5 - Hell on Earth

CONSTANTINE I became Emperor of all the Roman lands in 312 and within thirteen years he had, in effect, decided the future for much of humanity for nearly two millennia.

Constantine ‘the Great’ as he was to become known, served as a soldier and won a reputation for courage and military prowess. After spending some time serving in Britain he was elected by his army as Caesar of the West. He determined to be Emperor of all, and began the process of killing his rivals and sometimes their children, too. The Christian legend is that at the scene of one of his battles for the Roman throne he had a vision of a cross.


It was at the battle of Milvian Bridge, near Rome and he is said to have seen the cross in the sky with the words ‘By this Conquer’. The following night he is claimed to have seen a vision of Jesus who told him to put the cross symbol on his flag to guarantee victory over his enemies. Yes, that sounds like just what the Prince of Peace would say, doesn’t it?

This whole story is probably another Christian invention, but for some reason Constantine began to look kindly on the Christians. The Brotherhood would have been working behind the scenes somewhere, I feel sure. Constantine issued the Edict of Milan which stopped the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire.


Some Christians had been persecuted horribly in earlier years although Gibbon, the historian who made a study of this, concluded that the numbers have been greatly exaggerated. He believes something like 2,000 Christians were murdered and tortured in the pre-Constantine period while 25 million are estimated to have been executed in the centuries that followed for the crime of not accepting the Christian faith. Both figures are terrible, but it puts what was to unfold into some perspective.

Constantine thought a cross was a lucky mascot after his vision’, and in fact the cross as a religious symbol goes back to the time when humans discovered that by rubbing two sticks together you can make fire. They believed that fire was a God and two crossed sticks were seen as sacred. The cross can be found on ancient graves and it was a religious symbol in Egypt, Assyria, Persia, India, Mexico and Scandinavia, long before Christianity.


The Egyptians saw their cross, or crux ansata, as symbolic of salvation and eternal life, and our old friends the Mithraists marked the foreheads of the newly initiated with the sign of the cross. Ancient stories also describe how human sacrifices were bound to a cross and anointed with oil, so they would burn better on the altar. From such bleak traditions has Christianity come.

Constantine was never a Christian as such and he only agreed to be baptized on his death bed, no doubt as a bit of insurance. He worshipped both Jesus and the Greek god, Apollo, and he remained the head of the Pagan Church as Pontifex Maximus. But he gave Christianity the same status as the others and made substantial donations to its cause.


Significantly he allowed the Church to receive legacies which had been banned up to this point and from here the Christian Church would begin to accumulate fantastic wealth as people tried to buy a place in heaven. Constantine’s efforts to increase the Christian ranks led to bribes for the poor if they became Christians, and the offer of good jobs to wealthy Pagans who converted to the faith.

Constantine became concerned when disputes began to erupt between different Christian beliefs. A churchman called Anus in Alexandria questioned the idea that Jesus was the same as God. How could a son be the same as his father and had not Jehovah said that only he was God? When the Bishop of Alexandria, appropriately named Alexander, was preaching about the trinity of father, son, and holy spirit, Anus publicly questioned him. You may not think it important in the great tapestry of life to decide if Jesus was only a vehicle for God or part of three gods in one, but it now became the question that had to be decided.


Anus left Alexandria for Palestine in fear of his life and two factions emerged. Neither would give way and this difference was being ridiculed throughout the Empire by the non-believers and was no doubt fuelled by the Brotherhood. Constantine had wanted, at least in part for political reasons, to make Christianity the state religion, but he could not do this unless the disputes were settled.

He called together the bishops at Nicaea which is now Iznik in Turkey where he had a palace. At their first meeting in June 325 no agreement could be reached between the 318 bishops on the burning issue of the day: was Jesus part of a trinity of father, son, and holy spirit? - whatever that was supposed to mean. Constantine arrived shortly after murdering his wife and elder son. He moved the proceedings to his palace and presided over all that followed.


He said a decision had to be reached because only when that happened could Christianity be the state Church. It is clear he wasn’t much bothered what they decided as long they decided something. A bitter argument broke out between the factions as documents were torn up and blows were struck. This is the atmosphere in which the Christian creed was officially decided. Constantine agreed to a motion which was accepted by the majority though vehemently opposed by Anus and his supporters.


It became known as the Nicene Creed and it read as follows:

“We believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of all things, both visible and invisible; and in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the son of God, begotten of the Father, only begotten, that is to say, of the same substance of the Father, God of God and Light of Light, Very God of Very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the father, by whom all things were made, both things in heaven and things on earth; who, for us men and for our salvation, came down and was made flesh, made man, suffered and rose again on the third day, went up into the heavens, and is to come again to judge the quick and the dead; and in the holy ghost.”

There is a saying which goes:

‘A camel is a horse designed by a committee.’

If ever there was an example of that it is the above. I find it interesting also that this official creed of Christianity talks of ‘for us men and our salvation’. What about women? But then it would only be in 1545 that the Roman Church officially agreed that women had souls and then only by a majority of three votes!

The Jewish philosopher, healer, and medium called Jeshuah was now officially a saviour-god who, like the lambs on the pagan sacrificial altars, died so that our sins could be forgiven forever as long as we believe in him as our saviour and it is worth remembering that this decision on who Jesus was came 300 years after his death. It was also made by people who believed the Earth was flat and Jerusalem was the centre of the Universe; this decision remains the foundations of the Christian Church to this day.


Before the Council of Nicaea closed, Constantine agreed to a motion that Anus and his followers be officially cursed and either executed, imprisoned, or banished. Other decrees applied the same Christian justice to all who read any writings by those who now became known as Arians. The Arian view is still expressed today, incidentally, by the Unitarians.

Thousands of Arians were murdered, the first of the estimated 25 million victims who would die in the name of Christianity and that is not including those who would perish in religious wars and the estimated 12 million who were killed in the Christian conquest of the Americas. Added together world-wide the number who perished as a result of the Christian religion must easily pass 100 million.


To be excommunicated by the Church was almost a death sentence in itself, because you could not be guilty of murder if you killed someone who was excommunicated. Anus, however, escaped death to continue to expound his cause and the arguments went on over the trinity. In about 336 Constantine even ordered that Anus be readmitted to the Church, but before this could be done Anus died in mysterious circumstances and the following year Constantine passed on, also. On his death bed he was baptized by a bishop who did not accept the trinity.


By then he had moved the capital of the empire from Rome to Byzantium - now Turkey - and he built a new city which he called Constantinople. It was about 44 miles from Nicaea. Here he had built Christian churches and dedicated the city to the Virgin Mary and Christianity was to become the State Church of the Roman Empire. This Romanized Christianity was given the name Roman Catholicism. All that happened, in reality, was that the previous Roman state savior, Mithra, was renamed Jesus Christ.


Constantine’s mother, Helena, was sent to Jerusalem to find the biblical sites and she claimed to have found the exact locations of the birth of Jesus, his crucifixion, the tomb, and even where he ascended into the sky. It was on her say so that Constantine built a basilica in 326 on the spot where she said Jesus had been crucified. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is on that site today and attracts millions of Christian pilgrims to the place where Jesus hung on the cross.


Or, rather, where Helena said it happened. She was obviously quite a sleuth, because during her trip she claimed to have found the three wooden crosses involved in the crucifixion three hundred years after they were supposed to have been used!!

The names of three people are worth emphasizing in these early years of the Christian Church - Augustine, Jerome, and Ambrose.

Arthur Findlay in his study of the Church likens them to the Nazis, Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler. When you compare their backgrounds and behavior, it is hard to argue against that, but before we start condemning them as individuals we need to ask who, or what, was in control of them?


I would stress that I am not condemning anyone in this book. I am looking at thought and behavior patterns which have guided human history and the individuals involved are victims of those patterns as much as the people who suffered from their actions. Forgive them, they know not what they do, is a good line to remember when reading the next few chapters.


Augustine imposed a tyrannical rule and used force and fear to swell the Christian ranks. He would quote the words of Jesus to justify his actions: ‘Compel them to come in, that my house be filled’, and ‘But those mine enemies, which would not that I reign over them, bring hither and slay them before me. These were quoted to excuse the murder or forced conversion of non-believers. Yet these quotations, as with ‘I came not to send peace, but a sword’, and others, were inventions.


They were inserted into the texts as justification of war, murder, and endless other horrors in the name of the ‘Prince of Peace’. Augustine sought to impose a global creed by exterminating the opposition. Religious ‘error’, he said, must be treated like treason, a crime against the state, and be punished as such. He said that babies who died before they were baptized would, like all the un-baptized, be condemned to hell for all eternity, and he used fear of death and the fear of hell and damnation after death, to expand his vicious and ignorant creed. He would, like Jerome and Ambrose, later be declared a saint.

Jerome, born in 341, was the man responsible for producing the texts for the first ‘Holy’ Bible. It was he, also, who led the campaign of persecution against the mediums and channelers who had been at the centre of religious belief from the very start of human existence. In a short time, the gift of communicating with other frequencies would be a death sentence. The channelers were replaced by the priests as the ‘middle men’ between God and humanity.


Channelers who were frauds in the past had made up communications to make the people do whatever they wished, and now the priests would do the same without the need to stage a fraudulent channeling. But, as always, there were many genuine channelers who were communicating with other levels, and their communicators were opposing the Church’s beliefs and behavior. They had to be shut up and they were. Countless numbers were tortured and murdered as witches. Priestly rule had arrived.


As Jerome put it:

“We tell them (the channelers) that we do not so much reject prophecy (channeling), as refuse to receive prophets (channelers) whose utterances fail to accord with the Scriptures old and new.”

In other words we don’t mind people channeling as long as what they communicate supports what we have decided is truth. And as the Church had control of the ‘scriptures’ they could change whatever they liked to support their view. The philosopher Celsus wrote of this in the third century.


He said of the religious hierarchy:

“You utter fables, and you do not even possess the art of making them seem likely... You have altered three, four, times and oftener the texts of your own Gospels in order to deny objections made to you.”

There were so many differing beliefs in the first three centuries after the life of Jesus that no two gospels or epistles (letters claimed to be from apostles) were alike. Bits had been added, deleted, and changed to fit the beliefs of those who possessed them.


Modern research has shown that the text of Mark was the first of the ‘Bible’ gospels to be written and the others merely copied that and put in their own additions. Earlier texts from which Mark and other Gospel writers copied have been lost, but even so there were other writings about Jesus which the Church rejected, as we will see. No one knows who wrote the biblical texts, when, and from what personal direction they were coming from.


Yet this is the book that has controlled the evolution of much of the world for the best part of two thousand years! Jerome’s suppression of truth and alternative thought was twofold. He persuaded the Pope to make channeling a crime and the Oracles and Vessels of God became with one Papal decree, Oracles and Vessels of the Devil, names still used by many within the Church today. And he also took control of the ancient texts and made them fit his image of truth. Jerome became secretary to Pope Damasus in about 382 and he was commissioned to bring together all the various texts into a book which reflected (his) orthodox belief.

It was now that the texts were made to fit the view that Jeshuah the philosopher was no less than Jesus the Christ who had died so our sins would be forgiven. Jerome’s rewriting of ancient texts and the rejection of anything he didn’t agree with, produced the wording which became the New Testament.


Christians believe this to be the word of Jesus and God. It isn’t. It is largely the word of Jerome. The additions and deletions by Jerome and others created a contradictory mess. The Bible tells us, for example, that the genetic line of Jesus can be traced back from his father Joseph to King David. But how can this be if Joseph played no part in his conception? In fact both the genetic line and the idea of the virgin birth were additions to the texts.

Jerome and Augustine looked through thirteen gospels, nine acts and teachings of the Apostles, thirty-one epistles, and other writings, and decided which were ‘orthodox’ and which were not. Surprise, surprise, they agreed that the ones Jerome had doctored were orthodox and the rest should be discarded, and it was these that the Council of Carthage agreed should be accepted by the Church. Some of those that were rejected were much nearer the truth than those that became the New Testament.


Pope Innocent I confirmed the decision at Carthage, and a hundred years later Pope Gelasius I decreed that only these approved writings (called canonical) were to be read in churches. Those who disobeyed were to be tortured and killed as heretics. Jerome also turned his mind to re-writing the texts that became the Old Testament, but even his faith in these as the Word of God was challenged by all the contradictions he found. He had to admit that his efforts to make sense of it could only be considered makeshift.


When the two testaments were brought together in the 6th century the Old, which Jerome didn’t really understand, was joined with the New, which Jerome had edited to suit his beliefs. By these methods was the Holy Bible created and Jehovah, the vengeful God of the Jews and quite possibly an extra-terrestrial, became merged with the God of Jesus. Is it any wonder that it produced a book so full of blatant contradictions?


Fortunately some themes of truth have survived and particularly some of the written and numerical symbols and codes that the original texts contained. Many of these have been retained because the forgers and editors like Jerome did not understand their significance. To them they were just numbers or literal stories. But some are codes and symbols waiting for those who have the understanding to decipher them.

After Constantine’s death, there had been a period when Pagan and Arian beliefs had their supporters among the Roman Emperors. During one period under the Emperor Constantius believers in the trinity were persecuted when he accepted the Arian view. Whoever had prominence it was still a case of Christians killing Christians in an argument over the trinity or no trinity.


Then the Emperor Theodosius ‘the Great’ came to power in 379, and with him so did orthodox (Jeromian) Christianity. Theodosius was a staunch supporter of the Nicene Creed who ordered the slaughter of 1,500 men, women, and children on one occasion alone in retaliation for the murder of one of his commanders and some soldiers. He issued the laws which were to be known as the Theodosian Code.


These ordered imprisonment, torture, death or banishment for the crime of the heresy of not accepting the Nicene Creed. He also appointed a group of priests called The Inquisitors of the Faith. Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan, was the founder of the Holy Inquisition which was to turn a large tract of the world into a human abbatoir. Wars were fought over the imposition of the Christian Orthodox (Nicene) Faith and tens of millions would be killed in the most terrible ways in the name of Christianity.


The Brotherhood organizations were being controlled more and more by negative intent. They were gaining ever greater control of events as their membership, and offshoots grew ever more quickly. Now the Luciferic Consciousness was not only in control of the Church, it was the Church. This was to continue into modern times. The Inquisition Office is now called the Holy Office.

The further erosion of truth came with the Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. From his headquarters in Constantinople he schemed to have references to pre-existence and reincarnation removed from the Bible. He convened the Second Synod Council of Constantinople in 553 which, even without the attendance or support of the Pope, agreed that:

“If anyone assert the fabulous pre-existence of souls and shall submit to the monstrous doctrine that follows from it, let him be. . excommunicated.”

The spiritual truths that were being passed on through the Brotherhood, at certain levels of it, anyway, were now destroyed in the public arena. The ‘Great Work of Ages’ or, to give it its modern name, The New World Order, was right on course in its desire to part human beings from the knowledge of who they are.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, the Christian Church took its place and the Pope became the equivalent of the Roman Emperor. A sufficient number of the tribes and peoples who replaced Roman rule were Christianized for the view of the Roman Catholic Church to prevail.


Now the power of the Church was total. They believed that because the Old Testament said that Adam had incurred God’s wrath by eating from the tree of knowledge, that the pursuit of all knowledge outside of the Bible was sinful. In the same way, because Eve had tempted him to eat from the tree, women were considered to be evil and of no worth.


These breathtaking interpretations and the fear of the Inquisition was to hold back human evolution for at least two thousand years. Today’s scientific establishment is still not as advanced in its overall understanding of life and Creation as were Socrates, Plato, and others in Ancient Greece.

The Christians destroyed all the writings of the great philosophers. Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum were closed and their writings burned. The Roman educational system inspired by Quintilian was dismantled and the great library at Alexandria became a theological college. Philosophers, scientists, and school teachers were persecuted.


Hypatia, one of the outstanding women of her time, had her flesh torn from her body by a Christian mob for the ‘crime’ of speaking eloquently on science, mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy in ways that contradicted orthodox Christianity. She worked at the library in Alexandria and all the books it contained were then destroyed. This was all done in the name of Cyril, the Archbishop of Alexandria.


He was later made a saint.

I can recommend a book called The Vicars of Christ which is a record of the Roman Catholic popes by a former Roman Catholic priest, Peter Da Rosa. It is a superb expose of the hypocrisy and deceit upon which Christianity was built. And remember, until the Reformation and the birth of the Protestant version in the 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church was Christianity.


The Vatican had a whole department dedicated to producing forged ‘historical’ documents to hoodwink kings, queens, and others into doing their will. In most cases the Church’s ‘will’, as, increasingly, with the Brotherhood, was for them to wage war on non-believers or to hand over land and money to add to their, by now, amazing wealth.

The post of Pope was not spiritual, but commercial, and the negative Brotherhood societies made every effort to make sure that ‘their’ men got the job or someone who was easily manipulated. The Vatican to this day is run by the Brotherhood. If they could control the Pope, the potential to create wars and impose their will was almost infinite.


Popes were considered by many to be ‘infallible’, the mouthpiece of God, and whatever they wanted they had to be given. As a result the Papacy attracted all the wrong characters for all the wrong reasons. One pope was so unhinged that he had the body of a previous pope exhumed from the grave and brought to his room.


He ordered that the rotting remains were sat down in a chair so he could tell him what he thought of him! Apparently, one of the Pope’s staff stood behind the dead pope answering on his behalf like some ventriloquist with a dummy. It is sobering to think that such misguided people were making decisions that would affect the lives of humanity up to the present day.


Or was it always they who actually made the decisions? Probably not. Either way, we still have Roman Catholic priests who must stay celibate and unmarried because of what popes - or their controllers - decided a thousand years ago and more.


The story went like this:

  • 325AD: The Council of Nicaea decides that no one will be allowed to marry after their ordination.

  • 385AD: Pope Siricius decrees that men who are married before their ordination must not sleep with their wives afterwards.

  • 590 - 604AD: Pope Gregory the Great decides that all desire for sex is sinful. Sex was only for producing children.

  • 1074AD: Pope Gregory VII says that all priests must pledge themselves to be celibate.

The consequences of the Roman Catholic hang-ups about sex have been to pass on this ‘dirty’, ‘sinful’, view of sexual love to the generations that followed. Even today we still see its legacy. We are also seeing many stories coming to light of Roman Catholic priests and their sexual abuse of children.


The Vatican seeks to avoid responsibility for this, but at the core of such behavior is the forced suppression of natural sexual urges imposed by Papal dictators between ten and seventeen centuries ago and upheld by successive Papal dictators ever since. But they can’t change it because to do so would make it clear that Pope Gregory VII was fallible in ordering such a ridiculous rule. And as popes are considered infallible, none of them can change - at least publicly -’ what a previous one has decided!

The idea of ‘sinful’ sex was promoted by Augustine. He was well-known for his love of sex earlier in his life, but when he claimed to have abstained, he took on a view of sex that was similar to the way some people who stop smoking see others who continue to smoke.


He became obsessive in his condemnation, and would not allow a woman to enter his house unaccompanied. This included his sister. Such was his power within the Church that his belief that sex and lust were sinful became the accepted view. The suppression of the flow of creative energy activated by natural sexual activity has expressed itself in negative emotions and behavior, as well as health problems resulting from blocked energy. Using the ‘safe period’ to enjoy sex without conceiving was condemned as a wicked sin by Augustine.


You should never have sexual relationships unless you intend to conceive a child, they decided, and even then under no circumstances must you enjoy it!! This nonsense continues to blight the lives of so many to this day. I have always found it hilarious that the Church says that God made the physical body, but we should be so ashamed of this creation that we must never allow others to see it or, at the extreme, even see it ourselves. But Augustine’s view on love, marriage, and sex was followed by the Church from then on.


As he said over and over again:

“Husbands love your wives, but love them chastely. Insist on the work of the flesh only in such measure as is necessary for the procreation of children. Since you cannot beget children in any other way [an oversight by God, presumably], you must descend to it against your will, for it is the punishment of Adam.”

Poor old Adam and Eve.


They get it in the neck for everything, even the fact that we have to be punished by being forced to have sex. Augustine linked sex with ‘original sin’, the idea that we are all born sinful. If we are conceived through the sexual act, we are by definition born with original sin which is supposed to go back to Adam and Eve. Jesus was the only one born without original sin, because his was a virgin birth which did not involve sex. Follow the logic?


Later to overcome the obvious contradiction that Jesus was born to a mother who was born with original sin, she, too, was said to have been conceived without sex. But hold on. In that case, Jesus was born without original sin to a mother without original sin, but she was born to a mother with original sin. Shock, horror.


Unless of course, the grandmother of Jesus was also conceived without sex. In that case.... No, no, I think we’ll leave it there.


You see how confusing it gets once you try to cover your tracks? It is the same whenever you tell lies. You have to keep lying to cover up previous lies and you get yourself in a terrible mess. The Roman Church also conveniently ignores the fact that the one they consider to be the first pope, the ‘disciple’ Peter, was married and not celibate.


From this insult to the intelligence has come a view of sex, the physical body, marriage, divorce, and women that was to prevail for nearly two thousand years. The suppression of women has been passed through the generations by the major religions. Christian dogma used the Adam and Eve story in the Jewish Old Testament to justify this.


They also quote people like St Paul:

“Wives submit to your husbands for the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the Church. Now if the Church submits to Christ so should wives submit to their husbands in everything.”


“But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

In the last years of the 20th century, the Bible is still being quoted in opposition to women priests. When the Church of England voted in favor of women in the priesthood in 1993, members of the Church resigned in protest and joined the Roman Catholics - some of them women!


The male domination in all areas of life has helped to extend the domination of male energy over female which has made the world what it is today. This has served Lucifer’s ambitions magnificently. A domination of male energy over female is vital to his plans. All consciousness is both male and female, and we all have male and female lives to ensure a balance of experiences.


The current transformation will see a rebalancing of the male-female energies around the planet and this will manifest in the emergence of women in decision making and the activation of female energies, like caring and compassion, within those in male bodies. Both men and women are capable of expressing male and female energy.

The Christian obsession with destroying paganism, while at the same time absorbing it, led to a further polluting of the Earth energy grid, as did all the negative energy being created by the murder and mayhem. Early churches were built on Pagan sacred sites. Some sects knew about the energies and wanted to use them, and others considered these energies and sites to be evil and wished to suppress the energies (the ‘dragon’).


This is where I feel the legends of St George and the dragon originated. Churches all over the world are built on acupuncture points and chakras and I visit many in the course of my own work. All that fear, guilt, and suffering which has been experienced on those sites and the concentration on the crucifixion have generated immense quantities of negative energy and this has poured into the grid. Those churches that have been joyous have produced positive energy, but they have been the tiny, tiny, minority.

This was a terrible time for the volunteers and those who were trying to restore understanding to the human mind. They incarnated in other parts of the world for lives dedicated to channeling energy into the grid to try to compensate for what Christianity and Islam (of which more shortly) were doing.


Those who were born into the Christian World lived simple lives keeping their heads down and channeling the energy or doing what they could to speak out before facing the inevitable and often gruesome fate. Many found themselves guided to the monasteries which were built on energy sites and were protected by law from any interference.

One spiritual group which grew rapidly in France and Northern Italy in the 12th and 13th centuries and challenged the power of Rome was the Cathars or Albigenses. It was based on an understanding of reincarnation and the eternal nature of all consciousness. They were vegetarians and communicated psychically with other frequencies. Their views won such support that the influence of the Roman Catholic Church began to wane in Southern France around Albi.


Pope Innocent II reacted to this with one of the most appalling examples of inhumanity seen on this planet. What followed was genocide. Men, women and children were dismembered or were burnt alive in the name of Jesus and God. The events at the castle of Monsegur are best remembered in the Cathar story, but there were many other ‘glorious’ victories for the Roman Catholic armies that were just as sickening. One ploy of Innocent II, and later of Pope Gregory IX was to tell his ‘crusaders’ that no matter what they did he would forgive them on God’s behalf. What a shock they must have had when they left the physical body and realized they were responsible through karma for all they had done.

As the centuries passed the Holy Inquisition went into overdrive. The Dominican Order was put in charge of this religious version of Murder Incorporated. Pope Gregory IX declared: ‘It is the duty of every Catholic to persecute heretics’.


There was no fair trial before a sentence. The Inquisitors, decision was final. It was a wonderful way of getting rid of people you didn’t like, especially if you were one of the Brotherhood elite who wished to remove those who were getting in your way. You told the Inquisitors that your enemies were nonbelievers, and you stood back and watched them burned to death.


This passage is from a book of guidance from the Church to inquisitors:

“Either the person confesses and he is proved guilty from his own confession, or he does not confess and is equally guilty on the evidence of witnesses. If a person confesses the whole of what he is accused of he is unquestioningly guilty of the whole; but if he confesses only a part, he ought still to be regarded as guilty of the whole, since what he has confessed proves him to be capable of guilt as to other points of the accusation..


Bodily torture is left to the Judge of the Inquisition, who determines according to age, sex, and the constitution of the party... If not withstanding, all the means employed, the unfortunate wretch still denies his guilt, he is to be considered as a victim of the devil; and, as such, deserves no compassion from the servants of God, nor pity and indulgence of Holy Mother Church; he is a son of perdition. Let him perish among the damned.”

Even genuine believers were murdered by the Inquisitors, but the Church’s motto was that it was better for a hundred ‘innocents’ to die than for one heretic to go on living. Could it be that the Nazis of the 20th century were a reincarnation of these misguided minds I have been describing?


The parallels in behavior patterns and attitudes are clear to see, even in their treatment of the Jews. I believe that the programming by the Church of the collective conscious mind was so strong that when people later reincarnated they dropped back into the same thought patterns that had been programmed into them in previous incarnations.


This applies to the Church, economics, and all aspects of our lives, and I have no doubt the same is happening today. In incarnation after incarnation people drop back into old patterns they cannot or chose not to break. It is like the needle stuck in a record groove, although I must say I do feel that some of the architects of the Church dogma were, as with the Nazi leaders, incarnations of the Luciferic consciousness.

I don’t recognize the term heresy. It is, for me, the ultimate arrogance to suggest that certain beliefs must be free from questioning and challenge under the guise of ‘heresy’ or ‘blasphemy’. But if you use for a moment the Church’s definition of heresy - the abuse and misrepresentation of the one they call Jesus then the greatest of all heresies has been Christianity itself.

The Christian thought-police were now established across their domain and they would soon spread their darkness to the Americas. The only threat to their domination of the Holy Land and beyond was another version of religious indoctrination which answered to the name of Islam.


The clashes between the two would create yet more conflict, pain, and suffering - exactly what the Brotherhood and its master, Lucifer, wanted to see.


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6 - Arabian Knights

In the year 570 a child was born in the Arabian desert at Mecca. Forty years later he was to have a psychic experience that would affect the course of history to the present day. His name was Mahomet or as he is better known, Mohammed.

Again we have a psychic vision, a communication from another frequency, or an extra-terrestrial hologram, being mistaken for God or a messenger from God, and again it was to have appalling consequences. Mahomet said that his communicator had told him the people of Arabia must return to a simple faith in Allah, the God of Abraham (Allah = El and later Jehovah to the Hebrews).


He said God had also chosen him to pass on this message, and those who accepted it would be saved on Judgment Day. Sound familiar?


All of these apparently opposing religions were started by the same non-physical manipulator - Lucifer in his many forms. Mahomet was just another victim. He wrote down his communications in a book called the Koran (meaning recitation), and from that came the religion we know as Islam (meaning submission to God ) and the people called Muslims (one who submits).


Terrible violence became the means of advancing Mahomet’s cause. He changed in character from what would appear to have been a kind and loving man into a tyrant as his religious beliefs and a highly negative energy took him over. So what caused this sudden change? It could have been that he simply became power hungry, I suppose, but maybe there is another explanation. I do not offer it as fact, just a possibility.

Mahomet says that he saw his vision near the cave where he would often go. The vision apparently claimed to be the angel Gabriel of biblical fame and he lost consciousness during the encounter. Other prophet figures have told of similar experiences. When he woke up the message he was told to recite was, he says, inscribed upon his heart.


Perhaps it would have been more accurate to say his mind. To appreciate what could have happened to Mohamet, St Paul, Augustine, and endless others, we need to make the division in our minds between the stage of evolution humanity had reached at the time and where the ET’s were in their knowledge and technology. In the modern world, highly sophisticated, mind-control techniques are well known to the secret Brotherhood elite today and the intelligence agencies who work to an agenda which ignores democratic government and scrutiny.


But even these techniques are primitive compared with what the ETs can do and, more to the point, could do thousands of years ago across the entire period covered in this book. They could turn certain people into super robots, controlled almost entirely through mind programming.


The CIA today have the ability to abduct someone, implant a micro-chip in their brain, and so hypnotize them that another version of what happened can replace the actual experience in their memory. Look at the difference between that level of knowledge and the stage of understanding humans had reached in the periods we are discussing and you can see how easy it would have been to control many events.

I am not saying that this happened, I don’t know. But it would be naive to dismiss the possibility out of hand, in the light of what we know about mind-controlling techniques today. Humans, rather than ETs, could well have been involved in affecting Mohamet’s mind. There are, of course, other explanations for his experience. The most likely is some sort of psychic happening or manipulation, or even drugs.


Maybe he was genuinely the subject of efforts to pass on spiritual knowledge and his ego took over. Part of the message he wrote down said: “Don’t use violence in religion,” only for this to be removed from the Koran texts when he did just that. There is a great deal of good sense to be found in the Koran among all the dross. What precisely happened to Mohamet, we can’t say, but one thing is for sure - what followed his experience was anything but spiritual.

Even before Mahomet the town of Mecca was considered a religious centre and attracted thousands of pilgrims. It had a small temple called the Kaaba (House of God ) and its cornerstone was a meteorite. This was held to be sacred and the place of worship for the God Allah Taala and images of Jesus, Mary, and others decorated the walls.


The Bedoums who owned the temple enjoyed a very profitable business as the people paid to worship and kiss the sacred stone. They became very angry at the preaching of Mahomet because if his ideas caught on they feared their trade would cease. To their dismay he was gathering many followers and the town of Medina had asked him to be their ruler as the prophet of Allah.


Given what has happened since, it is some irony to think that it was the Jews in Medina who helped to pursued people that he was who he claimed to be. The Bedoums of Mecca plotted to kill him, but he escaped with his close friend Abu Bekr and hid in his cave before returning to the safety of Medina in 622. Medina translates as ‘town of the Prophet’.

From his base in Medina he and his followers attacked and robbed the trading caravans on their way to Mecca and conflict came to this desert region. Mahomet’s growing power and arrogance led him to announce that God had told him the people in Medina who would not accept his message should be killed.


It was Christianity revisited. All non-believers must die. Mahomet ordered many massacres, including the murder of 900 Jews, and in the end a treaty was agreed between Mecca and Medina. Mecca would recognize Mahomet as the prophet of God if he moved the centre of the faith from Medina to Mecca. In this way the temple would lose one faith, but gain another, and although the pilgrims would now come for different reasons, they would still come and keep the tills ticking over.


No doubt with commercial benefits in mind, the Bedoums also insisted that Mahomet tell the people to face Mecca and not Jerusalem when they prayed. This would increase their desire to visit the place they were facing several times a day. Fourteen hundred years later Moslems across the world still face the direction of Mecca when they pray.

Mahomet went to war with any community throughout Arabia who would not accept his rule and his claims to be the prophet of God. This turned a region of communities into a nation determined to spread their new creed throughout the world by whatever means were necessary.


I have to smile when I hear Moslem religious leaders speaking on the radio, and every time they say the ‘The Prophet Mohammed’ they follow immediately with ‘peace and blessings upon him’. I am all for peace and blessings on everyone, including those who Mahomet and his followers murdered in the name of God and those still kept in mental and physical bondage by Moslem fanatics today. Women particularly have suffered in the Moslem world from the beliefs of Mahomet which have made them prisoners in their own lands when the Koran is followed to the letter.

With Mahomet’s death at the age of 62, his friend Abu Bekr took over as his Kalifa or Caliph which means successor. He was ruthless in pursuit of his desire for world domination by Islam and the rivers of blood flowed across the Middle East. Every country was given the same ultimatum: accept the Caliph as their ruler and adopt the Moslem faith, or die by the sword.

By the year 750, Moslem rule had advanced dramatically. It now controlled Arabia, Egypt, the North African Coast, Armenia, Syria, Palestine, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Spain. This gave them control of the Christian ‘Mecca’ of Jerusalem and many other places the Christians believed to be sacred. In time Constantinople, the first Christian city, would also fall.


The Moslems were to adopt the crescent as their emblem, but this was originally designed by the Christians of Constantinople and only became associated with Islam after the city was taken. The Moslem Empire would later extend to the Indian subcontinent where the deep and bitter hatred thus created between Moslems and Hindus still continues. It is the old, old, familiar story.


We have all the answers and if you don’t accept that, you are dead. One can only speculate at the mental age necessary to think in such terms, or the power of the mental control someone or something has over them. When anyone tells you they have all the answers it is time to race for the exits.

You will see through the story of religions that certain key themes are common to them all. First someone channels a non-physical communicator or meets the occupant of a spacecraft and takes them to be whatever version of God their belief system will accept. A fanatical zeal unfolds to impose these beliefs on everyone else and as time goes on and the original instigator dies, feuds break out over power, money, position, and ‘truth’.


So it was with the Moslem Faith. Arguments began over who should be the Caliph in the centuries that followed. A man called Othman was chosen on one occasion, but this was resented by Ah, the husband of Mahomet’s daughter, Fatima. Ah believed he should have been Caliph because he was a member of the Prophet’s family and Othman was not. There was tremendous conflict between the two factions and it is still going on in some areas to this very day.


The Shute, or orthodox Moslems, believe they descend from those who said Ah should be caliph while the others, called Sunni Moslems, recognize Othman. God help us. At one time anyone who could claim to descend from Mahomet was executed and once again I’m sure the negative

Brotherhood organizations were stimulating the division whenever they could.

There were, and are, however, many good things about Moslem rule. This is an important point which I want to stress most strongly. In all these books, like the Bible and Koran, you will find among the incitements and justifications for horrific behavior some good and virtuous philosophies.


The fanatics who, by force, have largely been in control have picked out the former to guide their lives, but others have had the sense and decency of spirit to be guided by the latter. Not every believer in Christianity was a murdering barbarian and nor every Moslem. Across the world today there are hundreds of millions of faithful Christians and Moslems who follow the positive messages in their religious books and reject the violence.


There are some wonderful human beings working within the Christian Church and, as I have found in Britain and in my travels through the Middle East, you will not find a kinder, more generous people than the moderate, thinking, Moslems. If they and the moderate Christians had been in control over the centuries then although they would still be following what are, in my view, religions based on myth, at least the slaughter fields would not have been thought necessary.

There were periods in the Moslem empire when the fanatics were not in control and these times made a vital contribution to humanity by preserving the knowledge of people like Plato and Aristotle. Under the caliph Haroun-al-Raschid in the late eighth, early ninth, century the capital was moved to Baghdad.


Their thought was not imprisoned by the Koran and although the caliph still sent his armies to pillage and murder appallingly in neighboring lands, he also set up schools and colleges. Scientists, doctors, and philosophers traveled to this centre of intellectual freedom. Baghdad became the world’s wealthiest city with many hospitals, more than 600 doctors and 6,000 students. All religions were allowed to be followed freely.


When Al-Mamun took over from his father, the Greek, Persian and Chaldean literature which had survived the Christian priests was translated into Arabic. He openly questioned the teachings of the Koran and encouraged philosophy. In this period great advances were made in the understanding of science and healing and an extensive system of schools was created for children.


The Moslem world was light years ahead of Christendom where all these things, including healing, were banned on pain of death. In Southern Spain under Moslem rule it was the same as in Baghdad. Their way of thinking and living was in a different world to the squalor and ignorance which prevailed throughout Christendom. We have much to thank the Moslems, for under these more open-minded rulers, they kept the flame of knowledge alive and it paved the way for the Renaissance in Europe.

The glories of Baghdad as a home of knowledge and mental freedom were crushed when the Turks invaded in the 11th century. These were orthodox, fanatical, Moslems and intolerance and ignorance returned. I say orthodox, fanatical, Moslems, but the division of attitude should really be broken down into fanatics and thinkers. The Moslem fanatics had the same mentality as the Christian fanatics and had each been born in the other’s land they would have been equally fanatical about the other’s religion.


We speak of Moslems and Christians, but it’s not like that in reality. It is fanatics and thinkers. The religions are simply used as a vehicle for fanaticism. If they did not exist, they would find another expression for their mental and emotional imbalances. In the same way, if the moderate, thinking, people did not have a religion through which to express their spirituality, they would find another vehicle for it.

The Turks went on to create the Ottoman Empire, a name which came from Osman, one of their rulers. Its expansion into hitherto Christian lands was helped by the latest arguments over the trinity. Now they were falling out over the Latin word Fihoque, which means ‘and from the Son’. Did the Holy Ghost proceed only from the Father or from the Father ‘and from the Son’? Does anyone care?


Unfortunately they do, and when the Filioque was added to the creed by the Pope in 1054 it split the Western and Eastern Churches. This Eastern Church is now known as the Greek or Eastern Orthodox. There was a definite Brotherhood ploy to now split the Christian religion into factions of conflict. While Christendom was arguing about all this, the Moslem Turks were taking advantage and expanding their empire into Christian strongholds.


The Pope sought to bring unity of purpose by launching a crusade against the Moslems to win back control of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher from the ‘infidels’. There were eight crusades in all and Jerusalem was won and then lost again. The urgency to regain the Holy City was increased by the belief that the Second Coming would happen soon.


In fact the idea of the Savior-god returning goes back to the days of Sun Worship and is common to many religions. Most of the crusades were a disaster and on one occasion the Church organized an army made up of children from France and Germany in an effort to re-take Jerusalem. This ‘Children’s Crusade’ was launched during the Papacy of Innocent III. Few of the children returned. Most were victims of disease, accident, murder, and slavery.

The Crusades were responsible for the most staggering violence and the ‘Knights of Chivalry’ were no more than barbarous killing machines. The European kings and knights were urged by the Church and the Brotherhood societies to kill for God. Two branches of the Brotherhood most active at this time were the Knights Templar (or Knights of the Temple) and the Knights Hospitaler.


The latter was probably not under Brotherhood Control from its creation in 1048. It was then a charitable order, but in 1118 it had another incarnation as the Order of Knights Hospitaler of St John. This came after a change of leadership and motivation. They became a military organization named after John, the son of the King of Cyprus, who fought in the Crusades. It would seem to have been a Brotherhood take over and the Order began to operate with a Grand Master and all the rituals, secret initiations, rituals, and symbols, which go back to ancient times.


The Knights Templar were a Brotherhood branch from the start, with their Grand Master and customary secrecy. They came into being a year after the Hospitalers joined the Brotherhood and the Templars were to have enormous power behind the scenes.


Like the Hospitalers they were given large amounts of money by supporters of the Crusades and the Templars became so rich they began the financial centers in Paris and London by storing their wealth in their temples in those cities. The Teutonic (German) Knights were another charitable order who changed to a military role. They had a Grand Master and all the trimmings and these three Brotherhood branches hated each other, much to the delight of those who were controlling them without their knowledge.


Again I am not saying that every member of these groups was knowingly working against the people. Most would have had the best of intentions. The Brotherhood doesn’t work like that. It needs to hoodwink most of its own to be most effective. The Brotherhood is manipulation with a smile on its face and it seeks a good public image. For that it needs some good people involved at the lower levels. Charitable trusts and charity work in general is often a front it chooses to use.

Even on the journeys to the ‘Holy Land’ by the Christian Crusaders other non-believers on route were tortured and murdered. The Jews suffered most. The Christians condemned the whole Jewish Race as the ‘murderers of Christ’ and any scale of barbarity against them could be justified by that.


When the crusaders of the Lord re-took Jerusalem one of their first acts was to burn the synagogue with the Jews still inside. The streets literally ran with the blood of their Jewish and Moslem victims, a great contrast to the way some Moslem leaders treated the Christians when Islam regained the city. In the end the crusades achieved nothing, except for sending hundreds of thousands to an early grave and causing terrible pain and destruction - exactly what the Brotherhood wanted.


It was not until this century that the Christian world had control of the Holy Land again, when it became part of the British Empire. The Jews suffered in Europe for another reason. The Christian religion in this period imposed a strict ban on usury, the charging of interest on loans. An usurer could have all his property confiscated, be excommunicated, and refused a Christian burial.


It was considered better that a wife should leave an usurer husband and beg for food, than to accept anything from him. The Jews were not subject to this Christian law and they did change interest on lending. This made them extremely unpopular with people in debt. In 1290, 16,000 Jews were deported from England because of this.

At the end of the Crusades and the Moslem victory, the Brotherhood knights had to flee. The Order of St John did well, as it moved around, changing its name with its location as the Knights of Rhodes and Knights of Malta. They have survived to this day as the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta, which, with papal help, moved its base to Rome and became the world’s smallest nation.


The Knights of Malta have tremendous influence in politics and in the secret societies today. The Templars have also survived, but the reprisals against them for losing the crusades, and the charges aimed against them for spitting on the cross and homosexuality saw their wealth and power taken away. (For a while, anyway).

The reasons for this campaign against them were greed and the preservation of the con-trick called Christianity. The Templars accumulated breathtaking riches as Christians gave their wealth to them in their wills and donations. The Templars were the richest organization in every country in which they established themselves. They became bankers without charging interest because the Christian Church had a ban on usury.


When the Jews were expelled from France in 1306 for their usury activities, Philip, the French King, had to re-pay his debts to them. This he did by giving them virtually all his country’s reserves of coinage in exchange for all the property they left behind. This was similar to the deal struck between the Jews and King William (Rufus) when they were thrown out of England for charging interest on loans.


King Philip was desperate for money to meet foreign commitments and he decided to steal the Templar gold. Philip and his fellow Frenchman, Pope Clement V, hatched a plan to achieve it. Allegations were made against the Templars and Clement charged them with heresy. Their money went to Philip and their lands to the church. The Templar’s Grand Master, Jacques de Moley, was burned at the stake.

But there was another reason why the Roman Catholic Church was so keen on destroying the Templars and the Cathars. In 1891 during restoration of the village church at Rennes de-Chateau in South-West France, the parish priest, Berenger Sauniere, found four parchments. They were sealed in wooden tubes which had been hidden inside a hollow altar pillar. Two of these contained the blood lines of local families and dated back to 1244 and 1644. Sauniere also discovered a secret code in the texts and he told the Bishop of Carcassonne what he had found. With that the parish priest was summoned to Paris to meet the church hierarchy and show them the parchments.

From that time, Sauniere was a man transformed. He would have earned a very small income as a priest, but in the years that followed he spent millions on paintings, antiques and rare china. He also built a mansion which he never lived in and a tower so close to the side of a mountain that it overlooked nothing. His behavior became very strange in all sorts of ways.


When a new Bishop of Carcassonne was appointed and complained at Sauniere’s antics, the parish priest was supported by the Pope himself. Sauniere died of ‘a stroke’ in 1917 at the age of sixty-five. But it seems that his coffin had been ordered by his housekeeper five days before his ‘stroke’, when he had seemed perfectly healthy. A priest who came to give him the last rites and heard his confession was said to have left the room visibly shaken and never to have smiled again.

So what did Sauniere know?

In 1969, Henry Lincoln, a British scriptwriter, became interested in the story and he uncovered documents at the National Library in France kept under the title of ‘Dossiers Secrets’. One mentioned a secret order structured on typical Brotherhood lines called the Priory of Sion which had also been named in the parchments found by Sauniere in Rennes-leChateau. Lincoln’s document said that past Grand Masters of this order included Leonardo da Vinci, the scientist Isaac Newton, the alchemist, Nicholas Flamel, and the composer, Claude Debussy.


The plot thickened because Sauniere had met Debussy when he was summoned to Paris by the Roman Catholic hierarchy. The Priory of Sion, the document went on, was the inner hierarchy of the Knights Templar which were dedicated to restoring the Merovingians to the French Throne. The Merovingian dynasty began in the 5th century. Merovee became Frankish King in 448 and the family were said to have royal or holy blood. The Templars had a stronghold at Bezu not far from Rennes-le-Chateau, and remember, the parchments found by Saumere included family blood lines.

This becomes extremely relevant and links in perfectly with my earlier conclusions about the Jesus story when you consider the following. Henry Lincoln’s work was the subject of three television documentaries in 1972 and as a result he received a letter from a retired Anglican priest. The letter said that the writer knew for certain that what Sauniere found was uncontestable proof that Jesus did not die on the cross.


The priest said that he was given this information by a fellow Anglican cleric who had worked in Paris with Emile Hoffet. When Sauniere was ordered to Paris, one of those who interviewed him was Emile Hoffet. Lincoln’s informant said the parchments proved that Jesus was alive in France at least until 45AD. As I suggested earlier, Jesus traveled to the Rennes-leChateau area with Mary Magdalene and their children after he had recovered from the crucifixion.


He may have died there or possibly he could have ended his life in Kashmir, as I mentioned earlier. I believe the Roman Catholic Church know that Jesus did not die on the cross and have done so for at least 1500 years. They have suppressed this knowledge to protect their own power. They have conned billions of people over the centuries and continue to do so today. The proof of this is locked up in the Vatican vaults and, as Sauniere found out, they will pay any sort of price to persist with this monumental lie.

They will also commit genocide to preserve their deceit. King Philip may have had money as his motivation to destroy the Knights Templar after the failed Crusades, but Pope Clement V had other reasons for his own involvement. The Templars knew the true story of Jesus, just as the Cathars had done when they emerged in the same region of France which includes Rennes-leChateau.


The Cathars had also denied that Jesus died on the cross and they were eliminated for that reason more than any other. I feel the much talked-about Cathar ‘treasure’ was the proof that Jesus survived the cross. This story goes on to this day because the Brotherhood elite is still determined to crown a ‘World King’ who descends from the bloodline of Jesus, something they inherited via the Templars, who believed that the Merovingians descended from the blood line of King David, through Jesus and his children.


This is why they were so keen to put the Merovingians back on the French throne, and this was another incentive for King Philip to be rid of them. It was thought the Merovingian blood line had died out after they lost the Frankish throne in the 8th century, but the Cathars and the Templars knew differently. Today, somewhere in the world, the Brotherhood, or some elements of it, are possibly preparing a person who they claim to be from the David, Jesus, Merovingian, blood line to become ‘World King’.

Everything and everyone is expendable to those who control the Brotherhood once their use to them has run its course. There is no better example of that than the way the Brotherhood was manipulating its Christian branches to fight the Moslems, while doing the same to its Moslem branches to fight the Christians.

Among these Moslem Brotherhood groups were the Karmathites, the Druses, the Brotherhood of the Nine, and the Assassins. At the heart of the secret societies of the Moslem world was the Grand Lodge of Cairo from where many Brotherhood groups in Europe originated. As with all religions the original structure breaks up into factions, as with the Shutes.


Out of the Shutes came another faction called the Ismaili Sect, a Brotherhood Branch with the Aga Khan as its ‘spiritual leader’ today, and out of that came yet another arm of the Brotherhood, the Assassins - Grand Master, secret initiations, you know the score. The word Assassin means a user of hashish because they used the drug to stimulate their mystical experiences and for other more sinister reasons.


Now assassin means something very different - a lone killer. This is because the Assassins used this method very effectively to expand their power from their base in Iran. They were not choosy. They killed Moslem and Christian alike.

The Assassins became a model for the political and economic murders of today. They would not do the killing themselves, they would mind control a young man and get him to do it. Their preferred method was to introduce him to the Grand Master. He would then be drugged with hashish and lose consciousness.


When he awoke he would be in a beautiful garden and there he would be pampered and led to believe he was in heaven, paradise. He would be given more of the drug, lose consciousness again, and wake up back with the Grand Master. The killer-to-be would be told that he had never left the Grand Master’s presence and that he had been given a taste of the eternal paradise that would await him if he did as he was told by the Assassins and killed for God.


They invariably did.


Could something along these lines have happened to Mahomet centuries earlier?

This same basic technique, but now far more sophisticated, is used today to murder those who get in the way of the Brotherhood’s plan for world domination. This method of mind controlling outsiders to do your dirty work makes it almost impossible to identify the real killers, especially when those investigating the crime are also Brotherhood members, more often than not.


The Moslem secret societies indoctrinated and conned their initiates in ways that also mirrored the other branches of the Brotherhood, like the freemasons. The lower degrees of initiation were quite straightforward and appeared to support the status quo, the Moslem religion in their case. But then, at a certain level when the initiate was well entrenched in the society, the whole story was switched and suddenly they were told to forget all they had been told before.


The new version of the ‘truth’, which itself would undergo other changes at the higher levels of initiation, would lead to the revelation of who or what the society was really serving. Only if it was believed beyond doubt that you could be trusted to support the ‘Great Work’ would you be given this knowledge.


This is how the few can use the majority of their members as a front of respectability for their clandestine activities against freedom. If you are a freemason or a member of any secret society, you are almost certainly being conned, and it is time you realized that. Get out while you can. The Assassins, by the way, were overrun by the invading Mongols under the leadership of Mangu Khan in 1250, but their attitude to life very much lives on.

As Islam extended its influence with great speed, it added to the host of religions vying for power and recognition in the Middle and Near East - Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, Hinduism.... If you felt the need to hand over your mind to an ‘ism’, you were spoilt for choice, although choice was hardly the word in most cases. You were what you were told to be most of the time.

Europe was in chaos and turmoil after the Romans left, but over the centuries certain tribes gained dominance and countries began to emerge. A Frankish tribe took over the lands we now call France and a branch of this settled in what became Germany. In Britain, they were ruled by a series of invaders, among them the Vikings, Saxons and the Normans.


Theirs was also a story of imposition, invasion, political and religious conflict, and constant Brotherhood activity. A title was never so apt than the Dark Ages. It encapsulates the whole motivation and experience of the time, but slowly the power of the Roman Church was to be broken and Britain would be at the forefront of this momentous event.


It was not, however, quite the blow for freedom that it might at first have appeared to be.


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