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[7th edition] Compiled by ’The Group’

Edited by ’Branton

As a result of this war, according to Meier, a leader by the name of Pleiore allegedly led a mass exodus of surviving refugees from the Lyran system in an effort to reach and colonize the Pleiades, the Hyades and Vega. Even today as we’ve seen previously, some ’Contactees’ have reportedly encountered the modern-day Vegans, as well as the Pleiadeans. Whether Tau Ceti was colonized as a result of this exodus, or whether it was an original ’link’ in an apparent colonization by ancient Eartheans of the Lyran system, is uncertain. It is interesting however that, when viewed from earth, the three constellations of Taurus (Pleiades, Cetus, and Eridanus) are ADJACENT to each other (click image left) and in the same sector of the sky. At this point in time, Meier was told, the Pleiadeans were part of a union of interstellar colonists and civilizations numbering over 127 billion humans. One interesting thing that Meier was told is that the ’Nordics’ or ’Pleiadeans’ were approximately 3000 YEARS advanced over us in technological development!


(This extreme closeness in development when compared to the multi-billion year history of the galaxy may seem highly unusual, as well as the fact that nearly all human cultures in this sector of the universe who have contacted eartheans claim to be no more than a few thousand years advanced over us. The most likely explanation is that human life in this part of the galaxy appeared on one single world and quickly spread out to other systems, adapting themselves to their new environments, especially after "hyperspace" travel became a reality).


Are there any other accounts that might support the above scenario?


In the Spring, 1991 issue of "UFO JOURNAL OF FACTS" (Box 17206., Tucson, AZ 85710), researcher Forest Crawford gives a very remarkable description of a crash-recovery of a disk which was reported by a former deep-level government employee who Crawford refers to only as ’Oscar’. For reasons which should be obvious, ’Oscar’s’ last name was not given. His story, as quoted by Crawford, is as follows:

"’...The eggs had their typical lack of firmness and the sausage tasted more like greasy rope than pork links. The order to mobilize saved me from this breakfast experiment. We proceeded down six flights of stairs below the COMTRAPAC submarine base in San Diego to ’shoot-the-tubes.’ After placing a few pieces of jewelry in a container I climbed into the cylinder to travel the tunnels to an unknown assignment. I wondered what was so important to upgrade our pay from E-3 to E-6 before we left and besides that, we could not even finish breakfast.


"’As I am told of our departure, a familiar uneasy feeling comes over me. When you push down on the accelerator in your car, one can feel the tug of inertia sinking you into the seat. When you travel the tubes there is no feeling of motion but you know when the door opens you will be in another place hundreds, even thousands of miles away. For some comfort I checked to see if the watch hidden in my pocket was still there. I quickly looked to see if it is still running. It seems to be working normally, so why no jewelry? Because of electrical charge buildup perhaps?


"The soft clang of the door opening made me tense again. I did not even feel us stop! Peeking at the watch I noted only 30 minutes had passed. We must be in California, Nevada or Arizona, I thought. As I stepped from the windowless capsule I heard a military policeman murmur ’Turners’ Rangers.’ Our reputation had preceded us. As I readorned my jewelry the first surprise of this assignment was about to come.

"’A high-ranking Naval O.S.S. Officer informs us that we will not be allowed above ground while in North Dakota. NORTH DAKOTA! Several of us were led to a large hanger-like room that had been quickly set up to function as a laboratory. Resting on heavy jack stands in the middle of the room was a large disk- shaped craft. The chief scientist present was introduced as Professor Bear. As his briefing and some discussion proceeded, I rapidly developed rapport with this talented, open minded and gentle man.


"’The craft had crashed near Phoenix, Arizona and was moved to this North Dakota base. Two dead alien bodies with fatal radiation exposure were found outside the craft. I reflected on my O.S.S. Training for crash retrieval and remembered thinking. ’Why bother, we will never get a chance to be involved in anything that exciting.’ Well, not only was I involved, I was the security team leader. This meant that when the craft was opened I would be the first one inside! After all, one does not send in a high ranking officer or a chief scientist to possibly encounter an alien booby trap or extraterrestrial virus. Come to think of it, the prospects did not excite me either. As Professor Bear prepared his ultrasonic sound generators for opening the craft, my apprehension turned to intensity; after all, this was what my training was for.


"’As ’the Bear’ tuned his equipment the smooth solid metal surface of the craft began to ripple like when you throw a stone in the water. When the ripples seemed to gain harmonic stability the now liquid metal parted in a circular iris-like fashion. As I stepped inside I noticed a fresh pine scent and a strange smoothness to everything. The interior was rounded off and continued with no seams or rivets. It was as if the walls, floor and ceiling were formed out of one piece of metal. Even a table in the center of the craft looked as though it had been pushed up out of the floor. What appeared to be control panels had no knobs, switches or dials. There were strange symbols highlighting these futuristic yet simple consoles.


"’The outside of the craft had no apparent damage yet the interior showed some distortion, possibly from the crash. Next to one of the panels I could see something that would challenge my training and change my perceptions of reality forever. The craft was just another piece of hardware, but seated next to the panel was a human! It’s gender was obviously male. Aside from his unusual dress he could have walked past you at a grocery store and not command much attention. Upon noticing some injuries about his head I instinctively and quickly moved toward him to help. His skin was a bronze color, reminiscent of Mediterranean or South American cultures. His hair was similarly brown and very short in a Roman or crew style cut. The only real difference in appearance from earth humans were that his ears were slightly pointed. He reminded me of pictures of Quetzalcoatl, the deity of the ancient Toltecs

(Note: This mythic being which was also known as the ’feathered serpent’ may have been either human or serpentine, depending on the different ’depictions’ given by the ancient Mayas, Toltecs, etc. - Branton).

"’He was conscious and in great pain. One leg was partially pinned by the shifting interior. I was examining cuts on his cheek and lip when I first touched him. An overwhelming feeling of compassion came over me as I heard his voice in my head. I could understand him clearly even though his mouth did not move. The communication was strictly telepathic..."

Note: In this case he mean ’empathic’. There is little evidence that actual mind-to-mind ’thought reading’ is a reality, at least without the aid of sophisticated technology. Even if it were possible the ’words’ formed in the mind of the human encountered by ’Oscar’ would most likely be in a language completely unfamiliar to him. Most people who experience this phenomena claim that ’thought words’ are not involved, but that so-called ’telepathy’ instead involves the empathic ’feelings’ or ’images’ BEHIND these words. Emotions are the most common ’universal language’ between the various different human races wherever they may be.


Many experts claim that ’words’ make up only about twenty percent of the actual ’communication’ which passes between people. Sometimes body language, facial expressions, feelings, eye contact, and attitudes tell more about what a person is thinking than mere ’words’ can. This is because humans have a duel physical and spiritual nature. Just as an astronomer can determine the chemical makeup of a star by looking at it’s spectrograph, human beings are like ’lights’ in themselves who can to a large extent be ’interpreted’ by others who are sensitive to the feelings, expressions and words-attitudes which they are projecting. For instance emotions, sight, and even thoughts result from a combination of the physical and spiritual natures of human beings. So with this interjection, we now continue with ’Oscar’s’ account:

"’I perceived his fear of being harmed and told him that I would not let anyone hurt him. Suddenly, a voice from the doorway refocused my attention on the duties at hand.


"’I called back that we had a live one. The craft filled with gloved and masked medical personnel to help free the occupant. He was quickly carried outside and placed on a gurney. I remarked that he felt heavy for his size and a few others that had assisted agreed. As the alien was whisked off for medical attention, Professor Bear examined the inside of the craft. He found what he thought was a star map depicting the constellation Eridanus and wondered if that might be where the alien was from. After a brief discussion concerning the nature of the communications, Bear asked me to accompany him to the medical lab. As we talked along the way I referred to the alien being as ’Hank.’ The professor asked if that was the name the alien had given me.


"I explained that it was not and that I had chosen that nickname based on it’s native American reference to a ’troubled spirit.’ The professor smiled and said, ’Hank it is,’ and the name seemed to immediately stick. In the antiseptic, impersonal medical room Hank’s discomfort was compounded by his complete undressing. While still in great pain he was examined from head to toe. No stone was left unturned, so to speak. They treated him as if he were a baby of some rare animal species being first born into captivity. It became evident that Hank could not communicate with everyone involved so I was asked to be translator. I had no trouble understanding that the normal anesthetics we were administering had little or no effect. Suddenly, with Hank’s discomfort still a concern, everyone’s attention became divided between the being and a new person arriving on the scene.


"’This new person was obviously important yet seemed to make everyone uneasy. Even Hank recoiled in fear when he came close. He barked a few stern orders and several people, myself included, marched into a nearby conference room. The man introduced himself as Frank Drake and told us he was the head of the operation. The reports would hence forth be titled ’Project OSMA’ (with an ’S’). As the sound of his continued briefing faded into a day- dream, I thought about how my regimented life had just jumped track and was now speeding off in a totally new direction...’

Forest Crawford, commenting on the incident, states:

"This extraordinary story, according to the witness, is not fiction. Oscar is a simple country person from rural Missouri where he lives with his wife, three children, and a menagerie of stray animals. His life is seemingly uncomplicated and unhurried. However, his eyes reflect a clarity indicative of inner knowledge and understanding.


"We first came to meet this man as the result of a lead from nuclear physicist and renowned Ufologist, Stanton Friedman. At the ’Show-Me UFO Conference 1989’ in St. Louis, Friedman asked Bruce Widaman, State Director of Missouri MUFON, if he would attempt to locate a witness that called responding to the ’Unsolved Mysteries’ show on the Roswell crash. The person in question had possibly been involved in a crash retrieval while in the military. The tip had come from a former neighbor of Oscar’s.


"Widaman of course agreed to follow up since Friedman felt that the witness did not have a phone. So with little else than a name, town, and rumor to go on, the search began. Widaman and Alex Horvat, Public Information Officer for Missouri MUFON, arrived in the small town near St. Louis after dark. After questioning a girl at a local convenience mart no further leads were found. Horvat suggested checking the local bar. This produced a description of a front yard that might be that of the elusive witness. After driving up and down the lane several times, one yard seemed more appropriate than the others so they hesitantly stopped. Stepping from the car into the country night proved harrowing enough as several large dogs snarled and barked from the surrounding darkness.


Widaman was further unnerved when a large black dog began licking his hand as he knocked on the door. Not knowing whether he was being greeted or tasted by the animal, Widaman was relieved to see someone answer. After a brief explanation of who or what our investigations were, an invitation to sit and talk came as a positive sign. The stranger said he did not know where ’Bill,’ the name given Friedman, was, but that he was his brother. After Widaman and Horvat explained their purpose and some of their feelings and ideas he finally conceded that he was in fact the man they were looking for. He explained that his real name was Oscar and that the name ’Bill’ had been given so he would know where any inquiries were coming from.


"As Oscar told the story that began this article it became obvious that, because of his military background, the name given was for his protection. The account unfolded further to reveal horrible injustices to Hank and to Oscar himself. At the direction of Drake the team conducted medical experiments such as spinal taps, marrow sampling, taking organ specimens and other exploratory surgery on Hank WITHOUT anesthesia. Oscar had spent many hours over three months communicating with and growing close to the alien. One day he stepped between Drake and Hank with his .45 cal. pistol drawn and demanded an end to the torture. Drake withdrew but the next morning Oscar had new orders to depart immediately for Saint Albans Hospital in Radford, Va., where he was incarcerated for debriefing. He remained isolated for several months until the efforts of Lt.(?) Charles Turner, Oscar’s Commanding Officer, got him to move to a psychiatric ward. His family, who had now been out of touch with him for almost three months, was told that Oscar had suffered a head injury during a submarine accident. After spending time under psychiatric care, which would damage his military record, he was oddly enough given an honorable discharge.


"After having returned to civilian life he and his father embarked on a hiking trip to North Dakota. They purposely entered the restricted area surrounding the base where Oscar had been stationed. Perimeter patrol picked them up for removal from the area. While in their company Oscar asked how Hank was doing. One of the guards confided that the alien had died several months earlier.


"The next trip out to the country included myself and David Rapp, a physicist with 13 years experience in the aerospace industry and also Director of Investigations for Missouri MUFON. Because of our backgrounds in science the discussion focused on technical questions about Oscar’s experiences..."

As for the alleged home of ’Hank’s’ people, Crawford states:

"The pattern from the panel inside the ship was confirmed by Rapp to match stars of the constellation Eridanus as seen FROM EARTH. It was later confirmed by Hank that the stars of origin of his people were Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. In later sessions Oscar discussed some reasons for the presence of the aliens. He said THEY DO NOT LIKE THE SITUATION WITH SOME OF THE SMALL GREY ALIENS (emphasis ours - Branton). He corrected us when we used the term ’grey’ and said that they are actually white. The Tau Cetians feel that the abductions being carried out by some of the Greys ARE A GREAT INJUSTICE TO HUMANITY. ’THEY ARE A PARASITIC RACE THAT HAS AND IS PREYING ON HUMAN CIVILIZATIONS THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE,’ Oscar relayed. He added that our government’s involvement with the grays IS VERY DANGEROUS AND OUT OF CONTROL... Oscar is ADAMANT that the bug people (i.e. Oscar’s term for these creatures - Branton) are using HUMAN FLUIDS FOR SUSTENANCE. They feed by immersing their arms in vats and/or rubbing the fluids on their bodies. HE CLAIMS THAT THEY ARE ALSO KIDNAPPING CHILDREN..."

To our knowledge ’Oscar’ had in no way at the time been in contact with John Lear nor any other researcher who has alleged this exact same thing. Oscar’s claim that these creatures are more whitish or albino in color would seem consistent with accounts concerning SOME branches of the ’serpent race’.


As Oscar alleges, not all ’grays’ have been described as having the same coloring. Some have been described as plain gray, others blue-gray, gray-green, or grayish white! One source suggests that the ’coloring’ has a direct connection with the amount of ’protein formula’ which they have access to. Also, Oscar’s reference to the ’bug people’ may be based on the fact that the reptilian branch known as the grays and others branches of the ’serpent race’ are often said to resemble ’praying mantis’ like creatures in that their eyes are sometimes bug-like and protruding, and their long arms which often reach down below their knees often appear mantis-like when in their folded or reposed position - elbows pointed downwards and clawed-hands positioned above. In fact, some of the early saurians such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex kept their arms in such a position, elbows pointed down, although many of the modern sauroids possess arms which are now much longer.


But a more likely explanation is one that has been given by researcher Ray Keller. Keller’s sources indicate that reptilian grays from Reticuli have created a sub-race by assimilating genetic materials from another intelligent (and malevolent) alien species of Insectoids. Therefore some of the "grays" being observed by abductees may actually be reptilian-insectoid genetic hybrids. John Lear stated in his infamous UFO document (which he posted on the Paranet Computer Bulletin Board) that some of the beings recovered from the earlier crashed disks were mantis-like and reptilian-skinned.


The possibility of little children being abducted and used for their ’secretions’ and body organs is almost too horrible to contemplate. There MAY be other indications that such is the case, whether one chooses to believe it or not. For instance:

1) Bill English, son of an Arizona state legislator and a former Green Beret commander allegedly viewed the top- secret "GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13" years after he investigated a downed aircraft which radioed an encounter with a UFO, and whose occupants were later found mutilated. He stated that this secret document contained eyewitness descriptions of children who had been abducted by ’grey’ type entities, one of them being abducted on a farm right in front of the parents, and never seen again.


2) The Aug. 1940 issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC detailed the disappearance of 30 children and their teachers in some catacombs below the island of Malta. Sources contemporary to the event stated that they had entered a ’burial’ chamber in the third or lowest level of the ’Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti’, an orifice which was rumored to lead to ’deeper’ catacombs. The ancient catacombs were discovered below the small village of Casal Paula in 1902 when workmen literally fell into it while digging. They discovered over 30,000 bones and evidence of ancient human sacrifice conducted by an old Neolithic race. Witnesses to the disappearance said that a sudden ’cave-in’ had blocked the opening after the last child had gone through, but the rope they used to tie themselves to the lower room was found to be clean cut, and many reported hearing the crying and wailing of children from below ground weeks after the disappearance. According to researcher Riley Crabb of the ’Borderland Sciences Research Foundation’, a British Embassy employee by the name of Miss Louis Jessup entered the ’lower catacombs’ a few days before the disappearance, catacombs which she described as being immense. She allegedly encountered a sudden and mysterious "wind" which blew out her candle, following which she felt something ’wet and slippery’ brush past her. Needless to say she left the scene in a hurry. Nevertheless, this account indicates how children sometimes tend to ’disappear’ in the presence of aerial or subsurface phenomena.


3) John Lear also claims -- based upon accounts given to him by several contacts of his in the intelligence community -- that there is evidence that a percentage of America’s missing children have been taken by these creatures (the Grays), suggesting that the ’aliens’ largely prey on the weak and defenseless among the human race. It is uncertain however what percentage of ’missing children’ might be involved here. Lear, in his ’Press Release’ of June 3, 1988, stated in reference to human abductees and victims of human mutilation:

"The various parts of the body are taken to various underground laboratories, one of which is known to be near the small New Mexico town of Dulce. This jointly occupied (CIA-Alien) facility has been described as enormous, with huge tiled walls that ’go on forever’. Witnesses have reported huge vats filled with amber liquid with parts of human bodies being stirred inside... he secretions obtained are then mixed with hydrogen peroxide and applied on the skin (of the grays) by spreading or dipping parts of their bodies in the solution. The body absorbs the solution, then excretes the waste back through the skin."

(Like REPTILES excrete waste through the shedding of their ’skins’ - Branton) This would confirm ’Oscar’s’ claims to this effect.


(4) Researcher William Cooper, who was formerly a chief Petty Officer and Intelligence Worker in the Pacific Naval fleet, pointed out at the 1989 MUFON Conference in Las Vegas that over 3000 children disappear without a trace yearly in one part of Manhattan alone. We might relate this to other obscure though evident indications that Manhattan literally sits atop vast underground caverns which have been confirmed by different sources, including CON EDISON when they broke into a vast cavity at a depth of 200 feet while drilling in a Manhattan Park. Cooper also claimed to have seen top-secret reports stating that sections of human bodies were found stored on disks retrieved from crash-recovery sites, and that the government was extremely disturbed by this aspect of the alien activity.


5) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts of women who had been a few months along in a pregnancy, most often an unexplained pregnancy, only to find after a UFO abduction experience that their babies suddenly ’disappeared’. These accounts are a reality. It is very unlikely that hundreds or thousands of women would collectively use the same ’bizarre’ identical excuse if they themselves aborted a child and did not wish others to think that they did so, especially when many of these women were the ONLY one’s who knew of the pregnancy.


6) Although many of the children who are allegedly abducted and never seen again are of the homeless or unwanted type, ’street’ children of prostitutes, and so on -- children who will not be ’missed’ as much as others -- it also appears that thousands of children who belong to middle-class families are also being abducted, IMPLANTED and returned. Since the disappearance of these would cause far more ’waves’ than a child without a guardian, they are used instead for purposes of manipulation. It appears that these infernal creatures are EXTREMELY cautious and cunning, and have hidden their tracks and even their very existence well, at least up until the 1970’s-1980’s when ’abductions’ started to make the news in a profound way.

Forest Crawford continues:

"...He (Oscar, based on what ’Hank’ communicated to him) claims that they are also kidnapping children. The Tau Cetians have been preyed upon by these aliens before and they are working with other races and communities that were also victims. ONE SUCH RACE (emphasis ours - Branton) THAT OSCAR CLAIMS WAS RUN OFF THEIR HOME PLANET BY THE BUG PEOPLE WAS WHAT WE NOW CALL THE NORDICS OR PLEIADIANS. He claims, because of his ongoing contacts, he was made aware of the Billy Meier case in Switzerland and swears that is a real contact...


"I find all these comments interesting especially when you consider one investigative detail of this case. I have seen Oscar’s house, his Mother’s house, his work shop and truck, and at no time were any books, magazines, transcripts or movies about any subject, let alone recent UFO material, found... Could he be an avid reader of the latest and most controversial UFO documents and just be hiding them when we come over? This is highly unlikely since, without a phone, our visits were always unannounced.


"...(Oscar) wants people to know that if they are contacted by the Tau Cetians (humans such as he described) to not be afraid because they are here to help.


"This attitude is reflected in correlations with a totally independent case involving a woman near Springfield, Illinois. Jill Waldport (relates) an ongoing and very serious involvement with grey aliens. After Budd Hopkins (whose research inspired the May, 1992 CBS Network mini-series, INTRUDERS - Branton) spoke to her at length the case was recommended to John Carpenter, State Section Director of Missouri MUFON, and then to myself. The intensity and detail of the case is reminiscent of Debbie Tomies’ (Cathy Davis) experiences.


"In my first interview with Jill she asked if anyone had ever been abducted/contacted by more than one race or group of aliens. I told her that it was reported with some frequency and asked her which other one she had seen with the Greys. She said it was a totally separate contact and that they did NOT like the Grays.


"When asked about their appearance she reported that they were human, approximately about five and a half feet in height, 180-200 pounds but not fat, tanned looking skin with short hair cuts that laid flat against their heads. I asked her to describe their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. She said all features were essentially normal except the nose was broad and flat and their eyes were brown. Oscar reported the weight of Hank to be 190 pounds and five feet seven inches tall, he also noted the broad, flat nose (even this aspect is not unusually ’alien’ to earth, being that many of the dark races posses broad facial features - Branton).


"Jill informed me that the aliens told her they didn’t like what some of the aliens were doing to her without her consent. They had come to help her learn how to overcome the DECEPTIONS of the Grays and to protect herself. They explained that she needed to psychically build a shield around herself, like a brick wall, when they came for her. This would help keep her from being deceived by their MIND TRICKS. She tried it the next time the Grey’s came or her and it ’seemed’ to work."

According to many accounts, mere ’will power’ does not always guarantee that one will escape the overlapping deceptions and psychic manipulations of the serpent race or the Grays. DIVINE INTERVENTION is, according to some, the only FAIL SAFE way to ensure oneself from being entangled by their deceptions, which are often deep, complex, and extremely subtle. There are actually accounts where people on the verge of being abducted began to pray, at which point the potential abductors left the scene. Also Clifford Stone, a high- level Military officer based at Roswell, New Mexico who has received much criticism from his higher-ups for his insistence on telling the public what he knows about the Grays, says that several ’skirmishes’ between U.S. troops and alien Grays broke out in the jungles of southeast Asia during the Vietnam war, some of them ending in tragedy on our side.


However one case involved a soldier who was a reborn Christian, who had a girlfriend in a particular village. During one visit he came upon a landed craft and some ’Grays’ that were trying to entice some of the townsfolk to take a ride -- possibly a permanent one -- aboard their ship. The soldier came between the villagers and the Grays, and although his semi-automatic weapon had little effect against their bullet-proof uniforms, the Bible he carried and the cross he wore DID have a definite adverse and weakening effect against the intruders, which immediately left the scene. Stone also confirmed that there have been many ’dogfights’ between the ’Nordics’ and the ’Grays’ that the government is aware of (source: article by Robert W. Boyajian in UFO UNIVERSE, Spring 1988).


In reference to ’Jill’, Forest Crawford continues:

"...At this point the correlation counter in my mind was working overtime, so I decided to go for gold and ask her if they told her where they were from. Believe it or not she replied, ’Tau Seat-eye, does that make any sense?’ Later I mentioned to Oscar that I was investigating a case that involved intense interaction with Grays and Tau Cetians showing up to help. He asked where the case was from and I told him near Springfield, Illinois. He rattled off a very accurate description of Jill and said he was aware that she had been contacted.


"Horvat showed several pictures of people from the archives of ufology, one of which was Drake; Oscar immediately picked Drake’s photo from the stack and one could see the anger come over his face at the sight of this man. Follow up research by Horvat produced an interesting set of circumstances. The crash in question happened in 1961. Some of you will remember that Drake headed the OZMA program, the predecessor to S.E.T.I. In 1961 Drake announced that OZMA, in it’s search for intelligent extraterrestrial radio signals, would first look to the stars Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani..."

During one interview with Oscar, Crawford became concerned about the ’logistics’ of a tunnel system stretching from California to North Dakota to Washington D.C., etc., attempting to correlate this with their background in science. According to what Oscar revealed to Crawford and his research companion:

"...it became evident that this was not feasible. With careful questioning it was discovered, according to Oscar, that the tunnels went only a short distance and did not actually connect to the North Dakota base. The capsule shuttle was accelerated and then a time/space window was opened. The ’exit door’ of the time/space window simultaneously opened at the prescribed destination where the capsule would appear in a tunnel and decelerate."

One must wonder why an entire half hour was necessary for such an instantaneous transit, unless a tremendous speed was necessary to attain the subspace jump. There are accounts as given by researcher William Hamilton and others that some of the subterranean societies beneath America, the Telosians for instance, possess a tube-shuttle system. From his description it appears however that the Telosians utilized actual vacu-tube shuttle tunnels which stretch for hundreds if not thousands of miles. Perhaps the early shuttle systems constructed by ancient technically-advanced societies were of this variety, and were replaced or upgraded with time/space windows later? Is it possible that the government’s eventual and alleged discovery of ancient tunnels, leading to this particular subsurface colony, has led to a JOINT Telosian-American use of the ancient sub-shuttle systems? Or are the tunnels referred to by Oscar entirely U.S. government constructions? Also, a similar network of vacu-tube ’shuttle’ tunnels is also said to converge below Dulce, New Mexico, according to many sources. These are allegedly used mostly by the Grays, and possibly by certain mind-controlled ’CIA-MIB’ type groups who may be working for them.

"The technology (for the teleport-tunnels described by Oscar - Branton) was supposedly a combination of our own knowledge, rooted in the Philadelphia Experiment, and acquired alien technology. Oscar also talked about the geological location of time/space/dimension doors. These places allow an easy entry of extraterrestrial craft into our atmosphere. Two such large natural doorways were reported to be just northeast of Seattle, Washington and south of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior...


"An interesting possible correlation with the predicted natural time/space windows can be found in studying patterns on special energy maps. One such map is the Bouguer gravity anomaly map. Oddly enough A FAIRLY LOCAL low gravity area can be found at... the locations mentioned by Oscar (Not only near Seattle and the Apostle Islands, but also in Missouri where Oscar claimed to have had most of his subsequent contacts- meetings with the Tau Cetians - Branton)... My research is finding some interesting patterns emerging by comparing the location of gravity anomalies, Indian reservations, military bases and cavern entrances. These specialty maps can be purchased at great prices from GEO-SCIENCE RESOURCES., 2990 Anthony Rd., Burlington, NC 27215..."

One last note on the above account. William Cooper describes another incident involving a reptilian ’gray’ which was allegedly recovered from a crash-retrieval in the southwest. Enormous efforts were taken to try to save the ’life’ of this ugly little beast (which had a ’tendency’ to LIE its way through subsequent interviews with Military Intelligence), yet when it came to an actual HUMAN alien like ’Hank’, certain people could apparently have cared less for his/their personal welfare. Cooper also alleged that the ’secret government’ for a large part refused to ally themselves with the ’Nordicsor human-aliens who warned them about the malevolence of the Grays, and chose instead to go ahead and form an alliance with the reptilian ’grays’ since an Illuminati-Gray alliance would seemingly help the cause of the power elite (serpent cults?) who were making a ’killing’ off of exploiting the masses, a practice which the Grays themselves encouraged and assisted in. One claim is that the serpent cultists working in the government already maintained an ages- old pact with these draconian powers, and one can reason that because of THIS they may have refused he advances of the ’Nordics’. Apparently these did not desire to accept the ’conditions’ required by the ’Nordics’, which included the discontinuation of nuclear weapons proliferation and the cessation of multi-billion dollar war efforts which, according to many sources, have also filled the pockets of the secret government (which covertly operates through secret societies in nearly every country).


Such wars-conflicts-revolutions-etc., many believe, have been directly influenced and orchestrated by the serpent-cult or secret-society groups. The pathetic individuals responsible for formulating the alliance-pact with the saurian grays (instead of with our ’Nordic’ cousins who now make up an interstellar ’Federation’ of worlds very similar to the one depicted in ’Star Trek’) literally sold-out our nations to ’the Beast’. Let’s pray that the situation is not irredeemable.

For one’s information, a brief description of just what the ’Illuminati is might be helpful at this point. Many researchers suggest that the Illuminati is a Jesuit invention or re-invention simply because Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt who ’started’ the order in Bavaria, GERMANY was a Jesuit. Also, the ’Scottish Rite’ of Masonry which advocates the destruction of National Sovereignties in exchange for Illuminati government has allegedly been traced back to the Jesuit college at Clermont in Paris, as have been other Jesuit-initiated Masonic rites. The Jesuits themselves were founded by Ignatius Loyola, who had been previously arrested in Spain for subversive activities as a gnostic. The ’Order’ was admittedly founded mainly for the purpose of crushing Martin Luther’s Protestant movement (which ’protested’ Rome’s denunciation of the plan of eternal salvation by grace as it appears in the book of ROMANS).


This is evidenced by the fact that the Jesuit oath (which advocated the killing of Protestant men, the cutting off of the breasts of Protestant women with shears, and the cutting open of the wombs of Protestant women so that their unborn children could be smashed against the rocks) - was fulfilled to the letter during the well-documented and bloody Roman Inquisitions. These took place during the Dark and Middle Ages of so-called ’holy’ Roman Empire rule which ’began’ when the last of the Emperors or ’Pontifex Maximus’ of the Roman Empire, CONSTANTINE, declared himself to be the FIRST official Roman ’Pontiff’ or ’Pope’. Constantine payed lipservice to ’Christianity’ yet secretly held to the ancient Babylonean Mystery Religion of which he himself was High Priest or Pontifex Maxiumus, one in a long line of many which can be traced back to Nimrod, the first King of Babylon, himself. (This statement may raise anger in some who religiously defend man-made ’traditions’, however history is history and facts are facts).


If one doesn’t believe that Constantine intended to carry on his Roman Empire and it’s conquest of the world under the veneer of ’religion’, then just remember what the Roman-Spanish Conquistadors did to the Mayas under Cortez (who slaughtered over 5 million of them - see: ’TRAVELS’, PBS network - Feb. 15, 1993), the Incas under Pizarro, and the Pueblos under Coronado. The Illuminati allegedly began in ancient Babylon and is said to be a mixture of Cabalism, the ancient Babylonian ’Mystery’ religion, and ancient ’Baal’ worship. Their vision was the same as that of Nimrod (aka Osiris, Baal or the ’Sun god’ and consort of Semiramis, Isis, or Ashtaroth respectively). Nimrod was the original king of Babylon and the builder of the Tower of Babel. Some sources allege that the CIA and the NAZI movements were tied-in to the Illuminati, and that later these two organizations under the "Cult of the All Seeing Eye" joined forces in an effort to initiate plans for a world dictatorship. Part of this would of course involve working with the Grays and other saurian species in underground bases in a joint effort to establish absolute world despotism.


The Illuminati, or the ’Serpent Cult’ is allegedly infiltrating political, economic, educational and religious institutions with the help of the Grays (which have ADMITTED to some that they have been the guiding power behind witchcraft and many of the ancient occult lodges over the centuries), which have ’promised’ the Illuminati a part of ’the pie’ once this world is under ’their’ control. This infiltration is allegedly carried out through organizations like the ’International Working Man’s League’, which according to World Economists such as Dr. John Coleman ’molded’ Karl Marx and his future as a Communist dictator. Another key figure in the Connection between the Illuminati, Masonry and the Jesuit Lodge was the Jesuit Priest Giuseppe Mazzini, the second in command to ’Universal Pontiff’ of Freemasonry Albert Pike, and who according to some ’inside’ sources even went so far as to organize a branch of the Mafia known as the ’Oblonica’ within one of the 22 ’Palladium’ lodges which were initiated to oversee world Illuminati revolutionary activities, carefully hiding it’s connection with the Grand Lodge in England.


The Illuminati headquarters in America may be hidden within the MasonicHouse of the Templein Washington D.C. (click image right), (Scottish Rite Headquarters) which is curiously enough set atop the pentagram-like street layout of the city itself. Former 33rd degree Mason and Past Master of all Scottish Rite bodies, Evangelist Jim Shaw (P.O. Box 884., Silver Springs, FL 32668) tells of his own defection from the cult in his book ’THE DEADLY DECEPTION’. Shaw reveals the fact that the inside of the Scottish Rite headquarters is FILLED with carvings, murals and many other representations of serpents!  The High Masons apparently revered the ’Serpentsymbol in what might be considered worshipful awe. Thus the name of their ancient cult, which William Cooper refers to as the ’Cult of the Snake’ or ’Dragon’, a Serpent Cult which was very active among the ancient Gnostic (serpent) cults of Pharaohic Egypt.


Even Gen. George Washington was a was a member of the Stone Masons Guild early on, however when he learned that it was being infiltrated by the Bavarian-German Illuminati he left the Lodge. This infiltration was also confirmed by the Presidents of Yale and Harvard Universities, who discovered that two fraternities, Yale’s SKULL & BONES and Harvard’s SCROLL & KEY had been infiltrated by this German occult lodge in an attempt to gain highly educated initiates who would be used to carry out their future plans for world control, plans which included the destruction of nation states to be replaced by a world dictatorship, which they called the ’New World Order’. There are even allegations that SKULL & BONES grads helped to finance the Communist and Nazi parties for the Illuminati’s Machiavellian world scenario which included the orchestration of world conflicts (pitting various nations or factions against each other) for the purpose of eventually ’beating’ the nations of the earth into a global dictatorship or NEW WORLD ORDER ’synthesis’.


If this report is beginning to sound like an over-budget Spy Movie or a Science Fiction Thriller, then... as they say, "you ain’t seen nothing yet!"


The ’Knights of Malta’ and the ’Club of Rome’ are also, according to Conspiracy Researchers, players in the "End Game" in which the meek of the earth are the pawns. Both have advocated Genocide to curb the ’population problem’ -- since a true world socialist dictatorship can only survive if the population is kept to a ’controllable’ minimum. The KOM and COR are essentially outward arms or branches of the Illuminati, according to many. There are even rumors that tunnels and Catacombs beneath Rome connect or at one time connected with others beneath the Island of Malta, and that a similar subterranean system utilized by the Western Illuminati exists beneath Washington D.C. as well.

In fact, Dr. John Coleman, in his report: ’FREEMASONRY AND THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT’ (c/o World Intelligence Review., P.O. Box 507., Chalmette, LA 70044), wrote BEFORE the AIDS threat became widely known among the public, that a secret society equivalent to today's ’Illuminati’ believed that it was their duty as the self-anointed ’gods’ over humanity to keep the population of the world from getting out of control so that they could be more easily controlled. These ancient ’Alchemists’, Coleman alleges, were responsible for the Black Plague and other scourges which killed millions. He was convinced that they were preparing to wipe away millions more through ’viral’ warfare.


According to Coleman (who claims to be an ex-Intelligence worker for the British Government who ’defected’ when he learned the Horrible Truth), the ’Illuminati’ consists of the duel lodges of Jesuitism and Freemasonry. He also documents all manner of infiltration of religious, political, and economic movements by the Illuminati of Jesuit-Freemasonry, as well as their seemingly endless manipulations of the nations by their behind-the-scenes orchestrating of economic turmoil, revolutions and wars.


In 1988, in apparent confirmation of this, a former high- ranking military officer by the name of F. P. Farrell, Lt. Col. Retired, U.S.A.F., released a disturbing report to several ’PATRIOT’ organizations which alleged this very thing. Lt. Col. Farrell was a 1st Lieutenant, Captain and Jet Fighter Pilot in Korea; and a Lieutenant Colonel and Air Liaison Officer, 1st Infantry Division (’The Big Red One’) in Viet Nam. In essence, Farrell accuses the UNITED NATIONS as being a trojan-horse cover for world socialist revolution, which intends to weaken and eventually destroy the INDEPENDENCE of the American Republic.


Farrell accuses the U.N. of being a Socialist-Communist controlled organization, and names at least 13 United Nations Secretary Generals who have been Communist Nationals. It was decided long ago, Farrell states, that no-one who was loyal to the U.S. constitution was to ever be UN Secretary General. He also provided documentation that the UNITED NATIONS ’police action’ into which young Americans were drafted betrayed the American troops at every turn, by intentionally leaking U.S. battle plans IN BOTH THE KOREAN AND VIETNAM WARS to the Communists. This is why, he explains, both of these no-win ’wars’ were lost to the Communists. In relation to Gen. MacArthur (who interesting enough publicly predicted that World War III would be fought against aliens in space!) Farrell states that:

"When General MacArthur WOKE UP TO THE TREASON OF PRESIDENT TRUMAN and the Soviets in the United Nations, he made one of the greatest military performances ever ventured in modern warfare. His dangerous but magnificent military engagement and sea landing at ’Inchon’ on Sept. 15, 1950, enabled his military forces to slaughter the communist forces, destroy their massive supply dumps, and put the Red Chinese, North Koreans, and their Soviet advisors on the run.


"MacArthur never asked for permission from the United Nations Security Council (Soviet General Zinshehko) to perform this secret military operation. MacArthur hand picked close and loyal military officers in doing so, and they kept the lid on the entire operation. Originally, our forces were to never win any battles as planned by the Soviet Generals at the United Nations. But General MacArthur REALIZED THE TREASON AND TOOK POSITIVE ACTION NOT ONLY TO SAVE THE LIVES OF HIS FIGHTING FORCES AND DESTROYING THE ENEMY AND THEIR SUPPLY DUMPS, BUT ALSO CREATING THE ’TURNING POINT’ OF THE KOREAN WAR WITH HIS SUCCESS AT INCHON.


"For this ’positive action’, General Douglas MacArthur was relieved of his command of the United Nations fighting forces in Korea by the traitor President Harry S. Truman, who met with MacArthur on the Island of Guam. MacArthur had figured out the whole picture OF TREASON and had to be relieved of his job.


"Truman feared MacArthur so much that just prior to General Douglas MacArthur returning to the United States from Korea, the traitor Truman, hid out at Camp David for over three weeks in fear of being arrested by General MacArthur who was a Five Star General and in command of all military forces in the United States... THE SAME MAN WHO HAD JUST SAVED THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF THEIR SONS WITH DARING MILITARY MOVES AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE UNITED NATIONS COMMAND, IN ROUTING THE RED CHINESE AND NORTH KOREANS AT INCHON, SOUTH KOREA.


Now you know the real truth as to what really happened ’behind the scenes’ during the Korean Conflict between the ’traitor’ Truman and General Douglas MacArthur, THE REAL HERO!! Robert W. Lee, in his book entitled ’THE UNITED NATIONS TODAY’ (CPA books., 33836 SE Kelso Rd, #6., P.O. Box 596., Boring, OR 97099), states on pages 20 and 21:

"’I (General MacArthur) was...worried by a series of directives from Washington (Truman) which were greatly decreasing the potential of my air force. First I was forbidden ’hot’ pursuit of enemy planes that attacked our own. Manchuria and Siberia were sanctuaries of inviolate protection for all enemy forces and for all enemy purposes, no matter what depredations or assaults might come from there. Then I was denied the right (by Soviet General in United Nations) to bomb the hydroelectric plants along the Yalu River. The order was broadened to include every plant in North Korea which was capable of furnishing electric power to Manchuria and Siberia.’"


Most incomprehensible of all according to MacArthur was the REFUSAL to let him bomb a supply target which was NOT in Manchuria or Siberia, "’but many miles from the border, (it) forwarded supplies from Vladivostok for the North Korean Army. I FELT THAT STEP- BY-STEP MY WEAPONS WERE BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM ME.’"

"This is exactly the same type of ’treason’ that occurred against our military forces in Viet Nam. But Viet Nam was far more vile and dirty in the length or time that our soldiers were betrayed. MacArthur continues on page 21:

"That there was some LEAK IN INTELLIGENCE was evident to everyone. (Brigadier General Walton) Walker continually complained to me that HIS OPERATIONS WERE KNOWN TO THE ENEMY IN ADVANCE through sources in Washington... information must have been relayed to them, assuring that the Yalu River bridges would continue to enjoy sanctuary and that their bases would be left intact...

"General MacArthur then referred on page 21 to an official leaflet PUBLISHED IN RED CHINA BY CHINESE GENERAL LIN PIAO:

"’...I would never have made the attack and risked men and military reputation if I HAD NOT BEEN ASSURED THAT WASHINGTON (Truman and U.S. Congress) WOULD RESTRAIN GENERAL MACARTHUR from taking adequate retaliatory measures against my lines of supply and communication.’

"J. Ruben Clark Jr., former Undersecretary of State and Ambassador to Mexico, who was widely recognized as one of the nation’s foremost international lawyers, stated on page 27 of the book entitled: ’THE UNITED NATIONS TODAY’:

"Not only does the Charter Organization NOT prevent future wars, but it makes it practically certain that we shall have future wars, and as such wars it takes from us (The United States) the power to declare them, to chose the side on which we shall fight, to determine what forces and military equipment we shall use in the war, and to control and command our sons who do the fighting.’

"In fact, A Soviet General in the United Nations still writes the plans for employment of United States troops all over the world, even in the Persian Gulf today. Former President John F. Kennedy also felt the wrath of the United Nations Charter (that Truman and the U.S. Congress signed) during the ’Bay of Pigs’ invasion of Cuba against the Communist Castro. The Soviets in the United Nations would not allow Kennedy to directly use the United States military forces available in destroying Castro. The Soviets stated that in using United States military forces at the Bay of Pigs WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE SOVIETS in the United Nations, would be a violation of the United Nations Charter THAT THE UNITED STATES HAD SIGNED AND HAD TO ABIDE WITH...


"By now you should have come to realize ’why’ there were so many restrictions on our soldiers during combat in Korea and Viet Nam and ’why’ WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO WIN... not allowed TO BOMB CERTAIN TARGETS.


"...The Viet Nam war was also allowed to continue to weaken the resistance of the people in the United States against any type of war or fight against communism. To accept ANYTHING would be better in the minds of the masses... than (to accept) war and having their sons killed. Even if it meant the ’merging’ of our entire government with that of the Soviet Union."

Other evidence which tends to confirm this Masonic-Jesuit connection, as exposed by Dr. John Coleman and others, comes from an essay titled: ’THE TWIN PINCERS: MASONRY AND CATHOLICISM’, written (understandably) anonymously. The manuscript stated:

(1) Thirty-five years BEFORE the Jesuits were kicked out of France by a Roman Catholic king, Pope Clement XII issued his Bull against Masonry. The Bourbon French King, Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette, were beheaded by an Illuminati inspired mob of masons and terrorists. Why was this Catholic family, the Bourbons, so opposed to the Jesuits?  It is, by the way, very interesting that a family like the Bourbons who had opposed the JESUITS, were brought down eventually by the French Revolution’s ILLUMINATI-MASONIC reign of terror, pointing to the almost obvious fact that the Jesuits ordered the Masons to carry out the revolution.


(2) Why did... Frederick (the Great of Prussia) REFUSE to have the (so called) enemies of masonry, the Catholic Order of Jesuits, banned in Prussia in 1773? Could the insiders of the Jesuits ALSO BE Masons?

(Note: Mackey’s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY states that Frederick ’...was initiated as a mason, at Brunswick, on the night of the 14th of August, 1738...’)

(3) The Roman Catholic ’Stuarts’ WERE masons from SCOTLAND... the Stuart, James II, tried to set up the Jesuits in positions of power when he became King of England in 1685...


(4) Between the STUARTS and the Jesuits at Lyons, France, and the Jesuit college of Clermont, in Paris... the RITE OF PERFECTION evolves; out of which, the masonic authorities have quoted, trace today’s Ancient and Accepted SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY.


(5) Rebold (a Masonic authority) and Mackey do not exactly agree on the part Chevalier de Bonneville played in THE RITE OF PERFECTION. Bonneville may not have been a Jesuit... but when we look at the part he played in the RITE OF STRICT OBSERVANCE... we see many indications that he was a Jesuit."

According to Burke McCarty’s book ’THE SUPPRESSED TRUTH ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN’, several U.S. presidents who had come out in opposition against Jesuit-Masonry had been targeted by the Illuminati for assassination. McCarty states:

(1) President William Henry Harrison.

In 1841, General Wm. Henry Harrison of Ohio, was elected President by a large majority. The loyalty of the Union (toward) General Harrison was above question, and it was (the aim) of the power of Leopoldines, a great Jesuit Spy System, to defeat him.


"In his inaugural address... President Harrison... said:

’We admit of no government by divine right, believing that so far as power is concerned, the beneficent Creator has made no distinction among men; that all are upon an equality, and that the only legitimate right to govern, is upon the express grant of power from the governed.’

"With these unmistakable words, President Harrison made his position clear; he hurled defiance to the ’divine right’ enemies of our Popular Government. Aye, he did more - for those words signed his death warrant. Just one month and five days from that day, President Harrison lay a corpse in the White House. He died from arsenic poisoning, administered by the tools of Rome. The Jesuit oath had been swiftly carried out."

Note: For a copy of the Jesuit Oath, refer to pp. 99-102 of William Cooper’s book ’BEHOLD A PALE HORSE’, c/o Light Technology Publishing., P.O. Box 1495., Sedona, AZ 86336. The oath appears in chapter 3 - ’Oath of Initiation of an Unidentified Secret Order’. Although Cooper ’suspects’ the oath might have originated from the Jesuits or the Knights of Malta, he is uncertain. However, Dennis Passero and other researchers have published exact duplicates of the oath which appears in Cooper’s book, and state that it IS the Jesuit oath, thus confirming Cooper’s suspicions. It basically states that the Jesuit is through all means moral or immoral -- the immoral acts can supposedly be ’forgiven’ if they are done in the name of the Roman ’church -- to devote their life to bringing about the destruction of the Protestant movement, and to bringing all nations under the control of ROME for the glory of the ’Queen of Heaven’, no doubt the same pagan goddess worshipped by the ancient Babylonians -- none other than the ancient Queen Semiramis to whom we can credit the post-deluvian resurgence of witchcraft.


Many allege that the Roman ’church’ is nothing more than the continuation of the ancient Roman Empire which sought to dominate the world, and that they merely donned religious garb when they discovered that religious feeling was an ENORMOUSLY effective way to control the masses. The fact that Constantine was the last official Roman EMPEROR and the first official Roman POPE is cause for great suspicion.


McCarty continues:

"Allow me to quote for you from U.S. Senator Benton’s ’THIRTY YEARS VIEW,’ Volume II, page 21, regarding the death of President Harrison:


’There was no failure of health or strength to indicate such an event or excite apprehension, that he would not go through his term with the same vigor with which he commenced it. His attack was sudden and evidently fatal from he beginning.’


"And at the close of the chapter in Senator Benton’s book, we read this significant bit of information which should be well pondered concerning Harrison’s family: ’That the deceased President had been closely preceded and was rapidly followed by the deaths of almost ALL OF HIS numerous family, sons and daughters...’


"That is ’extirpation’ with a vengeance, is it not? (Note: The Jesuit oath calls for members of the order to ’extirpate’ the enemies of Rome - Branton)


(2) President Zachary Taylor

In his first message to Congress, he said:

’But attachment to the UNION of states should be fostered in every American heart. For more than half a century... this Union has remained unshaken...’

"The arch-plotters, fearing that suspicion might be aroused by the death of the President early in his administration, as in the case of President Harrison, permitted him to serve one year and four months, when on the Fourth of July, 1850, arsenic was administered to him during a celebration in Washington at which he was invited to deliver the address. He went in perfect health in the morning and was taken ill in the afternoon about five o’clock and died on the Monday following, having been sick the same number of days and with precisely the same symptoms as was his predecessor, President Harrison.


(3) Attempt on President James Buchanan

He was invited to deliver an address on Washington’s Birthday, and made reservation at the National Hotel (which by the way was the headquarters of the Jesuit traitors), for himself and his friends.


"The gentleman had had his ear to the ground evidently and heard the rumble of the Abolitionists, and when the committee asked for a conference, he coolly informed them that he was PRESIDENT OF THE NORTH, AS WELL AS THE SOUTH.


"The following quotations from the NEW YORK HERALD and THE POST at the time chronicled what followed:

"’The appointments favoring the North by the Jeff Davis faction will doubtless be accepted, and treated as a declaration of war, and a war of extermination on one side or the other.’ (Feb. 25, 1857)

"On Washington’s Birthday, Buchanan’s stand became known and the next day he was poisoned. The plot was deep and planned with skill. Mr. Buchanan, as was customary with men in his station, had a table and chairs reserved for himself and friends in the dining room at the National Hotel. The President was known to be an inveterate tea drinker; in fact Northern people rarely drink (i.e. drank) anything else in the evening. Southern men preferred coffee. Thus, to make sure of Buchanan and his Northern friends, arsenic was sprinkled in the bowls containing the tea and lump sugar and set on the table where he was to sit. The pulverized sugar in the bowls used for coffee on the other tables was kept free from poison. Not a single Southern man was affected or harmed. Fifty or sixty persons dined at the table that evening, and as best can be learned, ABOUT THIRTY-EIGHT DIED FROM THE EFFECTS OF THE POISON.


"President Buchanan was poisoned, and with great difficulty his life was saved. His physicians treated him understandingly from instructions given by himself as to the cause of his illness, for he understood what was the matter."

Researcher Dennis Passero also quoted the above in his ’CONSPIRACY TRACKER’ newsletter (no longer being published). Being the avowed Catholic that he is, we cannot say that Passero had any particular bias against the Catholic church in his exposition of the Jesuits, but that he saw the corruption in the Roman Institution and exposed it. Passero has made some interesting comments in relation to Jesuit-Masonry and the assassination of one of the most popular Presidents in American history:

"...President Abraham Lincoln. The subject of Lincoln’s murder is too vast to be covered here. McCarty believes that the Jesuits and their tools, the KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE were behind the crime. What is interesting is that President Harrison, Taylor, Buchanan, and of course Lincoln, were all strongly dedicated to the preservation of the Union -- and all had made speeches indicating their stand. If the Jesuits wanted the Union split, they were not alone. In 1876, Otto Von Bismarck had this to say:

’The division of the United States into two federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil war by the High Financial Power of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economical and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds predominated. They foresaw the tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble democracies, indebted to the (European) financiers, to the vigorous Republic, confident and self-providing. Therefore, they started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery and thus dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic.’

"While McCarty links the Golden Circle with the Jesuits, Dr. Stuart Crane says that the Golden Circle was financed by the Rothschilds.

(Note: Dr. John Coleman had stated in essence that the old-line ’Blue Blood’ or BLACK NOBILITY families of Europe who claim DESCENDENCE from the ancient Roman Emperors make up the link between the Rothschilds, who control Masonry; and the Jesuits, who control much of the Catholic world behind the scenes - Branton)

"In order to create a rift using the slavery problem Golden Circle agents became known as Abolitionists in the North, and as Secessionists in the South. Even the fiery John Brown, who led the raid on Harper’s Ferry, was financed by the International Bankers. Every member of the Southern cabinet belonged to the Golden Circle -- as did every member of the Northern cabinet with the exception of Lincoln and Secretary Seward.


"When things began getting rough for the Confederacy, the Rothschilds even planned an invasion of the U.S. by British troops swooping down from Canada, and by French forces established in Mexico under the Emperor Maximilian, but this did not come off because the Russian Czar (who’s government was later to be overthrown by the Bolshevik Revolution - Branton) said he would intervene on the side of the North if the European forces attacked. According to Mag-Gen. Count Cherep-Spiridovich, the Rothschilds had one of their agents in the Vatican, a Jewish- Jesuit named Father Fisher, convince the Pope that the Vatican should finance Maximillian who would in return re-establish Catholicism in Mexico, which had conveniently been abolished by Benito Juarez, a Freemason.


Later, when the Civil War was over, the guerrilla army branch of the Knights of the Golden Circle, headed for Mexico to aid Maximillian who was running into trouble with the Juarez forces. This guerrilla force was under the command of Colonel William Quantrill, famous leader of Quantrill’s Raiders, and of Col. Jesse James -- later the famous outlaw. LIKE ALL MASONIC SECRET SOCIETIES, the guerrillas THOUGHT THEY WERE THE TOP OF THE LADDER, never realizing that there were higher-ups over them. For some reason, Jesse James earned the wrath of the Rothschilds -- and the reward money later offered for his capture, came from coffers of the House of Rothschild (see: JESSE JAMES WAS ONE OF HIS NAMES, by Del Schroader).


"Abraham Lincoln was able to foil the conspirators at every turn. He was aware of the activities of the Jesuits (see: FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME, by Charles Chiniguy, c/o Chick Publications., P.O Box 662., Chino, CA 91710). He took the Union Army and turned it into the most powerful fighting force the world has ever known. He issued the famous ’greenbacks’ -- refusing to accept loans from the High Financial Power. For these reasons -- and because he would not go along with the harsh measures of the Reconstruction -- it was decided upon that He would die. John Wilkes Booth, a member of the Golden Circle and of the Carbonari (another Jesuit-connected lodge - Branton), was chosen as the tool to commit the crime. About a month before the assassination, Booth had traveled to Europe for a secret meeting with Napoleon III, also a member of the Carbonari

(Note: A 1991 episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES alleged that Union sentries had been ordered to give Booth safe passage out of the city following the assassination - Branton).

Napoleon III was surrounded by Jesuit advisors [see: THIS ONE MAD ACT, by Forrester, for a mention of the meeting].


"With Lincoln out of the picture, Golden Circle member Andrew Johnson became president. But, for some reason he pulled an about face, and also failed to go along with the harsh Reconstruction measures. Because of this he became the only President to be impeached, though acquitted by one vote... It appears that the Rothschilds intended the Reconstruction Period to be the Civil War equivalent to the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. Not content with the outcome of the war, it became necessary to keep the country divided via the injustices of the Carpetbag Governments. The High Financial Power realized that the South was really the heart and soul of the Republic. It was desired to destroy the economic base of the North, but to destroy the moral and spiritual base of the south. Individuality was the enemy of the collectivist conspirators, then as well as now!


"To keep a continual animosity going between the two parts of the country, it was decided that terrorism could be used against the Reconstruction Governments. This terrorism could be used as an excuse to further strengthen these bogus governments. Terrorism could be used to frighten foes of Abolition. Some of these terrorist acts included mutilation murders perpetrated by John Brown and his boys.


"According to Dr. Stuart Crane, the Terrorist organization born at this time was the KU KLUX KLAN, which emerged from the Knights of the Golden Circle.


"However, it appears that there were two Klans operating at this time. One was headed by Nathan Bedford Forrest. This Klan sought only to save the South and to avenge crimes and injustices. The other was the Golden Circle child. This second Klan was founded by Judah P. Benjamin - a Rothschild relative and Confederacy’s Secretary of State -, Kuttner Baruch, Albert Pike - known as the Vice-Regent of Lucifer and as the Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry -, AND BY AN UN-NAMED JESUIT PRIEST!"

Further evidence in support of the allegations that the Illuminati is composed of both Jesuits and Masons is given by Robold (the argument is that the Illuminati is a secret arm of Jesuitism re-established by the Jesuit Priest Weishaupt, while subversive 33rd degree Masonry is a secret branch of the Illuminati. In other words Rome operates as the ’head’ of the conspiratorial ’beast’, the Illuminati is the neck, Masonry is it’s body and the many neo-masonic political, religious, fraternal and economic cults are the ’tentacles’. Former 33rd degree Mason Jim Shaw has even exposed dozens of Vatican officials who are also high-ranking masons). Rebold, in his ’GENERAL HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY IN EUROPE’, reveals the following Jesuit-Masonic ’eggs’ that were hatched during the 18th century:

"...RITE of the Old Daughter-in-law, by Lockhart, an emissary of the Jesuits... in 1749.


"RITE of the CLERKS OF STRICT OBSERVANCE or clerical Templar system, founded by the Jesuits, and united in 1776, with the SECULAR TEMPLARS, also a creation of the Jesuits...


"RITE of the Knights of the East, by Pirlet, a Jesuit Emissary... 1757.


"RITE of the Emperors of the East and West, Sovereign Prince Masons. This was the rite which Herodum extended to the RITE OF PERFECTION (from which the Scottish Rite of Masonry is evolved) of about 25 degrees, by the Jesuits, and propagated by Pirlet about 1758.


"RITE of the Flaming Star, founded by Baron Schudy, an emissary of the Jesuits in 1766.


"RITE of the Illuminati of Bavaria, by Professor Weishaupt (also a Jesuit)... in 1776."

Dr. William Campbell, M.D., a very knowledgeable virologist who to our knowledge had not even heard of Dr. John Coleman at the time when he first came out with his very disturbing revelations, seems to nevertheless confirm Coleman’s suspicions of mass genocide through virological warfare. Cambell claims that in the course of researching the AIDS virus, he and his associates stumbled across a conspiracy almost too horrifying to believe. In an article titled "W.H.O. MURDERED AFRICA", which first appeared in the HEALTH FREEDOM NEWS (P.O Box 688., Monrovia, CA 91016), he presented a great deal of documentation that the AIDS virus was not only ’manufactured’ artificially by ’splicing’ the bovine leukemia and sheep visna retro-viruses in a laboratory in Ft. Detrick, Maryland, but that the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (which is an arm of the Illuminati-affiliated CLUB OF ROME according to Dr. John Coleman and others), as well as Socialist-Communist elements, and the UNITED NATIONS played a central role in it’s creation and INTENTIONAL release into the world population...


Is it possible that Communism, like the Jesuit-infested Nazi Party itself, has acted as a secret weapon of the Jesuit- Illuminati in it’s ongoing INQUISITION against Jews and Protestants (as well as governments such as the United States which through its CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, and DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE has challenged the world socialists to their face?) Dr. John Coleman has stated:

"...Karl Marx was one of the earliest members of the radical Mazzini movements starting in 1840... it is interesting to note that Marx, an avowed hater of religion, should so passionately espouse Jesuitism."

Also, cult expositor Dave Hunt, in his CIB BULLETIN (Dec. 1980) states:

"During the summer of 1988 on PBS a number of representatives from the Kremlin were answering questions put to them by a live American audience. One of the Americans asked, ’What is the major cause of misunderstanding between the Soviet Union and the United States?’ The LEADER of the KREMLIN DELEGATION unhesitatingly replied, ’The major problem is Evangelical CHRISTIANITY." (translated: Protestantism)

In his book, ’MASTER PLAN FOR YOUR DESTRUCTION’, Arizona Pastor Lee Gerrard quotes from a Communist-Socialist instruction book on psychopolitics:

"...You must recruit every agency of the Nation marked for slaughter into foaming hatred of religious healing... that any religious practice which might devote itself to MENTAL HEALING is vicious, bad, insanity causing, publicly hated and intolerable. You must suborn and recruit any medical healing organization into collusion in this campaign."

Religious healing is largely a Protestant phenomena, the very group -- revitalized by the German Martin Luther -- whose destruction the Jesuit order in it’s oath has sworn to carry out.


Now back to the subject of the ’Illuminati’ conspiracy and it’s alleged connection with aerial and subsurface phenomena. There are some researchers who believe, aside from the revelations above, that there is a definite connection between the ’Illuminati’ and the alien group known to many researchers as the ’Men In Black’.


Jim Brandon, in his book ’OCCULT AMERICA’ tells of an alleged underground installation below Washington D.C. known as ’NOD’ -- suggesting that the antediluvian constructors of this ’Atlantean’ substructure may have been descendants of Cain (see: Genesis 4:16). The present inhibitors of this subterranean installation are allegedly an underground race of ’power-trippers’ tied into the highest levels of the NSA-CIA, who are in turn in contact with ’Sirius Star People’ or a group that some UFOlogists believe is the extraterrestrial extension of the Illuminati, also known as the ’Men In Black’ or the ’Nation of the Third Eye’. The ’NOD’ and other similar facilities are reportedly NOT inhabited by ante-diluvians, but by people who later discovered these abandoned underground installations as well as the ancient technologies left there, which they learned to manipulate for good or evil. Brandon also mentions ancient tunnels discovered beneath Washington D.C. that have been investigated by government scientists, some of which, according to still other sources, contain walls with a glass-smooth but metal-hard glaze.


In connection with the German Illuminati, it is said that ’they’ now possess aerial disks which may be capable of leaving the earth’s atmosphere. These may explain SOME of the accounts of ’Aryan’ saucer pilots, however Germans are not the only ’Aryan’ civilization to exist (actually Hitler’s ’theory’ that the Germans were descended from Aryan stock may be just that - a theory), for instance there were the Aryans who ruled ancient India thousands of years ago.

Nevertheless the ’German’ theory plays a definite role in UFOlogy, although if true it apparently makes up only a minor percentage of encounters with humanoid or human-like entities. The popular theory is that sometime before WWII, German occultists -- the same one’s who gave rise to the Nazi Party, recovered a crashed ’disk’ and began to study and eventually to utilize it’s technology through various secret projects which allegedly utilized underground bases and factories that were used in attempts to duplicate the technology.


The top-secret Nazi ’aerial disk’ research became more advanced throughout the Second World War, and reportedly utilized jet-turbine and later electromagnetic propulsions. As it became apparent that the Germans were losing the war, they allegedly transferred this technology to a base in Antarctica which had been established years earlier, complete with underground installations and all, and code-named the ’New Berlin’. Throughout the entire duration of the war the Nazis had allegedly shipped scientists, workers, technology and saucer components to this Antarctic base or bases.

U.S. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd some years later conducted and led an "exploration" of the Antarctic region. The strange thing about the "expedition" was that the massive operation involved nearly 4,000 well-trained military Naval troops, military vessels such as destroyers, subs, aircraft carrier and aircraft. Upon arriving at the polar continent they reportedly split into three separate groups and began a massive reconnaissance- like operation. One source even claimed that Byrd’s Navy encountered ’resistance’ there and that there was a photo-finish FIGHT between American and Nazi forces there, with losses on both sides.


When the Americans left two weeks later (also strange for a ’scientific expedition’) Byrd, after arriving home, reportedly went into a rage and began demanding that the government turn Antarctica into a nuclear test range. Byrd was sworn to secrecy and his diaries are sealed to this day.


There are, in fact, some who claim to have encountered disks containing a swastika-like symbol, or occupants who spoke fluent German, yet these accounts are still relatively few in comparison with accounts of other types of human cosmonauts encountered in other incidents, suggesting that the majority of human-like alien encounters may come from the so-called ’Federation’ which consists of:

  • the Ummo People or Ummites from the star Iummo or Wolf 424

  • the Vegans in Lyra

  • the ’Koldasions’, Hyadeans, and the ’Solarians’ with their alleged ’Tribunal’ on the moons of Saturn, the Tau Cetians and Epsilon Eridanians

  • the Alpha Centurians

  • the ’Andromedans’ from the Andromeda constellation

  • and of course the Pleiadeans,

  • all of whom claim ties with ancient societies on earth.

As for the ’German-Aryans’, some sources indicate that they may have at one time been in league with the Grays, but that at least some of the second and third generations may no longer adhere as strongly to Hitler’s mad obsession for global conquest, and ’some’ of these may in fact now be in opposition to the Grays!  Certain accounts suggest that two ’German’ groups may possess antigravity technology - one based on the scientific developments of a group of German scientists who escaped Germany before the rise of Nazism, and the other group which consists of full-fledged Nazis!


Once again returning to ’Oscar’s’ references concerning time/ space windows... If Einstein’s theories concerning the possibility of time/space anomalies are correct, then this might explain how a civilization could possibly travel from one star to another in a relatively short period of time. There is no evidence that time could ever be reversed without canceling itself out in a "paradox" (although some claim that reverse time travel is possible, but that it is not possible to "change" the past), yet there is a theoretical possibility that time/space might be SUSPENDED via some type of ’hyperspace’.


There is allegedly much technical information contained in the elusive "GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13" describing this aspect of physics. Some ’contactees’ even state that the FORWARD flow of time is different in other parts of the galaxy, and that a day on earth could constitute a week on another planet. In other words a spacefaring race might have left earth only a few thousand years ago, yet the time differentiation might have allowed 10,000 years to pass in "their" time. Others believe that the forward flow of time (or rather a particular beings’ passage through time) may also be altered through the manipulation of electromagnetic technology.


Also, in relation to the apparent ’tug-of-war’ between the ’Grey’s’ and the ’Nordics’/Tau Cetians, etc., over individuals, as in the case of ’Jill’ which we’ve related earlier, we have an apparently similar situation that was described in an ’Intelligence Report’ released by ’Leading Edge Research’ (Formerly Nevada Aerial Research). This report stated:

"One contactee that has been contacted by the blond/Nordic race was captured and examined (by the greys) after it was discovered by them that the blue beam used to paralyze people failed to have an effect on him. The implant device that the Nordics put in evidently neutralized the paralysis beam. It was said that the Greys came in a football-shaped craft."

This is one more confirmation, among others, that actual conflict if not warfare exists between various segments of theNordicFederation and ’GrayEmpire.


Now back to the ’center of the vortex’ whereas both Gray and Nordic activity is concerned, that is, the Mojave Desert.

The Mojave mysteries are NOT known only to small groups of researchers who meet in secret to discuss their latest findings. The subject of aerial as well as subsurface phenomena is gaining more respect as more evidence and documentation comes to light. Major motion picture studios are becoming interested in the phenomena, for instance the Showtime and Speilberg productions of ROSWELL. Television companies are also beginning to take these reports of alien encounters seriously, and we have had numerous documentary productions such as SIGHTINGS, ENCOUNTERS, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, X-FILES, and so on. TV News Magazines and TV Talk Shows have responded to the public interest. Even Radio Talk Show personalities who are heard by millions coast to coast see the potential importance of what is happening to untold thousands of people who are describing essentially the same things. Art Bell has his ’DREAMLAND’ program, then there is Chuck Harder, Billy Goodman and others...


According to an item which appeared in THE LEADING EDGE Magazine, a well-known Los Angeles talk show host by the name of Ken Hudnell announced over the air on November 3rd, 1989, his intention to take a group to visit one of the ancient underground cities, which he says has an entrance 60 miles from Anaheim, California.


In 1962, a researcher by the name of Chuck Edwards released some of his own discoveries concerning what might be referred to as the ’Western Subsurface Drainage Network’, which seems to cover parts of Utah, Nevada, and Southern California, where are located many drainage systems which do not ultimately flow into the Pacific ocean (via surface rivers, that is), but instead make their way underground into a vast subterranean drainage network. His letter appeared in issue A-8 of ’THE HIDDEN WORLD’, one of the few specialized publications which grew out of the Palmer-Shaver controversy of 1940-45 which appeared in AMAZING STORIES science fiction/science fact magazine. The ’controversy’ arose around Richard Shaver’s claim’s to have inside knowledge of two subterranean races which possessed aerial disks: the ’Deros’ which have been variously described as a race of ancient out-of-control Atlantean robots, degenerate human troglodytes, or a race of reptilian non-humans (or all three) who were at war with another much more benevolent (and human) subterranean race known as the ’Teros’. The Deros were allegedly tormenting those on the surface of the earth through psychic attack and electronic mind control from their underworld lairs, in preparation for a possible future invasion of the outer world.


The answers to the aerial-subsurface mystery remained rather confused during the ’AMAZING STORIES-Shaver Mystery’ period, possibly because of Shaver’s perhaps well-intentioned but unwise attempt to inform the readers about the world beyond and the world below through science-fact-fiction stories (however, the readers were never clearly instructed as to where the fact ended and the fiction began), or because of editor Ray Palmer’s attempts to ’occultize’ many of Shaver’s stories with his own mystic-occult philosophies, which Shaver accused him of doing.


So it was in the wake of this period that investigators like Mr. Edwards’ were born. Some of the researchers of this period delved off into the metaphysical, seeking the answer to their questions from ’channeled’ supernatural entities who tickled their egos, yet whose intentions and revelations could not be physically substantiated. The fact that many of these occultists ended up with severe emotional or psychotic problems -- in essence seeing a ’Dero’ under every bed and degenerating into schizophrenic paranoid behavior -- would indicate that the greater majority of their ’sources’ were no doubt astral or alien deceivers out to mislead these seekers after truth. Others however retained their intellectual and analytical sanity and, although not discounting the presence of evil influences, did not so easily open themselves up to their lies and misleading propaganda but set out to investigate the phenomena in a rational, sane, and intellectual manner. It is with this in mind that we quote from Chuck Edwards’ letter.