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"THEY are the gatekeepers. THEY are holding all the keys,
THEY are guarding all the doors,"

Morpheus, in "The Matrix"


"The Cold War ethics is over"
Al Gore, US Vice-President and candidate for the 2000 elections

(May, 2000)








1 - Introduction

2 - The Formation Of The Prison

3 - Analyzing And Listing The Keywords



4 - Deconstructing Their Speculation - Part I


5 - Quick Reminder - They Will Label This Page For Your Mind

6 - Deconstructing The Keywords

7 - Constructing Your Anti-Giving Up Safeguard



8 - Deconstructing Their Speculation - Part II:

8-A) There Is No Game

8-B) The Praises Are False

8-E) There Is No Gift To Receive - Only Tools To Work
The Keywords Exist Only In The Stage-World
"Delirium Trumans" - The Trumanization Of The World Around You

9   - Deconstructing Their "News"

10 - Quick Reminder - Practical Tips

11 - Quick Reminder - Customizing The Exercises For Your Needs

12 - Deconstructing Their Sick Key Ideas And Its Derived Speculations:

12-A) There Is No Payment - Deconstructing Their "Auric Sacrifice Doctrine"

12-C) Your Beloved Wife Is Not Your Mother (Or Your Beloved Husband Is Not Your Father)
Kundalini Is No Fire
There Is No "Going Back Home":

1. General Concepts
'Going Back Home' Versus Vampirism
Erasing Your Personal History
Your Beloved One As A Dentist - Generic Alleged Impediments
The Three Types Of Vampirism And The 'Going Back Home' Inducement :

5.I - The Vampirism Rooted In The Opposite Sex In General
5.II -
The Teen-Rooted Vampirism (Especially Male Vampires Towards Teen Girls)

7. Accustoming Your Brain With The "Going Back Home" Premise
The Psychologist Approach - "Debunking" True Love In The World Of Thought Control

9. Complementary Optional Procedures - Reinforcing Your Position As The Owner Of Your Destiny

10. Creating Your Reality - Belief Generates Experience

11. Emptying Yourself - And Understanding The Foreign Lizard's Heart

12-F) Dismantling Distorted Nomenclature Over Some Of The Main Keywords

12-G) Going Over "Vampirism"

12-H) Comparisons - Looking Through The "Looking-Glass"

12-J) Reflected Thoughts, "Looking-Glass" And Subliminal Prejudice
Deconstructing Idolatry In The Stage-World
Alleged Character Restrictions To Form A Couple

13 - Quick Reminder - Using The Right Label ... Or Not


14 - Deconstructing Their Speculation - Part III:

14-A) The Reality Fishing Techniques
The Reality Cloning Techniques
The Behaviour Inducement Technique

14-E) Some Of Their Rules Can Be Bent, Others Can Be Broken
The Dispersal Technique - Undermining Your Visualization
The Reductionist "Corral" Technique - Limiting Your Reality In Space Or Time
The Pretended Seriousness Technique - Manipulating A Task They Charge You In Your Stage World
The Invented Little Stories - Reinforcing Their Description Of Reality
Valuing Their Performance In The Stage World
The "Mathematized Feeling" Technique - Trying To Inculcate A New "Love" In Your Mind

15 - Quick Reminder - Suggested Archetypes For Generic Uses


16 - Deconstructing Their Speculation - Part IV:

16-A) Denying The Truth - The Pretended Naturalness Technique

16-B) Denying The Truth - The "Hurricane Is Not Over" Technique (Denying The Passage Of The Hurricane Through Your City Years Ago)

16-C) Denying The Truth - The "Hurricane Has Never Existed" Technique - Trumanizing Your Past

16-E) Question Reality - Noticing Little Incongruities In The Very Structure Of The Stage World

17 - Deconstructing Your Nightly Dreams


18 - Deconstructing Their Speculation - Part V:

18-B) The Horse Movements

19 - Plan B - Using Antonyms

20 - Additional Information




The Allegory of The Alien

(If you're a neutral person or a character of Our Side, the link above is for you)

This is an illustrated allegory in sixteen chapters about the alien intervention on Earth, where the two alien groups that operate with characters living in the terrestrial society masquerading as humans were euphemistically called "the Confederates of Nirvana" and "the Consortium of Animals from Dragonia".

It presents details about the principles of alien teleportation, how and why alien clones are used on Earth, the alien technique of human mimicry used to operate on the "jungle Earth", and the rules of the secret alien war between these two groups on the surface of Earth.

Terrestrial countries are ironically designated as "tribes" in order to consider the alien point-of-view. In some chapters, terrestrial concepts as diverse as money, fallen angels, angelic beings or pristine conception are given a new treatment.

A down-to-Earth approach establishes a connection between the choices of your personal life and which alien characters already inserted in your social circle of relationships in the terrestrial society you're going to attract, as well as the consequences of this attraction: an alien crystal or an alien implant inside your head.

Brief references to specific shows or movies like "V", 'Star Trek - The Next Generation", "The day the Earth stood still" and "Wag the dog" are merely illustrative...







Additional Information

  1. Alien presence on Earth - The Sun Microsystems Ad

  2. Opening the "Iron Curtain" that separates realities between the Stage and the Backstage

  3. Plato's "Allegory of The Cave" (from Plato's "Republic", Book VII, 514a-c to 521a-e)

  4. Pre-Hurricane History - Gallery of Pictures of Neutral People

  5. Reinforcing your position as the owner of your destiny - Complementary optional procedures

  6. Security protocols - Suggested guidelines

  7. The Victor Tausk's "Influencing Machine" used by aliens on Earth

  8. What is the Matrix ? - The spiritual Matrix

  9. Your beloved one as a dentist



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