by Peggy Chang
from AgoraCosmopolitan Website


Aert de Gelder's The Baptism of Christ, 1710.

This painting shows John the Baptist with Jesus beneath what appears to show

beings associated with an Extraterrestrial spacecraft in the sky shining rays of light on him.

Herein is a question that one may ask when witnessing environmental catastrophes, genocides, and wars:

Why is Humanity apparently destroying itself?

Appreciating this question may very well lead to a state of mystifying perplexion, if one does not have an awareness of the “Extraterrestrial factor”. Critically appreciating the human identity in the universe, relies on our understanding the spectrum of extraterrestrials that continue to be in contact with Earth. Some Extraterrestrials seem to have benevolent intentions which seek to inspire humanity to realize its enlightenment, through a spiritual self-awakening. However, many other Extraterrestrials, have been reported by witnesses and researchers to be Manipulative, and seek to work with greed-driven human elites, toward the enslavement of humanity, and general exploitation of Earth, up to its organic destruction.

The systematized denial of UFOs as alien spacecraft, and of contact by Extraterrestrials with Earth, is an apparent attempt by Manipulative Extraterrestrials and the human elites that they control with greed, so as to thereby retard a human spiritual awakening. UFO and Extraterrestrial dis-information is a vocation designed to keep humanity mired in an ignorance of humanity’s self-worth in the broader universe.

Human elites that are guided by the apparent demonic consciousnesses of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, seek to keep humanity enslaved to systems of social control and exploitation, like global capitalism, organized religion, and other oppressive authority driven systems.

The ability of humanity to collectively become aware of its origin as a species relative to Extraterrestrials, is being intentionally undermined by interests which seek to keep humanity as ignorant as possible of who we are as a human species, relative to UFOs and Extraterrestrials areas.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials, have been apparently drawn to Earth, as a result of the malevolent and ego-driven thought energies of some correspondingly malevolent and ego-driven human elites. Manipulative Extraterrestrials then apparently seek to use those ’negative thought energies’ to turn humanity against itself. In order to accomplish that objective, humans are institutionalized by global capitalism, organized religion, militarism, and ego-centered power politics, into a path of ignorance of the ability of human beings to achieve a spiritual awakening.

Such an awakening, in turn, could be used to repel Manipulative Extraterrestrials. UFO and Extraterrestrial disinformation are comparable to white collar bank robbers who are attempting to electronically rob a bank, with inside help from bank staff who deny the existence of the plot.

Please note that spiritual awakening has nothing to do with following an organized religion, which itself has been reported as being a structural operation by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that aim to control humanity.

The same groups that have been reported by scholars like Dr. Michael Salla, to be working with Manipulative Extraterrestrials, are all the groups which are responsible for apparently mischievously pretending that humanity is still in search of other intelligent life in the universe.

The core nature of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, is apparent techniques of mass-deception, which their alleged human minions seek to emulate. A prevailing religious-political-military-industrial complex seeks to keep humanity as ignorant as possible about Extraterrestrials. That technique is similar in principle to the reasons that an irresponsible parent may use, in correspondence with seeking to deny their children the ability to read and write, and to acquire an education.

The U.S. religious-political-military-industrial complex and its supporters in other Western industrial societies seeks to deny and to scramble information about Extraterrestrials, because this Complex views that access to such information, would potentially liberate humanity from the targets which the Complex seeks to achieve.