by Dan Winter

March 2005

from ImplosionGroup Website



It is important to keep in mind, when reading the following- that Enlil is the person also called Yahweh ­

  • God of the Jews

  • Michael the ’Archangel’ by Christians

  • Michabo-God of many native tribes

  • LEVITE or Snake God by the Aboriginal Australians and the Jews

(Also ­ almost certainly the person called ENCODER in Bible Code 2, AND the FATHER OF ALL VAMPIRES - whom Ann Rice calls "ENKIL" ).

In each case the recognizable fingerprint ­ is an attempt to prevent further genetic freedom, to prevent self-empowered bliss ­ and essentially ­ to create a kingdom of obedience to a plan to create immortality by soul harvesting ­ for the (medium grade interventionist ­ and lost soul ­Nephilim) ’God"- Enlil.


( And his political party called ELOHIM as in Keys of Enoch ­ whose ruler is the central hive computer for the borg mind ­ASHTAR).

What we learn in the below- is the origins of the Yahweh ­ Enlil agenda for ’collective’ immortality ­ by following the rules ­ and being a good servant. Case in point- when the Anunnaki landed for the Gold mining slaving ­ part of their standard mining gear equipment was a special hexagonal array of paramagnetic (bio-accelerator) capacitors ­ similar to what we today would call dolmen or stone tower ­ or shem- highward fire stone. By placing these capacitors in a proper hex array- a field of capacitive charge was created which would under controlled conditions (no sex ­ no escape) PREVENT BIOLOGIC AGING. (Literally- a burning charge fountain of youth).


The field effect area for this mining equipment ­ later called the GARDEN OF EDEN ­ was increasingly required because of decaying implosion (no bliss) in their DNA. Immersing themselves into the less than fractal charge field of Earth ­ would quickly cause them to age. They were not accustomed to life expectancies less than many thousands of years. Sadly - their life expectancy over the millennia became a completely - soulless mechanical support.

Again and again, the Yahweh­Enlil collective ­ demonstrate their willingness to sacrifice truly sustainable ­ bliss based- self ­empowered immortality ­ for SHORT TERM TECHNOLOGIC SURROGATES. (The suspensors keeping HARKONEN / Enlil alive in DUNE, the Borg equipment required to keep DARTH VADER / Antu ­ alive in Star Wars).

Similar to this is the Gold Powder ­addictive - origins of the Holy Communion white wafer - and cause of the interventionist genetic engineering we today call Adam and Eve.

Not having much fire in his own DNA ­ (being FALLEN Nephalim ­ no bliss / no implosion no inner life) Enlil (Yahweh) conceives of a basically faulty plan to get technologic immortality involving essentially eating the trace soul essences of countless generations of humans ­ compensating for his own parasitic lack of bliss juice. This is again why the Greys ­ at the behest of Enlil’s family Dracs mostly abducted indigenous peoples after Truman and Eisenhower signed their stupid treaty on abductions. This is why the Michael Yahweh family has tracked the indigenous tribal lucid dreamers wherever they went ­ always looking to eat the fire in their blood to make up for what they did not have.

The Montauk/Swerdlow picture (summary) -  Planetary Invasion Force: A Reason for Ecstasy? - shows Enki’s (abRAham) cooking up the Earth DNA experiment with many requirements from the Andromedan council. The Dragon queen remnants in Enki’s family ­ were but one of the parties from the ORION wars ­ who qualified to be represented in the vaccine of all parties genetically fused - in the Earth gene experiment. The thing is ­ that when Enki (RA- abRAham) snuck his own DNA in the mix using his half sister Ninhursag / Innana ­ Draco as wet nurse womb for a Cro Mag egg- he was inserting DNA (Mother Dragon- winged) that was truly EXPLOSIVE in this mix. This is Ichtheos aborning today. The aboriginal name for Enki ­ is FISH GOD. Same as Serpent-Bird Man -Quetzlcoatel ­ in Zulu ­ Enki ­ IS ­ Kilimanjaro.

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Planetary Story II

by Elana (see part I: Goddess Mystery)

It was with some trepidation that I engaged with the next chapter in the epic that I have called the Planetary Story. The fallout from our explorations in the group fusion work last year in Byron Bay saw many of us emotionally and psychologically exhausted and soul-chilled with trying to process and integrate the intense energies of the archetypal forces of our human forebears - the Anunnaki . Little did we realize that the gathering brought together some of the descendants of the ancient lineages that were involved in the evolution of modern Homo Sapiens. The many unresolved issues between these ancestors - issues that impacted tragically and irrevocably upon both the human population and the Anunnaki races themselves - rose de profundis to be played out, sorted and resolved in the powerful space created by the group. This was ’World Work’ - conflict resolution at a global scale as described by Arne Mindell - of the deepest kind.

The first chapter of the Story is described in the previous Part I.

This second chapter is the result of my ongoing research and studies in Theology, Sustainability and Indigenous Sustainability at Murdoch University. I am hot on the trail of this most astounding story through the investigation of ancient texts and documents from the Sumerian ; Egypto- Assyrian ; Hebraic ; Christian ; Early Christian Gnostic ; and Druidic traditions; through the oral teachings of the spiritual/shamanic traditions of Indigenous Australian ; First Nation American and European Celtic Peoples . This research is corroborating my personal ’Long Memory’ recall that has opened due to the use of various techniques and disciplines that I have practiced since I was a young woman , and under the tutelage of Indigenous teachers, who recognize me as an ’Ancestress’ .

My present research stems from an unanswered question that arose at the completion of the fusion work:

"What became of the Dragon High Queen - the Archetypal Great Mother?"

The energy of the Great Mothers (Antu & Ki), that had sustained various planetary grids (and their ecologies) due to their sacred marriage (Hieros Gamos) with the Great Father (An), was lost to the planet, following the ’fall from grace’ of the ’Dragon’ lineage. The description of the ’War in Heaven’ is variously described within many ancient traditions. The ’Enuma Elish’; ’Atrahasis’; the Hebrew Bible; the Christian Bible; and the Gnostic Gospels all indicate - either directly or by their conspicuous silence- of the loss of the energy of the Divine Mother to the Earth Tribes, approximately 6000 years ago.
This pivotal historical time in human evolution was caused by a split in the Royal household of An, Antu, & Ki, and their progeny Enki, Enlil and Ninhursag. Not only did the separation occur between brothers, it also happened between the archetypal Great Mother and Great Father God.

The experiment to create the ’Kingly Race’ of Anunnaki/human hybrids had reached a point such that Enlil devised a plan whereby the human descendants could start to live more independently of their progenitors whilst continuing with the quest to produce a hybrid of super-conscious nature, thus rejuvenating the ’bliss’ challenged Anunnaki lineages. Enlil’s plan was designed to weed out the genetic weaknesses and character flaws of the cross-bred humans, until only those who were utterly obedient and biddable to the will of the Anunnaki (Enlil) remained to ’inherit the Kingdoms of God’.


Under Enlil’s design a dualistic reality would be created whereby humans would explore choice and have free agency to follow Enlil’s ’plan of salvation’. ’Degrees of glory’ were offered - a hierarchical system of ascendancy that would stream humans after mortal death into various levels of responsibility and ’exaltation’. As such, the plan did not guarantee everyone’s redemption. Those less obedient would be denied access to further endowments, thereby sorting the gene pool and giving precedence to those who would most advance Enlil’s lineage and agenda of immortality. The state of immortality was having to be sustained artificially until the human/Anunnaki hybrid was advanced enough to achieve the ’bardo’ state (the Buddhist ’blue plane’) of eternal life naturally, through the state of ’bliss’ or ecstasy.

The Egyptian dynasties, in particular, focused on developing elaborate and efficient ways to cheat death, by utilizing alchemical methods in order to facilitate supra-luminal ’implosion’ via the ingestion of white gold powder, until a ’saviour’ was achieved whose genetics enabled immortality ’naturally’.

Enki’s plan was that all human souls should achieve redemption - that the harvest of life and death experience should be equally celebrated and that the purpose of a gene pool was to achieve maturity and then be set free to evolve without intervention. Enki’s agenda was not necessarily more altruistic than his half brother’s, it was simply that his lineage was naturally more psychocreative than Enlil’s and thus his lineage was not so bliss challenged. However, he was also motivated by the larger plan of the Ophanum who intended that gene polls should be allowed to freely mature and spread out amongst the galaxies. However, his lack of responsibility to his progeny was probably as much to do with this choice than his strong sense of justice!

In all of this, Antu, the Dragon High Queen, was dismayed to understand the implications of Enlil’s plan - that instead of souls being freed by death and the continuation of the balance of life/death being upheld, Enlil’s intention was to create a place out of time/space (3D reality) where his descendants would go after death in order to continue to serve Enlil’s search for immortality. These kingdoms following mortal existence were tiered to contain souls at various levels of achievement and responsibility. All would continue to procreate as an ongoing part of the experiment to become ’as our Father in Heaven’ - gods and goddesses in their own right. However, this continuing manipulation of natural laws meant that balance was lost. By seeking to cheat death, souls were also lost to eternal life - whereby the gift of death meant that the individual was reintegrated into the All, the One, and personal experience enriched the whole, rather than being selfishly guarded for the sake of perpetuating individuality.

Then a series of events occurred that set the course of life on Earth and Antu’s fate:

Whilst deliberating Enki and Enlil’s plans for the evolution of the Homo Sapien race, Enlil discovered the plot by Antu to remove the consort, Ki. The technique used to imprison the soul of the Orion queen became the undoing of the High Queen and Enki’s followers. An was horrified by Antu’s duplicity, having been closely bonded to the consort and devastated by her loss. Enlil was so enraged that he swore to revenge his mother’s ’death’ and destroy Antu and the Dragons. An banished the High Queen from all territories of their House. Enki, of course, defended his mother. However, hostilities between the two half brothers that had been simmering for Ages, now erupted. An was persuaded to approve Enlil’s plan, and Enki was cast down from his fathers presence. Enlil was so incensed that he hatched a plan to get rid of the Queen and her followers and Enki and his forces at the same time. The biblically documented ’War in Heaven’ ensued, and Enlil used the technique of soul incarceration to imprison ’one-third of those in Heaven’ in a place out of time/space. The forces lost their access to mortal bodies, and could only function on the astral planes of existence.

Not all ’fell from grace’. Those who were powerful enough were able to fractionate their souls, so that they were not totally lost to third dimensional reality. In this way, Enki became Lucifer-the ’Shining One’.

However, Antu was herself devastated by the deliberate severance of the sacred union between her and An (her soul mate); the huge guilt that she felt concerning the consort; the loss of her people and her fear for her son, Enki. Desperately, as her son was cast into the ’place of lost souls’, she consciously chose to ’fall’ herself - fractionating her soul into an infinite number of ’sparks’ of the archetypal force of the Great Mother, so that at some time she might have the opportunity to redeem her son and her lost peoples.

So, Enlil’s plan was put into action and he utilized the lost forces as an example of the dualistic reality of light/dark; good/evil etc. in order to progress his plan for immortality.

Details become sketchy at this point and I am unable to clarify further the fate of the Great Mother - the Dragon High Queen, except that all record of her was eliminated from sacred texts and historical documents. The ancient Sumerian text, the ’Atrahasis’ explicitly details the conquest and destruction of the Great Mother - Tiamat, by Marduk. In this more mythological text, Tiamat is described as being rent limb from limb and thrown down. Although Tiamat has been described as a fore-mother of Antu, I have no doubt that the destruction is a documenting of this episode. The Christian Gnostic texts detail the loss of integrity of Sophia and her quest to redeem herself and her son and return to the Father. The Druidic stories document the grief of the Great Mother - The Modron - at the loss of the Son and her quest to find and rescue him. I am sure that there are many other myths and stories that document the loss of the power of the Great Mother to Earth, that further research will reveal.

Ninhursag came to symbolize the Mother aspect on the planet - Ishtar, Isis, etc. She continued the work of her brother and half-brother, eventually incubating an Anunnaki/Human hybrid of sufficient power to found the ’Kingly Lineage’ sought for by Enlil and Enki - the Adama, the first Priest-King. However, the exile of the Dragon Queen and forces had a deeply wounding effect on the psyches of the remaining Anunnaki. The planetary grids that had been established and maintained by the Hieros Gamos began to decay. They continue to destabilize the planetary ecologies today, even though Ninhursag and Inanna instituted rituals and celebrations of fertility and abundance in order to slow the dissolution. Earth’s Indigenous Peoples are the primary stabilizers of our systems of planetary order today. However, it is perfectly clear that our world’s ecosphere is disintegrating rapidly now.


With the loss of the archetypal sacred union between the masculine and feminine and the vengeful wrath of the son against the mother, the genetic predisposition of the ensuing progeny of Earth’s hybrid population evidently lacked the ability to invoke and hold the vision of wholeness, synergy, and verdant abundance necessary for the successful expression of a gene pool. Humans today are not only handicapped by the genetic inhibitors bred into them in order to suppress certain natural characteristics of our humanness, they are also burdened by a childishly rageful, guilt ridden, mother complex that is the negative genetic heritage of our forefathers, and the guilt ridden, grief -full, unfulfilled frustration of our foremothers.


Humans are doomed to play out this tragic scenario, (despite various rescue attempts by (male) saviors such as Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Krishna etc.), until a critical mass of humans gather to dream of something new. The dream of the divine union of sacred masculine and feminine (both inner and outer relationships) that comes from the restoration of the Divine Mother principle to the Earth; the synergy of that unity; and the order and fecundity that rises from such sacred conjugation is presently denied to us as humans by the very genetic heritage that created us.

Our evolutionary imperative compels us to keep searching - a quest of the highest aspiration - for resolution to this human dilemma, in order that we may find spiritual maturity and emerge into our natural inheritance - that of Homo Noeticus.



Questions from Bart:

From: Bart -- , Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 10:26:07 +0000
Subject: Re: Was that the Papal We?

Dear Dan,

Your post has been resonating long after my first reply yesterday. I have so many questions these days, and that in itself is not a bad thing, but I am trying to rearrange my mindset to a Higher, more all encompassing Truth of my / mankind’s destiny and true origins, thereby incorporating as much as possible your findings and experiences... You are giving me a hard time, but I am grateful for that. Did not say the Buddha that "the Goal is the Way"?

I try to read and grasp most of your texts, started reading your "Alphabet of the heart" and am amazed by your scholarship and knowledge in so many areas. However, could I ask you some personal questions to see whether I am on track?

* From what I have understood so far, Enki would be classified as the good guy" because he was naturally capable of generating more bliss by himself and Enlil needs to (ab)use his mental powers over Enki / his brother to get that bliss from outside, unable to produce bliss inside. Therefore the creation of "outer God(s)", the necessity to be obedient, and the steady "rewards" depending on how successful his mental slavery works on willing and ignorant people like me. No liberation unless you can achieve a higher state of slavery, but still a state of slavery, correct? It is clear that you see practically all institutionalized religions including Catholicism/Christianity as vessels of Enlil. Does that mean that personal bliss from the inside cannot be transferred through the temples unknowingly dedicated to "an outer God"?

I feel that one can be part of institutionalized religion in a personal way and yet attain some sort of personal bliss, out of the realization that GOD is indeed inside all of us and resides in our heart. "The Christ" is clearly linked to the heart chakra (Tiphereth - 6) and Kether (The Crown - 1) in the Kabballah. I mean, I have read evidence on BBC World News, studies on "prayer" in different situations, even laboratory circumstances if I recall well, and the beneficial effect it has on our "system". Individual prayer can be strong, but collective prayer has an even stronger field effect.

What do you think about this?

Answer from Dan:

From the literature it is clear that many in the Anunnaki groups (the ’GODS’ of Greece & Rome particularly) believed that instituting religions was capable of serving the race of droid/slave Takadama (humans) they had created.

In the same way a golem as a projection of your own mind stuff - ectoplasm - might eventually be nourished, watered and fed.

For example- read about Innana / Ninhursag - clearly the wet nurse - egg inserted Draco half sister who served as the surrogate mother when Enki RA ’Lucifer’ / AbRAham - swiped a CroMagnon egg to be fertilized with his own sperm. In the Innana notes at and more at the collective you can read her apologizing to us - the natives - for her interventionism. She bemoans the fact that her same Draco family created intentionally both the Islam and Catholic religions - for similar "friendly control" purposes - only to discover in horror that these institutions merely became the excuse for their ’human’ family borg droid kids to murder each other by the millions.

quoting from- the collective

Amazing how the lineage of Reptilian Orion Queens interventionism can be made to sound all benevolent. - (they say: it was THEIR Draco warship over Christ’s birth which was the star...???? why should such DNA planning require a Draco Warship??? - Similar to the Draco craft-insignia same as the flag of Israel- called the Sun disk- which appeared to cause the Fatima apparition- right at the Draco tunnel complex entrance-Sintra-Portugal). At least in the "Innana Returns", the returning Anunnaki interventionist Genetic warrior lady has the decency to be apologetic about hacking away at our DNA so cavalierly for millennia.

Commentary on the DOMA way (Daughters of the Orion Draco ’Collective’): 

This is yet another "History of the Elohim" (Anunnaki) on Earth, except notice the exquisite spin-doctoring. Don’t mind the continual apology for female dominance, since the genetic truth has been repressed. Yet how much extortion will it take to leverage us to accept our (Draco / Nibiru) manipulators?

It is a VERY interesting Interventionist Anunnaki apologetics for the bible.. gives the ORION Queen Draco ("DOMA Collective") spin apology... VERY detailed explanation of the ET origin of Bible stories.. (The Orion Draco/Dragon Queen telepathic "hive mind’ they call the "DOMA" "collective"...."Daughters of Ma".)

One piece of useful info they offer, is that Enoch (scribe) was the shined up ’pride of the fleet’ Anunnaki DNA droid resubmitted to the Draco starships for inspection. (hence his story.. see "Keys of Enoch"- take a lesson: Jim Hurtak’s supposed ’hierarchy’). Enoch was the proof the Draco queens needed to condemn Enki’s family for disobeying their rules about un-planned blood line crosses, particularly having sex with their own genetic engineer originators. This suited angry half brother Enlil’s (Yahweh) and the "Collective" ’s political excuse for blowing up Atlantis. (Noah’s story) - AND became the larger ’war in heaven’ reported in this article by Elana.

As I said to the authors: (quote)

> "interesting PR....
> I suppose your Orion Queen (DOMA)
> were afraid to show their (Draco) Sumerian face (right image)
> and to illustrate that their red inverted "M" cross vortex logo (below image - top of their web site) ("By this sign you shall CONQUER" ?!?!) is the star map to Orion. See " Antarean conversion " orion starmap pics.

Their "devil" is Enki (Adonai) who was simply trying to defend having made humans fertile..., hiding Cayin’s (Cain) kids (genetic freedom embodied) in Atlantis.. (ref: Gardner). The interventionist Anunnaki geneticists’ (Enlil family / DOMA) nuclear disaster desertified Sinai, and by their own admission sunk Atlantis. (Enki under the name Lucifer - got the bad press as ’devil’ because his angry brother Enlil/Yahweh/Amon owned the larger advertising budget.)

Whom they serve hides a bigger picture. ... see Anna Hayes "Voyagers", LettersFromAndromeda, "Guardians of the Grail" Morningsky, "Genesis of the Grail Kings" Gardner.... The issue is: WHO WILL RESPECT the prime directive.. individual freedom for indigenous genepools...
> They might mention which of their Draco relatives started the galactic black market on live human glands for eating.. for example.. It is so kool how many meanings we are given for "NEPHILIM" / the fallen ones. Every meaning except the real one: those who lost the Glandular hygiene to get the superluminal squirt gun going in their own DNA, without external borg like mechanical means."

end quote from thecollective article..

So- Bart - the history of religion making on Earth - is mostly a history of whose ET inventionism was winning the PR war enough to be harvesting whose emotion juices to feed their own Egregor. The word Egregor - as in Moni Sadhu "The Tarot"- refers to the amount of ectoplasmic juice you can harvest to build which golemic structure you are trying to immortalize. For example the Catholic - "Our Father" prayer has a huge Egregor - of collected emotion juice which bumps clumsily around Earth - occasionally rolling over some social structure- but probably mostly serving as an ’ astral milk house’ for the ET interventionist - fallen ones - milking religions for their juice ( unable to make their own ).

So - for the vast majority of Earth religion making activity - you merely choose politically which ET parasite ghost you want your ectoplasmic juices to be feeding. It is not that it is always evil to allow your emotion juice (coherence of charge envelope) to be pumping up some racial golem ghost (Enlil’s body). The question is - whether the design of the racial golem ghost currently being pumped up by your ’religion’ offers any self-empowering outcome at the end of the tunnel.

The new article by Elana here is merely outlining clearly that the nature of the tunnel of golem food which the Hebrew religion mostly provides by it’s designed (’oh let’s repeat the mantra’s of the borg hive computer Ashtar - singing "Ayer Asher Ayer"’) shapes - provides NO HOPE of a sustainable ensoulment for the one whose glands are being milked. They merely pump the bottomless pit of Enlil’s hungry ghost.

Take for example a Catholic ’saint’ who dies having had so many ectoplasm producing vision’s of their supposed ’Jesus’ (mostly a bunch of lies about how Tutankhamon died-mixed with basically Egyptian myth - book: "Out of Egypt" & "House of the Messiah"). When they hallucinate with enough fervor the picture of the poor stupid myth on the cross - eventually they are quite capable of producing bleeding nail holes in their hands. Does this mean that they have somehow confirmed some accurate historical story - OR somehow served their genepool - OR - somehow immortalized themselves. ... NO - clearly not - none of the above. They have merely succeeding in pumping more than usual astral emotion juice into the reigning parasite myth.

This is not to deny that some of the structures of religion have provided some temporary comfort to the dumb humans. But in terms of quality of design.. The structures ENLIL / Yahweh - the JEWS (mostly fallen Seraphim) put in place (particularly includes Australian aboriginals worship for the Draco gray’s ’Wandjina’ / An-Djin) - are CLEARLY little but dead end tunnels to get food into fallen NEPHALIM- like Enlil himself.



This is the point - Elanan’s new article above makes.

As for the structures- which ENKI (also known variously as Zarathustra, Kilimanjaro in Zulu, RA, etc) put together- He says design a language (to make psychokinesis POSSIBLE) based on symmetry of charge compression (origin alphabet - and understand the star making force of your OWN bliss - conscious kids

Finally - your question on prayer points to good physics. We know the science of charge compressing that makes the wave guide of prayer work. And we know it certainly does NOT depend on externalizing a GOD idea. Good summary on prayer measurement in science - chapter in the book - above link. Arrange your intent into the fractal symmetry of something that’s shareable... and charge will come to your implosive center to be steered by you. Raise the Djed - the force is with you - be IN CHARGE - do not wait for someone elses parasitic externalization of your own God force. (particularly a lo end reptilian interventionist fallen nephalim like Enlil / Yahweh / Michael).


Designing BLISS is precisely successful at the moment the OUTER source of charge compression becomes INNER (Implosion). Thus the symbolism of creating a center of gravity for your BLISS which is outside you is precisely evidence that your ritual is still feeding parasites.


As far as Enlil being only the bad guy - and Enki - the good. We always must fall in love with precisely our most confused brothers like Enlil. He is someone deserving our compassion. Yet specifically the impossibility of getting BLISS into glands full of millennium old mechanized borg tec-knowledge - is precisely how his permanent loss of a soul - generously serves us by showing us what NOT to do. IF we also choose to weld our DNA to metal preventing implosion bliss self ignition- we too will join his borg. DNA gets self steering precisely (blissfully ignited) when it is removed from the environment of less than fractal-metal. You could feel sorry for Darth Vader in Star Trek for the choices he made to become half metal - but this does not mean you join him. (Darth Vader in Star Wars- and Harkonen in DUNE are inspired by Enki and Enlil’s half machine Dad.)

Enki on the other hand - is not all hero. He is probably a bit loose with his sperm - and does not take his own ancestors that seriously. He is a radical revolutionary. But he is probably the best we got - to get a bit of angel making DNA into this gene-pool. At least by falling in love with his own half kids genetic creations (the family of ab-RA-ham) - he tried to offer us a chance to star making in our genes.

We are not into demonizing all our ancestors - be we are not into canonizing them either. If you actually could meet your great great grandparents - you would probably find them cute - but simple and relatively stupid. That is actually how I think we should view the Draco and Annunaki - who cooked up our DNA. We honor Enki today under his progeny Hermes/Thoth with the symbol of the medical profession and of DNA: THE CADEUCEUS. But in fact - my opinion having studied the record is that Enki/RA/AbRAham/Lucifer was about as clever with DNA as the klutzes who created the soulless horror -DOLLY THE SHEEP. The only good that happened to Enki (who I am convinced is my ancestor- and probably yours) - is that due mostly to his own promiscuity - he used his own sperm. And THAT was interesting ... and from the point of view of the Orion based Drac government who paid for his star craft (N-ibi uru) and lab- DEFINITELY ILLEGAL.

We benefited from RA- abraham -Enki’s use of his own sperm ( and S’’arra from Ur mated with AbRAham - means Enki took the Assa Uru Drac lady for the wet nurse)- because Enki was the fella on which all the genetic planning of the remnant humanoid line had been pinned. - the whole point of the Part One of the story here -- He was the best hope the human fragment - (even though his Dad Antu from Sirius was half borg machine) - HAD - of getting some gravity making star bending force back in their genes. (’May the FORCE be WITH YOU’).


So - that is why we now have a slight shot at the privilege of becoming the vaccine for the whole Orion wars. (bigger& older than EA’s -Enki’s EArth). That is also our ONLY hope of survival (DNA implosive gravity making BLISS) in the local return of the Drac’s here (Planetary Invasion Force: A Reason for Ecstasy?) - AND it is simultaneously also the only hope of real humanoid survival in the bigger struggle against the borgs galaxy wide.

It is right - our DNA can only be saved if we can ignite it. (read: Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality)