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This article is a comprehensive overview of what the Matrix is, why it exists, how it functions, and who controls it.

The Matrix is a metaphysical holographic mechanism through which we experience physical reality [1]. It coordinates, regulates, and maintains the common arena by which we, as individualized conscious beings possessing freewill, battle against the will of others and face the consequences of our own actions [2]. In higher densities (spiritual dimensions), there is more "transparency" between beings, meaning opposing free-wills pass through one another, contrary to physical reality where opposing wills clash [3].


It is the Matrix that ensures an objective reality by which we learn, from our own inertias and the solidity of others, the value of triumph through tribulation. Without this Matrix, objective physicality and the opacity of other's free-wills are nonexistent; we gain no experience because there is nothing to experience.

The central processing unit of this Matrix is base level consciousness, which is the "sleeping" fragment of God utilized by God to provide a substrate into which the individually conscious portions of God, such as we, can infuse [4]. The sleeping fragment is physical reality, providing a mirror through which God can achieve eventual self-realization. So, the Matrix is simply a tool to coordinate the otherwise individual realities of conscious beings into one common objective reality. Coupling our realities results in a novel method of learning [5].


The reality we are experiencing is merely one among many, each varying slightly in its base rules and program objectives. When we complete this program, we move onto another [6].

The domains of matrices are not infinite. [7]


Earth itself is home to several different minor Matrix programs, and other planets house their own. The geomagnetic field of a planet is crucial in coupling metaphysical life and its consciousness to the physical environment of the planet [8]. This simply indicates that although there is one grand Matrix comprising physical reality, there are smaller matrices overlaying planets and their various geographic locations whose origins are either artificially generated via psionic technologies or arise from the collective consciousness of life residing therein [9].


Minor matrices are collective morphogenetic fields.


The Gaia hypothesis, for example, illustrates the living Matrix encompassing earth. The earth's grid structure is an electromagnetic interface between physical reality and the metaphysical Matrix, and often certain megalithic sites such as Stonehenge or pyramids serve to either maintain or modify the grid structure to allow attenuation, amplification, or change of the Matrix program affecting the planet.


Without a geomagnetic field, the grid structure collapses, and a plug is pulled on some of the dominant matrices affecting the planet. With past pole reversals, mass extinctions have followed as the geomagnetic field dips severely and conscious beings are decoupled from their physical bodies [10].

To note here is that conscious life coupled to physical bodies are also coupled to a Matrix. Change the Matrix and conscious life is affected. But more importantly, change consciousness and the minor Matrix also changes [11]. This point is crucial in finding a solution to the following problem. In the past, the Matrix was self-running, or at least run by its players. But recently this all changed.


It appears our Matrix has been hijacked.


Let's look at who these hijackers are.

When an original object makes a smaller fragment of itself, that fragment is called a first order copy. When the Creator Being (God) makes a smaller holographic fragment of itself, it is called a first order being. When a first order being produces a minor copy of itself, this is called a second order being. As you know, when copies are made, the resolution diminishes with each generation [12].


Likewise, first order beings are less powerful than God, and second order beings are less powerful than first order beings. We know what God is, simply the original, infinite, seed of conscious potential [13]. First order beings include humans. Humans are endowed with some remarkable creator-like abilities and at one time used them routinely.


We are players of the Matrix game and can choose to bend its rules or leave the game entirely [14].


That is, of course, if we are aware of our abilities and unrestricted in exercising them. Anyway, like God, we can also create other beings who are lesser than us in power and function.

Second order beings are fragments of our own consciousness called thought-forms. Thought-forms are limited in that they depend upon our spiritual energies to continue existence. Whereas we derive our spiritual energies primarily from our Creator, though-forms depend upon us for the same. There are minor thought-forms we create daily simply by combining focus with intent, such as when we daydream and simultaneously generate pleasant emotions.


The emotional energy (loosh) leaks into the surrounding aether and is molded by our visualization.


Emotions can alter probability just like energy can alter the state of a physical system [15], hence thought-forms are actually molded and individualized morphogenic fields (morphogenic fields are fields emitted by living things which act via quantum mechanisms to bias an otherwise random system toward a particular outcome, to the whim of the conscious being generating the field) [16].


Often, such thought-forms have little purpose or sentience and soon dissipate as we forget about them. But sometimes, especially during negative emotions such as fear or terror, extreme bleeding of loosh occurs which is molded by visualization into a thought-form infused with a fragment of consciousness its creator lost during the trauma [17].


The haunting of places once home to violent incidents is one example of this.


The three ingredients of,

  1. conscious fragments

  2. loosh energy

  3. visualized form,

... results in the production of a sentient second order being powered by the emotions having generated it [18].


Such a being still depends on its creator for loosh sustenance, but unlike a minor thought form, has the sentience-associated survival mechanism to seek out such energy. The difference between minor and ordinary thought-forms is that the former is primarily ethereal, while the second includes astral components.

In ancient times, the art of consciously generating thought-forms for purpose of "reality creation" (probability manipulation) was well known. Even today, in many underground circles, using thought-forms as etheric automatons is a common practice [19].


The majority of unconscious thought-forms have been generated from the suffering of conscious beings. Suffering such as this is a by-product and an actual goal of the original Matrix designed to help us deal with our conflicts of freewill. But the suffering had a definite purpose, to help us gain wisdom and evolve. The combination of intentional and unintentional generation of second order beings has led to a large aggregation of such beings into a definite hierarchy.

Because second order beings are not only inferior to us, but born of our negative emotions, their mindset is one of dominance, envy, negativity, and loosh-lust. In other words, that which we know as the demonic hierarchy, residing in the astral realms, had its origins in our generation of second order beings. Demons exist. But this is said not with biblical backup, but with metaphysical.


The demonic hierarchy consists of two types of beings:

  1. first order beings who, by their own freewill, have chosen the dark path

  2. second order beings who are intrinsically dark because they were created from our dark emotions

Evil exists because freewill exists, and that is fact.


Here's why.


Freewill exists because reality exists, which is God's way of self-realization. Without freewill, God is already self-realized and hence there would be no reason for existence. Because existence is here, now, and we know we are evolving spiritually and physically (indicating experience and creation is the purpose of life), we know we have freewill, hence evil exists.

What is the goal of the demonic hierarchy, knowing they are second order beings?


They are jealous creatures, jealous even of our limited power to create reality, and hateful of the Creator who is a zeroth order being... two orders away from them. Their goal is not to eliminate us (because we are their food/loosh supply), but to enslave us and subject us to agonizing emotional suffering. They want to become our masters via spiritual parasitism.

But how best to do so? That's where the Matrix comes in.


Recall that the original matrix's purpose (the one on earth at least) was to give us the inertia necessary to help realize and appreciate our freewill and powers. It was to allow glory through the overcoming of suffering. All matrices are responsible for the way we see reality, and the physical and metaphysical rules by which we live our daily lives. It is a simulator in every sense of the word.

What if a new Matrix is inserted or overlaid with the purpose of not helping us evolve, but helping second order beings continue their existence? What if the new Matrix, instead of being a school, is instead a farm?


That is exactly the case. Yes, the original wisdom-inducing Matrix still functions, but a new program has been put atop the old structure to serve an additional purpose. But the case is not so simple. The Matrix isn't the only thing that has been altered or hijacked.

See, second order beings are powerless to violate our freewill, just as we first order beings are powerless to boss God around [20].


However, they can interfere with us indirectly.


For example, they can send us emotional energy to cloud our minds and make judgment errors. They can harass us, pester us, and tempt us, but not kill us directly. Only other first order beings can do so. But, what if they tempt a first order being into killing another first order being? That is how they accomplish the dirty trick.


For example, we know from the "evil" draconian (lizard alien) factions that although they are responsible for thousands of human mutilations a year and other countless horrors, these aliens are actually possessed or manipulated by astral demons. Even humans, from mass murdering mad men to wife beating husbands, are under the dark manipulation of demonic beings. Anyone who knows the occult history of Adolf Hitler can testify to this [21].

The hierarchy of the alien conspiracy extends all the way into the metaphysical and astral realms, where demonic thought-forms reside. By logic, Lucifer exists. If there is a demonic hierarchy, then there must be one at the very top of that hierarchy, he who sits atop the circle, Lucifer [22].


Bible-thumping xenophobes who claim aliens are demons are partially correct, though for misguided and naive reasons, the reason being that first order beings include not only humans, but also many alien races, including the draconian race. Thus, such races are also open to demonic possession. So Lucifer and his subordinates are, for the most part astral in form, but it is in their possession and manipulation of physical beings that we have been mistreated by negative aliens such as some of the grey and draconian factions [23].

We, as first order beings, are spiritual giants in comparison to second order beings. But as you learn in judo, the way to bring down a bigger opponent is to use his own weight against him. Our ego-spawned weaknesses of addiction to power and survival comprises the majority of our deadweight. We are willing to kill not to be killed, to sacrifice others for ourselves. And so the second order beings exploit this one among many weaknesses to bulwark the walls of our virtual prison.

Despite the long and indirect methods they must follow, the second orders have done a good job of taming us. They have tricked certain humans and aliens into selling their own race into spiritual slavery. The ancient deactivation of our genetic code, by draconians, which previously allowed our full synchronization with the reality Matrix, has made us into occult handicaps: deaf, blind, and dumb.


Most of us don't see the way out of this box, nor possess the ladder to climb out if we had strength to lift our heads. We have been drugged into submission and placed into a virtual reality, counterfeit Matrix, designed to keep us placated and subjected to loosh-extracting melodramas.


This loosh is harvested by second order beings for their consumption. In addition, those who control the Matrix control synchronicity to a great extent. Of course, our individual Higher Selves are a force to be reckoned with, and much of our life synchronicity comes from it because the old Matrix is still partially operational, but the new manipulative Matrix itself is also capable of generating such synchronicity, usually to our misfortune [24].

The goal of these demonic beings is sublime totalitarianism. Sublime because if they were overt, we would realize we had an enemy. Whereas the old Matrix induced suffering which led to wisdom, the new counterfeit Matrix has suffering that leads to our use as food.


We're cows in an inter-density corporate dairy farm, confined to a small mental space, producing their precious commodity, and then often slaughtered physically to feed the dracs.

"And I say to myself... what a wonderful world!"

Now, the movie Matrix is really incredible, as it parallels truth rather closely.


For example, here are some Matrix plot summaries in couplet with reinterpreted Matrix concepts:

man created machines to do biddings for them.
man created thought-forms as second order beings to do his biddings.
man's machines became sentient and able to direct their own destiny.
man's thought-forms gained individual sentience and directed their own destiny.

machines attempted to destroy their creators' freedom and take control
sentient thought-forms attempt to hijack reality from God and Man.

man fought machines by cutting off energy source, the sun.
man fought sentient thought-forms by refusing to give them thought or emotion.

machines turned to man as energy source.
thought-forms sought to manipulate man into providing them with energy.

machines put man into a virtual prison to occupy their minds while energy is tapped.
thought-forms put man into this prison of reality with emotional turmoil to tap these emotions for sustenance.

one person awoke out of the illusion.
people are waking up.

It's pretty close. Closer to the truth than this article? Maybe...

Everything up to this point in the article has been written with much confidence. From this point onward, the level of speculation increases. So, be prepared to read some controversial thoughts which border between enlightenment and paranoia.

  • If the Matrix is capable of generating our reality... could it also generate characters within that reality?

  • Could it take control of other humans and make them its agents?

This scenario is proposed by a disturbing site, the Matrix Brainwashing Section. Rather than summarizing it, you are advised to take a look yourself. But pertaining to this article, that site essentially states that our reality is fake, used by a metaphysical central intelligence network to probe, control, and harvest the energies of the remaining survivors who have not succumbed to the (new) matrix's influence.


Everyone else is one of "them" -- either a simulation of a person or a former human whose individual Higher Self has been replaced by a common central node operating the Matrix. These "people" are used by the Matrix to create melodramatic situations for you to control your thoughts and actions, and consequently reap the bounties of your loosh reservoirs.


The author has experimented by observing the actions of others around him, to test the validity of this theory.


Here are some tactics the Matrix agents can use to manipulate:

Make you feel bad to harvest your loosh. When you bear the yoke of negative emotions, you bleed loosh. Often, this is a sinking feeling in your stomach, or a knot in your throat. That's a physical sensation of an outwardly flowing pumping process, whereby your loosh is sucked through your chakras and into etheric conduits leading to locations anywhere on earth, on the moon, or hyperdimensional storage and refining facilities.


Positive emotions also generate loosh, but it is of a different grade and vibration which must be more complicatedly processed than negative emotions which are natural food for negative second order beings. Thus, suffering is the preferred induction method of choice.

Place people around you that magnify either your bad characteristics or blatantly display things you seem to lack (taunting). Make you feel inferior. Either ignore you when you do something good and have people praise others that did worse things than you, trying to make you feel left out and angry (these emotions equaling loosh production).

They talk to each other in such a way that you can overhear them, and say things that relate directly to you although such things would under normal circumstances be impossible for them to know. For example they complain about something specific that you complain to yourself about, but never say out loud.

When you need to rest or get down to business, they will play on whatever your characteristic weaknesses are and get you off mind, like make you help them or go with them somewhere, or keep you occupied. Or they try to annoy you. This keeps you tired and under their control, unable to complete your work. The synchronicity in when they show up indicates this is beyond mere chance.

In relationships, if you're with another survivor, they will form two groups, one to gather around you and make you have a twisted perception of your partner via what they tell you, and one around your partner to make him or her have a twisted perception of you. They will play on your and his/her emotions to induce anguish stemming from "coincidental" misunderstandings, producing loosh for their tapping [25].

They engineer synchronicity from the extravagant to the mundane, from inducing illness and misfortune in you or your loved ones, to causing specific junk mail to be sent to you with specific messages in the subject line.

Because harassment is allowable, they can damage you physicality, but they can't kill you unless you try to kill them. So they can burn your house down, destroy your car, heap you with legal bills, torture you, but they cannot just come and kill you unless they work through another first order being. Or maybe they choose not to since that would mean premature loosh harvest cutoff. By you killing yourself, you undergo the most loosh production possible.


Love-anguish-suicides are their biggest single person crop possible. How much you choose to let them do this by accepting their illusion of superiority also matters.

They can make others act irrationally and change their behavior for what you think is no good reason. Like, your communication with someone might be going great and all of a sudden he or she cuts it off and you never hear from then again. You know for a fact that nothing you said could have caused this.

They give you subliminal hints of their "superiority" by demonstrating impossible luck or skill pertaining to reading your mind, like "I knew you were going to call" or "ha, I just KNEW it!"

Imitate your bad habits to reinforce them, like when you're not eating well, they won't eat well. When you're procrastinating, they procrastinate also.

When you're attempting to break free of their conditioning, they'll send you probing questions to see where you are, how far you've gotten, and where you're going. Then they respond by arguing with you why you should stay the way you have been. This is different from normal circumstance in that one person does the probing, and another person seemingly unconnected to him does the arguing.

The question is,

  • Are these people actually conscious that they are carrying out specific missions from Matrix central headquarters, or are they just like you, manipulated unknowingly into manipulating others?

  • In other words, is it more like the Truman Show where the actors knew they were actors, or like the Matrix where most people were asleep?

This author would like to think the latter, and that the Matrix Brainwashing Section is incorrect in saying that 95% of the world's population is just pretending they are living their lives when they are in fact conspiring to control you.

Well, you can see now the reason behind my warnings of upcoming paranoia in the article. How seriously does one take this latter half of the article? That, you must decide, but not out of faith or ignorance, but out of knowledge. Observe your reality, and try to see the things that are wrong with it...all the glitches, the synchronicities, the flaws, and conspiracies.

It won't take long to figure out that something is wrong.


Escaping this prison, or protecting yourself against it, is another matter. You cannot destroy the Matrix, nor should you, because the Matrix upholds reality. It is a tool, and the source of its misuse is its misuser, not the tool itself. Hence, working with it and within it against the abuser is the way to go. If we regain our occult faculties, re-activate our latent DNA, wake up to the fact that we are sovereign first order beings, maybe we can break these shackles.

The Matrix program has gone horribly wrong.


It's time to change the channel.


  1. metaphysical because it is generated by a source which resides outside physicality, namely the superphoton.

    As stated in the Light Ring Theory and God and Quantum Mechanics, the superphoton is a zero-dimensional radiator of both real energy (that which is commonly known as energy) and imaginary energy (that which is commonly known as consciousness). The superphoton radiates outward in all directions through all dimensions on all frequencies.


    Each physical reality filters this radiation, leaving only electromagnetic plane waves of that dimensional type to intersect and fourier sum into particle wave functions. Because every real photon is just a subdimensional slice of the single superphoton, and since physical reality is composed of such real photons, physical reality can be said to be a holographic projection of the superphoton.


    The Matrix is one such filtering mechanism subordinate to the larger and more universal filtering mechanism having created our universe, except the Matrix filtering functions work more on a conscious rather than physical level


  2. every individual being generates its own physical reality.

    However, the Matrix coordinates all our generated physical realities such that they are in synchronization with each other. So, if you generate a reality where you've taken a bite out of a cookie, the reality of every other person will be such that the same cookie in their reality has the same bite taken out of it by you.


    For this reason, reality is objective, despite being generated by consciousness.


    Reality is a product of consciousness, but this consciousness is ultimately the Matrix, or base level consciousness as it's called in other articles. You are a being of individual consciousness which is subordinate to the Matrix. In your present state, you do not function as the consciousness that generates our objective reality.


    Therefore, you cannot create a reality that is in conflict with another, meaning your ability to create reality is limited by the freewill of other beings and by the natural laws set up by the Matrix in which you reside (for a dense look at this subject, see Michael Topper's section entitled "Why You Don't Create Your Own Reality" in the book Matrix IV. For more on Michael Topper, read some comments by Cassiopaea.


  3. the Matrix is strictly a lower density phenomenon.

    The higher in density one gets, the less the Matrix has an influence. In the astral realms, for example, one can escape the lesser physical reality-generating Matrix and view it from an external vantage point. In Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics, he describes the astral planes and comments on their artificially looking geometric structures, almost like a grid.


    These grids are visual metaphors for the Matrix.


    Above the astral planes on the hierarchy of densities, the Matrix breaks down and reality as experienced by an individual being becomes more an expression of its own freewill, unrestricted by Matrix-regulated laws or other beings whose freewill in a physical reality setting would have to be taken into account by the Matrix to limit your choice of reality creation.


    In such higher densities, because your reality is not shackled by a Matrix, you experience no resistance in your reality creation. Therefore, multiple beings existing in such a higher density do not influence one another as greatly as they would in lower densities, hence "transparency" is the term used to describe this phenomenon


  4. two types of consciousness exist, base level consciousness, and individual consciousness.

    Because space and time are generated from a void, all that exists must do so in opposites in order to conserve nothingness. This means there is positive space, negative space, positive time, and negative time.


    Positive space and negative space leads to matter and antimatter, and positive time and negative time are responsible for the existence of real and imaginary versions of matter and antimatter. Base level consciousness is the portion of God that is time positive, meaning it was generated at the beginning of this universe and presently exists as matter and energy.


    Photons, of which matter is made, are real holographic fragments of the superphoton, while our own sparks of consciousness, called monads by theosophists and nodes by this author (see Alpha Node), are imaginary (and time negative) fragments of the same. Individual consciousness is time negative, meaning it is generated in the distant future during the omega point (the term is borrowed from Frank Tipler, author of The Physics of Immortality, and his omega point theory), where all reality has collapsed into a singularity again, though this time where God is fully self-realized.


    The difference between the sleeping fragments of God (photons and, if they are self-circulating, matter) and individual consciousness (imaginary photons, or if they are self-circulating, takyons) is that the first is naive about its future state while the second is all knowing (due to its future origin). Therefore, matter is called the "sleeping" fragment of God, for it is oblivious to its future state.


    The infusion of matter with individual consciousness is actually just a coupling of a being's will to the probabilistic nature of a particle. In other words, the particle wave function when it exists without individual consciousness is just an amorphous web of all possible present and future states, but when individual consciousness couples itself to this wave function, it gets to choose with restriction by the Matrix, which of those possible realities the wave function collapses into.


    At the omega point, where all such amorphous webs have weave back into a single terminating thread, the self-realized God gets to reflect upon the multitudes of possibilities that have existed since the creation of this universe, and can send its consciousness back in time to pick which of those possibilities to experience for itself. It is this "choice of experience among a web of possibilities" that presently constitutes the infusion of matter with consciousness. God breathes spirit into matter by choosing to remember it


  5. this method is novel because before the existence of physical reality, there was only ethereal, astral, and mental existence.

    As stated before, these states don't provide the inertia and resistance that physical reality offers. Physicality is a relatively new phenomenon, at least 15 billion years old or the age of the universe. Because God's objective is self-realization through overcoming resistance, physical reality is a novel and effective method of accomplishing this


  6. as fragments of God on our way toward realization of our own infinite potential, we can't fulfill such an infinite task in just one lesson.

    The partitioning of infinity into individual lessons allows eventual comprehension of infinity by finite minds. Ellie Crystal at Crystalinks speaks a lot about the various Matrix programs in our lives, and being psychic, she has first hand knowledge of such things


  7. in other words, one Matrix isn't responsible for all of reality.

    Each reality has its own major Matrix, and within that one exists minor ones to serve various but differing purposes


  8. this is why disturbances of the geomagnetic field can perturb dream states and alter the occurrence rate of synchronicity (this is said from personal experience and independent confirmation by numerous friends and associates).

    Memory is tied into magnetic fields because such fields are partly hyperdimensional (see the Light Ring Theory for explanation) and information based, two qualities that the mind has an affinity for. It is information and form based because unlike an electric field, magnetic fields do no work. They merely alter the course of a charged particle moving through it, meaning it is a field of pattern, not energy, though it does store energy in a dimensional direction perpendicular to electric fields


  9. the vortices of Sedona, Arizona, are one example of an artificially generated local minor Matrix.

    In such places, a new reality structure is overlaid onto the larger geographic Matrix, and people residing in that area are exposed to this unique Matrix, which impacts their minds, bodies, and realities. Matrices such as these are often generated via crystal technologies, though the details of such technology is unknown to the author at this time


  10. because magnetic fields are somewhat hyperdimensional and pattern-based, information can be holographically stored in them.

    In fact, our memories are often stored in such ways. Any coherent magnetic field can contain conscious information. The Van Allen belts of earth are said to store humanity's Akashic records, which is an astral database of human experience. Among many, Robert Bruce testifies to this because he has accessed it and reports his findings in Astral Dynamics. The human body itself emits a weak magnetic field coupled to the morphogenic field, containing information.


    This field is largely imaginary or scalar, and hence cannot be measured by ordinary physical instruments (for more on scalar physics, visit Rick Andersen's site.)


    Tom Bearden's section also has pertinent information. Experiments where magnetic fields have affected consciousness are due to such fields containing scalar/imaginary components. Magnetic fields affect astral and ethereal fields due to its multidimensional nature, which is why ghosts are commonly seen around magnetic anomalies. John Hutchison's poltergeist machine works on a similar principle, though includes electric fields and high frequency electromagnetism to weaken intradensity and intradimensional barriers (see a Nexus article on his device).


    One technology used by some psychiatrists to treat depression, called transcranial magnetic stimulation, consists of pulsing high density magnetic fields directly into the brain, unknowingly functions to repel negative attached entities and deactivate etheric and physical implants put there by negative human, alien, and astral beings. The space shuttle is supposedly equipped with a EMF generator to simulate the earth's geomagnetic field. This is because in outer space, without such a field, the mind loses its grip onto physical reality and goes insane.


    As reported by Preston Nichols, conscious beings have a zero-time reference point, which is their conscious coordinate in space-time; without it, they literally lose their grip on reality along with their sanity, as happened in the Philadelphia Experiment. The zero-time reference point depends upon local magnetic and gravitational conditions at time of birth when a being is disconnected from its mother, when it establishes its own complete morphogenic individuality.


    All these things go to show that magnetic fields have a definite effect upon life


  11. changing our reality by changing our thoughts is effective to a degree limited by the number of people adopting a new paradigm.

    The more people share a world view, the more reality is altered toward that end. This is termed the 100th Monkey Phenomenon. Any given species shares a collective morphogenic field in addition to having an individual field per member. This field is primarily etheric in nature. The supra-physical layers of a first order being include ethereal, astral, and mental components in addition to the ordinary physical component otherwise known as the body. All four components are coupled to one another, and a perturbation in one cascades downward or upward into the others.


    Therefore, changing one's thoughts affects the mental component, which eventually cascades down to the etheric component and into the collective morphogenic field as a grand thought-form impacting all. Because morphogenic fields are also vibrational in nature, their size and complexity is quantized. This means growth happens in discreet jumps. The 100th monkey phenomenon is an illustration that only after a certain critical number of aware beings is reached does the collective morphogenic field change into a new form incorporating that ideal, passing such information to all other beings under its influence.


    Another reason why the phenomenon is valid lies in memory stored in a planet's geomagnetic field.


    Members of a species are all part of the same "soul Matrix" as has been termed by some authors, and this soul matrix's common memory database is the akashic record. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why information can spread metaphysically from a small group to the majority given that a critical percentage is reached. For humans in America, this percentage is approximately 3% (this means between 5 and 8 million of the present population must adopt a new paradigm before the 100th monkey phenomenon takes hold.


    Note that this number is close to either the number of claimed abductees, or the number of self-proclaimed anti-NWO patriots in America. It is no wonder the establishment is worried at this critical juncture in history, for any moment now a paradigmatic revolution could occur).


    Reality is not fundamentally dependent on our consensual consciousness for its own existence since the Matrix, being conscious, bootstraps itself into manifestation. Our consensual consciousness merely influences the probability and quality of events that happen in our Matrix-created world.


    Therefore, although we can shape the future in seemingly mystical ways just by altering our thoughts and perceptions, this does not imply that reality needs us to exist on its own. Furthermore, the future is also directed by the freewill actions of other first order beings. Hence, if you as an individual try to change the future toward something better simply by visualizing a better future, this alone is not sufficient to overcome the malicious thoughts of thousands of other first order beings who have a different future in mind and might take physical action to actualize their thoughts.


    Actualizing one's thoughts via physical action is superior to simply visualizing a reality into manifestation, due mainly to the fact that we exist in a physical reality. Were we to exist solely in an astral world, for example, then the reverse would be true. Nonetheless, reality can indeed be altered by our thoughts and emotions.


    The process of shaping reality with our thoughts is called "reality creation."


    For a book about this very subject and its pertinence to correcting the morbid situation our world presently finds itself in, read Handbook for the New Paradigm or the latest book Matrix V. Visit the Matrix Editor site for editorials on how reality creation is directly related to altering our Matrix experience. collective morphogenic field tied to mental body


  12. Yes, the universe is self-similar, but not self-identical.

    Yes, a hurricane spirals and so does the milky way, but other than this similarity, there is nothing more. Try to locate the solar system in a seashell if you think otherwise. Those who think that in every atom lies a universe, and that this universe is just a small speck within the atom of an even larger universe, should wake up to some common sense for a change.


    At what point on the order of scale do our laws of physics repeat themselves? And why should they? Yes, from a satellite, a shoreline looks similar to the same shore seen ten feet above the ground, but they are not the same, for the resolution is different. If you zoom in close enough, the shore is reduced to a single fluffy atom which looks nothing like the satellite picture. Therefore, although fractal theory is attractive, one shouldn't claim absolute identity between a mathematical model such as the Mandelbrot set and reality. As with any mathematical model, reality is only a gritty approximation.


    From this, mistaken are those who subscribe to the holographic theory of the universe as proposed by Michael Talbot in his book The Holographic Universe. Their error is in believing that the whole is perfectly stored in its constituent parts. Fact of the matter is, due to the constituent parts being smaller, they can only hold a lower resolution copy of the whole within them, not a perfect copy. The human brain for example, seems to store information holographically; memories are not stored in precise physical locations within the brain, nor will cutting out a piece eliminate a particular memory.


    When the brain is lobotomized, the overall memory remains, but recall and function is affected. What does this point to? This points to the fact that despite the brain being holographically operated, in that its smaller parts can contain the whole, resolution decreases as the size of the part decreases. Thus, with half a brain, recall is more difficult and memories become more fuzzy than a whole brain. If the Talbot crowd are correct, then a single neuron could access or store the information of an entire brain.


    But since we know from neurobiology that memory and function are impaired within a damaged brain, this can only support the argument that the parts cannot perfectly contain the whole, only somewhat similar versions of it, the level of similarity decreasing with decreasing size and complexity of the constituent part. With decreasing scale comes loss of information, and so with descending generations of copy comes lower resolution. It is due to fragments containing only a low resolution of the whole that the purpose of evolution is to infuse all matter with consciousness.


    When there is only one fragment left, the fragment is equal to the whole, and at that point the resolution is perfect. When all physical reality is under the infusion of a single conscious entity, something which will occur at the omega point at the end of this and all other universes, resolution is perfect and God will have achieved true self-realization. It is in imperfection that the drive toward perfection exists. Those who claim we have achieved perfection, especially in that every piece of matter contains a perfect holographic copy of the entire universe, are denying evolution despite evolution being unequivocal


  13. this issue is supported and discussed in other articles, including The Alpha Node, Proof of God, Chaos and Consciousness, God and Quantum Mechanics, God section of the WCRT, and the Light Ring Theory.

    This idea is also commonly held in theosophical, hermetic, and gnostic belief system, as well as by the New Physics (also known as alternative science) which integrates those fields of study with scientific observation and principles of quantum mechanics


  14. bending the rules can be done by those who have a close relationship with the current Matrix responsible for those rules.

    There have been sufficient accounts of spoon benders, telekineticists, levitation, teleportation, and other superhuman feats to suggest that the rules of physics can indeed be bent. Jesus is a famous example of one with some interesting abilities toward that end


  15. see Synchronicity and Reality Manipulation for a discussion on how emotions are used toward probability alteration


  16. this definition is an original and advanced interpretation upon the more basic idea of a morphogenic field as proposed and researched by Rupert Sheldrake


  17. the phenomenon of conscious fragmentation is called soul loss, and the shamanic practice of bringing back such pieces is called soul retrieval.

    During severe trauma, the mind splits into fragments, which is called "splitting the core" when done intentionally by trauma-based mind control procedures. Dr. William Baldwin has studied entity attachments and soul loss for decades, and his book Spirit Releasement Therapy - a Technique Manual is an excellent work on the subject of astral/ethereal dynamics


  18. when only loosh energy and visualized form are the ingredients, then only a minor thought-form results which soon dissipates


  19. one example is in the field of psionics.

    Charles Cosimano has written numerous books on how to create thought-forms for specific tasks. His online book Psionic Terrorism illustrates how to do so for dark purposes


  20. the reason for their necessary respect of our freewill is two-fold.

    The conscious fragments comprising their mental-body originally belonged to us first order beings. Because a part of us resides within them, our oversoul or Higher Self, which is analogous to a CEO if each person is a corporation, has the last say in what happens to us. Before a second order being can harm us, they require permission from the same Higher Self that you and the thought-form are connected to.


    Because you are a first order being, you have a stronger tie to your Higher Self than a second order being does. This means if you give permission, the Higher Self gives permission more often than if it were a thought-form requesting it. So, to gain permission from the Higher Self to harm you, they must first manipulate you into agreeing to it such that your Higher Self does also. Therefore, your freewill is the fulcrum in deciding whether malevolent thought-forms harm you or not. Of course, what is meant by "harm" is another matter.


    The second reason why they respect our freewill is that if the grand Matrix is thought of as a computer program, then thought-forms are nothing more than subroutines while we are the sovereign designers of the program. They are artificial simulations in a game, while you are a real player. Because you still have control and sovereignty over the grand Matrix despite you not knowing it, you likewise have sovereignty over these thought-forms. It is the slight fragment of your own consciousness powering these subroutines that makes them a little dangerous


  21. Trevor Ravenscroft's book The Spear of Destiny has much to say on the matter of Hitler being merely a host body to a malevolent force. Read Time Traveling Nazi Jehovahs for a "fictional" account of history with a fresh spin on a few of Ravenscroft's observations. Other books probing the psychology and life of Hitler are secular testament to his strange quirks, pointing to possession.


    In combination with other books such as William Baldwin's Spirit Releasement Therapy which also includes sections on demonic possession, and the fact that demonic forces are real in accordance with the existence of freewill as reasoned out previously, and that astral realms also exist as seen first hand by hundreds of astral travelers such as Robert Bruce and anthroposophists, it can only be said that the manipulation of first order beings by second order beings, once first order beings make an open invitation towards such ends, is a truly valid phenomenon


  22. the term "sits atop the circle" is in reference to a suggestion made by Stephanie Relfe, author of The Mars Records, that the masonic/illuminati degrees don't end at 33. They ascend all the way up to 360 degrees, the 360th degree being equal to Lucifer itself. Because a circle has 360 degrees, sitting atop the circle is equivalent to being the 360th degree, or Lucifer. Note also that the 360th degree is also the 0th degree, meaning the hierarchy starts with the seed of Lucifer's evil.


    All who belong to the evil hierarchy, especially first order beings in such positions no matter their degree, have started their ascension up the infernal ladder with the seed of evil in their hearts. The 0th degree means it is something intrinsic within them. He who sits atop the circle also resides within their dark hearts and pulls their strings. The numbers 360 and 0 are also omega and alpha. In the Bible, "God" goes on a big ego-trip about being the alpha and omega.


    Whereas this is true in the sense that the real God is eternal, any anthropomorpic deity in the Bible claiming similar stature as the true Creator is either an alien faction or demonic entity, in fact, the Jehovah of the Old Testament was more a malevolent force than spiritual being. The "Alpha and Omega" phrase was said by a physical or astral being out of emulation for the real thing, and could quite possible be a play on the idea of 0 and 360 which represent the degrees on the demonic hierarchy.


    Remember, second order beings are envious of zeroth (God) and first order beings and like wearing the counterfeit badge of spiritual supremacy. Christian Gnostics saw Jehovah as an evil being veiling the true nature of reality, and they were absolutely right in that respect


  23. it must be said here that not all Greys are an actual biological species.

    Some are physical androids controlled by ethereal/astral beings. The evidence for this is in abductee accounts of the android-like characteristics of many Greys (sources too numerous and scattered to be cited here), channeling transcripts (only the more reliable channeling sources such as those at Cassiopaea), and comprehensive books such as Valerian's Matrix II.


    Thus, they are not first order beings manipulated by second order beings, they are just biomechanical robots with second order beings at the helm. If so, realize that some humans could be the same, organic robotoids as investigated by Dr. Peter Beter in his audio letters #46 and #47 from the 1970s


  24. once again, see Synchronicity and Reality Manipulation for more on this matter


  25. Eve Lorgen's book The Alien Love Bite indicates the same happening on a more physical level