Session 11
January 22, 2014

Launching Stage 4 Phase

Public Disclosure Education In Preparation for Contact

An T'na:


On behalf of myself and the Intergalactic Board of Council we send you greetings.

We apologize that it has been a while since our last communiqué. We have kept our oracle quite busy doing other assignments pertaining to this work, just as the Council requested of her.

As such she has successfully created the website, as you refer to it. This website is being added to over time, so do refer back to it often for further information, pictures and updates.

She has composed our book containing our first 10 communiqués and other relevant information. Copies are now available for you. This is the first volume of others yet to follow.

We urge you to read our communiqués, either from the website or the book, and we shall herein explain the reason for doing so.

Our oracle's next assignment, per our guidance, has been to establish the first of many core-team groups that will be qualified to carry out your citizen-based public disclosure education programs. As the rightful inhabitants of your planet, you must begin doing this now if you are to, as a people united, decide into which direction your future is going to flow. We have spoken about this in previous communiqués.

On a daily basis, our oracle's time has been preoccupied with these activities. Consequently, she had no time to focus on psychographying more communiqués.


We felt it was more important for you that she dedicate full attention to creating what you now have as the website that you may see on your computers, and you have books that you can hold in your hands. Now you have an opportunity to begin attending the public education aspect of this work.

During the time while our oracle was engaged in creating these effects for you, we have been busy observing you, and assessing how things are developing with regard to your planetary situations. We have been busy tending to affairs behind the scenes of your upfront attentiveness; affairs that must be dealt with in order to help you succeed in accomplishing the kind of contact experience that you prefer to undergo.

At this time on your planet, you are at the start of what you consider to be a new year. As such, this is an appropriate time to be starting these new directions on your physical level as you step-down the idea of joyous contact event into your experiential reality.

In other words, this is the time when Stage 4 of our Plan For Terra is beginning to download in frequency from us to you the public education aspect of the Plan. It is becoming a physical reality that you can experience, if you choose to.

Again, we will not force you to do choose to do this work. We will not do the work for you. We are here to help you help yourselves by offering advise that guides you as to how to best go about doing it for yourselves effectively and efficiently.

Your first public event to be in February 2014, is the start of many more such events to occur. The core-team who is currently initiating this part of Stage 4 has established the first of many more groups to be formed locally and then globally.

This opening event is educational in the sense that it is informing you of the reason, the purpose, the objectives and goals of establishing citizen-initiated disclosure programs that will require your cooperative participation and skills and talents working harmoniously together on a volunteer basis.


It is given as an introductory course to the actual courses, if you will, that some of you will be teaching to the public, and others will be attending for their personal education.

With regard to the reasons we explained in previous communiqués, the classes you will be offering to the public will be free of charge. Donations are acceptable but not required. If you need to, please read or reread those communiqués for clarity.

In our next communiqué we will discuss the particulars of setting up the classes, designing a curriculum, and so on.

For now, we wish you to clearly realize that the website, the book, the educational event is evidence of our assistance with you becoming your reality.

Additional disclosure education groups will continue to be formed through the assistance of our original core-team, who is under our guidance as we assist your development of this work into the kind of outcome that you want it to be.

As these disclosure education groups grow in numbers they will be networked together locally and across the planet so that you operate in unity with one another, as a people united; meaning, in other words, so that you're all on the same page.

We have said that, as a collective populace, it is important that, as quickly as possible, you make the effort to educate one another about the contact event that is about to knock your doors down. From our broader perspective, we are offering you approaches to successfully do that. You are responsible for creating the groups that will disclose relevant information that is necessary to prepare yourselves for the forthcoming contact event.

As we have said, contact involves two specific types of Beings.

  • One type of Being will be with extraterrestrials and what you would call interdimensional Beings, all who exist within the Lower Triad

  • The other type is with extradimensionals or what we call Ascended Beings who exist within the Upper Triad

We are here to assist the ascension of this planet. All souls who are ready to ascend are vicariously being assisted through the planet's ascension.


Our assistance with helping you prepare for contact is a necessary part of assisting ascending souls with regard to understanding who they will be interacting with once you exist within the Upper Triad.

The communiqués and the prep-courses for contact, if you will, are designed to also inform migrating souls who are not ascending but who have an interest in comprehending what is going on with regard to contact, soul ascension, and soul migration.


For migrating souls, the public education courses will add clarity to their understanding and uplift their experience when contact occurs, if they so choose.

Due to negative faction ploys made against as a people, you have not had clarity about these matters. We feel you not only deserve but need to have clarity if you are to gain control over the destiny of your future, both as an individual soul and as a collective species.

Now, we wish to clarify that the communiqués are designed to help you better understand yourselves and one another. This will permit you to gain control over your personal destiny that has been usurped from you by your negative factions. This information will guide you toward the necessary clarity.

When contact occurs, the class lessons are designed to enlighten your people about how to create the kind of experience that you prefer to undergo.


It is designed to assist you with assisting your own planetary destiny rather than you allowing your negative factions to do it for you, as has been the case for long enough. It is designed to remove from you the fear that your negative factions have indoctrinated you with concerning all-things-extraterrestrial-extradimensional.

While the communiqués are the internalized aspect of the public education classes, they are designed for your personal use, the community classes are designed for outer education purposes, meaning that they are the externalized aspect of the communiqués. They are designed for your collective use.

As you gain personal clarity from the communiqués, you will become capable, as a mature Being, to participate in the external work of teaching disclosure through public education, and of receiving the illuminating knowledge that the lessons will impart for your benefit.

We wish you to realize that these are two aspects of the same Plan that serves two aspects of your lives - the one aspect complementing the other; the one sustaining the other; the one enabling you to participate in the other as a Being who can diplomatically and courageously assist others into personal clarity and public participation.

Because these two aspects of this Plan are interconnected, it is important that you focus yourselves on the communiqués that provide personal clarity for soul development with regard to meeting your non-terrestrial neighbors, so to speak. Once you have gained and grown in this manner, then you will be ready to be a responsible teacher to those around you.

In-lieu of this, we ask that you do not skip or overlook one aspect of this work in favor of engaging the other.


The reason for this is that the external aspect of the Plan, that of public education, is dependent upon you gaining clarity about yourself as a soul. Without gaining this personal clarity first your participation in the public education aspect of the Plan would be clouded by confusion and the misunderstandings from your altered ego, as you refer to it.

As with all effective education, this disclosure education must be undertaken systematically as well. We say this not for our benefit but for yours because the fact is that skipping parts of it will not result in the outcome that you want to experience from the contact event.

We are not recommending that you do this because we are some kind of dictators of your lives or of your destinies, for indeed we are not that at all. We are here to guide you into obtaining for yourselves the kind of experiences that you want as your reality.

We offer you nothing that is dogmatic or controlling. We are not doing this work with you for personal gain.


We offer you soulutions to how you can dig yourselves out of the abyss of dogmas, myths, superstitions, and control tactics that your negative factions have for eons enforced upon you.


We offer you the knowledge and wisdom of how you yourselves can climb out of that dismal abyss. For your benefit, we are freely offering, not enforcing, a Plan by which you may take back the destiny of your planet and your people that long ago was taken away from you.

It is important that you understand the difference between genuine truth and deliberately twisted logic.


This is the reason why we highly recommend that you do not skip over reading and contemplating the information and wisdom presented in these communiqués - so that you are not led astray by truth-destroyers, which is an appropriate term in your language for these kind of people who despise truth.

In order to mature yourselves to the point where you are prudently capable of participating in disclosure education groups, one very deep-seated belief that you have been programmed with since birth is that of intolerance of others who do not believe or behave the same as you do, who do not share the same soul destiny as you. And this also goes for those who refer to themselves as atheists because this mindset is not established strictly by religious means.

You have a deeply ingrained habit to cop an attitude, as you say, toward anyone who does not share the same beliefs or choices as you.

You have what you call political intolerances; nationality intolerances; patriotic intolerances; gender intolerances; racial intolerances; cultural intolerances; social intolerances; sibling intolerances, spousal intolerances, and so on. These various mindsets of intolerances have contributed to supporting the underlying belief in unacceptance that consequently justifies you being unallowing toward one another.

We bring this issue up for your personal examination because this habit gets in your way of you being able to accomplish the kind of experiences in life that you say you want to have as a planet of inhabitants, such as world peace, for example.

We wish you to know that you must get yourselves even beyond mere tolerance of one another to being truly compassionate for one another.


For if you are going to meet and interact with extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings who are compassionate, understanding and loving, not to mention their differences in physical appearances, and if you have intolerance within you, what do you expect your experience of contact to be like other than you feeling disappointed, dejected and repulsed?

One important way to point out our gist here is to first remind you that there are two different paths that all souls in the entire universe are following for their own evolution - the path of ascension to the Upper Triad, and the path of migration to the new universe.

The truth regarding this matter has been substituted with superstition, be it through religion, culture, or social moors, and so on.


You have been told that you're destined for a place either in heaven or hell; a place of eternal life or eternal suffering, or of continued existence or complete non-existence after death, and so on. And you've been told to believe that one is right and good, and the other is wrong and bad.

To assure you get where your negative factions want to go, they have given you ridiculous concepts, attitudes, as well as their version of ritualistic and cultural practices that help get you there. And if you don't believe and do as you're told then you're doomed to not get what you want when you die.

But the universal truths that we are offering you and others before us have offered you has been twisted with so much mumbo-jumbo that you are confused about all of it.


So, confusion begets misunderstanding, misunderstanding begets intolerance, intolerance begets unallowing, unallowing begets conflict, and conflict begets killing at a personal level up to global mass killing, called war.

You've been led to believe that this insane mindset of intolerance and aggressive behavior is "normal"; that intolerance and aggression is part of your nature as a human being so that it is justified not only as accepted but also expected behavior toward one another.


That's absurd! Intolerance and aggression is a learned trait, not an innate condition of your species.

We are here telling you that this is more negative faction bunk that you must dislodge from yourselves if you are to mature into a species that is worthy of the presence of extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings who themselves are evolved beyond intolerance and aggression. If you want these advanced entities to make contact with you then you must become like them.

And that they have are compassionate and loving is all well and good for you, but why would they want to interact with a species who cannot reciprocate it back to them but instead stands in judgment of them?

So how do you go about getting beyond this mindset? Well, to start with, put yourselves in their shoes, as you say.


How would you feel? With regard to your own experience of meeting a new species, what would you want it to be like? Compassionate or judgmental?

Let us examine what is occurring simply between yourselves as souls residing together on your planet.

We have said that as a species of souls you are on two different paths of personal evolution therefore collective destiny. Bear in mind that so are the souls of those you will be meeting when contact occurs.


  • Are you lovingly allowing other souls to migrate to the new universe, without having a sense of something being wrong that they are not ascending instead?

  • Do you feel aloof and superior to them with your destiny of ascension?

  • Do you regret that they are not ascending with you?

  • Do you believe that they must have done something wrong or bad that has prevented them from ascending?

  • Are you mournful, unhappy or feel hurt that some people you know and love are not ascending?

  • Do you feel a sense of loss that you may never see them again?

  • Does that make you feel despaired?

  • Do you believe that those who are not ascending are getting some kind of "karmic just dues"?

  • Do you feel sorry for them?

  • Are you condescending of those souls who are migrating to the new universe?

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions then you are not getting the point we are getting at here, and we recommend that you finish reading this communiqué, and that you read or reread our previous communiqués.

Understand that you know you have been conditioned by some people even in your new age groups to believe that to ascend is right and good and better and preferable than to not ascend; that not ascending and being "left behind" is somehow undesirable, bad, wrong, inappropriate, unacceptable or inadequate; as if to not ascend is yet another sin.


This is a form of intolerance. It is uncompassionate.

Why have you been led to believe this?


It is yet more negative faction bunk designed to keep you from the truth that lies within your soul, which in-turn keeps you disconnected from your soul. Their objective is to keep you from knowing as much truth as possible because truth sets you free from their control, from their ownership over you.

Were they to tell you the truth, which is that whether you ascend or not it is all OK so you can feel good about it either way, then they would not be able to enslave you into confusion, intolerance, conflict and war. You see?

What you have not been told, of course, is that ascension is not the only exciting game in town, as you would say. Ascension is but one exciting adventure for the soul to explore. Migrating to the new universe is the other exciting adventure. But you didn't know that so confusion, intolerance and a lack of compassion set it.

Well, your ancient perception of 'hell', purgatory, or many other names for it depending on what religion or culture you are immersed in, is described as being a fiery abyss of endless blackness, and consisting of chemicals such as the ancient alchemist's term of 'brimstone' - which is sulfur - is in-fact a distorted depiction of a black hole that has become the universal womb wherein a new universe is forming.


The new universe is like a baby absorbing from its mother energy, which is fiery, and absorbing nutrients, which is chemicals of all kinds, like sulfur, and it is a whirling mix of everything that is required to gestate a new universe.

The ancient description of souls who are "sinners going to hell" is more distorted truth.

What is actually going on is that souls who have chosen to be the creators of a new universe, to continue their exploration in consciousness of what can be created under a whole new set of circumstances and materials, are souls who do not need to evolve themselves out of the Lower Triad with all that is has to offer.


This does not make them 'sinners' because they aren't "ascending into heaven" - heaven being the Upper Triad.

They are evolving souls, and some are stagnating souls such as your negative faction entities, but the idea that migrating souls are 'sinners' is distorted truth fed to you by your religious leaders who themselves have been confused about this whole affair that is now playing itself out to its finale.

We have discussed before how this is playing itself out, and why, and we refer you to our previous communiqués for more understanding about this matter.

The new universe is not hell. It is a grand and glorious creation by its mother universe, the one we are currently in. Why would she give birth to something so dastardly as the miserable hell that you've been told to believe in? Creation, life simply does not work that way, but your negative factions want you to believe it does.

And the souls who are migrating there are not 'sinners' but explorers of creation, just like you are. If you're ascending then you're an explorer of what you can create in the Upper Triad.

As souls of great curiosity, when it comes to what can be created that is new and different, you've not been made aware that there are two very great and grand places that we are all moving ourselves toward. You've not been told that one is just as wonderful as the other; one is just as valid as the other; one is just as necessary as the other, because this is simply how life is. This is how we evolve. It is how new universes are born and evolve. It is how existing universes continue to evolve.

Every soul in this universe was a former resident in the mother universe that gave birth to this one. As residents there, we had evolved our mother universe to the point where she was ready to ascend, which meant releasing her Lower Triad into her womb.


At that point, we had the freedom of choice to choose to ascend with her, or to become creators in her new universe.

Well obviously, we chose to migrate to the new universe that she was, at the time, gestating and gave birth to because here we are. You think we just appeared here out of nothing and nowhere? That is what your controllers want you to believe because it leaves you without a choice in your personal soul destiny. It locks you in here.


Taking away choice in the matter locks you into the Lower Triad with them. That's OK if you are a migrating soul who has chosen to be a creator of a whole new universe. That's a choice where you don't aspire or need to ascend.

But if you are a soul who is ready to ascend beyond what the Lower Triad has to offer because you've been there done that, as you would say, and you're like a bored grad student who's ready for more, then you have to have another place to go to. Right?


Well, that place is out, beyond the Lower Triad, into the Upper Triad, yet it is still within this universe. You're not leaving this universe like they are. But it is all OK. It is all necessary because it's how it's done. This is the crux that we want you to "get".

Remember we said that this universe is ascending. And as it ascends into a higher triad of new consciousness and energy, it simultaneously releases its Lower Triad of consciousness and energy. It does so by creating a womb within a black hole where all consciousness and energy relative to the frequencies of the Lower Triad are vibrationally absorbed by the womb.

Every soul in this universe has the option to choose to ascend or migrate. Two places to go to, but with one objective that remains the same wherever you go. Ongoing creation is the forever objective - either in the new universe or in this ascending one.

So, back to our point; if you believe that the new universe is 'hell' then you must also believe that we as souls who chose to migrate into this universe rather than ascend with our mother universe, then you went to hell. Correct? Isn't that the reasoning thereof?

If you believe that all souls who migrate to the new universe are 'sinners' who missed the mark and made a bad choice, then that means that you are a sinner because you migrated to this universe.

Look at the twisted reasoning of these matters. We are here to help you get beyond this kind of distorted thinking about life, of yourselves, of others, so you can be clear and sound-minded participators in educating your own people toward the kind of contact experience you want to have.

But you never really thought about what it should be like, how to create it for yourselves. You just want it, perhaps assuming something magical will make it all OK for you.

Well, you are the magic that will make it all OK, or not. We are here to help you understand how to create that magic, so to speak, and make it work for your own greatest benefit.

It is crucial that you get what we are presenting in this communiqué, for if you cannot become clear and sound-minded for yourselves then you certainly won't do it with your extraterrestrial and extradimensional brothers and sisters.


And would you want to be in their shoes when meeting up with judgmental motley crew?

Simply allow yourselves to accept that there is no right or wrong soul destiny. There is no good or bad place that we are going to. It is all good. It is all right. It is all valid. It is all honorable.

When you get that, then you have compassion and allowing of one another's soul destiny - be it ascending with this universe or migrating to the new universe. Then you are in a place within yourself that honors and respects each other's soul destiny.

Then you can lovingly encourage each other toward their soul destiny without feeling like you're loosing someone, or that they are making a wrong or bad choice, or that they must have done something wicked in their lives that they are being punished for because,

'Look, they aren't ascending.'



That's what your negative factions want to you to believe because it keeps them in power and control over you when you are not understanding, compassionate or allowing; then you can be easily manipulated into supporting their need for conflicts, war and all that wicked stuff.

We are here to tell you to learn to recognize how and why you have been led into these belief systems of bunk that are based in superstition and falsehoods that generates fear and intimidation in you thereby making you like putty in their hands.

  • The truth is that this universe is ascending.

  • The truth is that some souls are ready to ascend with it into the Upper Triad.

  • The truth is that the Upper Triad is a beautiful and grand realm of exquisite beauty and ongoing possibilities of creation.

  • The truth is that all souls who are ascending there have gained all the understandings and wisdom that the Lower Triad has to offer them.

Should they be forced into being held back from advancing to a higher level of understanding and wisdom? Absolutely not.

The truth is that this universe is creating and giving birth to a new universe. The truth is that most souls on your planet are migrating there. The truth is that the new universe is a wide-open field of possibilities for creating a whole new and different universe that will operate on new and different principles and arrangements of consciousness and energy.


Just as this universe is quite different from its mother universe, the new universe is also going to be quite different from this one. And that is the attraction point for all souls who are migrating there.


Does that make them sinners? No. Should they be denied this choice or punished because they are not ascending? Absolutely not.

Both places serve essential goals that are equally meaningful, purposeful and necessary for the purpose of ongoing creation.

What you need to get beyond is the idea that one direction is better or worse than the other; that existing in one place or the other is right or wrong. You must begin to perceive that both are equally necessary; equally important; equally wonderful.

You think life could be any different than that? Hardly! Life is a grand adventure, but you have been made to believe otherwise and so that belief has been your experience.

For those of you who are ascending you must get beyond the kind of thinking that causes you to behave in ways that will not win you any brownie points, as you say, for having contact with your Ascended Being brothers and sisters.

You are truly are a grand species, one worth assisting into the soul paths set before you. You simply have needed some clarity as to what those two paths are, where they lead, and how to soul-journey them so that your adventure along the way is an enjoyable one. Then you can tactfully assist, encourage, uplift, honor and respect the soul path of everyone else.

When you can do that then you are ready to participate in being core-team leaders and teachers in the public-initiated educational programs, so that you are in charge of your destiny, not your negative factions.

Forgive us for saying so, but you are worth the trouble because you are a troubled species. You have been troubled by your negative factions who's objectives are to take as many souls as they can with them to the new universe because they know they are not ascending with this universe.


But they don't know that the souls of all who are going there have already made the decision for themselves to go there. They needn't coerce anyone or take captives with them but they don't know that.

Their own ignorance about how this works is generating a complication of their own journey to the new universe. They are making it far more uncomfortable and unpleasant for themselves than they have to. It will set them back in their ability to participate as leading-edge creators of the new universe.

Migrating souls can continue evolve themselves in the understandings and wisdom that the Lower Triad still has to offer them, for indeed there are many extraterrestrials who have evolved themselves further along than are many souls on your planet. Yet, they are migrating to the new universe by choice.


They are not by being coerced or dragged there by negative faction entities. They have chosen to be on the leading-edge of creation in the new universe. And when these migrating extraterrestrials make contact with the migrating souls on your planet, then these advanced Beings will teach them how to evolve to the level of being on the leading-edge of creation in the new universe.

That is what happened when we, as souls, chose to migrate into this universe, leaving behind our mother universe in favor of trying out new and different ways to create a whole new universe.

  • How was that wrong or bad?

  • How was that demonic or sinful?

  • Are we burning in an everlasting hell?

  • Are we in everlasting anguish?

  • Are we being tortured by some satanic entity bent on satisfying his sadistic nature?

Heavens no.

This is a superbly marvelous and beautiful universe.


As the creators of all that is in it, we have done a tremendously wonderful job. And so far as the evolution of other older universes go, we've just gotten started. It isn't nearly completed yet. It never shall be finished because life everywhere is an endless spiral of ongoing creation.


That is how we created this universe to be. That is why we have created the universal womb, where a new universe is being gestated for birth relatively soon.

We hope that our words herein have helped clarify what you need to know and do in order to be ready to diplomatically participate in the public education programs that are designed to bring about a grand experience of contact for yourselves.

The kind of contact experience you want hinges on you coming to terms with your own mindsets of judgment and intolerance, which you have the power induce yourselves out of if you want to.


Learn to be diplomats, unto yourselves and one another. It's all merely a matter of gaining clarity so that you see life as it is from the appropriate perspectives, not the distorted perspectives that your negative faction controllers have enforced upon you.

We leave you now to not merely think on these fundamental truths, but to make them a part of your lives if that is what you wish to do. Be happy.

We bid you farewell.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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