvement in an operation to create a coup d’etat in Libya and at the time he was the leader of an organization called GB75 which was designed to take over public services in times of crisis.


John Mitchell, the chairman of the shipping company Cunard, also confirmed that he had been approached to take part in a coup because they wanted his ships. One of the orchestrators was Sir Basil Smallpiece, financial advisor to the Queen. Mitchell said:

“They asked me to take part in a coup. They said it would involve the army. They implied it had the highest backing... I went out of there in a state of shock. “85

Yet people still believe that the idea of secret groups manipulating from the shadows is the nonsensical invention of the paranoid. In fact the evidence for this, and the Windsors’ involvement, is overwhelming.


Do we really believe that this Windsor-Intelligence agency network which was planning an armed coup in Britain, would not conspire to kill Diana, Princess of Wales, when she threatened their power? Come on. What I have outlined in this chapter is a mere fraction of what there is to tell about the Windsors, the Black Nobility, fascist, reptilian family which operate from Buckingham Palace, London, on behalf of the global network of the reptilian-Brotherhood.


The Windsors have been responsible, through their global networks, for the deaths of untold millions. As the Brotherhood-controlled police won’t be knocking on the door of Buckingham Palace, it is the people who, in my view, need to impose so much pressure on the Windsors and the establishment that they have to abdicate. Then we can begin to dismantle their source of power, the enormous structure headquartered in the City of London.

The Windsors in their present mode must know the game is up and they may be planning to abdicate and move to the United States. It may even be part of the Brotherhood Agenda for them to abdicate soon, who knows? To the reptilians, the Agenda is far more important than any individual or family line, even theirs.





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