by William Hutton
August 2005

from TheMilleniumGroup Website



by Gary D. Goodwin

While others limit their attention to earth impactors, it is wise to remember that there are more things "in Heaven and Earth" to be concerned about. No doubt that asteroids and comets are a part of the picture, they're just not the entire picture. In a single movement of concern we can easily become blinded to a greater power.


It is well established that Electromagnetic Forces control these threatening beasts that have so often plagued our thoughts. However, like the little boy that is afraid of the monster under his bed, he is very unaware of the many beasts lurking out on the night time streets. We must remain holistic in thought and attention.


While impactors are indeed a real and sure threat, remember that there are many other forces to consider - the solar environment, the galactic field and its constituents, and even the earth beneath our feet. In addition to impactor studies, TMG (The Millenium Group) has been the research group to bring many of these issues to light.


We encourage our readers to continue to be open and inquisitive.


And as William Hutton asks in this timely article - are there even greater powers that are in control, are we failing to look beyond the mark as a culture and society?


In the final days of accomplishment of the human race, it will surely be noted that it was ignorance that destroyed the world and its ideas.


And that Day is surely upon us.



Thomas Sugrue was the only author [1] who knew and investigated America's best documented psychic, Edgar Cayce, while Cayce was alive. In a talk [2] that he gave in 1941, Sugrue touched upon the entanglement of souls with the Earth.

When a soul took on the consciousness of a portion of creation it separated itself temporarily from the consciousness of its own individuality, and became thus further removed from the consciousness of its spirit. Thus instead of helping to direct the flow of creation, and contributing to it, it found itself in the stream, drifting along with it.


The farther it went from shore, the more it succumbed to the pull of the current, the more difficult was the task of getting back.

Each of the systems of stars and planets represented, in this manner, a temptation to the souls; each represented also an opportunity for development, advancement, and growth toward the ideal of complete companionship with God - the position of co-creator in the vast and wonderful system of universal mind.

The solar system attracted souls, and since each system is a single expression, with its planets as integral parts, the Earth came into the path of souls.

It was an expression of God with its own laws, its own plan, its own evolution. Souls, longing to feel the beauty of the seas, the winds, the forests, the flowers, mixed with them and expressed themselves through them. They also mingled with the animals and made, in imitation of them, thought forms.


(This was the Age of Fable, when gods and goddesses - the souls - roamed the Earth, turning into trees, speaking from rocks, and inhabiting the bodies of Centaurs, Cyclops, and other creatures which were half animal, half human).


But it was a playing, an imitating, that interfered with what had been set in motion gradually entangling the souls, so that they became trapped in the plane of Earth's evolution, inside the bodies they had themselves created.

Many are the geophysical changes that we souls have experienced here in the plane of our evolving planet. This article will focus on some of the potential effects of the extraterrestrial environment on Earth's evolution. The subject was inadequately treated in my book, Coming Earth Changes (CEC).[3]


I had merely noted (CEC, p. 249) that five or more Earthly cataclysms had been caused by comet or meteorite impacts within the last 600 million years.


The most severe of these had killed more than 95 percent of all marine species.


Extraterrestrial Effects On The Earth


There has recently been an upsurge of interest in extraterrestrial forces that may have influenced human evolution. Examples are books with titles like Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C.,[4] and Earth Under Fire, Humanity's Survival of the Apocalypse [5], discussed below.


These works allege that forces external to Earth have altered it in profound ways within geologically recent times. And Cayce reading 3976-10 seems to have a similar theme.


When in February 1932 Cayce was asked to forecast "the principal events for the next fifty years affecting the welfare of the human race," he replied:

This had best be cast after the great catastrophe coming to the world in '36 (1936), in the form of the breaking up of many POWERS that now exist in the world affairs.

The reading goes on to forecast several political events whose changes "will make the different MAPS of the world." But at the very end of the reading we find:

These will not come, as we find, as broken, before the catastrophes of outside forces to the Earth in '36, which will come from the shifting of the equilibrium of the Earth itself in space, with those of the consequential effects on the various portions of the country - or world - affected by same.

Then, in another reading five months later, Cayce was asked,

"What will be the type and extent of the upheaval in '36?"

(5748-6, July 1, 1932).

The answer was,

"The wars, the upheavals in the interior of the Earth, and the shifting of same by the differentiation in the axis as respecting positions from the Polaris center."

In CEC (p. 29) [3], I suggested that if there were a sudden shift in the axis of Earth's independently-spinning inner core in 1936, it certainly could have caused violent agitation in the ultra-hot fluids that surround the solid iron core. And that turbulence could cause plumes of hot, plastic rock to rise from the core-mantle boundary ("upheavals in the interior of the Earth").


Some rising plumes could easily take as long as 64 or more years (1936 to 2000) to ascend to a level where they would start to affect Earth's surface.

  • But just what were the forces that could have caused a shifting of the equilibrium of the Earth in space?

  • And perhaps more to the point, how would such forces relate to Earth's evolution?

Remember here that,

"...that which comes or begins is first conceived in spirit, grows in the mental, [and then] manifests in the material"


Did the outside forces that affected the Earth in 1936 originate as spiritually dark forces? Or were they forces of light from the Godhead?


One might lean to the former speculation inasmuch as the wars - that were conceived in the minds of men - were also mentioned in the reading to be a product of the catastrophe-producing outside forces.

But one might lean to the latter explanation if the outside forces were related to ongoing expansion of the universe, and simply an expectable part of Earth's evolution. In this case, "the forces" would have caused unenlightened, socially conditioned human beings to start wars. Men would have "forgotten" who rules the "influences of the stars, planets, Sun, and moon," or other elements of the space environment for that matter.


As reading 2794-3 puts it,

"Do ye rule them, or do they rule you?"

We can rule them if as individuals each of us will,

....just adjust self, self's hopes, self's desires. For it has been given from the beginning: subdue the Earth and its influence; indicating that to be subdued by tendencies is to become subject to those laws rather than to a creative influence in a material, mental, and spiritual understanding, controlling through the abilities of self alone...



Just as we souls have become entangled in Earth's evolution, so also do we have a way out. Here in materiality we may realize that, ...[our] concept of the Godhead is three-dimensional... the activity of the motivating force is three-dimensional - time, space, and patience.



Passive patience, to be sure, has its place; but consider patience rather from the precepts of God's relationship to man: Love unbounded is patience. Love manifested is patience. Endurance at times is patience, consistence ever is patience...


Not in selfishness, not in grudge, not in wrath; not in any of those things that make for the separation of the I AM from the Creative Forces, or Energy, or God. But the simpleness, the gentleness, the humbleness, the faithfulness, the long-suffering, patience!


These be the attributes and those things which the soul takes cognizance of in its walks and activities before men. Not to be seen of men, but that the love may be manifested as the Father has shown through the Son and in the Earth day by day.


It would seem, then, that after 1936 souls on Earth became collectively overwhelmed by the influences of outside forces.


And many may still be, perhaps even to this day. For the world has experienced numerous brutal wars since 1936. It may seem banal to say so, but these wars occurred as a result of men's individual and collective lack of patience.

From another perspective, within the catastrophe of outside forces in 1936 may lie mankind's redemption.


The looming Earth changes, traced back to the upheavals in the interior of the Earth in 1936, may - at a physical level - wipe away nations' modern war-making capabilities.


Possible Physical Forces

In his book, Earth Under Fire [5], Paul LaViolette concludes that explosive activity in the core of our galaxy, the Milky Way, has resulted in past global catastrophes. He writes that the galactic core periodically enters an explosive phase. It then generates an intense wind of cosmic ray particles (electrons, positrons, and protons).


These outbursts, which he calls "superwaves," may recur about every ten thousand years or more and last from several hundred to several thousand years. The explosions generate cosmic-rays that travel outward from the center, at close to the speed of light, and pass through the entire galactic disk.


LaViolette believes that one such volley of cosmic rays passed through the solar system around the end of the last ice age.


He writes that,

"for several thousand years [the superwave] injected large amounts of cosmic dust into our planetary system. This dust substantially altered the Earth's climate through its effect on the Sun and sunlight transmission through space."

Unaware of Cayce's reading on the 1936 outside forces, LaViolette had written that superwaves might have a gravity-gradient component at their forefront.


This component, traveling along with a superwave, could upon its arrival exert a significant tidal pull or jerk, causing a slight reorientation of Earth's rotational axis.

"So this would be the 'outside force' that Cayce speaks of. It would be of galactic origin."

(Quoted from LaViolette's letter to me of 9/07/98).

Now Cayce reading 5748-6 above may be implying that the axis that shifted was in fact the rotational axis of the independently-spinning inner core, not Earth's overall rotational axis.


Supporting this view is a recent study [6] of Earth's wobbling axis of rotation. It spans the years 1890-1997. The analysis shows no clear evidence for a shift in Earth's primary axis of rotation in 1936, as I previously had suggested might be the case (CEC, p. 28) from a study of the International Latitude Service's observations for the period 1932 to 1938.


Thus, it seems that perhaps only the axis of Earth's core moved in 1936.

Astronomers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about massive bursts of gamma-ray energy impinging on Earth from the depths of the universe. On March 29, 1998, a gamma-ray burst (GRB) was detected that was among the 4 percent brightest of all GRBs seen from Earth.


The GRB of April 25, 1998, appears to have come from,

"an extremely energetic explosion of a massive star... [and was]... ten times that of previously observed supernovae"

(Nature, 10/15/98, p. 672).

And the burst of gamma and X-ray radiation that struck Earth over the Pacific Ocean on the night of August 27, 1998, was so powerful that it temporarily ionized the upper atmosphere, just as the Sun does in daytime.

"The five-minute-long flash [from this Milky Way source] saw as much energy as there will be coming from the Sun for the next 300 years," said K. Hurley, a physicist at Cal Berkeley.

But it reached Earth's surface at a strength equal only to a typical single dental X-ray. No blast so powerful has ever been detected striking Earth - until now.


If only sensitive detectors like the ones that picked up this star's radiation could have been pointed heavenward in 1936! Now if such GRB energy could affect Earth from just one exploding star, imagine what massive explosions at the galactic core might do.


Perhaps LaViolette's ideas are worthy of consideration.


Possible Occult Forces

By "occult," I mean those energies or forces that are hidden, or not easily understood.


In contrast to the physical outside forces discussed above, consider the occult forces referenced in reading 2072-10:

Q - Going back to the Atlantean incarnation - what was the Tuaoi [pronounced "too-oye"] stone*? Of what shape or form was it?

A - It was in the form of a six-sided figure, in which the light appeared as the means of communication between infinity and the finite; or the means whereby there were the communications with those forces from the outside.

Later this came to mean that from which the energies radiated, as of the center from which there were radial activities guiding the various forms of transition or travel through those periods of activity of the Atlanteans.

It was set as a crystal, though in quite a different form from that used there. Do not confuse these two, then, for there were many generations of difference. It was in those periods when there was the directing of aeroplanes, or means of travel; though these in that time would travel in the air, or on the water, or under the water, just the same.


Yet the force from which these were directed was in this central power station, or Tuaoi stone; which was as the beam upon which it acted.

In the beginning it was the source from which there was the spiritual and mental contact... First it was the means and source or manner by which the powers that be made the centralization for making known to the children of men, and children of God, the directing forces or powers.


Man eventually turned this into that channel for destructive forces - and it is growing towards this in the present.


Here we have described certain occult energies that are unmeasurable by today's technologies.


These energies were transformed into destructive forces by Atlanteans in a way that adversely affected Earth's evolution. But did the energies or forces that affected the Earth in 1936 have anything to do with the occult forces that activated the Tuaoi Stone on Atlantis?


We'll return to this question at the very end of this section.

The A.R.E. Journal for January 1974, carried an article entitled "The Tuaoi Stone, An Enigma," by Dr. John Sutton, a NASA employee.


After an exhaustive study of all of the readings on the Tuaoi Stone, Sutton drew the following picture of this power source. (Note especially point 3).

The "stone"

  1. became hot when used

  2. it was large

  3. it received its energy from the Sun and from elements that are and are not found in the Earth's atmosphere

  4. it consisted of prisms or a "glass"

  5. it employed induction methods

  6. it employed a kind of wave energy other than electromagnetic

  7. the energy could be emitted in a beam to which water and other matter is transparent

  8. the beam was invisible

  9. the beam transmitted enough power for the needs of a city

  10. it could be used to retard the aging process

  11. it consisted of two separate pieces - a cylinder and a capstone

  12. the energy produced was concentrated between the two pieces

  13. representations of it will be found in Yucatan

  14. the crystal was cylindrical, six-sided, or was of hexagonal cross-section

  15. light waves were used for communications with extraterrestrial intelligence

  16. misuse, accidental or otherwise, of the Stone caused [two] geological upheavals



Additional Information




The Tuaoi Stone

Perhaps no single item is as symbolic of the Edgar Cayce vision of Atlantis as the tuaoi, referred to variously as the "fire stone", "the great crystal ", and "the terrible, mighty crystal". Ideas run the gamut from supernatural cosmic energy source to a quasi-science fiction gravity wave attenuator.

It was in the form" of a six-sided figure in which the light appeared as the means of communication between infinity and the finite; or the means whereby there were communications with those forces from the outside. He also states that "it was set as a crystal".

The fact that the initial form "six-sided" and (the later power producing version was cylindrical) "set as a crystal" suggests that it may have been of quartz. It is possible that the "light" that appeared may have indicated that it was asteriated quartz, though something else such as a piezoelectric or pyroelectric effect could also be .

The only device that actually amplifies light rays using other energies is the laser, whose name means “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation”. Laser light is highly concentrated, packing far more power in a smaller area than ordinary light. The word condensed might refer to "condensing" the lights frequency and is also a good alternative for the word coherence, the unique property of laser light that allows for holography.

If the tuaoi, or firestone, was a laser, what type was it? Cayce said that the force which emanated from it "arose in the form of rays that were invisible to the eye". What form of light rays are "invisible to the eye"? Two candidates present themselves: infrared and ultraviolet. Infrared rays are basically heat rays and have a number of unique uses. Ultraviolet rays can cause chemical reactions, produce sunburn, and cause ionization.

They also have more energy or power than infrared rays or visible light. This wider range of application for the more energetic ultraviolet rays and its ability to produce ionization seems more in line with some of the properties and applications of the "fire stones" rays. Ionization is the process whereby atoms gain or lose electrons and the latter such process could certainly be said to be a "disintegration" especially if it is complete ionization, which could result in a plasma state where only positive and negative charges would be present without matter.

The tuaoi, or firestone, was of a particular construction whose materials and design elements seem to imply a highly advanced scaled up version of an ultraviolet laser. Quartz is one of the few transparent substances that will transmit both infrared and ultraviolet rays. Quartz is optically clear, and is both piezoelectric and pyroelectric. Quartz tubes are currently used in some gaseous lasers precisely because of these properties. Irradiated quartz has even been used in a two-level maser.

The body of the firestone is described as "a large cylindrical glass". If the word "glass" is used to imply something resembling a drinking glass, then the cylinder was hollow. The process going on within the crystal had to do with the "breaking apart of atomic forces", and mention is made of "gaseous forces". These terms seem to support the idea of a hollow cylinder with gas or gases inside. Presumably the capstone of the crystal was of the same substance as the cylindrical body. The capstone itself was cut with facets in such a way that they would make for "centralizing the power or force that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone itself.

Here we have a direct connection between the crystals and gases. According to Cayce the crystal made use of "the concentration of energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire themselves (the stars), along with elements that are found and not found in the earth's atmosphere".

What force do these two readings have in common that is being used by the firestone? Heat! The sun's rays (and other stars) and geothermal energy are apparently being used to power the device. Photo-ionization, particle collision, and thermal ionization can all serve as "pumping" elements in a laser.

When we put the preceding readings information all together we come up with the following scenario. [highlight] We have a quartz housing for a gaseous ultraviolet laser that receives its activity, or pumping action, from the sun's heat (and light). The facets on the capstone bring the sun's rays to an intensely sharp focus in the center of the tube (cylinder). The gaseous mixture ionizes with oppositely charged particles collecting at the top (base of the capstone) of the cylinder and at its base. This ionization brings up the energy level of the gaseous mixture.

As in all lasers the energy can be released with an incident signal from the equivalent of a "trigger: electrode", something that gives it just the "extra kick" that it needs. Electrical connections at the bottom of the cylinder can act as the trigger electrode. Upon a "signal" the energy is released as the atoms return to a lower energy state (ground level) until the process is repeated.

What elements might the gaseous mixture have contained? Dr. John H. Sutton who wrote "The Tuaoi Stone - An Enigma" suggests that "deuterium and/or hydrogen" may have been used.

Cayce states that "the activity of the stone was received from the sun's rays, or from the stars; the concentrating of energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire themselves with the elements that are found and not found in the earth's atmosphere".

In other words, the thermal energy reacted with elements within the crystal itself, the suggestion being that two or more elements were used, and since the term "atmosphere" is employed, at least one was a gas. Helium, for example, was first discovered in the sun's spectrum. It is also used in several gas lasers, usually as a sort of carrier of the energy in combination with other gases. The substances that will lase are quite numerous, even oxygen will lase. One might wonder whether ozone would also lase since it is a more "energetic" form of oxygen and absorbs strongly in the ultraviolet. Both hydrogen (found in the stars) and argon lase in the ultraviolet region. Krypton fluoride lases in the extreme ultraviolet. Metallic vapors have even been made to lase (red Mercury?).

The housing of the firestone seems to suggest a device that generates a considerable amount of heat in its operation (just as laser's do). The center of the building was said to be "lined with non-conductive stone -something akin to asbestos, with the combined forces of bakerite" or other non-conductors "that are now (1933) being manufactured in England under a name that is well known to many of those who deal in such things". Serpentine is a form of asbestos (chrysotile), is a thermal non-conductor, and is used as an ornamental (or building) stone.

The uses of the crystals were myriad. "Q"-switching, which would take advantage of the piezoelectric qualities of the quartz, might even have been used to enhance the output. "Induction methods" were used so that the rays from the stone acted directly "upon the motivating forces" in the various modes of travel. To put it more simply, power was beamed to the vehicles. An ultraviolet laser ionizes the air directly in front of the beam, forming an electrically conducting pathway through the air so that electricity can literally be sent through the air from one point to another.

Cayce also stated that individuals bodies "were regenerated, by the burning through application of the rays from the stone, the influences that brought destructive forces to an animal organism" (440-5). Perhaps we are on the right track with the new process whereby laser light is used in conjunction with fiber optic tubes to "burn" away the excess plaque lining the arteries.

Cayce also mentioned "transmission of the body" as one of the device's application. If such is the case then Cayce may have been referring to that unique use of coherent laser light, holography, the transmission of three dimensional images.

The readings also contain information that may suggest a geothermal connection with the crystals. Cayce stated that the rays "were turned on crystals in the pits that made connections with the internal influences of the earth". Perhaps they were being used to regulate the temperature of magma pools or of heating underground water sources (or both). At any rate, when the sons of Belial turned these rays on the crystals in the pits "a volcanic upheaval" ensued.


Lasers are also "tuned".




The Death Ray

Reading 262-39 (2/21/33) speaks of a "Death Ray" used by the Atlanteans. This ray may have been produced by selective tuning of the Tuaoi Stone. Or it may have been generated by a special crystal device similar to the Stone.


Rays for killing, healing, transportation, and the regeneration of one's physical body were also used by the Atlanteans at various stages of their civilization.


The Death Ray used energies available in Earth's stratosphere and from cosmic rays. In a meeting attended by representatives from various countries of the world, some 52,787 years ago, it was decided to use this ray to kill the many beasts then roaming various parts of the Earth.


This was to be done by sending out:

from various [ray-generating] central plants that which is termed in the present the Death Ray, or the super-cosmic ray, that which many are seeking into, which will give their lives much, from the stratosphere, or cosmic rays, that will be found in the next twenty-five years.

This particular ray seems to be the same Death Ray that some 19,400 years ago was mistakenly tuned too high and which:

...brought forth from the bowels of the Earth itself - when turned into the sources of supply - those destructions to portions of the [Atlantean] land. (364-11)

Cosmic Rays And Solar Flares

Cosmic "rays" are composed of highly energetic particles - mostly protons and atomic nuclei - that strike the Earth from space.


According to one expert,

"The simplest interpretation of their origin is that the highest-energy cosmic rays come from our galaxy, from sources in the large galactic halo." [7]

But others, studying the origin and make-up of extremely high-energy cosmic rays think that such rays are made up of a new, extra-galactic subatomic particle.

G. Farrar and P. Bierman studied the five most energetic cosmic rays ever detected on Earth and found that their origins were in five compact quasars, or "quasi-stellar radio sources."


These quasars are among the most powerful sources of energy in the universe. The nearest is four to five billion light years away; the furthest is 13 to 16 billion light years away.[8]


Perhaps these are the same quasars that emitted the cosmic rays that powered the Atlantean "super-cosmic ray".


Climatic Effects

Recent evidence indicates that cosmic rays influence Earth's climate.


H. Svensmark of the Danish Meteorological Institute has found that during the most recent 11-year activity cycle of the Sun, Earth's cloud cover was more closely correlated with the flux of cosmic rays coming from our galaxy than with the Sun's radiance.

"Apparently, the solar magnetic field interacts with the cosmic rays. When strong, the Sun's field blocks more cosmic rays, which ionize air molecules in the lower atmosphere and in this way are thought to contribute to cloud cover and other weather-related phenomena."[9]

Cloud cover has been found to be 3 to 4 percent greater at sunspot minimum (cosmic ray maximum) than at sunspot maximum [10]. And an indirect mechanism for cosmic ray effects on clouds has been elucidated by B. Tinsley [11].

Finally, N. Calder, in his new book, The Manic Sun [12], claims that solar effects on global warming are clear. They are caused by changes in the amount of cosmic rays, and are large enough to invalidate the work of others, who attribute most of the warming to human effects, such as carbon-dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

Now this work on cyclic changes in the flux of cosmic rays seems to resonate with the following passage in 1602-3 where we read:

These [1998 Earth-change activities coming about] are at the periods when the cycle of the solar activity, or the years as related to the Sun's passage through the various spheres of activity become paramount or Catamount [12*] to the change between the Piscean and the Aquarian age. This is a gradual, not a cataclysmic activity in the experience of the Earth in this period.

Thus, it would appear that in 1998 we entered what will become a "paramount" period of solar-cycle activity. The word paramount implies "one superior to all others with which we are familiar."


And indeed, scientists have concluded that 1998 was the warmest year of not only the decade, but quite possibly, of the millennium. The reading implies that the effects of this paramount solar cycle are part of Earth's evolution, as our Sun and planetary system moves into new spheres of galactic influence.


And we will all be affected by the new influences.

  • Does this mean that Earth's climate will begin to change greatly, or erratically?

  • Will climate changes cause food shortages?

  • And will increased cosmic rays - known to produce slight genetic alterations - have a significant effect on subsequent generations?


Visions of Phylos The Thibetan

Finally, we turn to Phylos's vision of "solar heats," predicted to occur about now, here at the end of the Piscean Age. (See Phylos and his predictions, in A Dweller On Two Planets - 1952).


Phylos describes the outbreak of a worldwide conflict that:

Nature completing, will leave living but one where now are many, for in that day none will pause to bury the slain until the evil is wrought, nor then, for the dead of the plagues will be as thousands for every one by violence. And all this because the love that should grace and soften men's hearts, each for all and all for each, dried up and became a mockery in the close of the ended cycle, leaving but scattered oases, few and far between.


Nature follows man.


Wherefore the waters of Earth will dry out, rains be withheld, cyclones sweep, and earthquake come such as was not since a man was on the earth; aye, I am mindful of Poseidia. But all of this will occur through natural causes, and in consonance with the selfishness, lust, greed, anger and general depravity of the Type.


As these blaze in the human breast, so shall the air, dry and vaporless under brazen skies, develop solar heats [emphasis added] more fierce than history ever knew. A parched earth, furnace-like, piling all flesh mountains high; pestilences stalking unchecked. O ye! Blind to the Handwriting on the wall, which flickers still, though writ for a spent cycle.


Turn now and read, while yet the last midnight stroke reverberates.

But Phylos's vision may be mitigated!


Consider Cayce's response to a person's question about whether Phylos's vision of the end of the Age was "based on truth, especially in its forecast for the United States."

As viewed by an entity separated from the whole, yes. As truth that may be implied by one who looks only to the Lamb, to the Son as a leader, no. Choose thou.



The Fire Next Time

In 1944, Cayce gave reading 3653-1 for a woman who was said to have been one of "the eight souls in the Ark - as the wife of a son of Noah."


Cayce's source asked rhetorically:

Will this entity see such [the Deluge] again in the Earth? Will it be among those who may be given those directions as to how, where, the elect may be preserved for the replenishing again of the Earth? Remember, not by water - for it is the mother of life in the Earth - but rather by the elements, fire.

It is difficult to assign a date in the future to this intimated burning of the Earth. Mentioned only a single time in the readings, it seems not to fit with the many other Earth-change readings that indicate catastrophic seismotectonic events directly ahead.


That is why I suggested in CEC (pp. 42-45) that if such Earth fire is in the cards, it will probably be brought about by excessive volcanic activity. But some say that this reading does fit with the Sun's "paramount" activity mentioned in reading 1602-3 above, which activity is to occur in the present solar cycle that we entered in 1998.

Note that on September 24, 1998, a geomagnetic storm occurred that measured 8.6 on a scale of 0 to 9. A storm of this intensity is seen only a few times per decade.


The storm originated from an intense solar flare, one so strong that it blew some of Earth's atmosphere into space..

"This storm may be the harbinger of the next solar maximum due in the year 2000," said Rice University Professor, J. Freeman.


And C. Seife asks [13]:

"Could the Sun send out a monstrous flare powerful enough to melt the ice on Jupiter's moons, destroy much of the Earth's ozone layer and obliterate all our satellites?"

It's possible, say astronomers who have studied other Sun-like stars in our Galaxy, which seem to produce enormous "superflares" about once a century.


They are baffled by the fact that there are no historical records of similar explosions.

Roughly once or twice a decade, the eruption of [the Sun's] stellar material is powerful enough to send huge electric currents racing around the Earth's upper atmosphere, disrupting power grids and communications satellites.


In 1989, one such explosion knocked out a power grid in Quebec...


A superflare on the Sun would be about 10,000 times as powerful as the explosion that caused the Canadian blackout... Although life on Earth would survive, the atmosphere would glow very brightly and half the ozone layer would be destroyed.

As to why a superflare has not occurred on the Sun in recorded history is unclear.

"I think a consensus is emerging that our Sun is extraordinarily stable," suggests G. Gisler, an astronomer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. "We seem to have found a star that is extremely stable and friendly to life - or we are just on a star that happens to be stable right now and will not always be so." [13]

Or perhaps we humans have been patient just enough since the Flood to keep the Sun from burning us up.


A Prehistoric Solar Conflagration?

Both Allen and DeLair [4], and LaViolette [5] have brought together a wealth of geological and anthropological information which they interpret to show that around 12,600 B.P. (years Before the Present), the Earth experienced several catastrophic destructions.


The former authors conclude that the destructions were due to a fragment of the Vela Supernova, which exploded around 13,000 B.P. They say that this fragment careened through our solar system 400 years later, around 12,600 years ago, disturbing various other planets as well as Earth.

LaViolette, however, believes that the evidence of catastrophic alterations to Earth points to a "solar conflagration event."


He relates the strong global warming that began around 14,650 B.P., and the evidence of wild swings in Earth's geomagnetic field, to the arrival of a galactic superwave that caused huge flares to erupt from the Sun. These flares may have occurred off and on until about 12,700 B.P., after which the sun quieted down until now.

The basis of LaViolett's hypothesis lies mainly in his working backward from research by N. Mörner on magnetic signatures in dated layers of a sediment core from Gothenberg, Sweden.


In 1977, Mörner published a now famous paper in Quaternary Research entitled "The Gothenburg Magnetic Excursion."


Mörner's core data record a 180š flip in Earth's geomagnetic pole around 12,700 B. P. Such a flip could be the product of extremely strong solar-flare activity. And this suggested to LaViolette that solar flares were responsible for burning the Earth and melting the ice sheets. But melting of the continental glaciers actually began in the central U.S. around 18,500 years ago, some 6,000 years earlier (CEC, p. 34).

LaViolette says that the history of the global conflagration has been passed down in the survival myths of many peoples.


He also provides evidence that the intensity and direction of Earth's magnetic field,

"fluctuated irregularly from about 15,800 to 14,200 years ago. A particularly major geomagnetic excursion occurred around 14,200 B. P., when the Earth's north magnetic pole abruptly flipped southward to point to an equatorial mid-Pacific location for around 10 to 50 years."

(See p. 187 in footnote 4).

But this excursion took place right in the middle of the period between 19,400 and 11,900 B.P. when the Cayce readings suggest that the Earth was undergoing a pole shift (see CEC, pp. 252-256) or a "shifting of the activities of the Earth itself" (644-1).


This shift, whatever its nature, was caused by the enormous man-induced eruption brought forth from the bowels of the Earth itself (364-11). This man-induced eruption caused a portion of Atlantis near the Sargasso Sea to go "into the depths."


One might expect all sorts of unusual geophysical phenomena to be taking place for thousands of years during such a shift, including excursions of the geomagnetic field.

As for what the Sun was doing 12,000 years ago, recall that reading 5757-1 clearly states that humankind itself affects the Sun by the nature of people's thoughts and actions (see the July 1998 issue).


This must have been the case in the latter days of Atlantis some 15,000 to 11,900 years ago. Defiance of God led to societal turmoils, misuse of the powerful crystals, and volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Nothing even remotely resembling a super galactic wave was ever mentioned in the readings. Nor is there anything about a wayward piece of a supernova or a solar conflagration event, although who is to say that one did not occur?


Consider the climatic jolt just recently documented from studies of ice cores.


It occurred 14,700 years ago.

"Temperatures in Greenland jumped 5°C in less than 10 years - twice the warming that greenhouse gases are predicted to cause in the coming 100 years." 14

Was this due to a sudden, massive shift in ocean circulation, or to a jerk in an otherwise smoothly proceeding pole shift, or to a solar conflagration event? Research continues.


Time will tell.

Now according to reading 884-1, the climate on Atlantis changed significantly during the 19,400 to 11,940 B.P. period of progressive destruction.

Before that we find the entity was in that land now known or spoken of as the Atlantean, during those days when there were the attempts of those to bring quiet, to bring order out of chaos by the destructive forces that had made for the eruptions in the land that had divided the lands and had changed not only the temperate but to a more torrid region by the shifting of the activities of the Earth itself.

I suggested on page 252 of CEC that this climatic change was due to a gradual pole shift of perhaps 10°, as the North Pole moved from a position in northern Greenland to its present position, tracking - roughly - along the 37° W meridian. I thought that such a pole shift could be the meaning of "the shifting of the activities of the Earth itself."


But perhaps something else was meant.


The point here is that reading 884-1 does not suggest that solar flares were the cause of the changed Atlantean climate. But the readings suggest that a pole shift commenced in 19,400 B. P. and progressed over thousands of years. And such a shift would provide the answer to a long-standing question in the geosciences.


How do we explain the rapid onset of melting of the ice sheets in Europe, Asia, and North America that began around 19,000 B.P.?

The Cayce readings can be interpreted to suggest that the ice sheets were moved into progressively warmer climatic zones by a gradual pole shift that began with the accidental destruction of much of Atlantis in 19,400 B.P.


As the poles continued to shift over the next 7,500 years (until 11,900), many of the geophysical catastrophes catalogued by Allen and Delair, and by LaViolette, could have occurred.


This does not mean that superflares were not produced on our Sun in those days. Indeed we might expect same, in view of the readings' suggestion that rebellious humans can produce disturbances on the Sun proportional to the degree of their denial of the God force in man and Nature.

Consider, then this final reading (820-1) on the reason behind and nature of the enormous eruptions on Atlantis, beginning around 19,400 years ago and extending until 11,900 B.P.


See if it doesn't give us a hint, also, as to the possible origin of those "outside forces" that impacted Earth in 1936.

Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land, during those periods when there began to be the rebellious forces that disputed those acts and laws pertaining to the communications with what is termed in the present as the unseen forces - or to those hierarchies that are given rule over activities in the various forms in the Earth.

The entity then, in the name of Al-Aar, was the ruler of those forces of the Law of One; and those activities that were raised against the entity's activities by the Belzebubs (?) ....


Once lost in this direction,... the entity saw in those mighty upheavals from the destructive forces used for the people from the prisms' activities and from the fires that were started for the fires of the deeper inferno that brought to the surface those destructive forces as from nature's storehouse itself.


  • Do we have here the answer to the meaning of "outside forces to the Earth in '36?"

  • Were they of the unseen forces from those hierarchies of intelligences that have been given "rule over activities in the various forms in the Earth?"


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